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Rep. George Santos made a significant revision to his 2022 campaign filings Tuesday by specifying that a $500,000 loan he made to the campaign didn’t come from his personal funds.

The initial filing from September included a checked box saying the hefty loan came from the “personal funds of the candidate.” In the new filing, which was first reported by the Daily Beast, that box is unchecked. The amended filing, however, doesn’t provide any new information about the source of the funds — it only says the loan came from the candidate but wasn’t Santos’ personal money.

About $150,000 in loans is still marked as having come from his personal funds. A separate filing shows a new $125,000 loan that came from Santos in October, but was not from his personal funds.

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The freshman congressman has come under scrutiny after a bombshell New York Times investigation published last month showed much of his résumé appeared to have been manufactured, including claims that he owned numerous properties, was previously employed by Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, and had attended and graduated from Baruch College.

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