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The Christmas Capital of Texas is already gearing up for a big holiday season.

The city of Grapevine has proudly held that title for the last 13 years, and even though the last couple of years tested businesses on Main Street, their holiday spirit is still strong.

Business owners like Jessica Cruz help bring Grapevine to life each season. For nearly a decade, she’s created these large displays of Santa’s helpers and incredible Christmas lights outside her shop, Texas General Store.

She said she actually starts planning for each holiday season as soon as the last Christmas ends.

“Every year it grows and we work so hard. Really this starts in January and all the way through. What you’re seeing now to prepare for what everybody gets to come out and enjoy,” Cruz said.

She also said her biggest challenge this year continues to be the supply chain issues and inflation, which forced her to start ordering Christmas products as early as January this year just to get what she needs on time for her customers this holiday season.

Inside Texas General Store on Main Street in Grapevine

“I think everybody has heard the word supply chain. You have to really think ahead of all of the ways that you’re ready for the experience that everyone is going to have at Christmas capital,” Cruz said.

During the pandemic, she says the community stayed so supportive of businesses to help them survive during closures and higher expenses. But with inflation hitting consumers extra hard this year, there’s some concern.

“This year, people have other things to worry about. They’re worried about their jobs, the economy. Other things that are happening in the world and unrest,” Cruz said. “I’m just curious if people are going to tighten up their wallets a bit more and be a little more concerned with coming out. And being more careful with every single dollar they spend. I think last year people were feeling so generous. I hope that continues. I understand people need to balance things but I hope that continues into this Christmas season as well.”

That’s why new attractions like the Peace Plaza Ice Rink can help draw in more families to business districts like Grapevine.

The 4,500 square-foot ice rink is the largest outdoor rink in North Texas, just steps from the Grapevine main station and the city’s 50-foot live Christmas tree.

The ice rink will stay open through January 8, 2023. Click here for details.

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