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[Songs]> > > Welcome to our very first online broadcast Healthcare
Fraud: What You Need to Know. I'' m Sheila Davis, a public events specialist
for the Division of Health And Wellness as well as Human Being Services, Office of Inspector General. And I'' m regulating today'' s conversation. Joining me are two healthcare scams specialists. OIG'' s aide, Examiner General for investigations
Shimon Richmond and also Dr. Michael Cohen, a procedures officer with the Office of Investigations. With each other they have 25 years of fraud-fighting
experience. If you have inquiries during our conversation,
please send them using Facebook. And also if you'' re enjoying us on Twitter, tweet
making use of the hashtag ask an investigator. So, allow'' s get going. Health care fraud waste taxpayer dollars as well as
can significantly hurt individuals and also patients, including those that have Medicare or Medicaid.Shimon, can you begin by describing what healthcare fraud is and also possibly share a few of the
most common systems? > > My pleasure, Sheila. Health care fraudulence is a >> criminal offense of burglary as well as a. criminal activity of deception. And due to the fact that of that deception, sometimes. the fraud appears like simply the provision of normal medical care solutions. On its surface, it may not appear to. the naked eye that something is in fact wrong.
As we go into our medical care scams investigations,. we locate a selection of usual schemes.
The initial is billing for solutions not made. That ' s extremely simply billing for things'that. never took place or perhaps invoicing
for a mobility device or a back support or something that the person. never ever received. We also see often pumping up of solutions. So, you might have a client that mosted likely to a. physician as well as they had, for instance, their blood drawn, had some laboratory tests. Yet in enhancement to the tests that they really. did go through, the laboratory or the service provider expenses for extra examinations that didn ' t in fact. happen just in order to pump up the repayment from Medicare or Medicaid as well as increase their. profits. > > As well as, Mike, what have you seen? >
>> > In addition to that you may see >> some misrepresentation. of services. So, possibly a non-covered solution that ' s actually. billed as protected service. So, for instance, somebody might be obtaining massages.
as well as they'' ll bill it as like physical treatment or something like that. Worldwide of drugs, we might see.
medicines that are expensive specialized medicines that are billed and not dispensed. Or medically unnecessary services. DME supplies like back braces as well as knee dental braces.
and also neck supports that sort of thing. Diabetes mellitus screening strips that aren'' t requested.
or required. Or most recently hereditary testing which we.
can speak about too. >> > > Okay. So, just how does health care scams impact an individual? Walk me with what a person may experience.
from unnecessary clinical examinations or being billed for services that they didn'' t need. > > Well, you can imagine medical examinations on.
their face are not enjoyable to go with anyway, much less undergoing unneeded.
blood draws or procedures such as biopsies or something that weren'' t also needed

,. to start with.Also, you may obtain– we see people getting.
imaging studies which involves radiation. We even had an oncologist a couple of years earlier.
that was incorrectly detecting individuals with cancer as well as was providing radiation therapy as well.
as radiation treatment. So, that was an actually egregious instance. >> > > And this is done so that the providers.
can bill more regardless of the very best needs of the individual? >> > > It was all just to earn money, it was just.
greed. >> > > Okay. >> Shimon. > > You understand, along with the possibility. physical harm or issues that patients can endure, they also deal with some financial threat,.
as well as threat to their benefits. In the financial arena, they may sustain, you.
understand, pricey copays and also various other costs that aren'' t medically required and also that or else.
wouldn'' t incur if the service provider was acting in their best interest in contrast to looking.
to raise their profits. Additionally, there are numerous benefits that.
have limits. And so if those advantages are worn down in.
Medicare'' s view due to the fact that they ' ve been billed, as an example, claim for a power wheelchair that. they in fact didn'' t get or didn ' t demand and after that, you understand, time elapses as well as. that patient establishes a genuine medical requirement for that power wheelchair, in Medicare'' s. sight, that customer might be refuted due to the fact that Medicare believes they'' ve currently been provided one.
as well as so they'' re no more eligible to obtain, you know, that thing or that service.And so it can trigger
genuine troubles for patient ' s. advantages ought to they properly need them at a later point. >> > > So, it can cause physical injury and also economic.
damage. >> > > Definitely. >> > > Okay. So, now we'' ve heard about some usual systems,.
can you offer the customers some pointers on how they can secure themselves? >> > > Definitely. Several of the fast as well as very easy points that all.
individuals can do, primarily, take a look at that letter that can be found in the mail that.
explanation of advantages that can be found in the mail for Medicare. That checklists on there what things and solutions.
Medicare is paying in behalf of the individual. As an example, check if the date of service.
on that explanation of advantages associate the day that you last went to the provider. See if you identify the service provider name on.
there that is payment solutions to Medicare.And if that is,

