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[The program was shot in compliance
with COVID-19 health guidelines] [Captions by: Weverse Business] Shall we begin on a happy note, as constantly? TO DO! You” re back.
I ‘ ve returned. [The very first shoot after’HUENING ‘ s quarantine] We had a cardboard intermediary of you last time. [The first shoot after HUENING” s quarantine] Yes, I listened to
[Right] – a cardboard intermediary replaced me.
– Our Huening!
[Bye-bye currently ☆] All 5 people are back together.Congratulations.

[ Let” s stay healthy, TOMORROW X WITH EACH OTHER] – We” re here to do flying yoga today. -Yes.'[ Today ‘ s TO DO is flying yoga] We can tell. [Really evident] Let us introduce the trainer that will certainly teach you today. Instructor! It” s been so long!
[Introducing today” s instructor] Teacher!
[Good to see you once more] – Hi./ – We fulfilled last time.
[Mr. Lee Sung Young taught them yoga exercise on EP.40 One-day Home-training Workshop] – That” s right.
/- Yes, certainly. [Mr. Lee Sung Young educated them yoga exercise on EP. 40 One-day Home-training Workshop] I didn” t recognize you did flying yoga also. I appreciate doing flying yoga exercise.
[That” s my strong suit] We” ll begin off with extremely straightforward as well as simple movements.
[Get delighted ^ ^] [Distressed …] [Today” s TO ACCOMPLISH: Fly, TXT] [Posture elegantly on the hammock with a loosened up smile …] [Simply kidding! Let” s try some flying yoga where muscle mass are pumping behind the gorgeous presents] Allow” s obtain to our places initially. [Off they go to their areas for the course] [There” s always that a person pupil] [( Says a previous kids flying yoga exercise instructor)] ♪ I believe [Consider me] [Check out me] Do that once more.
[Let me help you out] ♪ I believe I can fly ♪ I believe [I believe I can twirl twirl] No, wait.It harms

so much. [Ow T T ouchhhh T T] [I told you to stop!] Mr. Lee, do you assume we look fine today? I believe you individuals will do terrific.
[Ta-da ☆] Dancers tend to be good at this.
[Mr. Lee Sung Young] However we” re only good at dancing and absolutely nothing else. See? You” re great. [So good] [So good] Every form of workout is everything about the figure. [Just using his strength to push through] The airborne silk is in fact so tough. Mr. Lee, does it ever snap off? No, it can even hold an elephant. – Also an elephant?
– Yes. Elephants do flying yoga exercise as well? Have you ever before done flying yoga exercise with one?
[TXT is all of a sudden fixated on the elephant talk] Well …
[Thrown off balance] This could hold an elephant too? Yes. Yet the thing is, he” s never ever done flying yoga with an elephant. Initially, you” re mosting likely to go on the hammock
. [Beginning by going on the hammock]- But put on ‘ t simply climb it./ – Okay.
[Starting by taking place the hammock] The upright lines of silk boiling down are called “” plumb lines””.

Stand under where both lines satisfy, and also put your ideal foot up. – Right foot?
– Right foot? [Right here goes my right foot] [Mine too] Don” t push it like a swing. [Easy] Rather, place your heel up similar to this. [Heel up ]- Place your heel up high.- Up high.- And without pressing it forward,- Yes? pull it’down instead so that it ‘ s heavy.
And utilize your core toughness to pull your left foot up.
That ‘ s how you decrease swinging. [Decreasing turning] Oh, we
‘ re not meant to turn? [Swing swing]- You ‘ re turning like crazy. -I know. [Turning out like an aching thumb
] Wait. Let me attempt once again’. Keep the lines completely right. [Serious] [I ‘ m swinging once again] Good task. That ‘ s not excessive moving in all. Currently, take your left foot out to the back.
Make certain to remain focused.
[Very careful] Now, cover your left foot to the side as well as to the front.

