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NYC Mayor Says Govs Abbott, DeSantis Busing Migrants is a Horrible Political Stunt

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams says Republican governors sending migrants to northern cities is a “political stunt” and that it’s difficult to predict their “erratic behavior.”

Adams was asked Tuesday about the influx of migrants sent to the city and whether he believes the Biden Administration is to blame for the current crisis.

The mayor put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, calling their actions “horrendous.”

“I think what we’re seeing in the city is a political stunt,” Adams said. “I thought what really personified that political stunt is the governor of Florida. He has nothing to do with it. I mean what was his purpose of sending a plane load to Martha’s Vineyard? He just felt as though he wanted to get into this horrendous action and so we’re seeing it this political stunt of this.”

Adams said the transporting of migrants from Texas border communities was an attempt by Republicans to “overshadow” what they’ve done with women’s rights and the proliferation of guns.

“What is happening here in New York City and my concern is … I believe they created it. This is a humanitarian crisis created by human hands and it was a political stunt,” Adams said.

“I believe the other day we had eight buses that came in. It is difficult to predict the erratic behavior of an erratic governor. We have no idea what’s next for him and what he’s going to do so we have to be ready to make sure we comply with our legal and moral obligation,” Adams said.

Adams said they roughly 13,000 asylum seekers and migrants in the city.

“So this is an unpredictable manner. I think the only perfect analogy is the erratic behavior of COVID is the erratic behavior of Abbott. You don’t know what they’re going to do.”

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