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Top Twenty UFO Encounters in New Mexico: Part Two

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Read Time:109 Minute, 30 Second

hello everyone my name is preston dennett 
and welcome to another episode of ufos in the   paranormal this is actually part two of a two-part 
episode i call the top 20 ufo encounters in new   mexico last week's episode covered cases number 20 
all the way to case number 11 and now we're going   to do the top 10 countdown of the very best cases 
from new mexico so let's just get started because   this is a big episode and for case number 10 i 
chose the ufo abduction of sergeant charles moody this is considered a classic case i like it 
because it's one of the first cases of an   onboard ufo experience that really preceded the 
sort of flood of abduction reports in the 1980s   this occurred on august 13 1975 to sergeant 
charles moody a great witness he was a united   states air force flight mechanic who worked at 
holloman air force base so a trained observer   and he had decided on august 13 1975 to go 
outside and watch the perseid meteor showers   which were very active that evening he left his 
home in alamogordo and drove outside of town to   watch the meteor shower and after seeing several 
shooting stars he was shocked to see one of these   apparent shooting stars swoop down drop out of the 
sky in front of him and come to a complete stop   and at this point it landed as sergeant 
charles moody said in a later interview   and i quote i observed a dull metallic object 
that seemed to just drop out of the sky   and start to hover with a wobbling motion 
approximately 100 feet in front of me   uh sergeant moody uh went to his car tried to 
start the car but the engine mysteriously died   the object approached closely and sergeant charles 
moody could hear this high-pitched whining sound   coming from the craft looking left he saw 
oddly shaped windows behind which he could   see two or three human-looking forms and 
as sergeant charles moody says and i quote   at this time the high-pitched sound stopped 
and a feeling of numbness came over my body   the fear that i had before left me and i felt a 
very peaceful calmness the object lifted very fast   it made no sound and after the object 
departed sergeant moody's car started easily   and he drove home but looking at his watch 
he was shocked to see that it was now 2 45   a.m it was one hour and 25 minutes later than it 
should have been so he had over an hour of missing   time not only that he was suffering from lower 
back pain and a strange rash appeared on his lower   body so he was concerned and he contacted apro 
the aerial phenomenon research organization and   two of the main investigators which included 
jim lorenzen and colonel wendell c stevens   agreed to investigate and they interviewed 
him about the incident sergeant charles maui   was very concerned he wanted to be anonymous he 
did not want the air force to hear about this   but apparently they did because they did 
something which actually jim lorenzen   predicted that would happen if they did find out 
they transferred sergeant charles moody overseas   but before he left uh sergeant moody wrote a 
long letter to jim lorenzen explaining that his   memory of the incident had returned naturally 
over the past few weeks and he now consciously   recalled almost everything that had occurred and 
that he had actually been taken on board this   craft according to sergeant moody after this craft 
hovered in front of him it actually landed on the   road two men dressed in tight-fitting suits 
approached his car sergeant moody attempted   to shoot at them with his revolver but he 
suddenly felt powerless as these two figures   pulled him out of the car and dragged him into the 
craft as sergeant charles moody says and i quote   the beings were about five feet tall and very 
much like us except their heads were larger and   had no hair the ears were very small the eyes 
a little larger than our than ours small nose   and the mouth had very thin lips i would say that 
their weight was maybe between 110 to 130 pounds   there was speech but their lips did not move so 
they actually communicated to him telepathically   according to moody these beings were dressed 
in featureless black skin tight suits except   for one of the figures whose suit was silver white 
sergeant moody was taken into a room where one of   the figures who sergeant moody perceived to be the 
leader placed a rod looking device around his body   and as moody says this being told him that quote 
there had been a scuffle when they first made   contact with me and he only wanted to correct any 
misplacement that might have happened so basically   what they were doing was healing him of the back 
injury that had occurred during his abductions   these beings were highly telepathic and answered 
all of sergeant moody's questions as he formulated   them in his mind as sergeant moody says i 
was thinking to myself if only i could see   the drive unit of the craft how wonderful that 
would be the elder or leader put his hand on   my shoulder and said to follow him he went to a 
small room that had no fixtures and was dimly lit   the floor seemed to give way like an elevator 
i guess we went down six feet and what i saw   then was a room about 25 feet across and in the 
center was what looked like a huge carbon rod   going through the roof of the room and around the 
rod were three of what looked like holes covered   with glass inside the glass covered holes or balls 
were what looked like large crystals with two rods   one on each side of the crystal one rod came to 
a ball like top the other came to a t type top   i was told that this was their drive unit and i 
could understand it if i tried the beings told   sergeant moody that this craft was just a small 
observation craft and that a much larger craft   was hovering about 400 miles above the earth moody 
asked if he could see the main craft and they   told him no that time was too short they told him 
that limited contact with humans would be made in   the future but only over a gradual period of time 
they also told them that they were very concerned   about the radiation tests being conducted and 
they told him that radar interferes with their   ability to navigate they also told him that 
there was currently several different alien   races working together around earth and they also 
told him that he would not remember what happened   on that evening but that his memory would return 
over a period of time and the contact ended when   they told him that they could find him whenever 
they wanted and that they would quote see me again   another interesting facet to this case is 
moody said that this craft was not that   large but when he went inside it appeared to be 
much larger on the inside than the outside and   it couldn't believe there was two levels to 
it because it just did not appear that large   this is a feature that does turn up in many cases 
this did turn out to be as far as we know sergeant   moody's final contact kind of disappeared from 
the public eye to this day no one has been able to   track him down and talk to him about this 
case but nevertheless his case was published   and did cause quite a bit of attention among 
investigators not only jim coral or renzin   uh but certainly timothy good and richard hall 
have all looked into this case and believe it to   be genuine it's an absolutely astonishing early 
case that preceded the large flood of reports   that would come forth in the next few decades 
and that's why i wanted to include it here and   gave it spot number 10 on this list and now we 
move to case number nine for case number nine i   chose the ufo wave of november 1957.

I actually 
did another video on this wave of sightings   which really encompassed a larger area than just 
new mexico in fact it was largely centered in   texas but really went all across the united states 
and the world but it's such an important case   such a dramatic case that i felt it 
deserved a spot on this list so i   thought i would just cover it again and 
this again occurred in november of 1957   but the first indication of this wave 
occurred when miss ella louie's fortune   was driving by holloman air force base on october 
16 1957 mind you this is just 12 days after the   launch of sputnik earth's first artificially 
launched satellite and at 1pm that afternoon   ella fortune was driving along white sands 
when she saw a large cigar-shaped white glowing   object scooting across the sky and she quickly 
snapped a very clear photograph of this object   and this was how it all began but it was just a 
week later when a huge wave of sightings occurred   and what's amazing about these sightings is many 
of them involved electromagnetic interference   and stopped cars across new mexico texas and many 
other areas this was a clear display a clear show   of technological ability and i think a way of 
letting earthlings know what the ets can do at   any rate on november 3rd at about 3 am corporal 
glenn h toy and pfc officer james wilbanks were   on army jeep patrol at white sands when they 
saw quote a very bright light high in the sky   was egg shaped 100 yards in diameter and descended 
about a hundred feet above the old atomic bunker   used in the first atomic explosions and after a 
few moments that light blinked out a few minutes   later it flared up again becoming quote nearly as 
bright as the sun it then descended towards the   ground at an angle and disappeared and as glenn 
toe says it looked like a completely controlled   landing a search party was sent out 
but they found no landing traces from outer space uh in open session uh reports have been turned into 
the provo marshal's office um saw the object first about 3 am sunday 
noting in this series called sky then it came to the ground fairly fast about a 
45 degree angle and the light went out quickly   uh this was about two or three miles away from 
me it looked like a completely controlled landing   uh wind banks have been on a three-day it was just 11 hours later at almost 2 00 p.m 
still on november 3rd when a test pilot was   flying from texas to roswell new mexico and 
landed at holloman air force base and told   base operations that he had just encountered 
a large oblong glowing object which had passed   over his aircraft it moved so quickly it left only 
what appeared to be a streak of light four hours   later six pm military police at white sands made a 
second sighting of a brilliant vermillion covered   object about 300 feet in diameter right over the 
atomic range and at the same time a resident in   deming new mexico claimed to see a strange glowing 
object overhead two hours later 8 p.m november 3rd   another officer forrest r oaks and officer 
barlow were on a two-man army jeep patrol at   white sands when they saw a glowing 
object hovering above the test base   directly over the old atomic bunker according 
to forest oaks this object was quote 200 or 300   feet long and very bright it was two miles away 
when this object ascended at a 45 degree angle   lights pulsated on and off it moved slowly 
sometimes stopping but continually ascended   upwards until it had the appearance of a 
bright star finally became a pinpoint of light   but the soldiers believed that they 
had witnessed a controlled landing   and ascent and here i'll just play a short 
portion of audio tape in which they describe this class sighting farlow spotted what appeared to be 
the same object some 17 hours later about 8 p.m   sunday when they're on patrol together they say 
they first noticed it out to covering motionless then all of a sudden we didn't see it anymore tip of the range 90 miles north of uh 
like that headquarters uh is the other   focus used in the first atomic bomb 
explosion 1945.

