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Feral Business | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 52

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MATT: Hi everybody, and also welcome to tonight'' s. episode of Vital Duty, where a number people nerdy-ass voice actors kick back and also play.
Dungeons & & Dragons. ALL: We play Dungeons & & Dragons! MARISHA: Yeah, we do! MATT: Yeah, alright. Prior to we begin, we desire.
to offer a nice thank you and also speak a bit concerning our superb enroller for Project Two because.
the very start: our pals at D&D Beyond. Sam? SAM: D&D Beyond, everyone. If you'' re just joining.
us, you may not remember this, however I love D&D Beyond so much.I love the application, I enjoy the.
system, I love the company, I like the individuals. I enjoy it a lot that I wish to be in control of.
it, as well as run the company, which is why I'' m competing president of D&D Beyond. I introduced my.
project a month or 2 back. It'' s going terrific. Whole lots of fundraising. I ' m awaiting donations.
from you individuals. TRAVIS: It'' s in procedure. SAM: That ' s what those envelopes were that I.
slid under your chairs. ALL: Oh. MARISHA: Thought that was a vehicle parking ticket. SAM: Those are not tax-deductible. I'' m pleased to.
introduce today that I have a challenger. A large part of running for office is to have an opponent as well as.
to recognize who you'' re encountering. A whole lot of nominations was available in, a great deal of suggestions. Some people.
couldn'' t do it. Marisha was really practically as well young to run. Taliesin, not a resident of the.
United States. Likewise not exactly sure where he is a person of.TALIESIN: It

' s a nation that doesn'' t exist.
any longer. SAM: Yep, that'' s about right.
Travis didn ' t pass the. IQ examination. So what we ' re entrusted was the opponent that will&be running versus me for the presidency. of D&D Beyond is:( drumroll) TRAVIS: Oh,'is that a drumroll? SAM: Liam O ' Brien! LIAM: Oh, guy. SAM: We ' re buddies, so I hope we run a respectful. project. LIAM: The word is frenemies. SAM: Yeah. I ' m mosting likely to do
my best to not– the. trouble right here is that I ' m type of a master of
media.I ' m politically smart. Individuals like me. I'' ve been doing this for some time. I got Dani Carr as my campaign supervisor. I'' ve got it taking place'. So I. wear ' t understand what you ' ve entered shop for this campaign, yet it ' s not mosting likely to be
all that. However. whatever. I ' ll offer you the floor. Allow ' s see what you obtained.
LIAM: Well, all I can state is give thanks to fuck for a. two-party system.

Sam'Riegel, you ' re adorable.You ' re quick-witted.
You ' re clever. You ' re excellent in. bed, but this is the grownups ' table. Roll the motherfucking clip! NARRATOR:( VO )And currently a message from Liam.
O'' Brien. LIAM: My fellow tabletoppers, I am involving you.
in these dark times to bring sense and also factor to the table. For also long has our terrific video game been.
moving right into a lugubrious den of iniquity, impropriety, as well as awkwardness. We reside in a world.
where any Tom, Penis, and Harry can come waltzing into the solemn halls of both dungeons as well as.
dragons with half-baked backstories as well as Cockney accents in hand, and run roughshod over the.
time-honored customs of fantasy make-believe.

My challenger in the race to be president of D&D.
Beyond has actually relied too long on appeal, quick thinking, creative personality selections, which.
cartoonishly large parasail he calls a smile. Sure, he and his compatriots have actually peddled you a.
constant stream of things like heart, humor, complex exploration of the human problem, as well as the.
playing of duties in this role-playing game. Yet at what price? At. What. Price. As your next head of state.
of D&D Beyond, I am working on a platform of responsibility, on the regulation of legislation, as well as the legislation of.
the rules. I promise a new era of gravity and also honor. No much longer will certainly Hunter'' s Mark be mismanaged. Crazes will be raged when it is undoubtedly time to craze, whether you'' d like to or no.
Therefore aid me. Larkin, every rogue will certainly know specifically when and also just how to apply the assassinate feature. Enough.
suffices. My challenger would have you believe that D&D has to do with story, experience, magic and also marvel. Don'' t you think it, my buddies. Don ' t you believe it.
With me as your following head of state, we. will uncover truth joy of gaming: systemic memorization.To d4, or otherwise to d4: that is the.
inquiry. Thank you, and gods bless D&D Beyond. (VO) I'' m Sam Riegel ' s spouse and I authorize this.
message. TRAVIS: Oh, wow. I imply, that'' s simply– LIAM: I leave it up to individuals to determine. SAM: I don'' t like this.'I don ' t similar to this in all. I wear ' t have a video, I don'' t have a logo design. I wear ' t have American flags behind me, or wheat areas, or. whatever that shit was. Dani, what are you doing to me ?! We require a video clip! Ooh, you'' re decreasing. Do you remember what I claimed concerning a considerate campaign? Fuck that, the gloves are off,.
motherfucker, you'' re dropping. I will certainly rule D&D Beyond! Back to you, Matt. MATT: Thank you, Sam. Thanks, Liam. LIAM: We'' ll resolve it in the bedroom. MATT: As well as thanks, our close friends at D&D Beyond. Next announcement.Those that haven '

t seen The Browse for Grog, our special Vox Machina one-shot. from our online show in LA, will air tomorrow evening. So listen to the Essential Role Twitch network at. 7:00 pm Pacific to view it.
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Travis, you ' ve obtained something– Not Travis', Laura, actually. LAURA: Hi, I ' m Laura! MATT: That ' s you! You ' re Laura. You'' re Travis. LAURA: So simply a tip, the preorders for our.
remarkable Mighty Nein as well as Vox Machina art prints, those end tonight at 11:59. That'' s signed and. anonymous, most likely to the shop if you desire them because as soon as they'' re gone, they ' re gone.Also,
talking. when they ' re gone, they ' re gone: I ' ve obtained one even more point that I desire to tell you about. Which is– LIAM: Witches. LAURA: So at our online program for The Look for. Grog, we had posters for sale for The Look for Grog. And also we believed we marketed out of them but after that. we found an added box, so we'' re placing them in the store. SAM: Oh cool! LAURA: These are in the store now. There'' s. not a great deal of them, so if you get hold of one, most likely to the shop now and you can locate them. As soon as.
they'' re gone, they ' re gone for actual, due to the fact that there ' s no more. SAM: I don ' t have among those! MARISHA and also TALIESIN: Ed! LAURA: We will get hold of some out of package prior to.

they most likely to the shop. SAM:'No, the people need them even more than us.We can. photocopy, it ' s fine.
TALIESIN: I'have a need. LAURA: So yeah, in honor of The Search for. Grog. That ' s my announcement. Travis! Do you have a statement? MATT: There, Travis– LAURA: Oh! I should state, though, I should. definitely claim the art is by Hugo– LIAM: @takayuuki_art LAURA: @takayuuki_art, and also it ' s so lovely, I'' m. disappointing– Okay, I ' m quiting. Avoid me, electronic camera. Travis? TRAVIS: Yes, right.
So we dropped a little tease. of things ahead on our Facebook and twitter web pages today. We were all rather blown away.
by exactly how fucking quick you resolved our little puzzle.Especially @TimothyGElsy on Twitter, who was the. first to fracture the code. He made M.I.T. proud. It ' s awesome, DARPA ' s really happy of'you. We have a. challenge if you haven ' t seen it, it should be up. We are excited to announce tonight that on March fourth,. we are introducing a Kickstarter task to produce our extremely own Vox Machina animated special.( cheering )TRAVIS: Just allow it sink in.Let it penetrate your. body. Allow it enter via your skin and also your meat and your bones. There will be even more details to. share leading up to introduce day, but since you fractured it so quick we just needed to let y ' all recognize. what ' s dropping. So get buzz. (singing) Get hype.
Get buzz. MARISHA: Animated. An-animated. TRAVIS: I do it for animations, I dance for. cartoons.
MARISHA: (laughing) Dancing for animes! MATT: I understand what I'' m obtaining you for every single day
,. ever. Thank you, Travis. As you individuals might have discovered, we do have a new Twitch overlay that we. introduced tonight. We wished to spruce points up a bit and we wish that you love it as long as we do,.
for all the job we did on it. Little modifications, little visual changes. We'' re additionally working on
a. few unique things to boost your live-viewing experience that we'' ll share much more about that just.
as soon as we can. Some great optional bells as well as whistles and we'' ll roll it out as we get the

opportunity.A vital upgrade, beginning today with episode 52– which you'' re seeing.
this evening– Critical Duty will air on the Crucial Function Twitch network with the VOD offered for.
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watch there if that'' s where you ' re subscribed. We just wished to take a minute to give thanks to all the.
people at Geek & & Sundry as well as Legendary Digital Networks for a lengthy and successful collaboration as well as.
we desire them the absolute best.Be certain to take a look at for all the details. As well as I think that is the end of our statements for the evening. LIAM: Do we still obtain to play D&D on this show?! MATT:( wacky voice) Uh, Liam? I think that ' s. what we ' re doing next. LIAM: Yay! MATT: As well as on that particular'note, let ' s go in advance as well as dive. into tonight ' s episode of Crucial Function. [water bubbling] [thunder] [surge] (chanting) Role! Important! Role! [dramatic Critical Function style] LAURA: Chance!( vocal singing) The adventure. starts, they were always close to you, your unpopular finest buddies, and the DM to direct you. And they. increase from the fires for the fights in advance. Villains are careful ' trigger you ' re 'regarding to be dead. ASHLEY: (vocal singing) They obtained magic and panache, they. obtained falchions and shrewd.
They put on ' t see there there ' s a monster inbound. Inspiration is. waiting, increase up, wear'' t reconsider. Place your fate in your hands, gamble, chance! (chanting) Duty! Crucial! Role! ASHLEY and LAURA: (singing) Can you address the.
call? Diggin' ' deep in your soul as the tale unfolds. Currently it'' s your turn to roll! [fire burning] (giggling) MATT: What?! TRAVIS: It'' s the equilibrium of sensible– LIAM: I simply tied-in a task I had earlier today.MATT: Okay!

TALIESIN: I was with you. MATT: Invite back! Welcome back. So, last we left.
off, The Mighty Nein, trying to find Nott'' s abducted partner had actually made their means eastern underneath.
the Marrow Valley, skirting the Underdark, under the Ashkeeper Peaks and have actually emerged right into the.
pale wastes of Xhorhas. You can be found in contact with one of the roaming scout programs of the realm.
that were immediately assaulted by a roving staff of assassins as well as hunters constructed from gnolls and also a Kryn.
warrior and some type of a mage making use of a brand-new kind of magic you'' ve never seen before. You participated in.
the battle, as well as after some impacts were tossed back and also forth the opponents– at the very least the ones with.
sufficient toughness to make it through the experience– left when it appeared like it was not kipping down their.
favor.Left behind

, you obtained some materials from the survivors of the imperial looking army and also.
made your way through the wastes eastward. Along this way, you started to experience several of the.
far-off weird beasts that stray these lands. You sustained the heavy rains and were suddenly.
hunted by a large, somewhat unhealthy, roc– a substantial bird that you thought was sweeping in the direction of.
you, however instead seemed to be searching a troop of problem hunters as well as you. Via some brilliant use.
of illusionary magic and also some decent stealth rolls, you handled to prevent obtaining associated with.
that battle royal as well as instead bumped into the mainly torn apart army of bugbears with one survivor that had.
been playing possum. Seeing that he was still breathing, you chose to have a discussion.
where you pertained to an understanding which involved: we'' re not going to eliminate you, offer us some.
info, and perhaps let me tattoo your body.Jester shaved a section of his furry type and also. tattooed him with a classic Tusktooth special. You individuals made it throughout the Ifolon River via. some clever Moses-like parting of the waters … as well as some good rope work. I ' m sorry. TRAVIS: You put on ' t need to do that. LIAM: That ' s a mage in Rexxentrum. MATT: Yeah. As the last evening started to find to a.
close, you can see the far-off fire light of what you'' ve currently been educated to be Asarius, the.
City of Beasts, as well as the house to this threat Gluzzo you had experienced. Camping up for the night,.
this much out of the vicinity, you discovered yourselves resting protected below Caleb'' s dome, your.
hut, and also ready yourself for an early morning trip wherever you see fit. That'' s where we left off. So, Mighty Nein, waking from the evening'' s rest, to the gentle rains from the morning.
skies, a cool air cooling the surrounding mud.You look around the gray field populated with. clusters of leafless trees as well as brush and seek to the neighboring city of Asarius. What would certainly you such as. to do? TRAVIS: When he doesn ' t start with, “What do you'. wish to do, “” I obtain anxious
! SAM: I understand! What do we want to, I have no idea.
what we desire to do! TALIESIN: Has our threat close friend currently.
removed? MATT: The heavy snoring, and also somewhat sore.
motion of his body when he gently comes to consciousness, belays the healing period from the.
run into the day before. He has actually not left. LAURA: Hi, Gluzzo. MATT: “” Hello there to you, as well.”” LAURA: Excellent morning. MATT: “” Greetings.”” SAM: Doesn'' t he need to rewrap the tattoo on a daily basis. or something for infections? MARISHA: A bit of coconut oil. TRAVIS: Aquaphor.LAURA: Oh really

? I sanctuary ' t told any person to do.
that. I mean, I'' ve never ever obtained a tattoo, I'' ve just offered them. SAM: You wear'' t have any kind of tattoos? LAURA: No. TRAVIS: You never practice on yourself? LAURA: No, why would I do that? I have various other.
people, you know? MATT: “” It'' s okay. You treat it like any various other.
injury.”” He gets hold of some mud and also dust from the ground, as well as jams it right into the space there. LAURA: Yeah, see? Simply like that. (groans as well as pained responses) TALIESIN: I'' m mosting likely to
obtain some morning meal going,. we ' ll have a moment, we'' ll fill our stomaches, and afterwards we'' ll figure out what we ' re going to do.SAM: The quandary available is that a few of us.
don'' t resemble beasts, right? TRAVIS: Yeah, that is an issue, obviously.
Just how. do we repair that? LIAM: It will certainly be sluggish going, I wear'' t assume we can. do anything that will last more than a brief while. I can alter my own appearance. I can.
adjustment Beauregard'' s appearance. MARISHA as well as SAM: You can? LIAM: Yeah, I understand how to. Roughly a hr of time. MARISHA: Wait, you ' re telling me this currently!.?.!?! SAM: Is this a new capability? TRAVIS: I believe so.LAURA: Yes, it
is! SAM: He'' s always discovering and expanding as a wizard! It'' s what I love about him most. LAURA: Just how did you even discover this? That'' s. actually great, Caleb! MARISHA: How much time have you recognized? LIAM: Not long in all. TALIESIN: It still baffles me that anyone.
can'' t do this. LIAM: I have actually been dealing with it, because, you.
know, what you are expecting. LAURA: Like what? To changing back and also things? SAM: I mean, we hadn'' t had a talk about it, so I.
didn'' t understand if that was something that got on your, whatever the old matching of.
radar is. (laughter) SAM: I didn'' t understand that you realized. I indicate, I.
put on'' t wish to stand in the method of your development as well as trip and your path. I suggest, if you stumbled.
upon a way to, you understand, make me entire again, I wouldn'' t claim no to it. LIAM: You know that my major emphasis is on.
transmutation, and altering something from one more, so it'' s not totally out of the realm of. sense for me to have actually been working on such a thing.What I '

m able to do is limited. It'' s not what
you. desire, yet it ' s a begin. MARISHA: For how long does it last? LIAM: Approximately a hr. TRAVIS: Very same for me. I can re-up it every as soon as in.
a while. TALIESIN: I think you look just great. That'' s the. sense I get. TRAVIS': Oh, that ' s right. MATT: You examine at Gluzzo as well as he ' s not even. paying interest to the discussion. TALIESIN: (louder) That'' s the sense I obtain. MATT: “” What'' s the– What?”” TALIESIN: I was asking yourself, our good friend right here, Mr. Fjord, is most likely going to be, not necessarily invited with open arms, however he'' s not going
to. draw any type of strange looks or anything in this town of yours? MATT: “” He'' s tiny for an orc, but he should be.
okay.”” TRAVIS: No, no, I'' ve worked out.I have– LAURA
: You'' re really big'.
You ' re very large. as well as stuff. TALIESIN: Fun-sized.” MATT: “He ' s rather small.” LAURA: I believe it ' s a really excellent dimension that you. have.'TRAVIS: Maybe I ' ll make myself a little. bigger. MARISHA: Possibly you do appear bigger when you'' re
on a. ship, an encased location. TRAVIS: Mm-hmm. LIAM: Where do you clock in, concerning 6'' 1″ or–? TRAVIS: Yeah, ish.Okay.

Allow'' s stop discussing.
me. Perhaps, if we determine precisely what we need in the city, we'' ll recognize the length of time we actually.
need to be therein. SAM: We require to go into the city to obtain some type.
of transportation, right? Some type of animal or car to take us better in our trip. TRAVIS: Oh, yeah, that'' d make it faster. Or else.
it'' s, what, 2 weeks? LAURA: It ' s a long time, yeah.TRAVIS: Boy. Yeah. SAM: Do we need anything else? Defense? Allies? LAURA: Just shop. Books, possibly. SAM: Would they have publications in beast land? LAURA: Some dresses and things. LIAM: Gowns? LAURA: Well, I like dresses. I thought we could.
seek some. I wager the ones here look a lot different than the ones in Nicodranas, so I.
believed it could be fun to shop. LIAM: Undoubtedly, yet we are mosting likely to require to.
choose our moments for changing Beauregard as well as Yasha'' s appearance'. It ' s not video game on throughout the day, like
. we ' re in Zadash where we can go buying for points. If we see something, if it presents.
itself, after that we could, but we need to be careful. TRAVIS: We do have manacles. We might make them.
our prisoner. LAURA: That could bring in interest, though. SAM: We could throw a bag over someone'' s head and.
drag them right into an alley– TRAVIS: Punch them every when in a while. MARISHA: I'' m standing right here! LAURA: Well, Caleb, you can disguise yourself and also.
Beloved, and I can practically camouflage Yasha. I indicate, I assume I could. SAM: You can? LAURA: Well, I can alter something into one more.
pet, so I can'' t visualize I can ' t transform her into an additional individual, do you think? TRAVIS: Exactly how long does that last? LAURA and also LIAM: Roughly an hour.MATT: That

' s Polymorph. It'' s a hr. I suggest,. yeah, you can do that. LAURA: Is it'strange? MATT: It ' s not strange.
Polymorph is, you can turn. into anything, so if you wish to turn right into a various person? Totally, by all methods. TALIESIN: It ' s a bazooka, is'what he ' s saying. TRAVIS: Make use of things that can make you a dragon.
into somebody who looks various. MATT: Yeah, generally. Yeah, absolutely. SAM: Does Yasha– Yasha? Who'' s Yasha today? MATT: She'' s still setting as well as seeking out at.
the sky.SAM: Do you fit in right here? MATT: “” I place'' t been this much north, however I indicate,.
if a person enters my face, I'' ll punch them.”” TALIESIN: If we were mosting likely to Polymorph anyone, I.
would recommend Mr. Caleb, since I imagine we would desire physical people to really feel comfortable in.
themselves. I guess a great deal of you is up below? LIAM: It'' s basically all up there. I was assuming.
that I would certainly alter my look. TALIESIN: Oh, that'' s fair

too.That ' s possibly a.
far better plan. LIAM: Yeah, as well as you can be whatever you desire to.
be. MARISHA: Does it alter my clothing? I seem like my.
blue vestiges truly claim Realm. LIAM: I can change your entire look and your.
physical being for roughly one hr. MARISHA: Dope. TRAVIS: Gluzzo, are there any type of codewords or phrases.
in your city? Any introductions or things that people exchange that would know to somebody that.
lives there? MATT: “” Not really. It'' s more of a heavy grunt.”” TRAVIS: A hefty grunt? TALIESIN: (grunt) MATT: (grunt) TRAVIS and also TALIESIN: (groaning to and fro) MATT: “” That'' s excusable. That'' ll most likely work.
for some people, yeah.”” TRAVIS: Having been in the city as long, anything.
ever before make outsiders really obvious to your eye, or ear, when they are available in? MATT: “” I put on'' t actually keep an eye out for the outsiders. I head out and also quest things, and bring them back, as well as “” benefit my boss.That '

s about it.”” TALIESIN: We'' re really hoping to go in, do a little.
business, and also go out without creating a hullabaloo, is all. MATT: “” After that don'' t trigger a commotion.” TALIESIN: After that if they see human-ish people-ish,.
exactly how large of a problem, if we do encounter something, do you believe that'' d be? That ' s fair. LIAM: We are not going to trigger a racket. I would.
ask of you, Gluzzo, are you going to trigger a hullabaloo?MARISHA: I'' m a fan of'just how much we ' re making use of the “word “ruckus.” TALIESIN: We ought to obtain a commotion room.MATT: “Look

, I ' m going to be straightforward. You individuals have refrained from doing anything negative
to me, and also you wear ' t “seem to be the typical Realm “types. As long as you put on ' t go screaming that you ' re from the Empire, “maybe you ' ll be fine.” TRAVIS “: I throw him'one more gold”. MARISHA: Is that money poor? Is that bad cash? Does it likewise shout Realm? MATT: “No, I indicate, gold is gold. Not everybody takes it. A great deal of the city tends to be barter for
“job, but some do take gold.” LIAM: If you escort us right into the “city securely and see us to the outskirts when our organization is done, there will be one more 20 for you.MATT: “How
about this? When we obtain to the city, I. simply never ever see you once again.”( giggling) MARISHA: Barter.

LIAM: “I will give you 10 gold to see to it that
. that happens.” Simply take it. MATT: “I ' ll take it, okay. Excellent offer.
” He. stands up,( stretching “)'. “Well, shall we?” TRAVIS: Yeah”, let ' s do it “. LAURA: Wait, are you going to– TRAVIS: Transport, remedies, weapons, points like. that. Perhaps books, if there are such things.SAM: Should we split up
or stick with each other? LAURA: Stick.

TRAVIS: Stick together in an absolutely obvious. team. SAM: Do we have any kind of methods, if we do get split up,.
do we understand where we ' re conference? Since we'put on ' t recognize anything regarding'this city. Are there any kind of–. Gluzzo.
Are there any type of areas in the city that are very easy to identify? Tower apexes, anything that.
we can– TALIESIN: We'' re right outside the city. MATT “: “Well, the city'' s got a wall surface around it, as well as. there ' s watchtowers. There ' s the Aurora Hold in “the middle. It ' s the large grey tower item. That ' s.” where all the Kryn use as their base of procedures.” TALIESIN: Let ' s maybe satisfy at the wall surface as well as not the. facility of the city. That appears “a little– MATT: “Regardless.
There are business,. if that ' s what you ' re trying to find.” TRAVIS: I think that ' s– yeah.
Before we leave,. does any individual want to take a, uh-huh, out? SAM: A gander at the thing? LAURA: While you men do that, can I chat to.
Gluzzo? I'' m going to take the haversack off and also pass it to whoever desires it.Don ' t take it out. SAM: No. Who wants it? LIAM: I'' m holding it. MARISHA': I ' ll take it. TRAVIS: I really feel like Beau ought to have it, for some. factor, some dreadful reason. MARISHA: I may enter a racket. LAURA: Don ' t enter a–! MARISHA: I'' m mosting likely to attempt to avoid rackets. LAURA: Hey, Gluzzo. Can I take him aside? MATT: He'' s standing tall currently, as soon as again. Even.
with a slight inkling, he'' s still close to 7 feet. Him and also Caduceus remain in a comparable variety,.
with a similar inkling, yet his ears are a little larger out there. A great deal heavier fur. He'' s. happily dopey. LAURA: Gluzzo. MATT: “” Yes?”” LAURA: Can you tell me about the Light that you.
pray to, please? MATT: “” Oh, are you familiar with the Luxon?”” LAURA: Yes, I have heard a little concerning it, however.
I was questioning what you can inform me regarding it. MATT: “” To be perfectly honest, I don'' t understand all. that much. The darker elves inform us of excellent “” possible points if we collaborate as a.
community.Since I ' ve expanded up, it was constantly “about the Luxon, as an area “to come to, and also–” LAURA: Place to find to?” MATT: “There is an area to prayer in the city,. yes.” LAURA: Actually? MATT: “Yes.
” LAURA: What does it look “like”? MATT: “It looks type of like–” He pulls out his. locket. Those that are” listening, you can see throughout the chain a little, wire-frame. dodecahedron made from rough metal.He goes, “The Luxon
, they state, is the very first and also the original

