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Everyday English: Going to the PHARMACY

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Hey there, my name is Emma, in today'' s video clip, I am mosting likely to show you some wonderful sentences and also expressions and vocabulary we utilize when we are mosting likely to the drug store So, as well as I'' ll additionally tell you what a drug store. is, since maybe you ' ve never ever listened to that word prior to. So, allow'' s get begun. So, a drug store is a place, and also it'' s a location you go when you need to get medication or medication, all right? So, an additional word for pharmacy is pharmacy. So, you can say either pharmacy or drugstore. Drug store has a strange punctuation, you'' ll notification it ' s led to with”” ph”, drug store, so just considering that “” ph”” may be complex. However the method it'' s “pronounced is “farm-a-see”. Pharmacy. Okay? So, don'' t spell it such as this, but this is exactly how we pronounce it. So, you most likely to the drug store after you see the doctor as well as you go there to obtain your medication.So, like I stated, why do you most likely to the pharmacy? You go there to obtain your medicine, medicine or medicines. These are all words for the very same point. Currently, you could have listened to the word “” medication””.
before as well as you might think, wait a 2nd, medicines, isn'' t that bad? In English “, “medicines”, there are two definitions. We can speak about medications that are illegal,.
so these are the ones that protest the regulation. So, as an example, heroin or cocaine, these.
are controlled substances. If you most likely to the pharmacy, you can not obtain.
illegal medicines. I understand I'' m calling it a pharmacy, however they.
do not sell those kinds of medicines. What kind of medicines do they sell? They market prescription medicines. A prescription medication is another method to say.
a medicine. And also it'' s a medicine that your medical professional
is. stating you need to take. So, to obtain a prescription, you need to go.
see a physician and also the doctor gives you a note informing you what medication to take. We call these prescription medications. You can discover prescription medicines at the drugstore.
or the pharmacy.Something else you can find at the pharmacy. mores than the counter medications. Over the counter medicines are various than. prescription medicines.
Prescription drugs, you need a medical professional to state,. “Take this”.
“Yet over the counter medicines, you do not need. a prescription.
They are medication or medicine that anybody. can purchase.
So, as an example, if you have a headache, you.
can buy Tylenol, which is an over-the-counter medicine. You do not require a prescription. Okay, so we'' ve covered why you might most likely to.
a pharmacy which we also call it a drugstore. What else can we claim concerning drug stores? Well, we can discuss who operates at a drug store. What people might you see at a drug store? First off, you may see a pharmacist. What is a pharmacologist? A pharmacist is a person who operates at the.
drug store. They are a professional in drug. They have taken a great deal of education and learning to become.
a pharmacologist. They are typically the individuals functioning in the.
rear of the drug store. You could additionally see a clerk or a drug store aide. These individuals aid the pharmacologist. They are not the pharmacist, yet they can.
assist the pharmacist, and also they are the ones you normally talk with first.When you go to the
drug store, you will often. bring your prescription and also give it to the clerk or the pharmacy assistant as well as the pharmacist. with put your medicine into a
container and also prepare it for you. So now, let ' s take a look at a few other words we. require to understand for when we most likely to the pharmacy.
Okay, so you ' re at the pharmacy or pharmacy,. and also you have your prescription.
You ' ve seen the doctor and there'' s medicine. you require. So, what do you do? Well, initial step is generally, at a pharmacy,.
you could see 2 indicators. You might see the indication that states “” Drop off””.
and you could see an indication that claims “” Grab””. So, if you go to where it says “” Go down off””,.
that is where you go first. Which is where you hand your prescription.
from the doctor to the drug store aide, the pharmacist, or the clerk. Whoever is functioning there. And after that – so that'' s the initial step. You provide them your prescription. And then typically, you have to wait while the.
pharmacologist prepares your prescription.And once the prescription prepares, you go. the 3rd action, which is
the “Choose up”. You go to the “indicator that says “Grab”, and. this is where they give “you your”medicine. So, 3 actions. Go to “Hand over”, wait, and after that you go and also. you choose up your medicine. So, this appears truly basic, yet I bear in mind. when I was a teenager grabbing medicine.I ' d obtain
puzzled as well as sometimes I ' d go below

.'first, and afterwards they ' d tell me, “No, no, you ' ve obtained to go to “leave”. So', it ' s straightforward, but you”need to recognize this. is just how it works. So, there ' s 2 words we commonly use when we. discuss medicine. And they ' re very crucial words if you want. to conserve'money.So, those words are “generic” as well as “brand”.