[ Wrap the hammock with the left foot] This is rather a sexy pose.Yes, like that. Now, squeeze your leg in with your upper legs. [Put your knee ahead] [Owww] Now, [A little bit of an excruciating position] take your hands off. Turn your grip upside-down and grab the hammock over your head. [From here, bring the right-hand man forward] Such as this? Yes, good work. Oh, yes! [Proud] Currently, do the exact same thing with your left hand. [Bring the left hand onward too] [So unpredictable] [Swinging] Oh, my.
I ‘ m turning like insane. Don ‘ t neglect to squeeze in
with your thighs. The ball of my right foot harms. [Stinging] That might be the situation if you aren ‘ t in leading condition now. Is that right? Am I tired today? Currently,
your appropriate foot will press back as your body steps forward. [Stretch] What? How? [Stretch] As well as extend your left arm out. [Take’your left arm out as well as swoosh].
– It ‘ s so terrifying.- It ‘ s like we ‘ re in “Titanic”. [Take your left arm out and also swoosh] Look! I ‘ m flying! [HUENING toenailed the very first present] [Shakey shakey]. [Mr. Lee, I ‘ m so frightened] [Icy] What takes place if my right-hand man slides off? Then you fall.I assumption I shouldn” t released, after that.- Just stay strong and battle with it!
– This is so scary. Now, place your shoulders behind the hammock.
[Shoulders back to their places] – Put your shoulders back./ – Put them back?
[SOOBIN is tranquil from the begin] [Likely to be today” s MVP] What? When did you put them back? Wait.
[Battling] Similar to this? [So terrifying] Good task. As well as put your left foot back on. Step down on the hammock with your left foot, and also take your ideal foot out to the back.
[Trying the other side this moment] It injures! Sideways.
[Right leg sideways] And also to the front like this.
[Right leg sideways as well as after that to the front] Consider it as putting your right foot on your left knee.
[So kicked back] Right on.Hey, you” re so efficient staying balanced. Certainly. Flip your grip on both hands when again. and also place your shoulders before the hammock. – Mr. Lee, you” re fairly good. -I understand, best? That ‘ s why he ‘ s an educator. [FYI: Mr. Lee is’Korea ‘ s 1st male flying yoga teacher] Extend your left foot bent on the back. Okay!
[★ This isn” t regrettable ★] As well as place your right-hand man onward.
[Next step] What? Put your right-hand man onward. It” s alright, your upper leg is wrapped around the hammock. [So calm] Mama, I ‘ m flying! [Stylish] Hurry, obtain this
on electronic camera, please. [Gotten utilized to the present currently] [Icy] Oh, my! Mr. Lee! Wait! Great job. Send your shoulders to the back. [Clutching so tightly] Good job.
Now, decipher on your own. [Umph] Currently, expand your left leg ahead. My feet harmed so much. Allow ‘ s extend our feet for a bit.
Place your leg out ahead, cover it around sideways, after that tip on the hammock from behind. Such as this? Do the very same with your appropriate leg. [Cover the best leg with the hammock also] Step from behind similar to this. [So straightforward] Ah! It ‘ s like someone ‘ s pressing my
feet.- It really feels weird to have your feet stuck, right?
– Yes.
[Squirm wriggle] Make your grip go higher.
[So uncomfortable] Yes?
[Dying] – And lift yourself up.
– Okay. – And also slide your toes throughout.
– Wait, what?
[Put your feet throughout ] [Slip] [I did it! Heheheh] [~ Self-confidence ~] My ankles injure! How do I undo this?
[Postponed shock] Like this.
[The JJUNGGYUs’ ‘ screams fill the studio] One at a time. Try once again. [The JJUNGGYUs ‘ screams fill up the workshop] My ankle joints! I” m bursting out in cool sweats! I” m terrified! Wait!
[Makes it take place no issue what] [Woahhhh] Excellent job! [The flying yoga exercise natural born player” s smile] Currently, squeeze your upper legs together.
[SWING X WITH EACH OTHER] Why am I stuck? Mr.Lee.

[ Mr. Lee, we have a problem below] My ankle joints actually hurt. They truly, actually harmed. Simply loosen up right here. Unwind your ankles like this. They injure much more!
[Mega-pain] His ankles appear like they” re splitting, not relaxing. [Mr. Lee … My ankles feel broken T T] Your joints are hanging fine, right? – Yes.
– Mr. Lee! Place both hands with each other prior to your upper body. – Mr. Lee!
– Put both hands together before your chest.
[Oww T T] Mr. Lee, please.
[I” m sorry(?)] My ankles harmed a lot! They truly injure! [Wahhh] [Owww T T] – Let” s put our arms to the side.- No, wait! My ankles truly injure!
[Hold your arms out wide currently] I seriously can” t take place. It hurts so much! [Wahhhhh] Just stay strong. Excellent job. Hold the hammock back.
[You” re doing excellent] You ‘ re all solid, best? [Nope] Hold the hammock by your ears, as well as draw your knees right into your upper body such as this. [Hmph] Mr. Lee, I can” t. [I should escape this discomfort] That was so good!
[Extremely well] [Wahhhhh T T] My legs! My legs!
[They harm T T] I can” t go
up. [The star pupil ‘ s very first struggle] I can ‘ t draw myself up.
[Having a hard time] Hold the hammock by your ears.

