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My ENTIRE Air Jordan 1 Sneaker Collection (75+ Pairs In 2022)

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today we're going to be going over my entire Air 
Jordan 1 collection I'm talking lows mids ones   samples you name it we're going over everything 
and if you didn't know by now my name is DJ and   this is the DNA show so first things first I'm 
gonna make sure I have all the links Down Below   in the description to every single one of these 
shoes if I've done a review on them in the past   and I'll also do Air Jordan 1 collection Recaps 
at the end of every single year so if you haven't   seen the ones I made before make sure you go 
check out those after this video last year's   collection video I had just over 80 pairs of shoes 
and this year I actually ended up downsizing I'll   explain to you guys why I got rid of some of the 
shoes that I did and make sure you stick around   to the end of the video because I'm gonna have my 
dad come over and pick out his top five favorite   shoes from my Jordan 1 collection so with all 
that being said let's get into the first shoe   right here we have the Air Jordan one low retro 
reverse bread these are my beaters I love rocking   these anytime throughout the year I got them for 
a really really good deal they go with a lot of   different outfits they're not the comfiest shoe 
but it is okay but I still make sure that I keep   keep these in my rotation next up we have the game 
Royal Air Jordan 1 low retro this shoe right here   I was gifted from a subscriber haven't got a 
chance to wear these yet but I don't see any   reason to get rid of them I appreciate the gift 
you know who you are speaking of that if you ever   want to send me any art or gifts I have my P.O 
box information Down Below in the description   and I'll make sure that I always unbox it for you 
guys on one of these social platforms next up we   have another Jordan 1 low retro and that is the 
gold so I used to rock these a lot before I got   the reverse Brands haven't really wore them that 
much but I feel like I need to pull these back out   in the summertime and give them a little bit more 
use continuing on with the low tops we got the OG   cut right here with the Navy's I love this shoe 
right here as you can see I've been rocking these   already they've been heavy in my rotation I need 
to clean up the back a little bit but either way   I plan on rocking these a lot more another shoe 
that I have been rocking even more than those has   been the neutral gray Air Jordan Ones I feel like 
they're still kind of clean but trust me they've   gotten really really dirty and I've had to clean 
them up a couple times so you know what that means   I had to double up I got a DS Paris in on Ice 
probably plan on busting these out in a couple   years but just know this is a great shoe and I'm 
sure a lot of you in the comment section right   now is going to say the same thing about this 
sneaker you can never go wrong with these right   here now I'm sure all you guys heard before if 
you saw the videos in the past I have the Travis   Scott Air Jordan one low right here the OG mocha 
colorway still got these in the collection and   I still have a size 12.

So if anybody has a size 
13 that's dead stock out there for me let me know   so I can make a trade with you so I can have a 
pair that I can fit now following that release   we have the fragment Travis Scott Air Jordan one 
low I haven't really got around to wearing this   shoe just yet because when they came out literally 
everybody was rocking these I think I'm gonna have   these sitting on ice for a couple years before 
I start pulling my pair out let everybody else   beat theirs up and then I'll start rocking mine 
after that release we got the Travis Scott reverse   mocha Air Jordan one low had to add these to the 
collection to complete the set these might be my   least favorite I know hot take but it is what it 
is I still like the shoe I'm just saying if I were   to rank them out of the four oh yeah I got the 
black Phantoms as well but if I were to rank them   out of these four I might put these in last place 
so yes like I just said I got the black Phantoms   as well for the collection now these right here 
they're slowly growing on me I'm not a hundred   percent a fan of the materials when it comes to 
the mixture some people love it some people hate   it I wish they would have kind of done the entire 
shoe with the single material but I don't know it   might be something that might grow on me even more 
in the future I'll lace these things up I tried   them on they look really good on feet definitely 
plan on rocking these and to be honest with you   the price that they're at right now I feel like I 
might double up really soon now taking it to the   Air Jordan 1 mids I know y'all be hating on the 
mids but at the end of the day I still love mids   I like the older mids but it is what it is I'll 
show you what I got the patent leather Chicago   Air Jordan one mid now I used to have the UNC and 
the black and gold the UNC the yellow started to   Yellow really bad the black and gold The Jewel on 
the side started to crack and it was starting to   crumble a little bit right here on the front end 
around the area where it was creasing at I wore   both honestly all three of these a lot so I can 
understand why I got rid of those years ago but   I had to keep these I got a lot of memories and 
this is one of my favorite Air Jordan Ones in my   action so these are probably I would say top five 
when it comes to my Jordan Ones again I know that   was probably another hot take how could you have 
Jordan one mids in your top five but either way   it's what I like next up we got the UNC Air Jordan 
1 mid right here the alpha joints these things go   crazy memories from high school still having these 
to this day is a great shoe for the collection a   lot of people that's been collecting for 10 15 
years you probably remember this shoe I think   it's still a great nostalgic sneaker the quality 
of the materials everything is solid they feel   really comfortable I like the shoe the outsole 
is yellowing but you know it used to have that   Icy Blue outsole on there and that was kind of 
more of a green look but either way I still like   these gotta keep them in the collection next up 
we have a shoe that has been to oh oh man these   things have been to so many different places but 
either way these things are dusty and crusty I   still love them the new Love Air Jordan Ones as 
you can see they are turned up right here it is   what it is oh man these things are crazy hold 
on let me get if I get a good shot for you guys   look at that yeah that's foul either way I had 
to keep these in the collection we're rocking   these since high school they're holding on strong 
