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– [Lesa] I'' m beginning this stream. So where do I intend to start? Program page. So this is the site for this course. It'' ll have whatever besides the readings that are copyright shielded that I wear'' t really feel qualified of publishing publicly. As you will certainly see on Tuesday'' s class, I ' ve updated with a link to the YouTube video that chooses it. So you can click that as well as see it. I'' m functioning on getting official subtitles on those. Yet for now, the Google subtitles remain in place as well. If I start speaking also rapidly or otherwise need some of that. I have additionally begun the research portal. So this is the play together with me part of the program.If you put on ' t
currently have it open, please open the web site for this class. And we can all three points extra credit with each other to try the system and also make certain that it works. How'' s that appear? – [Male Pupil] Great. – [Lesa] Three points added debt reduce totally free day of research. However you wan na consider it, that'' s my deal below. It'' s a great offer as my child would certainly state.
All right, so when you click on the research portal, a new page ought to reveal up that appears like this. Initially I need to bring up this round. There we go. It wants your surname. It is not instance sensitive, however it is exact as how it shows up in MyUI. That suggests if you have two last names separated by an area, put the area in. If you use a hyphen to separate names, that example too. I have a whole bunch of dummy logins that I make use of to evaluate points. So I'' m gon na visit with among those simply to demo for you.The eight number ID is your Iowa University ID
. I don ' t have actually mine remembered it ' s on my little card so with any luck you have that with you or otherwise someplace on your person and you can connect that in. Hit go into. And you'' ll see a web page that appears like this. So this is the landing page. It will have each of the researches as they'' re offered. It will have your present point total amounts of different kinds. So after a research closes, I have to go through, and also manually download the data source, examine it for troubles, and also that kind of point as well as after that update the points.But you can see the number of you have out of the number of feasible. For researches, for quiz, portal analyses as well as for benefits. So you need to recognize where you stand whatsoever times.
We have homework absolutely no right here as one of the choices so prior to we click on this, did anyone have issues entering. Okay. Can you send me an email with what you believe your surname is and also I ' ll check it against mine? ' Reason that might be, that ' s possibly 99 %of the issues 'there is crossing the names. This will take a good 5 seconds to fill out. So if we can ' t do it in course after that you ' ll have lots of time to do it prior to it is due. So'this is what they ' re gon na appear like.
Besides this, every one of the others will have individual certain information documents that will be offered for download up right here in this area. Along with syntax starter data.
So what that implies is that I ' m mosting likely to provide you the code that you would certainly copy and also paste right into either SAS or Stata that would enable you to import the data set.It classifies the variables to make sure that
you understand what they ' re called and what they mean. As well as then that means you can concentrate on simply the obtaining the stats part right and also not needing to fight with the program relative to the information. From there, we have 2 kinds of questions and they will be interwoven into sections such as this. So this instance simply has two areas. But among them is computational. So the answers are all numbers they must be gone into to the nearby, whatever the accuracy is for a job to be appropriate. It ' s normally.01 so that ways you need to track a minimum of two numbers after the decimal for it to be'proper. In this situation
we put on ' t. requirement to worry concerning that because these are all numbers. So allow ' s play along. The amount of routine researches.
are planned for this semester?- [Sleepy Male Trainee]. 5.- [Female Pupil] Six? – [Lesa] Oh we got a choose 5.

We got a vote for six. It ' s in the syllabus, dah-dah-dah! Well let ' s try five since. that ' s the lower one. So I ' m gon na hit 5.
as well as I'' m gon na hit get in.'No.
Just how about we attempt six? Not 56, that would certainly simply be savage. 6. Tada! The number of points are these worth? 3? 3 for being late. The amount of factors amount to can. you gather in the direction of what ' s supposed to
be 100 points.- [Bored Women Student] 86. -[ Lesa] It ' s 86, yes. Unusually particular I know. Yet I such as to be accurate. The number of of these points will certainly you shed if you complete your.
homework also a minute late? 3. And yes. Yeah. It'' s the system checks it.
against the moment and date. So I wear'' t have any type of control over that. However, the number of points extra. credit is research absolutely no well worth? – [Trainees] Three. – [Lesa] 3. Okay. Four for four until now. Then we have one kind of outcomes question, currently these are the kind.
that you don'' t get to see if you are appropriate or not.Until after the
research is submitted. However we can experience this together. So your trainer is me, Lesa. It ' s not Lessa or Leeza incidentally. Those prevail other. options for my name.
However it ' s simply normal Lisa',. just spelled phonetically. The story behind that in instance you care is that my mother informed me when I was born that I resembled a Lisa,. however not the regular kind.
( course laughing) There might have been some. medications entailed, I put on ' t recognize.
My mother is not generally a.'spontaneous, imaginative individual.
So we have our uncertainties regarding. whether that tale is official.
Yet that ' s what I inform individuals'. Her office, indicating me, lies in, – [Bored Male Pupil] 356 South LC. – Yeah. It'' s southern, which is the. default in these structures.
If it simply gives you a. number it means south. If it provides you a number. with north it indicates north. Extremely perplexing. Although my workplace hrs will be held any ballots? – [Funny Male Trainee] At Chipotle.