as a matter of fact, among your physicians. And also maybe scan through rapidly. This all takes an issue of seconds. Look with the services being billed and also.
if those line up with the solutions that you got when you went to your doctor. >> > > And if somebody on Medicare is examining.
that statement as well as they see something that isn'' t appropriate, must they call their physician. first, when do they connect to the OIG if they may think fraud? >> > > Those EOB statements can be extremely complicated.
to weed through so in some cases is best simply select up the phone and call your carrier. As well as sometimes they can clear it up right over.
the phone. Past that, if you still have some questions.
or the answers weren'' t what you believed they would be, you can reach out if you have an.
concern with your advantages to 1-800-MEDICARE or the SHIP program, the State Medical Insurance.
Program, who can talk about the advantages and also what you'' ve received.If you'' re assuming much more along the lines of.
scams, you can start out with senior Medicare patrol that can review your statement and also.
the provision of care and also if they assume that there'' s something that doesn ' t look right,. they can assist you in reporting it to our hotline 1-800-TIPS– HHS-TIPS as well as record.
it as scams. >> > > Which ' s really important that it'' s very. easy and accessible for people to report their concerns or suspected fraud to us either with.
the hotline, that 1-800-HHS-TIPS or with our web site at oig.hhs.gov.

>> > > Okay. Great. So, we ' ve talked about now evaluating the explanation.
of advantages as well as Medicare recap notice, what else are some of the points that may be.
typical in scams? You spoke regarding what people need to do to.
shield themselves if say they are approached by somebody at a wellness fair or they obtain a.
knock on the door or the phone rings. >> > > Well, that ' s a fantastic point, Sheila, because. we do typically see clients fall prey to fraudsters and also health care scammers. In car park lots of shopping mall and various other.
stores, being come close to as well as gotten for an item or for a solution. And strolling by a stand in the shopping mall or with.
an unwanted call advertising to them, you know, some item or some solution like.
a cancer screening test that is of no cost to you and also Medicare will certainly pay, you understand, 100%,.
you understand, of the cost.And one of the most crucial piece of guidance that. we can give people is know that you ' re managing. When I desire treatment, I identify the physician that. I recognize as well as I have trust and self-confidence as well as I choose that care. Don'' t accept care or product or services. from a person that you put on'' t understand and certainly don ' t hand
over your Medicare or your other. advantage details to a person that you put on'' t know and also that you wear ' t depend on. > > Mike, anything> else to add? > > Often patients have actually told us that when.
they get these solicitations, your medical professional informed me to call you type of thing. So, if you wear'' t think that that ' s the
instance,. call your medical professional first before you involve with them. We'' ve even seen people coming door to door.
knocking. So, you need to be very mindful even if.
they'' re in scrubs it doesn'' t always indicate that they ' re medical professionals. >> > > And also it ' s important to bear in mind that Medicare.
doesn'' t call patients and also request their info or get solutions to them. So if someone calls a person and is advertising and marketing.
themselves as calling from Medicare– >> > > That ' s a red >> flag'. > > That ' >> s a red flag. Be very cautious. > > Right. Due to the fact that Medicare has their info. >> There ' s no demand for Medicare to call.
> As well as a lot of times they will make use of sound-alike. names.You can'form a corporation that ' s called Paramedic. Treatment as well as when you answer the'phone they claim, “I ' m from Paramedic Care.” It'seems like they ' re from the government. agency instead of the creation of their own firm. >> > > So, the exact same concept would apply that.
they ought to still adhere to up with. They can contact Medicare, a beneficiary can.
contact Medicare or call their physician to confirm anything prior to giving any kind of information.Okay.