– I can” t do it.- It won ‘ t work.- Just use your stamina to go out.- Exactly how did you do it? [TAEHYUN simply used his arm toughness to venture out] Yes, precisely. Simply utilize your arm strength. [Shivering] Exactly how … Hey, can you pull yourself up? I can” t’draw myself up. Let ‘ s simply take one foot out each time. [Time for an individualized lesson] [Umph] I can” t! Exactly on. [Addressed] This is why you have to exercise. [Today ‘ s lesson] I can ‘ t do it!
No, no, no! [Voice obtaining coarser each time] No, I can” t do it. I can ‘ t. [Flap flap] [YEONJUNIE
can ‘ t do it] Okay.Let me assist you out. [Mr. Lee to the rescue] -One foot.’- Ouch! Good job. This time around, you ‘
re going to enter the hammock [The next pose is inside the hammock] Place your right-hand man through, and also hold
the hammock. with your thumb directing down.
Then, turn your body [Concentrated] to the left. [So alert] That need to leave the mid part of your butt and also head leaning on the best side of the hammock.So, the hammock goes right in the buttcrack, right? [I see] – That ‘ s right. -Oh,’yeah! I obtained it.
[Mr. Lee, I” m prepared] Lift your left foot simply as much as your right knee, – as well as press the left side of the hammock.
– No means! Your butt comes right down, right?
[Normally positions them in a seated position] [So cautious] Woah! This is so trendy! [Will they obtain via this set smoothly?] Wait! Hey, why is this swinging so a lot? Mr. Lee, I” m not adaptable sufficient for this. My hamstrings are also brief. Yet flying yoga exercise can extend them.
[Let” s stretch them out with flying yoga then] – Am I doing it right?/ – Yes, you are.
[Allow” s extend them out with flying yoga exercise then] Simply place your ideal foot ahead, and also you” re good.
– Just my best foot?
– Wait. [Let” s go, hamstrings] [Success ★] Woah! Did I do it? You can also take your hands off eventually. Woah! I took both of my hands off! Excellent task!
[Mr. Lee] [Me as well, Mr. Lee] This really feels scary. Mr. Lee. Am I expected to be so scrunched up? Are we expected to be scrunched up like this? No, you have to straighten your body.
[Keep a 90-degree angle] [S. rest up directly …] I can” t stay up directly. It ‘ s fine.
Allow ‘ s proceed. [Onto the following action] Spread the hammock behind your head
with both hands. -Mr. Lee.’- After that, cover your shoulders. And also right here ‘ s the most important component. Cover your butt, after that drop your feet. Woah! No chance! I intend to do it too!- Yes, drop your feet to every side. – Similar to this. [Legs sideways] – I did
it!- Careful. [They
did it]- Wah!/- Wah! [They
did it] Wah! [( Source: BEOMGYU)] Wah! [I ‘ m a child too] Peek-a-boo! [Baby BEOMGYU] So charming! What ‘ s he doing?