. god of Exandria. If we function hard together and also we “remain pious towards the light, after that perhaps. eventually we “, too, will be reborn.” LAURA: Right.
Since that would certainly be really amazing,. to be born-again. MATT: “Yeah.
Specifically,” he points “back,” “considering that. my type of work is not all that secure. Anyway.” LAURA: To the light, as well as stuff! Also the. Traveler. MATT: “Okay!” He starts walking towards the “city.” LAURA: Oh god, their god is our point! SAM: Is the problem god the same as the Kryn? LAURA: Yeah, yeah! TRAVIS: Did you say, “to the light”? LAURA: Yeah “, he was claiming he hoped to the light. He hopes to a point that appears like our thing. MARISHA: We have their god in our haversack? LAURA: I recognize, I think we have a holy relic or. something! TALIESIN: It might be.That seems to make good sense. The Luxon, right? That ' s what I heard. LAURA: Luxon. LIAM: I ' ve informed you about this. SAM: You ' ve informed us concerning the Luxon? TALIESIN: That ring any type of bells? MATT: Roll a faith check. TALIESIN: I was wishing you ' d claim that. MARISHA: We thought it was a various Luxor. TALIESIN: Seven. MATT: Overall, 7? Nah. Nope. Never heard of it. Aside from– at that roll, you hardly keep in mind that Caleb discussed it a couple of times.You ' re. like, oh, oh yep. That'' s as high as you recognize. TALIESIN': That ' s generous of you. SAM: We have their holy antique along with the
. antique that can perhaps– TRAVIS: Magnify it? SAM: Likewise give them children? I suggest, this is– TRAVIS: I don'' t learn about that. LAURA: I'think it ' s everything about their being born-again. I think the children, suppose– (gasps) Oh my god! What if, when people pass away, their soul obtains entraped.
inside of this thing? Until it'' s returned, new hearts can ' t go right into brand-new infants, therefore no infants.
can be birthed as well as stuff? What happens if we'' re maintaining every one of the spirits with us? MARISHA: Suppose our hearts obtain trapped in it, and.
we'' re stuck in there for countless years? I wear'' t want to be a child once more! Being a baby.
drew! SAM: Oh no, you'' re getting younger now! MARISHA: Spunk! LIAM: I think that we are still in a wait-and-see.
moment right here. TRAVIS: I assume we'' ve utilized it a fair variety of.
times and no one'' s developed into a wee enfant. LAURA: I'' m not saying you develop into a baby.SAM: Sweetheart is stating that. TRAVIS: That is what Beau is claiming. MARISHA: I wear'' t wish to be reincarnated as a.
infant. Reincarnate me as a tiefling or a dwarf or something. SAM: Sorry, Beau, just going to say, prematurely for.
the whole Reincarnate service. MARISHA: Oh, sorry. Didn'' t mean to– I spit'there. I didn ' t mean to spit on you. LAURA: How does that work, though? Can I ask a.
concern, though? SAM: Sure. LAURA: Exactly how did it function? Did you come back as.
already a functional person? Or did you return as a child demon? SAM: No, I came back as what you see here, minus a.
year or 2. I was a mature goblin. LAURA: Where did this body come from, you understand.
what I imply? Was it somebody else'' s, or did it show up magically or something? I put on'' t. understand.SAM: That injures a little. I don'' t understand. I wear ' t. know if they place my spirit in a person else'' s body, or if the body was made, or what. I wear ' t'know. This body hemorrhages, so it ' s not some sort of– it wasn ' t built by a man. MARISHA: Perhaps you were a baby and also you don'' t. remember it. The majority of people put on ' t bear in mind when they ' re infants. I indicate, I do. LAURA: Yeah, yet after that they'remember when
they ' re,. like, 4. TALIESIN: I seem like we ' re reaching the origin of. something with you that I'truly wish to check out later. I ' m unsure what it is yet. SAM: I don ' t assume I was ever before an infant due to the fact that, if I. were a child, and I expanded up to be a goblin adult, my boy would be ten,'12 years, now? LAURA: That ' s real. TRAVIS: Yeah, Flight of the Navigator. MARISHA: I did simply gaze at this relic ahead.

of Gluzzo.LAURA: He didn'' t see it. MARISHA: Is that very insensitive, though? LAURA: It appeared like your head was in the bag. It.
most likely looked like you were consuming some path mix or something. LIAM: He doesn'' t strike me as a high, divine,.
learnéd male of the cloth, if it is also a standard faith. From what I have actually reviewed,.
individuals here, the Kryn, made use of to prayer a different god, I wear'' t know exactly how long earlier. Lolth. SAM: Lolth? I can tell why they quit.
worshipping that one.LIAM: This is some kind of an adjustment for them. Whether that is two decades earlier, a hundred years back, 300, I don'' t know.
The works I discovered on that. were rather vague. Whoever created this text thought that this Luxon, whatever it is, is.
misdirecting individuals here, and additionally that it is because of the Luxon that this darkness, I believe,.
that we are seeing, is linked to them.This light

and also darkness. LAURA: It'' s in charge of the dunamancy? Dunamis? LIAM: Perhaps linked. TRAVIS: Is there anybody going out of the city in.
our direction, since we'' ve spent time? MATT: Make an understanding check. First of all, Gluzzo is.
concerning 90 feet from you, walking towards the city. SAM: Oh! We should possibly capture up. MATT: He began strolling, and you individuals maintained.
talking, and he maintained strolling. TRAVIS: 14. LAURA: Should we camouflage ourselves? LIAM: I assume, for optimal time, we must–.
everybody bring up your hoods, and also allow'' s get closer to the city. Or else we are going to melt.
with 20 or half an hour. TRAVIS: Yeah.Fair enough. Well, allow ' s see that ' s.
on the road. MATT: Looking ahead, best you can see, there'' s a. reduced haze that permeates a great deal of the area before you this very early in the early morning, based upon the.
recent rainfalls that have actually happened. You don'' t see any person. You'' re not close enough to draw focus,.
but there'' s a great deal of task around the city, though it'' s as well far to actually construct the fine.
information. You do see, currently in the daytime, some sort of a boundary wall. Seems a gray or.
purple shade; it'' s difficult to actually distinguish this range. You can see watchtowers scattered along.
the borders a little. You can slightly see one one apex, loosely central to the whole shape of the.
city'' s horizon. There'' s a lot of points collected around the beyond the wall surface. You'' ll most likely. have to get closer to construct even more detail.TRAVIS: Not a lot of traffic when traveling can be found in.
as well as out right now? MATT: Hard to tell from this range. There are.
no roads bring about you; you people are out in the middle of the field. TRAVIS: Allow'' s get a little closer, as well as I ' ll usage. Disguise Self to make myself look fucking jacked. Huge-ass traps and delts, as well as my clothes.
do not quite fit right anymore. Rippling-ass muscle mass, and also I'' m– LIAM: I thought that you already were jacked? TRAVIS: No, I'' m fucking jacked. Fjord– SAM: You'' re shredded. TRAVIS: Yeah. I need to transform like this. MARISHA: Never ever extended a day in your life. LAURA: He'' s obtained slim poultry legs, yet incredibly.
big– TRAVIS: If I'' ve reached run I '
m like( awkward. galloping ). LIAM as well as LAURA: Always avoid leg day. MATT: It only obtains in the way.LAURA: I ' m
mosting likely to use Disguise Self to make.
myself resemble me, just incredibly goth. MATT: Okay. Goth Jester. LAURA: Goth Jester. I'' m going to do makeup like. Yasha ' s, so black things and eyeliner. Natural leathers, ragged black leathers, and dark lipstick. Certainly black fingernails and also tattoos and stuff. MATT: Okay. Yasha reaches down as well as gets some mud.
as well as smears it down her face. You see these finger lines throughout the front. Musses up the outside so.
she appears like she'' s been wandering and searching alone in the wild for some time. TALIESIN: I'' ll play with that. I ' m mosting likely to scar. myself up, and also emaciate, and also let whatever obtain a little craggly. A little more Dark Crystal-y on.
the incorrect end. LAURA: Ooh, great! LIAM: How do you wish to do this? MARISHA: Can you make me a man tiefling? A red,.
shifty-looking tiefling? Red skin, deep eyes. LAURA: Deep, what color eyes? LIAM: Crazy eyes, like you'' re demonstrating for me.
today? MARISHA: Yeah, like that.SAM: You can ' t alter your voice, currently. MARISHA: What, you don ' t assume I seem like a. dude? SAM: Type of.
Yeah, no. You'' re good. MARISHA: Give me a dude physique that would certainly match.
this. LIAM: Okay, so I draw out a small caterpillar'' s. cocoon, as well as I begin sputtering some mysterious words over it. I float it in front of your face, and after that.
poof. She is a, poof. MATT: There you go. You are a red tiefling. It'' s. quite exact as you can imagine, a minimum of what you can see of on your own. You wear'' t really have any. reflective surface to inspect, but based on this, not bad.MARISHA: I check my trousers. MATT: You'' re a dude tiefling. Considering that Caleb'' s actually. just'seen one dude ' s tiefling before– (laughter as well as applause) MATT: Long might he reign undoubtedly. TRAVIS: Holy crap. LAURA: He'' s only seen one man ' s tiefling. MARISHA: Why is simply my cock purple? I don'' t. understand. There'' s a gradient. LIAM: It'' s just a sunny-side up egg. MARISHA: My delighted trail has an ombre. This is.
incredible! MATT: The benefits of the tiefling. SAM: Long as well as broad may he rule! MATT: Anyhow. LIAM: Hang on, we are not finished yet. I begin to.
cast Disguise Self on myself. I make myself resemble a male variation of Jester, blue, like a double,.
yet not fairly as goth.Just called method
back– A bit, yet not rather as goth, yet the same. I can'' t do anything concerning the voice, I'' m sorry. Allow ' s go. MATT: Okay. Considered that there ' s a time
limit. on the period of these spells, a little hustle probably wouldn'' t pain. SAM: Let'' s do it. MATT: You men pick up the speed a little bit, jogging.
with the muddy areas. (squelching) Your boots are occasionally getting captured for a moment, but.
you manage to maintain a suitable pace heading towards Asarius. You reach Gluzzo who goes,.
“” All right, we'' re running! Okay!”” And he stays on par with you bounding alongside.LIAM: It ' s still
us. We simply experienced the. Saint ' s Row character
creation. MATT: Yep. Basically. TALIESIN: I like that we currently have MC Christ and. Gerard Method at the table.
It ' s all I really required. MATT: This is our version of Beast Factory. A lot.
love to the brothers. SAM: Incidentally, Matt, side note: this music is.
fucking outstanding! Whatever you'' re doing? Incredible. MATT: Thank you, Blizzard, for offering us approval.
to make use of Diablo music. LAURA: Oh, tight! LIAM: Thanks, Snowstorm. MARISHA: Thanks, Blizz. TRAVIS: For the light. LAURA: (laughing) For the light. MATT: As you come close to the City of Monsters, you can.
see currently the tall fort-like wood wall surfaces. Planks of purple-colored wood developed right into a point ten.
feet from the ground around the perimeter.Watchtowers peaking over at a number of factors.
along. Knowing Caleb'' s direction sense thanks to his accomplishment, you'' re approaching from a.
southern-southwestern instructions. Sets of mud areas surrounding the eastern end of the city are.
noticeable where staffs of hobgoblins as well as bugbears harvest roots and tubers and also other odd and.
hardy produce from the suddenly cultivable land around this city. The western side, which.
would certainly be to your left, outside the wall surfaces is thick with wheeled carts, armored orcs, gnolls, as well as.
other goblinoid soldiers checking and cleaning devices and also sometimes quarreling. You can see,.
though the war gets on that side of Xhorhas, there is still a military visibility below. Your eyes catch.
the uncommon Kryn soldier that'' s wandering with the rankings maintaining the tranquility as well as checking in with.
members of this regiment.A handful of

huge hillsides sit amongst the teams, resting areas for ballista.
and products as demons lift as well as discharge boxes as well as affix heavy artillery to the top of these piles. As you'' re remaining to relocate towards the city considering this display screen, you see a group of gnolls.
together tugging on these hefty natural leather bands at the base of one of these mounds and also you watch as.
it moves, mud and dust rolling from the sides exposing 4 hut-sized, thick trunks of legs.
from underneath.A gigantic battle

tortoise. LAURA: What?! MATT: From this range, you can only think 60 to.
80 feet from end to end on this shell. (heavy steps) TRAVIS: What the fuck is that? LIAM: It'' s a battle turtle, guy. It ' s a battle. tortoise. War turtle. MARISHA: Can we trade The Mistake for that? MATT: A set of spirits rush up instantly to the.
front to shovel baskets of moss and also other roots right into the mouth of the huge behemoth. You'' re in. wonder of this and also noticing the various mounds currently: 4, 5 noticeably spread among this war.
band.A collection of growls and smothered barks catch your interest in the direction of the front rankings where you.
can see various huge, tailless, panther-like beasts connected to hefty messages, saddled as well as.
lightly armored for future fight. You glimpse past the tiny military beyond that, beyond the piles to.
see two enormous forms making a wide boundary around the city loosely in your instructions. A set.
of the huge furred hunks that you first saw when you first went into Xhorhas in the range. They'' re tracking around the wastes as well as the surrounding premises. Heavy iron chains covered.
like a harness across their 20-foot wide torso each placed by an armored Kryn that'' s shaking back.
and also forth with each influence of its huge tree trunk-like arm or legs dragging itself with the filth.
and mud. You can see squat legs dragging it ahead as its arm or legs draw it ahead like a heavy.
gorilla. All covered in a dark gray-brown hair that'' s matted with mud and grime.The face of

animal, which you see for the first time currently that it'' s obtaining close enough, relaxes between the.
shoulders without neck or truly a head. Simply embedded between where the shoulders are as part.
of the upper body. A grey, scaled, leathery eyebrow that folds up around four red eyes the size of cannonballs.
prepared just like a crawler'' s deal with and a tangle of teeth as well as tusks that protrude from a frighteningly.
broad mouth that almost leads from shoulder to take on at the really front. (stomping) As it.
shifts forward, among the mouths opens up and you see this big, hefty, thick tongue pull off as well as.
scrape against the tusks and after that withdraw into the mouth and the jaw closes closed. You can really feel on.
the ground with each hefty limb autumn (stomping). SAM: Those are in the city or outside? MATT: This is outside the city. LIAM: About just how tall? MATT: That animal is probably about 30 feet at.
the top of its elevation. Shoulder height. TRAVIS: But 20 feet large. MATT: The shoulders have to do with 20 feet broad side to.
side. If you'' re to take a look at it directly like 20, 25 feet ideal there.The shoulders themselves are. regarding 20 feet apart and also from the top when it ' s completely stood, you envision it ' d possibly stand up. to about 25 or 30 feet, however it has a tendency to be a little stooped as it draws forward. TRAVIS: You recognize when you go to that area in the. video game as well as you ' re not quite leveled up for it'yet? MARISHA: Mm-hmm, as well as you run the various other means. LAURA: Yes. You individuals, not to be cynical or. anything, but I assume their army is way
cooler than the army that we ' ve seen. SAM: Mm-hmm. For certain. LAURA: Perhaps we should all simply hang around and be. component of Xhorhas from currently on.
I mean, they ' re pretty cool.MARISHA: They are pretty amazing.

LAURA: They ' ve got moving hills. They'' ve got these. large spider strange men.
MARISHA: I desire a war turtle. TRAVIS: The tortoises are insane. SAM: We have actually not tasted the food here yet. Perhaps. allow ' s just reserve judgment for– LAURA': Yet we have Caduceus. TALIESIN: I feel like we ' re gilding a terrible whole lot. of assumptions at the minute.
I ' d truly like to get a much better sense of these people before we– LAURA: Choose to live below? TALIESIN: Even make a decision how we feel regarding it. LIAM: Roughly 51 even more mins. LAURA: Okay, allow ' s go. SAM: Yes, this may be like … You know when you. most likely to Hawaii and also you ' re like: why don ' t we live below? LAURA: Yeah. LIAM: 50 mins. MATT: You press on as well as Gluzzo is running together with.
you and also keeping his head down. You guys approach the southeast gateways. Each side is concerning 10 feet.
wide, possibly 15 feet tall. It in fact crawls up more than the remainder of the surrounding wall surface as well as.
has a minor arch to it.One of them is shut the other is partly open. You can see some soldiers.
are can be found in as well as out. Other individuals that are working the area begin exchanging directions and also.
that would certainly be the nearby entryway– excuse– to the city. MARISHA: Does it appear like there are individuals obstructing.
the entrance? Like they'' re heavily secured? MATT: Nobody obstructing the entryway, yet you do see.
on each side of it 2 huge and also armored ogres. Both holding hefty clubs with an axe blade.
on each side.They '

re just there keeping an eye out. TRAVIS: Are individuals that are reoccuring are.
they wearing anything determining? Any type of type of medals, badges, pins, ribbons? MATT: Make an understanding check. MARISHA: Individuals who are coming as well as going, are.
the ogres quiting them? MATT: No. TRAVIS: 19. MATT: 19? Absolutely nothing that you can truly make out,.
regrettably. I mean, their attire aren'' t uniform. Everything is really jumble as well as.
scavenged or created to, at the very least from what you'' ve seen, to be practical. There''
s no. design. As you approach this hefty entrance, you can see among the trolls seeks to you all and.
( roaring breaths). TRAVIS and also TALIESIN: (grunt) SAM: Can we simply walk with confidence? TRAVIS: Yep. LAURA: Yeah. MATT: Who'' s leading the cost in to the city? TRAVIS: I am. MATT: Go on and make a deceptiveness check.LIAM: It'' s much like we ' re sneaking into an E3 celebration. Here we go. MATT: Done that a thousand times. LAURA: Yeah, resemble you belong. Resemble you belong, nobody will quit you. TRAVIS: 16. MATT: Yeah, we'' ve all needed to creep right into our own game events before. MARISHA: That'' s true. MATT: Short on the emblem post, us actors.As you grunt and also
the troll
grunts back, you keep walking. He doesn ' t take note. He doesn ' t notification. You all weasel past through the six-foot space of the ideal hand door that ' s open, as well as get in Asarius. TRAVIS: We ' re in. TALIESIN: City of Beasts. MATT: Within the city, the winding dirt roadways you already see prior to you are rough and glossy with the current rains as the air itself is poignant with the smells of pet hair, damp earth, and also dung. It quickly hits you like a wall surface. This is the largest stroking zoo you could ever before consider checking out. Droves of waste folk roam the roads. Big trolls gripping barrels as well as beams. You can see orcs that are dragging pursued quarry behind them with the mud or over their shoulders a few of them still having a hard time, not fairly dead from the wounds they sustained prior to an orc just takes it and knocks it throughout its back so it goes to tranquility and quits relocating. Not a great deal of discussion, yet occasional bickering and growling at each other. There is still a civil sense of order to this.More than you would certainly have presumed based upon the interactions you ' ve had with gnolls and other such creatures that seem to live in these areas. Spirits especially.
As well as you do see goblins. You do see goblins and goblin-kin kids rushing via the streets and scooting off right into the roads. Collections of them bring something together. Some of them just attempting to wait on something to go down or be left or forgotten from one of the larger individual as well as after that simply scavenged as well as taken away.LAURA: Absolutely keeping hands on pockets and pouches.

MATT: Okay. MARISHA: Yeah. TALIESIN: I ' m maintaining an eye out. LIAM: Did you offer Jester back the haversack or are you–? MARISHA: Yeah, I did.
LIAM: Okay. LAURA: Part of my disguise it looks black with my camouflage. MATT: However most of the people you see that are spread out throughout the city are furred problems, scruffy gnolls, nervous kobolds, in fact, and also the periodic minotaur. SAM: (wheeze) MATT: One in certain captures your eye who'' s. walking with two sets of 5 bear up each side, Kryn soldiers. You see one substantial minotaur,.
jet black onyx hair, giant produced horns that contour to the front. Immaculate– uncharacteristically for.
this area– beautiful silvered armor that is delicately carved and also described. You can see this.
dull grey cloak that drops past the shoulder mantle and drifts to the rear of the knees. Its.
unguis are embellished with a kind of plate armor right to the front. As it looms by, you can see.
this heavy greatsword that'' s tossed over its back.Everyone stops and provides large berth as it strolls.
with across the street. LIAM: The whole table simply transformed into the horny.
as well as aroused meme. LAURA: Yeah. SAM: I'' m right into this. LAURA: He was gorgeous. MATT: Continues down the road in loosely the.
instructions that you'' re taking a trip, yet an excellent 20, 30 feet in advance of you and afterwards proceeds if you wanted.
to keep up or simply wait. MARISHA: He had a posse? MATT: A posse of approximately 11 or 12 Kryn. TRAVIS: Are simply around him? MATT: Around him, yes. You get the feeling that he.
has some kind of relevance or station in this location.TRAVIS: Yeah.

I was going to claim that'' s a guard. TALIESIN: You ' ve probably got to work hard to maintain.
that tidy. LAURA: Wow. TRAVIS: Do we intend to comply with? Currently that we'' re in,. is there anything that is noticeable to the eye? Like a tools shop– MATT: Gluzzo'' s just walking away. TRAVIS: Yeah, all right. He can simply– MATT: He doesn'' t recognize.'You ' re in the
city. and he simply strolls away. TRAVIS: You neglected your … ten … gold. Okay. Do we see anything like a blacksmithy or a tools shop or– SAM: Livestock? LIAM: Well, that'' s everywhere.That ' s going
to be'.
hard to identify a location. MATT: You can begin to look around. LAURA: There'' s probably pets. SAM: We can ask about. TRAVIS: I'put on ' t wish to make a great deal of– I don ' t. intend to beg a great deal of contact simply yet as well as see what we can see. MATT: Proceed and also make a basic investigation. check. Oh,'if you ' re not asking about, after that it would certainly just be perception. TRAVIS: Damn. Examination would'' ve been far better. Okay, though; it'' s 19. MATT: As you individuals begin to walk as well as go into the.
city, you start absorbing a few of the views around you. One point you discover is there are.
periodically people here. They'' re not every one of the numerous impressive races that you would certainly'' ve. anticipated. The humans that you do see here are normally solitary and they are scarred and also harsh. Perhaps feral, it'' s difficult to tell, yet they have an eye about them like they'' ve been with enough.
to make it through amongst these individuals in the wastes and this city.You obtain a feeling
of why Yasha put. herself into a little bit of that harsh and tumble discussion before you entered. LIAM: Do they have the look of, say, beaten,. frightened servants or rough–? MATT: Make an insight check. LIAM: Yeah. TRAVIS: Excellent call. LIAM: (grumbling) Rounds. TRAVIS: Perhaps if you had a lot more, you know, space in. that dice tray. LIAM: 12.
MATT: You wear'' t obtain a feeling of any kind of kind of. oppressed or put down element. They simply appear to be another making it through member of the community who,.
due to the fact that they are human as well as the nature of the war as well as the kind of individuals that exist in this room,.
has actually had to go through some harsh hazing.LIAM: Prison

policies. MATT: Yeah, sort of. SAM: Is any person using the symbol? The Lux? The.
Luxor? MATT: Make an understanding check. TRAVIS: Ooh, good call. SAM: Not wonderful. 10. MATT: It'' s tough to inform. There ' s a whole lot of.
motion, and a whole lot of armor, and also a great deal of hair, and also a great deal of various other types. You wear'' t see anyone that.
really overtly is showing off any kind of kind of iconography or fashion jewelry that would be similar to.
what you saw on Gluzzo. MARISHA: Besides the minotaur and the army, is.
there any type of kind of guards? Any kind of– TRAVIS: The watchtowers. MATT: You put on'' t see any type of kept in mind guard.You wear'' t
see. anyone who appears to be uniformed or have any type of kind of an identifiable outfit or imagery that would.
provide you the concept that there was a roaming guard, yet. MARISHA: The watchtowers look like they'' re. most likely for siege assaults, for army? They put on ' t appear to have any person posted in them? MATT: They do have people published in them. You.
don'' t understand if that ' s because it is wartime, or that it ' s
part of the'watch over the city, or. both. You ' re unpredictable. LIAM: Maybe you covered this and also my player missed out on.
it, however do the Kryns appear to be an occupying pressure or part of– LAURA: Why does it seem like you state Koreans? LIAM: Because it seems like he'' s saying Koreans. LAURA: No, he says “Krin.”” MATT: I state “” Kreen.”” LAURA: However you say “” Kor-een,”” so it seems like.
you'' re stating– LIAM: I believe I said “” Krin”” last game, Laura.
Bailey.This time I attempted to match the dungeon master, yet I am having fun with a German accent and also. often weird things happen.
You ought to have listened to things I needed to say in a German accent. earlier today. It was this whole scene, male
. TRAVIS: Doubles, doubles, please. Please. LAURA: Aww. LIAM: Inhabiting force or incorporated with society? MATT: Make an insight check for me. LIAM: Provide me a good roll. It'' s cocked, right? SAM: Since you have a thousand dice around it. LIAM: It coincided roll. 19. MATT: It'' s hard to tell. There doesn'' t seem to be. any kind of worry of the Kryn as they walk, yet they wear ' t seem to be completely integrated as well as scrubing.
shoulders with the roughnecks of the city.You don ' t
feeling any type of type of stress that would.
generally be component of an inhabiting force. LIAM: Yeah. Okay. TRAVIS: I'' m of the mind that we must follow the
. huge minotaur. I mean, he could just be mosting likely to and also from locations of importance. SAM: Did we see where he went? MATT: Yeah, he'' s still walking in advance of you men.
with a brisk pace.There '