– [Lesa] Chipotle. You know I like me some Chipotle however it'' s somewhat loud therein. They type of prevented.
sticking around with really loud sound as well as the most uneasy.
seats understood to guy. Another nice alternative.
would certainly go to the Kum as well as Go. Due to the fact that relying on what time of day you can purchase your coffee, your soft drink, or your beer there. You recognize it'' s rather adaptable that method. On the yard would be wonderful.
if we lived anywhere however Iowa. So most likely not that selection. So, I'' m mosting likely to claim. in or around this room.Now I say or about because. I perhaps rejected of here without any notification for workplace hrs. If that occurs you will. locate me remaining here on one
of these tables because. there ' s great deals of computer systems out right here'that individuals can make use of which method I can still. distribute and help individuals
. There ' s both Macs and also. PCs around by the method.
My workplace hrs?( workdesk screeching) Sorry about that. -[ Bored Male Student] Tuesdays as well as Thursdays.
– Yes. Yes. And also if no one goes to office hours which often tends to occur if there'' s not presently a research due – [Assertive Female.
Student] You'' re being in the empty class. – [Lesa] Being in the empty course. I'' ll sit there for like a half hour and after that I'' ll make a decision that no one requires me and after that I'' ll return to. my office and rest there.So if you involve office. hrs later as well as nobody ' s right here, check my workplace. I will have head back there. Yeah. All right. Next area. The amount of points from taking part in out of course formative analyses count towards your quality? It was 86 for research. – [Peaceful Male Trainee] 14. – [Lesa] Yeah, 14. As well as incidentally, if it happens that I require.
to juggle the timetable such that we need to drop a research or a developmental assessment, I will keep the factors that.
you'' ve accumulated the same and also simply make a new total.So for example, among. my classes last term, I ended with 86 points complete. So it ' s still your percent quality out of whatever factors have actually been feasible. Yet yes, 14. Exactly how many days does this course fulfill? 2. Yes. And so I know that ' s. a source of contention for some people due to the fact that graduate classes only fulfill as soon as a week. However I wear ' t understand about you. but after'perhaps a hr my head
is full when. it involves this things.
So being able to come as well as be. fresh a pair times a week will make a little bit.
easier on everybody. And for exactly how lots of course durations are we presently scheduled to meet, only by zom. Well there is a, allow'' s call that zoom. Zom, yeah it'' s a brand-new platform,.
you sanctuary'' t become aware of it.
( course laughing) – [Amusing Man Pupil] No, I didn'' t get the memorandum. – [Lesa] Yeah, it'' s two now. Yet I will let you understand if.
we in fact have to do that. It depends on exactly how many.
people have been established for thorough tests. Lastly,.
this class will use SAS which is currently offered completely free. Anywhere or on university? SAS is the anywhere one. This course will certainly also use STATA which is currently readily available absolutely free. This set is only on university. However what school in fact implies, I found out yesterday, implies when you are linked to eduroam.So if you are

someplace that.
is not Iowa City'' s campus but it ' s still an university location, as well as they have eduroam, it counts as on university. To make sure that might help a few of you who are commuting from other areas. And also after that lastly, this class will be a cake walk. A problem. Or a tough but in an excellent way. – [Content Pupil] Testing, yet in a great way. – [Lesa] Yeah, how did.
you see that one coming. That'' s my objective for you. So you'' ll see down below after all of the computational.
concerns are correct it will allow you know that. You can hit check as well as conserve your solution and that indicates any one of the.
choices that you'' ve created these drop downs will certainly be saved. You can desert the homework and come back and also finish it later. And what you have actually done will certainly be there. So any type of computational question.
you'' ve currently obtained right will certainly stay there as well as it will certainly remain environment-friendly. Any that are wrong.
will simply be empty once more so you can attempt it over.And all of

your responses will certainly remain so that you can not have.
to actually inspect the boxes. So it may appear like I'' m done however I ' m not. There ' s another step to this. So prior to I show you
that are there any type of inquiries. or problems until now? (coughing) All right.
So I have this switch here. called send last answers. However that ' s just the primary step ' cause I wan na ensure you. don ' t hit it inadvertently.
So note what takes place. after you strike that switch.
The drop down food selections vanish. and also it simply has your choices. To make sure that might make it much easier.
for you to just review and make certain that it makes good sense without having the boxes conflict. Everything is black right.
currently in terms of that because it hasn'' t been graded. After you ' ve experienced. and examined whatever you'' re pleased with it.You enter your password which is your Iowa eight figure ID to send your last answers. One, 2, 3, 4,.
five, 6, seven, eight. There'' s mine. And also you can hit send final answers. If you take a look at this web page and you recognize that you'' ve made a blunder as well as you intend to go back, there ' s a switch to do that'rather. So I ' m gon na strike send final answers. And also at the bottom it will certainly validate that your.
answers have actually been sent and let you know when.
you can see just how you did. Mine because this a dummy login is set. Yet I can see my scores right now. Yours will be readily available.
after following Monday evening. However let me reveal you what it.
resemble after you submit.So after you ' ve submitted for'genuine, rather than this switch. claiming start or continue, it will state view submitted responses. If it ' s after the deadline the submitted responses will certainly look like this. Where anything that you.
solved will be in green. If you got it wrong, that will certainly be in red followed by the appropriate solution in eco-friendly. If you couldn'' t find out among the computational inquiries, the ideal solution will certainly show up in green alongside your last wrong response in red. I would certainly recommend that.
you conserve these things simply either print the web page, conserve it as a pdf, something like that. That means in case of.
some type of disaster that'' s out of my control, you recognize what your responses were.
And also if requirement be I can. by hand reconstruct them.
Seriously, this actually. taken place last semester where the web site where this lies, it'' s called got hacked. As well as individuals wanted to hold.
all of our data sources hostage. To obtain bitcoin or whatever hackers desire. They repaired it within like a day or more however it provided me a panic for a moment. So just in case.Just in situation. So
this is the bulk of.
what we'' re gon na be carrying out in regards to offering you an opportunity to exercise this product. Communicate with the software application.
to obtain the answers and afterwards be able to practice.
interpreting your results. What do you assume? Great? Okay. When you'' re working. via these inquiries if you can'' t get a response right, it is flawlessly great, actually, a great concept. to send me a screen shot. Of like what is the answer that you attempted and tell me why you believe it'' s right and I can help you navigate.
towards the righter answer or inspect it to see to it.
that there'' s not an error. So letting me recognize where.
you are in these things is gon na be helpful. In terms of technique, so each of these tasks.
is gon na be worth somewhere between I wan na state like 8 as well as 16 factors relying on just how intricate they are.So if you consider the expense of a 3 point penalty for being late versus a tiny portion of one factor for missing out on one concern or 2 concerns it'' s probably much better to go.
ahead and also send it promptly knowing that you might'' ve. missed out on one or two concerns due to the fact that you'' ll be missing out on like.
a. 05 of a point per answer. After the truth you can always go back as well as try to reconstruct.
what it would have been and I'' m pleased to aid.
you keeping that practice.Questions on this? Okay so
if you weren ' t able to log in for whatever factor,. please email me quickly so I can have a look at why as well as address the problem for you. I will certainly allow you recognize by means of email and announce in class whenever. these things are open. At the very least a week in breakthrough, preferably a week as well as a fifty percent or 2. However I attempt to time it to make certain that I understand that we ' re gon na be able to cover the things in advance. So you won ' t have your first homework due until week four of course. Which is a Monday night, the second of February. Or February 10th I ought to state. Everybody ' s silent. Do we need a lot more coffee?- [Drowsy Man Pupil] Yeah. – [Students] Yes. – [Lesa] Yeah, I want I might assist. All right, what else did I upload below? Okay, I also uploaded this. So, I made this handout yesterday. It ' s based upon several of the problems that I ran into last term with the same course in trying to rise and also keeping up the online desktop.It ends up there are a variety of initial steps that you
have to complete to be able to get your gadget prepared to do this. And so I attempted to supply web links to places that go over. just how to do those points. But they consist of obtaining the online private network software program. Iowa Anywhere, or something like that or something really close to that operating on the history. They ' d lately converted this over to two variable authentication, which took me a minute to number that out so I have directions below. on just how you can hack that. You have actually to be connected. to eduroam on university,
not the guest network. And linking to that is a mix of your Hawk ID as well as an. email-like expansion however it ' s not your email address.
' Cause you know, that would certainly be too simple.