Uh the terrain is uh on sunday morning on an unidentified flying object   it was around the same time of this same 
sighting when another guy was driving through   roswell he saw ufo his car lights dimmed 
and then went out but it was the next day   november 4th 1957 at 1 10 p.m that a very famous 
incident occurred and this is when the military   started to get really concerned because all of 
these car stalling incidents this appeared to be   something that hadn't happened before certainly 
not to this magnitude and on that afternoon 1   10 pm november 4th 1957 james stokes who is was a 
good witness he worked at holloman air force base   he was a high altitude missile engineer and 
a navy veteran and he was driving along the   proving grounds when his car radio failed seconds 
later his engine stalled he rolled to a stop   and 10 other cars next to him all failed 
some of the drivers got outside of their car   and were pointing at looking and looking at this 
object to the northeast this point james stokes   looked up and saw a glowing pearlescent egg-shaped 
object of huge proportions he estimates 300 to 500   feet and it had no visible portholes or external 
features but it started performing incredible   maneuvers it passed overhead twice sending down 
a strong wave of heat performed several dives   and sharp turns before darting off 
that he estimates 2500 miles per hour   and as he says and i'll just quote him directly i 
saw a brilliant egg-shaped object making a shallow   dive across the sky then it turned and made a pass 
at the highway and crossed it not more than two   miles ahead then it moved away towards white sands 
proving grounds and as it passed i could feel a   kind of heat wave like radiation from a giant sun 
lamp there was no sound and no visible portholes   when i got back to my car and checked the engine 
i found it intact but the battery was steaming   another witness alan baker who 
also worked at white sands proving   grounds and mr duncan a resident of las cruces 
said that when the object appeared he was able   to take photographs of it with his camera and as 
it maneuvered the low-level clouds would dissipate   and after the object departed all the vehicles 
started up normally and they left the scene it   was then that sergeant james stokes discovered 
that his face had been sunburned by the object   this was what provided the inspiration for the 
scene in close encounters of the third kind when   richard dreyfus was burned by a ufo um 
got a sunburn and sergeant james stokes   reported his sighting to his military superior 
at holloman air force base who told him that it   was all right to go public if he wanted he was 
given a physical examination by base doctors   and later did provide an interview to coral and 
jim lorenzen but he's now seemed reticent to   discuss the sighting and suggested that he perhaps 
saw quote some kind of atmospheric phenomena   coral and jim lorenzen believed by this point 
he had been pressured by his superiors to cover   up what happened as coral lorenzen says it was 
generally agreed that later stokes had changed his   story somewhat after his interview with military 
authorities they met with him again two months   after the incident by this point his case had been 
widely printed in newspapers and in some cases had   been viciously attacked as a hoax and james stokes 
was really upset by the accusations of the hoax   and said that if he ever again saw anything out 
of the ordinary he wouldn't tell anyone he did   give a taped interview on k-a-l-g radio and said 
that what he saw was definitely a solid object   but refused to elaborate and said only 
i just hope we're ready for what it is   interestingly air force public information 
officer lieutenant colonel john mccurdy did   reveal that he questioned stokes extensively and 
was convinced that james stokes had in fact had   a genuine sighting and coral lorenzen 
learned of additional witnesses to the event   one who was an officer at holloman air force base 
who declined to come forward another was a nurse   at the local hospital hospital who said that she 
knew of a couple who were on the highway near oro   grand during the time of the sighting but they 
also refused to come forward for fear of ridicule   but they did say that this was definitely a real 
flying object and not a quote natural phenomenon   as some of the newspapers were reporting 
so i would like to play a small portion   of a audio tape which describes this the sighting 
by james stokes reports keep coming in of a   mysterious brilliant object being cited in areas 
of new mexico and texas the latest report is from   james stokes an engineer from the air force 
missile development center at holloman air   force base in alamogordo new mexico he has told 
of seeing a brilliant colored egg-shaped object   yesterday and he's quoted as saying 
some force emanating from it stalled 10   cars on an isolated desert road between 
white sands proving grounds and alamogordo   stokes also told terry clark a news 
director of a radio station in alamogordo   that as the object passed in a shallow dive across 
the sky he could feel a kind of a heat wave like   radiation from a giant sunland but he said he 
heard no sound earlier reports in recent days   told of a big ball of fire spotted over much 
of west texas the air force is investigating and now the news from the united states the air 
force apparently is convinced that an electronics   engineer actually saw an unidentified 
flying object over the new mexico desert   the engineer who works at the air force's 
white sands missile proving grounds   said the egg-shaped object with rings around 
it was spotted at the same time as his car   and 10 others were mysteriously stalled 
monday a spokesman said the air force is   trying to locate other motorists whose 
cars are set by stokes to have stalled   so it was just six hours later when uh on november 
4th there was another sighting miss van fleet   observed a gold colored object larger than the 
full moon hovering over the sky a few hours later   10 45 p.m kirtland air force base tracked 
what appears to be the same object on radar   controllers on duty at the airport tower at 
kirtland in albuquerque observed this object   and according to a blue book report on the case 
one of the controllers saw quote a white light   traveling east between 150 to 200 miles per 
hour at an altitude of approximately 1500 feet   the controller called the radar station 
which confirmed that the object was   on radar and that the this object moved across 
the east end of runway 26 in a southwesterly   direction and began a steep descent and one of 
the controllers was actually able to observe   this object through binoculars and said that 
it was shaped like in quote automobile on end   this case of course did reach the attention of 
project blue book officers and as the report on   this case reads this was estimated to be 15 to 
18 feet high one white light was observed to the   lower side of the object the object slowed 
to an estimated speed of 50 miles per hour   and disappeared behind the fence at drumhead 
a restricted area which is brilliantly flood   lighted this is approximately one half mile from 
the control tower and at this point the object   reappeared moving eastward at an altitude of 200 
to 300 feet and one of the helicopter one of the   controllers now wonder that this might be a 
helicopter in distress and according to the   blue book report on this particular sighting and i 
quote although completely cooperative and willing   to answer any questions both sources appeared 
to be slightly embarrassed that they could not   identify or offer an explanation of the object 
which they are unshakably convinced they saw   and meanwhile unknown to either of the 
controllers the radar operator was also   watching this object as it slowed down reversed 
course and orbited over kirtland air force base   this object then took off towards the northwest 
and disappeared from the radar scopes the whole   sighting lasted about five minutes however this 
radar technician told blue book investigators   that 20 minutes after the sighting the object 
reappeared over the outer marker approximately   four miles south of the north-south runway 
and then flew at a high rate of speed   about a mile south of the east-west 
runway where it made an abrupt turn   and fell into formation with a c46 aircraft that 
followed the plane for a half mile for the next   14 miles and at this point the radar scope shows 
the object turned to the north hovered for one   and a half minutes and faded from the scope so 
he tracked this object for about 20 minutes and   jalen heineck looked into this case and he was 
shocked by blue books conclusions which were   typically confusing and contradictory the 
officers of blue book concluded that the object   quote may possibly have been an unidentified 
aircraft possibly confused by the runways at   kirtland air force base the reasons for this 
opinion are one the observers are considered   competent and reliable sources in the opinion 
of this interviewer they actually saw an object   that could not identify and two the object was 
tracked on a radar scope by a competent operator   and three the object does not meet 
identification criteria for any other phenomenon   so high neck was exasperated by this sighting and 
as hinex says and i quote that is the observers   were reliable the radar operator was competent and 
the object couldn't be identified therefore it was   an airplane in the face of such reasoning one 
might well ask whether it would ever be possible   to discover the existence of new empirical 
phenomena in any area of human experience what   indeed can one say of a radar visual case like 
this the basic agreement of the radar and visual   reports and the competence of the three observers 
in my opinion rule out questions of mirages false   returns on radar etc something quite definitely 
was there if it was an ordinary aircraft one might   ask how it was that the two visual observers with 
a total of 23 years of control tower experience   could jointly not have been able to recognize 
it when visibility conditions were good   even if there were no radar confirmation 
of the slow and fast motions of the object   or indeed just the presence of an unknown object 
this question would still have to be answered   so again an amazing case but we have to move 
on because there are many other cases to cover   on this amazing wave 4 24 am november 5 1957 
don clark an electronics and radar technician   employed at holloman as a civilian contractor 
was at his home in alamogordo when he saw an   orange red cigar-shaped object hover 
at 15 degrees in the western sky   he wanted to take a photograph but it disappeared 
real quickly five minutes later lyman brown jr   was in his home in alamogordo and he saw 
apparently the same object as it darted   off over the sacramento mountains 15 minutes later 
7 45 pm a bus driver by the name of delbert boyd   observed a mysterious light southwest 
of albuquerque november 5th 8 30 p.m   a gentleman in hobbs new mexico said his car 
engine and headlights failed when a ufo swooped   down over his car another vehicle reported 
the same thing next day november 6 there   was a car stalling incident which occurred to two 
witnesses this was at 1 15 a.m santa fe residents   jay martinez and a gallegos were driving their car 
when they saw an egg-shaped object with quote red   green and yellow lights it approached them at a 
low altitude moved slowly directly over their car   illuminated the entire area and at the same time 
emitted a loud humming noise and as soon as it was   overhead their car engine suddenly died and 
their clock and wrist watches also ceased   to function and on that same evening apparently 
at the same time two residents from santa fe told   police that they saw quote a huge ball of fire 
traveling overhead in santa fe and seven hours   later now it's november 7 november 7th this is at 
9 20 a.m 20 miles from the encounter where james   stokes saw his ufo mr and miss trent lindsay 
and their son byron were driving on highway 54   when byron noticed that the speedometer on their 
1954 mercury was behaving strangely it was weaving   erratically back and forth traveling from 60 miles 
to 110 miles per hour and they were discussing the   problem they looked up and saw a ufo they could 
not identify what it was but it looked like an   object that had highly polished metal with sharply 
defined edges no visible means of proportion   and as they watched it arched in a trajectory 
of high altitude towards the oregon mountains   two days later november 9th on at 7 20 p.m a 
tularosa resident a college student and several   others observed a large brilliant fast-moving 
light approach their car on highway 54 causing   the vehicle's lighting system to fail and as it 
flew over the car it accelerated at a high rate   of speed off into the distance and at the same 
time as this sighting investigators jim and coral   lorenzen were traveling east on highway 380.

is about 10 miles from carriozo when they spotted   a ufo which they described as a bright light 
silhouetted against the mountains to the east   and it moved erratically until it moved off into 
the distance so the air force was apparently   dismayed that many of their employees were talking 
freely with the media about their sightings   and they put forth a bulletin that was addressed 
to all military and civilian officers on the base   and according to this bulletin and i quote it was 
titled unidentified flying objects on november 7   six airmen claimed that they cited an unidentified 
flying object and did not report this to proper   base authorities they did however give this 
information to the local press requests that   each member of the military and civilian employed 
at the center refrain from any public statement   on political diplomatic legislative or scientific 
matters or any controversial subjects such as ufos   without first contacting the center information 
services officer this request is in accordance   with afr afr190-6 disciplinary action may be taken 
against the offender signed lieutenant colonel   mccurdy coral lorenzen was upset about this 
regulation because it quote restricts individuals   at air force installations in relating 
the details of ufo sightings and that this   regulation is a violation of the constitutional 
rights of civilians and should be challenged   so that in a nutshell if you will is the 
incredible wave of november 19 uh 57.   it's quite a case put a series of events 
cause concern at high levels of government   and that's why i wanted to include it 
here and now we move to case number eight   and for case number eight i chose astronomer clyde 
tombaugh sees a ufo clyde tombaugh is of course   world famous in 1930 he stunned the world with his 
discovery of the planet pluto which has now been   relegated to a planetoid but uh in 2007 but 
the discovery of pluto electrified the world   and it earned clyde tombaugh a permanent 
place as a hero in the field of astronomy   and it was 19 years later on august 20th 1949 that 
clyde tombaugh went public with his own sighting   of a ufo unfortunately it failed to generate 
the kind of publicity the discovery of pluto did   but it's definitely an amazing 
sighting it was 10 45 p.m   clyde tombaugh his wife and mother-in-law were 
in the backyard of their home in las cruces   it was a very clear night and uh all the stars 
