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New York School Gets Snow Day in May — Here’s How a Student Is to Thank

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Spring is in full bloom, but a Long Island school district will have a snow day the Friday leading into Memorial Day weekend. It has nothing to do with the weather — it’s all thanks to the advocacy of high school junior Ethan Brown.

“I don’t think we need 186 days, I think that’s a bit too much. There needs to be a balance between academics and kids being kids,” Brown said.

Brown pleaded with the Jericho School District’s Board of Education at a meeting in March, arguing that New York state only requires 180 days of instruction while Jericho had 186 days of school. And no snow days were used this year

“Ethan stood up with the mic with poise and confidence and he said he was nervous, but I couldn’t tell he was nervous,” said Jericho Superintendent Hank Grishman.

The Board and the superintendent were so swayed by Brown’s persuasive speech that they deemed Friday the Ethan Brown Snow Day, making Memorial Day break a four-day weekend.

Since this was announced, Brown has become the most popular kid in school, gaining praise from fellow students and even teachers.

A group of his elementary school teachers surprised him at his home with signs thanking him for the extra day off and praising him for his bravery in speaking up to the board and advocating for himself and others.

“I’m getting a lot of thank yous, people are appreciative,” said Brown. “A kid from Manhasset messaged me for advice on how to get a snow day in his school district.”

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