'There is a magical H drive that if you log right into an university computer system is immediately designated to you. You might already be utilizing it. Last semester, people that used that to shop. their homework projects had much fewer troubles trying to find out where they were and also ensure that they might get those files back again when needed. So that would certainly be what I recommend it is naturally feasible. to store your research anywhere on your computer and have it locate it.
The H drive appears to be a wonderful place.So I have the first collection of files that we ' ll be dealing with in course to try and also identify exactly how to
enter the system and also obtain SAS as well as Stata up'as well as running here. After that once you are within. the digital desktop computer, you will see home windows that look like this so this is what SAS is mosting likely to look like. This is what Stata ' s going to look like. As well as it ' s as if you were sitting right there and also the program is open like a normal'program on your computer system. With one crucial exemption I will caution you about this beforehand. If you put on ' t take care of it. within like 10 minutes, it assumes you ' re done and also logs you out. It does not conserve your. job prior to it does that.
So, simply as if you have a laptop that ' s on it ' s last legs.
and you struck control S concerning every 30 secs to see to it you wear ' t shed anything get in the behavior of doing that simply in situation some just how you lose connection to the network as well as it. takes your job away. Let ' s see, so there ' s a lot more directions on
just how to get this started.This is the component that I wish we ' ll have the ability to carry out in class and also have the ability to actually.

run some points together. ' Cause I recognize that that. is a non-trivial point to get it
working for the very first time. After you conquer it once. it ' ll be a little easier. And after that otherwise, if for whatever factor the online desktop computer is simply not mosting likely to benefit you since you require to make use of. Stata from off campus it ' s as well aggravating or whatever. You can throw cash at the issue.
So those of you who want.'to use Stata off school and agree to get rid of$ 48 to do so, here ' s where to get it. You do not have to do that. But sometimes it ' s less complicated just to do that than to deal with the system. A couple of individuals did that last semester.SAS regarding I understand, is excessively. expensive to buy a license also as a student or perhaps as a trial.
But there is another way. to gain access to SAS for totally free which is called university edition. This is what I made use of
at. my previous universities to be able to have. people do their homework.
It ' s compatible with both Windows as well as Mac operating systems. And it works with an online device. So it ' s not rather the. like virtual desktop but it'' s based upon the. exact same type of principles.So I can likewise help you with that if
that ' s a route that you intend to go. So the unbiased then is for you at some time by yourself to try to make it through as several. of these steps as possible with the machine that you desire to use. If you wan na pertain to. workplace hours as well as hang around and have me aid you, that would be lovely. I obtain bored all by myself certainly. If you have questions as. you ' re working with this stuff please let me know. Depending on the speed of. your web connection a few of these steps may. take longer than others which is why we ' re not going to attempt and also do every one of them in class.Which I found out
last time does not work. So trying to discover from my blunders. All right. Just how we doing? Responding.

Are we back to life? Possibly? All right. Zoomers do you have any kind of inquiries? Even more to chat. We have some inquiries. Can you reveal me the screen or no? Oh benefits. My bad. Yeah I can totally show you the screen. As well as I ought to have done. that currently, my poor. Okay. Does that help? Hopefully it will. All right. I meant to do that. I truly did.
Chat. They claim. Yes. Triumph is mine. Currently we ' re back with each other once more. So allow ' s grab where. we'ended last time. Exactly how bout that? Last time was a big word salad. Due to the fact that like any kind of other self-control, quantitative approaches has its very own language. So we spoke about, this course, spoke regarding software application, chatted a little regarding vocabulary. We chatted about sampling. So one of the key suggestions that I was attempting to illustrate is this independent. versus reliant samples.
Do you people bear in mind that? Offer me an example of when somebody would certainly. have an independent sample.This is the audience engagement section of the program. -[ Brave Women Pupil] All my notes state that we need an independent example of people that are unconnected. Yet I don ' t understand what I indicated by that. (laughing') -[ Lesa] Well that is right. It ' s less complicated most likely to think about when that would not be real. So, this is the university. of education and learning right? Independent samples are rather uncommon. Due to the fact that we have pupils that are grouped, nested, embedded methods organized within.Teachers and also classrooms. They might additionally be gone across.

with instructors and also classrooms suggesting that they share.
They walk around.Teachers are embedded within institutions. Institutions are embedded within districts. So the suggestion that people
from the exact same whatever are gon na be a lot more alike than individuals from various whatevers. That'' s dependent or non-independent as it is occasionally called. So if you have an example that is not attracted from multiple devices, like if you have all the
youngsters in one class, that'' s it. In theory that can be
an independent example. You would likely have
measured attributes of the youngsters that might make a few of them
extra related than others.Such as what reading team they ' re in. Or what math'device they ' re in. Or something'like that. If you were to place those characteristics right into the design, then the students would certainly be independent conditionally. Suggesting after factoring in these factors, they ' re independent'. Why that matters, is that the models that we'' re. beginning with this term and also this is all that we have.
time to cover this term, our 4 independent examples. Those are the most basic.
instances of the versions. Everything that you'' re discovering in right here you will then add other things to to be able to analyze data. from reliant samples.But starting

with dependent.
is a recipe for calamity. That takes years as well as years as well as years since those designs.
come increasingly complex as the resources of reliance. Same thing with duplicated procedures. So if you gauge the.
exact same individual over time their monitorings are reliant, indicating they'' re associated, since they came from the same individual. So those kinds of models would be recognized as multivariate versions. Implying you would certainly need to attempt to predict all of an individual'' s results at the same time. Instead of being able to predict simply one end result at a time.Okay, does