Alright. So, allow'' s most likely to the next question. Tell us what you all are doing on the ground.
to battle healthcare scams. >> > > Well, our viewers need to understand that the.
OIG is a company over 1600 solid of expert federal police officer,.
attorneys, analysts, data scientists, auditors, program evaluators that are leveraging a multi-discipline.
approach to discover, stop, and also deter, root out fraudulence wastes and also abuse throughout the.
programs. And also in doing so we take advantage of partnerships at.
the federal, state as well as local level with our various other legislation enforcement firms and health and wellness.
companies as well as state agencies in order to harness the power of type of our collective.
tools as well as abilities in order to safeguard the people and the taxpayer.

>> > > So, in fact, Mike, can you tell us a little. bit about the exclusions program? Possibly simply clarify what an exemption is and also.
how that can help to shield people and clients. >> > > We take into consideration involvement in the Medicare.
program a privilege. So, for people that have actually dedicated to.
healthcare fraud, we remove them from being able to bill our federal healthcare programs.
in the future. And they are put on an exemption list so that.
they can no much longer do that. Maybe for a short amount of time or.
it could be a life-time exclusion depending upon what they did incorrect. And afterwards they can no more harm our beneficiaries.
in the future. >> > > Thanks, people. So, currently we ' re going to provide the target market a.
possibility to ask questions.If you have an inquiry, please kind it in. the Facebook live feed.
Or you can follow– you can tweet us by utilizing. hashtag ask a detective. We do have some questions to obtain us started. So, the very first inquiry, suppose a person calls. you saying they ' re from Medicare as well as demand your individual details over the phone? What should individuals do? > > Well, again, you understand, we return to the. point we> made previously. Medicare doesn ' t call you. So, definitely wear ' t break down your Medicare. details over the phone. Frankly, I ' d say hang up. Yet if, actually, they ' re advertising some solution. or some product that an individual has a passion
in and they believe that they might need that. to enhance their treatment, well, that ' s okay.Take that info and return as well as speak with.

your health care doctor, your medical professional that you know and that you trust fund. As well as they can advise you on how to continue. if, actually, it ' s something that will profit in your care. > > So, they can take that details but. they should not give any one of their individual info, name or anything else. > > People ought to safeguard their Medicare. >> info, their ID in the same way they would certainly protect their checking account details.
or their chauffeur'' s license or various other delicate documents. And wear'' t put that in the hands of anybody.
that they wear'' t recognize. > > Okay. Following inquiry. So, “someone states,'” I ' m obtaining constant telephone calls.
from Medicare solutions– and also totally free Medicare services.”” Excuse me. “” As well as I'' m informed that they have a physician standing.
by to talk with me concerning the services or product. Should I do so if I'' m interested?” >>” > > A great deal of that goes back to the same solution.
that Shimon gave before.First of all, absolutely nothing ' s complimentary. Someone is spending for that. And a lot of times the fraudulent firms. will waive the copays for a lot of these things too which is prohibited. So, there is a price to the beneficiary for. a few of these solutions.
So, you need to take care keeping that. So, when they inform you that it ' s at no cost. to you, there ' s always an expense
entailed as well as you should never ever involve with them directly. on the phone or door to door solicitation.
> > Okay. So, actually, that introduces the following inquiry. If I see indicators in centers that offer totally free. services for individuals on Medicare, is that legitimate? > > You know, again, any type of time, you understand, there ' s. that old expression, you understand, nothing in life is free.And so, you know, our suggestion is that.

individuals must always be wary and be very cautious when things are marketed to them as definitely. complimentary. As well as if they have questions concerning their advantages.
and also if it ' s legitimately covered by Medicare or is certainly free definition, there ' s no out. of pocket costs to the client then they ought to call Medicare or they could speak with an individual. supporter and they can, you recognize, clear up any type of advantages and protection decisions. So, recognize whether this is genuine or whether. there is something fishy taking place. > > So, they need to use their judgment and
. the information that you ' ve given, connect to a trusted service provider initially.
Okay. So, we do have a question from Facebook and also. the concern is exactly how are you assisting medical professionals to find scams? > > So, it ' s an excellent question.The OIG doesn ' t simply engage in enforcements. and also audits and also lawsuits to take care of fraud yet as an organization,
we take part in occasions. similar to this in addition to numerous others to outreach and education to the sector. Our agents often and also reps.
of OIG will certainly talk at meetings as well as profession groups as well as others in order to once again educate. carriers on what fraudulence is and what
it isn ' t, what is accidental as well as the distinction between.
intentional fraud in order to help them stay clear of the errors or the lures to involve
. in these illegal systems. > > Likewise the Office of Guidance will certainly give industry. advice.
So, if they have a question as