I don't have to replace the insoles a couple times   the heel drag is like white right here this ain't 
even this is crazy there's no way I'm ever getting   rid of these but y'all know me if there's a shoe 
that I love like that I always end up doubling up   so I made sure I got an icy pair in the collection 
these have been worn a couple times you know I try   to dabble a little bit as you can see a little 
bit of dirt on the outsoles but this pair in   particular I try to keep these ones clean and if 
you have the new loves in your collection there's   no way you can go without having the old loves 
in your collection that's all I'm saying back in   the day mids were hot they weren't even high OG's 
back in the day or coming out well I wouldn't say   you know way back in the day but you know that 
2006 2008 2009 era we were starting to kind of   see some of those retro plus colorways with 
the Jumpman on the back which we'll get to in   a second but this stuff right here this stuff was 
hot and the package the package was amazing so I   still got the OG box I love this pack these will 
always be on my collection I got so many memories   with these shoes from back then to current time 
so yes I love these I love mids let's keep it   pushing next up right here we have the Chicago 
Air Jordan 1 and the ajko colorway now this is   the 2010 retro so it had the actual Air Jordan 
one bottom on there and then it has the kind of   vintage look to it on the midsole and the outsole 
and it's so funny because everybody used to hate   on this shoe and they didn't like that vintage 
look and all those different things and now 10   12 years later what do we got the Vintage look 
is coming back everybody loves it so I used to   love these back in the day I love the shoes that 
would have the Vintage vibe to them now and it's   just cool to still have these in my collection and 
have all the memories from rocking these back then   I used to have the whole set of all these Kos 
but I got rid of those ones and I just kept the   classic OG colorway that I like the most which 
was the Chicago so these are the ones I still   have after all these years now if I got those in 
my collection you know I gotta have these in my   collection this is the Retro version that came out 
a couple years ago but honestly the shape mold as   you can see the outsole is different than midsole 
is different these are done better than the ones   that you just saw and they are very close to the 
OG cut in style materials and everything that we   saw from the actual OG from back in the days with 
all that Nostalgia history everything behind it I   thought it was a great addition to the collection 
just saying how much I love the other pair and I   thought these were dope as well so I was excited 
to add these to the collection and honestly   they're pretty cheap I don't know how prices are 
now but I remember when they came out not that   many people wanted them a lot of people slept on 
them I thought it was a great cop if you guys are   enjoying this video make sure you guys hit that 
subscribe button we're on the road to a million   subscribers and we ain't gonna stop let's take it 
to the next shoe these are actually set to come   out again this year I think they have a different 
name to them but this is something from the Bulls   and Celtics pack the DMP one pack as you remember 
we got the Celtics ones right here and we got the   Bulls ones like I was talking about this came out 
in that era with the jump ends on the back ends of   the shoe I love both of these I know they're not 
the best when it comes to the materials and the   cuts and how they were before because it's got 
the jumpmans on there and everything like that   but I still love this pack I have this pack in 
my collection since it came out I thought it was   a great addition to the collection back then and 
I still think they're dope I'll wear these every   now and then but now everybody's gonna be wearing 
these so you know I'll probably just get the Retro   and see how it goes with that but it's going to be 
very interesting to compare those to these and see   the differences so stay tuned for that review in 
the future but yes DMP Air Jordan one pack great   additions hello next up on the list from the Air 
Jordan 1 high retro days with the Jumpman on the   back back in 2008 when we saw the Jordan Ones in 
the 22s come out in the CDP pack y'all remember   the CDP pack Good Times the Jordan one from 2008 
right here black and white AKA pandas to the new   generation AKA OG black and white Air Jordan 1 
which we will see again come out with the Retro   85 cut and you know I'm gonna be adding those to 
my collection too this shoe right here I have worn   a ton of times yet they still look really good 
good I clean them up as much as I can I really   love the quality of laces that they did on this 
shoe I know that sounds kind of weird but they   had a nicer premium lace that came on this shoe in 
particular those that have this shoe you know what   I'm talking about but yes as you can see Jumpman 
on the front jumping on the back a little bit   different hits right here but either way classic 
OG colorway can't go wrong with it love these they   literally go with everything but as you know the 
pandas have been going crazy so because of it the   past couple years I haven't really been wearing 
them that much because I didn't want to hear   people talking about the panda Vibes on my feet 
so these gonna still sit on ice for probably a   couple more years again next up we have a Zoom 
Air Jordan one but this one in particular is   not what you typically see you've probably seen 
this in the past on my channel when I featured it   but I haven't had a chance to do a full review 
on this shoe and I'm excited to show you guys   I know I just been really busy either way here's 
another look at it very plain Jane but the leather   on these things is insane you got a premium 
black leather a blue Nike Air on the top the   bottom is black normally on these right here 
on the zoom units they actually show like a   translucent outsole and it's got like the little 
Z's with the kind of rainbow print on it different   stuff like that for those models these ones in 
particular are the Prototype sample versions of   that so you can see the zoom unit on the inside 
it's got the sample tag right here on the side   of the foot right here and this was what they used 
to create all the ones that came out after that so   to be able to have this prototype and be able to 
try this and have it in my size and everything I   think it's super dope a great piece of history for 
Zoom being added to Jordans when it comes to the   full length and throughout the bottom of the foot 
and everything like that so just a great addition   to the collection I thought it was a dope sample 
to have as well and one day I'll break it all down   for you guys I know this shoe is pretty basic but 