that help? (trainees mumbling) Okay. So yes, that'' s the large point. is attempting to obtain in your head whether or'not what we ' re learning is mosting likely to be enough for your needs. And also chances are great, life is a lot more complicated than that. I just intend to place that.
around to start with. We spoke regarding predictors as well as results. Keep in mind those words? What'' s the distinction? I ' ll delay. Thanks. -[ Brave Female Trainee] So. the forecaster you classified as an explainer as well as labeled X. – [Lesa] Yep. – [Brave Women Student] And the result is what to be explained.
as well as labeled it why. – [Lesa] Yep. I like the, you labeled it. Because that'' s really essential. Notation is always person specific. I'' m attempting to keep my. notation internally consistent so I wear'' t confuse you. Yet you may locate other text.
books that call outcomes X'' s.And that'' s their right. However I'' m attempting not to be mean. So end results are Y ' s as well as predictors. are X ' s in the symbols. So'predictors are either points that you ' ve controlled. like in an experiment. You appoint individuals to one team or an additional. Or'things that you'' ve measured. Yet you ' re measuring
. them due to the fact that you believe that they are mosting likely to. impact in an academic feeling another thing. The something else that it ' s affecting is the result. That ' s something that you ' ve gauged. If it ' s something that you ' ve. adjusted, that ' s cheating.( trainees laughing) Begin'that we funny.We actually do need some coffee put on ' t we.( pupils chuckling) Do we require to obtain out of our chairs and also like do some calisthenics? Something like that will that assist? I'' m actually dead significant. Would certainly that help? – [Weary Student] I'' m penalty. -[ Lesa] You ' re fine? I recognize. There ' s this entire pattern towards you recognize, sitting misbehaves for you and also you must stand and also things. And I ' m standing today simply due to the fact that I type of like, this. is my presentation setting that I''

m in.Right, I can'' t sit and also educate. However I wear ' t have a standing desk. I never will. You understand why?- [Students] Why?- [Lesa] Since I went. to college as well as got a PhD so I would certainly make
the right. to rest the heck down.( students laughing )I had way too many work where. I was on my feet all day putting on a name tag, right. That covers a great deal of ground right there. I waited tables, not the most awful task even,.
which is claiming something, yet my freshman year of university, I tucked shoe shoelaces right into.
boxes of shoes at Walmart for $5.25 an hour. I understand, that was. And also I hardly made ends satisfy.
as functioning 30 hrs a week. And also I chose, no, I.
was currently in university however that strengthened my inspiration. (pupil laughing) So yeah, I'' m resting.
the hell down otherwise if I'' m not standing here.So you recognize what? You can stand up. Right, you ' ve gained it. You ' re good. You'don'' t wan na rise, “right? He ' s like, “Yeah, I informed you that.” (pupils giggling) I understand that. I simply got ta try to keep'. the energy up, right'? Due to the fact that I ' m shed.
I ' ve quit. And I ' m burnt out go on,. those'faces, coincide from my viewpoint. So it ' s like if you'' re smiling after that a minimum of maybe then you ' re with me and afterwards I'can such as see. which one it is back.But I ' m gon na maintain attempting to do this.'I love mentor in individual, I can'' t envision doing it online where I put on ' t obtain to see all. of you as well as your reactions. What ' s the fun because? Yeah, there ' s none.
So yeah, we started chatting. concerning all type of words. I wan na speak regarding variables. I think that ' s a great area to start. This is slide 20 of lecture no. So what ' s a variable, to begin with? Variable versus continuous would certainly. be the relevant distinction.And it ' s okay to look in'your notes, that ' s what they'' re for. -[ Silent Male Pupil] Continuous is something that is the exact same for everyone and also a variable is something that alters. – [Lesa] Yep. Constant coincides for everybody. As well as a variable is something that transforms. It appears evident which one one would certainly be, however it'' s not always. To give you an instance, I lately looked at an information collection where it was qualitative.
code of conduct. So a one if the teacher did this. A two if they were observed.
doing this, and so on. As well as so they gauged every one of.
these different habits and the frequencies through.
which they occurred. And it ended up that in the example, the teachers did, all of them.
did one of the habits. It was intended to be whether.
or otherwise an instructor did this as a predictor.But everyone did it.
So it started out as a variable theoretically, but in method it was a continuous. As well as what does that mean with respect to whether or not that item.
of info can be utilized? It suggests game over. Right? If everyone has the exact same worth that can'' t possibly
be. why something different happened as a feature of that. Right? Constants put on'' t anticipate anything.Variables nevertheless, they can be forecasters or results. So this taxonomy that I ' m. beginning with on page 20 is I'' m gon na claim it, irregardless.'' Reason I actually wan na state that '. Of whether it ' s a forecaster or result. I'recognize it ' s not a word. Yet it'' s like really regardless. is not a word either. So I ' m gon na choose irregardless. There'' s a reason I ' m in Quant methods as opposed to literary works.( trainees laughing) Good so typically talking, this taxonomy maps onto.
what some would certainly call levels of measurement. If you'' ve had previous stats or research approaches programs I'' m presuming you would.
have actually been shown this. So it'' s relevant to this yet not entirely. My viewpoint on it is just how does just how you would take care of.
these variables in a version, like just how do the categories map on that? That'' s what I ' m going for.There ' s two major type of variables. In terms of like the most significant distinction. Categorical, or quantitative. So specific are variables.
that may be stored, stood for in a data set with numbers, like primary, number 2, number 3. However the numbers are not.
numbers, they are tags. So enter one if you have a cat. Enter 2 if you have a dog. Enter three if you have a fish. Right? You could have assigned any type of.
number to those classifications and it wouldn'' t issue. The numbers are insignificant it'' s the groups that matter. And also from that point of view after that there'' s three sort of groups. There ' s binary.
Yes or no for a thing kind. for a test as an example. Dead or to life, pregnant or otherwise. As all of us understand, you can ' t be a bit pregnant. It doesn ' t work like that. Small is when you have groups yet there ' s no evident order.

