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The biggest military underground airport in Europe, Zeljava air base | ABANDONED

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Can be found in Bob! In this episode we discover.
the well-known gigantic Communist Airbase Zeljava asked for by lots of fans. Hi I'' m Bob an Urban Traveler and also with friends I explore the many.
impressive deserted locations worldwide. I'' m on a road trip in Croatia with Eelco and also.
in previous episodes I checked out a former forbidden military Island and checked out a.
huge bunker with Devin. While driving to Zeljava we make a quick stop at the.
so-called: Hitler''” s eye” submarine tunnel near Sibenik. It'' s a tunnel which was developed by the Nazis during Globe Battle II. Oh wow yeah'I didn ' t expect it was made of wood. No me neither, a lot of the time it'' s made from concrete.It ' s

really great. So typically these U-boat shelters are overlooked as well as now they made a traveler destination out of it due to the fact that there'' s a paved course. They call it a U-boat shelter because it appears amazing yet I assume it'' s not made for U-Boats but just for small ships. And also I assume it ' s additionally simply a sanctuary so. there ' s no workshop, absolutely nothing. Allow ' s see. It ' s similar to the other one,
look at. this. It ' s absolutely nothing. Simply a couple of people can stand there. Yeah but what was it for? It was. like a security area? Possibly for some fire extinguishers. You can not truly locate a function for this right? Right here'' s power. Yeah true, there'' s some cable hanging.
here.Ectricity cords. No
however it ' s extremely tiny. This 200 meter long tunnel enabled army watercrafts and torpedo watercrafts to access or leave the city of Sibenik by water to bypass an underwater located mine barriers throughout war times or to sanctuary ships in instance of an air assault. As I.
currently presumed this passage is as well small for submarines as well as U-boats. it'' s cool it '
s a U-boat. bunker and the shape is also like a U. Yeah, haha. What is that? A pigeon in here. Oh wow, even on a nest. Crazy I would never ever expect this here..
Simply an embarassment that there are no side hallways. It'' s constantly nice a little of additional checking out. Also the light bulb is still inside. Up capital I come across this steel door which should have been as soon as component of the passage. a little higher you can locate a cavern.
Church used by Hermits in the center Ages. We drive further right into the hills. We detected a deserted Hotel,.
open 24 hours that'' s great. Smashed Windows, yeah you can simply stroll inside.Just gon na take a look right? Just an arbitrary roadway discover. I think specifically the view is outstanding here. Wan na go attempt it the spaces? Oh yeah they blocked it possibly one flooring up. We understand it'' s unworthy the time so we remain to the air base. You can see the armed forces existence is expanding. Hi everybody, the last day in Croatia and a great deal of individuals ask us to head to Zeljava Air Base. We tried to go there 5 years ago yet we conserved a dog rather, however below we are. Yeah. The pet. Tuli. Right. In 2017 we located a puppy alongside the road in Bosnia and brought her to a sanctuary in Croatia.All right, allow ' s take an appearance man. We ' re getting consumed by all the bugs but all right and also wasps too oh my God. So we ' re gon na examine some. structures, there ' s a deserted armed forces base beside it. I personally have actually never seen images of it. Only from a few other components that are actually well recognized. We reveal that later on. This is like a main home heating plant I would certainly say. Wow impressive. It ' s actually great as well as it ' s truly untouched too.'it ' s. power use supplying? I wear ' t recognize It'are some sort of boilers yeah. Yeah however I really like the the eco-friendly on its highlight of the year. It ' s actually post-apocalyptic. Right stuff on the floor we'understand what it is. Yeah walking on asbestos This is stumbling block I think. it ' s just this part which is the nicest I guess. However what a shock currently man.I think possibly. in the audio you can listen to the flies and also

Nature takes control of. There ' s a little structure here left wing however I think'there ' s nothing in and there you go outside. Truly a different ambiance than simply 2. hours back. Yeah. Completely different landscape.
Good allow ' s check the next buildings we don ' t have a great deal of time however I believe … time adequate to see'an excellent component of it. We always have time issues right? Yeah unfortunately. Wonderful. So we recognize the aircraft is totally. labelled up as well as like 100 meter further … Not a single sticker label or graffiti. Oh there ' s even like a bed left. Oh really? Or a couch. This is actually Soviet style the military base. Practical, just park in front of the door. Even like the tag is still on it. 1985. Oh that ' s not too old.The odor is truly unusual'.