there's a lot of cool elements to this sneaker and   a little bit of differences as well when it comes 
to the actual gr's that came out to the public   compared to these right here next up we have 
a shoe that I love wearing and I had to double   up on and that is the mom and year Air Jordan Ones 
these are heavy in my rotation as you can see this   is my worn pair I try to keep them clean they do 
get dirty every now and then but I clean them up   pretty nicely and then I still have a dead stock 
pair sitting on ice right here so as you can see   my two pairs I doubled up honestly on this entire 
set the ones twos threes and fours I had to double   up on all of them because I love rocking all of 
them I messed up my twos the first day I wore them   but luckily we doubling up on everything I think 
this set is fire we'll talk about that later if   you haven't seen that video in the past but yes 
great additions to the collection great for the   rotation love the qualities cuts and materials 
let's take it to the next shoe all right where's   all my Steelers fans out there you know we got 
some in the comment section let me know down below   what team you rocking with we got the pollen Air 
Jordan Ones I actually wore these two at Steelers   game like I said I would so I love this shoe I had 
to go with the all black laces this time I think I   did mismatch late I don't even remember what I did 
I think I might have did mismatch because I was   indecisive but either way I love this shoe I had 
two pairs of these just got rid of one because I   ended up getting the taxi Air Jordan Ones as well 
I feel like it's great to have both of these not   to have two of these and not one of those so I 
think it's good to have the two different color   options and then these being more of that toe 
Style with the front end and on the back end I   thought this was a great shoe I think this is very 
slept on very similar to the shattered backboards   which we will talk about a little bit actually we 
could talk about that now I don't have the shatter   backboards I don't like the shattered backboards 
I've had the ones twos threes I've had samples   of the Shadow backboards and I don't like them so 
if you think I should have those in my collection   trust me I don't want them I already spent my 
money on them in the past I'd insult them got   rid of them traded them done all those things I'm 
not a fan of them just not that big of an orange   type of guy it's got to be a special occasional on 
certain Sneakers but those in particular I'm not a   fan we'll cover all that now so let's take it to 
the next shoe right here we got a recent pickup   from a couple weeks ago and that is the gorge 
green Air Jordan Ones these have been highly   slipped on as well I used to have the Border one 
ones I got rid of them I know I shouldn't have but   it was in a trade because I still think that's a 
nice shoe honestly I still do but I traded it up   for something else which we will talk about in a 
second because we did make some big trades this   year if you guys haven't seen some of the videos 
in the past we traded for some cool shoes but   anyways going to the next shoe right here we have 
the laser Air Jordan Ones I've had these way back   in the day then I got them back in my collection 
and I was happy to finally be able to keep them in   my collection I think they're starting to Yellow 
a little bit on the outsoles but it is what it   is I really like this shoe they did a really good 
job on this collection aloki want to get the laser   20s back in my collection I know super random shoe 
but I think those are clean too but anyways great   shoe I love these let's take it to the next one 
and that is the SP Gina Air Jordan one these in   particular I think have a super dope story behind 
them I covered this shoe with the full review in   the past so if you guys want to see more or 
learn about this shoe you will trust me you   will appreciate this shoe even if you don't like 
the colors and all those things I think the story   and the meaning behind the shoe along own is well 
worth listening to and potentially even copying   the shoe simply because of that next up we have a 
very hype sneaker that a lot of people love I feel   like it's a little overpriced but at the same time 
I understand why people price it that way and that   is the mocha Air Jordan Ones been rocking these 
for a minute a low-key had to slow down on them in   the past year because I was starting to beat them 
up even though I had a dead stock pair sitting on   ice as you can see right here but I do like this 
shoe a lot and I do keep these in my rotation but   you know what I'm saying it's a new year we might 
have to start busting these things back out again   now if I got the mochas you know what I gotta have 
to go alongside with those and that is the Travis   Scott Air Jordan one mocha I used to have two 
pair of these I got them for retail on sneakers   app I know it's crazy if you don't believe me do 
whatever you want you don't have to believe me or   not the all the information is down below you 
can watch the videos from the past but either   way got these two shoes for retail and as you 
see I no longer have the second pair I traded   my second pair in a deal for the Nike Air Mags 
that's right I did that for a deal if you want   to watch that video the link will be down below uh 
there's a couple other shoes that I had doubled up   in here that we'll talk about in a second which 
are some more valuable high heat uh hype beasts   whatever sneakers you guys want to call them but 
I think these are uh great shoes I love these I   have the whole set of the Travis Scott Air Jordan 
Ones which we will go through in a second so I'm   still happy to have a pair brand new Dead stock 
I used to have a used pair as well I used to have   three pair this year I had three pair I got rid 
of my used pair my new pair and I kept my second   new pair uh for the collection still so I think 
I'll probably find a used pair sometime this year   Adam back in the collection so I have another pair 
of my rotation because I definitely miss rocking   these and I got to make sure I always keep one in 
the collection next up right here we have a shoe   that is set to come out kinda in this colorway 
this year which I am very excited for because like   I said you saw my low tops I love the gold toes 
I love the patent leather Jordan ones I love all   that stuff I know some people don't like patent 
leather but we have the top three Air Jordan 1   with the gold colorways this is similar to the 
union drop but it was a little bit different so   you got the Gold Toe which you got the different 
color blocking on the outside compared to the   inside of the shoe right here I love this shoe 
right here love rocking this shoe and uh the   only reason why I got rid of my second pair was 