[A feline that doesn ‘ t wish to be held.jpg] You put on ‘ t have to be so strained.
[Woah] [Embedded] Currently, press the hammock in advance of
you with your best hand.
– After that, tuck your left foot in the hammock. – Wait.- Press it … – Put your foot flat on the hammock. [All battling]- Like this?- Yes, like that.- Put your foot inside.- What do I do currently? This moment, tuck your ideal foot in.
Oh, we tuck both our feet in?- Yes, as well as the soles touch each various other. -Oh, like this. [Put the feet in and put them with each other] [Donesies] [Spots the cameraman striving] The hammock maintains covering my face, right? Currently, take your give out as well as hug your feet.’- Is this what I ‘ m meant to do?- Yes. [Responds] From below, draw your heels to your stubborn belly switch like they ‘ re going to satisfy. Imagine them meeting. Mr. Lee, my heels put on ‘
t. intend to fulfill my stomach button.Yes, they ‘ re not supposed to meet. [That” s how it is] Yet just think of that they are. Goodness. I believed my belly switch was.
really meant to touch my heels! You” re mosting likely to attempt rising this time around. Remaining in balance while rising is harder – than when you” re bunched up such as this.
– Okay. – It can obtain fairly unstable.
– Okay. Open up the hammock up around your legs and put your ideal foot on the right side.
as well as your left foot left wing. Mr. Lee, where” s the right side? Where your ideal hand is. [Suggestion: The right side is where your ideal hand is] And the left is where your left hand is. [Idea: The ideal side is where your best hand is] So, your feet will certainly spread the hammock out. So, what am I expected to do? [No suggestion] Oh, similar to this? I really feel like I ‘ m back in my mom ‘ s womb. Yes, this is the womb position,. [A relaxing’position in which you feel secure. like you ‘ re in your mom ‘ s womb] which resembles how an unborn child remains in the womb.
[A relaxing pose in which you really feel secure. like you ‘ re in your mommy ‘ s womb] Wah! You can currently tip on the hammock. with your feet, right? Yes.Hold the hammock in front of you high up.
Hold a high hold. [High] Hold both sides as well as
push your butt up. [They need to raise their butt. by grabbing the hammock] Don ‘ t attempt to get up at the same time. Place your knees down on the hammock initially. Press your butt up, and enter this kneeling present. Similar to this? Yes, easily!
[Remarkable! Accomplished] I did it too! All right! I kind of got it! [Squirm agonize] Mr.Lee, is this right? – I” m blinded.
– There” s glitch with him!
[Hey there. I” m Choi YEONJUN ‘ s appropriate leg.] I can ‘ t see
anything! [Rushing]- I can ‘ t see
anything! -Your knee needs to be in like this.
[Ironed out, many thanks to Mr. Lee] [~ Swing swing ~] My child! Are you having fun? [The infants on this side are extra fired up] All great.
[So unstable] Flap flap? This is one of the most standard present.
[In some way handled to obtain right into the position.
as well as carried on to the next one] You” re going to practice the Tinkerbell.
[In some way taken care of to obtain right into the posture.
and also gone on to the next one] Why is this shaking a lot.
[Shaking] As you can see, – there” s some hammock material behind you, yes?
– Yes. Spread it out and hold both sides.
with your thumbs aiming down. Are both of our hands ordering.
the fabric behind us? Yes, specifically.
[Mr. Lee] Leave your chest and also belly.
leaning on the hammock in the front, and also send your head back like this. Lean your upper body as well as stomach in the front.
[So concentrated] Like this? – Yes, then send your head back.

/ – Like this?
[Thanks to Mr. Lee” s help] Yes, easily!
[Thanks to Mr. Lee” s assist,. his position is currently perfect] You ‘ re fairly proficient at this. [Many Thanks to Mr. Lee ‘ s assist,. his posture is now best] This is what you ‘ re choosing! [Look at this trainee, every person] [Argh] [Umph] [Oww] [ASMR of a person being gotten by his collar] Mr. Lee, one foot left! Mr. Lee, one foot got away! One foot left?
[So active] Push your breast into the hammock before you. Just push it. Yes, just like that, HUENINGKAI. – Oh, yeah!
– Good job.
[I obtained complimented] Hold the hammock in front of you high up. As well as tip your feet to rise. [Standing up] [Standing up is] [Rising is an item of cake] [HUENING is up too] Yeah, bro! Get up now.Step down

with your feet.
[I” m not there yet] – Like this.
– Step down.
[The hammock won” t allowed YEONJUN have it very easy] Please respect our YEONJUN.
You ‘ re good. [YEONJUNIE is attempting his ideal] [YEONJUNIE is attempting his finest] Keep your left hand on the hammock,.
[The following position is the butterfly posture] and also turn your best hand to check out the mirror. Make certain your underarms are fixed.
well on the hammock/ Now, take your left foot out onward. Just like what we did previously. What” s going
on? [Entangled up] Come on! Enter! Currently, with your left leg … You placed it ahead, right? Just step down on the hammock.
from the front to back. I assume my hammock is tangled at the base. Could you straighten it out for me?
[Assist me] [We did it] I believe my hip joints are constraining up. Excellent job. Maintain your shoulders in. Allow me demonstrate first. I” m certain you ‘ ll all be proficient at it. You ‘ re all versatile, appropriate? Sorry? No. Hold the hammock like this, and spread your legs out as wide as you can.
[Legs out] Sorry? This is … Shall we simply skip this?
[In rejection] You put on” t have to go this

