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TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: Letitia James ran for Attorney General in New York by promising to use her office to punish Donald Trump because of course, that’s what law enforcement is for, to crush your political enemies.

“I look forward every day to suing Trump.” James says. Well, now she is up for reelection, so she decided to actually do it. In a moment, we’ll tell you what happened and what it means for the rule of law, assuming that still exists in the State of New York.

But first, good evening, and welcome to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT.

For thousands of years, clinical trials have been the center of Medicine and the idea is very simple. Before you operate on someone or inject people with some new drug, you run trials first to make certain that what you’re doing will help the patient more than it hurts the patient. This is not a new idea. James Lind did it back in the 18th Century with his famous scurvy trials.

In fact, medical testing has been going on since at least biblical times, because why wouldn’t it? Daniel of Judah compared a vegetarian diet with the diet of the Royal Babylonians over a 10-day period, so he had a control group, independent observers, the whole thing. It’s not complicated, but it is essential.

Throughout history, very few have questioned this practice because it makes obvious sense, but now they are.

Modern Medicine seems to be abandoning the clinical trial.

The FDA, for example, just authorized a COVID booster without even bothering to test it on people. They just gave it to a handful of mice and said we’re ready to go. Why take the time to see if it actually works? Who cares if the drug lowers sperm counts or causes miscarriages or produces grotesque blood clots in otherwise healthy people?

The pharmaceutical companies can’t be sued, so they’re safe. They no longer have to care even about oversight. They sponsor the media companies that cover them. Big Tech censors anyone who asks questions about what they do. Payment providers swoop in to shut down the businesses of anyone who dares to criticize Pfizer. That’s happening.

So, the net effect is sad. Never has American medicine been more transparently a racket than it is right now. With the most basic ethical guidelines gone, completely ignored, you should not be surprised to learn that some hospitals have decided to monetize the mental anguish of children.

Consider the University of California at San Francisco Hospital. Supposedly, it is one of the best in the world. UCSF, despite its august reputation, is not even trying to behave responsibly with children who are being convinced by TikTok they should change their sex.

So, a new trend comes along propelled by social media. It didn’t exist before at scale. Now it does. Rather than pausing and asking, “What is this and how can we help the children?” They blow right past it.

UCSF Hospital’s current guidance for treating so-called transgender youth is this. We got this right from their website, “As youth are transitioning at increasingly younger ages, genital surgery is being performed on a case- by-case basis more frequently in minors.”

Genital surgery on children — this is a very big step. It’s irreversible. So, you wonder, what is the medical basis for this? Well, a few sentences later, UCSF hospital admits that there is no medical basis. Instead, “In the absence of solid evidence, providers often must rely on the expert opinions of innovators and thought leaders in the field.”

So, UCSF is conducting genital surgeries on minors based on “thought leaders in the field.” What does that mean? Well, it means the Human Rights Campaign is in favor of it. It means activists are pushing it. It means there is no scientific data to justify it.

This is horrifying. Why is this happening and how widespread is it? No one seems to be interested. Virtually alone in our media, Matt Walsh of “The Daily Wire” decided to find out the answers to those questions and in that search, he obtained this video. It’s from 2018.

The video shows a physician called Shayne Taylor from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which, like UCSF, has a global reputation for excellence. In this video, Taylor explains that Vanderbilt performs gruesome sexual surgeries on children. Why? Because those surgeries make Vanderbilt money.


DR. SHAYNE TAYLOR, VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER: Some of our VUMC financial folks in August of, sorry, October of 2016 starting a couple of years ago, put down some costs of how much money we think these patients would bring in and this is only including top surgery, this isn’t including any bottom surgery, and it is a lot of money.

These surgeries make a lot of money. So, female to male chest reconstruction could bring in $40,000.00. A patient just on routine hormone treatment who I’m only seeing a few times a year can bring in several thousand dollars without requiring a lot of visits and labs. It actually makes money for the hospital.


