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WalletHub: Arkansas ranks third unhappiest state in the nation

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas is known for many great things including its lakes, diamond mine and being the overall Natural State. However, a new study shows that it is among the unhappiest states in the United States.

According to WalletHub, Arkansas ranked 48 out of 50 in a list of the happiest states in America. Breaking down the study, researchers determined each state’s ranking based on 30 key metrics including emotional and physical well-being, work environment, community and depression rate.

Report: Arkansas is 2022’s 4th-worst state to live in

With one representing the best conditions, Arkansas received a score of 47 in emotional and physical well-being. The Natural State received a 46 in work environment and a 31 in community and environment. The study also noted that Arkansas was one of the top states with the highest depression rate among adults.

Louisiana ranked just below Arkansas while West Virginia took the title of the unhappiest state in the nation, according to the study.

Arkansas ranks low on federal life expectancy charts

To view the full report on the happiest states in America, visit

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