far.You can simply go this much.
[Mr. Lee Sung Youthful] [Ahhh T T] [Arrrrgh] Your butt needs to remain in the hammock.
[Oww] Oh, benefits. Mr. Lee? [BEOMGYU” s quiet cry for help] You can” t stand with your legs.
Raise your butt up. [Here comes Mr. Lee ‘ s 1-on-1 lesson] Push your butt up a lot more. Right on. [Help me] [Hehehe] My benefits.
[Keke] He can be so significant often.
[The gifted one is so unwinded] [Easy peasy] Mr.Lee, am I doing it right? Yes, you are!
[YEONJUN does well at the same time] – Is it?/ – It looks ideal.
[YEONJUN prospers at the same time] Really? Now, spread your wings.
[Pleased] ♪ I think I can fly Hey, how do you do that? That” s really not as well poor. Is that right? Let” s do what we carried out in the hammock previously and bend our knees.
in the butterfly position like this. [Merging it] – Don” t stick your shoulders out
. -No sticking shoulders out.
[Bend …] – Like this?
– Yes. Great task!
[Bend … the knees …] That” s incredible.
[Is this how you do it?] Let” s tuck your knee in a bit much more.
[Knee wrapping] Your knees remain in the hammock? Just how are your knees embeded the hammock? – I did it!
– Great job!
[Knees tucked] [Success] Ow! Wait! [Arghhh] My hip joints are cramping up! Are they? Meow!
[” Cramping”” is homonymous with “” computer mouse”” in Korean] – Meow!
– Meow! Meow!
[Felines are the way to go after pains away(?)] Precisely! Now, do you remember.
[Whew] the Tinkerbell we exercised earlier? Was that the Tinkerbell pose? Yes, you” ll practice the Tinkerbell currently.
[Practicing the Tinkerbell] It takes a whole lot of core strength.You recognize the wings between your underarms? Yes. Grab them with your hands. -Like this?- Yes, the hammock between your underarms. -You have to make use of quite a little bit of force.- Okay. [Utilize a strong grasp] Get hold of the hammock and also press. your hands ahead like this.
[Make use of a strong hold and
draw the hammock out] -Get it as well as press onward? – Yes, push onward.
[Arghh] How do I press it forward? Get hold of the hammock below.
[Mr. Lee” s demonstration] – as well as pull it through such as this.
– Woah! Just how?
[Easy peasy] [Pull it … via?] Mr. Lee, I can” t do it! [So distressed] I can” t do this.I ‘ ll usage both hands. – The back component …
– This right below. Mr. Lee, I did it! [After wriggling away without Mr. Lee” s assist]- Mr. Lee, I did it!- Just how did
you do that? [Ta-da (?)] I stood a bit.
That helped. [Sharing the hack] [Battling something just he can see] [A lonesome fight] Mr. Lee, I did it!
[A lonesome battle] Yes, that” s specifically it!
[A lonely battle] Oh, that” s why it ‘ s called the Tinkerbell! We maintain flying!
[Flap flap] Like this!
[Angry Tinkerbell] Push forward right!
[After some genuine struggles,.
the 5 Tinkerbells prepare] [After some real battles,.
the five Tinkerbells prepare] You” re all ready, right?
[If you” re done pressing the hammock out] Grab onto the hammock with all 10 fingers.
[If you” re done pressing the hammock out,.
order it tightly with all ten fingers] As well as collect the hammock over your head.
[Put both hands with each other over your head] As well as push your chest out.

