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The ABCS of COVID 1 part 5

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(bright positive music) – Hi everyone welcome back. We know this can be an actually
difficult time, even a frightening time as well as it'' s all right to be scared -Yet when you'' re stuck inside it may be difficult to comprehend why Corona virus is so unsafe specifically if every person in your family and also your home is healthy and balanced. – There are some families that where individuals are obtaining extremely unwell and often individuals who
got ill are no more with us. And so their family members are sad and also they'' re having a really bumpy ride. -[ Dr. Gupta] I even shed a friend.
It ' s tough to think, however it does make me unfortunate. -[ Huge Bird] Yeah, you know what? I know what
it ' s like to lose a good friend, yeah. When I shed my friend, Mr.Hooper, I really felt unfortunate and overwhelmed and I intended to give him a picture I attracted of him but I couldn'' t because he passed away. Yet my grown-up pal Maria described that Mr. Hooper wasn'' t gon na return and also I didn'' t understand what to do but thankfully I had my buddies as well as my family there to aid me. And I still have my photo of Mr. Hooper right below in my nest. Which way I can believe concerning him. It'' s crucial to bear in mind that we'' re done in this together. To help and also to look after each various other and also to raise each other up you know. – You'' re right Large Bird.'It ' s so vital to deal with each other as well as to bear in mind people that are no more with us. My father'' s no more here, however I chat concerning him a lot and I have images of him too. Which assists me really feel like he'' s still with me in my heart.

– [Dr. Gupta] Yeah, it''
s so vital to bear in mind that. And allow'' s restore Dr. Rosemarie from Sesame road workshop, the nonprofit company behind Sesame road as well as Dr. Wanjiku Njoroge as well from the youngsters'' s. health center of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, sorry. Dr. Njoroge, moms and dads may have the urge to wish to protect their.
kids naturally from some of these depressing thoughts that we'' re speaking about currently and attempting to help them deal with loss. What do you assume is the appropriate technique? Yeah, so Dr.Gupta and also.
I'' m sorry for your loss as well as for Huge Bird'' s loss as well though it is a little while ago. I think the essential thing.
as a kid psychoanalyst that we try to tell moms and dads is that you need to be honest.You need to sustain your kids. Numerous kids are regreting the loss of their routine day tasks as well as after that the loss of. a person that they like.
So allowing them recognize in really.
clear and also ordinary language about that loss and also then allowing them reveal their feelings, the big feelings that you.
guys have been discussing all morning long as well as allowing them know that they can always consider.
images of their loved one or tell stories about their liked one. And those kinds of things usually.
aid children and households. – Absolutely Dr. Rosemarie it can be truly complex.
as we recognize for youngsters to be challenged with all.
of these grownup suggestions and these sensations all at one time.So what do you
state to.
the children like Big Bird that are trying to work.
with them all right now? – Yeah, this could be frustrating. And also I assume it'' s actually important for us to keep in mind to verify these sensations trigger these feelings are genuine. As well as it is all right for moms and dads.
to express their feelings cause once again that helps verify the.
kids'' s sensations. But maintain in mind that children
. need these strategies. As well as we were speaking.
concerning what Big Bird did to help bear in mind Mr. Hooper. And also they, it'' s not like. a light button, you know.
Keep in mind that when kids. are dealing with sensations such as pain, it '
s kind of. like when they eat an apple. So when a child eats an apple, they take a bite, they placed it down, they return to it,.
they take one more bite. So they manage these.
feelings in bite sizes. Unlike we as grownups that.
eat the apple entirely, we'' re all taken in. So I simply want youngsters recognize that these huge sensations.
and a range of sensations will certainly come and go yet what'' s essential is exactly how to help youngsters and also the grown-ups manage these emotions.With these tool kits approaches that we ' ve been discussing. throughout this program.
– Yeah, certainly great tips. for the grown-ups as well.
We wan na share a minute currently. that was really caught by
among our producer ' s, Tawanda Scott. She heard her'little girl Tanjien, speaking with among her good friends Ramona. They were discussing Corona virus. And also as she heard the conversation, she chose to film it. Tanjien consented to let her mom. share it with every person today.
So below it is.- So its like if you get. it, it won ' t be really bad.Like also if'children get it and.

