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SHREVEPORT, La (KTAL/KMSS) – Traveling by plane can come with its own struggles, especially when it’s for the holidays. It’s the time of year that brings loved ones together. For travelers like James Reed, he made it home just in time to be with family.

“I’m just coming here from Las Vegas to be here with my family for the weekend for Thanksgiving,“ Reed said.

With turkey day just days away, Reed already has his Thanksgiving feast on his mind.

“The turkey, the dressing, the yams, the greens, a little bit of everything,“ Reed said.

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Luckily for those traveling a little early, getting through the airport was not much of a hassle.

Jeremey Cain traveled from Pennsylvania to Texarkana for the holidays. He said getting through airports on Monday was fairly simple.

“It wasn’t too bad, you know. This close to the holidays, it wasn’t bad, “ Cain said.

As Thanksgiving approaches, Mark Crawford, a spokesperson for the Shreveport Regional Airport, said it might not be as easy as the week progresses, and air travelers should expect some delays.

“The airlines are sending us larger planes. So, most of the flights coming in and out of Shreveport are not on the small 50-seat jets,“ Crawford said.

This means if you want to catch your flight, you should be at least an hour early.

“If you’re traveling, there’s 75 other people trying to get through the checkpoint for your flight, and there are times where there’s two or three flights with different airlines leaving at the same time. So, there may be 150-200 people trying to go through the checkpoint at one time,“ Crawford said.

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Traveling with your best dish or leftovers? There is also a size limit when bringing a packed meal in a carry-on bag. TSA provides detailed information about what food and beverage items are allowed on the flight and in your luggage.

“Liquids can be brought through the TSA checkpoint as long as they’re 3.4 ounces or smaller,“ Crawford.

However, canned foods, soups, alcohol, and frozen foods should be packed with your checked luggage.

“What we always try to say is the less you bring through the checkpoint the better. That’s less items that has to be screened. If there is another way to get it to where you’re going that’s not through checkpoint. We always recommend that,“ Crawford said.

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