because I ended up grabbing these as well a little   bit different of a version but I was like you know 
what if it's black and gold pad leather I don't   need to have two of that when I could have one and 
one of each so kind of made sense to add these to   the collection all black with the gold I think 
like I said before the mids were very similar to   these so that's kind of why I gravitated to these 
to have a new pair that I can wear that I don't   have to worry about the aging and the different 
things like that so hopefully that kind of helps   you guys understand why I got rid of shoes from 
the past to get new ones from the future that are   very similar so I would have two of the same type 
of thing which some people may say they're all the   same shoe why'd you get the same thing they're all 
the same model all you did I get that bro I get it   but trust me they all got their own little stories 
and I'ma justify it either way now next up on the   list right here we have the Jordan brand Classic 
Air Jordan one black and gold patent leather I   know very similar but these ones are a little bit 
different you got the gold speckle outsole you got   the different color midsole as you can see I've 
done a review on this in the differences in all   the videos again like I said links down below I 
got these in my collection too all right next up   right here we have the recent retro the shadow Air 
Jordan Ones I know actually I guess I would say   recent but it's been a few years now uh I've been 
rocking these things I used to have a couple pairs   I should have kept the second pair on Ice that's 
why I'm trying to slowly take care of these things   is not wear them as often until I find another 
pair because these you could easily beat up it   looks like an amazing shoe new used beat up they 
all look good either way but I love this shoe a   lot um I wear these I used to wear them way too 
much so I'm starting to chill out but and you   know what I was thinking earlier I think I said 
it's 2022 we gotta break some shoes out I forgot   it's 20 23 now we gotta bust these things out 
oh yeah and by the way I have the shadow 2.0s   I just don't know where they're at I've been 
looking all over and I can't find them I know   for a fact I have that shoe though another shoe 
that is very similar to the Shadows that I love   to have on my collection and I love rocking this 
shoe the laylee May Air Jordan Ones got a little   bit of creasing you know you got the satin on the 
toe box but either way this shoe looks amazing you   got the Corduroy the chenille the satin all the 
materials the presentation of the shoe so simple   so clean as you see this shoe in person you know 
what I'm talking about these things are nice since   we're on the theme of the Shadows we can't forget 
to mention something with a little bit of a Twist   the Rebellion Air Jordan Ones recently added 
these to the collection I think they're super   dope I think they're undervalued it is what it 
is not every shoe has to be crazy expensive and   exclusive and all those other things but at 
the end of the day I love these I'm happy to   have these in my collection you got the band eggs 
on the back kind of got that shadow Vibe with the   graffiti with the word and the different script 
although throughout the upper so definitely clean   shoe let me know what you guys think about these 
Down Below in the comment section let's take it to   the next shoe and that is the kojapan Air Jordan 
1 this is the Retro used to have the OG needed   to pair with the briefcase and I'm glad I finally 
got these I doubled up on these but I got rid of a   pair and a trade some months back but I still got 
a fresh pair my groomsmen wore these to my wedding   we had a great time which that was a while ago 
but either way I got a lot of memories I didn't   wear these because I wore something else but they 
are still kind of you know those memories are tied   with this shoe right here plus having the ogs from 
back in the day so I love these I don't know I   feel like people are sleeping on these let me know 
what you think Down Below in the comment section   next up we got another personal favorite right 
here probably one of my top five sneakers in my   Jordan one collection and that is the Doernbecher 
Air Jordan 1 Mr boobers I personally know Tony the   designer of this shoe we went to school together 
appreciate you bro love you thanks for hooking me   up with this shoe man we gotta catch up bro it's 
been a while now this next shoe on my list is very   very wild I know not everybody likes it but I 
was very interested in the shoe and I thought   it was something cool to have in the collection 
still trying to figure out how moroccum one day I   will we got the Air Jordan 1 J Balvin now this 
is a sample pair it's just a promo sample so   everything is essentially the same as like the gr 
version got a little bit different when it comes   to the patches and stuff but overall very nice 
shoe when it comes to the materials the concepts   and how they put the shoe together now again the 
colorway to the eye and the appeal maybe something   people don't like but when you look at the satin 
on the sock liner the leather on the back end the   different patches how they cut the materials and 
everything I think they did a really good job on   this shoe and I appreciate these next up we have 
an Air Jordan 1 and a women's release but luckily   they dropped these in extended sizes and that's 
the UNC to Chicago Air Jordan Ones the material   on this shoe if you have this shoe let me know 
Down Below in the comment section these things   are fire they did a great job on these and like I 
said earlier you guys know I love me some patent   leather so I couldn't resist the UNC to Chicago 
patent leather Air Jordan Ones again I love this   shoe I think they did a really good job I like 
the materials I know everybody doesn't like patent   leather we got the Jewel on the side similar to 
how I said with my mids are right here you got   that red Chicago on the front end brought a lot 
of memories back so I wanted to add these to the   collection continuing on with that UNC to Chicago 
theme we got the UNC Air Jordan Ones this is the   suede pair I know a lot of you guys remember when 
these came out and all the height behind them and   the prices luckily it's starting to go down a 
little bit but either way they're still kind   of an expensive shoe and I completely understand 
that I was happy to be able to add these into my   collection we had a fun time coughing this shoe as 
well I doubled up on these but I actually ended up   trading my second pair and just keeping my used 
pair I do rock these every now and then but I   try to keep them clean but there's a reason why 
and that's because I have the uncs in the leather   version as well we remember this retro I wish I 