CARLSON: Oh, it makes money. So, this huge new trend appears, again, driven not by medical research, but by social media, convincing children they can change their sex and Vanderbilt, rather than pausing and asking once again, “How do we help these children? What is this?” Decides, oh, there’s money there. We’re all in.

Now, it’s hard to believe that everyone at Vanderbilt Hospital could possibly be for this because it is completely irresponsible and wrong. So, what would happen if a physician at Vanderbilt, a conscientious objector, disagreed with mutilating children for profit? That’s a key question.

Another doctor called Ellen Clayton explained what would happen. Again, this video we’re about to show you has also been around since 2018, but no one in the media cared to look at it until Matt Walsh found it this week.


ELLEN CLAYTON, VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER: If you’re going to assert conscientious objections, you have to realize that that is problematic. You are doing something to another person and you’re not paying for the cost of your belief.

I think that is a real issue. But I just want you to take home that saying that you’re not going to do something because of your conscientious, because of your religious beliefs is not without consequences and it should not be without consequences and I just want to put that out there.

We are given enormous, if you don’t want to do this kind of work, don’t work at Vanderbilt.


CARLSON: So, if you object to this, leave; “You can’t work at Vanderbilt.”

So, Vanderbilt clearly thought this through. Not everyone is going to be for this, so let’s just make it really, really clear. If you’re not fully on board with sexually mutilating children for non-medical reasons, on the basis of no medical evidence, then you just leave.

But that wasn’t enough. They anticipated that this is so horrifying that some doctors might still step out of line. They might tell 16-year-olds that they have a psychological disorder or “This will pass or maybe stop watching so much TikTok” and “No, we’re not going to mutilate your genitals or cut your breasts off, at least until you’re an adult,” but if they said that, that would of course, hurt the business model, so Vanderbilt recruited activists, trans activists, to bully physicians into submission. Watch.


SHAWN REILLY, COORDINATOR: Trans Buddy provides trained peer advocates for transgender patients who are coming for doctor’s appointments or other healthcare-related services. Whether you’re looking for something that’s related to medical transition, such as hormone therapy, or something completely unrelated, like breaking an arm, or going to an ENT, we’re here to help support any transgender patients that come through our doors.

The Trans Buddy program is a one of a kind in the nation, and institutions are looking to Vanderbilt to replicate and expand programs like ours.


CARLSON: Oh, trans buddies — right. Enforcers, in other words. It’s like having the Mafia standing over your shoulder while you’re on the witness stand. Doctors should be, in fact have to be, allowed to give politically unbiased counsel to their patients without being intimidated, but the whole point of a trans buddy system is to prevent that.

In one video from Vanderbilt, the trans buddies say they’re on the lookout for doctors who don’t use the right pronouns because that’s “unsafe.” Get in line or we’ll crush you.

So, Matt Walsh brought all of this to the surface just the other day and in response to it, rather than defend it or explain it, Vanderbilt University Medical Center took its entire website offline and no doubt at some point they’ll be claiming it’s unsafe for them, that the people who are shocked by what they’re doing are actually the criminals here and that they’re getting threatening phone calls. They’re going to call the DOJ and anyone who comments on it is going to get a visit from the FBI.

But the truth is, people who are horrified by this are not the bad actors. Vanderbilt is the bad actor. Vanderbilt has just admitted on camera to castrating children as young as 13-years-old. This is from Vanderbilt’s Psychiatry’s YouTube page from 2020:


NARRATOR: We can provide gender-affirming hormones on an individual who is on a pubertal blocker, depending on whatever kind of blocker they’ve chosen, or we have discussed with them, or they can present to us at a later stage of puberty and then we provide the gender-affirming hormones.

Previously, the Endocrine Society recommended to start these at age 16, but we all know that would be delayed puberty, right? Sixteen-year-olds don’t start puberty. So, more recently, they did update that to say as early as 14 for compelling reasons. So, we have some individuals who have started gender affirming hormones at 13 or 14 to be more like their peers.


CARLSON: Has anyone at Vanderbilt Medical Center ever had a 14-year-old? And what sort of person would give a 14-year-old — Do you know what they’re like? Have you lived with one before — would chemically castrate a 14-year-old because he or she saw something on TikTok that suggested it was a good idea. This is lunacy.