♪ Despite the fact that my heart is breaking – Woah!
– Such as this?
[Startled] Such as this? Yes, that” s perfect! Attempt to push your breast without your arm joints stuck. Without getting our elbows stuck?
[As well far to hear him] – Yes.
– I” d fall forward, though. [Stressed] If you’seem like you ‘ ll fall forward, stay in equilibrium using your core toughness. [The trick is to remain well balanced.
utilizing their core strength] Such as this? Yes, that” s right.
Oh, my. This is crazy. [So tiring T T] You feel your body opening up, right? Your shoulders, breast, and hip open up.
[A pose that opens your shoulders, breast, as well as hip] [Tinkerbell SOOBIN is so calm] Just the strongest ones can survive flying yoga. Excellent task.
[I” m strong as well] Now, put yourselves back in.
[Tinkerbell time is up] Embrace me! Return right into the hammock currently. And also take a little break inside. I” ll show you the next position. From there, we” re mosting likely to take it up a notch. Oh … No upgrade … Downgrade, allowed” s go …
Get back up … [Squirm agonize] I can” t get up. Make certain the hammock captures your hips.
[Leave the back side of the hammock.
chosen your hips] Lift your left foot, then go around like this. You” ll wind up with a cast on your right thigh.
[Easy, right?] [Scratch] I” ll cover it up right here. What do I get hold of to rise? Place your hands back again.
and also bunch the hammock to pull it up.
[Time for the members to try it] [Umph] [Arrrrghhhhh] Goodness.I ‘ m.

. This is so awkward, Mr.Lee.
[I wish to do well T T] Why? You” re doing an outstanding job. Thank you. What do I do when I
rise? [The flying yoga exercise natural born player is
doing whatever fine on his own] Don” t you need to turn your body? Stand up. [So hectic] [Prospering on his very own].
Okay, I can ‘ t do it. [Being successful on his very own and also falls short] What ‘ s he doing?
[Kekeke] Hold the left side of the hammock high. Mr. Lee, similar to this? Yes, that” s right. When you ‘ ve obtained a high hold on the left side, lean your body towards the left.Then you finish up with a space between the hammock.
Yes. [- Void
-] Then, raise your left boost, after that turn it around from front to back. Go via the space as soon as.
[Mr. Lee Sung Young] [ See this] I did it! I obtained a cast! [So ecstatic] – Yes, that” s it’. -That ‘ s what it ‘ s expected to be? [Is that what I ‘ m expected to do?
]- How do I do that?- Get hold of the left side
and pull through. [SOOBIN attempts next]- With the hammock?/ – Yes, with the hammock.
[One calm pupil with a side of crazy hammock neighbors] Mr. Lee, something” s wrong! [One tranquil trainee with a side of crazy hammock next-door neighbors] I did something wrong!
[You can do it] Allow me turn you about. Mr. Lee! Simply grab the left side of the hammock.
[Flying yoga exercise sure keeps you busy] – Hue-ka,- Yes? is your best upper leg doing okay? I seem like my blood circulation is removed. I” m fine. – Perhaps your own is also tight.
– Why is it so …
[SOOBIN is experiencing upper leg pains] – Your knee will harm like that.Wait.

– My benefits. Please do a little jump. In 1, 2, 3. Dive. Excellent work. Mr. Lee!
[Ouchhh] My blood circulation is removed! Mr. Lee, my upper leg is turning purple. I” m serious. Yes, that” s how it ‘ s supposed to be. [You ‘ re doing terrific ] What
? [No other way?] Mr. Lee, over right here!
[Mr. Lee, I” m in discomfort also T T] My upper leg is starting to go numb. I want to put on a cast also. Raise your left foot. – Raise it up!
– As well as go with this gap
. [Time for 1-on-1 coaching after that] – Mr. Lee!
– Is it expected to be this limited?
[Seems like … a drawback to get it initial] I” m telling you, my upper leg is purple. Is it intended to really feel like we have tights on?
[Limited] Yes, it” s expected to be such as this.
[Tight] Mr. Lee, it seems like I” m wearing leggings however with chains connected about.
[With chains also] [TAEHYUN” s chain/tights/cast is ready too] It” s even harder if you stand upright like this.Think of doing a partner with your appropriate foot. Sidekick! [YEONJUN has been bamboozled] [And so has BEOMGYU] Why don” t we spread our wings currently? Spread out the wings on both sides. I” m sweating! [Sob sob] My leg!
[The Tinkerbell upgrade is a success(?)] I seem like my leg is going to diminish!
[The Tinkerbell upgrade is a success(?)] Flap flap!
[I enjoy Tinkerbell] Mr. Lee, my blood flow is removed. I” ll assistance you with that said currently. Right now! [Right now, please] Take your left foot out of the hammock. As well as keep your left knee bent to ensure that your foot doesn” t just fall. Venture out, you foot! Ow! My armpits injure also! Over below! Please save me. [Ahhhhhhh! Mommyyyyy] Assist me out below! Kick your best foot and involve the left towards me. Such as this? Specifically! Lift your best foot That”
s it. [Mr.Lee Sung Young] How can I lift my best foot from right here? Simply raise it to the back. Exactly how can I raise my right foot when that” s the just one in the hammock? [Understood it the incorrect way] Raise your best foot! Exactly how can I raise my appropriate foot.
when that” s the just one in the
hammock? [Interaction mistake] Turn your head back [Skips to complete] Good! Now, put your left foot down.
[Elegant] Good task. You” re done. [Argh] Who ‘ s initially? Let ‘ s go. [A line of students awaiting aid] Press your shoulders with, one at a time.
[BEOMGYU is saved initial] Press your shoulders! Your left shoulder also.
[BEOMGYU is rescued very first] – Just how do I do that?
– Press it out and grab the hammock. Right on! And also press your right foot.