>> to whether. a business setup or something might or
may not be appropriate or legal or breach. the legislation, they can make inquiries as well as they can get industry support review of it. > > So, that ' s OIG ' s team
of attorneys that. can suggest on a legal side to make certain service providers are in compliance with the guidelines. > > Which ' s done on a case by case basis. > > As well as there ' s an amazing amount of information. available on our web site at oig.hhs.gov both for informing providers, patients, and the. >> sector at large. > > Thank you. So, we have an additional inquiry. Please differentiate in between a billing mistake. and straight-out fraud. I wear ' t believe you intend to have beneficiaries. >> accusing their suppliers of scams. > > That would be right and also that returns. to what Shimon claimed previously the distinction in between unintended payment and also actual fraud. >> There ' s no such point as unexpected fraud
. Fraudulence is a crime.There has to be an intent. You recognize the costs is wrong and afterwards you send. it anyway with the intent of making money for it. So, that ' s the criminal element of it. If you wish to examine your service provider concerning.
a payment statement, don ' t be accusatory due to the fact that, like'I claimed previously, these costs can be really. hard to figure out what is actually included in them. Just ask them to review it with you. And also after that if you still have questions, there ' s. SEP as well as SHIP and also your wellness strategy as well as others that can assist you with that. > > As well as it ' s essential to bear in mind that the. large majority of suppliers are
available doing the appropriate point. And operating in good faith to try to take. >> care of'people ' health care requirements.
However, it ' s our task to manage the. smaller sized section of that populace that are intentionally participating in criminal acts and also taking. advantage of clients as well as stealing from the taxpayer. But the various other point that we do at OIG is that. we work carefully with the Department of Health And Wellness and Human Providers and especially the Facility. for Medicare and also Medicaid Services
to determine methods to reinforce the programs and also to distinguish. on the front end between mistakes and possible vulnerabilities via invoicing mistakes versus. outright scams and those schemes that aim to take benefit of the system. > > Okay. Below ' s an additional concern.
If someone has my Medicare ID number, what. damage am I exposed to? As an example, if a residence caregiver may have.– hang on one secondly. Excuse me. For instance, can I offer my home caretaker. my ID number? > > So, once again, our recommendation is recognize who. you ' re offering your information to and also recognize that you ' re getting treatment from. Sadly, lot of times we will certainly see providers.
that will fool a client into via a few of these advertising tactics or various other methods. into handing over their Medicare details and also frequently they might act or contact the. phone acting as if they ' re Medicare, they ' re calling from Medicare. Keep in mind that when you turn over that information,. it is no more in your control.
And so, unfortunately, we'regularly see where. a fraudulent company will certainly bill not just for maybe a solution, you know, they encourage you,. Sheila, to, “Provide me your Medicare details and also we ' ll obtain you– we ' ll send you a cheek. swab then you can obtain a cost-free cancer screening examination to determine your threat of obtaining cancer cells. later on in life.And Medicare will spend for it.
It ' s not going to cost you a cent.” As well as they may transform about and do that. And you may not understand that that ' s in fact. a fraudulent costs because Medicare doesn ' t cover interest screening examinations for cancer cells. However they might also after that turn about and take. your info and pass that on or either utilize it themselves to expense for other services. that you had no idea that they were mosting likely to bill for. And you didn ' t get or they may also take.
that and also sell that to another person that is going to use your details again to continue. to expense Medicare or Medicaid or perhaps personal insurance policy for other if you have it– for.
various other services or products that you have no suggestion is happening. > > We see a great deal of these listings wind up on. the dark internet and after that, not only do you have to stress concerning clinical identification burglary yet.
there could be other type of thefts too where they might take your identity,> open. accounts in your name, which kind of
point. > > As well as so for vulnerable populaces, individuals. that are, you recognize, at house and also need treatment
, is it ever ideal for that caretaker. to ask for the person ' s Medicare? > > It would certainly be
uncommon, not always inappropriate>. But generally, prior to the individual comes out.
to give that care, that exchange of info has currently occurred between your doctor ' s. office and the residence health and wellness agency. Like Shimon> stated, if you recognize who the company. is, they ' re currently supplying you care, that ' s probably rather secure rather than somebody. that simply knocks on the door or
gives you a call. > > Yet the crucial thing holds your horses should.
remember'that they ' re in the motorist seat, they ' re the gatekeeper.
It ' s their details, and also they have the.