But the same YouTube page also confirms that Vanderbilt will happily perform double mastectomies on adolescent girls after they’ve drugged them because, you know, it’s pretty lucrative, actually.

Here is plastic surgeon Julian Winocour and physician’s assistant Shalyn Vanderbloemen. Watch.


SHALYN VANDERBLOEMEN, PHYSICIAN’S ASSISTANT: For any kind of top surgery, we do require one letter of well documented gender dysphoria by a licensed mental health provider. We ensure that the patient is capable of making fully informed decisions on their own, they’re the age of majority. However for a lot of our younger patients, again if they are sixteen, seventeen, here at Vanderbilt if they have been on testosterone, have parental consent, we’re able to do a lot of the top surgeries for those patients.


CARLSON: So again, this is a hospital filled with physicians and ethicists and other adults who ought to be stepping in to protect children from their worst impulses, from the latest fad, from their parents’ neuroses, but they’re not doing that because it’s just too profitable to destroy the lives of kids.

So, who should be the backstop against this? Who are the people who oversee this who really should be exercising adult wisdom here and restraint? Well, that would be, by definition, the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Board of Directors, and we’re going to name them now in the hope that these people will do something to stop these crimes before the lives of more children are destroyed.

The Board members would include: Edith Carell Johnson; John F. Stein; Jeffrey R. Balser; Lucinda M. Baier; Daniel Diermeier; Sara J. Finley; John R. Ingram; Michael M. E. Johns; Samuel E. Lynch; Alexander C. Taylor; and Makeba Williams.

Let’s hope these people — this is the Board that oversees all of this — let’s hope these people act immediately to stop this crime.

But to be clear, it’s not just Vanderbilt. We called UCLA Hospital today and they told us they’d be happy to mutilate our child. They just need a referral for insurance purposes, so did Weill Cornell Medicine.

One of our producers, Sammy, called Cornell about getting breast implants for her 15-year-old son, who she said was “questioning his gender identity” — just questioning. Here’s what they said in response:


CALLER: It’s regarding my son. He is questioning his gender identity and was interested in treatments.

WORKER: This would be for plastic surgery, Dr. Otterburn does perform top surgery if that’s what you are referring to.

CALLER: If they are a minor how do you get to that stage?

WORKER: All right, so I can make you an appointment so you can come in for a consultation to have a discussion.

CALLER: It’s for my son, who is a minor. He can just come in or do I come with him, how does that work?

WORKER: How old is he?

CALLER: Fifteen.

WORKER: Fifteen. Okay. Yes, I would come with him.


CARLSON: Yes. Breast implants for a 15-year-old boy? Yes, I’d come with him, whatever. It’s not just UCLA. The account Libs of TikTok, which “The Washington Post” is desperately trying to get scrubbed from the internet, recently recorded a similar call with Boston’s Children’s Hospital. Listen.


CHAYA RAICHIK, ‘LIBS OF TIKTOK’ CREATOR: I just want to know if you guys do service that age, you know, before obviously, before coming, you know, coming all the way for an in-person consult and going through all the paperwork and everything.

HOSPITAL WORKER: Well, yes. It depends. Each department is different. Some departments cut off at 18. How old is — how old is your patient?

RAICHIK: Sixteen.

HOSPITAL WORKER: Okay. All right, so they’re in the clear.

RAICHIK: So, they would do it for that age?


RAICHIK: Okay, great. Is it a common procedure that you guys do for that age?

HOSPITAL WORKER: Yes. We have all different type of age groups that comes in for that.

RAICHIK: For the gender — for the hysterectomy?



CARLSON: So, Boston Children’s Hospital is now playing the victim here. Anyone who criticizes this as a threat and a danger and get DOJ involved. “The Washington Post,” “New York Times” jump on anyone who questions this is evil, but that, of course, is the opposite of the truth. The people doing this know that what they are doing is evil. They know perfectly well and that’s why Vanderbilt took down its website after Matt Walsh reported on it.

