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Victoria 2 Advanced Military Guide, Part 1: Unit Types (and unit stats)

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Hi everybody! I’m Xarxos and this is my Victoria.
2 Advanced Military Guide! In this short video collection I will certainly try to do a reasonably extensive.
explanation of the mechanics of battle in Victoria 2 in addition to experiencing some general tricks.
as well as strategies. Considering that I have actually realized that making 1 hour long videos is kind of tedious, I have actually.
chosen to split this overview into 3 parts. In this very first video I’ll discuss all the various.
land device key ins the video game as well as the duties they offer. In the second video clip I’ll speak about exactly how to.
place these systems to utilize in land fights as well as sieges. Last but not least, in the 3rd video I’ll speak about,.
well, practically whatever else. Nevertheless, I won’t go excessive right into the very essentials.
of the video game’s auto mechanics, so if you’re a newcomer to the video game I can extremely suggest the.
Victoria II – Military Overview by CallMeEzekiel, as it offers a good introduction of military matters.
tailored to more recent players. I also won’t concentrate as well much on the specific numbers or formulas for.
things like damages estimations in combat, so if you wish to check out those things in.
greater detail I can likewise recommend the 2 composed guides Victoria 2 Multiplayer.
Army Cheat Sheet and also Technique Guide as well as A Full Military Casualty Guide and Comparative.
Efficiency for Technology, both by Nurse_Reno.

If you favor something in video clip kind, after that I can further.
suggest the guide series “From No to Hero” by Gakumerasara. It covers simply about every.
part of this video game in terrific detail, not simply the army facets, however the majority of info associated.
to the army appear to be partly 4 and 5. Both that series and also Nurse_Reno’s guides talk.
a great deal about multiplayer, while in this series I will certainly rather focus exclusively on singleplayer,.
specifically in concerns to challenge runs such as speedruns and world occupations. Furthermore,.
a great deal of this is based on my own experiences with only a minimal amount of “official” experiments.
to back it up, so if you notice anything I’m discussing that doesn’t appear rather best,.
make sure to allow me understand in the comments due to the fact that it’s extremely feasible I have actually made some errors!.
Anyhow, with that claimed, allow’s enter it! Part 1: Device Types In vanilla Victoria 2 there are 11 kinds of military.
devices. To make it much easier to arrange your militaries, I like to extensively divide them right into four.
teams: Frontline Units, Backline Units, Cavalry Units and also Siege Units, each with.
their own role within the army.Most unit kinds
fit right into one of these roles, however there. are a few that overlap in between several ones. Allow’s very first consider the Frontline Systems. These. are generally composed of Irregular Infantry
, Normal Infantry as well as Guards. When two militaries. involve in fight, they will organize themselves right into two rows of regiments opposite each various other. Regiments can only be harmed while they remain in the front row and most system kinds can only deal. damage from the front row also. The base damages dealt by devices is determined by the Assault and. Defense stats, with the Strike stat being utilized by the assaulting military
in the existing battle as well as. the Protection stat being used by the safeguarding military. This differs from just how damages is calculated in,. as an example, EU4, where a device’s offensive pips are used by both attacking as well as safeguarding militaries. to increase the damage they handle fight, while defensive pips are used to. minimize the damages a device receives.In offensive battles the damages of Frontline systems. continues to be relevant throughout the video game, as well as in the early-to-mid game they can

act as a good. resource of damages in protective fights also. But as the game advances as well as extra modern technologies. come to be opened, their damages output in defensive fights will certainly be massively eclipsed by the. Backline systems( extra on them later )
. Thus, in defensive battles one of the most crucial function. of the Frontline Units is to take in damage in the front row in order to shield the back row,. and also in reality this should be their primary top priority in offensive fights as well, due to the fact that backline. units are really prone if compelled to the front and additionally tend to have a lot higher supply prices. For this purpose, there are 2 main residential properties a Frontline
System needs: An excellent Organisation stat. and a low supply usage. Organisation identifies an unit’s fight readiness as well as is decreased as the. unit takes damage, until at some point it’s required to retreat.While the Organisation stat itself. is necessary most system kinds have the exact same base Organisation, so the important things that figures out.
Frontline suitability is their supply usage. Each device kind has a particular set of goods it. needs in order to be recruited
and supplied. If it can’t obtain enough materials. it will not be able to restore Organisation and its reinforcement price will certainly additionally decline. For. Frontline Units whose main purpose is to saturate up damages, this is certainly not perfect. So the easier. it is to meet an offered device’s supply demands, the more dependably they will certainly be able. to hold the front row in battle. With all this discussed, let’s have a look at. the various unit types that can serve this function. Primarily, we have Regular Infantry
. These devices will certainly be the support of your militaries at least 90 %of time, otherwise even more.
This. is due to the fact that they have reputable battle statistics and Organisation, but mainly due to the fact that they are. amongst the most inexpensive units to hire and maintain. This makes them a really practical system type to area. en masse to absorb damages, while still being able to enhance and also replenish organisation reasonably.
successfully after each battle.On top of that they are additionally the system kind of set in motion soldiers, so. you’ll have access to a bunch of them for complimentary. Next off, we have Irregular Infantry. These are. basically simply a worse kind of Regular Infantry, starting out at approximately half the strength of. regulars and scaling a lot even worse with innovation. They are basically never ever worth structure.