had the OG but I'll take what I can get I still   love rocking this shoe I try to keep them clean 
as well but there's another reason why and that's   because I have the off-white UNC Air Jordan Ones 
now you guys know I used to have two of these in   my collection for a really long time ended up 
getting exclusive access grabbing the pair for   retail and then hit on another pair and I had 
these pairs man these been in my collection for   a long time but the price has gone up and I traded 
these for my Air Mags like I talked about earlier   with the Travis Scott this was one of the second 
pair that I had to double up on that I used for   leverage towards my aromatic trays as well so I 
got to shoot for retail price went up thousands   of dollars I use that as leverage to trade for a 
different sneaker that I don't have that's kind   of how it goes when it comes to the trading game 
being strategic on the shoes that you decide to   trade now the reason why I say there's another 
reason why is because there's another reason why   and that's because I have the UNC Air Jordan 1 PE 
I finally added these to my collection this year   I put some shoes in for some trades and instead 
of having doubles of all these different UNC   versions I wanted to be able to get the top dog 
the UNC off-white the different variations and   be able to complete that sale so that allowed me 
to be able to get the different variations that I   wanted so now I gotta make sure that I'm cautious 
and I'm keeping all my pairs clean just in case if   I beat those up because I like to have sets and 
it only makes sense to me in my mind and I think   this was a great addition to the collection the 
materials the cuts you name it they did a great   job I love uncpes and I was very happy to add 
these to my collection if we're on the topic   with the light blue sneakers we got another shoe 
that a lot of people slept on and I was so happy   I got these things for retail haven't got around 
to wearing them yet but I will one day and that   is the obsidian Air Jordan Ones I remember when 
these things were going for retail nobody really   wanted them they were easy to cop at Sneaker Con 
everybody was passing up on this shoe next thing   you know the price goes crazy and I was trying 
to tell everybody the materials on these things   are really really nice the colorway is fire they 
go with a lot of different outfits and this shoe   just makes sense next up we got a sneaker on 
the list that I got gifted from Jordan brand   and again I appreciate you guys as always and 
that is the hyper Royal Air Jordan one I think   this shoe is extremely clean I wear these every 
now and then I try to keep them on point as much   as I can I think a great summertime show as well 
so I typically only wear them for a few different   months throughout the year but either way I love 
this shoe I appreciate you guys allowing me to get   these shoes and thank you now let's take it to the 
next shoe and that is the storm blue Air Jordan   one it's funny because same situation I remember 
when everybody was sleeping on these these things   were low-key at Outlets people didn't even care 
about the shoe I got mine for the low so I ain't   tripping but either way everybody was sleeping 
on these next thing you know price goes crazy   oh wow that shoe is amazing I gotta have them in 
my collection prices up throughout the roof and   everybody's going bananas so I'm glad I still got 
these I'm glad I got them for a great deal I used   to rock these way too much but then the prices 
started to go crazy so I had to chill down just   a little bit because I knew if I beat these up 
too much it's going to be very expensive to get   a second pair so I've been trying to take care 
of them I do wear them I still keep them clean   you know what I'm saying I keep my things clean 
now one shoe that is really clean to me I don't   know about y'all but again I love me some patent 
leather we got the Air Jordan one high retro   and the patent leather all blue Vibes right here 
these were gifted to my high school there's some   a couple other samples out there that have been 
leaked on the internet but every time I post these   everybody goes crazy I've gotten crazy offers for 
this shoe right here but I'm never getting rid of   this sample that you know is is my school colors 
everything like that so to see that the coaching   staff got these at my high school was super dope 
and I was able to get my hands on a pair of these   years later so as you see they kind of match 
with the blue in the background but they did a   really good job on this shoe all royal blue patent 
leather I know they got to jump in on the back and   they don't got the Nike Air and everything but 
either way these things hit home they go great   with the school colors you know I'm saying put my 
letterman jacket on with the old school coaching   shoes you know what I'm saying I feel like that's 
a cool little Vibe now speaking of Vibes let's   kick it old school for you guys real quick and 
we got the Air Jordan 185 cut Georgetown this   shoe right here I was very excited to add these to 
my collection I got these late after the release   but I still was able to grab them I found these 
when I was out sneaker shopping at my local shop   so definitely excited to grab these I want to 
complete this whole set I'm missing the reverse   Brands I still need to get those every time I find 
a size 12 but not a 13 and then if I do find a 13   they be taxing and you know I ain't paying that 
tax price so when I find a 13 for a good deal   I will grab them now one shoe that people don't 
be taxing on that much which I thought was crazy   because it's similar to the neutral gray with 
Jordan one low and that's the Jordan one high   and the 85 cut as well now one thing I can say 
is these things are uncomfortable I had a second   pair I ended up getting rid of those I tried them 
on I was like you know what maybe I'm just gonna   use these things for collecting purposes like I 
said I want to complete the set of the 85 ones   I thought these would be similar with the you 
know white neutral gray easy to rock with a lot   of different outfits but the shoe is just very 
stiff and some people say hey you got to break   it in I get that too but I don't feel like going 
through that process when it comes to this I just   want to throw a pair of shoes on and go I don't 
want to be uncomfortable for a whole week rocking   the shoe trying to break it in so you know maybe 
one day I'll consider breaking them in but for   right now these things are going to be sitting 
all nice all right you guys we got about 20   pairs of sneakers left again if you guys are 
enjoying this and you haven't already consider   hitting that subscribe button because like I said 
we on the road to a million subscribers and we   ain't gonna stop till we get there all right 
