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Stock Market లో ABCD లు(Basics) నేర్చుకోండి P2 | Stock Market for Beginners | Basics of Stock Market

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Hi pals, welcome to money bag. Allow'' s discover something brand-new today. In our network, video clips crucial for a typical male concerning economic items are uploaded every Wednesday night and also Saturday morning. I'' ll explain concerning stock exchange starting from fundamentals to market expert-level in this series which was begun recently. This is the second part of the collection. In this component, we will certainly cover the fundamentals action by step. If you are enjoying this video clip without viewing part 1, you can enjoy it from the web link in the i-button and also end cards. If you are viewing this video one week hereafter video is posted, after that comply with the collection from the playlist. I asked you few concerns in the earlier video clip. Many of you gave the solutions. I congratulate every person who responded to correctly. That suggests you recognized component 1 totally. And also some audiences have actually responded to wrongly.Just small errors. You enjoy this video meticulously so you won ' t commit such small errors again. There will certainly be a test at the end of this video also. I will certainly ask couple of concerns. By responding to the concerns in the remarks listed below, you can examine on your own. In this video clip, we ' ll review next-level subjects. You might discover it difficult however be concentrated it ' s not that complicated. I ' ll cover the vital internet sites as well as applications I consistently use in this collection. In the meantime, I ' ll introduce you to 3 crucial websites'. I will certainly likewise reveal you the materials you need to follow.If you can remember, An and also B began a firm. Their company is working out and also creating excellent profits. Now they wish to expand the business so they are going with IPO for additional capital. As well as for IPO they need authorization from SEBI. For SEBI ' s approval, they need to submit a draft as well as it should be accepted. SEBI can increase some monitorings on'the draft sent. After correcting they have to resubmit the draft. After SEBI ' s approval, they need to send the last draft. Now I ' ll show you where we can find such information. Kind in your browser It takes you to the SEBI internet site. You can see different tabs on the internet site like about, lawful, enforcement, filings, reports as well as data, standing, and also media. You will locate public concerns under the filings tab. Click Draft offer papers submitted with SEBI. All the drafts filed with SEBI will certainly be on the screen. On July 10th, Hyderabad-based business Gland Pharma submitted a draft. Previously that, Bbq Nation submitted a draft in February.Indian Railway Financing Corporation additionally sent a draft. Computer Age Management Provider additionally sent a draft. It is going with IPO soon. Rossari Biotech sent a draft in December. UTI AMC draft is additionally below. By clicking on the draft, you can see the draft they sent. It will be regarding 300 to 500 pages. Gland Pharma draft is 300 web pages. This draft consists of total info regarding the firm. If a draft is accepted, it will certainly be under Red Herring records under public issue.All these firms got authorization for IPO. After SEBIs approval, Rossari Biotech sent the RHP on 7th July. I am clicking it. This is likewise a 300 web page record -363 web pages.