So favored kind of pet.Now we may inside think, well plainly there'' s a power structure.
' Reason you ' re either a dog. person or a feline person. Individuals identify this way. But we wouldn ' t concur on pecking order. Favored sort of ice lotion, for example. The only incorrect answer is mint delicious chocolate. (students giggling) Mint and chocolate with each other is simply wrong. I don'' t brush my teeth with.
a delicious chocolate bar for a reason. Yet whatever else would certainly be level playing field. Ordinal is a really usual type. Especially in surveys. Where the numbers kinda appearance.
like numbers but not truly. So you might have strongly.
differ or differ. Or agree or highly concur. And you may need to circle a one if you highly disagree. Or a 2 or a three or a 4. And also individuals are tempted to.
treat them like numbers however they'' re not. They'' re ordinal. They ' re order classifications. The numbers that are assigned to them are insignificant. I can have had you circle.
one, 20, 300, or 4,000 which would certainly be similarly correct.Because those exact same. numbers comply with the buying.
The ranges between. them can not be taken equivalent or enterable. This is following. So this principle of a categorical variable goes by a great deal of names. Sometimes called very discreet. Sometimes called qualitative as opposed to quantitative. Not like a qualitative study feeling however in a numbers or words feeling. Grouping variable is another one. Factor variable remains in a software application sense like the program R uses that language.And additionally a course variable if you review

the SAS guidebook. you will certainly see it called that. It simply implies the classification. Meaning that it ' s a grouping thing. Okay. With me? Various other large umbrella kind, quantitative. Numbers are numbers. They are period. The distances in between them. in fact indicate something.
Quantitative variables after that subsequently have various kinds of futures. One sort of quantitative variable is quantitative significance. that numbers are numbers yet it has boundaries. All-natural limits are.
ones that are enforced since of the way that.
the variable is measured.So binomial is type of the. common word that I use for
this. It ' s the variety of events. out of complete feasible. So for example, in this class, you can make somewhere between no factors and also a hundred factors. Think which one I want you to have. – [Assertive Women Student] A hundred. – [Lesa] A hundred! (student laughing) Yeah. That'' s my objective. I don'' t want a circulation. In fact, I can make it a stats joke for you. A circulation where.
whatever is one number for a consistent is called.
a degenerate circulation. I know. They had a word for that. However that'' s the one I desire. But the most effective you can potentially do is 100. If you remain in a circumstance.
where you are racking up an examination and also everyone has actually a.
different number of things, for whatever reason, instead of choosing number right you may intend to percentage right or percent correct to be extra fair.And it ' s still the same concept. It ' s bound to expand and also have the cheapest you can possible go is a well-known number, the. greatest you can perhaps go, is one more well-known number. Back up. When you ' re attempting to anticipate. these kinds of outcomes, your version has to comprehend. that it can ' t go listed below absolutely no and it can'' t exceed one. That ' s the technique. There ' s models that are developed for that. That we ' re not reaching'in this course. It'' s the comply with up class. Similarly, moms and dad variables. Matters are quantitative variables that are just integers. Like you can'' t smoke a cigarette in fifty percent. It doesn ' t work that way. You can ' t dig a hole as well as a fifty percent. But in counts they also have a feature that you can'' t have actually'a. matter that ' s adverse. You can do something only'you can ' t do something. less than nothing times or less than nothing times. So in this instance, there is one border on the zero side. And whatever design would predict a count has to understand that you.
can'' t have a forecasted count that goes reduced

than zero.Sorry. Dealing with this point. I had to like pull my arm back (mumbles). There'' s no limit to the. number on the silver lining. The amount of text. did you send out last month? Right, I have no concept. I would certainly guess possibly a hundred or 2. And they all appeared like this, “” I'' m leaving, do you need.
anything from the store?”” Or, “” I'' ll be house in 5 mins.”” It'' s like a series of. like do you need anything from the store or otherwise message messages. That'' s my life. On the other hand my step-daughter who'' s 13, I would guess her number. is up in the millions.

( trainees laughing) There truly is no limit, it'' s positive infinity.
for the matter variables. You'' re limited just by your.
creativity and tenacity. And possibly thumb strength, although I'' m among those old. people who still does this. I never fairly found out the thumb point. I can'' t obtain that. Equally as an aside, count.
variables have 2 unique kinds. One is for variables that have no zeroes. That is zero truncated.That can occur whenever to. be consisted of in the information establish you needed to have been component of. the thing you ' re measuring.
So allow ' s state that you ' re. predicting a'variety of days for a healthcare facility remain and also you obtain an additional. information established from a health center. Well, in order to remain in the data set, you had to have been in the.
hospital for at the very least one day. So there'' s no absolutely nos.
That consequently calls for. a special kind of version that understands that. Even more absolutely nos than expected, which is referred to as no blew up. Likewise needs a model that recognizes that. These variables are in fact.
actually typical as end results. I describe them as if as well as how much. It'' s whenever you ' ve mixed a kind variable with an amount variable. So for circumstances, if I had something like, where is it intensity of sex-related abuse experienced, something like that. There might be a section of the example that ratings a zero. That answered no to all the inquiries therefore individuals that haven'' t. experienced anything like that is one sort of individual in your sample.And after that there are individuals. who have regrettably
have experienced something to some extent. And also so for those type of people, amount is unimportant. So you can assume concerning even.
though it'' s one variable, it really comes to be two points. Whether you'' ve. experienced the sensation. And also if you have, how much. There are models for that, also. You can also use those kinds.
of variables as forecasters in which situation you clearly.
different out those two parts to be able to consider what is the impact of remaining in a category versus the amount within the group that'' s the experience here.So these are all measurable variables. They may need to have unique. designs that select them to comply with the boundaries. That ' s the key for that. As well as then finally. Quantitative variables that. are in fact continuous.
So constant indicates 2 points, it suggests unbounded. Indicating there ' s not. academic'reduced or top end that you can hit. As well as it indicates they can.
take non-integer values. These kinds of variables.
are generally non-existent. But put on'' t allowed that quit you.We ' re going to use that type of variable or think that kind of variable works in a lot of the versions I'' m gon na educate you. Due to the fact that it doesn'' t have to hold exactly it just needs to be plausible. The basic straight versions.
are the emphasis this term. Claim that the end result needs to resemble that after being predicted. Or else you need a.
different kind of version. Therefore the comply with up course to this one the one that I'' m in fact. training hereafter class as well as I plan to educate each spring, focuses on just how to predict outcomes in all of the other.
kinds I just stated. The ones that are not.
constant and unbounded. Extra typically, we take end results that are.
not continuous and also unbounded as well as we act that they are.So for this type I presented.
a word continue-ish. Not exactly constant.
however it'' s close sufficient for federal government work, that example. So examples of this. There'' s essentially a.
category known by this. Ordinal treated as interval. Have you come across this expression before? It'' s like yeah I know I'' m disloyalty however I'' m gon na go in advance with it. (laughing) Have any one of you worked.
with sum ratings prior to? Like you summarize the number.
of the feedbacks on a test. Yeah. That happens at all times. That'' s this. So if I have a test of 10 products allowed'' s say each product that. varied from one to four. It'' s among my highly. disagree, differ, concur, strongly agree points, right? Those 4 labels, we agree is ordinal.
The difference between. highly disagree and also differ is not always the exact same. as the difference in between disagree as well as concur and.
concur and also highly agree. We agree in the buying but.
not the loved one ranges. Yet somehow if we take those ten items that are each scored that method and also we either sum them or create a mean we call that continuous. It'' s

