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Stamp on the ticket “prone to betrayal” STAYED 5 MONTHS IN CHERNOBYL| @Zolkin Volodymyr

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My name is Vladimir. You can keep your hands on the table since some have such bias that you have them … Connected. Linked or something. Your hands are not linked. I am a citizen journalist. My name is Vladimir. The discussion with us, the conversation is absolutely volunteer. That is, not however lots of meetings, just how much we talk. You understand that this gets on document going with magazine? Yes. Do you mind? Are you all set to chat? Yes, I'' m prepared. Well, if you wear ' t mind chatting, after that state your full name. I am Zharov Dmitry Alexandrovich. Day of Birth.

Where are you from? I am from the city of Ryazan. Tell your tale. As I previously comprehended, you came to Ukraine twice.Yes, right

. The very first time I served on an agreement in the Airborne Forces, as well as we were told that we are mosting likely to workouts in Belarus. We showed up, we remained in Belarus for concerning 2 or 3 weeks, as well as from there at 3-4 in the morning the alarm was increased, hopped on the BMD, armored automobiles of the landing, as well as drove into the region of Ukraine from Chernobyl. Forgot to ask. Title, setting. Private, setting – machine gunner. At the time when he served on an agreement, The 137th regiment was, and also presently I am as set in motion. Fascinating, let'' s start from the very same moment. We drove with Chernobyl to Ukraine. I existed from February 24 to August 2. What towns were they in? don'' t recognize. I recognize that we struck the ring for the very first time on the fourth day we got melted nearly all the equipment that was, about these BMD. Just how did it obtain burned? They blew us up with weapons.
200 were? There were many.What took place to those 200, 300? I can not understand. Did not see? I did not see. Then we somehow left this ring, that is, move even more in advance, and once again entered the ring once again concerning 4 days later on. We were likewise in this ring for concerning 4-6 days, after that they headed out again, everyone was moving in a straight line, and also at one factor, already closer to April, they stated: reverse, allow'' s go. We returned to Belarus, they stated, we will enter from some western instructions. We went, that is, the train arrived once again, packed the staying devices, broken, not damaged, allow'' s go west got involved in some forest.Stop, what happened in Belarus? We drove back to Belarus and started drag the equipment and also go there on your own, closer to the station to the echelon. As well as you can name in quantity just how much devices was, the number of of you individuals went. Two BTGR. In numbers, we are civilians, we do not recognize. 420 people plus or minus. This is a total of you came from sides of Chernobyl. Yes, these are two BTGRs. Did it appear? We headed out in some way independently, we went out with our squadron, I put on'' t recognize for that battalion he left early.How numerous losses
in this instance were, maybe, percentage can be called. Losses in concept in basic initially there was a great deal, I wear'' t also understand. 10 percent of the workers, 20, possibly extra? Possibly 20 percent. When we left Belarus, everybody packed onto trains, change direction. Did you have MLRS with you, for instance? No, I didn'' t. What took place, what method? BMD, airborne armored lorries, NONA was one. What'' s this? Ground weapon of the most recent artillery. THIS is the Airborne Forces when they went. And also where did you shoot from this nona? I don'' t recognize, we were not following to her, we moved independently. We went to Belarus to transform instructions. Filled, left, I don ' t know where precisely we arrived, they claimed, to the western direction. What are you without a coat? All in coats. Thanks. When unloaded,
we had two weeks prior to sundown westbound, we'' re available someplace were close to the boundary. Our business leader was ample, he was approached by those who did not desire to go better. In Belarus? Yes, already when they got on the area of Russia.We have actually gathered individuals. On the territory of Belarus or Russia? We relocated from Belarus, we were told we are in Russia for the time being. That is, they approached him, as well as so-and-so, we do not wish to call, that is, we are the initial time did not recognize that we would certainly call, and the firm commander we had ample, offered the records, claimed: I don’t understand what will certainly happen to you next, yet you can go, that is, we get on our very own
went back to the system, noted. So you quit? They rejected, I have a stamp on the ticket: “susceptible to dishonesty, incorrect deceit, refused to join the special army operations in the LPR, DPR and on the territory of Ukraine”. So it'' s in April? This was established for me, how they started to discharge me. I will certainly inform you for this currently. We left, we came to the system, noted, we were told: so far you come below as contractors. We walked we belong to the Tula division, as well as the political policeman of the Tula department showed up Bykov, colonel. He came claimed that they would certainly place us all in jail for 12 years for the truth that we reject to opt for the 2nd time.For two weeks he walked spoken about it, and after that, as it ended up, that he was imprisoned, it transforms out he took altruistic help, which was sent out to us. It ends up that they sent us humanitarian help, we simply didn'' t understand regarding it. How were you fed there? Initially, they offered dry provisions, and after that simply said: Guys, we can'' t bring you food. What did you eat? Cellars, not storages there, ideally, compote, not compote, Those storages were civilians from Ukraine? Yes. If that was where.
Generally, they still traveled from the woodland accumulate water prior to the church. What did they find in the cellars, then they consumed? Yes. Because they didn’t eat much compote. I assume so, there were potatoes, and some spins. Yes, spins, potatoes. What concerning livestock, poultries, pigs? No, I didn'' t see it in any way. Released. You are currently in the first months freed the Ukrainians from food.Do you recognize what they say there that you are liberators? I don ' t learn about'it, as they state. Did you view TV in Russia? No, I just understand that there is some sort of conflict taking place. Some sort of conflict? Well, they are fighting. I put on'' t enter into politics. We'' ll either discuss this later on, or we won'' t talk in all. As a result, as they planted, as it ended up later, we went better, as well as it transforms out, for Saturday and also Sunday, for the weekend, they made a report on us, made a severe lecture to every one of us.They terminated me
, they gave me a bypass sheet to collect murals, as well as I was terminated. As well as ultimately, after the bypass sheet, every person passed, the armed forces received, and there already stood just these seals. I still after that had courts concerning these seals. As well as what was the position of this person, that was supposed to send you an altruistic aid? Deputy for Political job of the Tula Airborne Division.Deputy for Political Matters, Colonel takes humanitarian help from soldiers and also shouts to them at the very same time that go and also die. Currently bear in mind if you ' re viewing TV, don ' t watch all of these your propagandists- Nightingale, Simonyan, Skabeeva -everyone has a dacha in Europe, all autos American Japanese, but not Russian, all youngsters learn in this decaying West, and also every person shouts to you from the TVs, that you have to go and also die.That ' s what ' s taking place.