were easily visible when suddenly the three   observers saw something they couldn't identify 
flying overhead in a strange geometric formation   were six to eight blue green rectangular 
shaped lights they were at low altitude   and moved quickly and silently from the 
northwest to the southeast it became clear to   clyde tombaugh that the lights were attached 
to a single object which appeared to have a   half dozen windows or portholes along the front 
and side each of which emitted a bright light   clyde tombaugh concluded instantly that these 
were neither meteors nor conventional aircraft   but was clearly a unknown solid object he wrote 
an official report to the air force which stated   in part and i quote the remarkably sudden ascent 
convinced me it was an absolutely novel airborne   device i have done thousands of hours of night sky 
watching but never saw a sight so strange as this well uh of the three different 
types of objects that i have seen   i would say the most extraordinary 
one was one i saw in 1949 in august   in las cruces from my backyard on that particular 
evening my wife and her mother and i were   enjoying the cool air and i was mine the beautiful 
transparent sky with the stars and i happened   to be looking overhead and suddenly i spied a 
strange group of lights moving and i said uh look   and they thought immediately and then i would say 
they were visible for about three seconds of time   and they disappeared at a height of about 35 
degrees above the south southeastern horizon   no sound and they seem to kind of pale 
out the rectangles of feeble light seem to   foreshorten into slits slit and   i've never seen a rocket before since and i'm 
very much puzzled as to what this thing was   he also wrote a report to nycap the national 
investigative committee for aerial phenomena which   said and i quote as i have said before i was so 
unprepared for such a strange sight that i was   really petrified with astonishment consequently 
some of the details i might have noted   were missed uh clyde was always very vocal about 
this sighting and on november or february 13   1954 he gave a talk to the astronomical society at 
las cruces surprising the audience by predicting   that he believed there would be an increase 
in ufo sightings three years later he wrote   a letter to researcher leonard stringfield in 
which he revealed that this was not his only   sighting and that he had in fact seen quote three 
objects within the past seven years which defied   any explanation of known phenomenon such as venus 
atmospheric optics meteors or planes he wrote that   he had also seen on other occasions 
unexplained green fireballs over new mexico   and he closed his letter saying and i quote 
i think that several reputable scientists are   being unscientific in refusing to entertain the 
possibility of extraterrestrial origin and nature   so yes astronomers do see ufos as we have 
seen robert scholdek and clyde tombaugh   both made this list here it's quite an amazing 
sighting and deserves to be much more well known   and now we move to case number seven and for 
case number seven i chose a cluster of cases   a phenomena we now known at we now know as cattle 
mutilations new mexico has been particularly hard   hit by cattle mutilations and there's no way i 
can cover the entirety of the events in a video of   this size so i'm just going to briefly go through 
as briefly as i can some of these amazing cases this phenomena really got a lot of publicity in 
the mid 1970s when linda moulton's howl when linda   moulton house award-winning documentary film a 
strange harvest which was actually from 1980 was   really the first in-depth look at this mystery 
years later we're still no closer to solving it   it first appeared primarily in new mexico and 
colorado which is not surprising considering that   these states are the leaders in cattle farming 
and many many researchers have looked into this   however and it does involve many different species 
of animals though it does appear that cattle   are the primary target and in a typical case 
a cow or a bowl is found dead with eyes tongue   rectum and sex organs removed apparently 
surgically with a laser-like object and no   blood is spilled on the scene typically 
there is no evidence of any struggle   and predators will not approach the 
carcass in some cases mutilations are   directly associated with ufo activity and many 
others they are associated with unmarked black   helicopters leading to a lot of speculation 
that our own government is responsible   as researcher lawrence fawcett and barry greenwood 
offers of the ufo cover-up also titled clear   intent they write quote the connection between 
helicopters ufos and mutilations is becoming   more distinct but what is the ultimate purpose 
behind this seemingly incongruous association   skeptics say that this is predators natural 
causes satanic cult activity this is ridiculous   that no way accounts for the many many cases 
but new mexico is one of the hardest hit areas   and escalated to the point where these types of 
events could no longer be ignored in the year of   1975 there were dozens of these cases one occurred 
on october 21st when residents of union county   observed five unmarked helicopters buzzing a 
herd of cattle at the cannon ranch near seneca   and on november 2nd 1975 residents of two ranches 
in quay quay county watched a helicopter flashing   colored lights and sending down beams of white 
light to the ground and over the next two weeks   30 unidentified helicopters were seen over 
union and quay counties at which time four   cattle mutilations were reported the faa 
started to receive a flood of complaints   and they launched an official investigation 
however the revolt results of this investigation   were never revealed and the faa has subsequently 
denied the existence of any such investigation   around the same time the new mexico livestock 
board investigated the mutilations and they   concluded that it was possible involvement of 
clandestine satanic groups but the 70s is when   this really escalated may 13 1976 a mutilated 
cow was found near pot mountain on june 13th   a state police officer from dolce gabe valdez 
was called to the scene of another mutilation   and he soon became one of the lead investigators 
because within a year he was called to investigate   more than 30 similar cases in the adults area 
and he became an expert in 1978 he was informed   that some mutilated cows were being marked 
by an unknown substance which would fluoresce   under ultraviolet light a black light and on july 
5th 1978 valdez and a cattle rancher by the name   of manuel gomez put gomez's cattle through an 
ultraviolet light and five of gomez's cattle were   found to have a fluorescent substance on their 
necks ears and legs and they had it the substance   analyzed and it showed a high proportion 
of magnesium and potassium levels 70 times   above normal so this was an ongoing phenomena from 
1975 to 1980 gomez lost over 50 head of cattle   the most recorded on any single ranch but many 
ranches suffered badly in 1978 rancher neighbor   montoya of trueschass lost account of mutilation 
also in 1978 a taos news article by phil bateman   described ufo sightings in ranchitos that were 
tied to an epidemic of mysterious animal deaths in   1979 three race horses near mulga were mutilated 
two months later in april dulse experienced a   wave of low level sightings and soon afterwards 
several mutilations were discovered nearby   and it was a result of this particular incident 
and other cases that then new mexico senator   harrison schmidt a former astronaut called for a 
multi-state mutilation conference in albuquerque   and on april 20th 1979 senator schmidt and new 
mexico u.s attorney r.e thompson held a public   hearing and more than 200 people attended schmidt 
opened saying that the mutilations are real   they're taking place their criminal acts they're 
causing a great deal of damage but we don't know   who's doing it and he wanted official help such 
as the fbi there were 11 other speakers and   finally this did result in an official 
investigation to investigate the reports but the   report did not come to any official conclusion as 
to what was causing this so ultimately it was kind   of a bust and meanwhile the mutilations continued 
1979 carlos miranda a tribal police officer from   the bureau of indian affairs found responded to 
a call and found two dead heifers in santa clara there was a cover-up of these 
events according to him and the uh   fbi launched an investigation known as operation 
animal mutilation oam and the oam report said that   by 1979 more than 10 000 head of cattle had been 
mysteriously mutilated and that new mexico was   unusually hard hit and since 1975 alone 
more than 100 cases had been reported   and they're often accompanied by strange 
sightings of helicopters and or ufos   so these mutilations continued through 1988 
to 89 1990 there was another case in 1996.   i mean it just kept going on and on over and over all through the 1990s there was a 
whole wave of sightings uh one particularly uh   frightening incident occurred to larry gardea 
who was hunting in luhan canyon when he came   upon a herd of cows and came upon on a mutilation 
heard a strange sound like a welder's torch from   the forest and all of a sudden one of the cows in 
the herd floated up into the air over the fence   towards this herd towards the 
source of the sound rather   and at the same time he saw another cow floating 
down out of the sky and landing in the pasture   and he quickly took his rifle and fired at 
the source of this noise at which point it   immediately stopped and he called the sheriff to 
report this incident and they did find that these   cars had been mutilated uh one researcher who 
looked into this was gail stalin a reese stalin   a researcher from albuquerque she investigated 
many cases firsthand and is certain that it's   not the work of satanic cults she says for 
you to walk up to a cow that size and kill it   you'd have to slit its throat you'd have blood all 
over the place if it is confirmed that it is laser   cuts the equipment they'd have to use is fairly 
good sized that's why i think the cows are removed another researcher was santa fe based researcher 
david perkins and he charted the locations of more   than a dozen mutilations that had taken place 
in new mexico over the last 16 months in 19   since 1994 and he found that the majority 
of these cases occurred in the area of   eagle nest which is where according to perkins 
nuclear fallout from a may 1955 nevada atomic   test had landed and he speculates that the purpose 
of the mutilations might be to measure the effects   of atomic pollution on the local animal population 
at any rate these mutilations occurred all   through the 1990s gabe valdez continued 
to investigate these unusual animal deaths   and many other investigators looked into it 
as well one researcher was john pastor noester   john paternoster and he researched several cases   and he said that he believes most of these cases 
are going unreported because farmers and ranchers   are very reluctant to report them and don't 
want to be viewed as crackpots or ufo believers   timothy good excellent researcher interviewed 
some of these ranchers interviewed a guy from   a ranch near taos who had experienced a 
large number of mutilations so many many   investigators have looked into this and 
while cattle seem to be the main target   many other animals have been reported mutilated 
such as in november of 1988 a rare case involving   a small piglet was discovered near the 
talpa reservoir and it hasn't stopped this   continued on into the 2000s uh near 
2000 there were several cases 2003   2007.

It's just going on and on and john 
paternoster is convinced that these mutilations   are not being caused by satanists or scavengers 
he says there's got to be a different explanation   and he says perhaps it's something we can't even 
comprehend researcher gabe valdez says whoever it   is they're coming down by the air i don't know who 
they are but whatever is behind it it's something   big richard dolan looked into it and he says the 
theory is that mutilations are occurring as part   of a covert random sampling of cattle to test for 
excessive levels of radiation contamination the   area of northern new mexico which was the hot 
spot of mutilation activity during the 1990s   happens to be downwind from the nuclear test site 
in nevada possesses several active uranium mines   was the scene of many nuclear detonations 
in past decades and also has two major   nuclear research laboratories and over the years 
an estimated 1 000 kilotons of radioactive dust   fell on new mexico nevada and colorado 
and researcher david perkins agrees   he says when mutilations first became popularized 
in the late 1970s he conducted a statistical study   and found that many of these were downwind of 
nuclear power plants nuclear weapons labs nuclear   test sites and military bases and that others were 
reported near uranium mining operations such as   in grant and hidalgo counties and near the site 
of underground nuclear detonations in the 1960s   he's also discovered that mutilation events 
formed a tight ring around los alamos national   labs including sandoval santa fe and rio arriba 
counties he isn't sure who is responsible as he   says my theory is that the government doesn't know 
any more than us but he thinks that they might   know some and he's now leaning towards military as 
he says right now i'm leaning toward the military   secret operation theory i see all kinds of lights 
zooming around here but i don't know what they are   lawrence fawcett and barry greenwood 
agree they say it may take some   time before the pieces fall together but 
ultimately we believe that the government   will have to admit to deep involvement 
in this aspect of the quote ufo mystery   so yeah animal mutilations is definitely a 
huge problem it's still ongoing it doesn't   receive as much publicity as it used to 
but it's definitely one of the big events   that is still taking place in new mexico and 
that's why i wanted to include it on this list   and now we get to case number six which i chose 
project twinkle and this is a series of mysterious   green fireballs that descended on a particular 
area of new mexico throughout 1948 and 1949   these are enormous green fireballs like meteorites 
which showered down on the landscape and in a   few cases actually struck the earth however in 
every single case there was no physical evidence   that could be found of their existence it was they 
were first assumed to be natural meteorological   phenomena but as their numbers increased 
it became clear that these were not normal   fireballs first of all they were bright green 
they were far too numerous they were totally   silent they left no evidence of their passing and 
while meteors uh unlike meteors these these things   often traveled in a nearly horizontal path at an 
altitude of forty thousand to sixty thousand feet   and there was also the question of why 
they never appeared before 1948 and seemed   centered almost exclusively over new mexico at 
any rate from 1948 through april of 1949 at least   39 reports of these green fireballs came to the 
attention of officials at the air material command   for example on december 5th an air force pilot 
