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(CC) Top 200 Drugs Chapter 2 Musculoskeletal Nursing Pharmacology (Memorizing Pharmacology)

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This is phase two, we will certainly do
musculoskeletal system as well as the very first thing that we'' re mosting likely to speak about are
the initial group of drugs and also all of this that I'' m going to install there is done in
my head so I'' m just mosting likely to do this from memory but you may discover it piece
by item. I'' m going to show you the items and also just how they organize with each other as well as
then within those groups we'' ll have three bigger groups so that you can learn this
column after that with any luck next column the next column. So the very first column I'' m. mosting likely to talk about are the OTC NSAIDS The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.
medications There are three of those. Begin with aspirin, ibuprofen which has two brand.
names, Advil and also Motrin and afterwards naproxen So the first thing we want to do is.
see to it that we check for any type of stems as well as a stem is something that indicates.
what medicine course it''

s in.-profen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory stem. -proxen.
isn'' t. It looks really similar though so if you'' re attempting to memorize it that'' s
one. great method to do it. So we go from the OTC NSAIDs pain killers ibuprofen naproxen to. what would certainly be a non narcotic analgesic also over-the-counter and also the one that.
you'' re most likely most knowledgeable about is acetaminophen Tylenol. There'' s no stem. right here but what you can see much like with the aspirin, pain killers is in fact acetylsalicylic acid which is abbreviated ASA We also have an acronym that.
actually originates from acetaminophen which is from N-acetyl-para-aminophenol which.
is APAP and also we'' ll use that in just a min. So then we ' ve got those as well as these take care of a lot of things that a lot of analgesia.
most pains over the counter yet maybe it'' s some sort of a migraine or. something like that so we'' re mosting likely to integrate them and we'' ll incorporate the. OTC NSAID plus non-narcotic in a medication called Excedrin Migraine headache that.
consists of aspirin ASA, Tylenol APAP, and additionally high levels of caffeine and also the high levels of caffeine is a.
vasoconstrictor it aids tighten the capillary in the brain to make sure that.
there'' s less pain So we began with the OTCs as well as the.
all-natural activity or progression is from OTC to Rx so let'' s most likely to the Rx NSAID.
and the very first one we'' ll check out is meloxicam as well as this additionally has a stem -icam.
alright and that'' s mobic and after that we additionally have an additional Rx NSAID that'' s a. COX-2 inhibitor.That one ' s going
to be Celebrex or celecoxib Which ' s Celebrex. So the first sort of panel, first group of drugs that we wish to. check out are these 7 and we see that we have nonsteroidals and also non-narcotic.
we'' re mosting likely to integrate the two to assist memorize these two teams after that we'' re. going to have prescription NSAID that works similar to advil and naproxen, meloxicam And afterwards we have this COX-2 prevention.
which is meant to protect the belly Okay so once more in order, aspirin ibuprofen.
naproxen acetaminophen aspirin acetaminophen high levels of caffeine meloxicam and also.
celecoxib. So that'' s the initial team and also'that ' s how we would certainly do that within. the groups though see to it that you intend to try to alphabetize it so A comes.
prior to I prior to N and also I'' ll show you where I ' ll break that rule a little bit.
right here. Okay so the next team we'' re mosting likely to consider are the opioids as well as.
numbing villain And we'' ll begin with the arranged two.
so again the DEA routines, one is one that has no medical value 2 is the.
most addicting three is less addicting than that four is much less addicting than.
that and also five etc so we'' ll look at a 2 or 3 as well as a 4. So the very first one is morphine MS Contin As well as fentanyl has a pair brand.
names.One is Duragesic an analgesic that lasts for a long period of time. and also Sublimaze although it ' s not subQ you can consider it'going. intramuscularly After that we have hydrocodone with acetaminophen That ' s Vicodin As well as then oxycodone with. acetaminophen and that ' s Percocet That ' s an R. Okay'good so we ' ve got four C-II. opioids and you ' ll notice that I ' ve obtained it alphabetically right here but not below. Why? Well morphine was the very first medicine It ' s a normal medicine. If you have. something like that you wish to take it and put it at the top and afterwards you ' ll alphabetize the ones that follow it Today we ' re going to go in DEA order. from C-II to numbing C-III As well as the C-III is going to be.