>> right to ask inquiries as well as to acquire additional information in order to'really feel comfortable with. transforming'over their Medicare info as well as they shouldn ' t allow any kind of provider, as well as they. should be extremely– ask a great deal of concerns if, actually, they really feel like a company or somebody. making believe to be a carrier is bullying them into transforming that details over.
The individual remains in the chauffeur seat. You ' re in control. > > Okay. Can you give new methods to identify fraud,. waste or misuse? So, maybe new investigative methods or. methods that you all are doing. I understand we ' re truly going on the leading edge. of information analytics. > > So, for a selection of factors we put on ' t go over.
several of the cutting edge investigative innovation or investigatory techniques, police. >> methods that we use'in more examinations. Yet absolutely, we can say that at OIG we are. taking advantage of the power of modern-day innovation as well as progressed information analytics in order to determine. prospective fraudulence, to identify it early on, and afterwards to as near to real-time as feasible. address that deceptive activity.Both to hold answerable criminals also.
as to avoid possibly an emerging broad system from spreading into a broader nationwide trouble.

> > Okay. And also in fact, Mike, can you just offer the.
viewers some viewpoint in terms of how information has aided us work faster as well as smarter? Do you have any instances off the pointer of your. tongue of, you know, years ago
it made use of to take X amount of time to get this data, and. now we ' re able to see points more in real-time? > > Many of our examinations are come from. beforehand, they generated off the various other investigations.
Nowadays we ' re doing more proactive technique.> and also considering the data as well as we ' re able to relocate extremely swiftly when we see an anomaly in. the information. So, our entire attitude and the way we come close to.
points has actually considerably altered simply in the previous number of years. We were discussing genetic testing a little. bit ago, we did a substantial initiative to move on with that with our data analytics and also leapt. on that enormous fraud as soon as possible. > > Okay. Right here we have one more inquiry.Exactly how do you visualize the proposed rule adjustments
of the Stark Regulation anti-kickbacks will help in reducing fraudulence, waste, and misuse? >> > > Well, it ' s important to comprehend that
at the end of the day when we are carrying out health care scams investigations, we are looking
for a lie, a burglary. Therefore resolving that underlying theft, that
lie, that deception of the patient or the American taxpayer doesn'' t adjustment the foundation of our legislation enforcement initiatives. What we will certainly continue to do is participate in education, both to sector as well as to the individuals in terms of, you recognize, how these modifications to the legislation impact them.Our office of guidance puts out some outstanding market guidance that can assist service providers comprehend what the differences mean or what the adjustments indicate. And also at the end of the day if a company is doing the right point and are putting patients above profits as well as supporting their Hippocratic Oath after that they have absolutely nothing to be concerned of. Nevertheless, those physicians available that would make the most of the patients as well as would certainly steal from the taxpayer and also from the American public, they must know that we will be coming for them and also we will certainly hold them responsible. >> > > Okay. An additional question. How lots of individuals call the Medicare idea line yearly? Are there any brand-new– oh, there we go. That'' s the end >> of that question. > > For the previous pair of years, it ' s been in the 10s of thousands. I believe it ' s a great deal. We get a lot >> of'contact us to our hotline every year.
> > It ' s both with our internet sites, site as well as with the hotline at 1-800-HSS-TIPS number.Thousands as well as countless calls each year. As well as it'' s crucial that the customers know that we do assess those. They wear'' t just enter into oblivion yet we have a group of people that work really carefully on experiencing that information and making sure that it enters the hands of the appropriate individuals to resolve it whether that'' s within our company, at various other agencies, whether it'' s a matter for a representative to go explore in the field or for our workplace of advice to check out in a different field. >> > > And really to follow-up with that said due to the fact that we obtain this question a great deal. Mike, can you simply deal with the issue when people state, “” I contacted. I reported a suggestion as well as I sanctuary'' t heard anything.” >>” > > Yeah, that'' s a common question that people have. When someone employs and also we start an examination, we can'' t go advertising that'we ' re doing an examination. So, we need to check out the information of what'' s. taking place and we might be doing some kind of investigation.We may already have