Well', put this stamp on you, what regarding the courts, where did you go? I submitted for my district as well as for the area in my own to a military court on the outrage of this seal. My court was transferred to Moscow, and afterwards they activated me, that is, now my mother is currently taken part in courts, My mom is currently in court. As a whole, from what month to what month remained in Russia? Given that April 2, when I went out for the very first time, and also I invested concerning 3 months there, 2 months of getaway as well as a month already searching for a work, set up, introduced mobilization, as well as not to be mobilized, I wanted to go to research at the train, I would certainly have a booking, accumulated all the records, collected whatever and also currently four days did not last, I needed to have an appointment on the 11th. The 11th is what, September? No, October 11th. Were you mobilized on October 11? No, I had a summons on the fourth, discharged on the 4th day, but they took I am 6-7, in these numbers, as well as on the 11th I was supposed to currently with an appointment to visit Moscow to study. Okay, but also for this period until April you said whatever, there is nothing even more Wasn'' t there anything fascinating until April? When did we initially go? Yes, there were shooting fights? There were no riflemen, we were mainly weapons, drones chased us. And also now comes the moment when you are set in motion, you know whatever ahead of time you know what'' s taking place here, you will certainly no longer be informed that these are trainings, you will certainly no more be told what they inform absolutely everybody with whom I connect here. Some homeless individuals, convicts. I assume you'' ve currently satisfied. Paddle just all in a row. They inform every person, essentially everybody, besides the convicts, probably, although they try to tell the convicts that you will certainly not fight, you will stand there somewhere at the checkpoints. Exactly, that'' s just how it
was.But you, possibly, currently couldn’t hang such noodles, you recognized what was taking place below. No, I recognized what was occurring below, but I did not understand just how it occurs with the set in motion. That is, I recognized that they come, and, theoretically,
according to the regulation, they ought to have either 30 or 80 km from hostilities, that is they are in the back whatsoever. By what kind of regulation? In Russia, in my opinion, there is a regulation that they should in the rear area to be that they can not be sent out anywhere This is just how they inform everyone. It didn'' t exercise that way.You likewise thought along the road. Whatever transformed out in a different way. When will the noodle begin there do the Russians move? No suggestion. Well you recognize what I am currently I don'' t upset anyone. I recognize. That is, I am specifying a reality. This is clear. It doesn'' t work like jelly. You knew what was going on and also still thought that you would certainly stand someplace, you won'' t fight. The law has likewise been introduced that they are planting currently. Did they put a person in? Don'' t recognize. Again, you just half recognize the information. I just recognize the law. There is a legislation, but they put on'' t send to prison. I have no suggestion, I can ' t do anything regarding this.'Why do you believe they don ' t plant? Why wear ' t they plant? Due to the fact that you can ' t get everyone. Well, clearly, you comprehend whatever, since if there in Russia they start to send to prison all those who decline …