it more affects older individuals.
Today it ' s like, it ' s. not looking that means.
Cause like not also old individuals are dying like different other people. I indicate yes.- They stated it ' s hitting. like African-Americans specifically hard.- Is it?- [Woman] Yeah. – Why hard? – This pandemic has actually been.
particularly difficult as we understand for areas of shade. Dr. Njoroge as we'' re as are. responding to that inquiry, there isn'' t simply one solution since neighborhoods of color have been influenced in a number of ways.Can you help children recognize why? -Yeah, so Erica that is a difficult inquiry. I suggest, I believe it'' s a difficult conversation to have with your youngster, to discuss architectural
. waste, architectural bigotry. As well as I think what we can claim to youngsters is to be sincere as well as state, as we currently understand from all of the info collected, that family members of color, people of color are dying in majorities.
across the United States as well as after that in some parts.
of the world too. Yet it'' s again assuring the youngster that also though this is a frightening time as well as there is some terrifying points taking place, that by adhering to all.
of the referrals that we'' ve been speaking.
regarding this morning, that that is our ideal.
intend to safeguard ourselves to safeguard our families.But I assume the

vital point that the kid psychiatry field and also others want to suggest is. that parents be straightforward with their youngsters. Yet likewise you individuals understand your kids. -[ Dr. Gupta] Right. -You wan na ensure that they obtain the message that you wan na inform them,. that ' s clear, succinct.- And also I need to state I heard some sirens.
behind somebody'' s thing. And also it ' s a pointer once again that there are individuals out there while we ' re being asked to remain at residence, who are doing these vital jobs.And Dr. Njoroge I think as we understand, a lot of the people who. get on the front line providing food, ensuring. we have the important things that we need possibly driving the rescue that we just heard in the background. Oftentimes are much more likely to be individuals of shade in this nation. So frequently they are doing the work that put themselves a lot more in jeopardy and as an outcome, more probable. to get contaminated as well.
Do you assume that that that ' s. component of the reason also'?-
Yeah, Dr. Gupta. To make sure that was my home that. were sirens in Philly.( laughs) So, everyday life. Yet yeah, I suggest I assume that we now know the a lot more that we ' re digging into this information and beginning to recognize just how community of colors have impacted. I indicate, there are a great deal of reasons that talk to the variations.
that we'' re seeing. And also again, I think that.
this is really a valid concern for numerous family members of color. I myself, I'' m becoming.
increasingly concerned regarding my household as well as my pals.
households and colleagues.But I reconsider

, what I. try to comfort myself with is what you all were. speaking about this early morning and also that there are people. all around the world that are working 24/7. I imply I ' ve got colleagues at Chop as well as at Pin,'to name 2 organizations. That are doing all kinds. of truly fantastic work to try to locate a means to help
. us make it through this time and looking towards the future.
So as we begin to comprehend this data, there are all kinds of webinars both by the child psychiatry Academy, the American psychiatry of the association that begin to discuss variations. And also in my academy, in our caucuses. The Black caucus, the Latino caucus, the IMG caucus and also the. Oriental American caucus. We are truly are believing about what this means for individuals of shade as well as for kids as well as families of color.And we truly intend to. contribute to this discussion over the next coming weeks and also months.

– I ' m grateful we ' re discussing it. I assume it ' s so important for. youngsters and also adults to hear this. Dr. Rosemarie as well as Dr. Njoroge thanks a lot for helping us today.
– Thank you individuals. -Thanks quite. -I understand that ' s a tough discussion, but I ' m delighted we talked concerning it.- Me also. – A lot of are undergoing. some hard times right now however next we ' re gon na learn some ways to assist our good friends and.
assist our areas. -There ' s much more coming. up, we ' ll be right back.( bright positive songs).

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