This file has total information about the business, IPO, future hazards, as well as chances. You will certainly recognize everything regarding the company going through these 360 web pages. You still require to do some study. For the IPO videos, I gather 70 to 80 percent of information from this paper only. Some of the records can be 400 or 500 web pages. However you will obtain a total image of the company. Based upon the info, we can decide whether to spend. Final deal document submitted after the approval is offered under Last Offer Documents.You can see many business here. There are Rossari, SBI Cards, Prince Water Lines. Final deal drafts will certainly be below. Under the legal rights concern, companies going with legal rights concern will be presented. Here we have actually sent a draft of Mahindra & Mahindra. Dependence Industries went for a civil liberties concern in May, the draft copy of the same is here. PVR ' s draft. Drafts for the legal rights concern will certainly be presented here. I ' ll explain & what the rights concern remains in the following component. Just as a summary, the business concerns fresh shares to existing investors at a reduced rate. Firms increase additional resources from existing investors through civil liberties concerns. Here there is a mutual fund tab. Mutual fund business before presenting a fund they submit a draft to SEBI. I am clicking on it. You can see drafts of Axis value fund, Baroda value fund, HSBC business financial obligation fund. Only after the authorization of SEBI, they can release these funds through NFO. You can additionally see drafts sent for buy-back. You can see the REIT concerns tab. I ' m clicking on it. If a company is choosing REITs, REIT implies Realty Financial investment Trust Fund. While tape-recording this video clip, a REIT is going on. This Mindspace Organization Parks REIT deal period is going on.
It may end by the time this video is uploaded. So the document of REITs is also offered. I ' m clicking on Mindspace record. It will certainly likewise be 300 or 400 pages with complete details about REIT. You can go through it and also take investment choices. Mindspace REIT deal document is 676 web pages. For the IPO video clips in our network, we experience all these files. Only after that you will certainly understand the positives and also negatives of a company. If all this homework is refrained, it means we are risking our money.We can not give our cash without knowing anything concerning the business, right? So this research has to be done. In among the video clips, I shared among the declarations of Charlie Munger. His declaration is, Spending is challenging, whoever thinks it ' s easy is a fool. You require to do effort. Without hard work, you can ' t produce money, right? You can generate wealth just by difficult job. Prior to purchasing IPO go via the sent draft. If you don ' t have much time, you can constantly watch'our video clips. I cover the majority of the vital details in the video clip. On this SEBI site, there is a lot info besides IPO offer records. You can get any kind of details about capital markets on this web site. Go to Publications under News as well as Statistics, click on handbook of stats. You ' ll be redirected to a new page. On this page, you can discover annual handbooks released by SEBI. For example, I ' m clicking on 2019 manual, We have different fields below. Just how much cash is gathered in the primary market and secondary market? As well as the'cash gathered under different sectors. I utilize this data in numerous videos.In the initial row, you can see, annual and month-wise information of total money accumulated via IPO and also legal rights concern in 2019. We can likewise see the cash accumulated industry-wise like the pharma sector or banking market. And also money collected in SME IPO. Not just 2019, the data of any year is

available on this web site. Under the secondary market, you can recognize how much trading is done under the cash section. If you wish to upgrade your knowledge of Indian capital markets, there is bountiful information on the SEBI internet site. Standards and also master advertisements released by SEBI will certainly be readily available below. You can discover updates from SEBI under Legal tab. Not simply the current information, whole historic data is additionally available.So people, utilizing the SEBI website and also by researching the draft submitted for IPO, we can choose whether to purchase the firm. To join IPO you have to have a Demat account. Step-by-step guidance videos on how to open up a Demat account and just how to utilize IPO are currently submitted to our channel. The links to the videos are pinned in the very first

remark. You can enjoy and also comply with the videos. Think you have participated in an IPO and also the shares are allocated. After couple of days you intend to sell the shares. You acquired the shares from the firm in IPO, now will the company buy shares from you? No, business wear ' t buy or offer shares regularly.So you can market the shares to various other investors. Let ' s claim you intend to sell shares and also at the very same time, I want to get shares. If your sell order as well as my buy order matches the supply exchange implements the purchase as well as debits cash from me and credit scores to you as well as debits shares from you and also credit scores to me. So to put a buy or offer order, you need to pick order type.I ' ll describe to you each order type as well as'its relevance currently. If you desire to obtain prompt updates regarding the stock exchange after that join our Telegram channel. Open telegram application as well as look for Cash Purse. You will find a network with above 40,000 subscribers. That is our official network. Join it and get routine updates. If the details in this video is practical then provide us thumbs up.

