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Part 1: Tricare for Life and Medicare Advantage | Tricare and Medicare Advantage Explained

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– If you have Tricare for Life, as well as you have inquiries
concerning Medicare, remain tuned. I'' m gon na speak about it in this video clip, component one in a lengthy series
that I'' m gon na blink out. (positive songs) Okay, thanks firstly for serving or for being a part of
a family members that served. My husband offered for three decades, as well as I have gotten on TRICARE. So currently that you'' re ready for Medicare, do you require to obtain anything besides your TRICARE for Life? No, you don'' t. But more and much more people with TRICARE for Life are stating “, “Hey, that looks great.”” You'' re seeing all those ads on television, you'' re obtaining all those letters in your mail box, you'' re seeing all these radio ads and print flyers as well as you'' re like, “That looks really excellent.”” They'' re providing away acupuncture and massage as well as house health and wellness care and also pet food and training for my service pet and also all these additional advantages that are currently available in Medicare Benefit that you wear'' t have built right into your TRICARE permanently. So if you have TRICARE for Life, can you likewise enroll in Medicare Advantage? Yes, you can.There ' s a little bit extra job involved. As well as this truly depends on where you live, what state you stay in as well as what physicians you most likely to.
So, as an example, if you reside in Florida, a state with a really high population of veterans, and physicians that are very fitting to professionals, it'' s highly likely that if you go to the physician with your Medicare Advantage, and also you have a $25 copay, they claim, “” Ma'' am, I need you to pay your $25 copay.”” And also you are gon na claim, “” Could you please costs my additional insurance coverage?”” Boom, toss down your ID card, which is TRICARE forever. And it'' s likely in the state of Florida, in Texas, some of the states that have large populations of professionals, that the medical professionals are very, really eager and also able to submit that with the secondary insurance.Do they have to

? No. Remember I claimed the chatter they'' re like, “Don'' t do it,” don'' t do it.” If they put on ' t. State for example, you reside in a state that they ' re like, “” No, we put on'' t expense” them.” They put on ' t have to bill them, then you have to expense them.That '

s why you have these individuals stating, “” Don'' t do it,” wear ' t do it.” Because there ' s a great deal of job and also you don ' t intend to do the job. Is it a great deal of job? It ' s not that much job, yet it is job.
Yet you can do it. You will most likely to TRICARE For You on the web site, you will obtain the kind, you can place 2 occurrences on one form.And it ' s
rather straightforward to file it to get reimbursed for that $25 copay. There are individuals that put on'' t intend to do it, they wear'' t wan na have to submit a form ever before. They wear'' t wan na need to tinker it. They wear'' t wan na pay the copay, as well as the difficulty to obtain the cash back. If you'' re one of those people, this could not be a.
good scenario for you. So I'' m mosting likely to discuss.
this in a series of videos since there'' s several points involved.And we ' re

going to enter into CHAMPUS VA and we'' re mosting likely to enter into the Federal Worker Retired life program which is via Blue Cross Blue Shield. So if you have concerns, if you scroll all the.
way down on the display, you can leave me a.
question in the remarks. I'' ll be happy to address. your certain inquiries. You can contact my family members.
right here at the Medicare Family members, and also any of our agents.
can address your questions over the phone. It'' s cost-free, you never pay.
added to have a representative. You can email us, and we'' ll be happy to aid describe this instead convoluted subject which is obtaining Medicare and also TRICARE for Life and.
the Medicare Advantage. Thanks for seeing part one.

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