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– We” re mosting likely to do
a. helicopter trip to see New york city as well as JFK. – [Everyone] Allow” s go!( upbeat songs mirrors )- We ‘ re mosting likely to do a photo. shoot round the terminals. What the heck? (positive songs echoes) – [Pilot] Stunning clear day today. – [Man] So there he is. Is that a the 787 900? – [Pilot] Yep. That” s the initial touchdown to JFK for them today inaugural trip. -[ Man] Oh my god, this is amazing! This is absolutely spectacular. The very best I can ask for. Hey wait, guys. – [Pilot] I can” t.- [Male] Emirates 380?- [Pilot] Yeah,’even see. there ‘ s constellation in the center. -[ Guy] There you go. You ‘ re remaining there?- [Guy] I am, yes.( upbeat music echoes)- [Man 1] We obtained a town. – [Male 2] Yeah, the city.- [Guy 1] Wow!( positive music echoes) Oh, wow, what ‘ s taking place below?- [Man 2’] No, I think. that ‘ s called a concord. (positive guitar songs echoes)- Check out a smile in your face.’- I recognize.
– I put on ‘ t know what you. expected today, Sam. Seriously, I wear ‘ t recognize what you anticipated. -I like your humour, Andrew. As well as now I have a flight of money. You see I” m all dressed. up for the inaugural Air New Zealand: New York, Auckland. Let ‘ s go!( smooth upbeat songs echoes )I spruced up the New Zealand. t-shirt for this trip today. I recognized it” s going to be the initial flight.

– Yeah, you so excited, must be, right? – Yeah. – Would be entrance number 2, Sir. Boarding time is 9:10. Have a risk-free trip. – Okay, thank you so much. – You” re most welcome. -Okay. An additional ultra long-haul, seventeen as well as a half hrs, here we go. You from New Zealand? – I am. – What did you do to your mouth? What is this? Inform us. – So, am Maori, I” m belonging to New Zealand, therefore all ladies get a Moko Kauae, you understand like not all Maori females are … – They have like this tattoo? – Yeah, whole lot of, a great deal of us. – Very great, really awesome. (smooth music mirrors) – Welcome, Nau Mai New Zealand. Air New Zealand made use of the Lufthansa lounge at JFK Terminal one cuz they.
all celebrity alliance, right? There” s a bit of of food here.Especially if you like German food. German sausage. (smooth music mirrors) Just by Andy at a gate while we were considering a 7a, he simply came from New Zealand, 17 hr. Came to New york city, turn around, currently returning New york city to New Zealand. – Indeed. – You” re mosting likely to resemble 40
. hrs in the aircraft and back home. – Indeed. – And also sleep for a whole week. – Well, ideally. Well I actually have.
deal with Monday afternoon, so I” ll see exactly how it plays out, so. -This is dedication to aviation, I presume. – Definitely. – I” ve been waiting this.
minute for a few months after I located out Air New Zealand flying New york city to New Zealand. There” s constantly this amazing sensation going down to board on a jet bridge.Let ‘ s see exactly how it goes’. -Hey, satisfaction to have you. 7a, amazing, simply nearby. Come on, Sir, welcome. (upbeat fashionable music mirrors) – Yeah, consider us matching, isn” t it’? -Yes! – Pattern, it ‘ s all regarding pattern. – You individuals are both matching. – Where are you from?- I ‘ m from South America, Colombia. – From Colombia! – From Colombia.- Aye Carumba!- Yes,’however I ‘ ve
remained in. New Zealand for 15 years. – Oh Mamasita! You got to instruct me a few.
words of New Zealand currently.

– Okay. So you simply have to state (New Zealand talking) – Yes, good! – What is it? – Hey there, welcome. – Oh, it” s not( New Zealand talking )- No, so it is (New Zealand talking) It is( New Zealand talking)’but it” s called, it ‘ s pronounced. (New Zealand talking).( team screams greeting from New Zealand) (plane engine whirring) – So the captains are.
actually busy preparing for this long run flight. The initial policeman is truly kind, and also come out and talk to us.So I just wish to know.
how much time is our trip? What kind of flight degree we” re travelling? What” s the course, it ‘ s going to be like?- It ‘ s going to be a quite. long run for everyone aboard. As you can see right here, we. start in New york city, we go down over over Houston way, after that down over the Gulf of Mexico, over the Mexican plateau, and afterwards
down over the Pacific. past Tahiti and also Rarotonga, and ultimately to our. destination at Auckland.It ‘ s pretty clear most. of the way there is- there is a little bit of weather just to the west of Mexico there, yeah. – I heard the flight is weight limited. There” s great deals of seats. are enclosed, right? – We are limited by the quantity of fuel that we can actually get on.
board, the quantity of fuel. So that then determines the.
quantity of weight we can lug, and we are limiting the trips via around regarding 208 travelers. Came down to economic situation, I was.
searching for that skies nest, you understand they have introduced it on the 787 in I assume next year, they” re. mosting likely to have this case seat. Yeah, so it” s like individuals can. go ordinary level in the economy. – [Flight Attendant] Yeah, stunning, yeah. – [Male] Which is not occurring.
on this flight, I know. Yet- – [Steward] No coming soon.