flying a c-47 at 18 000 feet over albuquerque   saw a huge green fireball fly upward then level 
off on a horizontal trajectory and seven minutes   later another pilot saw an orange fireball 
approaching a horizontal trajectory it turned   green in color then darted to the side and fell 
to the ground and before long these fireballs were   coming down in huge numbers captain edward rupelt 
of project blue book wrote and i quote everyone   including intelligence officers at kirtland 
air force base air defense command people dr   lincoln lopez and some of the most distinguished 
scientists at los alamos had seen at least one   so many of these were over los alamos 
for example on the 5th 8th 11th 12th   13th 14th 20th and 25th of december 1949 witnesses 
saw these green fireballs and these included   special agents of the united states air force the 
office of special investigations airline pilots   los alamos security inspectors scientists and 
military officers of virtually all ranks all   these witnesses the pentagon actually called quote 
observers whose reliabilities are not questioned   dr lincoln lapaz who is a professional astronomer 
had a sighting on december 12 1948 he and others   watched as a green fireball which was four 
times brighter in magnitude than venus   flew on a horizontal trajectory at low altitude 
for at least eight miles directly over los alamos   j allen heineck was consulted about this problem 
and he interviewed several leading astronomers   and found that most of these astronomers had no 
idea about these fireballs anomalous features and   according to i mean he pointed to lincoln le paz 
as the best source of information on the subject   and according to heinek and i quote it 
appears that the green fireballs can be   characterized by being extremely bright most 
of them lighting up the sky in the daytime   estimated magnitude -12 which is extremely 
bright they appear to come in bunches   no noises associated with them despite their 
brightness they leave no trails or trains if these   data are correct that is if this many objects 
are actually seen all extremely by bright all   having this particular green color all exhibiting 
no noise all showing a preferential direction   all being homogeneous in light intensity all 
snapping out very quickly and all leaving no   trails then we can say with assurance that these 
were not astronomical objects in the first place   any object as bright as this should have been 
reported from all over the world if the earth   in its orbit encountered for some strange reason 
a group of large meteors there is no reason that   they should all show up in new mexico if the 
data as reported by la paz are correct then   we do have a strange phenomena here indeed 
so these sightings continued throughout 1949   officials from kirtland air force base contacted 
washington and organized an investigation lincoln   lapaz triangulated the path of these objects 
estimated their speed at anywhere between 25 000   to 50 000 miles per hour there was no reports 
of any sonic boom and he assured the afosi   office of special investigations that the objects 
were quote surely artificial and these weren't   always green some of these fireballs were 
different colors red yellow orange on one occasion   a fireball approached within 500 feet of an 
airport drop to an elevation of 200 feet and then   explode with a shower of reddish spray according 
to donald kehoe famed ufo researcher it was feared   that this might be some kind of gas but it caused 
no ill effects this was repeated on three nights   at the same time and locations proving the red 
spray of the ufos were under precise control   the incidents were confirmed in the air force 
project grudge report which is the precursor   of project blue book but had no opinions as to 
the purpose but by this time of course air force   officials were becoming increasingly concerned 
these objects were appearing over sensitive atomic   installations like los alamos sandia labs kirtland 
air force base and on february 16 1940 net 1949   a secret meeting with dr edward teller the primary 
inventor of the atomic bomb and dr lincoln lapaz   who was the director of the institute of 
meteorologics at the university of new mexico   this meeting was held at los alamos scientific 
labs to study the phenomena and after studying   the reports they concluded that these fireballs 
were artificial constructions perhaps some sort of   controlled missiles but he was absolutely opposed 
to the meteor theory astronomer clyde tombaugh   agreed with lincoln le paz and said that these 
were not meteors so at this point the air force   office of special investigations at kirtland air 
force base issued a list of fire ball reports   to air force headquarters which gave the common 
characteristics of these sightings which included   green color green white bright green yellow green 
or blue green horizontal path with sometimes minor   variation speed less than that of a 
meteor but more than any other type of   known aircraft no sound associated with 
observation and no persistent trail or dust cloud finally a period of visibility from one to 
three seconds and it was in august of 1949   that kirtland air force base finally got the 
investigation they'd been asking for and the   united states air force created a special study 
we now know as project twinkle and they brought   in a theodolite camera which allowed them to 
track these objects and triangulate their size   speed and altitude on september 20th 1950 more 
than 100 witnesses across idaho and new mexico saw   one of these objects the project twinkle failed 
to capture it from november 9th to november 20th   the green fireballs were reported on 11 
consecutive evenings and the objects were   witnessed by military personnel and astronomers 
however project twinkle was unable to capture any   of the objects on their instruments however 
by this time they had logged more than 150   sightings and edward rupelt called project twinkle 
quote a bust and it was dissolved on december 27   1950 said it was badly organized pitifully 
funded and never tracked a single fireball   in 1955 researcher leonard stringfield spoke with 
captain robert c white and inquired about these   green fireballs captain white replied they do 
exist that's why thousands of dollars were spent   on investigating them the project files have 
never been declassified the air force thinks the   fireballs are astronomical phenomena springfield 
of course disagreed and quoted dr lapaz who said   they are not any kind of meteor i have ever 
heard of and said simply we cannot explain them   so these continued to appear all throughout the 
1950s but by the end of the decade they slowed   down scientists didn't did find unusually high 
levels of copper in the atmosphere where these   green fireballs were and speculated perhaps 
this was an unknown cloud of asteroids uh but   this failed to explain why new mexico was the only 
location where these were being seen and there was   at least one contact he was told that uh these 
fireballs were intentionally generated by the   ets and sent to this area in order to reverse the 
atmospheric damage that atomic testing had caused   so every now and then these fireballs continued 
to appear and eventually they stopped by uh   19 the late 1950s it was pretty much 
over but uh this wave of green fireballs   has never been explained despite the existence 
of project twinkle and remains a unique   and fascinating era of ufo history over new 
mexico and that's why i wanted to include it here   and now we get to the top five cases and for case 
number five i chose the invasion of white sands   air force base and this really began on may 15 
1947 when a v2 rocket was launched at white sands   it went 40 miles high when suddenly another target 
appeared the v2 veered off its path and crashed   in two minutes and a team headed by lieutenant 
colonel harold r turner the commanding officer   told intelligence investigators that the missiles 
crashed because of this ufo and the office of   scientific research and development had a board of 
highly placed scientists put together to study it   and it was headed by vaniver bush 
who as we now know is part of mj12   it was just a short time later one month 
later june 29th 1947 three naval scientists   dr zone curtis rockwood and john koch prepared 
for a test involving a captured german v2 rocket   and they saw a silver disc dr zone reported 
to army intelligence and told them it was not   a balloon and from this point on white 
sands was visited constantly april 6 1949 scientists observed several objects over 
the base using a theodolite this is again a   telescope with a protractor it rotates vertically 
and horizontally and is used for rocket launches   two weeks later april 24th 1949 another ufo was 
observed using a theodolite at the time they were   launching a skyhook weather balloon when this ufo 
showed up commander robert mclaughlin of the base   was supervising charles b moore was watching 
this balloon when he noticed that the otolite   operator wasn't observing the balloon anymore 
and began berating him but the operator said   but i've got it right here so charles b moore took 
over the theodolite and observed the ufo for about   60 seconds and estimates it was 40 feet wide 100 
feet long with solid edges and moving at about   2200 miles per hour project blue book was called 
in including j allen heineck and as jaylen heineck   says charles moore was disgusted with the air 
force's and my lack of attention to this sighting   who can blame him it was typical of the air 
force's practice of spending a great deal of   overkill effort pinning down cases for which there 
seemed to me an immediate logical explanation   in sight and devoting only modest follow-up to 
a case that was truly baffling nevertheless they   labeled this case unexplained it caused waves in 
high circles and dr vannever bush's group came   to investigate it was leaked to newspapers which 
the air force seemed to be more concerned about   than the study of the objects itself and it was 
then that commander robert mclaughlin actually   went public and as he says flying discs have 
nothing to do with any experiments carried on by   american scientists or for that matter by anyone 
on earth these things are real they come from   another planet where creatures are far ahead of 
us in science i have heard it said that they are   spaceships from mars which have been attracted 
to the earth by our atomic bomb explosions   and fascinated by what they saw have continued 
to keep an eye on us he told true magazine   i am convinced it was a flying saucer and further 
that these discs are space aliens from another   planet operated by animate intelligent beings so 
he just went right out and said it they're aliens   and the sightings just continued 
on april 27 1949 for army u.s   personnel for u.s army personnel were stationed 
near los alamos when they observed a tiny object   described as a four inch diameter light 
with a metallic cone attached to the rear   fly directly towards them they estimate it 
moved at 70 miles per hour at a height of only   seven feet and it was in view for just a matter of 
seconds before disappearing to the southwest and   there are some reports that white sands actually 
shot down one of these objects on may 29 1947 at   white sands proving ground according to researcher 
and reformer republican state representative john   kistner radar technicians at white sands observed 
one or more unidentified rhaegar radar targets   hovering to the southwest of w white sands proving 
grounds launch row and at 7 15 pm one surface to   air missile with a 674 pound atomic warhead was 
fired at one of the radar target targets five   minutes later the warhead exploded at an elevation 
of sixty thousand feet and meanwhile witnesses   in las cruces saw this rocket climb to the sky 
move towards two star-like objects and explode   and following this explosion this target was 
tracked on radar moving south and 10 minutes   later it impacted the earth 30 miles to the 
south outside of the town of juarez new mexico   and officials attempted to go to mexico and 
retrieve the object however the town of juarez at   this point had been closed off by mexican military 
officials who refused to allow anybody inside   the area and according to john kistner whatever 
had crashed had been largely vaporized upon impact   so sightings continued throughout may and june 
of 1949 uh two more v2 rockets were launched   at this time and both provoked sightings and 
according to commander mclaughlin and i quote   many times i have seen flying discs 
following and overtaking missiles in flight   at the experimental base at white sands where 
is as is known the first american atom bomb   was tried out and sightings continued through 
1950 april 27 1950 a missile launch at holloman   air force base fell to the earth when four 
unknowns swooped down and were viewed on   a theodolite officers determined that 
these objects were 30 feet in diameter   on may 29 1950s officers at white sand tracked 
another unknown object at two separate theodolite   stations and actually took camera footage of the 
object strangely this case was never reported to   blue buck an even more impressive case took place 
just a few months or actually one month later july   1950 and is warning of many ufo incidents that 
the air force attempted unsuccessfully to censor   in this case the witness was an 
electronics engineer who worked at the base   and over the past several months he had seen 
quote high groups of shiny objects end quote   over the base and he had already accepted that 
there was something going on here involving ufos   and one day in july he was eating lunch 
in his office when the telephone rang   and it was a nearby radar station phoning to 
say that an aerial object was being sighted   over the base and could he view it on a theodolite 
so they went to their station and quickly located   the object with the theodolite and according 
to coral lorenzen who interviewed this officer   the object was cigar-shaped metallic and 
iridescent meaning it glowed they could   see fins extruding from this object and portholes 
as well and after they located on the theodolite   it maneuvered around dropped stopped short moved 
forward turned on its side doing all these extreme   maneuvers the officer alerted other 
nearby radar stations however when   he got back to the theodolite this object was 
gone they turned over the film they had taken   and two days later they were called in 
by an unidentified lieutenant and uh   were basically told not to talk about it according 
to coral lorenzen they were asked over and over   again if they had taken pictures and to describe 
over and over the object they had observed the   two men were asked if they could identify the film 
of the object they had photographed one of the men   became quite angry about the questioning telling 
the officer that he had seen what he had reported   had photographed the object and was convinced the 
object was some sort of vehicle from outer space   and he was shown a film of 14 
frames on a projector and this   these frames showed a blurred ellipsoid with a 
dark center but no details and they were told by   their superiors to quote forget the whole incident 
so another incident occurred in 1951 when july   14th when a fast-moving object was seen again over 
white sands it was hovering near a b-29 caught on   radar observed visually through binoculars and 