next up right here we got a retro that I love   I love rocking these things came out in like 
2013 or something like that but either way I   still be rocking these things way too much but 
it's okay because I doubled it up and that is   the Air Jordan 1 Royal oh this is a classic you 
can't go wrong with these if any these things   is unless either way these things go hard I 
love this shoe where's my dead stock pair oh   here we go I still got a DS pair sitting all nice 
these things they've been through the ringer but   you know what I'm saying they still look pretty 
clean you know we don't got too much heel drag   I still got life in these things one day if I need 
to I will bust these out but you know what I'm   saying when you got a classic like this you gotta 
double up and when they retro them again you gotta   triple up man this [ __ ] right here I'm not that 
big of a fan of just because of the way they did   the materials I know they say they're a little bit 
nicer but look at this leather these things are   crystallizing like crazy I'm not that big of a fan 
that the inside of it look at that that just that   looks terrible but either way you know I had to 
steal cop I didn't know this was gonna happen when   I copped at you obviously they've been sitting 
all nice because I've been rocking my older pair   but you kind of get where I'm going right here 
if I want one I kind of complete the whole set   with the different generations and the iterations 
or whatever you like to call it speaking of that   we got a little bit more Royal type sneakers to 
go in my collection and that is the Travis frag   Air Jordan 1 high these I think might be at the 
lower end of my my whole Travis Scott set I feel   like these might be at the lower end some people 
push them up a little bit higher but because I'm   a size 13 and the shoe is all white well not all 
white but you get what I'm saying the towing area   it just looks really really big so because of 
that it kind of turns me off a little bit but I   don't have the fragments which I don't know why I 
still don't have the fragment yet one day I'll get   those I swear one day I'll get those but because 
of that I kind of settle for these and I wanted   to complete the set so you know I'm saying the 
different iterations and different things like   that so gotta have these in the set not too hyped 
up about them I don't think these are my best or   my top fives or anything like that so let's keep 
it pushing next up right here we have the top   three Air Jordan Ones speaking of top five this 
is the top three Jordan one so they took the three   classic models they put the different colorways 
on this shoe like we saw with the patent leather   something very similar look at the inside of the 
foot you got the different colors right here with   the different things so I like this shoe a lot I 
think they did a really good job I think it was   more from just Nostalgia and respect and honoring 
the classic ogs was why I wanted to have these in   my collection again not my top five shoe I think 
they did solid with materials people slept on   these when they first came out and then the prices 
just started to shoot up so I was glad I got these   for retail I'm kind of just still sitting on them 
making a I can't say making up my mind because   it's been many of years now but I think it's easy 
to say that I've decided I want to keep these in   my collection next up right here we have the quart 
purple Air Jordan Ones I think it's really dope to   complete the entire toe set but at the same time 
I know I don't like the shattered backboards but   if I did have the you know the whole rainbow of 
all the colors I feel like it would only be right   just to get those just for a picture but at the 
same time I'm not spinning a rack on those just   to take a photo so maybe you know we might just 
have to be missing a color but one shoe that I   can't miss is the 2.0 version similar to the 
Chicago color blocking these things are clean   I love this shoe I think they did a really good 
job I had a second pair that I was wearing but I   ended up getting rid of those in a trade as well 
like I said we traded for some grills this year I   know they weren't Jordan 1 grills but at the same 
time I wanted to get some different things and mix   it up a little bit and that's always cool when you 
got doubles in your collection and you're able to   get things for retail makes it a lot easier to put 
stuff into trades and still have a pair sitting   on ice now one shoe that I have been sitting on 
Ice that man I don't know if I'm gonna ever Rock   these I know you're supposed to like wear these 
and like really tear them up but it's just so   hard too because I love the way they look as they 
they are and that is the LA to Chicago Nike SB Air   Jordan one I think they just did such a dope job 
on the concept the materials the colorway I know   I kind of wish it had like the red on the bottom 
to match with the uh color blocking of the Chicago   after but it looks good with the black to make it 
more neutral just to kind of go with both of the   colorways but either way this shoe is clean I feel 
like we don't really see these that often anymore   I know a lot of people was really rocking these 
heavy when they first came out but now I don't   really see that many on feet out in rotation out 
in the wild so maybe it is a good time to start   wearing the shoe and bringing it out and kind of 
letting people see the shoe again all right next   up right here we got a shoe again like I said I 
love me some patent leather and we got to take   it there the bread patent leather Air Jordan Ones 
and it's dope because they got the Hang tag just   like we saw on the patent leather ones from back 
in the day just got that Red Jewel kind of hang   tag right there so super clean shoe I used to have 
two of these but I got rid of one in a trade for   my Air Mags I think or was it for my Air Mags or 
was it for a different oh and I think that was for   my UNC one PE when I did that trade either way I 
traded them away because like I said I'd rather   have two different shoes than two of the same ones 
so it's always cool to trade sometimes when you   got doubles or triples of sneakers so still kept 
one in my collection I do want to grab another one   but I look forward to rocking these soon I had to 
wait for a little bit because you know every time   a shoe comes out everybody be rocking it everybody 
be walking around looking like each other and   I know I get it we can all pull off different 
outfits but I like to wear something different   that's all I'm saying now this one in particular 
ain't really that different everybody loves the   rock this shoe and that's completely fine because 
I love to rock these two specifically this 2013   retro is this 2013 this was 2013 was it yeah I 
think this was 20 where's the 2014.