s some distance expanding in between the two of you. TRAVIS: Yeah, we'' ll keep 20 to 30 feet behind. LIAM: I believed we were trying to get beasts to.
ride. MATT: As component of this, as you'' re walking, as well as. based upon the perception roll that you made– because I'' m mosting likely to fill you in on even more of that. Checking out, the structures of this building are different and also patchwork, with huts and also hovels.
joining mud-brick structures and also domes, and also little, roughly-hewn and toned domiciles. You.
pass one of the dormant turtles that you saw that'' s really in the city. It'' s sitting there.
inhabiting a great deal in this city. Atop its back, you see a spirit neighborhood of dense shacks and also.
homes, gathered, built, and also strapped onto its back. You can see– TRAVIS: Obtain the fuck out of below. MARISHA: That'' s so fucking awesome! LAURA: Did it creep right into the city due to the fact that it could.
relocate ?! The entire city can relocate ?! MARISHA: Yes, it the turtle still active? MATT: You can'' t inform. All you see is the shell. there and this demon neighborhood built atop its covering that ' s strapped and also pushed onto it.You can.
see all these gathered camping tents and huts as well as pieces of collected as well as scavenged woods that have been.
compressed to create this small shantytown atop this tortoise covering. There you can see a few.
goblins around that are doing fixings, a couple of that are– TALIESIN: I was mosting likely to say, cruise liner are the.
worst. MATT: Some that are extending leather to tan,.
however the weather isn'' t great for tanning. They ' re getting annoyed due to the fact that it'' s obtaining mildewy. This spirit'' s like( angry muttering) and also attempting to extend it out more and breathe warm on it. It'' s. not truly doing anything. LAURA: Nott! Did you survive a turtle? SAM: No, I did not live on a turtle. I'' ve never ever. seen anything like that. That'' s amazing. LAURA: This is means cooler than what you had. SAM: Yes. Yes. MARISHA: I actually seem like we ought to buy a.
turtle. It seems so beneficial. SAM: The upkeep, though. If you own a turtle,.
you need to repair whatever on it.MARISHA: That ' s true. What if you rent the turtle,. is that– MATT: Leasing is really the method to go. MARISHA: Yeah, rent it. Get the most recent turtle. LIAM: It ' s a business cost'. MATT: As you people pass the tiny goblin. neighborhood to your right,
you listen to the familiar barks that had actually echoed from the military earlier. You. pass a preserve/livery for those panther-like monsters. You can see a countless number of these. kept in this large pen.
They have these chain collars around their neck, and also they ' re all. connected to a central', hefty pole that ' s presently pressed deep into'the mud. There are a few of them. that are lying and also sleeping; a few of them are hungrily pacing on the outside of the pen, looking. at the passersby and also roaring. Getting a better take a look at it, you can see they have this splendidly. aerodynamic profile to them.
Their head and neck are sloped right past their shoulders to the. back. Essentially, it isn ' t till the back haunches that the curvature finishes. What it is is this extremely. slick, matted, thick, hefty, wiry hair that itself is a plain gray-purple color.It appears matted at.
the top, and after that it often tends to fluff out a bit when you get past where the shoulders as well as the pits are.
of its appendages. It'' s extremely panther-like in its physicality, just a lot more muscle and also lean and.
stretched. A little more overstated in its feline number, other than the truth that its head is this.
continual, muscled neck right into a sloped, toothy mouth at the front. You can see on the sides these.
2 huge, bulging, almost creepily fish-like eyes that are lidless and also jab out the sides of the.
head, watching out in both instructions. In the front, there is not a traditional pet cat nose, but it.
looks virtually like a pet cat head, yet flesh drew over it. It has these 2 open slits that are long.
in the front. Its jaw hangs open with these two large tusks that snuggle in the front, and its.
tongue dangles out the front. (panting) LAURA: Can they blep? That'' s the important thing. MATT: We'' ll need to learn. LAURA: With the fish-eye blep. That would certainly be so.
cute. SAM: We'' ve just seen these animals by themselves? They'' re not lugging anything, and also they put on'' t have saddles of any kind of sort? LIAM: I believed they were armored up.MATT: These ones do not. The ones that you saw.
outside in the army were. SAM: Were armored, but didn'' t have individuals riding.
on them? MATT: They were saddled up. They didn'' t have. people on them at the time. SAM: Oh, they were saddled up? LAURA: We can ride them. LIAM: We are going to Skeletor this spunk. MATT: You also can see the solitary, three-story.
apex of grey rock that Gluzzo had actually discussed before that he stated was called the Aurora Hold. You can see parts of it are the stone framework, and after that aspects of dark, practically.
tinted glass seem to make it up like a cathedral spire.It towers above the rest of the city, which.
doesn'' t have a great deal of variant in its elevation. Most of the structures are constructed close to the.
ground, whether it be from constraints on individuals that built it or a cultural.
indifference to trying to make things with several layers. You can see the distinctly elven.
components to its style and structure, which makes it attract attention much more versus the rest of the.
city. You additionally pass inner-city animals pens, with pigs that are maintained in basic pig problems. Not awful, but they enjoy their mud, and also this is a great space for them. You can see one pen that.
has these huge aurochs that are being kept as pack horses that are penciled into each various other.
right into a tiny area. There'' s a part of the ground where more of those origins– similar to.
those huge areas you saw being grown outside of the city– there'' s a smaller variation of.
it being put here. LAURA: (murmuring) What'' s an auroch? LIAM: It'' s an ox. MATT: Yeah, a massive ox. Big, hefty, bison-type.
hair wreath around its head, huge horns.These particularly, you would collect, probably pull a whole lot.
of the heavy tools as well as, from base to shoulder, most likely stand about 8 feet tall. LIAM: Big yak. SAM: Do we go speak to the livery folk? LAURA: Oh my gosh, can we ride these thingies with.
the fish eyes? SAM: Yeah. MARISHA: Can I go knock on the turtle shell as well as.
see if the turtle'' s still alive? TRAVIS: Let the turtle thing go for a little.
little bit. SAM: The turtle covering'' s not attached to the.
livery, right? MATT: No, it'' s a range behind it. As a note, as.
you walk through the city, citizens push previous you.Some pay no mind; some do give a curious appearance. due to the fact that you ' re absolutely not an army of primarily beast-looking people. They don ' t appear to stop you. LIAM: Caleb kept in mind the time when they cast their. spells. Would certainly his eager mind inform them just how much is left? MATT: At this time, I ' d state you have in between 25. and 20 mins left of those spells, while that it ' s taken you to walk to the city and afterwards'. make your means this much within, watching
for numerous details around you. TRAVIS: Suppose we divide? What if we acquire some. transport from the individuals that put on ' t have the worry of changing back? The others can make their means. out of the city, and we ' ll satisfy you there.SAM: Or! We ' ve seen some human beings around below',. they ' re just scummy. You might just filth up your face as well as fit in.
LAURA: Or we simply fucking recast the spell. LIAM: Yeah. LAURA: Yeah. Just allow us recognize when we ' re running. out of time. SAM: I ' m just saying, if we'' re mosting likely to be here. for longer than two hours and we'wear ' t want to keep modifying, we might possibly see if– TRAVIS': We might simply beat the crap out of Beloved. as well as we ' ll be fine. MARISHA: I ' m so down to be scummy.
LIAM: Let ' s be clear concerning our objectives below, though. We were going to get something to ride, and also leave. Ja!.?. !? TRAVIS: Yes.LIAM: Okay. MATT: Caduceus. While they ' re having this. conversation, you ' re browsing the space, as well as'you look back as well as that big minotaur that you individuals. were following is currently strolling straight towards you. SAM: Oh, god! MARISHA: What do you suggest? Oh, god! TRAVIS: I put on ' t intend to be below! TALIESIN: You'guys don ' t recognize anything yet. We ' ve. obtained business. SAM: Allow ' s go see if there ' s somebody functioning at. the livery.
Is there a hut? MATT: There'' s the huge pen, and also there is a. 40-foot-wide framework; rough, thatched roofing system that'' s been treated with some type of a hefty filth.
and/or perhaps animal mucous to provide it a glossy, rain-proof outside. The front has a door. It'' s a. rough-looking door, that'' s rounded on top as well as doesn'' t fit correctly right into the whole entranceway, but.
it appears practical. Do you stroll in the direction of the livery? SAM: Yeah, that'' s why we '

re here.LAURA: I'' m looking at the minotaur. MATT: You individuals move towards the livery, he curves.
and follows. He'' s beelining towards you. TALIESIN: Mm-hmm. I ' m mosting likely to acknowledge with a.
bow, as soon as I observe that he'' s relocating towards us. LAURA: I ' m going to smile and after that remember that.
I'' m goth as well as go– TALIESIN: That ' s better. MATT: He approaches. Just two of the Kryn soldiers.
that were with him are now at his sides; the remainder have actually gone inside the Aurora Hold, which appears to.
have actually been his location until someone had actually made note. TRAVIS: I wish we had actually planned a tale before.
we came in here. MARISHA: Yeah. I indicate, yeah. MATT: He comes close to as well as stops maybe 10 feet from.
you, towering over your whole lot. Regarding your height. Maybe a little bit taller, however much wider, as well as.
burly. As quickly as his last hoof-fall hits the mud– TALIESIN: Okay, I'' m feeling the physical.
aggression? MATT: Just an existence. TALIESIN: I'' ll offer it to him.I ' ll obtain a little.
shorter. MATT: “” I have to admit I have not seen you within.
this city before.”” TALIESIN: This is our initial time here. MATT: “” So color me interested. What is your organization,.
and also whom do you offer?”” TALIESIN: May I, or do you intend to? Our organization.
is we'' re wanting to collect some transportation, possibly do a little profession while we'' re in community, and directly.
our way. Regarding our service, we are exclusive specialists on what I will certainly say, of the many.
missions that we'' ve advanced, is one of our truer, more noble objectives at this moment. MATT: “” Contractors? What is your business?”” TALIESIN: Whatever we'' re being gotten for. At.
this point, just– MATT: “” Sellswords?”” TALIESIN: Sometimes. TRAVIS: Smugglers. TALIESIN: Sometimes. MATT: “” Where do you hail?”” TALIESIN: All over. LAURA: Around, really. TRAVIS: Nogvurot, for me, yeah. MATT: I require you both to make deceptiveness checks. TALIESIN: Is that deceptiveness? MATT: You'' re definitely not from throughout. You'' re.

from one place.TALIESIN: That'' s fair. 19. TRAVIS: 17. MATT: Okay. Looks squarely at each of you as you.
say this, and turns the nose up a little bit and also gives a very short nod. You hear home plates of the metal.
creaking as he shifts the weight from one unguis to the various other. TALIESIN: That is lovely, by the way, I'' ve. never seen anything like it before. MATT: “” As well as you never will. Handmade.”” TALIESIN: Gorgeous. LAURA: By who? A truly effective artisan master.
smith and also things? TRAVIS: You'' re gothing. You ' re gothing real great. LAURA: I ' m taking place gothing as I ' m doing it. SAM: “She ' s not relocating her jaw. MATT: “It was crafted from a sister of my residence in.
event of my near-umavi ascension.”” SAM: Near-umavi rising? MATT: “” You'' re certainly not from around right here, are.
you?”” TALIESIN: Quite not. MATT: “” Well. Sellswords, if you'' re seeking. work, there is work below in these lands in a time “of

war.If you can bring a blade, while we send out.
most of our able-bodied soldiers to the front “” line, cleanup is a little bit of an issue below in your home. I would certainly claim talk with Girl Zethriss Olios within the “” Aurora Hold if you are looking for gotten.
work.”” SAM: State that name again? MATT: “” Zethriss Olios.”” TALIESIN: That is really generous of you. TRAVIS: I'' m sorry. Forgive our impertinence, we.
didn'' t ask for your name. MATT: Provides you a resemble– you can see in the.
means the head transforms like, you don'' t understand my name? He goes “, “I have had numerous names via many.
lives, yet the one I take now is Sunbreaker Oloman.”” MARISHA: Sunbreaker Olman? LIAM: Oloman. LAURA: Almond. SAM: As well as is there a Mrs. Sunbreaker, or–? TRAVIS: Are you flirting with the fucking.
minotaur? SAM: He is fucking warm. (laughter) SAM: And also, you recognize, 50/50 my partner'' s dead, so. (surprised laughter) TRAVIS: Wow! We'' ve been sending him messages every.
evening. LIAM: Risking our lives behind enemy lines.MATT: The substantial minotaur looks down at the. spirit with a curled
eyebrow and also goes, “Heh. No.” SAM: Hmm. MATT: “Well “, wear ' t make any kind of messes,” and also'he transforms. around. TALIESIN: Satisfaction.
I like it right here. LAURA: Did you see the means? I think he winked at. you.
I think I saw– SAM: I couldn'' t tell– TALIESIN: I thought he winked at me, yet that'' s. fine. SAM:– with his puncturing eyes. LIAM: Those were his horns, were puncturing. His.
horns, Nott. SAM: Yeah. He was sexy. LIAM: Remain on task. SAM: Sorry. I'' m sorry.TRAVIS: Just how much time, Keen Mind? LIAM: Concerning 15 to 20? MATT: At this point, about 15 mins or so previously
it– TALIESIN: Allow'' s head right into the liv– TRAVIS: Livery. TALIESIN: Livery and see if there'' s a. conversation. SAM: What was his name? Oloman. LAURA: Olman? Olmin? MATT as well as LAURA: Oloman. LIAM: Nottbreaker Oloman. (giggling) TALIESIN: Oh no. MATT: Anyhow. SAM: Saddle up! (giggling) TRAVIS as well as SAM: Like a gerbil on a banana.TALIESIN: When once again,
Sam has actually destroyed tomorrow. morning ' s Twitter.
LIAM: DM'' s as red as his tee shirt. MATT: Never undervalue the players' ' capability to.
fuck with you. You approach the large structure that rests affixed to this big pen where these.
animals are presently held. The odor is strong. It'' s a combination of the hair, the dung, as well as this. heavy, acrid smell that you can only associate to– LIAM: Feline piss.MATT:– hefty,
long-soaked piss. You get in. the inside of the structure. You can see a collection of demons that remain in the procedure of lounging,.
refraining from doing their tasks. They'' re resting there, drinking these little wooden cups of some kind of.
a liquid, they'' re speaking among themselves. You capture the tail end of the discussion, Nott. One.
of them'' s stating, “This whole point is being outrageous. Everyone ' s just taking stuff as well as not.
actually paying for it.”” As quickly as you people walk in they all (grunt) and rest upright, and all look into.
on the opposite end. You see, turning from the contrary side, this would certainly be … best. An older.
demon, possibly later on in his years. A bit rotund, this puff of gray-white hair that rests at the back.
of the head and the front of it'' s just hairless entirely.Liver places on the face. Long nose that. pertains to a gradual factor in the direction of the ground. Spheric chin. Resembles Meg Mucklebones from.
Tale, however a lot smaller sized and a guy. LIAM: “” Older in his years,”” does that indicate he'' s. like 15, 16? MATT: Pushing 20, maybe 25. (oohing) TALIESIN: He'' s seen some spunk. MATT: This figure is missing out on both arms. Has a.
really great, somewhat filthy vest over no t-shirt. Has a set of slacks rolled up towards the knee, and.
bare feet walking that are black under. The lengthy, dirty nails sanctuary'' t been clipped in a.
while, as well as hook over the front of the toes. You can see him reaching up with one leg, and also finishes.
wrapping a rope around some pole leaning on the edge.He transforms

the rest of you and also goes, “” Hello there,.
there! You pertaining to operate, eh?”” SAM: You'' re ablaze tonight. Hey there, old timer! MATT: “” Oh, hi there, little girl! Great to.
see you!”” SAM: Pleasant day we'' re having right here. MATT: “Fairly positive without a doubt!”” SAM: Do you handle these stables right here? MATT: “” Aye, welcome to Zorth'' s Matches! I ' m Zorth.” SAM: “Zorth”? MATT: “Yeah!'” LIAM: Zorth. MARISHA: Zorth ' s pit? SAM: “Family company'? Are these your kin? MATT”: “No! They
' re a lot of pissants!” And they.

kind of (goblin yelping) scatter.One of them starts carefully entering the pen with a.
cluster of possibly not-the-freshest meat yet is standing prior to them and also throwing them. You listen to.
( snarling) and also instantly the demon runs outside. Recalls at the rest of you, “” Right here we.
obtained the very best monsters in the land. You wanting to “” buy something, huh?”” SAM: (stuttering) We are. Or a minimum of lease. Lease? Borrow? LAURA: Lending, possibly. SAM: Yes, we'' ve been having a look at your stock.
below. I'' m from the south of Xhorhas, so I'' m not acquainted with the pets up here.The …? MATT:
” Moorbounders! “” SAM: Maulbounders? MATT: “Moorbounders!” SAM: “Moorbounders.” That ' s the much longer,.
panther-like? MATT: “” Yeah, they'' re from the swamps in the.” south.” SAM: That ' s why I was familiar with them. MATT: “” That'' s where you claimed you were from. You. don ' t know what” they are?” SAM: Well, we call them something various down.
there. MATT: “” What do you call them?”” SAM: We call them … overload panthers. MATT: It'' s not really creative. And also not exact.
either. SAM: No. No, well that'' s why– MATT: “That am I to evaluate? A wonderful girl coming.
in here to do some organization. Currently I'' m not going “to “lie, these aren'' t cheap. And looking at the bunch.
of you, I wear'' t recognize if they ' re in “your wheelhouse “to pay for it.But you know? Allow'' s offer it a shot. anyway. What are you trying to find? The amount of you “” looking to purchase, huh?”” SAM: The amount of would certainly we need? Can each one carry.
even more than one? MATT: “” Well if you'' re included, after that you ' ll. possibly healthy three on among them. For the typical “” sized individual– Oh, consider this large fellow right.
here! He'' s pressing– possibly two at most with him on “” there, but you know … conservatively claiming.””.
( giggles) SAM: My face is covered in spittle. You had.
various other creatures here, too, did you not? Exist larger creatures? MATT: “” No, simply them.”” SAM: Oh.Didn ' t we see some larger monsters of.
worry? MATT: Those were various other places. SAM: Oh, fine. Okay– LAURA: Exactly how much are we speaking for one? MATT: “” For one? Well let'' s see, costs have actually been. going up given that they'' ve been buying them off me “” left as well as right for the war parties, so pressing.
regarding 5 hundred gold each.”” LIAM and also TALIESIN: Oof. MATT: “” They'' re dangerous, they'' re quick; much faster.
than any type of riding equine you'' ve ever before seen!”” TRAVIS: Single saddles, or do you sell custom.
dual saddles? MATT: “” They can jump thirty feet in a single.
bounce! Not requiring any type of type of run up in any way!”” TRAVIS: (laughing) I don'' t recognize why I ' m trying to. consume alcohol today. That ' s a fucking mistake. MATT: “Hopping down trees, mountains, rocks,.
whatever you need. Cliff sides? Not a problem. “” They'' ll take you there.” SAM: (like Zorth) How'' s the resale value on these? Sorry, sorry!( typical voice) Sorry. Exactly how ' s the resale worth if we bought these? Can we market.
them in an additional community for almost as much? MATT: “” If you'' ve obtained a sufficient sales plan and also.
you'' re extremely convincing, probably.But reward them

” well, push them “, feed them, don'' t allowed them kill.
and consume you, I believe you'' ll be good.” LIAM: Is this taking place alike? TRAVIS: Nope. LIAM: Is this Demon or Common? MATT: This prevails, since it was a mixed team.
that was available in below. Has not slipped anything Goblin-wise to you directly yet. LIAM: Okay. LAURA: That'' s a lot.
I don ' t know if we could. afford that. SAM: The number of do you believe we would need, do you. think? 3, four? LAURA: One, two, 3. SAM: They can each hold two, fully grown. What. concerning “this'large fellow here? MATT: “That ' s what I ' m saying! He ' s possibly. pushing it to two tops. Perhaps 3 “if you ' re “included. You'' re also a large one. You ' re pretty. small. You ' ll probably do that, eh?” SAM: We can get away with 3 of them, maybe. LAURA: We can most likely get away with 2. SAM: 2? TALIESIN: No, no.

No, we require three.LIAM: “Excuse me, my great sir. MATT: “Yes, certainly, what '” s your name?” LIAM: “Gorth. MATT: “Gorth?( laughs) Pleasure to satisfy you. I'' m. Zorth. Our names rhyme. That ' s silly.”” LIAM: That is a coincidence, ja. MATT: “” Doesn'' t occur usually.” LIAM: “No.” MATT: “Pleases me stubborn belly.” LIAM: Doesn ' t seem really impressive to me. I wanted.
to ask you: exactly how difficult are these animals to choose up mastering them and also riding them? Can you just.
select it up or is it a discovering contour? MATT: “” Nah, I'' ll possibly have to give you some.
kind of seminar when you buy them.But that '
s “” component of the getting rate. Get a possibility to establish.
you down and we'' ll go over the fundamentals of “” upkeep, and hi there, provide a name, get them.
made use of to you. Simply a few hrs of training as well as I “” think we'' ll be excellent, yeah?” LIAM: A few hours. Yet, just perhaps among us per.
animal, per beast, that understands how to handle it? MATT: “” Preferably, yeah. It requires to bond to one.
person. Two, as well as it may obtain complex. As well as “” after that it could select one over the other someday, and also.
after that eat the avoid of the one it doesn'' t “determine, you know. If you didn'' t do it right.
So.'you ' ve obtained to take care.( chuckles)” LIAM: Well, you recognize, I am excellent with pet cats, so this.
is appearing great to me. MATT: “” Oh, perfect! It'' s meant to be! The amount of you.
acquiring?”” SAM: Zorth, you stated that battling pressures were.
coming to take these from you.MATT: “Well, they purchased a few. We ' ve been. trying to maintain up.
” SAM: They ' re not” paying full retail, however, are.
they? TRAVIS: Here it comes. MATT: “” They'' re paying what they are expected to.
pay, seeing as how they'' re keeping us safe from “” all the fucking bastards over the Ashkeepers, the.
method–“” SAM: As well as even more power to them. I wish they kill.
those Realm scum, but– MATT: “” Damn right!”” SAM: But, I wish, likewise, that you'' ve been providing.
them the ideal of your supply to combat in the front lines. MATT: “” Well, all we keep is great stock! I mean, to.
be honest, the ones that don'' t “expand up excellent “often tend to obtain consumed by the first. So, you recognize,.
the ones that survive, they'' re usually the best supply regardless.”” SAM: Okay, I'' ll switch to Goblin.All right,.

pay attention: Spirit to spirit, if we buy 3 of these, couldn'' t you cut your fellow gobbie.
a bargain right here? MATT: (laughes) Make a persuasion check. (giggling) SAM: Okay, persuasion? Ooh, there'' s no minus. To ensure that'' s 15. LAURA: Ooh. MATT: Okay “. He” goes, “Mmm …” SAM: I can include a tiny statuary of a dick!( laughter )SAM: An one-of-a-kind dick sculpture. MATT: Leans in close. SAM: And? LAURA: And we can'' t comprehend! We just see her. pull out a cock! (laughter) SAM: This was actually a petrified cock. MATT: “” Truly? Of what?”” SAM: Of a tiny, little human, an ancestral human– TRAVIS: Nope. SAM: That we found in a mine someplace. MATT: Make a deceptiveness check. (laughter) SAM: Nope. Well, no, it'' s there. Persuasion? MATT: Deception.SAM: Deception

. (laughter) LAURA: Oh, no. SAM: Wait, where'' s that? Ooh, 11. MATT: “” Eh, appears around right. I mean, no violation.
( bawdy chuckle)”” (giggling) SAM: I recognize, appropriate? People. MATT: “” Funny.”” TRAVIS: You cope with that. MARISHA: Uh-huh. Oh, I know. MATT: “” I'' ll tell you what. We can function.
for trade.”” SAM: What kind of trade are we chatting? MATT: “” Hey, hello! Get–“” Well, he can'' t really do. that; he doesn ' t have a hand. “MATT”: He'actually snaps with his toes. “Hey!”( giggling )MATT: He ' s outstanding! He is “super dexterous with. his feet. “I ' m having a “conversation! With some “prospective clients.”” And also they all scutter off.
right into a back room and also close the little door. “” I'' m “in a little bit of a pickle, to be honest.You see, I. keep 2 below ground nests where we reproduce our “moorbounders. As well as something ' s type of relocated right into'. among them.
Eliminated among my last batches, my “” last clutch, whatever they call them, I don'' t. recognize. Not quite possibly examined on their background; I'' m “just efficient raising them and marketing them.”” MATT: “” It obtained a little bit frightening, so I sealed it off with.
some chains. And if you'' d be interested, perhaps you “might go down there as well as see what'' s inside, see. what the problem is. Maybe eliminate it and also I'' ll “take “your price down.” SAM: Exactly how a lot down? LAURA: (whispers) Free. MATT: “” You'' re looking to acquire the amount of?”” SAM: 3. MATT: “” You do this for me, I'' ll provide you all 3.” for 750 gold.” SAM: “Half cost?” MATT: “Half rate.” SAM: Let me consult my others. MATT: “” Yeah, of course! Go all out! (laughes)”” SAM: Okay, I will certainly communicate what was said.What.

do you guys think? Need to we– oh, shit! Hold on … Hey! MATT: “” Yeah?”” SAM: Is the monster, or the nest, the area where.
we would be going, within the confines of this city below, or outside the city? MATT: “” No, it'' s below underneath the actual.
premises.”” SAM: Oh, it'' s right here? Okay, cool. Back in a.
couple of. MARISHA: Sounds hazardous. TRAVIS: Did he say what it was? LIAM: What are you speaking about? SAM: He desires us to go kill an unidentified animal.
for him, as well as he'' ll knock half the cost off.TRAVIS: Oh,

that'' s excellent. Yeah. LAURA: That'' s still a great deal of gold, though. MARISHA: Two-thirds. LAURA: I don'' t know if we can also obtain that much.
gold together. TRAVIS: Sure we can. LAURA: (theatrically) I wear'' t know if we can',. though. We put on ' t have that much gold. Maybe he can knock the price down a little bit more! TALIESIN: Just how much gold do we have, I don'' t. really– LAURA: We put on ' t have a great deal of gold with us, you. understand? I honestly don'' t know just how much– TRAVIS: You know what we should do? We must go.
down there and also have a look at this monster, as well as we'' ll choose the way down. SAM: What? TRAVIS: Yeah. Let'' s go see what ' s in this cavern. below. SAM: You just want to go? TRAVIS: Yep. TALIESIN: I was really going to recommend perhaps.
we can send our little, furry pal down there for a little look-see, as well as then create whether or.
not this is a bargain or not. LIAM: Well, whatever we do, we need to do it in the.
next six-and-a-half mins. TRAVIS: If all of us go down right into the cav-ay, then.
perhaps you can recast-ay the spell-ay.

