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North Texans Navigate Through Soggy Thanksgiving

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North Texans who needed to head out the door on Thanksgiving Day kept their eyes to the sky as Mother Nature continued to serve up rainy weather with a side of chill.

The rainy weather may have impacted plans for some, but it didn’t last-minute shoppers from heading to the grocery store on Turkey Day.

“Waited to the last minute,” said Donna Posadas, who headed to the grocery store to buy ingredients before her family dinner.

She said the weather didn’t bother her. If anything, she enjoyed it.

“It’s not impacting it in any way. I like the cold, I like the rain, so I’m happy,” she said.

“Got to get some soft drinks, got everything but the soft drinks,” said Jorge Pineea, who was shopping for his family.

The father of four said he too wasn’t bothered by the soggy weather.              

“We’re in that season, get that rain, this is what it is,” said Pineea.

At Love Field Airport, there were no major delays as travelers had a fairly easy commute on a slow day.

“I knew it was going to be damp a little bit today, I’m hoping our flights [aren’t delayed], right now it’s showing on time,” said Jayashree Murthy, who was traveling with a daughter, Archana.

They made a last-minute trip to go to California to visit family.

“The weather in California is good, so that’s where our destination is. In a few more hours we’ll be in better weather there,” said Murthy.

College student Emma Franzen had just arrived to DFW from Colorado after visiting with family. The Baylor student said she knew she would be accompanied by the rain as she drives down to Waco.

“I’ve made some plans accordingly trying to avoid it as much as possible,” said Franzen.

More rain is in the forecast for the weekend, Click here to get the forecast.

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