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CDC 2022 Cypher Pt 1 Reaction

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place the cam on it'' s offering it ' s giving bbl purrrrr PERIODDDDDDDD I don'' t requirement no bbl neither do I hello men invite back to my channel welcome back to my network this is your preferred Benny as well as you people already know today I'' m going to be. with my brother or sisters (certainly) reacting to this video that every person has been requesting for I am.
drowning in the remarks for this one video clip over right here we have: Nelli and we have UltimateSoul and after that we have more than right here: Marc customarily the twins it'' s crazy because we ' re all wearing black. and this was not intended as well as why is it that the people with the designs on the t-shirt go to completions? place the spider-man meme It'' s the cypher response video clip you all have.
been awaiting y'' all currently recognize what it is checking out is basic, go read it! as well as I'' ve been waiting because.
you understand 2021 they didn'' t do anything type of or they didn'' t have anything? they
had. a market of them do a something link down below for that reaction yet.
it'' s the long-awaited CDC 2022 cypher video you guys currently.
recognize Higher Brothers, Sleepy feline, TY, a lot of other human beings XieDi as well as a lot more yes lots of even more, it'' s a whole– I imply they have a component two it ' s a part one sequel collection part one. part 2?! as well as we ' re enjoying both today OMGGGG You already know You understand the steps YKTV This CDC cypher …

It'' s a 10 I ' m giving it a 10, I don ' t demand to– YOU DIDN ' T ENJOY IT YET ~ ~ ~ I indicate the method people have been asking for it, it much better be a 10 and also these individuals had a break, so who needed to damage? the CDC humans Ohhhh I was regarding to claim, “” I be benefiting everyday”” without further ado, we'' re just going to. solve into it we ' re not even mosting likely to tell you what we ' re anticipating I mean he already told you anyhow, but oh my gosh okay make it bigger It'' s gon na be lit Go in advance bae okay Masiwei I such as the beat I such as the visuals It'' s sort of like a vintage look It sort of resemble their on the Morning meal Club or like with ummm …

What'' s his name again? DJ Self? The bald guy FunkFlex He'' s wearing the Yankee cap with the border? Oh they'' re taking turns Just how did they do it so quietly? I would certainly'' ve dropped something Yo, your “” uh”” got on the beat The glasses make him look angry I don'' t know Like the Mammoth City Messengers person Who did I claim he look like??? Jimmy Neutron, what'' s that personality ??? the close friend, Jimmy Neutron'' s friend, not Carl but … LUSTER!!! oh woowww Nah I truly like the beat! Okayyyy Melo'' s going really hard He'' s really having a good time I really like his power What'' s going on with his hair? He obtained braids? Skinny braids I ask yourself if they create it in advance I had to pause it, that was also much That was great!!! like every person'' s flow is kind of like “it was provided like ” yo you did.'great, I ' m concerning to do better” every person'' s trying to top each various other why did you have–.
he went off simply currently that are you seeming like? the one with the hat, he'' s gon na have to come insane now Psy P, I feel like he'' s gon na come crazy I concur with you they each have.
like their very own flow as well as after that they simply attempting to finesse each various other, however at the very least they are trying.
to do an actually good task at the very same time they simply killing it.
I agree but what I did notification is last cypher they put Masiwei first They did that again below Yoo you remember that? Masiwei is a great starter like somebody to simply open up the show kind of individual and he can end the show as well allowed'' s see exactly how Psy P does I such as exactly how every person is dressed wonderful This is not what I anticipated I wasn'' t anticipating that either What? The autotune He giving me Lil Wayne That'' s what I was believing also The dreads, the hat the vest, the whole fit is offering me Lil Wayne Is he on the beat? It seems like he'' s a little off it G Herbo? I like it when they include that blurry impact Photograph picture or year 2k kind of videotaping style He'' s like my mouth ' s too warm Everyone ' s bobbing their heads He advises me of UltimateSoul I like his circulation They'' re switching up the camera angles, I such as that Wait is KnowKnow there or no? I think he'' s partially 2 Haha he said, “phony rappers are his dim amount”” I put on'' t know why, but he advises me of Sik-k oh actually I assume it'' s that whisper audio I don'' t recognize the tones, tell me down listed below Is he smelling his head? His name is SleepyCat? Nah the way he sounds That'' s a fire name It ' s kind of like ASMR rap like pH-1 Big Naughty If you go pay attention to “” the Cleanup”” if you.
listen to it in headphones, whoever has that what concerning you– that tone I'' m rapping, I'' m going off, yet I ' m chill about it Y ' all wan na be buzz I'' m cool where I ' m at. He ' s chillin ' He ' s'a great pet cat He ' s just chillin ' I ' m not incorrect He altered his voice Sleepycat ft.Sleepycat KnowKnow'' s right there!!!!!!!!!!!! wait, was he there the whole time? Where did he stand out up from? I like his voice, it'' s providing scratchy Who is this? KnowKnow I didn'' t know Yes you do recognize KnowKnow He gave them perspective this is XieDi The one in charge X keep in mind “” Turban Young boy”” That was fire you said there'' s 2 parts right? indeed.
yo rush and place it on alright delay allow'' s talk about component one very first and after that we ' ll get to part two delay, who.
suggested this? all of them! I enjoy you individuals man That we do << 3 I actually got ta discover Mandarin chinese So I could actually recognize what they are saying The method they rapping right now, the.
flow, I recognize they obtained bars too also like the individual that utilized autotune …