was photographed at about 200 feet of elevation   on a 35 millimeter moving camera 
which showed this object clearly   and uh there was other reports of ufo 
crashes according to researcher todd zechel   an anonymous army helicopter pilot uh was an aide 
to an air force general who told him that a crash   saucer of an ovoid shape about 18 by 30 feet was 
recovered along with four uh four foot tall bodies   and it was retrieved near white sands in 1953 
then shipped off to langley and according to the   witness this craft was found in near perfect 
condition with the doors open though all the   occupants were dead they were reportedly hairless 
but otherwise looked very much human looking   and in 1977 researcher richard hall spoke with 
the lieutenant colonel who confirmed this incident   and said that he had actually seen the 
four bodies at langley air force base   and was told that they were recovered from a 
crash in 1950 through 1953 near white sands so uh many many cases i mean i can 
go on and on there was a case in 1956   on in september when numerous witnesses observed 
a disc shaped object with the dome on top land on   the highway within the white sands proving grounds 
just 12 miles east of holloman air force base   right alongside highway 70 and as it landed the 
engines of all the cars rolled to a stop and   other witnesses on the base also observed this 
object and other the people on the base personnel   who observed this object were all brought together 
in a hangar and sworn to secrecy and this order   came not from the air force but from the cia who 
told him that the origin of the ufos was unknown   there was another landing on november 3rd 
1957 this was of course during that huge   wave of sightings i also already covered 
that but many many other sightings may 15   1964 two ufos were tracked on surveillance radar 
and on the radars of other stations and these   objects performed very precise maneuvers they 
were described as brown colored and football   shaped and were flying so low that they actually 
disappeared behind the site of buildings researcher frank edwards says that in may of 1965 
officials at holloman air force base which guards   white sands missile range reported that their 
radar had tracked ufos for two days june of 1967   edward beatty an engineer with 850 rocket 
launches was overseeing a launch at white sands   when one of the officers saw an object circling 
over the launch pad and as edward beatty says we   saw the rocket rising from the launch pad and 
the quarter inch disc was pacing alongside the   rocket going straight up all of us saw this and i 
know we did not possess an aircraft at that time   that could fly straight up and pace that rocket i 
can't explain it ralph and judy bloom looked into   this activity and they heard from an 
officer that there was graffiti written   on the wall of uh bathroom wall at white sands 
which said and i quote i saw a disk up in the air   a silver disk that wasn't there two more weren't 
there again today oh how i wish they'd go away   so this continues all the way to modern times 
i mean on july 7th 1997 a gentleman was driving   his car along white sands missile range had just 
reached the curve at launch complex 32 when he   saw an orange ball of fire floating alongside 
the mountain and as it got closer this object   suddenly turned white turned directly towards him 
and approached until it was less than a block away   and then it began to descend came within 15 feet 
of the ground he said it was about the size of a v   w beetle shaped like a kind of a light bulb it 
stopped in mid-air and stayed still in one place   it was extremely bright and as he's watching it it 
suddenly became extinguished a few moments later   it lit up again he flashes headlights at it and 
the object reacted by moving slowly away it joined   two other identical looking objects and then 
all three lights moved off and disappeared   so yeah white sands is a ufo magnet and the 
complex of events that have happened there   unrivaled any other air force base except 
for perhaps edwards maybe or area 51 it's   definitely an area that is known for high 
levels of ufo activity and that's why i   wanted to include it on this list and now we're 
at the top four and for case number four i chose   the aztec ufo crash this is perhaps one 
of the most controversial ufo crashes   it's been summarily dismissed by many researchers 
as a hoax unintentionally perpetrated by ufo   author frank scully who was the first to mention 
ufo crashes in his book inside the flying saucers   however today many researchers are taking the 
aztec crash very seriously and that scully was   in fact the victim of a debunking campaign as 
leonard stringfield writes some researchers   have never given up and believe that scully was 
the victim of official counteraction and that   his smeared book was actually true stringfield 
was of course a pioneer of ufo crash retrievals   and uh he wrote that the backlash from the 
publication of scully's book actually slowed down   the progress of research into crash retrievals as 
he says at that time active researchers including   myself did a little more than scoff we thought we 
had good reason our collective scoffing was the   result of an alleged grand hoax here i refer to 
the book behind the flying saucers by frank scully with the book's subsequent exposure as a 
hoax which got a lot of publicity it became   unfashionable to write or talk about 
crashed ufos and their alleged little men   but now he's changed his tune and he says we now 
must take a new and honest look at old rumors and   we must also take a new look at the possibility 
of a grand official cover-up and why researcher   timothy good is one of many people who are taking 
a new look at the aztec crash and as timothy good   writes according to a number of sources the most 
important case involving the recovery of an alien   craft took place outside the little town of aztec 
new mexico in 1948 a great deal of technical and   other intelligence resulted from this recovery 
intelligence which gave them americans a   giant leap forward in technology and weaponry 
unparalleled in human history researcher linda   mueltenhau is also convinced and she writes i have 
interviewed some of the people who are still alive   who saw it in march of 1949.

Aztec is a very 
important piece because of the technology received   there according to mrs frank scully she said that 
both she and her husband were visited by captain   edward rupelt who said that scully's book was 
actually a huge pain in the ass for the air force   and he said and i quote confidentially of all 
the books that have been published about flying   saucers your book was the one that gave us the 
most headaches because it was closest to the truth   so the aztec crash really began 
on march 8 1950 when silas newton   an alleged texas oil millionaire gave a public 
lecture lecture the university of denver talking   about this ufo crash he said that his friend 
quote dr g was actually an amalgam of several   other scientists were brought in to study 
this ufo this aztec ufo and its occupants   and scully's book was actually one of the first 
ufo books published in the us if not the first   and scully claimed that again dr g was not one 
person but a combination of several scientists   and they informed him that this craft had been 
found outside of aztec on february 13 1948   uh some researchers say march of 48 or even 49 
it's there's some controversy about the date but   again this craft was almost completely intact 
except for a small hole in one of the portholes   was exactly 99.99 feet in diameter it was composed 
of metal so light that only a few men could lift   the entire craft they were not able to find 
any way to enter the craft and it took them   several days to open it which was 
finally achieved by sticking a stick   through this tiny pencil sized hole in one of 
the portholes which turned a latch and opened   the door and inside they found some 16 small ets 
all dead apparently from explosive decompression   they found hieroglyphic hieroglyphic type 
writings small wafers which were apparently food   the craft was able to be dismantled into separate 
parts and carted away for study and this was the   story frank scully told and this story remained 
uninvestigated and debunked for years until really investigators started to look into it such as 
leonard stringfield and really researcher william   steinman who wrote the book ufo crash at aztec and 
basically built a very convincing case that the   whole affair with dr gebauer and silas newton and 
their subsequent arrest as hoaxers was actually   a debunking disinformation campaign and uh he was 
able to locate new witnesses to the azt tech crash   more recently scott and suzanne ramsey have 
published another book on the aztec incident   called the aztec incident and this case is 
now seriously considered to be an actual   ufo crash retrieval event it was report 
supposedly allegedly reported in the farmington   daily times but no one has been able 
to locate this article one witness   uh is bill devlin who's come forward and uh he 
befriended a soldier and got to talking about   ufos and soldier revealed that he had personally 
been involved in this crash incident and said that   he was one of three drivers who delivered the 
remains of this saucer from aztec to fort riley   and he confirmed that there were 16 
bodies all dressed alike in tight   jumpsuits he said the yellowish skin human-like 
features and a light peach fuzz on their skin   another witness is chuck oldham who knew a 
former military officer with a very high security   clearance and this officer said he was on base 
when he stumbled upon a file which described the   aztec case in detail and even included photographs 
he described one of the photos and i quote there   was a perfect intact circular shaped craft and 
it was lying somewhat tilted to one side on the   ground in the desert there did not appear to be a 
crater or ground disturbance that would indicate a   crash but i couldn't tell for sure the material 
of which the craft was composed was metallic   and resembled brushed aluminum according to scott 
and suzanne ramsey the first people actually to   discover this craft were was a group of firemen 
and shortly after the military arrived and   escorted all civilians off the scene and opened 
the craft dismantled it and carted it away the so this is a very strange event and uh 
according to the reports on it uh it's made   of an unknown metal that was impervious 
to dry diamond drills a settling torches   and at a very very difficult 
time as i mentioned earlier gaining entrance into this craft so yeah it's 
a controversial case but it certainly had an   impact on the ufo field and that's why i included 
it here and now we get to the top three and   for case number three i chose the farmington ufo 
display this has got to be one of the most unusual   ufo incidents in recorded u.s history it occurred 
on march 17 1950 over the small town of farmington   which then had a population of somewhere 
between four to six thousand residents   and early on the morning of march 17th around 
10 a.m st patrick's day more than a thousand   witnesses in farmington observed an enormous 
group of hundreds of saucer-shaped objects   maneuvering above the town performing fantastic 
loops dives turns accelerations and decelerations   and other fantastic maneuvers panic ensued as 
the population uh of the town poured out into   the streets and watched this display which went 
on for two hours it was in fact photographed uh   the level of activity was described by some 
of these as an invasion uh citizens throughout   farmington saw this uh not only citizens but 
several city officials including the mayor   members of the highway patrol the local newspaper 
staff pilots and uh of course they reported   to the local press and uh the farmington 
daily times wrote a article about it   about this huge saucer armada and the story 
was quickly picked up by other newspapers   the la times printed an article and 
many other newspapers reported this   and all these objects were described as being uh 
sort of silvery objects some had like a red hue   or were silver in color and uh one appeared 
to be very large and nobody could explain what   these were the editor of the farmington times was 
walt rogel and he said that at least 85 percent of   the town's population of 6 000 residents saw this 
object the denver post had a headline new mexico   town shore saucer mass flight scene and gave the 
testimony of some 50 witnesses who had seen this so this was a big big event there was a lot of 
people looking into it according to walt rogel   these objects actually came back there was 
two incidents and came back over three days   and as he says on each of the three days their 
arrival was reported between 11am and noon   and fully half of this town's population 
is certain today that it saw spaceships or   some strange aircraft hundreds of them zooming 
through the skies whatever they were that caused   a sensation in this community which lies only 
110 error miles northwest of the huge los alamos   atomic installation some of these objects were 
estimated at moving at about 1 000 miles per hour   and some believe that their size 
was about twice that of a b29 magnetic bomber that has ever happened 
in this universe in so far as we know   came on the second day of the 
memorable day at pharmacy new mexico   when there the sky was filled with flying 
saucers the editor of the local table   selected some dozen reliable businessmen of that 
city and on the second day hoping for the return   of the visitors of the previous day were 
amazed when suddenly at 11 a.m in the morning   the sky was again filled with these strange 
circular visitors from another world   these calm although accepted beyond 
everything that had ever happened to them   undertook to estimate and count the ships that 
swarmed the air for nearly an hour and they   reported that in their adjustment there 
was between 4 and 500 ships that had flown   into the vision of the people of that 
northern new mexico town from another planet   from another world the air force was of course 
contacted and refused at first to release   any statement but newspaper reporters started 
really criticizing the air force's handling of   the situation and uh basically said that the 
air force was calling the population idiots   uh for believing that these were ufos and 
that air force were the ones who were idiots   uh so this was definitely causing all kinds of 
controversy there were some reports that this   weren't re flying slashes at all but some sort 
of cotton or fluff that was flying over the town   that merely looked like ufos one witness 
orville ricketts who was the editor of the   farmington daily news said it was not cotton 
fluff balls or anything like it that day the   wind was very still and he collected the names of 
at least 50 witnesses who observed these objects   and the vast majority of them believed 
that these were some sort of craft   uh and they were putting on 
some sort of weird display   as one farmington resident john bloomfield said 
they appeared to be coming at each other head on   and at the last second one would veer it right 
angles upward the other right angle is downward   one vehicle would pass another and immediately 
the one to the rear would take the lead   all i know is that i saw something up 