There is no scientific basis for any of this. It does not help children. It harms children. That is known. It’s also obvious. Were you not a parent? Researchers in Stockholm studied the effects of transgender surgery over a period of 30 years. What did they find? Well, we’ll tell you again.

“Persons with transsexualism after sex reassignment have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behavior and psychiatric morbidity than the general population.” Thirty-year study and it’s not just one study. More than a thousand patients at the Tavistock Gender Clinic in the UK have just sued the clinic. They say they were pressured into life- destroying treatments and that clinic is now being shut down. And that will happen in this country.

This is a fad and because there are no adults left, no one has put up a hand to say “slow down.” But five years from now, we’re going to look back on this, like a lot of things we’ve done recently, like destroying public art and statues and the COVID vaccine and so many other things that we’ve done without thinking about it, in an environment where no one is allowed to protest, we’re going to look back in shame and horror.

Amy Tishelman is the lead author of the guidelines for the “World Professional Association for Transgender Health” and Tishelman just admitted that recommendations for gender-affirming hormones and surgeries were removed from the internet to eliminate a paper trail and avoid lawsuits when inevitably practitioners followed them. Watch.


AMY TISHELMAN, AUTHOR OF THE GUIDELINES FOR THE “WORLD PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR TRANSGENDER HEALTH”: We were thinking, and it was scary for me, about the potential uses of the chapter for legal and insurance context. Again, what we didn’t want to do was create a chapter that would make it more likely that practitioners would be sued because they weren’t following exactly what we said.


CARLSON: This is completely wrong. They won’t even defend it. They won’t even answer simple questions about what it is and again, it’s irreversible.

Hospitals are mutilating children: Boston Children’s Hospital, UCSF, Cornell, UCLA, Vanderbilt and other. And they should all stop immediately, no matter how much it hurts their business model, no matter how much it costs them.

As we told you, Matt Walsh is the man who broke the story about Vanderbilt’s abuse of children. He just met with Tennessee State lawmakers, Representative William Lamberth, State Senator Jack Johnson, they said they’re working on a bill to shut this program down at Vanderbilt. Can’t come soon enough. Matt Walsh joins us tonight.

Matt Walsh, thank you so much. And for, among other things, illustrating how journalism can be a force for good, I think yours has been.

Have you spoken to anyone at Vanderbilt Hospital about this directly?

MATT WALSH, HOST, “THE MATT WALSH SHOW”: Well, Vanderbilt Hospital, I mean, we reached out for a statement when we first published the report. And at first, they didn’t want to give a statement. And they and they actually just took down as you mentioned, they just deleted — that’s what people have to understand — they deleted their entire Transgender Clinic website, they wiped from existence.

And then today, not to us, but in general, they released a statement and the interesting thing about the statement they released is that they do not, while they start by claiming there is misinformation and so on, they don’t actually factually dispute anything in my report, because they can’t, because everything that I said wasn’t me saying it, I was just providing video evidence much of which you played there.

Well, we know for a fact, this is an absolute fact that that Vanderbilt, they performed double mastectomies on minor girls, on children. They chemically castrate children, and they give them irreversible hormone drugs that change their bodies permanently. They’re doing all of that to kids.

And the other thing we should know, and I’m glad you mentioned all the other hospitals around the country, because the things I just mentioned, that is happening all across the country, in every single State, in many hospitals, and in many other medical clinics, all of those things are happening.

And one of the reasons why it is allowed to keep happening is because people don’t know about it, because they’re not talking about it, and I think for a lot of average Americans, people just walking down the street. It’s sort of unthinkable, they can’t imagine that this sort of thing is actually happening.

But it is, which is why we have to start by raising awareness about it and we have to do that no matter the game the left plays by saying if you so much as mention what they’re doing, it is incitement and terrorism, which is absurd, but we can’t bend to that tactic. We have to keep shining a light on this.

CARLSON: Cutting the breasts off little girls, sterilizing 14-year-olds, like, okay yes, we’re not the criminals here.