LIAM: I did not cast Comprehend Languages; I put on'' t. recognize what that is, yet ja, we can drop below simply a scooch, and I can do what you'' re. chatting about. TALIESIN: I ' m sure if we have a conversation around.
our specific concerns that if anything were to emerge while we'' re in below, I think they look like. an understanding number. LIAM: I wear ' t understand if I have that much coin, however I. have some treasures and also some various other “products. MATT: “Well, if you don ' t have any gold to spend,. after that why are you can be found in right here asking to acquire points?”” LAURA and SAM: We do have some!.?.!! SAM: Listen, we'' ve determined to decrease as well as take a.
took, analyze the situation, as well as we'' ll come back with our verdict. Does that sound excellent to you? MATT: “” I'' d sort of choose a verification. It'' s up
to.” you.” SAM: We can concur to do the task now if you.
cut the cost to 400 gold total amount. MATT: “” No!”” MARISHA: (murmuring) 500! SAM: 500 gold total amount. MATT: “” 650 gold which'' s” all.” MARISHA: 600 as well as a small

cock statue.LAURA: Yeah, that'' s excellent. SAM: 600 and a little cock! MATT: “” Marketed!”” SAM: I hold out my leg and claim: Shake on it! MATT: You'' re rather dexterous, but it feels like a.
handshake. The real foot curves around, offers it a passionate shake, and also withdraws back as well as checks out.
you all as well as goes, “” So?”” SAM: I'' ll leave this for

collateral.MATT: He tweezes it between both toes as well as tucks.
it into a little pocket in the vest in front. TALIESIN: I figure we drop there. If it gets.
rough, we'' ll just make a quick hideaway. LAURA: Is it right there, right where you drop,.
or is it–? MATT: “” It'' s kind of a– I ' ll lead you there.” TALIESIN: That ' s horrible type of you. MATT: “” Okay! You prepared? All right, begun, adhere to.
me!”” Reverses, pursues where the pen was and past the door where the demons remained in.
there. You can see them glimpsing out as you guys walk by, and also they laugh and also laugh behind the.
door. Obtaining a more detailed check out them, they'' re younger. TALIESIN: Strange concern, are they chuckling with.
us, or at us? Are we being taken? Make a what? MATT: Understanding check. TALIESIN: Insight check. That'' s excellent, that. might ' ve been so bad. 21. SAM: Whispers! Demon whispers! LIAM: (Liam Neeson accent) Now pay attention to me very.
carefully.SAM: Guys, D&D Beyond is
not conscious that&I ' m. competing head of state'of
their organization, however you should sign up for their service. TRAVIS: You ' ll act on this? TALIESIN: I'stated I wear ' t follow national politics. I was'. speaking with Sam. MATT: On the back of this chamber, there ' s a. hefty metal tunnel that curves around the back and that leads where the pen is– yeah, there you. go– from the pen get, where these creatures are being held as well as connected, right into one more back. room.He leads you inside as well as this is a holding location.
The reproducing premises are underneath. They ' re. brought up right here as well as out into the pen as they age, perhaps. Inside below, there are huge. bundles of food. There are huge piles of rolled chain that have actually been coiled, as well as there is a hatch. that introduces a descending slope. He visits it, opens up the hatch,
and goes, “All right, come. on. Follow me,” and heads down right into the darkness.TRAVIS: We follow. TALIESIN: I cast Light. MATT: Okay, the light emanates. The smell.

down here is even worse than the interior due to the fact that it ' s a combination of the moorbounder crap, it ' s a. mix of rot, like rotting-corpse'rot. The chamber curves a little, after that goes right,. and also after that it divides off right into 2. There are 2 doors: heavy iron doors.
Among them has a tiny. barrier that ' s slid in on the appropriate side.
The one on the left side has numerous pieces of steel. pressed as well as propped up against it, chains twisted around it, and a series of various other poles as well as tools. and also points that are pressed up to try and also keep it closed and also at bay, as well as various other furniture. thrust versus it.You can see that it ' s been pushed back a bit. TRAVIS: If you wear ' t mind me asking, did you get'a. great take a look at it prior to you blockaded this entrance factor? MATT: “No! I went in there as well as saw that that the–. well, among my clutters was being eaten, and afterwards “it made a number of sounds and after that I ran.” TRAVIS: You simply heard it, right? MATT: “Yeah, I ' m not mosting likely to– you see what I. need to collaborate with!” SAM “: Were the noises a lot more squawks and blares? Or.
barks or roars?” MATT: “Tiny, mad squeaks, and afterwards a huge. roar.” SAM: “Will you be including us? MATT: “No!” SAM:
All right.TRAVIS: This doesn ' t look like too “big” of a deal.

I assume we ' ll be simply great. LAURA: Pop in, kill the thing, and afterwards pop on. out. Are any of them in there? MATT: “Unfortunately, not because one. The one on. the right is where the litter ' s being elevated “currently. The one in there, refraining'too well.”. He bows his head regretfully for a moment. LAURA: That ' s truly depressing.”MATT: “However hey, that ' s life in the wastes.” LIAM: So'you ' re just going “to wait below on.'tippy-toe while we enter”? MATT: “Yeah!'Do I pay attention in?” TRAVIS: Actually
, we ' d choose “to function in a” little. little bit of silence'. If you ' ll simply wait on us up
top, we ' ll care for this lickety-split. MATT: “All right.Okay, I approve your terms.” SAM: “See you quickly. MATT: He reviews and also pulls a vital out” of his. pocket with his ideal foot, deftly opens among the locks, draws the chain off. “That ' s the huge. component. The remainder of it “is up'to you.
” He scurries up the previous chamber and after that up the incline and also. unseen.
MARISHA: Am I still a tiefling? LAURA: Should we prep? LIAM: We'' ve obtained about one min left. MARISHA: What'' s it appear like? What ' s it appear like.
when I transform? Can you see, like, a bit of my features jabbing via? What takes place? LIAM: No, it simply takes place instantly. MARISHA: Am I getting a little smaller sized? Oh,.
actually? LAURA: I wish to see– wait! Can I look in your.
trousers as it'' s taking place? MARISHA: Yeah, yeah, yeah! TRAVIS: Fucking ridiculous.MATT: You view as

the Polymorph wears away. LIAM:( counting down )TRAVIS: Explain it! Tell us! Does it just. disappear? Does it( drinking)? MATT: It reverts. LIAM: 2, one. TALIESIN: Satisfied New Year! MATT:( slurp) There you go. TRAVIS: I was in the pool! LIAM: Oh, for goodness benefit! SAM: Wow! LAURA: I was sidetracked, I was considering the. horns! I didn ' t also see. SAM: I saw it! I saw it! MARISHA: Okay, sorry. TRAVIS: Hey, Ducey. Why put on ' t you come over here. and also put your ear on this wall surface
and also see if you can listen to anything. TALIESIN: All right. MATT: Make an assumption check for me. TALIESIN: Yeah. Ugh, that'' s terrible. 12. MATT: You don'' t truly hear much, regrettably. It'' s rather peaceful. TALIESIN: May be resting. TRAVIS: Take your ear away for a 2nd? I'' ll go. (boom) versus the side of it. MATT: Okay. TRAVIS: Currently do you hear anything? MATT: I'' m mosting likely to say both of you people make a.
perception check. You with downside, based on the failing of the last roll.TRAVIS: 17.

TALIESIN: 15. MATT: Okay. Still hard for you to get a little.
little bit against the door. You listen to skittering. MARISHA: Yeah. A fucking spider degree. MATT: Tiny squeals, some scraping, more.
skittering. It'' s a methods away, a distant echo; as well as you'' re only barely able to make it up.
against the door. TRAVIS: Yeah, appears like a lot of little.
things.Yet he did claim a bunch of little squeaks and afterwards a roar, so maybe whatever the bigger
point is has something to cleanse up the scraps.TALIESIN: Or it was the
noise of one of the panther things dying.
LIAM: Or possibly we are discussing children as well as mama? Tough to state.
LAURA: Perhaps it ' s a crawler, like a large crawler, that had a nest of child crawlers, so there'' s like a thousand little child spiders and after that one giant huge one? TALIESIN: I like crawlers. SAM: Well, let'' s go learn! Do we have a.
master plan? TRAVIS: Is it sustained by poles? MATT: There are probably regarding 20 different poles,.
metal bars, items of heavy furnishings leaned up versus it. Whatever he as well as his demon performers were.
able to muster they raised against this door to make certain that whatever remained in there did not.
come out.TRAVIS: And

it resembles it'' s been hitting. versus it? MATT: Yeah. MARISHA: Oh. MATT: It appears like several of the posts have actually been. pushed into the ground a little bit, and there'' s a minor space on top where the door appears like
it ' s. perhaps pressed a little out of its joints. TRAVIS: Great bargain, bargain. LAURA: I ' m mosting likely to honor you, as well as you, and you. Yeah. SAM: All right! TALIESIN: Well, in fact, do you intend to'wait. up until we ' re in? Since it ' s a 60 second– do you wish to wait till we ' re in? LAURA: It only lasts for one minute? TALIESIN: Yeah.So you intend to
wait up until we'' re– SAM: Allow ' s go in! LIAM: We ' ve reached go in now. LAURA: Right as we ' re going in. TRAVIS: Yeah, we start getting rid of the poles. MATT: Okay.
Yasha'assists you and it takes– it. doesn ' t take also long. Yasha ' s peeling them off the door and also in between the two of you and also anybody. else who wants to aid you, you handle to get to a point where the door ultimately (creaks) hangs.
open a little. The leading as well as bottom joints loose. The bottom breaks off completely, as well as it.
opens up at an angle where now it'' s longways, inhabiting the same jamb where the door.
formerly was.TRAVIS: All

right, so as opposed to a point, it'' s. opened its hatch somewhat? MATT: It'' s open and also slid away, so currently you.
can travel under or over it. TRAVIS: That'' s type of at our benefit. If you.
wished to, you might float some light down in that direction, or send in your little pal to take a.
appearance. I'' m looking at you, Widogast. LIAM: Yeah, yet we'' re running out of time. TRAVIS: Time for what? LIAM: She has given her Blessing to a few of us,.
which is– LAURA: Yeah, right as we enter. SAM: She was simply claiming she was mosting likely to do it as.
we'' re entering. LIAM: Okay, alright. Oh, my cat.
Great! Sending out. in Frumpkin. MATT: Okay, roll a stealth look for Frumpkin. LIAM: Great. Oh', yet that '
s cat stealth, it ' s 18. plus– where ' s my feline? 20. MATT: Okay, then roll a perception check for. Frumpkin, please. LIAM: All-natural 20. TRAVIS: Ooh! MATT: Okay. Frumpkin heads right into the chamber. It is. a rough, sculpted passage that descends into a below ground cave; maybe 50, 60 feet throughout.
before it comes to an end.It ' s not very vast, and it has a little opening towards the start,.
pinches a little bit, and after that contours around the side to finish. It is wet, it scents horrible, and also as Frumpkin,.
stepping down right into the initial area, you can see bones scattered across the front area. Little.
bones, a minimum of little for the creatures that were in right here. They look human-sized in their tinier.
age, I guess. You see across one collection, one mainly picked-clean body of what might have been a.
young moorbounder. Most likely 30 or 40 large, crusty rats are clustered up over the body. Some of them.
are combating for each various other, squealing at each various other. Some are looking in the direction of the
. sound and also the bit of light that'' s glimpsing via from the door, that'' s now been pushed to. the side, and also the Light spell that Caduceus has actually been maintaining, as well as they'' re all drawing strips.
of flesh and also whatever residues they can from the bones and also the remains of one of these creatures. TRAVIS: When you state large … MATT: About that huge each. LIAM: Hold on, hang on. Browsing Frumpkin'' s. eyes, I desire Frumpkin to check out the ceiling.MATT: Okay.

Frumpkin looks up at the ceiling, and
. there are a couple of rough little bits of rock and rock that seem to have, either with old seismic.
task, pushed via this cave. While it was partially sculpted, there were some pieces of heavy.
stone that couldn'' t be carved, and also because of this they extend as well as arc down a bit. Looking up, pushed.
between where these two rocks are protruding, there is some type of an animal. No information to be.
seen, but a huge creature that has currently pushed every one of its arm or legs against both sides of.
the rocks, and it'' s put on hold looking down. LAURA: All of its arm or legs? MATT: You see concerning 4 arms or legs. It looks.
virtually feline-like, from what little details Frumpkin can see, pressed American Ninja.
Warrior-style into the rocks and is overlooking. (snarling) A bit of saliva drips from.
above. LAURA: Is it really dark in there? MATT: There'' s no light: pitch black.LIAM: I ask Frumpkin to gradually, gradually crouch down. low to the ground and also revoke
the chamber. MATT: Okay.( gently )Frumpkin gradually backs out.( snarling) Backs out,
backs out; and also then handles to find back to the entrance, undetected. LIAM: I break him far from the door. He'' s gone. Okay,'so there ' s a rat scenario. That ' s something, a great deal of rats. There is a huge thing hanging. from the ceiling, overlooking at– LAURA: Like a spider, or what? LIAM: No, no.
It was muscular; it looked possibly.

feline itself. It looks like it is viewing the room.SAM: Can you send in among your big balls of. fire? LAURA: Straight up to the ceiling or something? LIAM: I do not have that all set today since I.
believed we would certainly do a little bit extra chatting in the city. LAURA: That'' s a bummer. LIAM: Yeah. Big bummer. SAM: I'have some oil. TALIESIN: I ' ve obtained some thoughts. LAURA:( fired up wheeze) Fluffernutter! Fluffernutter!.?.!! SAM: We could do something like Fluffernutter. LAURA: Ah! SAM: I imply– LIAM: Do you believe we could make Fireline work. here? SAM: We could. TRAVIS: Fireline? Wall surface of Fire? LIAM: Hmm. SAM: I would have to run in, though.
LIAM: We could tailor it. We can have Frumpkin. do it as well as maintain you risk-free. SAM: Frumpkin can ' t bring a bottle of oil.
LIAM: That ' s real, that ' s real. What will certainly you do. when you get there, though? SAM: Maintain running.
Conceal. LIAM: You need to peel off away. You need to obtain up to. that point, splash them, as well as peel off away. LAURA: Or we toss in some black'powder, and you.
shoot it

! Fluffernutter! SAM: Fluffernutter! I wear ' t have any kind of black. powder.LAURA: What the fuck? SAM: I have a big jar of shedding oil, however that ' s. comparable. Comparable! LIAM: We have a point we have actually done prior to. We. could do it currently. We can attempt it. Better than running in. Intend to offer it
a go? SAM: Sure. You ' ve been in there, aesthetically. How much. from the entry is the creature? LIAM: It had to do with midway right into the chamber, and also. the chamber went back about 60 approximately. So 30, 35. SAM: Possibly I can utilize Mage Hand to lug in– LIAM: That ' s even better. TRAVIS: Suppose we might persuade this thing to be. a horse? I could try to go in as well as speak with it. SAM: You suggest tame the monster? TRAVIS: Yeah. LAURA: What happens if it'' s intelligent? What if it'' s a. human point? TRAVIS: That would be regrettable. TALIESIN: I have not recognized a whole lot of favorable.
circumstances of getting a wild animal to be all right with domestication. LIAM: I like this suggestion because that point is not.
looking for a vial or a jar of anything floating via the air. We might drag it along. Then,.
like you'' re food preparation, you ' re flavoring your food, you could
splash the rats.SAM: Go all over the area with it? LIAM: Straight line to the rats, after that juice the. rats. After that ('surge). TRAVIS: Do it. SAM:'I ' m juicing the rats
? I ' m not juicing the individual. up top? LIAM: I have no other way to get to the man up top. SAM: Okay. I ' ll juice the rats. TRAVIS: You juice-a the rats-a! SAM: I ' ll juice-a the rats! LIAM and TRAVIS: You like-a the juice? LIAM: That ' s a fresh SNL skit from 1980-something. TALIESIN: Just the best. MATT: He'' ll get you more juice. SAM: We'' re mosting likely to attempt something. An established play. MATT: Okay. In this minute of extreme silent, as.
you collect your supplies to plan for your strategy, you take a deep breath. We'' ll come back at this. moment. MARISHA: I knew it! MATT: We can relax every now and then leap into. whatever this is mosting likely to be when we return. We'' ll be back below in a little. We ' re going to take.
a brief break, individuals. We do have our fantastic Wyrmwood giveaway tonight.TRAVIS as well as TALIESIN:
Wyrmwood! MATT: It ' s so quite. I'' m mosting likely to mispronounce.
the spunk out of this. Padauk? Pad-ock? SAM: It'' s stunning. It'' s orange. MATT: It ' s a great shade.
Or as they put it below:.” ” category pertocarpus.” Pterocarpus, perhaps? I wear'' t know. I don ' t shot and pronounce points on. this program anymore. I get adequate crap as it is. Among you lucky champions gets to win this. Since you.
are in our Twitch conversation, you simply have to enter the keyword “” beasts.”” Plural, beasts.Once.

Greater than.
once and you will certainly be disqualified. Once more, it'' s just for people in the US and also Canada,.
leaving out Quebec, since of foolish regulations. We will certainly return here with a champion posthaste. See you individuals.
in a bit. [break] MATT: Invite back, everyone. Laura will certainly be.
leaping in below in a second. She'' s caring for infant stuff. In the meanwhile, we have our champion of.
our Wyrmwood free gift, which is joechasura. I think that'' s the proper name. Joechasura. Congratulations! We'' ll obtain you your brand new spanking Wyrmwood dice box ASAP. TRAVIS: You'' re handing out spankings? MATT: You ought to be so lucky.As you individuals start to. prepare yourselves to enter this chamber– SAM: Yee-haw, Matt. MATT: Yee-haw, Sam. MARISHA: Y ' all come back currently,'you listen to? MATT: I ' m so delighted! MARISHA: Best idea. MATT: It ' s the most effective. For you men, to try as well as. determine what your configuration is
as you head into this chamber, I would like you people to determine what. your positioning is.
If we ' re at this point'right here, who ' s entering very first? SAM: Nott is right at the door because we'' re going. to attempt to draw some shit. MATT: That would be right at the entry means,.
there. Caleb, you'' re at the front? LIAM: Well, I will certainly most likely to the various other side of that.
chamber, that hallway. MATT: Here? LIAM: Yeah, and afterwards take three steps backward. That'' s good. I am preparing a Fire Bolt to go for the ground. MATT: Three go back, so we'' ll put you– LIAM: Oh, I ' m sorry, I suggested 5 feet. Yeah'. That ' s ideal. What is going on? SAM: Travis threw food in my mouth. MATT: That'' s Caleb and also Nott.Where is

else going? TALIESIN: I'' d like to be towards the back, however not. at'the back. MATT: There, perhaps? TALIESIN: That ' s great. LAURA: Did everyone roll campaign? MATT: Not yet.
Combat has not yet begun. TALIESIN: Who do we desire in front? We should. possibly placed Yasha towards the front, I think of. TRAVIS: I'' d like to be up near the front too. MATT: We ' ll put Yasha behind below, as well as Arm. there, before Caleb. LAURA:
I presume I ' ll be beside Caleb. MATT: Beloved? MARISHA: I ' ll be behind Caleb or near Caleb. Yeah,. that works. MATT: Are you maintaining your blink pet away? LAURA: He ' s going to rest outside for this one.MATT: Nugget swirls back into the departure part of. the chamber'as well as( gripes). LAURA': Don ' t make any kind of sound. I'don ' t recognize if he. recognizes me. He ' s actual cute. MATT: He rests there considering you expectantly. SAM: You still have an around your neck? LAURA: Yeah. SAM: Yet a goth ferret! LAURA: Yeah! MATT: A gerret. Mighty Nein, what would certainly you like. to do? From as for Frumpkin could see from exactly how much Frumpkin went into the chamber, that was as.
far as it went.That '

s all you recognize. SAM: The rats were whereabouts? MATT: Right there. LIAM: That'' s our only dip into the moment. SAM: Okay. I'' m mosting likely to try something
. It ' s. most definitely going to function and kill whatever in there in one step! View and also find out. TRAVIS: Appears certain. LIAM: It will flush points out. Right here we go. SAM: (yelling) Fireline! (normal voice) I don'' t. yell that. I don ' t yell Fireline. I murmur: Fireline! I cast Mage Hand.
I take my purified pot of. melting oil. I had cleansed some alchemist oil before. With the Mage Hand, beginning maybe ten. feet where we are, the hand is going to start pouring it out slowly as it lugs it down in a.
line. MATT: (checking) It can obtain– SAM: If I need to, I'' ll action in– MATT: You might need to tip in a little closer for.
the 30-foot variety of Mage Hand.That '

s regarding regarding you need. LIAM: I'' m going to step in closer, then, behind.
Nott. SAM: I'' m mosting likely to splash the rats, right? LIAM: Straight line as much as the rats, and after that.
season them like you'' re food preparation pasta. LAURA: Can Nugget battle? MATT: Nugget can. Nugget can additionally die. It'' s up
to. you. TALIESIN: Wow! TRAVIS: Let Nugget deal with! LAURA: No, no, no. MATT: Simply to allow you know. LAURA: Excellent to know. SAM: God forbid. LAURA: Stop it! MATT: Some points never transform. SAM: Going to make a line towards the rats. After that.
when it obtains around the rats, a number of figure eights all over the rats, all around.When it.

looks like it'' s out, I ' m going to( clicks tongue) to Caleb and state: Fireline! MATT: The oil vial drifts out, putting the line. You hear it scattering throughout the floor of the rock interior cave, splashing as well as droplets.
striking the rock. As it pours out, a few of the rats (hissing) towards the sound. They have actually a.
darkvision of 30 feet, so they see you, Nott. You see in a second, all of an abrupt, regarding 14 sets.
of eyes all of a sudden glow as what little of light is glimpsing from the tunnel, behind where Caduceus.
has had the spell out, catches the back of their retinas. They all gleam in your direction, and also.
then a couple of even more. There'' s a big cluster of rats over there.
Now, I need every person to roll. initiative. LIAM: Is the oil mid-flight now? MATT: The oil has just reached them and also is now.
putting over them.They '

ve saw Nott, and also they'' re beginning to spread as the oil spills in.
their instructions. TALIESIN: That is dreadful. LIAM: Yep. TALIESIN: Going last is probably excellent as a cleric,.
to be fair. LAURA: This holds true. MARISHA: Are we still blessed? MATT: You men are honored. TRAVIS: Does that matter for campaign? MATT: No, only for strikes and saving throws.
25 to 20? LAURA: 24. SAM: 22. MATT: 20 to 15? TRAVIS: Yasha rolled a 19. MATT: Beau, you'' re 18? MARISHA: Correct. MATT: 15 to 10? TRAVIS: 10. TALIESIN: This is great. MATT: Ten to 5? LIAM: 5. TALIESIN: 6.
Clerics at the end are nice due to the fact that. I can reverse anything dreadful that taken place. TRAVIS: Great. Tidy up. MATT: Top of the round, as soon as you hear the.
cluster of hisses as well as shifting of darkened rat bodies in the darkness throughout the way– due to the fact that many.
of you have darkvision. Those who wear'' t, there ' s minimal light in here. You can not see truly beyond.
the threshold of this chamber. Jester, you are initially. LAURA: Do they know that we'' re right here? SAM: The rats do, but that'' s regarding it.
You ' re means in. the back, so you may not also see what ' s going on.LAURA: Okay. SAM: Prepare something? LAURA: Fuck it. I'' m going to do it.'I ' m mosting likely to. toss Daytime into the chamber. MATT: What ' s the range on it? TALIESIN: 60 feet. LAURA: I ' m mosting likely to put it precisely the top of.
that little– MATT: Right here? Daytime fills up the chamber,. revealing the rest of it. You can see where it continues and arcs around the method.
That ' s as a lot. as you can construct out from this distance. You wear'' t see anything else quickly noticeable from your.
perspective. The chamber is really intense. It resembles it'' s daytime, cloudless sky, within the area. The rats (snarling). LAURA: That'' s why I did it; I believed they.
wouldn'' t like light. MATT: Yeah, there you go. That ' s your activity. LAURA: Yeah. Yeah, and also I already did a spell,'so I. can ' t do my bonus.Yeah, that'' s mosting likely to be my action. MATT: You ' re mosting likely to remain where you are? LAURA: Yeah. MATT: Jester remains there. Next up on that is.
Nott. SAM: With the light being cast, do I see things.
that got on the ceiling? MATT: Make a perception check. SAM: Is this my action to regard? MATT: This is a fast glimpse upwards. The.
Daytime'' s going to make it a little– SAM: Four. MATT: You do not. The ceiling itself pertains to a. pinch factor where a great deal of the stones were sticking out down and producing this– what would generally be a.
15-foot-high ceiling boils down to concerning 10 feet, where a great deal of these rock shapes are protruding.
from the sides and also the ceiling. You do not see the creature that was discussed by Caleb.TRAVIS: A reverse abyss in the ceiling? SAM: I'' ll progress and to my right, into that. little jut-out area there, or maybe where– I'' m looking for a place to conceal, so either that.
jutted-out location there– MATT: Here or over here? SAM: If there'' s a hiding area where your finger is.
now, that would be wonderful. MATT: There may be, yeah. SAM: Okay, I'' ll go there. MATT: 5, 10, 15, 20. You at the very least can get.
behind the series of all-natural rock and rock developments that gather on that side of the wall surface. SAM: Bonus offer activity hide. Then hold my activity up until.
I see that creature. I'' ll hold the crossbow. MATT: Okay, all set to fire it when it shows up? SAM: Yes. MATT: You go it. That finishes your turn, Nott. It is.
Yasha'' s go. TRAVIS: Yasha would love to use her 40 feet to come. within the cavern, all the means in, as for

she can.SAM: There'' s mosting likely to be a line of fire. MATT: 30, 35, 40 will certainly obtain her right approximately the– TRAVIS: Right. Where do the rats begin? LIAM: Right where Yasha is. TRAVIS: Let'' s back it up 10 feet. LAURA: Out of the line of fire, basically. SAM: Just to the right. TRAVIS: To the right? SAM: I imply, it'' s where I was standing– TRAVIS: I ' ll go safeguard– she will safeguard Nott.'She ' ll more than

there.MATT: Yasha actions over and becomes component of the.
barrier that'' s concealing Nott. TRAVIS: With her benefit activity, she would like to.
craze. She will certainly hold her strike for when something comes within melee range. MATT: You'' ve obtained it. Yasha completes her go. Sweetheart,.
you'' re up. MARISHA: Okay, I go: Sorry, excuse me, Jes. Justification. me, Arm. Sorry. I listen to there are rats? I wanted a pet rat when. My mama wouldn'' t allow me have one. Actually unfortunate. They ' re really rather tidy– MATT: That'' s your turn. MARISHA: Yep. MATT: That ' s all you do? MARISHA: Perhaps hold my action for an assault, however.
yeah. I intend to move on previous everyone as well as turn up in the direction of Caleb, however off the beaten track. MATT: There, possibly? MARISHA: Yeah. MATT: Okay. You'' re talking and claiming this as you.
walk past, simply as the oil flask, which has cleared now all over the rats, obtains gone down as well as.
shatters on the ground right alongside it.That finishes your go, Sweetheart? MARISHA: Yep. MATT: All righty. At the end of that turn, you.
hear (snarling). Leaping from that ceiling portion down in the direction of where Yasha is, you see a massive.
beast entity. In some methods catlike as well as some means doglike, it has big, bone-like spined.
protrusions along the row of its back, between its shoulder blades. You can see spots of fur and.
durable ribs that are pressing against very tightly-pulled skin. It appears like it'' s starved or. itself gaunt as well as skeletal in nature, but it is probably regarding ten feet from front to back. As it.
leaps down in the direction of her, it tries to make a multiattack on Yasha. LAURA: Whoa, it'' s substantial! MATT: First, you get your assault, as does Yasha. SAM: Oh, plus this for attack? 29 to hit. MATT: That strikes. SAM: Am I concealed sufficient to obtain a sneak assault? MATT: It is adjacent to Yasha, so you wear'' t have. to bother with it.TRAVIS: 25