That was that? Psy P Even when he utilized autotune, I wasn'' t really feeling it, didn ' t really like it he offered it up in completion, I ' ll provide. him that I'desire recognized extra I ' m not used to it to be sincere since his last … I wear'' t recognize if you consider it an album or EP, however like the autotune wasn'' t that strong it didn'' t audio. like that undoubtedly there was some auto-tune there, yet he had even more of a rock element there was more of his voice than there was autotune so he'' s most likely. trying out because “” it'' s one more year, we can ' t provide the exact same point that we offered them in 2015″” Audio familiar? Playboi Carti I like what they'' re doing I liked it.
so much we'' re liking component one ranking I provide it a 9.5 I will certainly be at rough grader today because I feel like everyone provided what they had to offer, but like I claimed you understand I understand.
people are experimenting looking for their their preference yet it'' s not

my'taste.It ' s tolerable, however.
it'' s not my preference I respect that point of view you currently recognize my ranking He said at.
the beginning of the video I told you from what I'' m seeing right currently, that'' s
a. 10. Creole/French: 10 I provide it a 8 eight until now I really feel like everybody had a various flow I imply everyone came various like that was fire, I tinker that I was gon na say one more thing is although the cypher is one song because everyone had their own flow, you had the ability to still pay attention so it didn'' t simply sound like one huge track, it seemed like everybody had their very own part and then they were all prepared.Obviously they '

re gon na do that'to make it easier, yet I like how they were organized, it was just moving … likewise the cam the shifts and the angle changes The cam shots I believe one essential remark that my. sister made earlier is: exactly how they transitioned so silently? I would actually break. the entire table I ' m so clumsy like they
possibly have the tools to decrease various other sounds and background noises but still it had to be silent in the start as well as. i feel like they were sort of mindful when they resembled taking out the chair they weren ' t as well fast regarding it They were mindful of their environments That ' s a 10 W That ' s a W on the whole currently we ' re gon na enter into component 2, but. you got ta locate it in the following video clip so subscribe very first and after that perhaps.
we ' ll discuss part two thank you men 900 yeah I ' ve been really quiet about that due to the fact that i simply like when individuals just really. simply click on the video clip and also watch to ensure that ' s why I place ' t actually said.
anything however we ' re at 900 ( 3,900 on BiliBili) that ' s insane if you intend to hear the fragment. and also be a part of that'inside joke placed a number on it the amount of clients you want? 1k if you could obtain it to 2k 2k no no no no no let me allow. me begin we start easy great 1,999 well you heard him 1,999 subscribers on YouTube will equate to
that snippet of whatever he was doing meaning belonging of that inside joke and also if you don ' t understand what joke. I ' m speaking about, go see the PGONE video since after that I know you didn ' t watch it I can ' t think I ' m doing this cut the cams then we have'UltimateSoul constantly We ' re never going to obtain with this sh **.

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