Share it with your family and friends if it ' s useful for them. The very first type is Market Order. The proposals in the market for acquiring or selling and order put by us for the proposals to acquire or cost that cost. The profession is carried out quickly yet we might buy at overprice or cost underprice. Let ' s take an example to understand Market Order. You positioned a buy order at Rs.300. If on the very same day vendor positioned a sell order at Rs. 305. If you set purchase order as'Market order and if there is just one proposal of Rs.305 out there, the stock market matches both the orders as well as carries out the transaction. You wind up getting shares at Rs. 305 even though you wished to acquire at Rs. 300'. Taking the same instance, this moment you intend to offer the shares at Rs.300 as well as placed a market order. On the very same day if a buyer proposals for Rs. 295 as well as presume you are the only seller and also he is the only buyer for the supply that day. Then both orders suit as well as your shares will be marketed at Rs. 295. With market orders, often we buy shares overpriced or market shares underpriced. It is not advisable to place a market order unless you right away intend to acquire shares. The following type is Limitation order. Under this order, we can set a price array limit for acquiring or selling. The order implementation might be delayed but it will certainly go to the wanted rate. We can avoid the marketplace order risk of purchasing shares overpriced and also marketing shares underpriced.The next sort of order is GTC. This Excellent Till Cancel order indicates the order is energetic up until it is cancelled. Depending upon the brokerage business, we can deal with a day or period for 30 days or two during which the order is energetic. This order is helpful when you wish to purchase a stock at Rs. 200 and also the exact same supply is trading at Rs. 230. Today you positioned the order for Rs.200, if the share is not
offered at Rs. 200, the order is not carried out so it expires. The next day you will put an order once again and it continues till the day when you obtain the share for Rs. 200. However if you put a GTC order, the order will be executed when the share cost is Rs. 200. The order remains energetic up until the share cost
comes down to Rs.200 and when it comes to be Rs.200 the order will be executed.Using GTC, you need not place order every day. Financiers who are active in their everyday life can capitalize on this helpful order type. However, GTC order is not provided by all brokers. It would be much better to choose brokers that offer GTC. The following wants Market Order. It is utilized to position an order when the market is closed. The order ends up being active on the following trading day. So if you wish to place a buy or sell order when the market is shut after that utilize After Market Order.The following is Stop Loss Order. This is extensively utilized by investors. Intraday investors put on ' t bring forward their supplies to the following day. They deal on the same day. They purchase a supply as well as market it at a raised price. State, due to some trouble the stock cost drops significantly they need to birth big losses. If the order is put under Stop Loss Order, the order will certainly be turned on at a particular cost loss as well as sells the shares at less loss. If Quit Loss Order is not
placed the losses will certainly be huge.I will show you 2 even more websites that know helpful for the'securities market. I ' ll clarify what information is offered in each tab. If you can remember, in the part 1 we discussed the 2 stock exchanges in India. One is BSE, Bombay Supply Exchange and also the various other is NSE, National Supply Exchange. The major indices of BSE as well as NSE are Sensex and Nifty respectively.These two stock market internet sites have vast information. Now I ' ll discuss to you what info is readily available as well as where it is discovered on both the sites. First let ' s open BSE internet site, We can know regarding varied indices offered by BSE and also the stocks provided on BSE. First let ' s cover indices. Click on the Markets tab above. We ' ll be rerouted to a new web page. On this web page, clicking indices will reveal different indices provided by BSE. I ' m clicking on Sensex. We learned in component 1 that Sensex is the mix
of 30 stocks. These are the names of those 30 supplies. These'are segregated based upon today ' s development. Ultratech concrete is first with 7 percent growth.ICICI bank is at the last as it dropped by -4.8 percent. While tape-recording this video clip, Sensex is at 38,462 points with addition of 527 points. Development is 1.39 percent. Sensex started at 38,052 today. Today ' s greatest is 38,473 and cheapest is 37,998. Sensex is increased by 500 points and each supplies payment in the 500 points will certainly be shown here under Index payment. Out of 500 points, TCS contributed 85 factors. Kotak financial institution additionally added 85 points. HDFC added 66 points as well as HDFC Financial institution'added 43 points. Dependence added 35 points.