Either way   the bread ones this shoe right here oh my 
gosh just like the Royals I'll put even more   time into this shoe more miles these definitely 
got some more Hill drag they got definitely got   more creases and scuffs but that's okay because I 
keep a DS pair sitting on ice this shoe is way too   expensive and I gotta make sure that I keep one on 
ice and I'll when it comes to Classics just take   notes people trust me when I tell you this when a 
classic colorway comes out like a OG classic they   will always go up in value and if you like that 
shoe a lot and you want to wear it and beat it   up and you want to have it years down the line and 
you're not sure if they're going to Retro it or if   you really like the materials on that specific one 
trust me it's always good to double up because you   can either use it for trade bait or you can have 
a second pair and then when you have these tore   up and beat up and you want to pull off a clean 
outfit and bring out a dead stock pair and feel   fresh you still have that option and if anything 
it's a good investment you can say hey I got the   shoe and now it's worth 800 bucks and I got them 
for 160 bucks so there's a lot of different ways   to look at it but either way I got these for my 
collection because I love these I love collecting   I love rocking these different shoes and I always 
like to keep my Classics on ice now one shoe I   didn't double down on that I should have years 
ago and I wish I did that's why I slowly stopped   wearing these a couple years ago the Black Toe Air 
Jordan Ones I know we had the bread toast come out   I get that we'll talk about that in a second but 
the black dolls are the black toes I don't care   you can say the bread toes are better all those 
different things we can have them conversations   these walked so those could run and either way 
I still think these are running so or sprinting   I don't even know what you want to call it but 
either way this is a classic I heard that they're   coming out again they're doing a reimagined 
version and trust me I will be doubling up   maybe even tripling up on that shoe so stay tuned 
for those cops in the future and the comparison   videos but these right here oh yeah you can never 
go wrong with these so like you guys saw yes I   got the bread toes as well I actually tripled up 
on this shoe way back in the day got rid of them   got rid of both of them I sold one because it was 
going for decent money and I was like oh I could   just use that to buy a different shoe the second 
one I use for a trade and I ended up keeping these   right here I haven't really got around to wearing 
them I I really enjoy wearing my black toes and my   bread so much that it hasn't really pushed me to 
want to wear this shoe right here so because of   it I kind of got lucky and I ended up deciding 
to keep a pair and then went up in value and   I might use them for trade bait but I think 
it's cool to kind of have the set and see the   different versions over the years with collected 
and completing sets like that so still love this   shoe I don't have no problems with it but again 
it just doesn't amount to the ogs now speaking   of ogs we got something similar and that is the 
Chicago Air Jordan 1 Trophy Room style so these   right here give you that Chicago color blocking 
with a Different Twist you got the icy out stalls   with a different storytelling with the stuff on 
that side of the foot with the signature or the   stitch on the inside or the numbering behind 
the tongue with the different you know years   and dates and all the different things either way 
I love the shoe I know this release was terrible   when they came out I had two pairs of these I 
traded one for some what should I trade one for   I think I traded one for the mags I think that was 
in my mag trade yeah I think it was I don't know   we'll have to watch that video back but I remember 
I used to have two of these for a long time   um and then I got rid of my second pair literally 
like a few months ago so I'm pretty sure that was   the trade but I like the shoe I think it's cool 
uh I just I don't know I feel like you can't beat   the OG so let's get into the OG and that is the 
2015 I know it's not the OG but you get what I'm   saying that's the 2015 Chicago Air Jordan one now 
this one in particular is more beat than my Breads   and my Royals put together plus some these things 
are dirty I have war look these I never even clean   this shoe these things are disgusting but that's 
okay you know what I'm saying I got a dead stock   pair sitting on Ice 2015 retro as well so that's 
why I had no cares for this because I knew for a   fact I had a fresh pair sitting on Ice documentary 
came out and these prices went insane and I didn't   keep them for those reasons I kept them because I 
actually like the shoe but it's crazy to see how   much these went up and then you know right after 
that the lost and founds came up so let's go ahead   and get into those real quick right here we got 
the Lost and Found Chicago Jordan ones recently   came out this year and I know everybody loves this 
sneaker and as you can see I'm already rocking my   pair and just like you saw that 2015 pair that was 
beat up trust me I have the same plans for this   shoe I'm gonna two times already and I cleaned 
them up a little bit but I'm trust me I'm gonna   get my miles in and you know why because I doubled 
up I got a second pair sitting all nice waiting   for my third pair to come in the mail but we'll 
just say technically I got two right now either   way this is a great shoe I know everybody loves 
these I know everybody got these or want to have   these in their collection and trust me right 
now the price that they're at currently just   like I talked about earlier with the shoes that 
you get them and then they go up in value these   in particular these are definitely going to go up 
in value so all I'm saying is you know I know you   may want to be a stickler when it comes to buying 
resale and all this stuff but if you want to get   the shoe it's probably a good time to get the 
shoe now now sticking with the Chicago topic you   know we gotta put the grill in there a little 
bit later in the list build the anticipation   all those things have a little bit of fun and 
that is the Chicago off-white Air Jordan one I'm not even gonna say nothing you know you 
speaks for itself let's just take it to the   next shoe these things are amazing you know the 
story if you don't know the story how I got these   crazy story crazy trade got these things for like 
400 bucks after the release anyways let's take it   to the next shoe damn these ones actually might be 
even crazier of a story a hundred and nine dollars   I got over 20 pairs of this shoe when it came 
out that's crazy the band Air Jordan Ones the   good old Nike outlet drop everybody remembers this 
time if you've been in the game for you know 10   15 years you probably remember these times from 
back in the day I kept a fresh clean pair on Ice   I used to wear a pair I saw those many years ago 
sold that pair for like like almost two thousand   dollars and was warm it was crazy to think I was 
like there's no way I'm not selling shoes like   when somebody offered me that I was like I have 
to sell it I just have to do it I still got a pair   sitting on ice so I definitely want to get another 
pair of these but again I put my time in with the   bread so you know I gotta I gotta keep these ones 
and I think it's just great for like a story piece   a trophy piece and just a great nostalgic shoe uh 
overall when it comes to you know the band and the   story and everything like that so it's definitely 
a dog sneaker to have on my collection let's take   it to the next one and that is the Black Toe Union 
Air Jordan one so we heard that they're supposed   to be coming out with some more Union ones and 