Tylenol with codeine yet we call it Acetaminophen with codeine and also
one of them is Tylenol # 3. then we have a narcotic C-IV It ' s a mixed opioid so I ' ll simply.
call it a mixed opioid yet it is set up 4 as well as that ' s tramadol and also we ' ll just underline -adol which'' s the stem there.So over'here we. made use of the NSAIDs and also we did them from OTC to Rx over right here what we ' re mosting likely to do. is we ' re going to make use of the variety of DEA schedules from two to 3 to four to. help remember them and after that we ' ve obtained a narcotic villain and also
it ' s good to have typically the agonist prior to the villain it'simply makes sense. without effort as well as that ' s noloxone Or Narcan and also the
stem there is the nal-'. So these are the opioids as well as exactly how you remember them use them in DEA. schedule order agonist first antagonist next.
Next we ' re going to. go actually in the body'from head to toe and also the initial team that we ' re mosting likely to. have are the triptans and also the triptans are. going to be the migraine medicines eletriptan Relpax as well as you can. think about relief and pax implies tranquility in Latin and afterwards sumatriptan which is. Imitrex there ' s an IM variation so you can assume of the IM and also imitrex. but really it ' s these- triptan stems that inform'you what kind of medicine. you have after that from there we ' re going to most likely to what are called the DMARDs and also. DMARDs are disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs and also I ' ll reveal you. why I ' m mosting likely to place'this not in alphabetical order Methotrexate Rheumatrex since it ' s for rheumatoid joint inflammation as well as. methotrexate has the- trexate stem and also this is a non-biologic then we have. 2 biologics, abatacept as well as etanercept.So [brand name names] Orencia and also Enbrel I '
m going to underline the -cept. because that ' s the stem for these biologics however additionally the- ta -so we ' ll. double highlight the- cept and also the -ner -therefore the- tacept as well as- nercept ways. that it ' s a certain type of condition customizing antirheumatic drug yet you see. we don ' t have indexed order here due to the fact that we have a non biologic then we. have two biologics in indexed order so after the DMARDs come,. the means I remember it is we begin with the head after that we go to the joint. as well as after that from the joint we ' re mosting likely to go to the bone.'So we have two bisphosphonates, alendronate Ibandronate [brand] Fosamax. Students like to think about fossil. [brand] Boniva has the word bone in it that ' s just how I bear in mind those. And also'these aren ' t for. osteo arthritis'like the NSAIDs would certainly be these are for osteoporosis so some. destruction of the bone from there we have the muscle mass relaxants up as well as then. the- dronate stem that tells you that these are bisphosphonates.Then we have. the muscle mass relaxers as well as the muscle relaxers include cyclobenzaprine which
is Flexeril as well as diazepam which is Valium and also the -azepam is a stem so. cyclobenzaprine you can see the word- benz- and also it '
s like you ' re flexing as well as. then flex for Flexeril. diazepam it ' s
a benzodiazepine we ' ll see benzodiazepines. in the neuro section but these are also made use of for muscle mass leisure so I placed one. right here we in fact have one even more set of medications yet I want you to notice where. we ' ve gone we started with the head so triptans for migraine after that we went. right into the joint and after that from the joint we went to the bone and also then bent on the. muscle mass so you ' re assuming within out'and also I ' ll placed it over right here anti-gout alright. so I ' m mosting likely to have 2 anti-gout medicines allopurinol which is Zylorpim and also febuxostat which is Uloric as well as the- xostat is the stem.These anti gout pain medications are for chronic gout pain so what we ' re doing is. we ' re stopping'uric acid from creating and you can kind of see the uric from. uric acid in right here and after that the- lo- for lower so “you reduced” uric acid. Both of these. stop having excessive uric acid if you have much less uric acid you ' ll have less. gout pain but again alphabetize them within the team and also right here we are.
gout arthritis 50% of the moment remains in the toe so an excellent location to remember so those are the 25 musculoskeletal medications in short.

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