. MATT: That hits. TALIESIN: Holy fuck. Jesus. SAM: 34 to hit– I mean, 34 points of damage. MATT: Ooh, nice! TRAVIS: 15 points of reducing damage. MATT: Slick! As it leaps down from the ceiling,.
Yasha strikes with the Magician'' s Court with the air, right as you launch your bolt. You listen to.
( hurt cry) as it raises a little from the attack, but the energy still comes climbing down.
towards the ground and also then up towards Yasha. At this point, you see that it has a tail. A long.
tail. A connected, bent tail. SAM: Scorpion tail?! MATT: It has a connected barb at the end that'' s around.
a foot long. Initially, it'' s going to strike with its bite assault against Yasha. That'' s mosting likely to be 19. to hit? TRAVIS: That strikes.
She ' s really obtained to do. something to her shield class, seriously.LIAM: What '

s her air conditioner at? TRAVIS: 14. LIAM: That'' s low. SAM: Wait, no– not 34 points. 31 factors of.
damage. MATT: Okay, obtained you. It'' s all excellent.
That is 27. points of piercing damages to Yasha, reduced to 13. This tail stinger arcs in towards her to make a.
strike as well. That'' s mosting likely to be an additional 19 to strike. TRAVIS: That hits.MATT: She takes 15 factors of piercing damage,
decreased to 7, as the stinger at the end of the tail strikes and also dives into right where the
clavicle and also neck meet.It sinks

in, and she draws as well as pulls it out. She does require to make a.
constitution saving toss, however, if you don'' t mind. TALIESIN: That she gets a d4 included in. MATT: That is not honored? LAURA: Just three individuals are blessed. TALIESIN: Yeah, it'' s just
three honored. today. SAM: Fjord, Beau, Nott. TALIESIN: Oh, I thought it was
Yasha, Beau, Nott. Oh, never mind.She doesn ' t get that d4, then. TRAVIS: 17. MATT: That is it? LAURA: It ' s Fjord, Sweetheart, Nott.
MATT: Fjord, Sweetheart, Nott, so she does not get plus.
d4 on that particular. TRAVIS: It was a one, so 17. MATT: 17, fine. That ' s great.
The stinger. withdraws. She pushes it out. She grasps the wound for a second.
Doesn ' t seem to. have'any impact. MARISHA: I was holding my assault. Can I do some. shurikens at it? MATT: Sure. That ' s real, you were holding your. assault for varied, so go all out. MARISHA, TRAVIS, as well as LAURA:( shuriken sounds) MARISHA: First attack. Natural 19, so 27? MATT: 27 does strike, yeah. MARISHA: Plus a d4. These are d4 damages, right? Or are they monk tools? We'' ve gone back as well as forth about this– LIAM: I'remember this.

We ' ve discussed. darts as shuriken.'MARISHA: I ' ll do a d4 for now.I wear ' t understand. That ' s pretty good. That ' s three plus 5, to make sure that ' s eight damage for the very first one. Do I reach.
do 2? I obtain to do 2, right? Or do I just do one? MATT: By the policies, it ' s one, however we ' ve been.
house-ruling that you can take the complete. That indicates that I can additionally utilize it versus you men as. well. MARISHA: That ' s another all-natural 19. I ' ll do the. d4. 7 damage. MATT: You got'it. Okay, that finishes your go? MARISHA: Yep.
MATT: All righty. That ends up that turn.

Arm,. you ' re up. TRAVIS: Yep, yep, yep. We sanctuary ' t also done the. line of fire yet. SAM,'TALIESIN and also LIAM: Nope.TRAVIS: Sweet ass! All right. LAURA: Yee-haw! TALIESIN:'It ' ll get old, I swear. SAM: Rootin '- tootin '! MARISHA: Better than a jackass eating cactus! TRAVIS: I ' m going to relocate and obtain in front of. Caleb, down on that walk. I will remain there. With my perk action, I will cast Hexblade ' s Curse on.
whatever the fuck that thing is. TALIESIN: It ' s a
puppy-kitty. Fifty percent puppy, fifty percent.

feline. TRAVIS: I will certainly hold my strike activity if it comes.
within melee range.MATT: You got it. That ends your turn. That brings. us now to the rats.
This one( checking) can solve in between. It can move into individuals ' s. spaces– TALIESIN: Oh no.
MATT: That doesn ' t make a huge distinction, as a. swarm. Also, an additional rat swarm appears of the'corner below. Occurs and inhabits Yasha ' s. room. It ' s mosting likely to make a round of'bite strikes versus you, Sweetheart. That ' s mosting likely to be a. 16 to strike.
MARISHA: Miss. MATT: The rats start to swarm around you, and you. kick and also defeat them.
MARISHA: I claim: No, no! MATT: Attacking Yasha, that is 14 to hit? That. simply prospers, so Yasha after that takes– as the rats start to climb up and bite around her legs and also. knees. A few of them leap up in the direction of her, as well as she'' s attempting to whack them away with her hand as she ' s. focusing on the creature in advance of her.

She takes 9 factors of puncturing damage.TRAVIS: Five total? MATT: Yes, or four total. That completes their go. Caduceus, you ' re up.
TALIESIN: Man. No, I ' m after you.
I ' m 6, so. Caleb is first. MATT: He ' s 5.'Right, Caleb? You rolled a five. for your effort? TALIESIN: Oh, so I am first. It ' s mosting likely to be. fascinating. Can I obtain within 30 feet of the huge fella? MATT: Possibly, yeah
. TALIESIN: You can ' t actors Scourge on a rat swarm, can. you? That appears– MATT: It ' s an animal
. TALIESIN:'Is it technically a creature? MATT: It is a throng, technically.TALIESIN: I ' m going to cast Scourge on as several points.
in this area as I can cast Bane on, which is technically 3, as long as they ' re within 30. feet. It ' s a charisma conserve, so you ' ve obtained a shot. MATT: 6 for the betray this end.
TALIESIN: Close, however no cigar. TRAVIS: Yeah, I like it when you speak spunk to. the rats.
MATT: That is 14. TALIESIN: Still no. MATT: Rolled a natural 18, however they ' re minus four

. charisma. TALIESIN: And the big fella. MATT: 16. TALIESIN: It ' s a charm save of 16? MATT: Correct. All-natural 17 minus one.TALIESIN: Did he conserve, or did he–?'MATT: Is your DC 16? After that he conserved,
yeah. TALIESIN: Ah, motherfucker. MATT: Sorry. TALIESIN: That ' s okay. I ' m going to utilize my incentive
. action to cast– I ' m so sorry. Response. There we are. Cast Recovery Word on Yasha really.
rapidly. I can do that, right? Yeah, 60 feet. MATT: Well, you'cast Bane, so you can not do.
Healing Word in the exact same round.

TALIESIN: Oh, I can ' t do Recovering Word in the same. round? Okay, thank you.I can never ever remember. MATT: It ' s okay. It ' s one spell as well as a cantrip. TALIESIN: Then I will certainly use my other one to launch.
the throng of upset beetles. MATT: Swarm-on-swarm violence! TALIESIN: I ' m mosting likely to place the beetles on the. animal who ' s being a jerk.
MATT: Sure. Location? 30 feet, you can do it. right there. TALIESIN: On him. He ' s going to be in the middle. of it, as well as they ' re going to take a bite. MATT: Go all out. TALIESIN: Where are we? Here is my blightstaff,.'as well as I have to go to animals so I can figure out exactly how to do this. That ' s a strike– there ' s my. bite. That ' s a 15? MATT: 15, that hits. TALIESIN: That strikes it? Oh wow, that ' s so wonderful. Allow ' s get a few d4s here. TRAVIS: I wear ' t depend on Matt right currently. 15 hits the. thing? MATT: Yeah.Not whatever has'huge shield courses,. Travis. TRAVIS: Don ' t also speak to me. Mm-mm. That ' s a. deep-ass cave. This ain ' t done. TALIESIN: That ' s awful.
Three, 5– that ' s. seven factors of damage. MATT: 7 factors of damage? All right.
TALIESIN: He ' s irritated. MATT: He is. The beetles are climbing and also biting.
in numerous components of– the irregular hair and also hair throughout its body already has actually exposed littles dull. grey and liver-spotted exposed sections that the beetles are all climbing up onto, and also clinging,. as well as sculpting little bits out. It shakes them off ideal it can. TRAVIS: Just how much did you recover Yasha? TALIESIN: I couldn ' t. That was why I didn ' t state. TRAVIS: Yasha looks at you, dissatisfied. MATT: That your turn? TALIESIN: Yeah, that ' s completion of my turn.
MATT: Caleb. LIAM: Six seconds earlier, it was simply Caleb and Nott. basing on that little walk, as well as Caleb was starting to swirl a bit of fire in his. hand. After that fucking jangle burst out, so Caleb just enjoyed and went: Oh, oh
, oh. The round goes.( flame sputtering) from his hand and also hits the oil on the ground. MATT: (fire roaring) That'' s going to protest. the– yeah, the oil on the ground.Those rats, those rats, the guy, as well as the beetles all experience.
the fire explosion as it burns across. It'' s a dexterity conserving throw for each of them. For the.
rats– oddly, yeah! They made a 15, so they take care of to only take– TALIESIN: Wait, they take a d4 adverse to that. MATT: That'' s real. That ' ll do it. 11, they fall short. That is 5 factors of fire damage to that rat swarm. The other one– no, they fail. That is. an additional 5 factors of fire damage to that rat swarm.

The beetles– TALIESIN: Seven.MATT: Seven? They take 5 factors of fire damages. The animal, all-natural 19 plus one, 20. It makes the save, so it takes no damages. LIAM: I will certainly finish this turn– Caleb revokes. the space going: Oh, oh, oh. Walks back as well as stands alongside Jester. LAURA: Hi! LIAM: Oh, we look alike. MATT: All righty. That finishes your turn.
Jester,. you ' re up initially. LAURA: Okay, I ' m mosting likely to cast Spiritual Tool! MATT: Where you placing it? LAURA: At fucking 4th-level. MATT: 4th-level, great! LAURA: I'' m mosting likely to place it right over the man. That'' s. my perk action, so I ' m going to try to hit it. 14? MATT: Simply misses out on. LAURA: Spheres, yay. I'' m going to cast Toll the Dead.
as my activity at the guy.MATT: It '
s a wisdom conserve? LAURA: Yes. MATT: Natural 20. LAURA: Cool. That was a truly fun turn. MATT: Sorry. TALIESIN: Some days, man. TRAVIS: However you got your sweet around.
on the area. LIAM: (deep voice) This is Sam Elliott for the.
church of the Traveler. MATT: End of Jester'' s turn. Nott, you ' re up–. unless you want to relocate? You'' re excellent? LAURA: Mm-hmm. SAM: I'' m going to get up and run deeper into the cavern.
right past things, utilizing perk action to disengage. MARISHA and also LAURA: Ooh! MATT: (counting) 25, 30, 35. That'' s as much as you. can arrive.'SAM: Okay. I ' ll reverse. Well, do I see. anything back there? MATT: Make a perception check.SAM: Okay. Nope, seven.
When I get there, I ' ll turn. about and also terminate a weapon screw into the large thing. MATT: You got it. Roll'for attack. SAM: Oh yes, plus points. That ' s 29 once again. MATT: 29 again strikes, yeah! Roll damage. SAM: Still sneak attack since it ' s involved to– MATT: Because it ' s involved with Yasha. SAM, LAURA, and TALIESIN: Whoa! MATT: Oh no! 6, six, five, 5, one. SAM: 29. LIAM:'One low roll, the remainder are high. TALIESIN: It ' s like the point splintered in it,.
oh god. MATT: As it ' s currently being attacked by a. collection of beetles biting right into its side, flames rupture from below it. Yasha and also it are both.
clashing with jaw and also blade.

( yowl) In its hindquarters, the bolt slips in there. You see.
the tail suddenly, instinctively pulse and also reflexively stressful itself from the discomfort that it'' s. now dealing with the impact. SAM: I'' ll add a Fierceness of the Small, an additional 8.
factors of damage. MATT: Sure! 37 factors of damage on one hit. Not.
regrettable. That'' s your turn. Yasha'' s go. TRAVIS: Yasha ' s
mosting likely to stay in the melee variety. of the creature as well as is mosting likely to try and also work her method around as well as grapple the stinger on the tail. MATT: Okay! She can move by doing this, if she. desires to go via the hard surface. (counting) 40. She'' ll obtain right there to attempt and.
grapple its tail.The rats do get
an attack of opportunity on her. No, not with the minus four. from the Bane.
She walks around. Make a sports look for her. Because she'' s surging, she does have.
advantage on it. TRAVIS: That is 17. MATT: She manages to grapple the creature, as well as.
she'' s holding the tail.'It ' s grappled. It can ' t move. It can still strike with it. If she wants. to, following round, she can try to remain to actually limit the
tail and prevent it from.
attacking.It is grappled, and if she wants to, following turn, she might hold it as well as make it unable to.
do anything. Got it. It does get a strike this turn, however I'' ll state it ' s at negative aspect. TRAVIS: Does the grapple count towards maintaining her.
rage up? MATT: Yeah. It'' s still an attack. TRAVIS: Great. Okay. MATT: That finishes Yasha ' s transform. Beau, you ' re. up. MARISHA: I ' m going to dart throughout, parkour off of. the stalagmite since I'' m a boss.Nope, before the catdog'' s deal with. SAM: Where I was hiding. MARISHA: Yeah. I'' m mosting likely to jump, and I'' m going to. boil down, and also I ' m going to rocket punch it with my staff to its throat. MATT: Right there? You got it. The rats already.
used their reaction, so it doesn'' t issue. MARISHA: Do I get benefit? MATT: No, you put on'' t obtain benefit on it. MARISHA: Okay. That ' s
a 19 once more. That keeps.'occurring, as well as I ' m very right into it. Oh god, and also I rolled max damages! 13. MATT: 13? Ooh. MARISHA: 2nd strike– MATT: As you boil down, whack with the staff.
over the top of its head, (scream). It whips off to the side. Slobber spreads throughout the rock.
flooring, as well as it has to capture itself. It'' s starting to look woozy. MARISHA: I wish to bring the staff back up as well as.
reverse, with 20 to hit.MATT: That strikes. Roll damage. MARISHA: Yeah. 10 damages. Fracture. MATT: Fracture. Ooh, it'' s looking real bad. MARISHA: After that I'' m going to look to Yasha', “as well as I ' m. going” to say,'” You chasing tail?” After that I ' m going to do a Flurry of Blows,'and also I ' m going
to go pop, pop. MATT: I intend to offer you drawback for those.
attacks. SAM: Does her tiefling prick expand when she.
claims that? TRAVIS: It'' s like in Disney in The Little Mermaid. There'' s this little, boop! MARISHA: It'' s subliminal. Yeah. Very first strike,.
natural one. MATT: You'' re so associated with your shitty expression to.
Yasha that you look back and go, whoa! MARISHA: I implied to do that. Following one, that'' s. better. TALIESIN: Still have your d4. MARISHA: That was an all-natural one. Yeah, still a d4,.
to make sure that'' s 21 plus– MATT: That hits.MARISHA: Okay, 24
. 10 damage once again. MATT: 10 damage. You missed out on keeping that one strike,. as well as you reverse.
It transforms its large jaws in the direction of you, its mouth open, the strings of slobber. stretching from throughout its teeth. As it raises back, Yasha holding its tail, you uppercut it.
right in the chin. You hear (weeping), and also it drops subconscious on the ground. SAM: Unconscious, not dead. We can still wake it.
up and also tame it. TRAVIS: Impressive.SAM: Should we wake it
up and tame it? TALIESIN: There could be much more in right here. Let'' s– MATT: Hexblade ' s Curse is regrettably gone. TRAVIS: The what? MATT: Hexblade'' s Curse is gone. TRAVIS: Oh, right. MATT: You get temporary hit factors from that, I.
think? TRAVIS: I do. Yeah, that'' s fine.
I haven ' t been. hit in all. MATT: That finishes Beloved ' s transform? MARISHA: Yep. TALIESIN: Currently the dragon ' s turn. Sorry! MATT: You enjoy it collapse, and also there is this,”. “Oh great, we can maybe tame this thing,” Nott, you hear (grumbling). You look up above, and also on an. top system, up here, in addition to around the corner, are 2 even more of the very same creature looking.
right at you. As they both run in as well as– jumping down, there and also there. Initially one is mosting likely to make.
2 attacks at you, one with a bite as well as one with its tail stinger.That is going to be a 19 to strike. SAM: Hits! MATT: You take– LAURA and TALIESIN: Oh no! TRAVIS: Nice narrow cavern, too. MATT: 22 points of puncturing damages. SAM: Okay, I presume I'' ll Uncanny Dodge that one. MATT: You take 11 points of puncturing damages. You.
can mark that. The tail stinger is going to try to strike at you. That is going to be a 22.
to hit. SAM: Hits. MATT: You then immediately experience 14 factors of.
piercing damage. I need you to make a constitution saving throw. TALIESIN: With a d4. MATT: Correct. SAM: Not terrific. Better, far better. 15. MATT: You do well the conserving throw. SAM: Thank you! MATT: As you really feel the toxin pressing right into your.
body, you manage to wrench it from the front of your breast as well as sternum. A few of the unusual, oily,.
toxin venom (shooting) out the rear of it, as you eliminate it from the injury. As you push it away, the.
other one can be found in to attack you from the opposite end. That'' s mosting likely to be a 15 to strike? SAM: No! MATT: That you duck below, and also its bite hits the.
side of the rock wall.Tail stinger is
going to come at you. That is a natural 20. TALIESIN: You ' re more that 30 feet away, aren ' t. you? MATT: From you, yes. TALIESIN: Yep, don’t bother. I can ' t do anything. MATT: You experience 30 points of piercing damage from. the tail as the stinger strikes you in
the abdominal area and lifts you like a foot off the ground. You ' re. really held there momentarily. Make an additional constitution conserving throw. SAM: That ' s a natural one. MATT: You'are poisoned, as well as you are paralyzed. TRAVIS: Oh crap! Okay. Where the fuck are you? LAURA: This is actually bad.TALIESIN: Well, it ' s negative.

It ' s not truly bad, yet. it ' s bad.
SAM: I'' m not dead, simply paralyzed and also infected. LAURA: They both have gone currently? MATT: They both assaulted, and they are mosting likely to.
back away now. It'' s mosting likely to drag you this method in the corner, in its jaw. It'' s drawing you off of.
the stinger of the other, as well as it draws you away. Nott'' s– you ' re still mindful, right? SAM: Yeah.MATT: Eyes open, dragging on the ground, hands as well as. weapon being drawn across the stone. That ends their turn. That currently brings us to Arm. TRAVIS: Yeah, I ' m mosting likely to bring myself within 30. feet of where Nott is.
I guess I ' ll stepped forward as much as I require to. MATT:( checking) 30. TRAVIS: No, 30 feet away from Nott. MATT: Oh, 30 feet away. I see. TRAVIS: Yeah. I ' m going to use my bonus offer activity with. the Summer season ' s Dancing falchion to Misty Action to Nott. MATT: You then all of a sudden show up partway across the. chamber, best next to Nott.
TRAVIS: I ' m going to get to out and grab her and also. go: Poor doggy! I ' m mosting likely to cast Thunder Action. I'' m going to bring Nott with me. MATT: Okay! What ' s the saving throw on. Rumbling Action? TRAVIS: It is a constitution, 16. MATT: 10 plus six, 16. It just makes it. It still. takes half damage, right? TRAVIS: It does. MATT: Roll damage on that. TRAVIS: Okay, that'' s 4d10 now. 12, 22, 28. Yeah,.
28. MATT: 14 factors of rumbling damages to it as you.
appear, get hold of Nott, and after that this quaking impact, this blast, drinks the interior of the chamber. Pieces of loosened stone and rock tumble from the ground in its entirety layer of dust is drunk loose.
from the roofing of this cavern, gradually wandering down as various other stones fall.You see as

Fjord reaches.
out and gets you, and you both vanish. Where do you intend to be positioned? TRAVIS: We'' re mosting likely to shoot back up
to where. Caduceus is. I ' m mosting likely to drop Nott off. SAM: What a move! Eco-friendlies stick with each other. TRAVIS: Yeah. Sinking targets. MATT: Yeah. Does that finish your turn? TRAVIS: Yes. MATT: That ends Fjord'' s go.
Currently it ' s the rats '. turn. Now, these rats are mosting likely to go up to Caduceus, there. This ' s mosting likely to likewise go up. to your location there, Caduceus. You currently have these 2 rat throngs.
They begin clawing up the side of. the rocks as well as swarming up towards you. Around the left side, you see the other flock spin up in. your instructions. TALIESIN:'That ' s great. MATT: First one is going to– I ' m going to roll.
the d4, since they have Bane on them. That is a 12. TALIESIN: That does not hit. MATT: That does not struck. TALIESIN: That one I'' m mosting likely to make use of Shield of.
Revenge on, even if that'' s enjoyable. Yeah, simply to be a dick. They suffer– here we go. That. 2nd team of rats takes 4d6 pressure damage.That ' s 14 factors of pressure damage, as well as they have to. make a stamina saving throw or
be pushed 20 feet directly away from me. MATT: Three, they fall short! Which one do you desire to. cast it on? TALIESIN: The 2nd one, whichever one is closest. to Nott. MATT: This set. TALIESIN: Yeah, 20 feet away
. SAM: A few of you guys respect me so a lot. MATT: As they climb up and begin attacking,. Caduceus draws the– it ' s the shield, right? Knocks a foot into the ground, as well as the guard instantly. releases this shaking, affecting wave of arcane or magnificent power and also pressures outside. The rats scatter. back in this internet of hairy bodies that all pelt the ground concerning 20 feet away, not much from where. you ' re standing, Sweetheart. They all collect in the center to form another flock as soon as more. The flock. is proactively thinned out. It ' s half the throng it made use of to be.
MARISHA: Still whole on the within, however. MATT: There you go. Primarily. TALIESIN: Rat video game. MATT: That ' s going to finish their go. Caduceus,. you ' re up. TALIESIN: I'' m mosting likely to cast– can I touch Nott at.
this factor? MATT: You can conform as well as touch Nott.TALIESIN: I ' m
mosting likely to move over and also touch Nott. TRAVIS: How do you touch