Not adequate video cameras. Perhaps the electronic cameras are sufficient, because country-prison, in reality, that is, there, most likely enough cams, but simply so many criminal instances as well as it will be so tough to conceal from public when individuals talk about it amongst themselves speak about it, it transforms out that it’s not so solid that you are torn at the call of these the most propagandists go somewhere to eliminate, that is, actually, you understand every little thing, and also that you wear'' t need it and also the war, generally, in principle, as if no person needs it, except for some there. The last speaker or the one before last stated, that some tycoons are forcing Putin. We, common individuals, no war, no region, we don'' t require any kind of'of that. Don ' t, because you have your very own problems, and also your area before your eyes such as this. Your troubles and your family. Least largely inhabited location it is in Russia, that is, you have a great deal of region. Sufficient. And go crave a few other territory not really justified. I agree.But, nonetheless, you were phoned call to second round, mobilized, you went, what'' s following? We got here, they brought us on a train to Mulino, I ended up in Mulino after the draft board, so they brought us from Mulin on the echelon between Stary and Novy Oskol. But it did not trouble any individual during the mobilization, what is your seal in the armed force?
On this occasion, I additionally addressed.: I say just how do you activate me if I have the initial straight lines go that I'' m susceptible to dishonesty as well as false fraud. They claim: oh, it'' s alright. I claim it ' s alright a minimum of gotten rid of. They: it'is then cancelled. Well, it ' s clear that I currently hung noodles, I myself currently comprehend that absolutely nothing is canceled, just grabbed as well as sent, as well as this seal did not bother anyone.Among the homeless
and convicts, you are likewise a great choice, you can say, well, inclined and likely, that cares? Not inclined, simply put it that means. In Mulino, this program was all grouped and sent out by train. We got here, we left in the early morning in between Stary as well as Novy Oskol. I put on'' t understand what negotiation. From there on KamAZ trucks, on Urals with personal possessions we went to over night unloaded 10 kilometers from The village of Svistunovka, in my opinion, is called.There they unloaded in touchdown, not also a woodland belt, however simply a landing, unloaded as well as sat. They said front area simply rest, we most likely sat there for 2 weeks. After that our business leader said: I will certainly not lead people anywhere, God forbid, they will die. I claim I ' m not going anywhere. There the order concerned go someplace, and FSB took him. Who did he tell? Over in charge. I personally don ' t recognize. Were the higher authorities with you also? They came sometimes. Some major basic. He claimed: I will not lead individuals anywhere, and he was eliminated on the evening of the FSB. How do you recognize that the FSB? A person saw it there, they stated that it resembled just how the FSB took him away.The next day they built for everyone, a significant basic gotten here, the leader
of this corps( Usiv?). What ' s his name? I have no concept, I wear ' t work there. This'major general gotten here, began'there speeches to talk: see, you remain in the regions, nothing will occur below, whatever is great, why are you so rebellious says, right here are things they provided you We claim we have nothing no nightlights, no thermal imagers, 0:18:36.059,0:18:43.260 no personal first-aid sets- absolutely nothing. He: oh, they will certainly provide you every little thing. That is, every little thing will be delivered. And the firm commander was returned that day, as well as the next day we were sent to the town of Novoselki, in my opinion, if my memory serves me right.Either Novoselovo
, or Novoselki. sent there, they claimed: take these positions. So we were in your house. In a residential structure? Yes, a domestic building, there is nobody there, sit below. Released. See again, right here is the front, the field shows up with the home window. We were resting there, artillery was working. I wear'' t recognize, ours, not ours, however beside us she benefited us, that is flew nearby. And how was the food?
0:19:27.120,0:19:31.820 With food in this home? For the second time, you dropped in, you were standing there somewhere. The 2nd time we now, as the set in motion drove in, initially on the initial day they provided a dry assignment per individual, on the 2nd day completely dry supplies for three individuals, and afterwards on the third day we normally it transformed out that dry assignments for the office, for seven, and afterwards currently there started to somehow carry hot food, however they carried, that is, water with cabbage or sticky pasta. And also, we saw such banks, as well as there one such cabbage swims, as well as it is composed on the bank “we do not leave our very own”? No, there is cabbage soup, such a huge Talon (??) was brought, and also below is one ladle in a bowler hat per individual.
0:20:14.059,0:20:19.700 Ladle, I put on'' t recognize, 100 grams, maybe.Is it virtually water? Water with cabbage, water with taste is basic. Have you consumed? No. There, as I understand it, there were no local homeowners, twists as well as storages or was it? Did not have. As well as now you are resting in this home. We are being in this home, artillery is functioning, zips us there, you can listen to, as well as when it begins solid, we most likely to the cellar. So it was up until the 3rd day, on the 3rd day flew right under windows of your home, every little thing started to collapse. We had two branches in this house, we went to the cellar, rested in the basement and also heard exactly how everything takes off, and after that listened to a voice yelled to us: to leave the cellar, put down your weapons.We set

