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Students Register to Vote, Eager To Participate in Democratic Process

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When you’re a kid, you look forward to the day when you’re an adult and can make your own decisions.

High school senior Aniyah Evans says for her, it’s not staying up late or watching what she wants on TV.

It’s voting.

“It’s been portrayed to us for so long that our opinion doesn’t matter. Once we get the chance and realize what I can do actually does matter,” said Evans.

Students these days are more politically aware than in the past.  They watched adults argue about masks in schools, which books belong on shelves, and what they’re allowed to search on the internet.

They’re excited about the chance to weigh in. 

“It’s nice to have your voice out there even if nothing changes based on who you chose, at least you tried,” said Brighten Woodard, a student at Dunbar High School.

Dunbar teamed up with the Delta Sigma Theta sorority and brought in alums to talk about democracy and the power to vote in a strictly nonpartisan way.

“It’s important to make that impact now and to understand the value of being a registered voter and encourage them to go out and use that right,” said Alicia Hill, sorority member.

Young people traditionally have the lowest voter turnout in the U.S.  At Dunbar, they’re hoping to help students connect their personal passions and dreams to democracy.

Aniyah Evans says she’s already there.

“If we got together we could change who’s in office right now. What they’re doing right now is not benefitting us,” said Evans.

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