not.But there'' s enough distinct worths where it starts to approximate.
something that truly is. It does still have the.
reduced bound for the minimum if you got just the same. The most affordable value for all.
the items as well as an upper bound if you have the greatest.
one for all the products. Those are understood as floor impacts or ceiling effects specifically. Interval that can still continue-ish. There are various other variables.
that you might discover that are in fact continue-ish however they had some kind.
of boundary to them. Which keeps it from.
being absolutely continuous. Action time as an example, that'' s a typical measure. of the cognitive capacity or handling rate. But what'' s the fastest that.
you can potentially do something? Well absolutely no type of in concept, right? But there'' s some reduced quantity where if you react.
extra swiftly than that people don'' t think that you'' re in fact doing the important things that you'' re. intended to have actually been doing. So marking down actions.
below say 500 milliseconds or something like that.Heart price is one more variable. that ' s really continuous all of it depends on the top quality. of your measurement tool how specific you can be with that. And additionally latent trait estimates. fall under this category.
So things like GRE ratings. Or Breakout ratings, have you become aware of those? Standard scores from instruments that are connected together to ensure that the test can change as kids.
age, that type of thing.Vertically equated scores. Those I will call continue-ish. Because they ' re intended to be constant yet in method. There might only be certain values that have flooring and ceiling effects based upon the types of. things that have actually been offered. So lots of intermediate categories broad view though, the variables that we ' re. gon na be collaborating with are either categorical. or the numbers or labels or some kind of quantitative.
where the numbers are in fact numbers. That ' s the significant difference. that is necessary to focus on. There ' s also ratio
. To be sincere, my spouse. urged I put this in. When I informed him concerning this class. He works below too.
So you ' ll hear tales about him. I ' ve never in fact seen a. proportion variable in my life. I ' ll simply put it this way. And also the social scientific researches.
we don ' t get this level of accuracy. However it exists. So if you have a leader for example you can say something is two times as long as well as that phrase actually means something. If you had a measure of something, say intelligence, and you get a 50 versus 100, they ' re not two times as smart.It doesn ' t job in this way. So proportion is an additional kind. of measurable variable that we desire as well as we. never in fact arrive. All right, so exercising after that. So I gave you these. very same questions last time with regard
to which variables are forecasters or results. Now we can exercise identifying them to the best of our capability. So to what extent does favorable responses enhance performance rate and accuracy even more than neutral comments. You might have told me that comments, I ' ll abbreviate it pos and neg, was a predictor. What type of variable. do you believe that is?'( trainees mumbling )I ' ll take binary and also I ' ll take what you were going
to state as well.- [Reluctant Female Student] Categorical?- [Lesa] Specific. So type of specific is the bigger term, binary is the particular. Place binary within categorical. We ' ll call it that.Outcomes. We had rate. (pupil mumbling) Yeah, as well as precision. These are certainly in quantitative.'Nonetheless, speed is

going. to be much more continue-ish since it ' s going to be much more boundless whereas accuracy (trainee mumbling )If it ' s a rate.
Like percent correct. After that what would certainly it be. It starts with a B and not binary.( student mumbling) Yeah. I ' m calling that binomial. Binomial is a suspend of the amount of. Yet that converts to the exact same idea if you deal with for the. differences in the feasible. As well as simply look at the price. The key idea is that it is numbers. However they have borders. They can ' t transcend particular factors. Academic growth in grade school was the end result. Much more frequent ranking to. youngsters in preschool. So regularity of reading.I ' m placing an enigma there. Can you distinguish this phrasing. what it ' s most likely to be?( trainee mumbling) It might be a'matter. It depends upon just how the scientist. has phrased the concern.
Right? Due to the fact that you might have exactly how. usually do you read to your kid as a blank answer. Or you might have like daily, even more than daily, when a week, when a month.
If they do the latter, it ' s ordinal. Despite the fact that it ' s type of pertaining to time the distances between.I'' m going to state likely
ordinal on this. The other one was time. That one is continue-ish possibly. Because numbers are numbers. Diplomatic immunities would be what happens otherwise everyone has the same celebrations. In which instance you have intermediate worths. As well as there are versions to handle that too. Outcomes. Academic something. Right? Because growth is nothing. It is development of something. But we wear'' t know what that is. So. Exactly how efficient is instructor training for producing higher rates of positive responses? Educator training.Not sufficient info there. I ' d probably think specific. It appears to me like it ' s either the existence
or'absence of it. Yet it could be kinds or levels.( steel grinding )Quit that. I ' m gon na have to improve'at that. Results. Prices of positive responses. I ' m calling that binomial. ' Cause it ' s rate. 'That suggests there is a zero and a hundred that'' s gon na exist because. So with any luck experiencing
this offers you a feeling of when you can develop extra developmental questions.Parentheticals that mark what the kinds are or the quantities can aid someone maintain their head around how are you in fact operationalizing this variable and how are you gauging it?( student mumbling )Move it to your right.( pupil mumbling )The actual box. This? Okay, allow me try that. Okay it might have to be my belt. Okay. Or I simply need to lug it. We ' ll make that work. I ' ll work with it for next time.Back to the show. All right. I believe given the time we ' re possibly simply going to survive the rest of'this and start lecture one following time. However that ' s all right with me. I ' d rather go a little more gradually than rush with points and refrain from doing a good job. So how several of you have dealt with sensing unit quantitative approaches or measurable information before? Okay? A great deal of people place ' t.That ' s fine. There are some tips and techniques that I intended to give you. Due to the fact that nobody every actually chats

regarding this they simply think that your data is all set to go
. And also the process of obtaining it from absolutely nothing to prepared to go is actually difficult. To be honest if I ' m doing
an evaluation 80 %of the moment is spent battling with examining rearranging or adjusting the information to be just how it needs to be for me. As well as there are some things that you can do to conserve
yourself a great deal of time. If you ' re in that situation of needing to determine how you desire to save quantitative data in the initial place.First off, spread sheets are great. Excel is your close friend for data access. There is no factor that you need to go into things into SPSS or Stata or anything else.