our weapons in the cellar where to go, that'' s all. We go out, look, department Ukrainian soldiers “” Kraken”. We were all taken, counted, sent out to ourselves, I wear'' t know where they are based. Well, they blindfolded, naturally, they took me there. We sat there for 2 days from there we were transported to some various other location, we drove for a lengthy time, also did not see anything, There already, also, therefore a room was. Your journey in bondage is of little passion to us, typically. They are of little interest in any way. Do you wish to inform something else? No, after that it works.
0:22:04.020,0:22:10.580 Everything, I'' ve simply come to this. Are you being fed in bondage? Yes. Much better than at the front? Allow'' s compare. Much better. Did you eat today? Not yet, not brought yet. And also so they feed, yes.There was an air
raid. And also pilaf, and also buckwheat. Not cabbage soup? Not cabbage soup. We want background which was prior to your captivity. And also in captivity they feed you, mock you? No. Did you reduced something? They didn'' t reduced anything. They feed, there are beds, belong to rest. Concerning your remain at the front 0:22:58.740,0:23:05.039 in the Russian army. Did you have such a point of view about the Russian army? This is how it should all take place situation of war? This shouldn'' t occur. There need to be apparel support, much like, theoretically, in points and tools, in every little thing, and jobs should be precisely communicated, what and just how to do. Yet they are activating you now all kinds of homeless people, convicts are extracted from prisons. I wear'' t recognize concerning prison. It is below with you. They are possibly taken to some exclusive military company, I assume. A private army firm is another issue. Do you have a law? I don’t know. You wear'' t have it. You have a mercenary regulation that it is prohibited as well as this is actually a mercenary. I have no suggestion concerning this.We spoke about how negative every little thing is there with safety, everything else. As well as currently the ethical side. Is it needed as a whole, and if required, why? Who needs? Is this war essential? No one desires this war. I think that neither one structure neither the second. If nobody wanted her, she wouldn'' t exist. This already indicates above somebody chooses something there. Zelensky determined that Russian soldiers should go into? Either in Russia they determined, or in Ukraine, I have no idea. Could Ukraine make a decision? I assume not, due to the fact that just how would you your land here in Ukraine, you shield it. It'' s the like assaulting Russia I would stop my task as well as take a weapon as well as went to safeguard his country. And they would certainly be right. However right here everything is precisely the opposite.Honestly, I put on ' t understand why it'began. The set in motion most definitely don’t need it, I think agreement soldiers this is also not required, everybody has a family members, everyone has kids, their own life. Existed amongst you for the initial or 2nd time such soldiers or police officers that aspired to combat? The very first time was alone. This is for the amount of individuals? For the entire company, for 70, he was the just one. It was he who died. Well, below, as it were, his destiny, I assume was greatly a foregone final thought, yet I'' m extra interested in why was he torn? No suggestion.
0:25:23.220,0:25:27.840 Yet he had no household, no spouse, no moms and dads, that is, one, as it were.And how did you
recognize that he was torn? He said it himself, he states: I desire I don ' t intend to leave below. That is, everyone intended to go home quicker, wishing that it will all end, that is, they were waiting there some arrangements. That is, we had no news, as if according to reports it seems that something should be outlined there in the negotiations, and also he claimed: there is no reason to leave, I wish to stay here again.And when did he die? I headed out and also after possibly 2-3 weeks, as I was already in Russia, the guys already told me that he died, as well as already published his image in public. As I understand it, those who did not appear, were already under a sweep when ours went. I do not know. Maybe, I have no suggestion how they obtained there. Or possibly he just dropped someplace he broke his neck, this is additionally possible. We wear'' t understand anymore.Will we call? Allow ' s try. I ' ve been attempting all this time. She is on WhatsApp as well as Telegram, yet she has not received a message anywhere. Doesn'' t response. I see that our Dmitro Nikolayevich is trying telephone call, and also he is not really effective. So, at job, most likely. She works from 11, in my viewpoint, in the early morning and also there when it happens, before one o'' clock, until three in the morning, “Relief Center”, stationery, storekeeper. Exists no connection? Phones are available. The storekeeper hands over the phone? They rent, they have a company like Moscow, they have everything purely there, they hand over their phones, i.e. put in cupboards. Because the moment zone is essentially the same, she should be at job now. What regarding time? Yes, obviously, it functions now lunch will be she has hours at 6 pm. Send a voice, state whatever you wish to state. Hey mama, we'' ve been taken prisoner however absolutely nothing took place to us we are here.Try it in some way
get in touch with the armed forces registration and enlistment workplace or another thing, 0:27:39.840,0:27:46.320 to make a decision something concerning the exchange. As a whole whatever is good. Now we'' ve showed up rest and talk with bloggers, whatever is great, they feed, they do not beat, everything is fine The most crucial, send out another video for her to take our videos and chose them to confirm that you were in bondage. Where can you discover the video clip?Vladimir Zolkin.On the Internet
, on YouTube, after that you will certainly type Vladimir Zolkin, we are currently filming a video clip, so you can show that I'' m a prisoner I am, not missing out on. You appropriately claimed. I believe to take an image and also send simply in instance. Here you will locate this network as well as you will locate the video, where there is a tale with me, there I tell, I'' m talking so you can show that I'' m alive that I ' m in captivity, not missing out on Thanks a

