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Versus the backdrop of the Kremlin'' s armed forces struggles in Ukraine. Unpleasant. Vladimir Putin claims Russia will put tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. Ukraine'' s northern next-door neighbor or threat boundary as both Ukraine and also non-NATO ally, Poland. It hasn'' t had a nuclear collection because completion of the Cold War, but that might transform in simply a couple of months.Here ' s exactly how Putin defended the step in a meeting with Russian media. What you ' re seeing in this research, the USA has done it for decades. They have actually placed their tactical nuclear tools in their ally countries, NATO nations, in 6 nations, to be precise. Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Turkey and Greece. And we had a contract with Lukashenko as allies do the same. Then you'' ve been keeping track of reaction there in Ukraine What have you been seeing Well, what we see is that the Ukrainians plainly feel that the temperature is being raised by President Putin'' s statement regarding the release of tactical nuclear tools at some time down the line in Belarus. On the other hand, they are not pushing the panic button. We did see a declaration from Aleksey Daniel of who'' s a senior consultant to President Vladimir Zelensky. He stated, and I'' m reading here Putin'' s statement concerning positioning nuclear tools in Belarus an action in the direction of inner destabilization of the country. Takes full advantage of the degree of unfavorable understanding as well as public being rejected of Russia.And Putin in

Belarus, Russian culture. The Kremlin, he concluded, took Belarus as a nuclear hostage. I assume if you read between the lines here, what do the Ukrainians are claiming that Lukashenko, whose hang on power just a few years ago was looking rather unsteady may be weakening his domestic position by enabling Russia at some factor to release nuclear tools in Belarus and also as. As Matthew simply discussed, the truth that this indicates much more Russian soldiers in Belarus, a country which did permit the Russians to use their area to invade Ukraine simply over a year ago. All right. And also after that, Ben, from the battlefront currently. What'' s the most recent particularly in the ongoing battle for Bakhmut Well, the circumstance there proceeds to be precarious. CNN got on the phone with an elderly official representative for Ukrainian forces in eastern Ukraine. He stated that the Russians in the location around Bakhmut do not seem to be dealing with a scarcity of weapons coverings, that the shelling of that city proceeds to be intense.He states that

there are around 4000 civilians incredibly still inside what'' s left of that city. Currently, daily we'' re seeing that the Russians have actually advanced in some locations, the Ukrainians declaring that they'' re pushing back as well as others. What'' s essential is that there is one last road enabling for Ukrainian pressures to enter as well as out of the city and to bring products and whatnot. That road continues to be rather harmful. And also if if at some factor the Russians do manage to either cut that road or make it impassable since of fire, that could spell completion of the Ukrainian military presence in Barmore can.

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