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Chapter 1 – Information Sources…..Prescription Writing – Part 1 – Pharm

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Welcome to phase 1! so chapter 1
has to do with it'' s simply an introduction about pharmacology and we are going to discover just how to
create prescriptions as well so right here are the discovering purposes allow'' s consider this word pharmacology so if you break it down pharma- originates from words drugs and also the O logy means study of fine so pharmacology is generally the study of drugs study of medicines as well as and what it does is it looks at exactly how the medicines interact with the body so are we having a positive result on the body are we having a negative result on the body are we having both favorable and also adverse impacts we'' re gon na learn more about you understand what medicines do to our body also a factor to note is the ology always implies research of. so if you consider.
Zoology … zoology resembles a research of pets if you believe of psychology- ology.

This component indicates study. so research of and also psych kind of ways human behavior so research study of human actions if you think of Periodontology so the research study of the periodontium and also periodontium if you remember it suggests like the the frameworks( tissues) around the teeth you'' ll discover more concerning that in perio course so this photo over below is plants so you'' ll see plants below as well as you'' ll
see that medications can be made from plants so caffeine for instance they'' re claiming might be made from plants codeine might be made from a plant therefore method back when really way back before there were particular plants that that you know modification habits in the body there were particular plants that made you feel better there were specific plants that made you feel much less sick or made the cough go away and after that what took place was individuals understood that oh plants are actually efficient. plants can really do some points and also trigger reactions in your body this is necessary since when we relocate on in the training course one of the phases looks at herbal supplements and we'' ll be discovering exactly how herbel supplements can also impact the body and also why we as a.
hygienist or we as dental specialists require to recognize the relationship between.
natural herbs or herbal supplements and also the mouth so what is our role.It is really.
actually essential for us to take a thorough drug as well as health history.
and also the reason that is since there are great deals of medicines that our clients.
could be taking that can engage with their body that could interact with.
their mouth and it could you recognize some individuals can have dry mouth some people.
can have ulcers in their mouth so people damage out in their mouth so.
often understanding what medicines they'' re taking can aid. consultation.
scheduling is additionally crucial and also the reason that is if a person has bronchial asthma or.
if a person is diabetic person we require to schedule early consultations due to the fact that.
early visit consultations function best for them and we'' ll talk much more about that. when we reach that phase but also for currently just recognize that people that are diabetic person.
or individuals that have asthma we want a timetable early appointments.This is.

someone who has completely dry mouth so as I claimed any person who'' s taking
drugs there. resemble over 400 medicines that could cause completely dry mouth that will certainly
cause. xerostomia'so it ' s vital you recognize the web link in between medicines and also.
xerostomia and here we can see some herbel medicine we also want our.
clients to state any kind of nutritional or natural herb or supplements since there is a.
relationship there are some herbs that can trigger ulcers there are some natural.
medication that can trigger xerostomia (completely dry mouth) we wish to know what sort of.
herbel drug they'' re taking so one of the ways we can discover even more concerning the medicines they'' re (customers are) taking is lexicomp so lexicomp is basically an app or a.
software program which I will certainly stroll you people with as well as all you do- it looks like this.
when you log into the georgian town library and also you place in the drug you hit get in and afterwards it tells you all the.
information you need to know regarding that drug so lexicomp is a really valuable.
source that we have so let'' s consider medication names so when we have medication names. there are three various kinds of medicine names there'' s a chemical name'there ' s a. trade or brand and also'there ' s a common name chemical name is essentially. a chemical or framework of the substance'so I ' ll give you an example. allow ' s go to the following slide these over below are chemical names we see how
. they ' re actually truly lengthy contrasted to their generic and also trademark name that'' s exactly how. you referred to as a chemical name typically they have some elegant terminology fancy words.
over below Ok. so a chemical name is a chemical.
compound and also we have the common name and also the generic name is the official name.
is the main name it'' s the name that ' s given to the medication before it. obtains marketed so prior to it heads out to the market there ' s a common name or an'. main name that ' s given to the drug notice how that the
generic name always.

beginnings with the lowercase.Ok so generic names begin with lowercase brand.
on the other hand have a capital since this is currently it'' s been marketed. alright so whenever it'' s been marketed its provided a brand name or a brand name so going.
back to the previous slide here'' s an instance a generic name is advil okay. as well as we may identify ibuprofen as Advil so observe how the advil has a.
lowercase I but the advil has a capital A so if it'' s. resources it ' s likely a brand name if it'' s lowercase is likely a generic name and also.
below we can see that a trademark name is right below the common or no-name brand.
mores than right here what you'' ll notice is consider the rate distinction this is 12.96.
whereas this is 9.99 so often when you'' re you understand walking in the drug store.
aisle as well as you'' re asking yourself need to I take Advil or must I take exact ibuprofen really I believe is from warehouse store or Loblaws that'' s where their name is coming from so if you have that concern.
whether you must obtain Advil or the no-name brand name the solution to that in the.
textbook is that it truly doesn'' t issue at the end of the day they both. have it they both have the exact same components inside the medication they. both job just as well it doesn ' t issue whether if you can you know buy the.
trademark name or you might purchase the generic it'' ll coincide result will still work.
the reason that they claim that the brand name is um costlier than this set is because.
when the drug initially got examined and it obtained accepted you obtain marketed.
usually advil you recognize paid a great deal of money to obtain it marketed.

To obtain it.
to evaluated as well whereas advil. they didn'' t pay as a lot.
money so the brand name is attempting to compose the expense due to the fact that they paid.
they place on a great deal of money to obtain it marketed they place in a great deal of cash to.
get it examined to see to it that it'' s safe so at the end whether you get the.
brand or the generic name what the books are claiming is the same thing.
they'' ll offer you the very same impact one medication is not much better than the various other.
medicine um and likewise what this is saying right here is.
that for it you get approved so for it to in fact take place these drug store shots.
it needs to be FDA approved an FDA will certainly talk regarding this.

Food and Drug.
Administration and it'' s generally an administration that cares for all the.
medications all the food and also it will just allow the risk-free ones to take place the market.
or to take place to racks so the reality that ibuprofen specific ibuprofen is on the.
market is on the drug store shelves reveals that it'' s secure and reveals that it'' s. reliable too all right so let'' s say we have 2 drugs below.
we have allowed'' s state heaven one is Advil and
this orange one is no name. advil it ' s a no-name ibuprofen let ' s compare these 2 medications are those 2. medicines chemically comparable yes those 2 medicines have the exact same chemical.
structure the blue one has the same chemical structure as the orange one.
alright so they'' re chemically equal that indicates they have the very same chemical.
structure inside their um capsule inside the pill.
are they naturally equivalent this indicates that do they have the exact same amount.
of medication inside the bloodstream and also the solution need to be yes the blue medicine or.
the blue tablet and also the orange tablet ought to have the same quantity of Advil for.
instance or ibuprofen rather inside the bloodstream so very same focus or.
very same amount are they likewise therapeutically equal that implies.
that does heaven as well as the orange tablet work the exact same will certainly they make you feel.
much better and yes the response is they should also make you really feel much better for it should.
be FDA approved alright so for the drug to be FDA authorized it.
needs to be biologically equivalent as well as therapeutically comparable which means.
that it requires to go right into the blood stream this the concentration of the medication.
should remain in the bloodstream it need to be equal in the blood stream rather all right.
so the medication should be equal in the bloodstream as well as they must both make.
you really feel much better so food as well as medication management the FDA that is essential.
because it identifies which drug can be marketed by the prescription as well as.
over the counter.

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