You can additionally see the stocks that added in adverse. ICICI Bank added -29 points. Out of 30 supplies in Sensex, 25 stocks have advanced as well as 5 stocks have actually declined. Sensex PE is presented right here. We will certainly review what ' s PE later. Simply bear in mind that Sensex PE is 25.42, Rate to publication (PB)is 2.84 times and and returns yield is 1.02. We ' ll discuss these criteria later. You should increase a question, exactly how come TCS added the highest possible points when the top expanding supply is Ultratech cement? In indices, the weightage is various for different stocks. Couple of stocks have high weightage and few stocks have less weightage. When supply weightage is more, also for much less development the contribution will certainly be high.If high weightage supply has a tiny drop, the payment will certainly most likely be adverse. So this payment'is based on the weightage. There are various fields in Sensex. In component one, I told you, there are various markets like the financial sector, pharma market, vehicle field. The weightage given to each sector will certainly be shown here. By click on this link, a brand-new tab opens up. The weightage of different sectors in Sensex is shown here. Financial service sector is 36.46 percent. Oil and also Gas is 17.41 percent.Information Modern technology (IT)is 17.29 percent. FMCG is 10.51 percent. Likewise, different sectors have various weightages. Even in supplies there are different weights. If a market or supply with more weightage grows then Sensex points likewise expand. If a sector or supply with more weightage falls then the contribution to Sensex points will be negative. In the previous tab clicking Index components will present the total listing of stocks in Sensex. Historic data of Sensex such as the setting in the 1990s and also 2000s is readily available below. I told you that there are indices aside from Sensex in BSE. Clicking this dropdown listing, all indices of BSE are available right here. There are various other indices supplied by BSE
such as BSE MidCap index, BSE SmallCap index, BSE Top 100, BSE Top 200, BSE LargeCap, and so on. I ' ll show you the index I such as, its BSE Quality Index. It is an actually useful index. This index reveals high quality firms by straining scrap business. The growth of these quality firms is also good.This Quality Index produces an incredible return over time. I ' ve revealed you just how much each firm has actually contributed to today ' s growth in Sensex. Likewise in Top quality Index likewise we can examine just how much each business has added to today ' s growth. As well as also, we have PE, rate to publication worth as well as dividend yield of High quality Index. The complete stocks in the index and also the business advanced and also declined today. BSE Top quality Index has supplied a good return in long term. Let ' s go to NSE website, We can check NSE indices from this site. Indices is under Market Data dropdown. Clicking the indices, indices used by NSE will certainly be displayed.Nifty 50, Nifty Next 50, Nifty 100, Cool 200, Nifty 500 Clever MidCap, Nifty SmallCap and also so on. These are indices used by NSE. I am clicking Nifty 50,

The supplies listing of Nifty 50 will be presented. As well as the contribution of each company in today ' s development is likewise presented. NSE releases insightful regular monthly records. I ' ll show you how to download and also check out via the reports currently. Most likely to the previous tab, we have Day-to-day market reports under Market Data fall. Clicking it will certainly take you to a brand-new web page. Click archives in the brand-new page. Select NSE Market Pulse pdf and pick any type of date and also click on download. It starts downloading. I ' ll reveal you the downloaded pdf. This is June month record. NSE publishes a lot data in this report.In June month record, NSE published short articles on Macroeconomy and also market efficiency and also numerous other information.

This report has a lot valuable information. I would certainly suggest you download and install the monthly record and also experience it to update your understanding. So, people, there is a lot of details on SEBI and also supply exchange web sites. If you are a new financier, I advise you to check out these websites consistently as well as enhance your understanding. We ' ve reached vital part of the video clip, QnA. I won ' t be asking you questions like partly 1. I will certainly provide you homework. I ' ve revealed you numerous indices used by BSE. While talking about Sensex index, I ' ve shown you overall number of stocks in Sensex and also PE, PB and Reward yield of Sensex Your research is, choose any indices from the dropdown checklist the details such as the indices you picked, number of supplies in the index, PE, PB, and also reward return of the index are to be

uploaded in the comment area listed below or on our social networks manages displayed here. Don ' t neglect to finish your research. So that ' s it for part 2 guys.In part 3, I ' ll choice a supply and explain to you just how to review the specifications action by action. If you sanctuary ' t watched the part 1 video clip, see it from here. If you are enjoying this video after a week from the upload day, click on the playlist here to follow the collection. If you place ' t subscribed yet, to follow more intriguing videos similar to this, click the channel logo as well as subscribe as well as set the bell to all alerts. This is Sai Krishna Pathri. Maintain seeing your Cash Handbag channel, thanks.

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