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Texas National Guard builds 2 miles of fencing near El Paso

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>>> > > > The high court might make a decision as quickly as today if the trump period migration policy known as title 42 will certainly stay in area. That plan enacted as a public health procedure throughout the covid-19 pandemic enables the federal government to send out migrants back to Mexico to await their asylum process. Right now officials say there are 22,000 people resting at different boundary communities in Mexico waiting for a decision. The Texas National Guard introduced last night its constructed two miles of secure fencing at its boundary with Mexico and also the el Paso location and prepares to proceed to develop extra. Rosa flores is joining me now from El Paso.Rosa, what

are you seeing this early morning? >> > > Press reporter: Jessica, great early morning. There'' s a great deal of pain and desperation below. Allow me show you around while I inform you what'' s going on. We ' re simply outside a church that serves as a sanctuary overnight, but ability is about 120, 130, so a lot of individuals wind up having to rest on the street because once capacity– once the church fills, then there disappears ability for more. Now, a lot of these migrants say that they have either seriously waited in Mexico and also burnt out because title 42 was never lifted as well as or they chose to just merely go across over unlawfully due to the fact that they felt that they couldn'' t do anything

else.They were so desperate. Currently, as you look around you'' ll see that there are also a lot of kids here. Those are some of the a lot more desperate and also heartbreaking tales that we'' ve been hearing out right here, simply from mothers who claim that their kid will ask for food, their youngster will certainly ask them for something warm and also these mothers wear'' t have anything to provide. They will certainly ask for a washroom. There are no centers around here. Currently, these scenes are also duplicated on the Mexican side. Jessica, like you mentioned, we'' ve found out that about 22,000 migrants are waiting in a minimum of 3 northern Mexican cities, that'' s throughout the river from the Rio grande valley in south Texas as well as tee a Tijuana near San Diego.There are authorities living either on the streets and also in camps and, once more, those are the ones that have actually decided to wait for title 42 to lift. There are numerous who are not waiting, those are the ones you see around here, those made a decision to either turn themselves right into authorities or to get in the U.S. Unlawfully. > > Rosa flores for us in el Paso, Texas. >> Thanks a lot for that coverage, Rosa.So much the Biden administration has actually not set out any kind of type of formal plan for this rise of migrants. Joining me now is Seung minutes Kim white house reporter for the connected press. Excellent to see you. Biden is navigating an end of the year holiday as well as will certainly be gone till the brand-new year. What takes place if the ultimate court makes this choice today or in the following couple of days? > > So we have been asking and also the white house has been asked repetitively what is your strategy once >> title 42 lifts? We assumed this was mosting likely to take place recently, certainly there has actually been a delay implemented by the high court, yet as you claimed a ruling might come as early as today, any type of day now.What the white home has set out is that in the meantime they are surging resources to the border to the limited capacity they can have, they have extra processing organizers. Right currently previously this month Karine jean-pierre the white home press assistant offered us a figure that 23,000 border patrol agents were down at the southern border functioning to deal with this upcoming crisis however they sanctuary ' t really laid out a detailed method for what they will certainly do once title 42 lifts. I have actually talked with autonomous legislators that are not pleased with how the management has actually been managing this. I spoke with mark Kelly, the autonomous senator from Arizona, who is clearly seeing the effect of this– of this situation in his home state and also he stated the administration hasn ' t outlined a clear sufficient prepare for me, which is the pressure that the Biden management is seeing today from members of its own event. > > Immigration is a concern that ' s vexed congress for years. They have not been able to get this done, in spite of several– a number of efforts. At the end of the year there was one more effort from independent legislator Kyrsten Sinema and also Republican senator Thom Tillis.We understand that the democratic whip penis Durbin had wished to do something on migration. Where does this go from here because simply a suggestion to everybody the Democrats will lose the home in January when Republicans take control of.

How do you see this playing out in congress if whatsoever? > > It doesn ' t go as well far from where points were ended and we understand that Republicans are coming in and also taking your home majority in simply an issue of days which is an event that has actually not seen or otherwise revealed a great deal of rate of interest in doing an extensive immigration'solution like the types that senator Sinema and Tillis were speaking about, like the sorts of changes that had actually been discussed in Washington for years currently yet congress has really had a hard time to arrive. You do see how, you know, the white home ' s hands are so connected by congress, even when they are discussing the title 42 situation, you recognize, when you ask the white home concerning title 42 and the Republican objections– or the criticisms from Republicans concerning the Biden administration ' s surround plan, they stated, well, congress hasn ' t fixed this problem, congress for years could have done something to change the system both on the protection side and also on the lawful immigration side, the illegal migration side and also they ' ve done nothing.Also remember the white house was additionally pushing greatly for congress to send them a lot more funding to deal straight with this crisis and they didn ' t obtain all that cash that they wanted in this newest round of spending talks. So'that ' s making

it also harder tore them. > > Even harder. Yeah.

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