And by the way I’ve got to believe that not everyone on the Board at Vanderbilt Medical Center is a bad person. I’ve got to believe a lot of these people that had no idea this was happening. And I hope they know now and I hope they do something tonight to end it. I appreciate your coming on and for all you’ve done on this.

Matt Walsh, thank you.

WALSH: Thank you.

CARLSON: So, we did a whole documentary on the people who are responsible for this abuse. It’s called “Transgressive: The Cult of Confusion.” You can stream it now on FOX Nation. We think it’s good.

FOX News Alert: As we told you at the top, the Attorney General of the State of New York is suing not just Donald Trump, but his family. There is no information on this and one lawyer getting the bottom of this, Harmeet Dhillon. She is here to explain what this means exactly.

Harmeet, thanks so much for joining us. What is this?


CARLSON: In case you’re wondering how thoroughly, maybe irredeemably our so-called justice system has been politicized, consider Letitia James.

So four years ago, she was running for Attorney General of the State of New York and in her campaign, she didn’t promise to remove all the rapists from the subway. No, she promised to use the legal system to hurt her political enemies, namely Donald Trump.


LETITIA JAMES, NEW YORK ATTORNEY GENERAL: I will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate President when our fundamental rights are at stake.

He should be charged with obstructing justice.

I believe that the President of these United States can be indicted for criminal offenses and we would join with law enforcement and other Attorneys General across this nation in removing this president from office.

I say one name: Donald Trump.

That should motivate you. Get off your ass and vote.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Will you sue him for us?

JAMES: Oh, we’re going to definitely do. We are going to be a real pain the ass. He is going to my name personally.


CARLSON: How could someone like that get elected in a State like New York, which is not all crazy people, there are a ton of smart people, certain a lot of rich people in the State of New York, but somehow that person became Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer in one of our biggest States, and today, she decided to make good on her promise because she is running again.

She sued Trump and everyone around him. She says that Trump invoked his Fifth Amendment rights, which you’re not allowed to do in New York anymore, and then bragged about the size of his apartment. That’s literally in the evidence, and if there was any doubt that all this is insane and political, she held a press conference to announce it, really kind of small potatoes for a press conference and then she ended it this way.


JAMES: Donald Trump engaged in years of illegal conduct to inflate his net worth to achieve, to deceive banks and the people of the great State of New York. Claiming you have money that you do not have does not amount to the art of the deal, it is the art of the steal.


CARLSON: I wonder if is she pays her taxes? That money, she doesn’t. We don’t know that. Just a guess. But it would be interesting to know.

Harmeet Dillon is the Chairwoman of the Republican National Lawyers Association, of course, a famous lawyer herself. She joins us tonight. Harmeet, thanks so much for coming on. So, I noticed, I’m not a lawyer, but I noticed they didn’t charge him with a crime. If it was a crime, why isn’t he being charged with a crime? I’m confused as to what this is.

HARMEET DHILLON, FOUNDER, CENTER FOR AMERICAN LIBERTY: Well, look, as you mentioned, Letitia James came into office bragging about how she was going to get Trump. She seems to be obsessed with him and, you know, denies the legitimacy of his election. And then it took her three years to get to this point and some would say that because she is trailing in the polls in her race for Attorney General, this is time to help boost her ratings. So, that’s really what this is about.

So you’re correct, Tucker, she could not find any crime that she could indict President Trump for. She has referred this matter to the Southern District of New York in case they can find something, but let’s look at what she did file in New York State. Fraud has a six-year statute of limitations, so they are really basically focusing on things that happened before Donald Trump became President and his family members got involved in the government like Ivanka Trump.

So, they’re really looking at very stale, old stuff that nobody bothered about until this time. And what we’re really talking about is differences of opinion about valuation of assets that were heavily negotiated with banks. And so Letitia James’ complaint, 220-pages worth belies a shocking naivete about the realities of business, about the realities of how properties are financed, about how businesses operate.

And it’s really like you said, very small potatoes stuff and if it were done by anybody else, it wouldn’t be the subject of a complaint like this. And so this is entirely political, Tucker, and it is not how an Attorney General the United States should be using their awesome political power.