Excel you could make use of freeze panes you can make use of points where it limits the number of worths you can put in. Points like that. Excel is your friend. All significant software program packages can import stand out documents which is specifically just how your homework is going to involve you. In data files. In this way you can check out it on your own without having actually to be wedded to any particular program. In regards to data entry right into some location like stand out. You can place the name of your variables, into the initial row of the spread sheet. As well as all programs have actually a. capability to recognize that that is what you to name the column in your data set. (student mumbling) With one catch. The names that you utilize, if you desire them to come to be. column names in a data set, need to follow the. standards of the data set. To ensure that implies do not utilize areas. They will obtain converted to. another thing emphasizes, dots, or other ones.You can not utilize unique. personalities other than emphasize. You can not utilize dashes for example. And you can ' t beginning with a number. So if you recognize these points ahead of time, when you ' re calling
your columns, you can save yourself. having to relabel points, they all need to be unique names obviously in addition to one more item. Using just as several characters as required to maintain it'neat. That ' s essential due to the fact that it will certainly drive you
crazy in the future or else. Because every variable. name that you produce, we ' re eventually mosting likely to have to kind over and also over and over once again as you run models on it. As well as the longer your name is the more keying you ' re going to need to do and the even more mistake vulnerable it is
. Because Stata, SAS, and otherwise urge that you lead to things right. As well as Stata, above that, is situation sensitive. So if you occasionally exploit points and also'in some cases wear ' t it will certainly not understand what you ' re trying to obtain it to do. There is a manner in which I will show you to add better information. as to what a variable methods as well as where it came from with a label.A label resembles a comment that is attached to the variable that you can. have up to like 256 personalities I think, to make sure that you can provide. whatever level of complexity that you require to be able to. recognize permanently housekeeping where that point originated from. It ' s valuable if you have a collection of products that all refer to one resource.
Like you have a question error as well as you have concern
one,. inquiry 2, inquiry three. If you name them in a series such as this, so if I have a step of tension, you ' ll have a lot different items. The initial product I will certainly call. stress1, stress2, stress3, as opposed to words that refer to the products. The reason for this is that.
the capacity for abbreviation. These programs enable you to abbreviate via some device. Like you'can say. stress1-stress50 in the future. And it will recognize. that you imply all of them. If you call them thing one regarding this, product two about that, there ' s no chance
that it can recognize what the center worths are and you ' ll need to refer. to them all manually.So it will certainly be valuable if you have
this kind of invention where the number is at the end.
Since after that it can interpolate. what should come next. Okay, another point. concerning the spread sheets, I understand it may be tempting. when you ' re going into information to do things like bolding.

or shielding or color coding. Don ' t. It ' s valuable for you to. take a look at it as a spreasheet yet there ' s no easy way to tell SAS, hi, any number
in red ways this. Any type of cell that has a green.
background means that. Like every one of that details that you meticulously make it look great to you doesn ' t get translated.So if there ' s anything. concerning a worth that you require to in some way clear up, that ought to be an additional column alongside it. Where you can say it ' s. a one if I imply this and also a zero if I suggest that. or something like that.( yawning) Likewise, specific variables. Use numbers for them.

That is my finest suggestion.
It is possible to produce. columns in a data collection that are words. Those are what ' s understood as string variables or text'variables. They are extremely tricky to function with due to the fact that each worth that is. intended to be the exact same thing has to match exactly. No additional rooms at the. beginning or the end funding letters versus lowercase letters. So something like this. where I have control team this is not the very same point. And also, if you have individuals. hand entering this things also the most vigilant RA or on your own is mosting likely to screw this up at some point.So don ' t do that to yourself. If control team is what you mean, that ' s zero. Due to the fact that typing an absolutely no is. a great deal simpler than getting control team right each and every single time. Then you can then, in the program, add what ' s called a worth tag. That is also like another kind of comment where you detail the mapping. of how the numbers represent the labels. In this way when you ' re. looking at your output the
tags are what you see. Not the arbitrary numeric. worths assigned to them.With one caution. This is something I learned the hard means. Rather just recently. When you appoint worth. tags in some programs, it switches the interior. getting to be alphabetical. So for circumstances, if what I have is control. group and different group
and that ' s coded 01, when it spews out descriptives, it will certainly begin with. different as opposed to control
because alternate begins with an A. That will certainly drive you crazy. if you ' re used to looking at points in a certain order. So the manner in which I solve that is to put the number inside the label so then they remain in the order in which I
have planned them.You may be lured to somehow. have numbers in a column and afterwards additionally add words occasionally if you weren '
t certain what. the number should be. Don ' t. That converts the entire. column to be string variables or message. So although it ' s a. no, it ' s checked out as text. In my modest viewpoint, you don ' t need missing out on information codes. So this is something that, is software particular how you ' re defining.

Yet it functions in similarly where there ' s a labeling system where allow ' s claim you place. in a value for something that ' s missing.Minus 99 is an usual example of this. The factor that it ' s minus. is because that'value is very'not likely to occur in practice. Yet it could, right? And also inside the software program. you need to ensure you mark that anything. is minus 99 is missing out on. So like in SPSS there'' s a box for this. Other programs there ' s a box for this.

However, when you go between programs, those guidelines wear ' t always
translate. So what takes place is that. sometimes the minus 99s will stay yet the brand-new program. will assume they ' re actual. Which screws up everything. So, below is the technique. If you have missing out on information, let it be empty. In your spread sheet allow'it be blank. Due to the fact that, after that it appears blank.And that ' s what it is. It ' s not there. If you need to track.
factors for missing this like I didn ' t provide them that question versus they'told me they. weren ' t gon na answer, things like that which do issue, I would certainly produce a separate. column for each and every variable that has kinds of missingness. Where absolutely no indicates