if you have access to Routine Infantry, which holds true for all civilized nations,. however many uncivs can not construct regulars at the start and are hence forced to use these.
individuals up until they either westernize or pass the Land Reform Imported Weapons.Irregulars. have only one advantage over routine Infantry: They are much less expensive to supply, counting totally. on the rather common base RGO Wool, instead of the commercial products that routine Infantry usages. Despite this they’re generally not worth hiring due to the fact that they have significantly much less Organisation,. however there could be some circumstances where you’re playing
a poor unindustrialized country as well as simply. can not dependably get adequate industrial goods
to provide normal Infantry. This may be the case. for some uncivs that have passed the reform allowing them to construct regular Infantry, yet might. still want to stick with mainly Irregulars until they’ve westernized or expanded in power. This. is a lot more the exemption than the regulation nevertheless. Next, we have Guards. These are one-of-a-kind.
because they’re the only device type that can entirely be hired from your. primary or approved society stands out, thus giving them a more restricted manpower swimming pool. In vanilla Victoria 2, they can be basically concerned as offensively-oriented Infantry, having. greater Strike however lower Defense compared to normal Infantry, but lots of significant mods such as HPM. and its derivatives change them to be straight-up stronger than routine Infantry in every way.The. drawback of Guards, in addition to their extra restricted recruitment swimming pool, is that they’re substantially
. a lot more pricey to hire as well as preserve. This alone makes them much less appropriate as.
a Frontline Device for the majority of the video game, however they may be worth hiring in. smaller numbers if you want some extra type your offensive armies in vanilla, or. just some overall elite militaries in modded video games. Another device type which can increase as both Mounties. and also Frontline System, is the Cuirassier.
Right at the beginning of the video game they actually outperform. routine Infantry in damages outcome, as well as while
their employment price is better, they have a lower. upkeep expense compared to Infantry also. Because of this they can in fact serve as. a strong Frontline Unit in the very early game.
Regrettably, Cuirassiers scale unbelievably. inadequately with innovation and will quickly be enormously outmatched by a lot of other options.For this factor,. I often tend to never ever in fact construct Cuirassiers, however if I play as a nation that begins with. some currently hired I may maintain them around for a while.
However simply a couple of decades. right into the video game they are really much out-of-date. Ultimately, there is one even more Frontline Device kind
:. Shield, usually described as Containers. These just obtain unlocked at the tail end of the game past.
1900 and also are at first quite underwhelming, but with a couple of even more innovations opened they’ll. end up with the greatest Attack stat in the game as well as has a greater Organisation than a lot of other. device types.Much like Guards, Armor has a greater Assault yet reduced Protection compared to Infantry