CARLSON: So, if there was a victim of this fraud, it would be the banks, but my understanding is the banks didn’t complain about this. Did I get that right?

DHILLON: There are no victims. This is a victimless complaint. Nobody is complaining and the banks all got their money back. Everybody is happy except for Letitia James.

CARLSON: Harmeet Dhillon, thanks so much for coming on tonight. Appreciate it.

DHILLON: My pleasure.

CARLSON: So, the Biden administration has just declared that anyone who opposes the Biden administration is an enemy of the country and likely a violent extremist. Well, a man in North Dakota just murdered a teenager apparently believing the teenager was one of those extremists he’d heard about from Joe Biden.

FOX’s Trace Gallagher has this amazing story for us tonight. Hey, Trace.


The evidence shows on Sunday, 41-year-old Shannon Brandt was legally drunk when he got into his car and intentionally used his vehicle to strike 18- year-old Cayler Ellingson. He then fled the scene leaving the 18-year-old to die.

So, what prompted the attack? Well, for now, all we have is the affidavit, that is a statement written up by a police officer on scene, which says that Brandt “struck the pedestrian because the pedestrian was threatening him.” Police say the alleged killer went on to say “That he hit the pedestrian and that the pedestrian was part of a Republican extremist group.”

The suspect was then charged with vehicular homicide and was in jail less than 48 hours before being freed on $50,000.00 bail. Now, it goes without saying in this country, you cannot kill someone because they belong to a certain group. But in this case, there is zero evidence the 18-year-old victim belong to any group, much less an extremist one.

But there is a growing pattern that you no longer need evidence to paint certain people as threatening. Watch.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Too much of what is happening in our country today is not normal. Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.


GALLAGHER: And you may recall the President did not exactly support that statement with ample evidence — Tucker.

CARLSON: Trace Gallagher, I want to pause for a sec. Now, we’ve never hidden the fact that we consider Trace Gallagher one of those talented people in all of television. You probably don’t know this. He does a lot of what he does without a script. Try that some time. You’ll know how hard it is.

So, we want to congratulate him, but before we do we want to embarrass him and pull up this vintage photograph of Trace Gallagher. There he is Trace Gallagher.

Trace Gallagher has just been named the new anchor of “Fox News at Night” midnight Eastern Time.

GALLAGHER: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: The first question we had was will Trace Gallagher still come on the show? and I think he will be able to, so we’re doubly pleased. Trace Gallagher, thank you and congrats.

GALLAGHER: The answer is yes, I will. And thank you, Tucker. I appreciate that.

CARLSON: Heartfelt.

Well, for many, many years, the phrase El Salvador was synonymous with violent crimes. El Salvador is one of the most violent places in the world, but then they got a new President, Nayib Bukele and now, it’s a lot safer than Baltimore. So, maybe we can learn something here in the United States.

The President of El Salvador joins us live after the break.


CARLSON: So of all the countries in the world, the Biden administration could single out for criticism they’ve picked El Salvador led by President Nayib Bukele. The Vice President recently said El Salvador was undemocratic, meaning what? That they enact society changing regulations without a vote? Oh, no, that’s them.

Actually, we went to El Salvador not that long ago and found that Bukele seems very popular. In fact, he has an 86 percent approval rating. Why is this? Because he has improved life for the people who live there. Crime is down dramatically. Homicides in particular have plummeted since Bukele took office in 2019. You’re seeing those numbers on your screen now. If only someone in our country would do this. How did they do it?

Well, Bukele built a massive prison complex to house 40,000 gang members. He is not letting them out. He is putting them in, and so other people get to live and their children aren’t murdered.

Now Bukele is threatening to cut off food from prison gang members if gangs continue to kill people on the outside.

Yesterday, the President told the UN that organized crime has been defeated in his country. Here’s a clip.


NAYIB BUKELE, EL SALVADOR PRESIDENT (through translator): We have moved from being a country unknown to many, and those few who knew us knew us due to the gangs, the deaths, violence, war. We’ve moved from that to becoming a country known for our beaches, our surf, our volcanoes, our financial freedom, our good governance, and the fact that we brought an end to organized crime.