– [Man] It” s coming quickly on a 787, right. That will certainly be someplace.
in the bulkhead or back. I assume it” ll be quite cutting edge. for a long-haul flight. Changing the, the long-haul surroundings right here. – Yeah, it” s going to. be absolutely fantastic. It ‘ ll be put somewhere up.
in the mid-galley simply there. So below” s simply a little immunity.
pack there for you individuals. Gorgeous. – Inside we have a eye mask, a.
pair of socks, as well as ear plugs. – Simply a little idea here. The last row 61 is not.
where you intend to be. Why? ” Cause you ‘ re at restroom left wing, bathroom on the right. You got lots of impacts as well as noise, as well as so avoid this row. However I knew this flight” s. weight restricted. They” re taking 70 seats out.
just to make adequate gas and can do the nonstop. (positive songs mirrors) Finally cleared up into.
our seats here, right? It is not a typical encountering, dealing with internal instead of facing that.If you remember I ‘ ve flown.
the three-way seven from London, Los Angeles to London, it had the very same seats like this. All I” m hoping is a great evening of rest. (faint) – Thanks so much. – Thank you. (aeroplane door closes noisally) (video plays quietly on display) (Maori female speaks) – So the moment now is 11:10. We” re about one as well as a half hour hold-up from the initial scheduled time. You understand the captain simply kept.
informing us 20 even more mins, 10 more minutes from pushback. I” m unsure it ‘ s the ATC congestion at JFK at night below. Yeah, great deals of delays. (positive songs echoes) It” s 11:30, the lights are lowering. Resembles we” re finally pushed back. (upbeat music echoes) (plane engine barks) (positive music echoes) – 5 previous 1:00 AM, having late dinner.

– Wines in any way today? Or a referral for you? Gewurztraminer? A few very great options. The first there is a (inaudible) named (faint). It” s the Maori name for 3. Three alternatives of the white wine mix there. What likewise obtained the Kumya.
River Chardonnay there – [Male] Can I have the Chardonnay, yeah? – [Steward] Yeah, naturally. (upbeat songs mirrors) – Lina” s my favourite.
woman in the cabin right here. She was aiding, she was almost everywhere. She was the premium economic situation, after that she mosted likely to business.
course to assist the rate up.So now everybody ended up.
their dish and also getting remainder, and she” s going to
show me. the economy course dish now. – Yep, so this is our economic climate. We have 2 selections available tonight. We had the beef with potatoes. We have the pasta you.
see usual typical pasta, obtained a little side salad, you” ve got a dulce de leche dessert, little brownie, cheese as well as biscuits, and also butter, and also after that you do get a bread roll with it.( upbeat music mirrors) For a costs economic climate, we have three selections.
readily available for dinner. This is our primary plate of entree. So we” ve got the primary entree below which is a burrata tomatoes.
and balsamic glaze, basil. You” ve obtained your cheese and also biscuits. For dessert, you” ve got a. dulce de leche mousse cake. And after that our guests can.
pick from 3 options here, which is the Alaskan cod, the fish, we have the baked hen breast, and also we” ve obtained the New Zealand lamb.

( positive songs echoes) We always make certain we obtain it wonderful and also cosy for the guest. – The intriguing point.
is this is a flipping bed, you recognize, you wear” t really simply. gradually recline your seats. You really have to stand.
out and flip the bed, and also she” s currently making the bed. What ‘ s inside this large tube right here? – So inside right here is your.
nice and also cosy cushion that we lay on the bed. – Oh obviously. – Yeah – Bed mattress? – So a little mattress. – Wow! – This is my bed. – As well as have a great sleep! – Do you similar to this? This is the extra.
density of the eye color. So it” s 2:15 AM, yet we still have 14 hr. to take place this flight.’I ‘ m going to take some.

remainder, as well as see you later on.( aeroplane engine echoes quietly) (soft digital songs echoes) Very good morning. We are 2 hours to visit Auckland. Cruising at 42,000 feet. Had a long 9 hour.
uninterrupted rest on this bed. The funny design on this bed is that, you either go full flat position, or you have to flip over.
and also go to upright placement. There is no middle placement.
on this seat assigned. Now the morning meal is being served, and also obtaining all freshened up prior to the landing to Auckland. – Currently making poached eggs, on a poached egg. Slight focus when we.
are dealing with these packs just due to the fact that they are slightly curved. So you got to obtain the equilibrium.
right when you” re working it. (upbeat songs mirrors) The amount of sugars would you such as? – One sugar.