that private under. examination.
But we wear'' t loop back with people and also.
inform them regarding open and also active examinations. We simply can'' t.> > > So, a lot of the time they ought to not anticipate.
— >> > > No, we have to stress about operational.
protection during an investigation and also of the legal rights and also privacy of a supplier too. So, we put on'' t provide responses on the stages of. the investigation. At some point, if the investigation comes.
to a final thought, it'' s publically revealed and they'' ll be able to learn if there was.
something that appeared of that. >> > > Okay. Are there any type of other new schemes available.
besides hereditary screening and the support scheme? Anything else that you all are seeing, that.
you are able to share? >> > > There ' s always brand-new models of the old.
scheme type of points whether they'' ll be pharmaceuticals or the support scams.There are always new Medicare regulations coming. out that people look for openings in as well as try to create new methods around something that. we ' re doing.
So', it'' s not always that there ' s a new scam. taking place, it'' s simply the re-swizzling of the old one. Just recently there was an ear acupuncture device.
that was being offered. And what they were billing for was an implantable.
nerve stimulator. So, once more, that returns to what we said.
at your original inquiry. It'' s a stipulation of a non-covered solution.
that was billed as a protected solution. So, that was an example of something that.
came up just lately. >> > > And also one of one of the most prevalent fads in.
medical care scams now is making use of telemarketing to obtain clients for products or for services.
that they might or might not require, under the semblance of telemedicine.And so it ' s important for clients'to be mindful. of the distinction in between true
telemedicine where maybe they ' ve looked for out care from. a supplier as well as they ' ve had communication with the carrier and also spoken with that provider. regarding their medical care needs as well as solutions as well as obtained services from that physician. Versus somebody calling them unexpectedly. as well as advertising and marketing to them for an item or for a healthcare solution that– >> > > Not in the finest interest.

>> > > They might or might not also'need or they weren ' t. searching for. > > And a few of the telemarketing business.
we'' re finding lately are not also in this country. They'' re calling from overseas. >> > > Intriguing. Alright. How often ought to individuals and vendors be examined.
against the exemptions listing? >> > > So, this is actually crucial and also not all.
the visitors might comprehend however the exclusions listing is essentially like Mike spoke about.
before when we find a poor actor and also they are held liable whether it'' s via a criminal.
conviction or otherwise, we will take– essentially we'' ll boot them out of the program via.
an exemption. To make sure that they can no longer bill Medicare or.
Medicaid or various other federal medical care programs in all. And so suppliers and also health care companies.
out there have a responsibility to check versus the exclusions list that is publically readily available.
to make certain that they'' re not accidentally employing somebody or they'' re not promoting indirectly,.
payment to Medicare or Medicaid by somebody who'' s been disallowed from the program.

>> > > Is it each time they bring on a brand-new worker.
or we update our exclusions provide every month? Is it every time a new staff member comes on board.
they should inspect it? >> > > It ought to be inspected each time you bring.
a new staff member on board. Due to the fact that if you billed in support of that worker.
for a pair of years and afterwards you discover out they were omitted, all that money has to.
be repaid. Those are not genuine claims that were.
submitted. >> > > Alright. So, I assume this will be our last question.
here. So, how can a provider understand what the existing.
plans are being played out or what current plans are being played out in their area? >> > > Well, one of the simplest means that a provider.
can, you understand, be conscious of what'' s taking place in their location is to follow our website.There ' s info– or I'' m sure any one of.
our social networks feeds. However on the web site, there'' s frequently information,.
our news release, as well as others both for federal police action against medical care.
providers in different areas as well as state activity, claim by the Medicaid fraudulence control.
devices. >> > > As Well As Senior Medicare Patrol on the neighborhood.
location will have whatever the neighborhood taste is for the scams in their specific location so.
they may desire to reach out to them too.

>> > > Alright. Well, wonderful ideas. Thank you both for those answers and also sharing.
that beneficial details with our visitors. So, that'' s a wrap for us. We understand that there are a few questions that.
we didn'' t obtain to so we ' ll follow up in the remark section after we cover. Thank you for viewing. And together we can battle health care fraudulence.
and also help to protect individuals and patients. Many thanks once again to Shimon as well as Mike for signing up with.
us. And also if you believe medical care fraud, waste.
or abuse, please report it to our scams hotline. As well as for more details, see our site.
at oig.hhs.gov. Thanks. [Music]

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