there in the sky that i never saw before   another resident was marlo webb and is absolutely 
convinced that these were strange craft   another resident said he watched the objects 
through a theodolite and measured their speed at   1 000 miles per hour another resident was captain 
clayton j boddy and he watched this display with a   group of five businessmen and agreed that they 
saw more than 100 of these silver colored disc   shaped objects they contacted the air force who 
denied anything and said it didn't happen and   so many many many people saw this uh and they 
came for a short while maybe in anywhere from 10   minutes to an hour according to different reports 
by witnesses uh but many many people saw this   another was was witnessed was johnny eaton he 
said i've never seen anything like it in my life   and uh he was actually approached the next day 
by military officials who interviewed him and   told him it was balloons but there were at least 
two waves of sightings and after these sightings   occurred the air force was contacted and asked 
for an explanation and their only explanation was there's nothing to it and later major edward 
rupelt also tried to debunk the sighting   say that it was perhaps a skyhook balloon which 
had shattered into thousands of little pieces   which the witnesses don't agree 
with whatever the explanation   this farmington ufo display remains unparalleled 
in ufo history and it actually took place on what   some people believe is the one year anniversary 
of the alleged ufo crash at aztec and that perhaps   the ets were acknowledging the date of the 
aztec crash and we're sort of memorializing it   at any rate it's a very well known and highly 
unusual incident which everyone should know   about and that's why i gave it the number three 
spot and now we get to the number two case which   i chose the socorro ufo landing this is one of 
the most famous well verified ufo landings in all   of ufo history it occurred outside of the small 
town of socorro new mexico on april 24th 1964.   unknown to many there was several 
sightings immediately prior to this event   around 5 p.m before this sighting before this 
landing two witnesses paul keyes and larry kratzer   were about a mile southwest of socorro when 
they saw a strange object hovering over   a uh over the ground it was shiny and reflective 
and one of the witnesses said it had a strange   red marking on the right side and he wondered if 
it was perhaps some sort of secret aircraft and it   was just a short time later when another witness 
opel grinder who was a gas station attendant uh at   the socorro gas station said that he was assisting 
a customer when the customer explained that he had   seen a strange egg-shaped craft fly overhead 
as he was traveling northward on highway 85   and it disappeared behind a mesa and he saw a 
speeding police car race by which is probably   lani zamora because at this exact time socorro 
police officer lonnie zamora was in pursuit of a   speeding motorist when he heard a loud roaring 
sound looked towards the source of the noise   and saw a bright flaming object land behind a 
small hill near the location of a dynamite shack   he thought at first the shack had exploded and 
he drove to the top of the hill and to a shock   small this shiny type object landed next to the 
road and he saw two short figures standing next   to it and they appeared to be working on the 
object he first thought perhaps there was an   auto accident and radioed headquarters that there 
was in fact an auto accident but as he approached   within 100 feet he realized that this was no auto 
accident as he says it looked at first like a car   upside down i thought some kids might have turned 
it over i saw two people in white coveralls very   close to the object one of these persons seemed 
to turn and looked straight at my car and seemed   startled seemed to quickly jump somewhat at this 
time i began moving my car towards them quickly   with the idea to help the object was like aluminum 
was whitish against the mesa background not chrome   seemed oval in shape and i at first glance took 
it to be an overturned white car the car appeared   turned up like standing on the radiator or trunk 
at this first glance the only time i saw these   two persons was when i had stopped for possibly 
two seconds or so to glance at this object these   persons appeared normal in shape but possibly they 
were small adults or large kids so he drove closer   he lost sight of the object behind the hill for 
just a few seconds but as he crested the hill   the figures were no longer visible the craft was 
sitting on landing gear at this point he heard   loud thumping sounds followed by a loud roar and 
this craft rose upward emitting a blast of flame   he jumped behind his car for protection 
and says that this object rose upward   went right over the dynamite shack the flame 
became extinguished a louds whining sound replaced   the loud roaring sound and the craft flew away 
in a bobbing motion at low altitude and at this   point he could see this red colored arrow-like 
symbol he says it was about two feet wide on the   side of this object and it was moments later 
that state police officer sergeant sam chavez   arrived and both he and lani zamora approached 
the place where this object had landed and found   landing traces four deep indentations on the 
earth and a burnt mesquite bush and charred grass   furthermore the rock where the craft had sat also 
appeared to be melted and fused and according to   and ruffle william moore and other ufo researchers 
military personnel showed up within 45 minutes and   uh it turned out that lonnie zamora knew dr 
lincoln lopez and told him about the sighting   so the air force showed up as well jan heineck 
came to the scene he measured the landing marks   uh he was somewhat skeptical at this point of ufos 
but after investigating this particular case came   away uh absolutely baffled and said it was quote 
one of the air force's major ufo sightings in the   history of the air force's consideration of this 
subject this was not far from the local socorro   airport and heinek was surprised that it did 
not appear on airport radar though jim and coral   lorenzen found out later that the socorro airport 
radar tower was not functioning at this time   and the air force did show up captain 
richard t holder was accompanied actually by   an fbi agent by the name of d arthur burns 
and together they investigated it uh but uh   the fbi agent insisted that they get no publicity 
they interviewed lonnie zamora firsthand   and lani zamora told him that they he thought 
it might be a secret government aircraft   and the air force captain captain richard t holder 
wondered if lonnie zamaro was the victim of a hoax   but it's clear from declassified documents on 
this case that fbi agent d arthur burns took   this case very seriously researcher william moore 
used the freedom of information act to obtain   the written report on this case and the report 
says that burns examined these landing traces and   that zamora was quote well-regarded industrious 
and conscientious and not given to fantasy so   these landing traces are among the best in ufo 
history however unknown to many these landing   traces actually did include metal fragments 
this craft landed in a volcanic rock and the   holes made by the craft's landing gear there were 
metal streaks left by the craft stanton friedman   and dr james mcdonald interviewed a scientist 
by the name of mary mays who was at that time   at the new mexico university studying in radiation   biology and she says that she was approached by 
the university to investigate the landing traces   she visited the site confirmed the 
melted sand and the burning vegetation   she took samples which she studied in a lab 
and found no evidence of organic substances she found no evidence of radiation the plants 
were scorched and there were also two organic   substances which she was unable to identify after 
her investigation she was ordered to turn in her   report all her samples and to quote keep 
quiet about the case j allen heineck says   and i quote the socorro case was 
basically a single witness sighting   although several other more distant witnesses 
to the object were reported but the witness   was a policeman whose character and record were 
unimpeachable physical traces were left on the   ground and as i personally observed some of the 
greasewood bushes in the vicinity had been charged   even major quintanilla then head of project 
bluebook was convinced that an actual physical   craft had been present maybe there is a 
simple explanation for the socorro incident   but having made a complete study of the events 
i do not think so it is my opinion that a real   physical event occurred on the outskirts 
of socorro that afternoon of april 24 1964.   later major quintanilla tried to explain away the 
incident is a test flight of a secret lunar module   however the socorro incident became the only 
case involving occupants that blue book officials   labeled unidentified and became blue book case 
number eight seven six six and at this time there   were so many landings in the area that jim and 
coral lorenzon wondered if the ets were on some   kind of agenda as they write the soccorial case 
had been preceded by some unexplained and in some   cases terrifying incidents around the white 
sands proving grounds holloman air force base   integrated range we hypothesized that this 
was an intelligence operation of some port   the military cases the few that 
we were able to obtain were not   naturally publicized we conjectured 
that if the objects were as we thought   interplanetary they may have been attempting 
to find out if military organizations tended   to withhold information on cases taking place 
within the confines of military installations this is walters road your roving reporter 
at ksrt radio in socorro new mexico   we have with us this afternoon mr lonnie zamora 
is the coral patrolman that while chasing a car   found himself in an area about two miles west of 
support and one mile east of ksrc radio station at   which time he reports he came upon an unidentified 
object resting on four legs that as he drew closer   the object took off with a loud roar sprouting 
blue red flame and disappeared in the sky a   great number of cars and socorro people have 
gathered here in front of the studios of ksrc   to catch a glimpse of mr zamora as he arrived 
and welcomed him with their car horns mr zamora   after coming upon this object just what did 
happen i went up the little road for about   half a mile i guess uh came up to this 
little parking deal there on the side of the   road and i put a glance out the of the window 
looked to my left so seeing this white object   on the ground so i thought it might be 
a car that had turned over so i also   realized the real i think harry going out there to 
investigate thought maybe somebody would be hurt   uh that time i saw this white ache tape hate 
shaped looking object it looks something like a   like an egg i mean yeah from the distance i was 
that looked like a leg to me about the size of   that car i think uh someone said yeah sorry 
it looked like the car just turned over um and uh did any kind of markings or of any kind 
that you noticed yes it did uh not from that   that uh far i didn't see the markings when 
i went up closer to it i did feel marcus   and uh someone said that uh the markings that 
you saw it was an an upside down being with three   lines running through it no sir i couldn't tell 
you that because they steal them you say doesn't all right we won't question you on that and if 
we run into an area that they don't want you to   talk about when you just say so and this happened 
about 5 30 friday afternoon but it happened about   uh 5 50 about 10 minutes for six about 10 minutes 
to take and uh you did place a call in to sergeant   chavez of the state police uh come on out and 
help you with the investigation as soon as i   saw his object i didn't know what it was i placed 
a call to uh arden challenged me looks faithfully   told me he would come out there and help me 
on this he said yes i'll be right there for   about a few minutes and he arrived just about 
two or three minutes after the allergy had   taken off and and left well the obviously was 
still about a couple of months up there when   he arrived i was still at that direction it went 
it was that was over the top of the mountain and   we've heard several reports that it flew low or 
like it was dragging something and we've heard   some uh it was very low to the ground at the time 
i was feeling that it was very low to the ground   up to the pearlite the mill there and then 
it started getting altitude now i also   reported to me that when you first drove up into 
this area and decided this object that the motors   were running and they were going uh or some such a 
stretch sound is that is that correct oh not cool   because this tabs are so fast i started running 
scared but i don't blame you there's a thought   something even scared me yet uh now you did say 
that you saw uh two what appeared to be people   dressed in white uniforms but uh do they 
have helmets on like spacemen or anything   there are people i just i saw something quite   quite colorful that's what i could say it looks 
like there was something in white cover all right   but you didn't you couldn't identify 
them as actually being a human being this quite often turned and told me were they two 
of them i would say they were two because one was   from france and the others looking back did you 
have a chance to to notice what kind of a doorway   they had to this uh this uh obviously flying 
out they didn't notice it was overflowing and uh when that took off uh it made 
a loud loud growing sound that and then after it got up in the air about 
20 feet while the sound seemed to disappear   the sound was disappeared and was very very quiet 
we could hear a pin drop there and uh now these   the markings is left on the ground now the reports 
that i've had and i haven't had a chance to go and   take a look and the winds yesterday it probably uh 
spoiled a lot of that anyway was that uh they were   deep indentations in the ground approximately 
10 inches wide and six to eight inches deep   uh about 15 feet apart that uh is that a correct 
report ourselves about 19 you feel part of the   praise and were there any other friends like 
footprints around the area right after the takeoff   when you were making the investigation there were 
some friends but i wouldn't know if there were   footprints or anything just prince you couldn't 
identify them as actually being a footprint   and the indentations like maybe somebody might 
have walked there or somebody might walk there   somebody walked around there because it was when 
i got there there was nobody around there yet now   there was uh according to a report on one of the 
news uh the television stations in albuquerque   claimed that they had a call uh just about 5 30 
in albuquerque of us are reciting about flying   objects flying in this direction did you hear 
anything about that blue surges which uh if   that be true means that someone in albuquerque saw 
this object flying in this direction just prior to   you're signing it and uh which collaborates 
uh the fact that there was something here   now it's the feeling i get the feeling at least 