– What” s it constructed from? -What ‘ s it constructed from? That” s a great question. -[ Waitress] It ‘ s really, yes.
And also it ‘ s great for – sorry, the Vegemite ‘ s. great for B-12, so– Ooh, attempt to smell it. -[ Steward] It ‘ s very solid. Very (inaudible) – Yeah, I imply, it doesn ‘
t scent negative. It ‘ s fascinating.
– Yeah, it might taste. good on their bread. I ‘ ll return with my. strawberry jam I think.( both chuckle gently)( positive songs echoes )So we” re regarding half an.
hr prior to we land, as well as this is the 4th.
longest trip worldwide, running around 17 hour usually. New york city southbound to Auckland. Currently, the interesting advancement of aviation is the larger dimension 747.
840 are become obsolete.The medium size 787
has the pleasant area, opening up ultra-long haul. However there is a balance, right? You ask having a smaller aeroplane, how are you mosting likely to supply a convenience, especially for people. in the cheap airfare, that continue to be an inquiry. When I land in Auckland, I ‘ m. mosting likely to visit Air New Zealand to see their latest sky nest, which is actually cutting edge, like a lay level economic situation seat. (upbeat songs echoes)- [Aeroplane Robotic Voice] One hundred fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, 10, 5.( plane rattles)( upbeat music mirrors )- Hi individuals, welcome to Auckland

. on the inaugural trip from the East coastline of the. USA to Auckland.
This is a very first for Air New Zealand. Our total time today was. 17 hrs as well as 11 minutes. So what took place in New. York existed was a tornado as you claimed, just off.
in the Gulf of Mexico. So that took us a wee.
bit longer to arrange with flight preparation and.
established sensibly rapidly. So we had to just alter our. route in the nick of time. To ensure that took a bit of negotiating, as well as we also needed to take some more fuel.So we headed out at max gas. to provide us a couple of more options once we got in the air too.
( faint) -Hi there, hi there babe.- Well done! (every person bids farewell and thanks)- Well, that was the 4th. globe ‘ s longest trip done. 17 hr and also 10 mins from New York.
( Maori vocal singing echoes )- Great buddies. Okay, so close your eyes. And all, again.( Woman states Maori welcome)- Stunning. -Thank you a lot. -You ‘ re welcome. Enjoy the remainder of your. remain in( inaudible). (upbeat songs echoes )- This is the factor I came. to the Air New Zealand studio, because I want to check out a skies web seat. A very non-traditional. however innovative feature, all economy lay level seats.
Let ‘ s give it a try here. You understand from the outside. looks quite hard to enter yet once you glide your body up inside you know the personal privacy is extremely good.You ‘ re inside a box below, yet right here see economy lay flats right here. So clearly I ‘ m a big person, as well as I can still completely go inside there. So yeah, Lee looks extremely. more comfortable than I’am. Exactly how to rack up among these beds?- Well the business proposition is you acquire your economic situation seat. or exceptional economic situation as well, as it ‘ s offerable, and then you would certainly be supplied.
on the website the recommendation of acquiring a session in the skies nest.
Therefore you can pick it during that time. We ‘ re proposing 4 hr sessions, and also that ‘ s via all of the research that we ‘ ve done on the. value of’rest with time. Therefore 4 hrs offers. you 2 sleep cycles, as well as
so on a price per hr basis, that is a really great end result.
And also that allows us for. 3 separate sessions on the lengthy haul trip. -As well as there it ‘ s going to. remain in the dish core area of the economic situation cabin.- Yes, it ‘ ll be in the cabin’, and on the 787 it will certainly be at. kind of the door three area.

So you ‘ ve got instantly. adjacent gain access to method for the doors and also bathrooms, et cetera, if you’need to go out.
throughout your session.- And also individuals are thinking, well can a lot more than a single person participate in here? You understand, a couple would. like to hug with each other. -[ Guy] Well that ‘ s not developed for that.
And plainly our cabin. team would would make certain that’doesn ‘ t happen.And the skies nest is made for adults. Once again, we wouldn ‘ t desire young’.

children in right here not being watched. So we do have’some constraints on how it is utilized onboard the flight.- When will be the skies nest readily available?- We will be setting up. it on the initial two of our new airplane that deliver in 2024. -That will be the 787.- Correct.- So seeing is believing, this is a really non-traditional. cheap airfare layout. I ‘ m truly delighted to see it.
breakthrough in economic climate.’Finally, this will be.
a really helpful feature on ultra-long haul trips.
from New York to Auckland. And I actually hope much more airlines
. can adopt this type of seat.

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