Typically, medicines “have- you could have “. the same medicine and also in one instance, there '
s a brand name, alright? So, it ' s a renowned name that makes that medication. And also trademark name are typically popular and. they invest a whole lot of cash on marketing. Therefore, their medication costs a great deal more cash. In some cases, there ' s a more affordable brand that they. call the generic, and that '
s where- it doesn ' t have a name, or the name is not popular. So, it'' s the less costly type of the medicine. Very same medication, but it just doesn ' t have all. the marketing. So, we call that the common. The point to remember is the common is the.
inexpensive kind of the medication. The brand name is the costly form.So, it'' s always a great concept when you ' re at. the drug store to “claim, “Exists a common?”” Definition, exists a more affordable form of this medication? As well as the pharmacologist can inform you, “” Yes, there.
is””, or “” No, there isn'' t. There ' s only the brand.”” Yet it'' s an excellent idea, because you can conserve. a lot of cash in this way. So, allow ' s look at some things you'might do. while you ' re at the drug store.
So, like I stated, the very first step is going and also. going down off your prescription.
This is a wonderful expression we make use of when we. do that.
“We say to the pharmacologist or the drug store aide,. “I ' d like to obtain my prescription loaded.” And so', words we “use with prescription,. the verb we ' re making use of is “filled”. I ' d like to get my prescription filled up. We might likewise ask to speak to a pharmacist. “Can I speak with a pharmacist, please?” And also we may do this if we
have inquiries. regarding our medication. For example, “you could wish to ask, “What. are” the side effects?” Side impacts is- it ' s an essential vocabulary. word or words that we use a great deal when we discuss medication. The negative effects is the -what the medication. can do to you that could not be a good idea. So, usually, medications can assist you, however.
occasionally, they have poor points that they can do to you, as well. So, possibly they assist your cold, however possibly they.
make you extremely worn out. Or maybe they make your eyes have problem.
in sunshine. So, it'' s an excellent concept to”ask the pharmacologist,. “What are the side impacts?” Currently, allow ' s consider a pair of more activities. you can do at a drug store, so you will certainly be ready to go the following time you'require to obtain medication.Okay, so you ' ve had your prescription loaded,. you ' ve left your prescription, you ' ve had it filled up, you'' ve waited, and also currently it'' s. time to get your prescription. So, we'' re at the pick up part of the counter. This is where you pay, and you typically obtain asked.
specific concerns. You might be inquired about your insurance policy. So, they might ask you, “” Do you have insurance coverage?”” So, this implies, do you have insurance? As well as if you have insurance policy, then you can claim,.
“” Yes, I have insurance coverage”” as well as you give them your insurance information. Yet if you wear'' t have coverage, “what you can. claim is, “I will”pay out of pocket”. When you'pay
out of pocket, that indicates you ' re.

not making use of insurance, you ' re spending for your medication.I demand to pay out of pocket. So, these are 2 excellent expressions you will
. likely hear if you'' re at the drug store. Okay, so they will certainly additionally inform you how to take. your medication. When we ' re talking about just how much drug. to take as well as just how often,'what we ' re talking about is dose. So, if you ask a pharmacologist, you can say,. “What is the dose?” That means, exactly how much medicine do I take,.
and how typically do I take it? So, the pharmacist might inform you, you might.
need to take a tablet, a tablet, a tablet as well as a tablet computer mean the same thing, okay? There could be a slightly various meaning,.
but as a whole when we'' re speaking about pills and also tablets, they'' re basic synonyms, they imply the.
exact same point. So, you could need to take a tablet and if you.
take a tablet or a tablet computer, they could inform you something like, “” You need to take 2 tablet computers.
or 2 tablets””, so this answers, “” Just how much?” “” “at bedtime for 2 weeks.” “” “For two weeks”” is “” Just how commonly?””.