Nott? TALIESIN: I ' m going to very carefully provide a little. rub, as well as I ' m going to cast Lesser Remediation.
MATT: Which gets rid of– TALIESIN: I ' m mosting likely to select paralyzed because. that ' ll be a start.
Because that ' s a 2nd-level spell, as a bonus offer, can I cast something that'' s a. lower degree? I can'' t bear in mind exactly how the dual– oh wait, no, I additionally have a– LAURA: Only a cantrip.TALIESIN: Just a cantrip? Not a benefit activity, also.
with– MATT: As it functions, you can cast one spell per.
round. LAURA: You can take an accomplishment, however, to do that. TALIESIN: Which task is that? LAURA: It'' s in Matt ' s– MATT: It ' s in the Tal ' Dorei– next time, yeah. That'' s what you ' ve solved now. You cast Lesser Restoration, as well as that'' s your turn, unless you have.
a bonus action spell that'' s a cantrip. TALIESIN: For my incentive activity, I'' m mosting likely to relocate the. insect flock to whatever'' s the closest thing to them. MATT: The rats you pushed back. TALIESIN: After that they'' re going to take a bite. MATT: Go for it. With that, you are no more.
paralyzed, Nott. SAM and also LAURA: Hey! MATT: You'' re still poisoned.TALIESIN: That '

s horrible. 7. SAM: As I use of my paralyzation, I take a look at.
Caduceus, and also I'' m perplexed. Sunbreaker, is that you? TALIESIN: Nobody'' s ever before called me that previously. MATT: As you'' re having this conversation– TRAVIS: Hey, it'' s alright, I just conserved your life. SAM: He appears like a minotaur. MATT: You listen to the howling of lots of rats as.
beetles indulge upon their remains. Swarm-on-swarm physical violence finishes with the death of that rat throng. LAURA: (laughs) Swarm-on-swarm violence. MATT: There we go. That completes your go,.
Caduceus? Caleb, you'' re up.LIAM: I will certainly take a straight stroll onward, and
plant myself next to Caduceus, and also look previous Beauregard as well as Yasha.Smearing molasses on
my hands, I go as well as I turn my hand in a counterclockwise circle and cast Slow, 120 feet away on these two monsters. MATT: On these two beasts there? You obtained it. LIAM: Wisdom, 16. MATT: The one on that particular end there, all-natural 14 plus five, 19. The one around the bend– MARISHA: Plus five. MATT: Yeah, they have a plus-five knowledge save. 10 plus five, 15. LIAM: Oh, to ensure that one falls short. MATT: That is slowed down. LAURA: They'' re actually intelligent. MATT: Your spell DC'' s 16? Yeah, to ensure that one is reduced. MARISHA: Maybe we can tame the unconscious one. SAM: Or every one of them. MATT: Slow is, they can just take strike– LIAM: Activity or benefit action, not both. AC is lowered, as well as movement is– MATT: Halved. LIAM: I'' ll obtain back to you on that. MATT: That'' s fine. Okay, well, there you go. You cast your Slow spell. Is that your turn? LIAM: Speed is cut in half, takes adverse two to its Air conditioning and also dex saves. Yeah, that is my turn. MATT: Okay, great. Ending that go, top of the round, Jester, you'' re up.LAURA: Okay, I'' m mosting likely to step in the entrance, and I'' m going to direct to the back like I ' m ready to swing a baseball bat. TRAVIS: A crowning achievement? LAURA: Yeah, a crowning achievement
. I ' m going to do this and make my Spiritual Weapon fly up as well as batter swing the crook. MATT: Right there? Go all out. That'' s remarkable. LAURA: Motherfuck you! TALIESIN: That was so harsh. MATT: I saw that dice spin about and also do a little dancing. TALIESIN: It thought of things. It actually pondered. SAM: There'' s no crying in baseball.LAURA: That'' s 11. That does not struck. MATT: 11 does not struck, regrettably. It turns broad and also hits the rock. Component of the rock wall surface, following to the beast
as it draws away, breaks, as well as a. area of stone( clattering). LAURA: Fuck you! Know what I should'' ve done? I ought to ' ve done this in the reverse order! Whatever, I'' m aiding someone else out.
I ' m going. to Directing Screw that monster next. MATT: The exact same one? Go for it! Roll for an assault.
on Directing Screw as you hadouken a giant, beautiful, magnificent bolt of energy. LAURA: 17? MATT: 17 hits. LAURA: Oh, I was casting that at 4th-level, P.S.,.
since that'' s what I have up. I swear. TALIESIN: Yeah, that'is real. MATT: Okay.
That ' s your other 4th-level spell? You. got it. LAURA: Yes, due to the fact that I ' m smart. That ' s 7d6.
TALIESIN: I ' m focusing on Bane, which is. nearly gone anyways due to the fact that there ' s only one more animal with it.LAURA: (counting) 27 points of glowing damages. The.
next assault gets benefit; that'' s why I ought to ' ve fucking done that initially, and then I had. advantage on my– MATT: Yeah. TRAVIS: Nott desires Jester. LAURA as well as MARISHA: Yee-haw! TALIESIN: Dang-nabbit. MATT: That completes your go, Jester. Nott, you'' re. up. SAM: At the top of my turn, do I take– I'' m still. infected, I think? MATT: You ' re simply infected, is the status. Definition.
your attacks have negative aspect. SAM: Oh, I put on'' t take damage every round? MATT: It is not a regular, destructive poison. SAM: Okay, assaults at drawback? MATT: Correct, while you are infected. TALIESIN: If you get benefit, you cancel it out. If you get dual advantage, you obtain benefit, if I remember appropriately. MATT: Technically, if you have advantage and also.
disadvantage, as long as they terminate each other out, it doesn'' t matter the number of even more of one or the.
various other. It'' s a normal roll. TALIESIN: Fair. SAM: Is anything engaged with these monsters? MATT: No. SAM: They'' re at negative aspect because they ' re sluggish
,. right? No. MATT: No'. That guy ' s AC is a bit lower. That individual has advantage versus him on the following strike due to the fact that she hit it with Guiding Bolt.SAM: I ' ll
go attack the one that has Leading Screw. I need to add closer to obtain within 30 feet. MATT: Okay. How close are you getting? SAM: Within 30 feet specifically, without running.
right into fire. MATT: Yeah. The fire, it'' s not sufficient to actually.
damage any person after the preliminary flare-up. SAM: Caleb, should we do Fireline once again? I obtained one.
extra flask. LIAM: Back to the attracting board. SAM: After that I will certainly bonus action conceal behind that.
column. Spunk, I might strike now, however it won'' t be sneak attack damage.
Well, I ' m perk. action hiding. MATT: Make a stealth check.

SAM: Okay. 18 plus things.LAURA: And also 11.'SAM: And also 11. I ' m going to try to conceal as well as. after that assault. Downside, advantage, so it'' s a straight roll? 10. TALIESIN: Would you still have a– do you still.
have Bless? Yeah, you sanctuary'' t gone unconscious. SAM: 11, as well as the attack is plus nine. MATT: It does strike. Nevertheless, it is not creep assault.
because, although you were concealing, benefit as well as disadvantage negates. You'' re simply doing a. normal screw. SAM: A regular screw. Mm, so unfortunate. Eight points. MATT: Eight points of
damages. That finishes your. go, Nott.'Yasha ' s turn. TRAVIS&: I ' m
going to be truthful, I think D&D Beyond. reset her hit points. I think she was at 55? I ' m guessing from memory, to ensure that ' s– MATT: You people have had a few evenings. You had a. long rest, keep in mind? TRAVIS: Yeah, but she got struck a bunch in the cavern. I imply, reset her– MATT: Oh, previously, you mean? TRAVIS: It simply reset her.Yeah, so I

put on'' t recognize. if conversation has it or whatever. Max can inform me, but I assume she was at 55. She will certainly add and make both.
of her strikes at, yeah. MATT: You got it. TRAVIS: Not careless since thorny tails as well as.
crap. That is a 22 to hit. MATT: 22 hits! TRAVIS: Brilliant, and also that'' s 21 to hit. MATT: 21 to strike also hits. Both hit! Good. TRAVIS: First one has the Divine Fury. 6! Remarkable. (checking) 22! 22 factors of slashing damages. Second one, (checking) 14 points of slashing.
damage. MATT: As she rushes onward, one gigantic swing with.
her two-handed greatsword, Illusionist'' s Judge, cuts throughout the front of the head.
( squeals) It backs. away, as well as you see a splatter of blood throughout the ground. She happens for a second body strike. It in fact punctures component of the shoulder of the creature. You see its arm layer a little to.
that side prior to it catches itself, and the blade captures the stone. The real tool drinks from.
the impact as she dislodges it. No damage. It'' s a magic weapon; it'' s great, but it leaves a gigantic slit. mark in the center of the stone

wall.That finish her turn? TRAVIS: It does. MATT: Okay. That brings us to Beloved. MARISHA: I sashay forward towards this individual. Might.
too complete what Yasha began and pop pop. MATT: Go for it. MARISHA: I'' m going to use my staff.
That'' s very. unsatisfactory. That ' s 11. MATT: 11 does not struck.
You try and also swing and also it ' s. jaws really capture the edge of your team and also you have to wrench it totally free. It ' s growling at you. MARISHA: No fetch! All-natural 20 on the next one. What'' s up? MATT: That will definitely hit.MARISHA: Large money, no whammies. Oh my god. This. takes place to me all the time. Every
time, I seem like. I ' m mosting likely to double my one to a two. MATT: I'' m sorry. But hey, you hit! TRAVIS: Vital beep. MARISHA: Seven damage. MATT: Okay. Seven damages on that particular strike. You.
have your incentive activity still. MARISHA: Super cool. I'' m going to bonus activity
. Flurry of Blows. MATT: All'righty.

MARISHA: Don ' t fuck me, Gil.14? MATT: Okay, let ' s see below. 14 does not struck. MARISHA: Okay. Next one. MATT: 15 is the limit, sadly. MARISHA: No. LAURA: Are you including your d4? You'' re honored. MARISHA: Fuck. So 14 plus– MATT: That hits. MARISHA: To 16? Okay. Many thanks, Jes. That ' s much better. Ten damages. As well as the following one was a 8 plus 5, so 13 plus– 15. LAURA: That ' s what you need. MARISHA: 15 hits? Eyy, Bless is the fucking finest! 8 damage. LAURA: Yeah.
It ' s like despite the fact that I ' m not. striking, I ' m allowing other individuals hit. MARISHA: It ' s true.
MATT: Do you want to discover anything concerning the. creature? MARISHA: Yes. What– SAM: What if we can tame it! MATT
: Resistances, resistances, problem immunities,. anything else you need to know about it? LIAM: Fave eat toy? MATT: What kind of creature it is, whatever.
You. have 2 hits. MARISHA: What sort of animal is it? Is it a. monster? Is it a creature? MATT: It is a fiend.A devil, especially. MARISHA: It is a demon-specific ogre. LAURA: Oh my god, what happens if there'' s a portal in.
right here? MATT: As you punch right into two times and also you draw back,.
you look at its injuries and also there'' s this necrotic significance festering in it, which'' s when you ' “re. like', “This creature ' s “not from this” plane. This “is not natural.
” You can learn another point from. it', if you desire. MARISHA: Okay. It ' s made from planar significance. We. understand his wisdom is plus five. Do we wish to know any type of conserving throws? LAURA: Weak points? MARISHA: Yeah, allow ' s see if it has any kind of. vulnerabilities.MATT: Susceptabilities? No vulnerabilities on these.
individuals. MARISHA: Fuck! LAURA: Crap. Sorry. MATT: There'' s always harm resistances you can.
learn. There'' s always problem resistances. MARISHA: Resistances? Okay. MATT: You did hit one earlier with a benefit activity,.
didn'' t you? MARISHA: I did. MATT: You got to remember to utilize that. MARISHA:'I know. LIAM: It ' s all right. There are only 3 rules. in the game. They ' re extremely simple to bear in mind. MATT: That surface your turn, Beau?'MARISHA: Yep. MATT: All
righty. It ' s currently their turn. The one. that ' s slowed down, half movement. It ' s mosting likely to bound up towards Yasha.
It'can only make one strike, so.

it ' s mosting likely to turn out with its tail.Right? It claims it can make– LIAM: Activity or reward. Not both.
MATT: Oh, activity or perk? But multiattack can. just take one assault, remedy? LIAM: Just one. MATT: So it ' s mosting likely to assault with its tail. stinger. LIAM': A single point. MATT: All righty. That ' s going to be 16 to strike. TRAVIS: Hits.
MATT: So Yasha takes– TALIESIN: We need to do something regarding Yasha ' s. air conditioner. LAURA: Yeah. MATT: 17 points of puncturing damages, decreased to. 8. Constitution conserving toss. TALIESIN: With a d4. MATT: She does not obtain a d4.
She ' s

not blessed. TALIESIN: Oh, she ' s not honored! My god,. my brain.TRAVIS: Not mosting likely to do it. That ' s a seven. MATT: She is poisoned as well as disabled.
LAURA: No! SAM: Not P&P! MATT: As the stinger jams right into the side of her. neck, she gets to up to order it as well as suddenly the muscles tense up and also flex and also as the stinger. withdraws from her throat, her eyes go wide and also you can see a bit of foam celebration at the corner.
of her mouth. Her hand is stuck in that position. The various other one is going to go. It'' s going to make. both of its assaults on a paralyzed Yasha. LAURA: Oh no, she'' s paralyzed! That implies it gets.
important! Is it an auto-critical? MATT: Yeah. So the first, the bite attack, is.
mosting likely to be a crucial hit immediately. LAURA: Oh my god, did you simply kill Ashley'' s. personality? SAM: Do you recognize the amount of hit factors she has? TRAVIS: Uh-huh.

LAURA: You recognize now the number of she has left? SAM: Did they text you or something? TRAVIS: I was guessing previously, however I assume I was.
close. I may be off by one. I know where she'' s at. TALIESIN: Oh wow. Just how negative? LIAM: If you presume wrong, you will certainly go to prison. MATT: 54 factors of puncturing damage? TRAVIS: She'' s subconscious. LAURA: Oh no, oh no
. Is he obtaining an additional. assault? MATT: Yasha is subconscious currently. SAM: Someone do something! Somebody do something! MATT: It has a rampage ability.When it decreases a. animal to zero hit points on a melee assault on its turn, it can make an incentive action to go up to.
half speed as well as make a bite assault. So it'' s mosting likely to– LAURA: Isn ' t it reduced, though? MATT and also LIAM: This is the other one. LAURA: Oh no. MATT: The various other one is going to benefit activity as well as.
strike to you with a bite strike, Beloved. MARISHA: Okay, okay. It'' s great. MATT: That ' s an all-natural 18. It ' s going to be 26 to.
hit. MARISHA: Yeah. That hits. SAM: It'' s Ashley ' s fault. Need to have been here. LIAM: Begin thinking. TALIESIN: We cool, we cool. SAM: “” We cool, we cool””?! MATT: 24 points of puncturing damage to you, Beau. After it sinks its teeth right into Yasha'' s shoulder and throws her to the ground, she falls.Her eyes roll. back, covers half open.
It draws back. You can see it tasting the blood in its mouth. Its eyes go.
wide as the blood lust kicks in, and also it transforms in the direction of you and snaps again. You raise.
your team to try as well as deflect it, but the jaws connect and press it to your upper body and also clamp down.
on your shoulder and also upper body. You draw yourself forward. The discomfort– both the crushing pressure of.
its jaws as well as the teeth sinking into your upper body– is expensive. As it has you there, it'' s tail. approaches the back. MARISHA: Negative satanic force pet. Negative satanic force pet! MATT: That ' s going to be a 20 to hit. MARISHA: My air conditioner is 20. MATT: That strikes. TALIESIN: Goddamn it. I ' m dealing with it. TRAVIS: It ' s a constitution saving throw if it.
hits. TALIESIN: You have a d4 on that constitution. saving throw. MATT: 17 factors of piercing damage to you as you.

feel it strike you right by the spinal column in where the left kidney is.It enters your body with a pain,. as well as you need to make a constitution conserving toss. MARISHA: Okay, all right
. Where ' s my disadvantage save? Oh, plus. three. Thank you. Okay. Roll a d4. That ' s 18 plus 3, so 21. MATT: The poison does not take hold. You feel it. get in the within your wound. The acute pain that hits you is nowhere close to as solid as your.
monk'' s will to withstand it. The control over your body and also your body organs and the systems within you.
gaining as you remain to grow in experience and also globe understanding.You concentrate for

a second.
and also the toxin actually expels from the wound. The muscle mass itself not enabling it to enter your.
blood stream. MARISHA: That'' s cool down. MATT: That finishes their turn. Really, that a person is.
going to use its activity to attempt to leap up onto the top of the platform. You do obtain an.
chance assault if you wish to take it, Beau. LAURA: Eliminate it, Sweetheart. Eliminate it. MATT: To try and also keep it from going. MARISHA: Sentinel, as well. 15. That'' s what I.
required, right? MATT: Yep. He does not obtain the opportunity to shift.
away. MARISHA: He does not relocate and he takes 8.
damage. MATT: 8 points of damage. MARISHA: Yeah. MATT: All righty. That is slowed down. I believe at.
the end of the turn it can make a knowledge conserving throw. Let'' s see if it gets to remove the Slow. Natural 19 plus 5. It is no more slowed. SAM: Oh man. LIAM: Okay, okay. MATT: That finishes their turn.Now, it brings
us to.
Arm'' s. TRAVIS: I have a quick inquiry. The 54 factors of.
damages, was that halved? It wasn'' t, right? Because it was poisonous substance? The critical on Yasha? MATT: No, that was puncturing. TRAVIS: It was piercing? LAURA: So it should have been cut in half? MATT: Correct, yes. TRAVIS: Okay. So help me. What is fifty percent of 54? LAURA: 22. SAM: 27. LAURA: Just joking, 27. TRAVIS: Okay. She was actually at 56 points. So.
she'' s– MATT: On top of the round, right? TRAVIS: Yeah. MATT: So she took that. TRAVIS: She went to 62 minus 8. And afterwards– MATT: She took the bite strike at the start. Or no, it was the tail strike. TRAVIS: Mm-hmm. She was'at 54. She was at 54.'as well as she took fifty percent of 54. So she ' s still up.
LAURA: So she'' s not subconscious. TRAVIS: Right. MATT: Okay. Well, rather than redesigning all. of that scenario, she ' s still paralyzed, and also she'' s in the space. MARISHA: She ' s active? She ' s not unconscious? TALIESIN: That ' s a shame. SAM: It ' s a pity that she isn ' t dead? MATT: It was 54 on top of the round? TRAVIS: No. 62 minus eight, and afterwards the half of. the 54. MATT: Yeah, due to the fact that the 16 lowered to eight, so it. would be, yeah. So she ' s still up. TRAVIS: What ' s fifty percent of 54? LAURA, SAM and also MATT: 27. TRAVIS: Thank you. Obtained it.
She ' s at exactly 27. Sorry. TALIESIN: Yeah, that works. MATT: That round took place as it occurred.
Since. you didn ' t– TRAVIS: Dani as well as Max were yelling from the. lobby, “She ' s not unconscious!” MATT': Now you'remember. Lesson learned. MARISHA: It ' s like you ' re playing 2 personalities. or something. MATT: Precisely, I know. TALIESIN: We cool down. We cool. MATT: That completes their go.
Fjord, it ' s your. turn. TRAVIS: Okay.
Yeah. I ' m mosting likely to utilize all 30 feet.

of my activity to head in the direction of my comrades.Are the rats still a thing? MATT:( counting )30. Yes. They place ' t gone yet.
this round. They'' re after you. TRAVIS: As long as I'' m not– no assault or
. anything. TALIESIN: I ' ve got a flock. They'' ll attack them. MATT: They ' re presently beside Caleb.
TRAVIS: Okay. I ' m going to send two Eldritch'–. child. Boy, boy, child. SAM: Oh boy.
TRAVIS: Oh boy. I ' m mosting likely to send two Eldritch. Blasts at one each.
MATT: One each? Go for it. Go for the one that ' s. before you there. TRAVIS: That ' s a natural one. MATT: Oof. You go to fire. It ' s leaping up, as well as. you deal with for it and also terminate up to catch it, however then Sweetheart orders its tail and also drags it pull back. as well as it finishes up knocking right into the rock where it was mosting likely to go. TRAVIS: That ' s fucking teamwork.
MATT: The various other one, it does have half cover. due to the fact that it '

s by the wall, so it obtains a plus two to'its AC.What did you roll to strike? TRAVIS: It ' s a natural 15 plus eight, so it ' s– MATT: Yeah, you still hit. Roll damages.
TRAVIS: 1d10. Plus five, that ' s 10, so 15 factors. of Eldritch Blast.
MATT: 15 points of pressure damages. The second one,. you launch as well as it skids off the rock and strikes it in the facility of its jaw and nose and also as it pulls.
back, you can see this burn mark where the influence hit as well as the damage where you possibly broken a part.
of the front of its nose. TRAVIS: Awesome. MATT: That coating your turn? TRAVIS: That does, yes. MATT: Okay. End of Arm'' s go. The rats are. going to go up right here, and move right into Caleb ' s space. SAM: Rats assaulting. TALIESIN: Are they obtaining away from me? Are they. the ones that struck me, right? MATT: You vacated the way, however, to try and also.
recover Nott.TALIESIN: That

' s right. Don’t bother. MATT: No, that'' s alright. All of an abrupt, they swarm. into your room, Caleb. Lastly, a suitable roll for the rats. 17 to hit? TALIESIN: Minus a d4. MATT: That'' s right. Minus a d4. 16 to strike. LIAM: 16? Shield, response. MATT: The rats leap up and also all scatter back
as the. mysterious guard thrusts them down the stairways. They gather up once more right into a cluster right at the base.
of your feet, and you'' re standing up the Shield. That finishes their go. Caduceus, you'' re up. TALIESIN: Unusual concern: if someone drops.
unconscious with paralysis as well as poison, if you heal them back to consciousness, they'' re still. paralyzed and infected, deal with? MATT: Right.TALIESIN: Okay.

Simply inspecting. I'' m going to move. 30 feet in. I ' m heading because instructions. MATT: (counting) 30. Right there? TALIESIN: Yep. As close as I can get. MATT: Okay. The rats do get an attack of.
possibility versus you as you hurry away. TALIESIN: That'' s fine. MATT: That is going to be a 20 to strike. TALIESIN: Minus the d4? MATT: Oh. Right. One more one. 19. TALIESIN: Yeah, that hits. MATT: That strikes you
? Okay. Rats are doing things. for when! Nine points of puncturing damage to you. TALIESIN: Mm-hmm. MATT: And also I require you to make a constitution saving.
toss. You have benefit due to the fact that you took Battle Wheel, fix? TALIESIN: Yep. Yes, I did. 10. MATT: Ten? You just handle to preserve.
focus on your Bless. 10'' s the DC. All right. What are you doing? TALIESIN: Yeah, actually,'I ' m still trying to. bear in mind how having a spell that exists as a benefit action. I need to make use of a cantrip as my action if I.
intend to use a spell as a benefit action.MATT: Correct. TALIESIN: Shudge. LIAM: One full level, one cantrip. TALIESIN: One full level, one cantrip. Okay. I'' m. mosting likely to, rather of doing anything I desire to do, I'' m mosting likely to cast Bane on these 2 jokers. MATT: Okay. This Scourge discolors. TALIESIN: Mm-hmm. Actually, they obtain to make.
one more roll for it, due to the fact that I can cast it on 3 things within 30 feet. MATT: That ' s true. Yeah. So we can do that. TRAVIS: Wonderful! MATT: All right. Is it wisdom? TALIESIN: Charm, 16. Take pleasure in. MATT: Oh, charm? Oh yeah. They'' re not that excellent.
at charm. The one on the back there, natural three. He is Outlawed. TALIESIN: Fudge you. MATT: The one nearby. That is a 17. TALIESIN: That, he– yeah. MATT: Well, it'' s a 17 minus one, due to the fact that his
. personal appeal is 16. TALIESIN: So 16. MATT: So yeah, he does save. And the rats … No! That is a six.TALIESIN: All

right, obtained one flock! MATT: Rats are like, “” We'' re free! Aww.”” All right,.
that coatings your turn? TALIESIN: As a bonus action, my flock is mosting likely to.
strike the rats. MATT: (laughs) Poor people, can'' t'go. TALIESIN: That ' s 22 to strike. MATT: Yeah, that hits.
As they catch the. cluster of rats. TALIESIN:'Simply make certain I ' m doing this right. MATT: I dislike this. TALIESIN: That'' s– ooh, that ' s wonderful! 14 factors of. puncturing damage. MATT: 14 points of piercing damages, all right. As.
they'' re attacking it and also striking into it, you see the nature of the throngs, it'' s tough to.
hit, and also they'' re clustering. So it takes the damage, however it'' s not taking as long as you would certainly. assume based upon the nature of it being a swarm.So all the

beetles are swarming in and attacking it,.
the rats are safeguarding themselves. It takes the damage, just not as much as you'' d expect.TALIESIN: Boo. MATT: That finishes your turn? TALIESIN: Yeah. MATT: Caleb, you'' re up. LIAM: Okay, I am going to deliberately stride
via the rats. I know that I will be bitten, yet I'' m mosting likely to walk as much onward
as I can, up near Arm and Caduceus.TALIESIN: They already
took their response anyway. MATT: Yeah.
LIAM: Excellent. So, tip away; I am taking out my little clay feline'' s paw, because I understand that this hound from hell will discover it offensive, as well as I will certainly cast Banishment on the much healthier one; so the one on this side. Personal appeal, 16. MATT: Charisma 16! LIAM: Go to hell. MATT: No, he eliminated. (applauding) MARISHA: He got rid of, bitch! LAURA: If they belong on an additional aircraft, they wear'' t. come back. LIAM: If the spell does not get disrupted, he'' s. gone. MATT:'He ' s simply resting there and also goes (snarl),.
seeks out at you for a second (intensifying snarling), leaps in your direction, and (fssh) in a swirl.
of arcane energy, as well as (pop) out of existence.LIAM:( brittle laugh
) Fick dich. MATT: All righty. That completes your go, Caleb. Top of the round. Jester, you ' re up. LAURA: Oh', fine. I ' m mosting likely to Leading Bolt at. 1st-level that guy.
MATT: Okay. LAURA as well as TALIESIN: All-natural 20! (cheering) MATT: That'' ll do. LAURA: Ey-oh, ey-oh, ey! Do I increase my dice? MATT: You double your dice. LAURA: Woo! MARISHA: Don'' t roll ones. TALIESIN: Oh, that ' s respectable. LAURA: 11, 14, 16 plus 12 is 28. 31! MATT: 31. How do you wish to do this? (cheering) LAURA: Just since I haven'' t used
my spiritual. tool', I ' m mosting likely to turn it up and pound it down at the very same time I Directing Bolt. MATT: Right as you launch the Leading Bolt, your.
hand rises, and you bring it down. As the luminescent ruptured of divine, intense, white-blue.
energy pounds into the creature, sending it upward, reeling from the effect (squawk); at that point,.
the huge lollipop swings as well as fractures it on the head. It simply strikes the ground, its legs sprawl.
out, splayed, as well as it is done. LAURA: I utilize Thaumaturgy to make it seem like a.
round of applause in the cave. (applause) LAURA: Say thanks to you.Thank you.

