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Broca’s Aphasia (Non-Fluent Aphasia)

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Megan: Can you inform us your name? Mike: I’m Mike Caputo. Megan: And Also Mike, when was your stroke? Mike: I was um, 7 years ago. Megan: And what did you utilized to do? Mike: , well, , worked, , Autodesk. Um. Seven, 7, (cued “s”) Sales. Sales. Worldwide. And also great, yeah. Megan: As well as who are you taking a look at over there? When you transform your head? Mike: That’s my wife.Megan: Okay

, and also why is she helping you to
talk? Mike: Um, she’s … Speech. Um. Megan: So you have trouble with your speech? Mike: Yeah. Megan: What'' s that called? Mike: Aphasia. Megan: As well as so why put on'' t you function now? Mike: Um, I, I, well I do! Megan: What do you do currently? Mike: Voices of Hope Aphasia. Megan: What is Voices of Hope? Mike: Um, Peterburg, um Peterberg.
( St. Petersburg, Florida) , and also um, Dr Hinckley
and , and also , myself, um, founder. Creator for me. And , I, I um, participants, um, members,
, the, the uh, participants, most likely seven-, 6 no people.Megan: So 60 individuals
belong to Voices of Hope, which is an aphasia support team that you started, and Dr. Jackie Hinckley is part of that. Mike: Yes. Megan: Okay. Great. [Other half: It'' s not a support team.] Mike: No, it’s programs. It’s it'' s, , three month, three days. Um, um, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. As well as the, the , and they laugh, as well as and talked, and um, songs, hear this this attractive,'it ' s. Megan: Great. Can you tell me, what does it feel like to have aphasia? Mike: Um it’s, it’s tough, it’s um, well it’s.
, speech, it resembles, um, words that do not comprehend. Mind is good, you know, um, however it’s um,.
speech like , I don’t know, it’s like um, words, yuk! [giggles] Megan: Alright, thank you so much.Bye-bye.


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