CARLSON: So people are getting murdered less. That’s not a good thing? We think it is and we are honored to be joined right now by the President of El Salvador, President Bukele.

Mr. President, thanks so much for coming on. So, it sounds to me like you reduced the murder rate in El Salvador in a pretty straightforward way. I wonder why other Heads of State aren’t calling you for advice on how to do it in their countries?

BUKELE: Thank you, Tucker for having me. I’m glad to be here.

Well, I don’t know, every country I think has their own problems. I would guess that probably our approach that is very, very popular with the people has a problem, and the problem is that it has commonsense. And I say it is a problem, because usually, the new wave of governance is taking away commonsense and I started doing things the other way around, the way that of course, you should do them.

CARLSON: So when — it seems like when you became President in 2019, you focused very specifically on crime, gangs, murder, is that correct? And why did you do that? Why that issue?

BUKELE: Well, not only on crime, of course. We focus on other issues — education, health, public works, investment, tourism, infrastructure, et cetera. But, of course, crime is the most important thing. I mean, you, you might enjoy the road or a beach, but that’s if you’re alive.


BUKELE: So of course, the lives of the people are the most important thing. So, that’s why we focus on crime more, but, of course, we did focus on all the other issues as well.

CARLSON: So you’ve threatened to cut off food to gang members in prison if they don’t stop the killings on the outside.


CARLSON: Do you think that they are directing those killings? They are responsible for them? And do you think this will work?

BUKELE: Well, at the beginning, they were. They were ordering the killings from the prisons. The prisons they had, if you see most of the prisons in Latin America, they’re like, headquarters for crime. They will be there, they have phones, internet access, computers. They will give orders from the inside to the outside.

You can find it everywhere in Central and Latin America. You can find all of those examples. Now, in El Salvador, communicating to the outside, it’s impossible. You can’t communicate from a prison to the outside. Their internet access is blocked. It’s impossible.

But still, all of these gang members are the bosses of the other gang members outside. So of course, gang members outside resent — won’t like if you do something to their bosses inside the prisons.

So one of the things we did was we threatened gang members outside and we will take retaliation with their people inside if they continue the killings of innocent people in El Salvador that actually, if some people don’t know this, but in El Salvador, it was actually the murder capital of the world.

I mean, we were a lot more dangerous than Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, you name it. El Salvador was the worst and the most dangerous place to live. It was the murder capital of the world.

And now we’re on our way to being the safest country in the whole American continent.

CARLSON: It’s an amazing story. And I hope mayors of our cities — Baltimore, Gary, Indiana, and New York City will call you for advice on how to replicate your successes.

Mr. President, thank you for joining us tonight. We appreciate it.

BUKELE: Thank you. Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: So, we’ve been updating on the story we told you about whistleblowers, exposing political corruption at the FBI. We’ll have that for you right after the break.


CARLSON: A whistleblower from within the FBI recently revealed that the Biden administration is manipulating the way January 6 case files are maintained. The goal of this is to create the illusion the false sense that there is tidal wave of right-wing domestic terrorism all over the country. But it’s a lie because there isn’t.

Miranda Devine of “The New York Post has identified this FBI whistleblower and spoken directly to him. She joins us tonight. Miranda, thanks so much for coming on.

What did you learn?

MIRANDA DEVINE, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: Thanks, Tucker. Well, I learned that Steve Friend, FBI Special Agent still serving who was suspended on Monday is an American hero. You know, he had the dream job. He’s been with the FBI for 12 years. He’s a SWAT team member, but he just could not live with his conscience after he was dragged off these very important child porn, child exploitation human trafficking investigations that he was working on and put on these really bogus January 6 cases that just served to, I guess, back up the rhetoric that we’re hearing from the White House, that domestic terrorism is the worst threat to America since the Civil War.

And so he could see from on the ground how the FBI Washington Field Office was manipulating these cases to try and expand and pretend that the problem was bigger than it was and he also didn’t want to participate in SWAT raids on people who had just — were being, you know, accused of misdemeanors at worst, innocent American citizens.