lonnie as with the people that i've talked to and   they were out in the area that they are quite sure 
that something landed there and something took off   from this spot because of not only the imprint 
that is left in the ground but the fires that it   started and and the method of which uh the fire or 
the power that it was whatever it was using kind   of spread itself as it took off is that right 
right uh no level something out there because i   feel it and uh uh what was your immediate reaction 
as soon as you realized that this thing might be   an object from outer space well i didn't think it 
would be obviously because i i don't believe in well uh it was something that you've never 
seen before and enough to carry it and ran   in the other direction well what scared me was 
a loud noise in the flame that the daddy had this object was a little blow off this one 
started running back and did you notice whether   the uh these arms that it was sitting on retracted 
back into the object as it flew away or you have   you didn't have time and inside you running in the 
other driveway at that time i would have been too   are there any other things about this 
fighting that you think our listening   audience might be interested in or something 
that you'll be allowed to tell us you know solo   solos and uh did it disappear where i entered the 
high sky after that over around the pearlite or   just a little more to the perlite mine then from 
there on they just so fast that you could barely well um do you think we're going to get any more 
of them around here oh no nothing immediately well   it was quite an interesting experience i'm 
sure and it's caused an awful lot of comment   uh did the investigators that were called in 
uh make any comments at all in one direction   or the other with the exception of that they 
do not have any such object in this area   oh they are still modeled themselves 
here and there's been no report on   the samplings they took of the area around there 
from the burning brush and the area that the blast   hit the ground that might give them a clue as to 
what kind of power was being used on this you know well uh i think i just about covered it here uh 
let's see uh it wasn't dragging anything we had   a report that uh it was dragging something 
as it landed all of them there was nothing   just blown to the zone and uh you can't think 
of anything else than about deciding of this   flying object that our existing audience 
might just be interested in or solo say no   well ronnie i'm sure you've been getting an 
awful lot of uh questions and a lot of inquiry   and imagine you begin you get a little tired of 
it actually for so many people calling and asking   me about it maybe this will be one way to keep 
too many people from him you have to go through   the story over and over again well it's been 
a real pleasure talking to you mr nani zamora   this is the gentleman the support patrolmen 
that get a friday at around 10 minutes to six   come up on an object a flying object 
an unidentified fine object as the   government prefers to call them i don't know 
excuse me walter i've got some some military   people that these servers won't talk to me now i 
believe they're from the ufo uh what you have is   people are here from the ufo to talk to you right 
now and to ask you some more questions about this   and they have not in any way try to indicate 
that they didn't want us to to uh cover this   type of benefit so i just don't know we'll 
come here and talk to you in the registration   well that's that's fine and we would be interested 
in knowing uh what they think about it is as if   they will allow it and after you get through 
talking to them if you call it back here ksrc   give us some of the information that they might 
allow you to let us broadcast to all right   and uh mr zamora i hope that you don't 
come up on any more of these objects and as we find out exactly what they are so 
it's been a pleasure mr zamora having you in   our studios and we want to thank you and i 
know our listeners thank you and this is uh   expressed by the great number of cars that are 
out here in front of our studio just to get a   glimpse of what we might call a coral celebrity 
right at the moment it's been very nice studios   you're just been listening to a fantastic radio 
special featuring an interview with mr lion zamora   the patrolman here instagram that's 
silent i'm identified i reset blew away uh zamora was overwhelmed with interviews uh 
and many people tried to interview them by 2003   he was still being contacted but declined to 
being interviewed anymore saying simply i just   don't talk about it anymore but there 
are still other witnesses coming forth   recently sally hagler a socorro 
chamber of commerce volunteer   told researchers that she saw the same object 
between her home on lopez road and the m mountain   and according to her she was interviewed by jay 
allen heineck who told her that about quote 400   other witnesses had also seen the same 
phenomena along the mountain so yeah this is   an amazing case and probably the single best 
verified case of a ufo landing in history   and that's why i gave it the number two spot and 
now we get to the number one case which i'm sure   you can already guess what it is and that would 
be the roswell ufo crash of all the ufo crashes   in history this is the best verified it's probably 
the single most famous ufo incident of all times   and several hundred testimonies now support that 
something very strange crashed in roswell in 1947   and the first person to actually investigate this 
was researcher stanton friedman who interviewed   one of the witnesses an intelligence officer by 
the name of jesse marcel who was stationed at   roswell in 1947 and was a first-hand witness 
and after receiving marcel's report stanton   friedman sought out other witnesses he contacted 
other researchers to assist in the investigation   in the first book on the case the roswell incident 
was written by william moore and charles burlest   based largely on stanton friedman's research this 
opened the floodgates and since then there have   been well over 50 5-0 books published on this case 
many other researchers converged to investigate it   researchers such as captain kevin randle   don schmidt tom carey and many 
many others uh and before long   hundreds of additional witnesses were located 
covering virtually every aspect of this incident   researchers have interviewed 
everybody who was involved from   the radar operators who first saw the craft on 
radar the rancher who discovered the wreckage   people who actually saw this object coming 
down officers who were called to the scene the   soldiers who guarded it the pilots who flew the 
wreckage the people who examined the bodies the   scientists who attempted to study the craft and 
so on and today this craft has been so thoroughly   researched that it has become the granddaddy of 
all ufo cases even the air force wrote a book on   it and in their book they dismissed this incident 
and called the secret mogul weather balloon   which they said had uh dummies uh attached to it 
this is a theory that pretty much all researchers   have dismissed as absurd and inadequate the air 
force was not using dummies at this time it's an   absolutely absurd explanation but what makes this 
crash different from every other crash retrieval   is that researchers have been able to record 
the details of this event from start to finish   most ufo crash retrieval cases rely on a 
small handful of witnesses or even one witness   but no this case involves hundreds and we now 
have a fairly complete picture of what happened   on that fateful evening in the first 
week of july 1947.

The exact date   of the crash is a matter of some controversy some 
say july 2nd some say july 4th some say july 7th   was clearly in the first week of july at 
any rate on the evening of this alleged   crash there was a severe lightning storm 
over roswell and a large metallic craft   apparently disc shaped was piloted by four short 
humanoid beings and this craft somehow became   disabled whether it was struck by lightning or if 
radar interfered with it is un unknown for sure   but this craft was unable to remain aloft it 
fell downward and crashed onto the ground in a   ranch north of roswell created a long gouge in 
the earth took off again traveled a few miles   and landed on the neighboring sheep ranch owned by 
mack brazel after a few moments it took off again   leaving an area of ground burned and fused by 
high temperatures traveled a short distance   when it malfunctioned again crashed to the 
ground violently exploding and disintegrating   what appears to be the outer shell of the craft it 
bounced several times digging a shallow gouge into   the earth and showering considerable debris along 
a quarter mile brazil heard this explosion and   decided he was going to check it the next morning 
the craft apparently took off again flew over the   nearby capitan mountains another rancher says 
he actually watched it crash down on the hilltop   sheared off tops of the trees and scattering more 
debris before taking off again and other witnesses   said they watched it fly over the mountains 
and that it was reportedly being accompanied   by two other craft by this time it apparently 
lost all control and appeared to be on fire   it lost altitude as it crossed over the 
mountains and impacted onto the desert floor   two witnesses were william woody and 
his father who were driving through   roswell when they saw this object fly 
overhead and crash into the distance   they tried to drive to it but were turned away by 
a military cordon blocking the road a roadblock   and it was at this time that 
the group of archaeologists   or geologists apparently saw this crash 
and thought it was an aircraft accident   and when daylight arrived they hiked to the 
location and saw that this was in fact a ufo   also another a couple of witnesses who 
allegedly saw this were jim ragsdale and   his girlfriend trudy true love who were camping 
in the area when they came upon this object   on the desert floor and they also assumed it was 
a normal aircraft until the military showed up   sheriff george wilcox received a call about an 
aircraft accident at his station so he phoned dan   dwyer at the local fire department and informed 
him of the location and dan dwyer drove off   to locate it meanwhile radar operators at roswell 
had been tracking this object and watched as it   disappeared off the screen one of them was steve 
mckenzie and he was part of a small group of   officers who were dispatched to locate the craft 
supposedly the archaeologists arrived first um   one witness who also claimed that he was there 
is a prospector by the name of barney barnett   he's a controversial witness but stanton frieden 
friedman was convinced of his authenticity   jim ragsdale and trudy true love were 
hiking to the location and they saw the   military arrive so they retreated and uh 
watched this whole retrieval from a hidden   vantage and the roswell officers first on the 
scene acted quickly all non-military personnel   were ushered off the scene and ordered to remain 
silent a perimeter was set up roadblocks were put   up mps were placed around and made to stand 
guard others were ordered to start picking   up loose debris fireman dan dwyer arrived around 
this time and somehow he got past the perimeter   but it wasn't long before he was also ushered away 
but not before he saw the craft and the bodies   and meanwhile photographic experts were being 
brought in everything was photographed the craft   in the bodies were taken and recover 
recovered and taken back to the base   and the entire area was completely cleaned 
of any debris it was apparently around this   time that the local mortician who we now know 
as glenn dennis received a call from the base   asking how to preserve bodies and he drove 
out to the base to see if he could help   meanwhile rancher mac brazil woke the next morning 
and was exploring his property when he came upon   the now famous roswell debris field and he said 
it was covering a large portion of his land and   he was pretty upset about it because it was 
going to take him a long time to clean up   he said the debris consisted of three main types 
a thin foil type material apparently metallic   but it could not be torn or burned and 
it always resumed its original shape   the second type of debris was what we now know is 
the i-beams which were very light like balsa wood   but had pastel purple hieroglyphic-like symbols 
on them and uh could not be broken burn or dented   and also among the debris was strange 
wire-like filaments like fiber optics   so he realized this was very unusual he's seen 
weather balloons before this was nothing like that   and he brought it to his neighbors the proctors 
and they talked about the possibility that this   was from a flying saucer because many of 
them had been seen in the area recently and mack brazil tried to get them to go to the 
debris field but they declined meanwhile another   rancher mack brazil's neighbor went into his field 
and found a huge gouge in a flattened area and he   didn't think much of it not knowing about all 
the events that were taking place around him   by this time the bodies had been taken to the base 
along with the craft and mortician glenn dennis   he was able to gain access to the 
base hospital and spoke with a nurse who was shocked to see him there and told 
him to leave and that he was in danger   and at this point military police intercepted 
him and threatened him with death if he   revealed anything that he had seen so it 
was the next morning july 6 allegedly that   mack brazil collected some of the debris and drove 
it over to the local roswell sheriff's station   which was about 75 miles away sheriff george 
wilcox was impressed by this debris and called   the base and this is when intelligence officer 
major jesse marcel was sent to investigate   and at the same time sheriff wilcox sent two 
deputies to the ranch to view the wreckage   they couldn't find it this is a pretty large 
area but they did come upon a circular area   on the ranch where it appeared that the sand 
itself had been melted because of extremely high   temperatures so around this time the local 
radio station called and reporter frank joyce   interviewed mac brazil over the telephone 
brazil told all about this debris field   major marcel arrived at the police station 
and was impressed by what mac brazil had found   took some of the wreckage back to the base and 
showed it to his superior colonel blanchard who   was also impressed and ordered marcel and 
a counterintelligence agent sheridan cavett   to go investigate so it was quickly clear to 
them that this was not a conventional aircraft   or any weather balloon they collected as much 
material as they could from the debris field   and returned back to the base uh marcel stopped 
quickly at his home showed his wife and his son   jesse marcel jr the debris which had not yet 
been classified or identified so technically he   wasn't breaking any rules and he told his son 
that he thought this was from a flying saucer   and the next morning july 8th colonel blanchard 
examined the wreckage and held a meeting among   officers he ordered the ranch mack brazil's 
ranch to be cordoned off the roads blockaded   and once he got to the actual ranch site he 
got a group of mps to guard it facing outwards   and like the other crash site other officers 
