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Create the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving Day table

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Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year for foodies. Stuffing, cranberry sauce, turkey, ham, and so much more make a perfect fall feast for the whole family. While hosting a holiday meal can be very stressful, there are lots of ways to make it fun and unique. Bring your Thanksgiving Day decor game to the next level with a stunning centerpiece everyone can enjoy.

You can get crazy creative with it or keep it super simple; the choice is yours. We’ve put together a list of ideas to deck out your dining room table this Thanksgiving. The best part? A lot of these centerpiece ideas are easy to make and can be put together with things you may just find around the house.

Flowers are a super easy, classy way to dress up any dinner table and here’s a little secret – they don’t even have to be real! Whether you’re shopping for true sunflowers or leaning toward reusable faux ones, choose a fall colored assortment for your display. 


Think orange, brown, yellow, red, and maybe even a touch of purple. If you want to take your bouquet to the next level, throw in some pinecones or tie a burlap bow around the neck of the vase for a fall feel.

Pumpkins are a great piece of decor to use from September until the end of November. There are so many opportunities, including DIY projects, to use pumpkins as a staple to your centerpiece. Use all different shapes, sizes, and colors to mix and match for the middle of the table.

If you’re in an artistic mood, paint your pumpkins with unique colors. If you still have huge pumpkins from Halloween, don’t let them go to waste. Paint the main menu items onto the surface of the pumpkin or include sweet Thanksgiving sayings like “thankful” and “grateful.”

When we think fall, we often think of leaves changing colors and falling from the trees. Beautiful autumn leaves make for a perfect centerpiece that can be put together in a matter of minutes. 

All you’ll need for a leaf-themed centerpiece is a handful of fake leaves. Arrange them in the center of your table. You can also glue them together to be sure they stick around for the duration of dinner. Place LED lights between the leaves for extra sparkle. Include pumpkins if your table decor is looking a little scarce.

One of the most simple DIY projects for a centerpiece is to grab a few mismatched glasses from your kitchen cabinets. Drinking glasses, vases, and mason jars will all work for this. Fill your glassware with anything that might set the tone for your holiday meal.

If you want to keep it simple and neutral, include dried reeds, grasses, and wheat. You can stack acorns or pinecones for a moodier look as well.

For color, you can use dried fruits and flowers. You can also leverage water absorbing beads like OrBeez to fill your glasses with fun fall items and water to create the illusion your decor is floating.


The best part about a cornucopia as a centerpiece is that you can be as creative as you’d like and include plenty of personal touches. More traditional Thanksgiving cornucopias include acorns, mini pumpkins, gourds, cranberries, leaves, and branches for dimension but truly – include all the items you’d like at your own table. Be sure to really stuff your cornucopia to make it look full.

If you’re working with a dark wooden table, add a light table runner for contrast. If your dining room table is bright as it is, include something colorful or printed with Thanksgiving theme icons or cartoons to spread the holiday spirit.

If you have any wooden boxes lying around, they are one of the most basic household items that are easy to enhance for your Thanksgiving Day table. Stack pumpkins, pinecones, or an assortment of colorful fruits like oranges, clementines, and green or red apples for a bright basket. Write on the outside of it with chalk for a rustic look or add a big bow for an extra pop of color.


The thankful tree is a perfect way to get everyone attending your Thanksgiving dinner from kids to adults involved. You’ll need different colored construction paper cut into leaves. Punch a hole at the bottom of each leaf and add a piece of ribbon or yarn through it to tie it off. When your guests arrive, they can each take a couple of leaves and write down what they are thankful for. Each of the leaves can be hung onto a branch to create a thankful tree centerpiece.

Centerpieces don’t have to be fancy and can easily be made out of things you already have. Placing bottles of win in the middle of your table is easy for you and convenient for guests.

You spent all day cooking a stunning turkey – why not let it be the main masterpiece of your table? If your table is too small or already loaded with plates, utensils, and side dishes, use your turkey or ham as your centerpiece. It does deserve all the glory!

Don’t forget, while these centerpieces will bring your Thanksgiving decorating to the next level on their own, you can also combine these ideas to make the perfect centerpiece for you and your loved ones this holiday season.

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