and this building likewise resembles a theater or something. You understand it ' s truly wonderful. So this is'in fact the military barracks component of the Air. Pressure Base. Below you have the real estate, workplaces. some other supporting service buildings so we ' re. looking into a couple of structures.
Likewise reminds me a little Chernobyl. Yeah. Simply the vibe of. it Yeah as well as all the other Soviet bases right? We have done so lots of. Yeah. Oh wow. Cool right? It ' s a good entryway. Yeah no graffity absolutely nothing. Quickly check this side and there are some stairways going up so they could be of interest.You can see actually the roof covering is coming.

down. Right here they attempted to close it years earlier.
To protect against more damage inside however yeah the damages always comes. from the ceiling. Indeed. I put on ' t know what it is yet it resembles. a public structure and it ' s huge from the outside. It ' s one of the biggest I would claim. A. cinema due to the fact that there are no windows
ah yeah. You can tell from experience Bob. And this makes likewise sense going to the left and right.Ah look, that ' s cool. All right. Of training course the chairs

are secured however still. A few of the 70s wood job. you can still see a little little bit of the curtain still. Yeah very little yet 0.02% of the curtain. Ihave to think of our journey in Armenia in Jermuk. That was likewise nice. it ' s good to see Bob battling. Attempting to reach deserted buildings yet there'' s no roadway whatsoever. Really old Soviet Cinema obtained.
some decors on the wall surface. The last staying seats I presume part of the seats. Oh below are some even more chairs yeah cool. rapidly check if the projectors exist. Certainly yeah however I assume they'' re gone. oh yeah I see.But look

that'' s a truly great decor. Extremely great yeah that'' s the nicest window I'' ve ever before seen in the movie theater yes. No movie stuff absolutely nothing here? Following structure. Oh my. Discovering was never ever so very easy. Okay let'' s inspect it out. It advises me of the the Chernobyl.
buses. The Jupiter manufacturing facility. Yeah undoubtedly. I assume I have a photo of it. whoa oh my God incredible it'' s. like a military bus I guess. Only garages. It ' s actually worth it.Gonna take a quick appearance in this one. The exterior is awesome. Yeah resembles it'' s. protected, you see the home windows? The structure turns out to be entirely vacant. We continue our means to the below ground Air Base. They'' re having an event guy. oh begun guy we have a Bob. Oh they all decided to cross the road. Yeah naturally. Similar to Humanity right. Yeah haha. We'' re close now to 300 meters I guess. You can'' t expect there ' s a
huge Air Base here.No! They just recently cut all the trees that'' s hassle-free..
yeah I wonder why actually. Okay so this is the junction with the entries. This deserted.
Air Base it'' s right on the boundary and commonly made use of for smuggling as well as prohibited accessibility factor for immigrants right into the European Union. So it'' s regularly patrolled by the police. There are additionally a great deal of mines as well as unexploded munitions in the area. Which can also be discovered in underground tunnels. A.
strong cool wind. Yeah it feels like your spirit. Oh my God these tunnels are gigantic male. They simply placed a whole lot of dirt here.
to stop cars entering yeah. As well as this is the greatest shelter in whole.
Croatia. You can see the dimension of the bunker. Oh crazy. Additionally the noise. I indicate to be truthful I'' m regretting a little bit.
that we didn'' t go here 5 years ago. I understand. All for the young puppy everything for.
Tuli. Ah well we saved a pet dog'' s life. But after that it was in a much better state that'' s the just bad point

. Time to inspect the landing strips prior to the sunlight drops. Where.
in the world can you drive on a landing strip. The external part of the air base.
consisted of 5 tracks. 2 for touchdown and departure and also 3 for takeoff just. I wanted to make some impressive drone.
shots here yet the area became geo-restricted. Well after that I simply hang.
out of the cars and truck with my gimbal. Can be found in Bob. The Zeljava airbase lies under a mountain on a border between Croatia and Bosnia. Close to the well-known Plitvice Lakes..
The building of the air base, code named '' Item 505 ' began in privacy in 1948 and was completed a functional in 1968. The construction set you back $6 billion. It was one of the largest and also most pricey military building jobs in Europe. The duty of the facility was to develop integrate and also coordinate a nationwide early caution radar network in contrasted to NORAD in the US. Among the very first time that we''
re. mosting likely to drive inside the area. Right here we go. So cool. We have to take treatment I think.Not.