it ' s not missing. One means it ' s missing therefore. Two indicates it ' s missing for'this factor and it ' s a categorical variable.
Maintain it separate. Reliant data, so this is something that I ' ve seen people invest
method way too much time on if they didn ' t understand this ahead of time, and also so I ' m attempting to assist your reason here. I ' m one of those people. who I made mistakes that I speak about. My shining minute'in graduate institution was that I once invested 6. weeks doing something by hand on a spread sheet that any kind of. program would certainly have done in like three computer mouse clicks for me had I known concerning the alternative. I'had a PhD trainee at Kansas who invested her entire summer season determining amounts throughout. rows of spread sheets and she had her child helping her and also that in turn is one line. of code in a program to do it.So yeah, there ' s methods that.
I ' m trying to conserve you from. Right? And also this is just one of them. Exactly how to deal with dependent information. The easiest thing is that if you have data accumulated at. several degrees of tasting each level of tasting goes. in a different spread sheet. So let ' s say that I
' m. doing a longitudinal research of kids across terms.
in numerous classes. To make sure that suggests that I have at. the very least three degrees of tasting. At the cheapest level I would. have time specific information. What day they were checked. How old they were at testing.
Look what score they obtained that day that example.
That ' s one information set. And I would certainly have an ID.
for which child it was. Which occasion it was.
As well as if it ' s a classroom or educator point which instructor or classroom it was.At the class level, I might have classroom characters. That ' s a separate data set. If at the kid degree. I might'have things like the kid ' s day of birth. Or moms and dad information that. I collected at one time. That ' s another data set. It is actual simple to combine those. points back together again as required. It ' s a whole lot more difficult to try and assume regarding what the most affordable degree of tasting is and after that paste every one of the values that would certainly be consistent down. If you merge correctly.
that will take place for you. So if'this is something that you understand you ' re gon na have to take on, allow me understand and I ' d enjoy to give you some sources. on how to do that. So an additional point while I ' m on that subject. Certain programs spit out. separate spread sheets or text files per participant. There ' s some qualitative information. coding programs that do this. Things like attempting to consider it, media laboratory as well as e-prime. and also things where you ' re connected like solution. Do any one of you collaborate with points like that? No? Okay, count your lucky celebrities first of all.But if you do or if you ' re. ever in the scenario where everyone has actually a. different file of some kind and also you require something that reviews them all and obtains them
completely. That ' s like 4 lines of code. I can aid you. So, don ' t be timid if you ever before.

are in a circumstance like that.
So these are the kind of methods that make quantitative. evaluation a great deal much less uncomfortable. Okay, so wrapping this point up then.End goal of the term,. what'are we below for? We ' re trying to utilize general straight models, those are versions for.
independent observations that are meant to be. anticipating quantitative results to examine information. To make sure that ' s gon na call for a. couple of
prerequisite skills.
To begin with words and also signs'. So this week has been a word salad. We ' ll start choosing up letters, Greek letters to choose them. in addition to various symbols. And also choice regulations by which to relate all of these points with each other.
The first point we have to do prior to we can predict anything however is define what we have. So'beginning following week. univariate data. Implying items of.
information regarding an example one variable at a time. You recognize what these points are. Points like proportion in each group. Mean. Potentially variants. These are things that succeed. can calculate for you. But the method is getting SAS as well as Stata to do it for
you rather. After that comes bivariate statistics. Having the ability to describe. organizations between pairs of variables. And afterwards we ' re ready to. in fact do some modeling.So to me, modeling is every little thing because it ' s
just how you. actually address the concerns that you have concerning your research study. It always boils down to a version. Therefore that ' s the skillset that I wish to begin instructing you. GLM, these particular kinds of.
designs for independent samples on quantitative results that. are supposed to be constant.
That ' s just the start. There ' s all various sort of designs for all various sort of data.The skills that'you ' re discovering currently will certainly enable you to be able to develop.
To be able to get those. various other kinds of data in the future.
That ' s my objective for you. So study questions after that, each variable is either a. predictor or an end result. How do you recognize which is which? It depends on the
inquiry. A single person ' s forecaster is. another individual ' s end result. Specifically in empirical information where we ' ve simply collected a. whole lot of information. It ' s not always
very easy to inform. But step one before you can identify what to do with the data is. what do you need to know?
What is your concern? Since responding to the question then is a collection of decision policies according to how you require to model it.The variables that are component. of your question though, first we need to determine what type of information we have. Are they specific?
Where the numbers are labels? Are the measurable? If they ' re quantitative are they actually continual or do I need to worry regarding limits or various other unique problems? As well as then last but not the very least we discussed this last time. You will certainly not hear words. cause come out of my face anymore this term. We ' re just gon na speak about associated to, anticipated, connected,. all those kind of words that do not make a judgment. concerning what really came initially. Because those points. have to occur deliberately. And also that is a whole. various collection of courses. All right. Black.
There. How we doing? Good?- [Assertive Male Pupil] Excellent.- [Lesa] So if I allow you. go five minutes early are you mosting likely to be disturbed with me.( trainees chuckling )- [Soft-Spoken Pupil] No.
– [Lesa] No. -[ Sarcastic Pupil] We ' ll be so distraught. – [Lesa] You ' ll be troubled? It ' ll offer you time to obtain. that coffee that you require to survive the remainder. of your day, right? That ' s what ' s nice concerning. having the gas terminal across the street.See you can refill anything that you require. All right. Any kind of concerns prior to we'adjourn. Okay, after that following week we ' ll.
begin on lecture one. Try to function on getting your. laptop computers or desktops at'house equipped to do things. Concern?- [
Interested Student] Do. we certainly not have, or are we not in class. following Thursday without a doubt
? Or do we or?- [Lesa] Following Thursday? Is it that early currently? I assumed it was – [Curious Pupil] Or is it two weeks?- [Lesa] 2 weeks. The sixth is the day that. we may not have course. It depends on whether or. not this area is taken over. And also if they can locate another one for me. So zoom is kind of like my, I understand I can make this work if I require to. Whether we shed the room and whether there ' s another. one readily available I need to see in the meanwhile. They won ' t know if they kick me out up until they recognize exactly how. lots of people are resting for detailed exams.And apparently that isn ' t understood yet. That ' s what takes place.- [Interested Student] Do you. recognize when you would certainly understand?- [Lesa] As quickly as Scott tells me.

So with any luck by next week. I'would certainly believe. We ' ll figure it out. Others? Okay, go obtain your coffees. Have excellent weekend breaks. -[ Wonderful Trainee] Thank you.- [Lesa] As well as I will certainly see you on'Tuesday. Thank you. Good zoomers, do. you men need anything? There ' s the conversation. You ' re welcome, Melissa. All right. -[ Chatty Trainee] (mumbles) for 2 years for a student as well as a trainee whose father.

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