And, you know, they were being told to investigate people who hadn’t even gone to Washington, DC that day. In one case, a man had been at his son’s funeral that day. Yet, he had FBI agents knocking on his door. People were being surveilled.

This is just such an abuse of their civil rights, and Steve Friend stood up and said, “I will not do this.” He did everything the right way. He complained to all his supervisors, he told them, what FBI rules were being violated and what policies were not being followed, and what constitutional rights of American citizens were being abused, and he was ignored. He was threatened and he’s now this afternoon filed a whistleblower complaint with the Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and he has been talking to Senator Chuck Grassley and some of the Republicans about his complaints.

He is there. You see his photograph online, 37-year-old man, father of two young children. It took a lot of courage to do this at great risk to himself and blowing up a career he loved.

CARLSON: It’s baffling that he is the one being punished when he didn’t do anything wrong and I hope that there are many more whistleblowers like him. I’ve got to think a lot of FBI agents are very stressed.

DEVINE: He is the first of many. Yes.

CARLSON: Thank you for your reporting.

DEVINE: Thank you.

CARLSON: So, the Biden ministration has completely erased a lot of our legal norms here at home, but they are also racing centuries of foreign policy. So, we just went to Brazil for a brand new episode of “Tucker Carlson Originals” and produced a piece called “The China Takeover.”

We saw it firsthand that the US is allowing affirmatively allowing Brazil to fall under the influence and control of the People’s Republic of China. Here’s a first look at what we found.


CARLSON: In 1823, President James Monroe announced a policy that has been the center of American foreign policy for the last 200 years, called the Monroe Doctrine, it has very simple pieces: Great powers would not be allowed to control nations in the Western Hemisphere. That would be a direct threat to the interests of the United States and for 200 years, we haven’t allowed it.

Under the Biden administration, the Monroe Doctrine is no longer enforced. Constrained by its ideological concerns, consumed with petty political grievances and above all, distracted by a faraway war in Eastern Europe, the Biden administration has abdicated its responsibility and into the void left by the United States moves a new superpower.

We’ve come to Brazil to see for ourselves the rise of China and how the government of China is replacing the United States as the dominant power in our hemisphere.


CARLSON: “The China Takeover” Brazil available tomorrow on FOX Nation. We think it’s pretty good.

Well, Bill Gates has moved on from selling the COVID vaccine. Now, he has got a new pitch you’re going to want some. We will tell you what it is, next.


CARLSON: Bill Gates got rich selling mediocre clunky software, so obviously you’d want to put him in charge of the world which he is. He spent more than a year hectoring you but getting the vaccine. We are not talking about the vaccine much anymore, kind of weird.

But now, he has got a new hobby horse, corn. Bill Gates just uploaded this deeply distressing video onto social media watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED CHILD: For me, I really like corn.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you like about corn?

TEXT: It is corn. Corn aka (maize) is a really important crop. It accounts for 30 percent of the food consumed in Africa.

But it is at risk.

Corn is being impacted by climate change. But there is hope.

African crop researchers are creating a new more resilient type of corn.


CARLSON: We’re not sure what that was. So, we’re going to do something we’ve never done before and it’s cruel but we’re going to do a we’re going to replay what we just played so we can assess it more coolly. Here it is again.


UNIDENTIFIED CHILD: For me, I really like corn.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you like about corn?

TEXT: It is corn. Corn aka (maize) is a really important crop. It accounts for 30 percent of the food consumed in Africa.

But it is at risk.

Corn is being impacted by climate change. But there is hope.

African crop researchers are creating a new more resilient type of corn.


CARLSON: So I guess the takeaway is having produced some of the world’s worst software and then pushed the vaccine that doesn’t work now that he owns all that farmland, Bill Gates is going to have to genetically re- engineer one of the world’s most important staple grains, corn.

We have high hopes for that project.

That’s it for us tonight. Of course, we will be back 8:00 PM Tomorrow and every night. But in the meantime, here is Sean.

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