hit this point there. Oh yep. That was quite an experience but we made a decision to proceed by foot because we have a rental cars and truck without insurance coverage. This is actually one-of-a-kind. Park and after that just stroll within and it'' s also legal. Park and also walk. The complex was designed and also built to maintain a direct hit from a 20 kiloton nuke matching to that went down.
on Nagasaki the base could house as much as 1000 people and had stipulations for up to 30 days. It was the largest underground airport terminal and also army base in the former Yugoslavia and one of the largest in Europe. It can house up to 60 mig-21 jet fighters. So severe cold in here. Look at the fog, you can actually.
see the water goes down going by. I didn'' t anticipate water in this bunker.No.

It'' s so damp. I can not even see if it quits there or otherwise I assume … It appears like a ghost.
home or something. We constantly say if there is a.
paradise it appears like this ideal?! Check out the lamps, Bob. The lights right here cool down. Look, this is my view. Yeah it'' s just fog, During the Yugoslav war in 1991 many of these bases were used by the Serbs. During its hideaway from the area of Croatia the Yugoslav National Army determined to destroy the capability of the … air base to prevent its usage by any type of enemy. They did so by establishing off constructing explosive costs. A year later the demolition of the base was completed by the Serbian armed force when an added 56 tons of … explosives were detonated. The surges were so effective that it was felt in a nearby town. It'' s the initial time we have temperatures.
listed below 20 levels I think. Yet it'' s a substantial difference between 35 as well as what is.
it like 8 or 10 levels or something. Here are some leftovers. Yeah. Chairs, tables. Maybe that it'' s. damaged by the military itself yep. Possibly some first trial to make it not useful anymore.They threw stones over there. Yeah I assume there will be various other methods to arrive also. It has a really creepy Ambiance this set. I wear ' t understand because of the structure as well as the shades of the wall … As well as just how huge it is. And you see it shed here also. Really ah yeah indeed, correct. Crazy that you can just drive. in with your auto here male.
Yeah. I assume they even made a commercial spot in here from Mazda I think. Ah actually? Yeah and isn ' t it one of these locations where Top Gear went probably? I think they went to Albania. Stroll to the fron, simply gon na reveal individuals how big this point is. The tunnels are between 16 meter( 52 feet )large and also approximately 12 meter (40 feet) high.But there were explosions below for certain. You can see yeah look at this guy. Oh my God.

It ' s damaged. Here one more door, it got blasted you can see but there ' s a little component of the door here left wing … which is still'intact. Yeah you can. see the greater part is where the tail of … the plane has to go via. yep this is a component of the door. You can see the strengthened. concrete, totally ruined. This is just one of the pressurized blast doors. It weighed around 103 loads, was 21 meter( 70 feet) large 9 meter( 30 feet )high as well as 1 meter (3 feet) thick. It dodged as you can see right here.

So you can see how large the iron is look at this. These doors could be hermetically sealed to put the base and secure down in case of an emergency situation. It is big yeah. I feel truly little man. Generally in a bunker you obtain claustrophobic. Consider the the top you can see a bed standing. However why?. It ' s the guard of the passage. It is a bed. yeah it is a
bed, makes no sense at all. Yet probably … someone that should keep watch. Sure yeah and after that. resting okay whatever all right. It ' s so excellent. Look they also had toilets Bob can you visualize? In the pasts the amount of planes were parked here? It ' s like an entire Fleet. Yeah indeed. Oh here something broke down as well. oh my God. I need to claim it ' s a truly impressive one, despite the fact that it ' s completely destroyed. Doesn ' t matter with this thing. Just the feeling of walking here. Indeed. I wish the customers will obtain the very same sensation also. It ' s crazy that this is just open for everyone. Likewise the echoing is unusual below. Goes on shaking. It ' s in fact rather aggravating. How noisy needs to it have actually been when it remained in use.It ' s a wonderful race course for'Mariokart. 1 of the degrees indeed.Or could be a wonderful theme for a roller coaster. This is an actually incredible. Exactly how lots of passages are here guy I have do you still know the way back? Yeah we can always locate a way back. It ' s means way bigger than I would expect. Yeah. The only poor point is that it duplicates itself; hallways, bathrooms as well as shelves. You'' re right. Possibly some kitchen-ish area. I assume the visitor will hardly acknowledge something … in the rubbish below. This used to be.
on the ceiling here, air flow. But I think it was all self-supporting right here with energy products, water, whatever. yeah like every military below ground base it'' s self-dependent.