So, this is an example of what they might.
state for your dose, okay? So, this example is your dose. You might likewise need to take medicine in.
a fluid or fluid type. It might not be a pill. So, they may tell you, you require to take.
a fluid dosage. A dose means – it'' s one more way to claim amount. And so, for this, you may see words like,. “tsp”, which “indicates “tsp”, which is a gauging amount, or you might see – there.
are different methods to gauge. You could see tbsp or simply a pair.
of decreases. So, it'' s great to find out what these words.
imply, all right? And if you don'' t understand, you can constantly ask.
the pharmacist. I put on'' t know what tsp indicates; can you tell. me just how much? And they will more than happy to assist you with that. Alright, so now, simply a pair a lot more points.
about medicine and after that we'' ll be finished for today.Okay, so the

last point I wished to speak about.
is exactly how pharmacists might give you directions on just how to take your drug. This is truly crucial to listen to. So, they will certainly usually give you directions. And also sometimes, these directions are additionally created.
on the label of the medication. Below are some instances of directions that.
you could see. You might see something that says, “” Do not.
go beyond””. Do not exceed 5 pills, do not surpass ten.
tablets in a day. What does it suggest when we say “” Do not exceed?”” Well, what it implies is put on'' t take greater than. So, occasionally, as an example, with Tylenol,. you can take a specific variety of tablets in a day. And also on the bottle, it will certainly claim, “” Do not surpass””.
this number, suggesting wear'' t take more than this. If you take greater than this, you might have. very bad adverse effects. We commonly see words “” empty stomach””. For some drugs, they work better if.
you do not consume before or when taking them. We call this an “” vacant tummy””. So, the pharmacist could claim, “” Take your medication.
on an empty tummy””, which indicates wear'' t eat when you take this

medication.Sometimes, pharmacologists may tell you the.
opposite. When you take this drug, see to it you.
consume. Take this with food. Or, they might talk with you about beverages, you.
understand. Do not take this medicine with milk. For a great deal of medications, you'' re not expected.
to take with milk, so this might be a direction you obtain. You might additionally be informed, “” This medicine needs.
to stay cold””. Maintain it in the refrigerator. Cool this medication, implying maintain.
it in the fridge. So, take notice of what the pharmacologist tells.
you and when you'' re learning one more language, there can be a lot of details coming with.
you, especially when you'' re at the pharmacy.The pharmacologist
can often speak a little.
quick. There'' s a great deal of various guidelines. Also if English is your initial language, you.
can obtain extremely baffled at the drug store. So, it'' s very vital if you wear ' t understand. something, ask. Or, if you missed what the pharmacist stated,.
ask them, “” Can you repeat that? Sorry, I didn'' t rather catch that.”” Truly great to ask. The various other point that'' s actually important to.
do is confirm what you hear.So, the pharmacist says, you understand, make certain.
you take this on an empty tummy as well as do not exceed greater than 5 tablets in a day. And you'' re like wow, alright. Let me obtain this straight, simply to verify,.
you said, “” Do not surpass this lots of tablets in a day and take this on an empty belly.”” By verifying, the pharmacologist will after that inform.
you, “” Yes, that'' s what I claimed”, or “” No, what I claimed is this””.

Since medicine can be harmful and also can.
have adverse effects, it'' s actually a good concept to confirm what you listen to with the pharmacist.
simply to see to it you comprehend whatever correctly. So, we have covered a great deal of various expressions,.
a great deal of various words today. I wish you really feel more confident for when you.
go to the pharmacist. Once again, discovering the words and understanding.
what will occur at a pharmacist will help you be much better prepared so you can recognize.
more of what you hear.I wish to thank you for seeing this video,
. and I likewise wish to urge you to take a look at There, you can in fact.
do a test to make sure you understand every one of these words as well as to exercise them so you'' re. a lot more all set for when you go to the drug store. I'' d additionally like to welcome you to subscribe to.
my channel. There, you can locate a great deal of various other video clips.
on several topics, consisting of expressions, vocabulary, writing, analysis, as well as a whole.
lot more. Just don'' t neglect to sound the bell, that will.
help to make certain that you are in fact subscribed.And lastly, I ' d like to welcome you to examine.
out my site at There, you can discover much more totally free sources on.
learning English. So, thanks a lot for viewing, and up until.
following time, make sure.

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