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Time is ticking for a bill raising the minimum age to purchase certain semi-automatic rifles in Texas to be heard on the House floor for a debate and vote.

HB 2744 would prohibit selling, renting, leasing, or giving a semi-automatic rifle with a caliber greater than .22 that is capable of accepting a detachable magazine to a person younger than 21 years old.

The Texas House Select Committee on Community Safety voted 8-5 to advance HB 2744 to the full chamber on Monday, with Republican State Reps. Sam Harless of Spring and Justin Holland of Rockwall joining Democrats in the vote.

However, it must also meet a 10 p.m. Tuesday deadline under the House Calendars Committee, which could determine when or if the bill advances to the full chamber.

The Calendars Committee is chaired by Rep. Dustin Burrows (R-Lubbock) who voted against its advancement as a member of the select committee.

On Tuesday, families of Robb Elementary School shooting victims visited Calendars Committee members’ offices to put more pressure on advancing the bill.

Manuel Rizo, the uncle and godfather of Jackie Cazares, was part of the crowd.

Cazares is one of the 21 people, including 19 children, who were shot and killed at the Uvalde school on May 24, 2022.

“A ‘no’ is a no, but we have 21 lives that are making this possible,” Rizo said. “Jackie and her friends, they’re helping us. They’re going to help us to convince to do the right thing.”

A spokesperson person for Burrows said as Calendars Chair, he does not comment on bills coming to or being considered by the committee.

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