A-thank you. LIAM: Squeal, squeak, squeak-squeak-squeak! TRAVIS: For how long is that point gotten rid of for? LIAM: Forever, if my spell doesn'' t obtain disturbed. TRAVIS: Incredible. LIAM: Eliminate it back to heck. SAM: For life? LIAM: If it were from this airplane, it'' s temporary. If it'' s from another plane, it remains in its plane if I don ' t obtain fucked up. TALIESIN: Yeah, it doesn'' t have a hold below', so. there ' s nothing to secure it back to the mortal plane. LIAM: Ja. Ja-ja-ja! SAM: Wait, what? Just how would certainly your spell get. disrupted? LIAM: Me obtaining struck, and dropping the spell. SAM: Simply ever? TRAVIS: Yeah. TALIESIN: No; just when it got cast. LIAM: Within one minute, if I obtain typed the.
face and lose the spell, it could come back. SAM: And if you put on'' t obtain typed the face in.

the min, then absolutely nothing happens.MATT: Do you want to move or remain where you are? LAURA: I ' m going to go through and stomp on the.
rats as I sign up with the celebration. MATT: You got it. Okay, that coatings your go. Nott, your turn. SAM: There'' s absolutely nothing else to– LAURA as well as MATT: There'' s rats. SAM: (groan) Oh. MATT: And they ' re coming for you! TRAVIS: We do practically need to deal with.
eradicated beast when it returns. LAURA: No, it'' s not coming back.SAM: That'' s what I ' m confused about, as well. TRAVIS: I ' m going to rest over right here'.
LIAM: Unless I obtain typed the face,'it ' s not. coming back. Don ' t punch me in the face. SAM: I'punch Caleb in the face. TALIESIN: I ' ve been waiting on it. SAM:'No,
I'will visit the rats. Or I ' ll. just– I ' ll throw a vial of acid at the rats. MATT: Sure, all right. They make a mastery check,. right? SAM: I believe so. It claims I can sprinkle it onto a. animal within 5 feet of me, or'toss it approximately 20 feet, shattering on impact. So it doesn ' t say. what they conserve as, it simply claims 2d6 acid damage.
MATT: Oh sorry, after that just make a just general. dexterity– roll a d20 as well as include your mastery modifier. SAM: Ugh. LAURA: You should have simply walked up and sprayed.
it on them.SAM: Yeah

, well I didn'' t. 8. MATT: Eight? It misses.
You view as the rats go.( squeak) as well as obtain prepared for effect, and also it strikes the stone, as well as they( slower squealing ). MARISHA: Oh, that ' s charming! SAM: I will certainly hide.( laughter) MATT: Yeah, because you still had drawback on. that, since you were poisoned anyhow. Did you include a d4 to your roll? SAM: It doesn'' t matter. It was just a 8. LAURA: Well. SAM: Now it ' s an 11. LIAM: They ' re rats! MATT: That makes a distinction. LAURA: See, it functioned? SAM:'Wait, shouldn ' t I have had downside? MATT: But you have disadvantage, so roll once more. SAM: Natural 20. TALIESIN: Oh, 11. MATT: So yeah, that does actually struck. MARISHA: Hey! MATT: In the alternative truth in which they.
winced and turned, they'' re like, “Aww, That “” would'' ve been terrific.”” Nonetheless, their imagination.
cut loose with them, as the fact is, they took– SAM: Eight points of damage.MARISHA: They had their very own Jacob ' s Ladder. minute. LIAM: Yes, the 20 rats.
So 20,000 rats in the. dodecahedron.
MARISHA: (whooshing) This timeline. MATT: A number of baby rats in area, evaluating.
Planet. The monolith drifts up. So the throng is still alive, yet their numbers are very decreased. You hear the terrible, yelling hisses as a bunch of these distraught, subterranean, hungry rats.
begin to liquify and wither right into these tiny little puddles of hair and also flesh, but they'' re still. about. That finishes your go, Nott. SAM: Yeah. MATT: Yasha'' s up. Yasha is paralyzed. TRAVIS: (smothered, inaudible speech )MATT: Yep, at the end of its turn, it can make a. saving toss. TRAVIS: Okay. MATT: Constitution conserve. TRAVIS: Let ' s do it! 16. MATT: 16? She does well.'TRAVIS: Yeah'! With her perk– MATT: That ' s her turn. TRAVIS: That ' s my turn. MATT: Yeah. With a benefit activity, that ' s your turn. Sweetheart, you ' re up. MARISHA: Sorry! Sorry, rats.Sorry. SAM: Simply suppress stomping.
MARISHA: Just take my stick, and also right in their. heads. LAURA: So depressing. MARISHA: It ' s actual unfortunate. LAURA: Why put on ' t they simply escape? MARISHA: I know. Sorry. I kick a couple of, then I ' m. like: Shoo. Shoo. MATT: Simply roll an attack roll. MARISHA: Okay'. TALIESIN: As well as you still have your d4! MARISHA: That ' s rather great. 19 plus 20 overall. MATT: Yeah, so roll damages. LIAM: Batter up! TRAVIS: I might have to obtain a new iPad. LAURA: Somebody ' s going to get– TRAVIS: Safari keeps crashing on this thing. MATT: Oh, buddy. TALIESIN: Oh, we haven ' t updated. Oh no! SAM: No, it ' s the tablet. It ' s not D&D Beyond. TRAVIS: No, it ' s Safari. It ' s the iPad. MARISHA: 11 damages on the initial one. MATT: 11 damages. How do you intend to do this? LAURA: Woo! TALIESIN: There was an upgrade that we most likely– MARISHA: I attempt to save as many as I can by shooing. some away. MATT: A couple of do shoo off, and it'' s like( squeaking).
dart off– MARISHA: The ones that are half dangling on by the.
acid from Nott, I just– MATT: Place them out of their misery.MARISHA: Yeah.

MATT: Okay. Individually. MARISHA: Simply little stands out. MATT: The rats are ended up. Caleb, you rest there.
and also focus for the complete minute, and then the spell is completed. The secure is separated,.
and also the animal is gotten rid of to its infernal world where it once originated from. LAURA: Exists a site or something in here? Should we seek a website? SAM: Perhaps we should seek a portal. LAURA: See to it nothing else are going to come.
via. TALIESIN: Anybody who'' s harmed– TRAVIS: Yasha increases her hand; says, “Oops.”” TALIESIN: So any person that'' s hurt, come sit
over. here momentarily. Do they get to save against the poison or should I just do that? MATT: No', they ' re no longer poisoned.The.

paralysis and the toxin are gone. They'' re both hand in hand. TALIESIN: Nott also; is she alright? MATT: Hmm?'TALIESIN: Nott ' s not poisoned any longer either? MATT: That ' s still– No, because you were–. due to the fact that the toxin– hmm. TALIESIN: I can cast the spell and make it vanish. if I need to. MATT: While poisoned, target is paralyzed. So.
intriguing factor: yes, in fact. Your poisoned and paralysis are gone. Both are connected.
together. TALIESIN: So anyone who intends to obtain some.
healing, I'' m going to be doing a Petition of Recovery over the following 10 minutes. MARISHA: I go get recovered, however I'' m sidetracked the.
entire time I'' m getting healed, taking a look at the subconscious satanic force pet dog. MATT: That demon pet is close to expiring.MARISHA: Oh.

MATT: It'' s not dead yet. MARISHA: I just watch him as I obtain recovered by.
Caduceus. LAURA: Nugget! Come in here. MATT: (panting, poof) Simply teleports, blinks to.
you. TRAVIS: Oh, obtain a critical pinch hit Nugget and also.
dispatch the satanic force pet dog. LAURA: What? TRAVIS: Have Nugget round off the satanic force pet dog. LAURA: Oh, the unconscious one? TRAVIS: Uh-huh. Let it taste blood. TALIESIN: 21 recovery points to any person that wants.
them. TRAVIS, SAM, LIAM and also MARISHA: Yeah. TALIESIN: Allow'' s make sure.
The amount of people are. taking that? One, 2, three, four, and also I will be five. Trendy. You were great? LAURA: I'' m excellent. SAM: Ought to we attempt to wake this fiendish point and.
tame it? LAURA: Should we just eliminate it? MARISHA: He'' s extremely nearly dead, whatever it is. LAURA: Nugget, bite him! Don'' t attack him; you ' re. too pleasant. Don ' t bite anything. Right here, have some candy. MATT: He comes down as well as starts tearing the sweet. apart on the ground.'Nugget ' s not mature at this point.He ' s

still a puppy, but a big puppy,.
obtaining to regarding that size, and also not truly knowing the full size of the pet, you'' re currently like,.
“” Oh, this is mosting likely to be a huge child.”” LIAM: What did you simply feed him? LAURA: Sweet! LIAM: What kind? LAURA: Do you want some? I have peppermints, I.
have some cherry fools, and also I have– LIAM: Simply not chocolate, yeah? LAURA: No delicious chocolate. TRAVIS: I take the falchion and stick it in the.
rear of the neck of the demon canine. MATT: It exhales its last breath and also goes still.TALIESIN: Mister Caleb, maybe we need to take a. check out and also see where these things originated from. SAM: Great concept. I will join you. MATT: Either 2 of you make investigation checks,. or a single person makes with advantage. LIAM: Examination at advantage since someone ' s. helping me? SAM: I will certainly do an investigation check as well. MATT: All right, both of you people take one. SAM: A million. LIAM: 24. MATT: 24 and a million. SAM: 26. MATT: Okay! You individuals relocate along, stepping over the. corpses of the two creatures.
The rotting-flesh smell that you scented when you first came right into the. chamber, when you obtain near to these creatures– since the adrenaline has actually diminished and you can. really take a minute to process all the senses– this extremely molded-citrus-type, acrid odor rises. from their bodies along with long-rotted
flesh.It is a terrible odor from these animals.

In methods,. components of them advise you of hyena-dogs with these
large ridges along the rear of the spinal column, the tail. very poisonous. You men pass and head around the other edge. You pass by other bones. as well as various other corpses of what were smaller moorbounders, dogs that were being educated or. risen and also fed, and also in the back edge
, Nott, you see it very first and also Caleb just secs after, there. is this faint radiance, this extremely faint red radiance. It resembles a crack in the stone. You approach and. look at it, and as quickly as you check out a side angle, the fracture isn'' t on the rock; it ' s about an. inch away from it'. It ' s airborne, and also it ' s about two feet throughout, like that, as well as about an inch. sliver. SAM: Should we stick our hands with there? LIAM: No, we ought to refrain from doing that. TRAVIS: That ' s what I ' m for.
LIAM: No, this is where the trouble is coming. from. I ' m not certain what to do concerning it, though. SAM: Can we secure it? Can we un-magic it? Yasha! Yasha, you have– Oh, do you have an eliminate? LAURA: Yeah.SAM: Jester! LAURA: Okay, I ' m mosting likely to try to Eliminate Magic.
MATT: Okay, make a knowledge check. Roll a d20 and also. add your wisdom modifier. LAURA: 15 plus eight. MATT: And also your knowledge modifier. LAURA: Sorry, 15 plus 5. MATT: 20? LAURA: Yes. MATT: 20 is the DC you needed. As Jester actions. forward, you translucent the fracture. It begins to slowly widen, and also for a fraction of a second as she'' s. concentrating and also concentrating, for a fraction of a second past that there'' s red as well as purple and also you listen to. this faint swirling of wind and also screams as well as that recognizes past the veil, as well as you can see an additional one.
of those creatures beginning ahead up and also smell the opposite of this break, and right as it looks.
via, its eye looking out from the various other side, it seals as well as is gone. SAM: You did it! LAURA: I did it! TALIESIN: That was fantastic. LAURA: Great, because I put on'' t recognize if we can have
. combated another one of those guys, you understand? We entirely might have taken another one.LIAM: We require to persuade our goblin buddy. upstairs that we have actually performed some kind of exorcism in addition to the eliminating component, so with any luck. we obtain a much better bargain, also
. TRAVIS: Yeah, where did that rift even go? MARISHA: Well, it really feels like some kind of fiendish. adversaries that we were battling
, so I ' m presuming the Nine Hells? LIAM: Have you not review of the Hells? MARISHA: Would certainly I recognize where those things might. have originated from? MATT: You can either make an arcana
or perhaps a. religious beliefs check.MARISHA: I ' ll do the faith due to the fact that I ' ve read

about rel– alright, 16. MATT: 16? Taking a look at these creatures, the significance. of them, specifically considering that you ' ve removed their facets, you ' ve taken the'time to think it over. Fiendish, definitely. Not evil one. MARISHA: Which is Nine Hells. MATT: Correct. MARISHA: So this is abyssal. MATT: This is abyssal. The chaotic nature of its.
kind, the little peek beyond that you saw, as well as the general scent that stays after it, is much less.
of the significance of brimstone and various other such smells that seem to come with rifts or doorways that lead.
to the 9 Hells, and also rather the smell below is something else entirely. Based upon all these points.
together, you'' re pretty certain that this was an abyssal creature. LIAM: You share that? MARISHA: Abyssal pets. TRAVIS: Was the rift simply huge enough for a.
creature like that to find through, or was it bigger? MATT: It considered the moment like a creature that.
size might perhaps press through, however you also saw it begin to increase as the creature started to draw.
near. So it may have had some level of flexibility.TRAVIS: So not like something else came through. previously. TALIESIN: Well I imply, I don ' t know. These things. can occur. TRAVIS: I stroll over to the very first devil canine, and. I ' ll take the falchion as well as reduced'the stinger off the tail, as well as hand it over to Caduceus and also go:. Shouldn ' t we maybe hold onto these for something? TALIESIN: I would certainly talk with Nott about that. It ' s. not an awful idea. TRAVIS: Really poisonous as well as harmful. Paralytics. and also all? LAURA: You must give the other one to Yasha. TALIESIN: I ' m visiting if the spores will'take. in these points or not.
I wear ' t recognize if they will. MATT: Okay. The fiendish nature is immune to. the spores, however not immune.Meaning you ' re utilized to
your Decay being rather rapid. It is. beginning, but it is a slower procedure. TALIESIN: That ' s interesting. That ' s extremely. interesting. LIAM: You recognize, this is intriguing, due to the fact that when. I went to your collection, one of the several points that I uncovered there that day is that– Do you desire. to end up speaking? MATT: Continue. LIAM: That the realm here,
the Kryn Dynasty,. there was reference of Tharizdun. MARISHA: Ter-is-doom? LIAM and also MARISHA: Tharizdun. SAM: What is that? Is that an area? LIAM: A horrible, dark god. From ages past. Affecting the individuals right here, showing up from below. And also we locate this here, simply this near to the. surface? Maybe it ' s coincidence.
Perhaps not. MATT: To clear up, just because you would certainly understand, the. study that you exposed handle drow cultures and what ' s written on them. There are connections. to Tharizdun, and a madness that is understood to have asserted much of the Tal'' Dorei drow and the. Underdark that resides there. LIAM: Tal'' Dorei drow? MATT: Correct. But there is conjecture within.
imperial books as well as research study that possibly the very same chaos is additionally spreading out in the eastern. LIAM: Hmm.Okay.

Well, Caleb would certainly not have.
understood whatever that he located that day. MATT: Correct. No, it'' s real.
Just letting you. know. SAM: Can I see if there ' s any type of poison I can extract.
from these stingers? With my expert medicine checks? MATT: Yeah, go in advance as well as make a medicine or nature.
examine this, I'' d say. Your selection. LAURA: Want me to assist you? SAM: Yes! LAURA: Can I assist him? Because I got effectiveness.
in medication. I recognize what I'' m doing. SAM: I ' ll try to find the chemicals, you search for. the– LAURA: The capillaries. SAM: The veins, you seek the veins. MATT: Go for it. SAM: All-natural 20. Should I roll again?'LAURA: No. SAM': No, that ' s it.
LAURA: Wouldn ' t it be fantastic if it was two. all-natural 20s, though? MATT: Anyway, it takes you a bit of time. and also you take care of to draw out– unfortunately, due to the state of its body,
once it passes away, the toxin. starts to divide and also suffuse its own flesh and system.But you do handle
to extract a vial of its. poison.
TRAVIS: Some savage crap. SAM: That'' s paralysis venom, right? MATT: Potentially. TALIESIN: That might be indicate. TRAVIS: Poisoned as well as paralytic. LAURA: Like how large of a vial? Like a skinny.
kind? MATT: Like a solitary application. TALIESIN: One run. MATT: It'' s smaller sized than those; it ' s concerning that. large. Due to the fact that it has actually to be purified element. It'' s great for one application, whether that be tool,.
or drunk, or whatever the instance might be. LIAM: Awesome app. SAM: Okay, thank you. MATT: So you got that. You do understand, with your.
natural 20, that there is a rack life on the toxin, meaning with time it may become watered down. Yet with the natural 20, you additionally understand that'' s possibly weeks, if not months away. But there is.
an ultimate life span on its potency. LIAM: Should you utilize it now? TALIESIN: Right now.MATT: Just stabs Caleb. TRAVIS: Well, we ' ve efficiently cleared the. satanic forces. This cave is clear.
LAURA: We must disguise ourselves once more before. we go back up. MARISHA: Yeah, that ' s a great phone call. TALIESIN: I ' m going to look a little various no. matter what due to the fact that I can only do that when a day, but that ' s alright. LAURA: Oh no. TALIESIN: That ' s all right. LAURA: We ' ll just make you look sort of unclean and. things. I start massaging dirt around Caduceus. TALIESIN: This stuff is– not this dust. This is. weird dust. LIAM: Do
you desire your horns as well as dick once more? MARISHA: Yeah. LIAM: Okay, I begin waving the caterpillar cocoon.
in front of her face as well as offer her a wang.MARISHA:( coughing) That ' s dusty. MATT: You'recover your particular illusions and/or. changes.
TRAVIS:( expanding noises) MATT:( laughs) Perfect. MARISHA: (laughs) Macy'' s Day float over right here. TRAVIS: (lower pitched) '' Sup? MATT: You rose back right into Zorth'' s Pits. As you.
make your means up towards the top, the catch door is actually shut. As you most likely to open it, it is.
currently locked. MARISHA: Oh, goddamn it. TRAVIS: (knocks) MATT: “” Yes?”” TRAVIS: We'' re done. MATT: “Is it you?”” TRAVIS: Yes, it'' s us. What, you assume they talk or.
something? MATT: “” I put on'' t understand about these points! Simply being.
risk-free, come on.”” TRAVIS: Open the door! MATT: “” Okay, simply hold on a second.””.
( several locks clicking) You listen to chains being drawn. Ultimately it gets pressed open as well as he'' s. kicked the cover of it open.The actual entrance falls back and also raids the wall. He looks. down. “” So is it done?”” TRAVIS: Oh god, there'' s one more one! Run! MATT:( screams) TRAVIS: Nah, I'' m simply kidding. MATT: “” Guileful orc.”” TRAVIS: Yeah. MATT: “” All right, begun up. So what was it? What'' d you do? What “' d you kill?” Was it done? Are “you sure? What proof you got?” TRAVIS: Actually, we left them down there for you.
if you'' re thinking about, I don'' t understand, gathering pieces of– what was it, demon animals? LIAM: Ogres, without a doubt. MATT: He looks you over actual close and goes, “” I.
put on'' t recognize why, however I believe you. Okay, I ' ll go “down and also have a look. Just checking, didn'' t know. if it was some kind of a pull one “over on me and also “take my company, so I'' m simply being cautious.”” TRAVIS: Did you wish to go look right currently? MATT: “” Yeah!”” LAURA: Okay, however you ought to recognize that you had actually a.
portal to another measurement in your cave. TALIESIN: That'' s true.LAURA: I had to shut it. It was not quite, but.
you should take care, because if it opens up again, what are you going to do, you know? MATT: (quietly) “” That'' s not good.” LAURA: Do you recognize why it took place? Have you ever.
seen that kind of thing before? SAM: Yeah have you heard of something comparable.
taking place? MATT: He raises one foot up and scratches the side.
of his holy place and also goes. “” No, I sanctuary'' t. That ' s quite unsafe, isn''” t it?” LAURA: “It is. MATT: “Would you individuals allow the Girl understand possibly?”” TALIESIN: The what? LAURA: The Woman? MATT: “” The Lady. If this type of things'' s. taking place, that'' s really not great.”” TRAVIS: Yeah, Zethriss– MARISHA: Zethriss Oreos? TALIESIN: I assume that would certainly be the neighborly.
thing to do.TRAVIS: What ' s her name? Zethriss? MATT: “” Lady Olios.”” TRAVIS: Olios. MATT: “” Olios. I haven'' t fulfilled her.
Or else I ' d. tell her myself, yet you know …I don'' t recognize, “them drow individual make me really feel kind of
awkward, you know?”” TALIESIN: That'' s shocking. You'' re really outstanding. I suggest, I'' m certainly charmed. MATT: Make a– your option, persuasion or deception. TALIESIN: Oh, persuasion. 21. MATT: “” Oh, stop. Oh, you'' re adorable.”” TALIESIN: You'' re great. MATT: “Well done! Wonderful! Amazing! Let me go look at it!”” He decreases and also runs in the darkness below and you hear, (yelling) “” Ah, god! Ah, one more one! Jeez, the number of were there?”” LAURA: There were three, however one of them is gone due to the fact that he was gotten rid of. SAM: We can secure him there as well as just take all– TALIESIN: Hey, hey, hi. We'' re making good friends currently. MATT “: “That ' s remarkable! You killed three of them! Wonderful.”” LIAM: Additionally, there was a rift in the really
material of time and also area down below and my sister here closed that.MATT: “That

' “s outstanding!”” LAURA: So if you intend to give us much more of a.
discount because, you recognize, we saved you a lot trouble in the future– MATT: “” We had a bargain, no. Yet that'' s incredible!”” MARISHA: You likewise had a major rat invasion. MATT: “” I find out about the rats! I mean, that'' s fifty percent. what you feed these points.”” TALIESIN: Well, sorry, then. MARISHA: They were a little out of control. I really feel.
like you shouldn'' t leave scraps of food about. I don'' t recognize. LIAM: Likewise, we did not consent to shut any kind of.
break to another dimension.MATT: “Oh, no, and also

that ' s so pleased of me'!” LIAM: I would hate for us to open it back up. So. because it was something outside of the deal we made– MATT: “Then perhaps you should go speak to the Woman. and tell her “the kindness you did, and also maybe “she ' ll be, ' Thank you! You went and also shut a break. for the community! Here ' s some money! '” TRAVIS: Let ' s get
these steeds and also move'on. LAURA: I ' m a very kind individual. I'wear ' t mind. closing rifts for individuals in need, you know? MATT: “That ' s terrific.” MARISHA: Will certainly you'at least hold on to the buzz–. the moorbound– the overload kitties for a bit much longer while we go speak to Lady Zethriss? MATT: “Yeah, I ' ve still reached educate you.” TALIESIN: “That ' s fair.MATT: “I suggest, I ' m not simply” mosting likely to hand them.

over. “That ' s a dish for catastrophe.” MARISHA: Yeah.” Just how'' d you lose your arms? Was it.
likewise in among your workshops? MATT: “” You understand, when you'' re finding out exactly how to function.
with these points, if you'' re not careful, negative “” points happen. However you find out. Twice. But you recognize,.
hasn'' t slowed me down!”” MARISHA: I think you can still straddle an overload.
feline. All right, allow'' s go! SAM: We ' re mosting likely to go see this female? LAURA: Why? TALIESIN: I think this is a chance. To be'. excellent neighbors. We ' re mosting likely to possibly need a few friends while we ' re out below,'so allow ' s attempt not to. be bad guys and a criminal aspect excessive. LIAM: Is it the kind of thing that we can do in under.
a hr, or maybe would wait up until tomorrow? SAM: We'' re close by, right?'It ' s that spire
over. there? MATT: “Oh, yeah.That '

s possibly 12 mins from.
right here, tops.”” TALIESIN: I say it'' s worth it, directly. MARISHA: Perhaps she takes appointments. TRAVIS: Yeah, I indicate, when we obtain there, she may.
not even be home. SAM: When are we mosting likely to be in the City of Beasts.
once again? TALIESIN: A minimum of let'' s file a record, like.
correct people. TRAVIS: Yep. TALIESIN: Thanks. TRAVIS: We'' ll be back. MATT: “All right, I'' ll be over here.
I ' m going to. start rounding up my three choice picks for you. “See which ones are the most spry and also vibrant.”” LAURA: Obtain one that'' s actually charming for me, fine? Like, gothy, yet charming at the same time. MATT: “” For you? I'' ll do my ideal!”” (laughs) He.
companions you individuals to the beyond Zorth'' s Pits, closes the door behind you guys and you'' re
currently. standing in the center of the primary street road. TALIESIN: Allow'' s head in this way.
It ' s always worth. making buddies, no issue where you are.MARISHA: Do you believe she ' s a mage or sorcerer or
. something? TALIESIN: I have no concept. MARISHA: They maintain calling her Woman and also she lives.
in a tower. TRAVIS: Well, pay attention, if y'' all are anxious those.
of us that are under marginal changes– we can let her recognize. LAURA: Arm, your own is rather major. TRAVIS: It is, isn'' t it? TALIESIN: I hadn ' t noticed.LIAM: You two don ' t demand to do a lot of anything,.
do you? You ought to speak with her, in instance she'' s able to see with points. TALIESIN: I picture that anyone that resides in this.
city will recognize the need to be incognito. LIAM: I do not make that assumption, I would such as.
the randy one and also the little eco-friendly lady to speak to her, if that'' s all right. TALIESIN: Sweetheart and also Nott? Certain. LAURA: (laughs) TALIESIN: That was for you. LAURA: I liked it. SAM: Makes good sense. LIAM: Just safety measures. TRAVIS: Sure. LAURA: We'' re on it. We have this completely dealt with. LIAM: I believe in you. SAM: Allow'' s go! MATT: All right. Is every person going as a team? SAM: We'' ll stroll over there en masse, however the.
investigatives will certainly go in.MATT: You men make your way through, pressing past.
three major carts that are being pulled by aurochs that are presently in this large harness, drawing.
them via the filth as well as mud. (aurochs lowing) On the back of it, you can see barrels of big.
ballista ammunition. You can see hefty barrels including three, four-foot-long metallic bolts.
with addicted and also rugged edges that are utilized for piercing and also destroying limits and boundaries,.
walls, doorways. Some are put up and some are positioned down, and they have huge loopholes at the end. Advises you of harpoons, a bit. MARISHA: Are these human catchers? Individuals.
catchers? TALIESIN: I'' m attempting to bear in mind the name.
There ' s. a name, as well as it ' s someplace in my mind right now. MARISHA: Spikes with a loop, yeah. MATT: You'' re not entirely specific.
In fact, you,. being the discovered one, make a knowledge check. MARISHA: Just straight intelligence? That was.
nearly fucking amazing. It'' s still okay. 14. MATT: You'' re not entirely certain the application.
of these, but these are a different kind of ballista ammunition. MARISHA: Interesting. Okay. TALIESIN: They wear'' t understand, but I did remember the.
term.MATT: Passing by those carts as they ' re rolled. southward in the direction of the gate, you make your means to the exterior of the Aurora … Hold. That ' s the word. I was trying to find.
As you come close to now, it stands apart like an aching thumb against most of the.
architecture in the inside of Asarius. It virtually resembles, in its design, a timeless church.
as well as steeple, where it has this gradual slope on the brink that concern a partial roof covering, and after that.
the main spire fires up into this gradual factor concerning three stories off the ground.Along.