Yet we ought to bear in mind a little bit just how we are walking. Yeah naturally. That'' s quite crucial, at some time you'' re so concentrated on proceeding.We can simply walk back here. We reach the inmost component of the shelter where an operations center, a.
communication facility and various other rooms lay. Oh my God. it'' s an air network I.
think. Yeah a truly big air vent.In every

hallway is a various humidity. It'' s like filming in a river. I always like it.
that in the beginning of a shelter or something … you see a great deal of graffity and also the much deeper you go the less graffity. I have to state this … bunker is actually wrecked guy. here you can see a ventilation system. It'' s among the very first items of devices I see here. You can see the air filter in there. Some clothing Is there a tag on it? You.
can'' t reviewed the tag any longer. a number of substantial surges were below. You can even see there was a. second floor below. There'' s a door there..
Correct, it'' s like a dome over. November 84. Okay wonderful to find these little artifacts. Yeah and it brings it a little bit to life. instantly rather than great deals of concrete.
we see great deals of timber. Yeah. I'' m still amazed that they didn'' t. tidy it out completely. Real. Excessive effort I think. But.
that recognizes what'' s still in below. Can you see if there'' s something on'it'? I don ' t assume so, no it ' s also dark things however. As unclean as heck but analysis of data or.
probably like reconnaissance planes their movie was possibly a refined right here. Eelco discovered some photos. Look at this. Pretty graphic. It is horrible. Interesting. Here'' s an old fatigue clothes.
in bad condition yet still. is there anything on the inside that you can see? There is nothing on the within. There on the right. Ah appropriate, made in.
Yugoslavia. Oh that'' s interesting 1990. 1990 that'' s right before the battle,.
one of the last yeah they generated I presume. 1990 some technological publication.
or something I put on'' t understand. To left left right? Left.To the LEFT RIGHT? Haha excellent one. We located some technological drawings. Or a guidebook? Look the water on it. No date. Looks like a train or something. Yeah actually big. Yet it'' s simply likewise I presume an air filter or air vent. And also it resembles there were generators as soon as. Secured. You can see a block of concrete. Gon na inspect if there'' s something in.
here. It continues. If we intend to see the entire shelter we'' re mosting likely to invest the entire day in here.Can take a year off. Yeah so if you come … right here to this area most definitely bring a flashlight with sufficient batteries. Extra batteries. We go out as well as we see … an automobile we thought it was cops but it'' s hill rescue. I presume some people obtain shed in right here. If they see a cars and truck with level tires they understand what time it is. Right here is the famous aircraft..
Completely marked up nowadays. Whn we supposed ahead here it was still eco-friendly I believe … unblemished yet now it'' s with sticker labels yeah stickers male. checking out the extremely ruined course. All the stickers here man, crazy great deals of bike teams. Hey and also besides those years we still wear'' t have any kind of sticker labels. You can conveniently climb up within. That'' s still nice. Walking is a different tale here. Local farmer I presume. So this is the only plane left, there utilized to be more youngsters I assume there were in total 3 or 4 planes.My the plane looks horrible. This side is a lot better male. So the trip has actually come to an end. Hey however what a place to end with. BEER! Cheers male that was a good journey guy where'' s your beer? We have a flight back … at 4am. So I believe this is it. However it'' s nice to be back together when traveling. Yeah on the following! Many thanks for viewing. Please leave us a thumbs up and also a remark if you suched as the video.Here are some random shots of our. following road trip in Hungary.
I hope I fit.

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