– Lift your left foot!
– It” s going numb! [Allow ‘ s just present as soon as and end up] – Lift it up?
– Lift your left foot up. – But I don” t wish to!
– Lift it up. Great. – That” s it.- I ‘
m going numb! [Done] [Wahh] Allow ‘ s go now.
Pull your shoulders through individually. [Time to rescue YEONJUN currently]- Shoulders out like this?/ – Yes.
[Time to rescue YEONJUN currently] SOOBIN, aren” t you sweating? Never. I ‘ m sweating pails here! Kick your ideal leg to the back.

as well as flex your left.No, wear ‘ t placed the left foot down. Look way out!
– Done!- That ‘ s our future.
[Is that the end?] Lift your left foot. In 1, 2, 3.
[Doink] Good work. – You came down? Please wait.
– Okay.
[← Got away on his very own] I attempted every little thing I might to live, and right here I am.
[So pleased] Take your left foot out. Exactly on! As well as raise your best foot.
[HUENING is doing fairly well] Simply like that! Whoops.
[HUENING is doing fairly well] [Ahhh] Lift your ideal foot greater.
[Kakakak] What sound is that? Tilt your head back!
[Locate a new voice] Check out his arms shiver!
[Tremble tremble] [Anyhow, he” s got away] Is it all done? Yes, good job. And your various other leg needs to come right out.
[Once the left leg is on the flooring, simply slide the ideal leg out] – Simply let it unravel.
– Can we just sit for a moment? Yes, let” s take a break. [~ Time for a short break ~] [~ Time for a short break ~]- Mr. Lee,- Yes? this is really tough. Help!
This is truly tough. Assist! [Freaking out] I ‘ m completely defeated. Give me a minute. Exactly how did you go out? You” re stuck forever.

[Nope] I” m going to get out.
[( With pressure)] [Ragged] You” re all sweating pails. It” s so warm in here. I really feel like I simply did everything with my forearm muscle mass since I wear” t. know exactly how to utilize my toughness correctly. Yes, it was quite nice. It was like training my grip strength. However I can” t actually bend my fingers any longer. Then – you recognize how we did steps.
mainly by opening the hammock?/ – Yes.
[We” ve been opening up the hammock previously] However this time around, we” ll number it up. It” ll harmed a little bit.’It ‘ ll harmed a little bit. [Shook] – Was what we did not agonizing?
– That hurt enough!
[( Whispering) We were in pain from the begin (Murmur)] No, that was more like a warm-up. [What did you just claim?] Mr. Lee, let” s just relax as well as play the “” Mafia Video game”” together rather. He” s a TO DO assassin. They sent him as an assassin to obtain all of us. [Help us …] I have to leave here.Goodbye! [We ‘ ll bring HUENING back. See you next week] All right, below we go. [Next episode] [Onto the advanced stage] – Use your even more comfortable leg as well as turn.
– Pardon? What? Pardon? What?
[An absolutely amazing view] [Stark future in advance] What?
[What did I just see …?] However if it” s awesome, we ‘ ve obtained to do it. [Allow ‘ s make it look excellent or go residence] – And also, fly.
– Whoa! What is he doing?
[In contrast to their assumptions] What is this?
[In contrast to their expectations,.
TXT is slowly malfunctioning (?)] [Adversity] [Difficulty as well as hardship] [Getting rid of] [Overcoming all of it] Please make use of that as the thumbnail.
[That will certainly be the celebrity of component 2” s thumbnail …?!] [Who will certainly be the star of part 2” s thumbnail …?!] [Take a look at the unique behind-the-scenes.
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