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Students Become In-House IT ‘Experts’ On All Things Chromebook

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It’s no secret pencils and paper have largely been replaced by computers in the classroom. When you have schools with thousands of students, who helps keep all those computers up and running?

Heard of the Geek Squad at that big box store? 

Well, Royse City has Chrome Squad, the classroom where students go for all things computer.

Students apply to work here where teachers help them learn all the ins and outs of operating, repairing, and even maximizing how you use a Chromebook.

They use those skills to keep the 2,200 students at Royse City High connected.

It’s not all IT.  They make podcasts, give new tech tips and tricks.  

Jason Payne works with teachers to get the most out of Chromebooks, exposing adults to new technology.  

“I have the best job, I think. I work with teachers to make the classroom fun,” said Payne.

He still jumps in with repairs though enjoying and listening to the clues students give when something’s wrong, then diagnosing the problem. 

It just might help in his ultimate career goal.

“I wanna become a doctor,” he said. “The people skills I’ve learned are going to be very very helpful.”

Teacher Angela Arledge says she’s seen it all in the many years Chrome Squad has been around.

“We had a student carry a gallon of sweet tea in their backpack with their Chromebook and slipped and fell on the ice,” she shared.

Arledge loves how the program not only helps kids who are into tech, and those who need growth with confidence and working with a team. The success here is catching on.

“This year alone we have six or seven districts come in and visit with our Chrome Squad, see what we’re doing here and implement at their classrooms,” said Arledge.

Ally Romney signed up after seeing her older sister thrive and having some interest in computers.

“I don’t know what high school would be without Chrome Squad,” said Romney. “I’ve learned so much, from patience to so many things like troubleshooting things I can apply in my life and also like I thought I wanted to do coding and then I’m like I don’t think I could sit behind a computer screen all my life.” 

It’s just another way Chrome Squad is solving problems, helping navigate kids away from a career they may not like. 

What started as a way to help manage so many computers has wound up setting these students up, to thrive in a technology-rich future. 

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