came in and began to gather the debris and   earlier that day colonel blanchard had actually 
ordered the base's public information officer   walter hout to issue the now famous roswell press 
release telling the entire world that the army   had done the unbelievable recovered an actual 
flying saucer and this press release we now know   is world famous it was subsequently retracted the 
next day too bad would be a very different world   a by this point walter how to 
contact the local radio station   gave them the press release it appeared 
in the roswell daily record and it went   off like an atom bomb generating interest 
from across the world meanwhile mac brazil   was taking refuge in the house of walt 
whitmore who was a reporter for kgfl in roswell   and walt whitmore interviewed brazil and was going 
to air the interview unfortunately before he had   the opportunity to do so he was contacted by 
government officials who told him that he was not   to broadcast the interview however some radio 
shows were talking about it because according   to a report by a british officer major huey green 
he was driving through new mexico at this time and   was shocked to hear several radio stations 
talking about this crash of a flying saucer   and all the decisions were buzzing about it and 
details of the story were developing as he drove   along the highway so after leaving walt whitmer's 
house mack brazil reported to the base where he   was held in communicado for at least three days 
where he was questioned by air force officers and   told not to go public with the story whitmore was 
contacted and told not to air the interview about   mac brazil and instead mac brazil came and gave a 
seriously watered-down version that had no mention   of any flying saucer the rest of the group debris 
was gathered and a press conference was held   saying that it was not a flying saucer at all but 
was actually a secret weather balloon meanwhile   the mortician glen dennis contacted the 
nurse and she described the bodies in detail   drew sketches for him so that they were very 
slender beings with oversized heads and she was   allegedly killed in a plane crash a few weeks 
later and her identity has never been verified   but as more wreckage began to come to the base 
excitement mounted according to researcher   reuben anaya he and senator joseph montoya 
who was then new mexico's lieutenant governor   were both present on the base at the time 
of the incident and according to anaya the   lieutenant governor montoya was quote 
very very scared and said that it had seen   quote four little men and described them very much 
like the nurse did said that they were wearing   tight-fitting one piece jumpsuits and told anaya 
quote i tell you they are not from this world   montoya has no made no comment regarding 
anaya's revelations so more witnesses   july 7th lydia sleppy who was an 
administer at the koat radio in albuquerque   says that local reporter johnny mcboyle called 
their station to reveal the roswell crash   and mcboyle said he'd been to the site 
seen the craft which was all crumpled   and he was sending his report through the 
teletype when the machine stopped and uh he uh returned to the phone or the teletype 
now said stop communication immediately   and mcboyle told sleppy forget about it you 
never heard it you're not supposed to know   don't talk about it to anyone at this 
point many of the civilian witnesses   who were involved in this were threatened 
to remain silent and as kevin randle says   quote if nothing extraordinary happened at roswell 
why the extraordinary efforts to keep it secret   researcher stanton friedman agrees he says the ufo 
crashes in new mexico launched the u.s government   on a long-term elaborate highly sophisticated 
campaign of concealment and disinformation that   has yet to be relaxed reportedly one of the 
ets did survive this crash and was able to   communicate with humans and told a history that's 
very different from what we officially believe   and then more revelations continue to come for 
years and years afterwards such as that by colonel   philip corso who claims that he was 
charged with reverse engineering wreckage   from this craft he said that he viewed 
one of the bodies and he said that he fed   the roswell debris to various scientists and used 
it to develop such technologies as night vision   kevlar the integrated circuit lasers and more 
and over the next two years uh bill brazzle   mack brazil's son continued to find bits of 
wreckage more than a dozen pieces until one   day the military showed up he had been bragging 
about it and forced him to hand it over so this   story is taken decades to unfold it shows no sign 
of stopping the number of live living witnesses is   becoming smaller and smaller each day but to close 
this story off i would like to quote a few of the   witnesses and what they say about this particular 
incident here's what loretta proctor said   she's the one who saw a piece of the wreckage 
as she says mac brazil did bring a little piece   a little sliver of wood looking 
stuff up but you couldn't burn it   or you couldn't cut it or anything i guess it was 
just a little sliver of it about the size of a   pencil in about three or four inches long was kind 
of a brownish tan it looked like plastic of course   there wasn't any plastic then but 
that was kind of what it looked like   according to bill brazel the son of mack brazel 
he handled some of the wreckage and as he says   it weighed almost nothing these were like 
balsa wood in weight but a bit darker and   much harder there were also several bits of 
metallic-like substance something on the order   of tin foil except the stuff wouldn't tear and 
was actually a bit darker in color than tin foil   more like lead foil except very thin and extremely 
light weight the odd thing about this foil was   that you could wrinkle it and lay it back down 
and it immediately resumed its original shape   betsy brazel the daughter of 
mac brussel was 12 years old   she viewed the wreckage and she said that quote 
so much debris scattered over the pasture land   there was what appeared to be pieces of heavily 
waxed paper and a sort of aluminum-like foil some   of these pieces had something like numbers and 
lettering on them like pastel flowers or designs   it was all very light in weight but there sure was 
a lot of it we were told not to talk about this at   all back in those days when the military told you 
not to talk about something it wasn't discussed   intelligence officer major jesse marcel was the 
one who viewed the wreckage debris on brazil's   ranch and he says quote i saw a lot of wreckage 
but no complete machine was definitely not a   weather or tracking device nor was it any plane or 
missile what it was we didn't know we just picked   up fragments with something i had never seen 
before or since for that matter i didn't know   what it was but it certainly wasn't anything built 
by us and it certainly wasn't any weather balloon   jesse marcel jr handled the wreckage and he 
says the material was foil like stuff very   thin metallic-like but not metal and very tough 
there was also some structural material too   beams and so on and printed along the edge of 
some of the beam remnants there were hieroglyphic   type characters jim ragsdale who viewed the 
wreckage from a distance the actual craft said   quote you could still see where it hit one 
part was buried in the ground and part of it   was sticking out of the ground and he also saw 
wreckage which looks like foil and as he says   you could take that stuff and wad it up and it 
would straighten itself out he saw the aliens and   he says they looked like bodies they weren't 
very long four or five feet long at the most   another witness was sergeant robert robbins 
he was stationed at the base as an aircraft   sheet metal repair man and according to his widow 
and he told her that he was on the second site and   saw the craft and the bodies and he said this 
object looked like two saucers put together   that it had portholes around the perimeter 
and that the entities had large pear-shaped   heads with large black eyes no apparent nose or 
mouth and brownish skin and one was still alive   and he told all of this to his wife saying well 
i guess you might as well know it's going to be   in all the papers a ufo crash outside of roswell 
another witness was steve mckenzie who was at the   radar station and watched this disappear from the 
scopes and was sent to investigate and as he says   we were all smoking cigarettes and talking about 
how the hell we were going to handle this thing   we were all concerned and a little scared 
he described the bodies of being slender   five feet tall with large heads large eyes 
he saw two dead bodies laying on the ground   two inside the craft and one was alive sitting 
nearby as he says that's the one i cannot forget   it had this damned serene look on its 
face like it was at peace with the world   uh and he says the bodies were quickly recovered 
a special group came in and put all the bodies in   body bags another witness was easily was a member 
of the 509th bomb group he was sent to the second   site where the craft was and he helped set up the 
perimeter guard around the craft and ordered a   second group of mps to pick up the loose wreckage 
and as he says the second group of mps scanned   quite a large area looking for debris was loaded 
onto a truck and onto a plane and it took off   whatever they found was just odds and ends and he 
saw professional photographers who were recording   everything so there are photos of this another was 
frankie rowe who is the daughter of dan dwyer and   whose father actually was on the site itself and 
as frankie rose says according to her dad there   were apparently three people in the craft because 
he saw two body bags and he saw one live person   a very small being about the size of a 10 year 
old child he saw it walking he didn't think it   suffered any injuries and she says that her entire 
family was threatened with physical violence and   was told that they would be quote disappear into 
the desert if they revealed what they had seen she was held alone and told by 
an officer that they were going   to take mother away and they were going 
to take daddy away if she spoke about it   so she didn't another witness was 
major lewis rickett and he said   he was one of a counterintelligence officer who 
visited both sites apparently of a high uh degree   of uh secrecy and he said quote there was a 
slightly curved piece of metal real light is   about six inches by 12 or 14 inches very light i 
crouched down and tried to snap it my boss laughed   and said smart guy he's trying to do what we 
couldn't do i asked what in the hell is this made   out of it didn't feel like plastic and i never saw 
a piece of metal this thin that you couldn't break another witness was major huey green and he 
said as i mentioned earlier i'll quote as i   drove through new mexico from east to west i kept 
hearing these reports about a downed saucer on   the local stations as i came within the radius of 
each one of the radio stations i was listening to   were so on edge that they couldn't that they 
kept interrupting the regular broadcasts to   give the latest developments i am certain that 
one of the news broadcasts commented on the fact   that the sheriff and his men were proceeding 
towards the field of the crash within sight   of the wreckage glenn dennis says and i quote 
what i saw reminded me of the front part of a   canoe about three feet long and lying up 
against the side there were inscriptions   on a border around a part of it it 
reminded me of egyptian trans inscriptions   robert shirkey who was an assistant group 
operations officer uh set up the flight plan   that transported the wreckage and as he says i saw 
pieces of metal from the craft i saw the i-beam   with strange markings on it those of us who were 
involved immediately knew we'd better keep our   mouths shut he later wrote a book about it called 
roswell 1947.

I was there another witness was   captain pappy henderson and according to his wife 
and his children he was involved in transporting   the wreckage and he told them that the ets 
who parted the craft were little people with   exceptionally large heads he told his wife and i 
quote i've been dying to tell you for years but   couldn't it was top secret he refused to discuss 
the wreckage itself saying only it was strange   so there are many other witnesses 
colonel thomas jefferson dubose who said   that uh he saw the container holding the 
wreckage and uh as he says i only saw the   container and the container was a plastic 
bag that i would say weighed 15 to 20 pounds   it was sealed the only way to get into it was to 
cut it another witness was sergeant robert smith   he was ordered to load the wreckage onto the 
aircraft to ship it out to other locations and   he talked to other officers who were on the scene 
and helped clean it up and actually held some of   the wreckage brigadier general arthur exxon was 
stationed at wright patterson and he was there   when the roswell debris came in and he confirmed 
that this material was tested and he says quote   everything from chemical analysis stress 
test flexing it was brought into our material   evaluation labs i don't know how it arrived but 
the boys who tested it said it was very unusual   parts could be easily ripped or changed 
there were other parts of it that were very   thin but awfully strong and couldn't be dented 
with heavy hammers it was flexible to a degree and then of course there's colonel corso who his 
book the day after roswell describes this event in   detail researcher gray barker said he interviewed 
a gentleman by the name of nicholas von poppin   who was taken to photograph the medal of this 
craft and i mean the number of witnesses goes   on and on i could be here all day talking to you 
about it the first book the roswell incident was   published in 1980 but since then yeah as i've 
mentioned earlier there have been many many   books about this craft this story continues 
to unfold with weird developments such as the   alien autopsy footage which again was debunked and 
is very controversial uh representative stephen h   schiff of new mexico tried to get information on 
this case in 1993 he was stonewalled at every turn   and it was just a few years later in 
1998 he died of an aggressive skin cancer   so the case is still unfolding i know it's 
somewhat of a dead horse but uh this case is not   going to go away it's the single biggest case in 
the world and there are stories continuing to come   out about it to this day and i think at some point 
we will see this craft in a museum i certainly   hope so we all deserve to see it uh we all know 
what happened here it wasn't a mogul balloon   it was a flying saucer with ets from elsewhere and 
we all deserve to see it so that's my list of the   top 20 cases in new mexico i know this has been a 
long presentation thank you very much for watching   i really appreciate it i did cover these cases 
and many others in my book ufos over new mexico   a comprehensive history of extraterrestrial 
encounters in this the land of enchantment   so yeah if you'd like to learn more about 
these cases and others please check out my book   but once again thanks for listening i really 
appreciate it until next time keep having fun

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