lot.Million customers, why so couple of? They believe it'' s aspersion or something. Aspersion? Well, maybe someone thinks so, thinks, publicity is still functioning great in all nations. Not propaganda, however disinformation, shared improperly. That'' s what we ' re doing currently, is it propaganda? No, this is a conversation. two individuals from various nations, and actually
discussion, what'' s going on. Russians may view this as counter-propaganda. May be I do not understand. It'' s typical that the Russians perceive it by doing this, it is even, as a matter of fact,

the case.Do you recognize what is the difference between, as an example, Russian propagandists as well as, for instance, me? In what? The fact that they shout that you need to go to Kyiv, and also screamed, however I put on'' t scream. You are trying to communicate to individuals. They speak about all kind of nonsense justifying this by the demand to pass away and also kill. As well as I'' m chatting about the reality that this is rubbish. We can go with all these points. I see that you are not specifically curious about this.Have you heard anything about battling mosquitoes, as an example? No. Nebendzia was speaking about fighting mosquitoes. About infected birds? Didn ' t hear it either. Perhaps you saw a lot of Nazis right here? I didn ' t see the Nazis below. NATO'members? I also talked with individuals of the very same viewpoint, they state we defend their nation, regular employees. I ' m just stating why there are few customers, I don ' t comprehend either, due to the fact that we for practically 9 months we tape-record these videos with you. I simply obtain tired of flipping through them, there are a great deal here, and also all these video clips reflect genuine stories start with us from the very first day of the battle. People who were caught at the actual start, informed, as well as currently you generally, you have a combination -a double story, you took care of twice, this is an unique tale in basic. However the reality is that if they are from the very first days wrote that this is a phony, it ' s still possible was somehow, currently you can go back to any of our semi-annual video clips, e.g.Prescription as well as compare to what truly happened, as well as understand what it is as well as there are actually real tales, a million subscribers is nothing. It ' s not that I ' m defending clients, I ' m defending the battle to end. As well as for it to end, there need to go to the very least 50 million of them, and the Russians that will listen and attract verdicts normal. I assume it will certainly be in advance. Dmitry Nikolaevich, do you have any type of inquiries? I have no. Russians, finally start paying attention a little, due to the fact that currently the screenshot released me on Telegram, your media blog about that the Russian female claimed that if I understood that there is an actual battle, I would set with bones and also not send my spouse there, so my other half wouldn ' t go there.So we ' ve been speaking all'this time that there is a war right here, or rather, not even us, not Ukrainians, yet your Russians, your people that came right here, for all this moment they state that it ' s truly occurring below. Perhaps you ' ll beginning to listen a little, because I don ' t understand now what else must be done. Did you offer? Voluntarily. Oh wait, I neglected. Pass something to various other Russians, who were mosting likely to activate in Ukraine, due to the fact that they were informed that they will not fight.Better not mobilize due to the fact that I ' m mobilized myself and also I am in

bondage, that is, you can send out in advancement, and anywhere, do not do this, remain at residence, live your life. I do not agree with one thesis that they can. Will certainly most likely ship. It can be assumed that they can not and according to your experience they send. Yes, according to our experience they do. Dmitry Nikolaevich, shut off the light.

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