however their significant disadvantage is their supply price: They need substantial quantities of a few of the most.
costly items on the market, making it tough to keep their numbers and also organisation up.
As. such, despite their high Assault and also Organisation they’ll never ever be really viable as a general.
Frontline Unit, and can at most be made use of in a couple of offensively oriented armies to offer them. a little an additional punch. Yet their advantage to Assault is small enough that I hardly ever think. they’re actually worth the investment. But allow’s currently discuss some devices that definitely. deserve the investment: Backline Units. Like I claimed earlier, many systems can only deal. damages from the front row. For these units, the back row only operates as a book setting,. where the unit waits idly up until more room opens up on the front row. However, there are some. devices that can use the back row better many thanks to a stat called Support.This is a. percentage modifier to their base assault or protection which is applied when the device is in the. back row during fight. An assistance worth of 100 %implies the unit deals the exact same damage from the. back row as they do from the front. An assistance worth reduced than 100 %suggests they deal less damage. from the back, while a worth greater than 100%
implies they in fact deal extra damage if they’re. in the back row compared to being in the front.The solitary crucial Backline Device,. and actually one of the most crucial unit overall, is Artillery. Considering their base Assault. as well as Protection stats they might appear quite weak, however thanks to their Assistance stat they can. finish up dealing a lot more substantial damage as long as they’re in the back.
Despite that,. in the early video game Weapons isn’t that effective even in the back row, dealing only slightly. a lot more damages typically than the Frontline Devices. They’re still rewarding to have though because they.
allow you to make far better usage of the battlefield, offered you can afford them.
Weapons is. really rather expensive to recruit and also provide, and also the items they need have a. long as well as complex assembly line. For these reasons, smaller as well as much less industrialized.
nations may be better off making use of these
sparingly in the very early video game, considering that they do not.
give an enormous advantage anyway.However, with enhancing technology the damage. outcome of Artillery will boost a lot, as well as particularly their Support will escalate. to the point where they provide
the damages dealt by Frontline Units practically unimportant in. protective fights. At this factor having a full back row of Weapons is really important, which. thankfully is fairly viable in spite of their cost considering that they won’t take much damages as long. as the Frontline Devices are doing their tasks.
The only various other genuinely feasible Backline Unit is. Airplanes. They just come to be unlocked in the extremely late game,
so their general relevance is rather. reduced. Yet during their brief time in the sun, they’re probably the strongest unit in the game,. as they sporting activity the greatest base Protection out of all system types which is magnified greatly in the. back row.This makes them a piece of cake to consist of in the back row of your protective armies and also. can function quite well in offensive militaries too, even
if Artillery still outshines them there. In addition to that, they in fact have the highest Organisation in the game by a huge margin. This. could tempt you to think they can be viable as Frontline Units as well, at the very least in defensive. militaries. Sadly they struggle with the exact same troubles with
expensive supply requirements. as Armor, however a lot more notably they have a base Self-control stat of just
10 %, unlike every various other. unit kind which has 100 %. Self-control lowers loss of Organisation when taking damages in battle,. so the reality that Planes have just 1/10th the Self-control of various other devices in fact make them. uniquely unsuited to deal with in the front row. The only other system type that can be.
taken into consideration a Backline Unit is the Designer. Nevertheless, just since they * can * serve this role. doesn’t mean they *
must *, since
their starting assistance worth is only 50% contrasted to the 200% of. Artillery, a void which will certainly
only continue to grow with even more technologies. The only time Engineers. can be useful in a fight role is if you don’t have enough Artillery at hand to fill in the back. row, yet that should not be the standard at any type of point in the video game
. So, if Engineers are so awful. at combat, after that why trouble with them in any way? Well, that’s since they serve an extra. important objective in their duty as: Siege Units. The Siege stat is everything about.
responding to opponent forts. Fts have two features: First, they decrease. battle casualties for the Fort
proprietor’s devices if they deal with a battle in the district where the ft. is built.Second, they decrease the line of work speed of enemy militaries that besiege the province. These. impacts are enhanced with each degree of the ft
, as well as the function of the Siege stat is quite merely. to reduce the efficient degree of opponent fts. For the majority of the video game Designers are the only. system type that has the Siege stat and also can therefore make a large difference whenever you intend to. battle in or besiege a district that has a ft. This does not matter excessive early, however later on. in the game ft degrees will end up being ever greater and also countries will certainly have even more time to construct more of. them. The AI in certain likes building fts, so eventually you can expect every single. province owned by a civilized country to be strengthened. This suggests that Engineers.
usually aren’t worth it in the very early video game, but later they begin to pull their. weight despite their bad fight statistics. You do not need a great deal of them nonetheless; having. 1 Engineer for every single 9 other systems in an army is ideal