it, it'' s not smooth. The edges are ridged, as well as you can see intricate details where it has this.
connected– in some methods similar to a pagoda, how it borders external in these contours and also factors, where.
the roofings concern a mild end and also slope. There are a number of stunning, attractive glass windows.
that are stained glass, yet rather than multicolor, it resembles a much more muted scheme of.
grays and purples and also silvers as well as blacks and also blues. From the outdoors, it doesn'' t appearance as. beautiful, however as you stalk the front door, which is currently open on the within, what light.
comes through fills the interior with this very calming, blue-purple shade that has this strangely.
welcoming and also practically cooled atmosphere to it. As you approach, you see two Kryn soldiers walk by. They tip aside. They wear'' t keep in mind of you, yet they go on, and both of them divided as they reach.
the facility roadway and go in 2 various instructions, heading north and south.What would certainly.

you like to do? SAM: Let'' s enter. LAURA: Yeah, we ought to go right in. SAM: We'' re just going to enter. Yeah. MATT: The two of you? SAM: Sure. Wait out below, y ' all. TALIESIN: Okay. SAM: Many thanks for conserving my life. MATT: As you men patiently wait, the.
investigatory group, you tip to the base of the building, and also up what'' s maybe five feet of stairs,.
these vast, 15-foot vast rock staircases that bring about the major open doorway. Tipping right into the first.
chamber, the light that fills the within, it'' s lovely. It ' s warmer on the within, and also there ' s. no desk, more than a set of chairs– comfortable, well-crafted chairs, as soon as again attracting attention
versus. most of the furnishings as well as the home you'' ve already experienced, even in brief looks.
throughout the city.As you get in the chamber and also check out, there are two doors, one to the right as well as. one to the left.
They are both closed, and also there does not show up to be any person in the chamber at. the minute.
SAM: Knock on some doors? Or is there a bell? LAURA: Do we see anybody? MATT: Make an assumption check. SAM: 12. LAURA: 12. MATT: You both look as well as, to every side of the door,.
there is a knotted cord that hangs regarding 10 feet from a bell, flanking each side of the door on the.
inside. SAM: There'' s two various doors,
two different. bells? MATT: Correct. LAURA: Shall we just ring them both? SAM: Any markings on–? (ringing) (laughter) TRAVIS: Remarkable! MATT: A moment passes prior to one door opens up.
and, stepping within, you see a human, a male possibly in his mid-forties approximately, large, bushy.
beard that drops down to his mid-chest, hair that is greased as well as slicked back into really limited.
braid that after that launches into a bunch of rippling curls that go to concerning his mid-back.

is using dark gray-silver bathrobes as well as brilliant, shiny, little pins that note where the clavicle.
and the shoulder meet. As he peeks via as well as goes, “” Can I help you?””, the other door opens, and also.
you see a drow woman, young, possibly late teenagers, early twenties. Intense silver-white hair that is.
pulled right into a high ponytail and after that 2 tendrils that go past the front of the ears and hang down.
to concerning mid-chest. Beautiful, strong gray-blue skin, almost amber-colored eyes, as she glances.
with putting on a similar robe regarding him, and goes, “” Hey there?”” SAM: We'' re looking for Woman Zethriss.Is among.

you– I wear'' t desire to assume. MATT: The guy shuts the door, as well as the woman walks.
up. “” If I might ask, what is the factor for the meet?”” LAURA: The Sunbreaker told us ahead over here,.
since he said perhaps that you guys had some benefit us, yet at the very same time, we were supposed to.
come tell you concerning this stuff that we discovered here. SAM: We'' re an investigative duo. We'' re referred to as.
Django and also Nash, and we go around locating things– LAURA: Really important points. SAM: We found something that you could be.
curious about. MATT: “” All right. Please wait patiently. I will.
allow the Lady know.”” SAM: Oh, you'' re not the Girl.” MATT: “No.” Shuts the door. TRAVIS: Excellent pitch. SAM: I believed she was a woman. She is a girl. LAURA: Yeah. We'' re mosting likely to inform them of the break,.
right? SAM: If it matches our purposes. LAURA: What else are we going to tell them? SAM: I put on'' t recognize, honestly.MATT: Eventually the door opens, as well as she returns.
as well as goes, “” Please, if you would certainly incline, “” come with me.”” SAM: Sure. Yes, certainly. We do this type of.
point all the time. LAURA: Sure, yeah, yeah, yeah. Insight examine! MATT: Make an insight check. TRAVIS: Have you ever before eliminated one-half of a table.
previously, Matt? MATT: Yeah. LAURA: 21. MATT: Okay. SAM: Oh! Oh! I'' m going to pass away! We ' re going to die! She'' s a beast in a lady ' s covering! TRAVIS: Men, D&D Beyond has a vicious race for.
president of D&D home heating up.SAM: The only means that you can vote is to.
subscribe. That'' s not true.( laughter) MATT: You do the same? LAURA: Yeah, yeah. MATT: Leading you with the door, the following.
chamber, it resembles there are two parallel corridors, because where would be the left, where.
the other door had actually opened up, there is a long, heavy stone wall surface that splits this. This chamber appears.
to be split right into 2 sides. Heading down by doing this, you pass a closed door on the right, a second.
closed door on the right, a third closed door on the right, and also each door has a guard there. The.
guards are using mantles that are similar to, or of the same style as, the Kryn armor as well as the.
mantle you saw on the mage that you dealt with, when you first concerned Xhorhas.It ' s simply the mantle,. and it ' s embellishing
the easy silver-gray bathrobes that the various other numbers in this building appear to be. putting on. The interior is gorgeous
. Whereas a rather plain exterior, apart from the general. form and also curvature of the
sides of the structure, the interior wall surfaces below have stunning scrollwork.
sculpted right into all the rock. Each doorway frame has this ivy-type structure that curls and swirls.
around the door frame. A lot of initiative as well as work has actually gone into the building of this building. You pass by the third door, and also the female goes and also opens up the chamber entrance, responds, and gives you a.
nudge to enter. SAM: We do. MATT: You enter the space. The first point you'' re. fulfilled with is 2 drow warriors, both embellished in shield, however the armor itself is clean, clean,.
possibly ceremonial, or at the very least has actually not been utilized in battle for a while.They both look at
you both. and also tip apart.
Beyond that, you see an attractive, tall, high-back easy chair that extends out with.
this deep reddish-purple shade, like a velvet. The rim outside that curls around it, also.
wonderfully performed in a brass shade that spirals on the edges. You can see a small altar in the center.
of the chamber, about three feet from the foot of this, as well as this church heads up in this sluggish,.
progressive, spiralling point, virtually like there were two paths of a tapering tower. On top, you see.
a brass dodecahedron. SAM: I look anywhere however at that. MATT: Hollow, there'' s nothing within, but it''
s an. art piece. In the chair, sitting in incredible, detailed brocades inlaid into this silk bathrobe that.
wanders past her legs to the point where you can not see her feet, dangling and also rolling off the side of.
the chair, this attractive dark elf woman, her skin a soft violet hue, her hair intense white that.
appears to taper to a similar purple-violet shade regarding her skin as it transcends her shoulders.Her.

hair is long. It goes past her hips, and tumbles off the edges of the chair. She sits towards the.
edge of the chair, just looking her face in the direction of this art piece, her eyes closed, as well as her hand.
increases up as well as asks you to go into, calmly. SAM: We'' ll simply wait until she talks, I think? LAURA: Yeah. She'' ll start the convo.MATT: She motions for you. LAURA and SAM: Yeah, yeah, we ' ll do that. MATT: Both Kryn soldiers close the door and also. stay there, enjoying. They ' re not leaving you alone in the chamber. Her eyes open as well as appearance. towards you, as well as her irises are a pure, vivid amethyst purple. It ' s enchanting, also simply to see. the shade.
Also in this low light, it almost seems to be backlit, the way the shade comes with you. Her.
face seems gentle and also comes to a smile. “” So I have “” been informed that you are investigators.Is this.

deal with?”” LAURA: Yes, we'' re investigators. MATT: “” You came with the behest of the Sunbreaker?”” SAM: He informed us concerning you. He didn'' t claim, “You.” should go there.” LAURA: But he was “like, “You need to probably go.
see her since she'' s pretty cool,” and he wasn'' t existing, guy! You are extremely cool. MATT: “” Right. Well, are you coming seeking job?”” SAM: Perhaps. We had an interest in possibly sharing.
some info with you. LAURA: We discovered something that I assume you would.
like to recognize. MATT: “” Please, do inform me.”” LAURA: I'' m going to inform her. SAM: Yeah, sure, sure. We got on one more situation,.
can'' t enter the details of it. Super hush-hush. We like to maintain our client listing private. However we got on.
another situation and also we stumbled upon a little bit of a rifty. LAURA: Yeah, it resembled, you know, like a– SAM: An entrance to one more dimension.LAURA: It was very

adaptable. It was an additional. dimension.
SAM: It can increase to accept any kind of form that.
intended to enter it, yet that wasn'' t the intriguing part. LAURA: No, no, that was normal. SAM: The intriguing part was that this path.
allow animals from an additional dimension. A wicked measurement. Some call it the Void, or something. LAURA: They were absolutely ogres, you recognize, that.
came through. There were several ones and they were scary. SAM: Right in your home community here! LAURA: They were right below! Under the ground! SAM: A few hundred backyards far from right here! We were.
like, “” That'' s insane.”” However today, we were like, “” We obtained to go tell Girl Z.”” MATT: “” Zethriss. Thank you. As well as I'' m pleased. There has been a troubling increase in demonic activity “” in the distance of this town.There have been.
words of lost rest as well as poor dreams. There has actually been “broach possible corruption of a fiendish nature. Truth problem is our sources are focused “to the west. We have actually discovered a lot of close. attacks throughout the Ashkeepers
and also we are “waylaid left and right. “So it is fortunate you. have actually come to me since I have much passion in “talented minds. Particularly those that are looking. to benefit coin or profession.
” LAURA: Well, coin is quite” amazing as well as things, therefore. is some profession. MATT: “May I ask you
, what are your specialities,. the two of you?” LAURA: I ' m actually efficient healing people. and” stuff. MATT: “That is excellent.” LAURA: And I can additionally, you recognize– I make “a. replicate of” myself. I can additionally do that! SAM: She ' s a talented artist.LAURA: I draw. I might draw a portrait'for you, if.

you desire me to. SAM: A tattoo artist– budding.
LAURA: Yes yes yes! Very skilled tattoo musician. If you are ever before seeking a piece, let me know. I can be of service. SAM: I mean, these skills– those would be at the. end of the resume, like unique
skills. I assume that– TRAVIS: Horseback riding. LAURA: Like driving stick shift. SAM: Has motorist ' s certificate. However I believe the one she. wished to lead with was, she
' s a healer. LAURA: I'' m a healer, however I'' m likewise, like, a badass.
healer. You know, so I can strike points and recover at the exact same time. And afterwards you. SAM: Rapid as lightning. LAURA: Super intoxicated, often. (laughter) SAM: Okay, that'' s reduced.
That ' s reduced on the CV, high. tolerance.Fast as lightning, stealthy as a motherfuck! LAURA: And! As well as! SAM: Sharpshooter. (weapon bolts zooming) LAURA: Super, extremely excellent with arrowheads and screws and also.
things. SAM: However together, we have some kind of– I wear'' t. understand what it is, in fact. We'' ve never truly chatted regarding it. But we have this extraordinary mind.
for addressing quandaries. For getting to the origin of the issue. Poor police officer, excellent police officer; excellent police, negative police officer,.
whatever you want to call it, we are … we'' re a dynamic duo. MATT: She still grins. There is an unique.
firmness behind the smile, and because immediate, for a quick moment, being as relatively informative.
as you are, Jester, there is a thinning patience.But she claims, “Well.
As well as you have– “this rift that. you pointed out.
These fiendish points, did you just find them? Or have you managed them?”” LAURA: Oh, we handled them! They are dead and also.
gone as well as (breaks) eradicated as well as also the break is closed. MATT: “” As well as it'' s just both of you?”” SAM: We have some colleagues. LAURA: Some other people that function with us. MATT: “” Well. That makes a great deal more feeling.”” Okay,.
make a persuasion check. Either both of you together, or one of you with advantage. Your option. LAURA and also SAM: Both people. LAURA: Woo! SAM: Dueling 18s! LAURA: 22 for me. SAM: What is it, deceptiveness or persuasion? LAURA: Persuasion. SAM: Simply straight 18. MATT: Okay! Remarkably enough, that impatience.
as well as firmness that has actually been growing subsides. She started to lean ahead in kind of an, “” I'' m going
to. deconstruct these individuals,”” kind of power; something that you'' ve encountered in the past. And then.
a few things you claimed, and also the method that you explained it away, she started to feel a little more.

“” Well, we can utilize all the aid we can “” get. There are 2 things that enter your mind at the.
moment, if you want aiding. For one, “” I have actually come to believe there is a Realm spy in.
our middle, living right here, in Asarius. Potentially, if my “” information is right, working or hugging the.
4 Corners. An obstructed missive out of the “” city from this person was obliterated, being sent out.
by nighthawk. And also the messenger was seen leaving “” the 4 Corners. This missive was giving info.
concerning the motion of our forces, preparations “” as well as such, to the Empire.It was being sent to. Bladegarden.
If you can suss out this spy as well as transform “” them in to me, you will be compensated significantly. Bring.
them alive, I'' ll leave you with 5,000 gold pieces.”” (wheezing) MARISHA: I'' m so damaged; we ' re so broke. MATT: “3,000 if dead, with proof. If that does not.
fit your fancy, or your particular ability of “” investigation, you appear to already be rather.
contended this demonic existence. There have “” been some strange murders in the city. Some residents.
freaking or …feral is coming to be a growing problem. “” And also I have suspicions that it is connected with
this demonic visibility. (sigh) Concentrating on the battle “” initiatives, I am not able to designate many resources to
this, so you would certainly be of fantastic assistance. If you could “” discover the root of this corruption, wherever it
comes from, as well as snuff it out, releasing Asarius “” from this infernal impact, the Dynasty is
going to pay 10,000 gold pieces.”” LAURA: That'' s a good quantity of money.SAM: Mm-hmm, that ' s excellent. Money is'excellent, cash is
excellent. We– MATT: “” If money is not interesting to you, we
can constantly trade with favor to the Bright Queen.”” SAM: That is in fact, potentially even extra
appealing than cash, maybe? LAURA: (murmuring) Who'' s the Bright Queen? LAURA as well as SAM: (whispers and also overwhelmed muttering) SAM: We may lack that. There is an ally of
ours who we'' ve been attempting to determine their location, and possibly with support,
you might assist us.MATT: She leans onward and also goes, “” Are either of
you consecuted?”” SAM: Consecuted? MATT: “” Understood.”” SAM: I'' ve never listened to that word before. Is that a.
fabricated word? Is that a Scrabble word? MATT: She obtained all she desired from that. She goes,.
“” Well, if you look for the Bright Queen'' s prefer, I “simply assumed you were possibly of your homes of.
Ghor Dranas. My apologies. However the coin remains, “” as well as maybe a support or a trade. Yet these are.
conversations to have when you have prospered.”” LAURA: Right. Do you know where we would begin.
with the things, as well as stuff? SAM: The demons, the demonic presence, any type of leads? Any hot suggestions? MATT: “” That is precisely why we would certainly be employing an.
private investigator.”” SAM: Yeah, we understand that. LAURA: Yeah, we know where to start because, you.
know what, we simply originated from something so we'' ll just adhere to that route. SAM: Totally. LAURA: Yep. MATT: “” I anticipate the completion of any or.
every one of your objectives.”” LAURA: So do we. MATT: “” May the light be with you.”” LAURA: As well as also with you.MATT: The

door opens behind, the soldiers are.
holding the door as well as type of considering you expectantly. LAURA: Okay. Well, we should go after that. SAM: Okay. See you soon, then. LAURA and also SAM: Bye! MATT: “” Bye.”” You guys are swiftly accompanied back.
beyond the hall. As you guys are resting there waiting nervously for some time, at some point you see.
2 Kryn warriors carefully pushing both Nott and Jester outside. SAM: As we left, I simply swiftly called the various other one.
one more time and also just kept going out. MATT: You listen to, “” Hey there?””, as you simply leave. SAM: Okay. So you sent out in the appropriate people for.
that work! LAURA: (ptchoo, ptchoo, ptchoo!) SAM: We have 2 jobs that have absolutely nothing to.
finish with saving my spouse. Yet perhaps if we did one, she could be able to help us. Possibly? LAURA: That'' s a difficult one. SAM: I put on ' t recognize. Below ' s things: we have these.
three monsters now.We could go charging across the badlands to Ghor Dranas, right? As well as search about.
for my other half, which I really intend to do; put on'' t get me wrong. TRAVIS: Unless that minotaur'' s about. SAM:( breathes out) I indicate, did you see his pecs? They.
were not phony, like yours. Anyway. We could do that, but it'' s a great deal of unknowns,
right? This lady. can offer us … something. I wear ' t understand. TRAVIS: Did she sound gotten in touch with Ghor Dranas? LAURA: Well, yeah. I mean, she ' s high up right here, you. understand. So she can absolutely obtain some crap done.
SAM: She stated that she might curry support with the. Bright Queen? LAURA: Which is the queen! SAM: Is that the queen? LIAM: They have an Empress here. LAURA: That ' s what I ' m speaking
about.It ' s her! LIAM: I don'' t recognize all the terminology, but.
she is referred to as a word: an umavi? I wear'' t recognize what that is, yet I observed that your. guy said he was– SAM: He said, “” I'' m practically an umavi ascended” or.
something like that. MARISHA: A near-umavi rising? LIAM: Umavi, yeah. SAM: So she'' s called an umavi or the umavi? LIAM: I assume she'' s called the umavi? I don'' t. recognize. It was obscure. LAURA: Something about umavi, for certain, though. LIAM: It refers to the Empress, Leylas Kryn. SAM: Have you ever before listened to the term “” consecuted””? LIAM: That'' s not a word, is it … SAM': No, it doesn ' t look like words.
However she. stated– LAURA: She claimed that it seemed like it had something. to do with the high up homes or something. SAM: Yeah. Are you consecuted? MARISHA: I'' m pretty certain consecuted means you'' re. of a royal or a proper family members? Would I know that? MATT: Make a history check. TALIESIN: I may know that, also. I seem like that.
might be in my wheelhouse. MATT: Go for it. Make a history check.TALIESIN: No.

That'' s a one minus one. MARISHA: Not fantastic for me, either: eight. TRAVIS: I'' ve obtained this. SAM: Oh yes! No, I created it down right here: “” Empress.
Leylas Kryn, '' umavi, ' 600 years old.” That'' s what I wrote down. I wear ' t recognize what that implies
. Yet I. put it in quotes, like that'' s what she ' s called, right? TALIESIN: 600 years of ages is what she ' s called? SAM: No! MATT: None of you men have any type of idea of what.
consecuted refers to.LAURA: We

simply need to ask someone. TALIESIN: Well, I additionally believe that maybe obtaining a.
little preparation prior to we head deeper right into this place may not be a dreadful suggestion, as well as having a.
pair buddies before we start– SAM: I suggest, I'' m all for billing in advance and.
leaving this community, but I simply put on'' t know what we ' re heading towards. LIAM: Well, in the brief term, we require to learn. how to ride those beasts. We can have– Jester, you might sign in with Yeza.LAURA: Yeah. I indicate, the tasks she set for us are.
not incredibly simple, I wear'' t think. SAM: Job one was to discover a spy from the Realm. LAURA: Yeah. There'' s some dickhead Realm person.
that'' s, like, a spy. MARISHA: Interesting. LIAM: And also did they offer you any kind of leads? LAURA: Nope. Oh, the Four Corners. SAM: Yes, she said that they were transferring.
signals from the 4 Corners– or messages from the Four Corners. 5,000 gold if we find he or.
she alive. After that the various other was to discover more of those breaks, the resource of them. Put it out,.
10,000 gold. Or one super-hot favor. MARISHA: Well, the resource of them can be in a.
entire various other aircraft or dimension. SAM: She seemed to believe that it was right here. LIAM: This all noises very time intensive. We.
should sign in with your spouse. MARISHA: I'' m a little curious about who the spy.
is. I imply, maybe a little bit of a problem of rate of interest, because I really feel like we'' re spies.
from the Realm. SAM: We wear'' t help the Empire. LAURA: (boldy murmuring) Shh. Don'' t state. that! Stop talking!'Don ' t say that spunk out loud.TRAVIS: Well

, pay attention. We'' ve reached go to relax
for. the evening anyhow. There ' s just mosting likely to be three of us that are taking these seminar courses on exactly how.
to ride the shadow panther maniacs, right? TALIESIN: I assume it might be wise for– well, I.
wear'' t recognize– for everyone to learn. LAURA: He just rolled. He just rolled to see if.
they heard you chatting regarding that. I understand he did. He was rolling perception. MATT: What are you talking regarding? LAURA: (angry growling) MARISHA: I was talking hushedly. TRAVIS: You know what? Why put on'' t we just take
this. out of the city for currently? SAM: Wait. Leave the city to visit sleep? TRAVIS: And to speak about this a little bit much more, yeah. Since if we'' re coming back in to take workshop classes, maybe half the group could go have a look at.
the 4 Corners.MARISHA: Fuck, that ' s an asset. TRAVIS: Otherwise, we ' re just being in daycare,.'you know what I suggest? TALIESIN:
That ' s not a poor idea, in fact.'I ' m not. usually a follower of splitting people up, however that'' s clever. LAURA: Let'' s go to sleep though, due to the fact that it'' s been.
a truly long day. TALIESIN: Yeah, I am worn out. MARISHA: We are mosting likely to attempt and also sleep in the city.
or outside the city? TRAVIS: Out. MARISHA: All right. TALIESIN: Yes, sir. MARISHA: Make our escape. LAURA: But we come by Zorth'' s place and also just allow. him know to keep holding on to our little people and we'' ll come and obtain them.MATT: “” Yeah, no concerns! Simply begin by whenever! They'' re right below waiting– stopped talking! Beat '' em! “They ' ll be right here'. I', er– I ' ve got to go! I ' ll see you later!” Directly back to join the remainder of the demon crew that are– it appears like.
among them is starting to buck as well as snap, and also they'' re quieting with ropes. It'' s going to be. some interesting acquisitions. But you collect your points– SAM: Okay, we'' ll make our way.
outside the city. LIAM: Allow'' s go camping. MATT: You leave the city. You locate yourself a.
comfortable put on the borders, which is not as well hard.There are actually a variety of camping tents on.
the exterior of the city where some folks simply put on'' t have areas inside Asarius to find house, or.
some people that like to rest out under the stars. There are a variety of camping sites in advance out.
there, specifically over by where the big portion of the military is set. You can see a number of fires.
as well as light systems. The sunlight at some point crests for the day where all the soldiers are spread and still.
planning for whatever movement is ahead of them. TALIESIN: I'' m going to keep an eye on the skies.
for birds.MATT: Okay.

As you guys are preparing and also sunset.
embed in, you do see one of those large monsters looming in the direction of the city, just normally wandering.
in that instructions, as well as begins to gain some speed (growing footsteps) towards the side. You listen to a.
horn go (ascending telephone call) as well as an additional one (lower-pitched solution) off behind it, and also you see.
a couple of soldiers come rushing out on that particular end of eviction as this huge beast is looming towards it.It.

gets close, and after that suddenly skids to a stop as well as turns about as well as screws the opposite instructions. They repel it, though you are not particular of the means or usage. It runs vice versa for concerning a.
quarter mile, and also just quits and also rests there. You watch as well as it slowly starts to mosey northward,.
away from the city. TRAVIS: No flashes? No lights? No–? MATT: No. TALIESIN: Interesting. MATT: Yet you bed down for the night; collect.
your ideas, gather your capabilities, and also believe amongst yourselves what the next appropriate strategy of.
action is before you'' re regarding to enter day 2 on the outskirts of the City of Beasts. Which'' s where. we ' ll end tonight ' s session.Pick up there next week. TALIESIN and also TRAVIS: Yeah! City of Beasts! LIAM: Outstanding. SAM: Matt. So great. MATT: I'' m thrilled. It ' s an extremely various vibe from.
where you began. MARISHA: Yes! TRAVIS: I'' m a fan. I ' m a fan! TALIESIN: Allow ' s update that iPad. TRAVIS: We'require a brand-new tablet. MATT: Yeah, you do. We ' ll get everybody taken care of. TALIESIN: Simply begin the updates now. LAURA: Oh my gosh. MATT: Well, thanks individuals for tuning in. Don'' t. neglect tomorrow, below at the Twitch network at 7pm is our Search for Grog one-shot. Make certain to see.
that: 7pm Pacific. MARISHA: Occasion of the season! MATT: Undoubtedly, as well as we'' ll see you following Thursday. But, men: thank you a lot for joining us; we like you significantly, as well as is it Thursday yet? Great night.

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