, for reasons I’ll speak. more concerning partially 2 of this series.There’s only another system kind that has the. Siege stat, and it’s one we ‘ve already spoken regarding: Shield. Nevertheless, you’ll never ever intend to use. them as committed Siege Devices given that they have much less Siege than Engineers. The only advantage they have. in this respect is that they can serve competently on the Frontline, unlike Engineers, which could. liberate a lot more area on the backline in fight. Yet in the end I do not. think that issues excessive. Now allow’s talk regarding the. fourth as well as final unit category, specifically Mounties
Devices. Their defining statistics are. Maneuver and also Recon. Maneuver is the counterpart to Flanking Range in EU4, and also determines exactly how. far diagonally a device can assault throughout combat. By default a system can just attack an opposing device. that is directly opposite them on the battleground, however, for each factor of Maneuver they can. reach to assault one device better to the side. All units contend least 1 Maneuver, so the. standard is that they have the ability to attack diagonally by one system. This only actually comes
right into play if. one military’s front row outnumbers the opposite side, in which instance the devices on the edges. have the ability to contribute from the flanks. The even more Maneuver your flanking systems have, the.
a lot more you can leverage your mathematical prevalence by attacking from additional as well as further away
. This is more appropriate in the very early video game, when battle width is massive and the front row. still adds a substantial amount of damage.The later on in the game you obtain,. the less pertinent Maneuver becomes. Spy is a stat that has 2 features: Boost. occupation speed as well as minimize opponent dig-in benefit. The first is relatively obvious
. As. for the second: Dig-in is something a military gradually constructs up while it stays fixed. in one district, with the maximum dig-in being limited by technology. Each degree of dig-in. enhances an army’s protective abilities. While dig-in is most likely to slowly. reduction over the program of the fight
, Spy can significantly speed up points up by instantly. splitting the defender ' s dig-in by the Reconnaissance worth of the highest Reconnaissance unit in the assaulting military. So if as an example the defender’s initial dig-in
is 6 and also the attacker has an unit with 2 Reconnaissance, the. dig-in bonus will certainly be immediately reduce to 3 before remaining to slowly decline. Unnecessary. to state, Spy can greatly enhance the offending capacities of your armies, especially in the. late video game when dig-in bonus offers grow ever larger.Now, allow’s take a look at the various Mounties. Systems, beginning with standard Mounties. These are the cavalry matching to. Irregulars, being
the weakest form of mounties, yet also by far the cheapest and also is the. just type readily available to uncivs. They are a wonderful boon to any savage army thanks to. their Reconnaissance as well as Maneuver, as well as can also be worth recruiting for those civil countries that. have not opened more powerful cavalry types yet, but once you obtain access to Dragoons or Hussars. you’ll have no real factor to keep these around. As for the advanced cavalry kinds, there. are 3 of them: Cuirassiers, which I touched
upon earlier, Dragoons and Hussars. These can be mainly differentiated similar to this: In the early video game, Cuirassiers
have the greatest. raw battle stats, Hussars have the highest Recon as well as Maneuver, and Dragoons kind of autumn in.
between.Given that they all are opened by the exact same innovation, in which circumstances should.
you use which ones? Well, as a general policy: Constantly make use of Hussars, never make use of the other 2
. This is because both specifying features of a Mounties System are dealing damage from the flanks. through Maneuver and also giving Spy to your army. Hussars have the highest possible worth for both of. these statistics, making them the noticeable choice. You * might * possibly make the case that in the. early game, incorporating making use of 2 Hussars as well as 2 Dragoons/Cuirassiers in each military can be worth. it, considering that the latter 2 do have greater Assault and also Protection than Hussars and also would certainly for that reason.

be better in the internal flanks, while Hussars can complement them at the outer flanks.
utilizing their premium Maneuver. But to be sincere, the benefit of this would be so negligible and also.
situational that it’s actually not worth the problem. As well as from the mid-game onwards Spy is basically.
the only thing Cavalry systems benefit anyhow. Though I must say that the recruitment. items of Dragoons can often be somewhat much easier to get in the very early game contrasted to. those of Hussars,
so if you’re doing something like a speedrun and also truly need some equines. fast, after that Dragoons may be much more viable.The just various other Cavalry-type Device that. could be worth thinking about besides Hussars,
are the aforementioned Airplanes. Once they have. all their lovers from technologies, they sporting activity a higher Maneuver * and * Reconnaissance than Hussars, thus. being completely superior in this duty. Their substantial supply cost likewise

isn’t as much of a problem. when you just need a few of them, generally for their Recon stat.
So also if you do not have the. market to sustain complete backlines of Airplanes, you might still wish to think about including one. aircraft in each military as for you can afford. Well, that’s whatever I needed to claim around.
unit kinds. In the following video I’ll clarify just how to actually put these devices to utilize, as we go. right into the details of land fights and also sieges. Until after that, thanks for seeing. and also have a nice time of day!

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