I'm glad to see that I hope we don't get some   drunk colorways but I got a feeling they're gonna 
say something similar to those OG colorways we got   the black toe and the storm blue something like 
that so if they did like a UNC Union One or if   they you know what I'm saying like that would be 
kind of dope oh no what do you guys think let me   know down below but I think that would be kind 
of fire so I got these for a pretty solid price   through a train it's funny because I traded I feel 
like honestly that was actually a pretty good deal   at the end of the day I traded two pairs of Rookie 
of the Year Air Jordan Ones for these right here   at the time the Rookie of the years were worth 
like I think 350 bucks something like that so   that was my trade two pairs of those for this shoe 
right here like I said using shoes to leverage to   get other girls that you want I think this shoe 
is really dope I would love to find a used pair   of these so I can you know beat those ones up as 
well I haven't got around to wearing these yet I   feel like I want to find a nice occasion for it 
just because I have the black toes already and   that's already a classic nostalgic sneaker just 
haven't really found a reason to rock these ones   yet but eventually I will don't worry I'll be 
rocking a lot of my shoes just takes time you   know what I'm saying now this one right here is 
another sample that I have in my collection it's   just a little promo sample nothing crazy but 
the new beginning Air Jordan 1 and the 85 cut   this was my first pair of Jordan ones with the 
85 cut I was extremely happy to add these to the   collection and like I said I want to complete my 
85 one set and I know they're going to be dropping   some more in the future stay tuned you know 
what I'm saying that's all I'm saying is just   2025 is gonna be an epic year don't say I said 
it first maybe I didn't maybe this is the first   time you heard it but all I can say is it's about 
to be some crazy drops over the next couple years   boys and ladies and kids I love all you guys so 
now when it comes to my baby collection you guys   know some of you don't I have a collection of baby 
sneakers as well and I got some samples I got some   cool stuff and uh I got a bunch of Jordan Ones as 
well I gotta probably about like 10 pairs in there   so let's run through those real quick before 
my pops comes in here to pick out his top five   right here we have the lost and founds we got the 
Patton Breads and the baby bottoms we got the UNC   we got the Shadows all these Classics dope got him 
you know what I'm saying one day when I have a kid   they're gonna be Iced Out I even got this little 
sample pair right here these things go crazy bro I   don't know if these came out to the public or not 
but their samples that I thought they was cool to   have another dope pair lost and found I know I got 
them soft bottoms but we got to make sure we got   the hard bottoms these things are icy bro now I 
used to have this shoe in the adult version but I   got rid of it because it's gonna be super easy to 
get back so I was like no pressure but I made sure   I kept the kids pair and the Heritage Air Jordan 
Ones these things are dope I think this is a very   clean shoe what we got right here oh I forgot I 
got these the yellow toe ones and the baby style   yeah oh yeah they're gonna be fitting bruh oh yeah 
and trust me I'm aware because when they get older   they're gonna have some nice shoes as well we got 
the armor size two youth you know what I'm saying   something like gotta keep them fresh when they get 
older foreign by that time that by the time they   can fit that shoe they're gonna be like little 
classic grills on their feet like that's gonna   be dope next up right here we got a sample that 
is extremely dope I've gotten offers for over a   thousand dollars still got the sample tag on these 
things you got the sample stamp on the inside with   the tag on there these things are just wild the 
bread Air Jordan one these never came out again   people have offered me crazy money for this shoe 
right here never getting rid of them I want my   kid to rock these and be dipped you know what I'm 
saying with the breads you know what I'm saying   this is a classic right here again you can't go 
wrong so we got all that stuff taken care of I   hope you guys are enjoying this video Let's see 
what my dad picks as my top five sneakers for my   Jordan one collection I'm very interested it 
always changes every year so last year I had   just over 80 pairs of shoes when it comes to 
Jordan Ones right this year I downsized I did   some trades and I got some PES in my collection 
when it comes to Jordan Ones you saw the unc's   pick out my top five your top five favorite Jordan 
Ones from my collection and I gotta go quick yep all this is on this side yeah everything 
is basically over here that's like other   pe's and stuff just Jordan Ones today 
just Jordan Ones top five oh my God   okay I gotta make it quick classic you 
got materials no no no I know that's   definitely like the rock okay we'll go 
to these you're rocking with the uncs yeah okay so we're gonna go here 
okay all right okay those go crazy   oh God yeah you know I can't never 
give up on these you love those the materials are crazy on those two and it's 
thicker too right here I know all right so you   got the van one okay okay I'm locking the pigs 
right now you always throw a curveball in there   I already know yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna 
go different oh you got the traffic stop I never   you got the whole you got the whole Travis 
Scott little top set you got different mids   you got oh he's like down on my knees trying 
to figure it out no but for this year I mean   like for right now I'm gonna go with these two 
you like these they just killing them right now what you gonna do two more I told you I really 
like this [ __ ] oh yeah you do like those I   really like these ones just came out too okay 
I really like that you're switching it up on   me this year I'm switching it up all right and 
Fifth and final pick final I want you know I   love blooper I want to put him in there yeah my 
dog but I gotta I'm gonna go different this time   okay I'm gonna go ah nah I gotta go back to here 
there you go with those are the wedding shoes oh okay okay but we I had those before Oh no 
so okay Still rocking with those I like it   Jordan brand classics all right you got expensive 
taste huh all right let's see the top five one sec   all right so right here we have the Bread 
Jordan one and this is the band colorways   yeah you know what I'm saying these things are 
very expensive how much you think these are worth   1500 somewhere around there two bands 1500 
somewhere that's pretty good what about the   Rebellion ears I don't think everybody 
loved him like I do so I'm thinking like   400.

They're probably a little bit lower 
until you might be right on them okay what   about these ones those are sick and the 
materials is crazy right now but they   pretty new so I'm gonna still say about 
1500. 1500 yeah more like six thousand oh my God that's ridiculous oh my God six thousand 
what about these I like them and I won't be   wearing them what about these but you know I can't 
never go wrong with those those are just classic   for me Jordan very classy yeah you can wear those 
everything about like a thousand dollars about a   thousand well then you got the bike random 
Travis one love you really like this shoe I   really like this we gotta find him a size 14.

we need to shoot right hey these are kind of more   affordable you know five six hundred bucks yeah 
I could do that yeah five thousand six thousand all right these are his for my 2022 over heat heat 
make sure you tell everybody subscribe and tell   me make sure you guys subscribe like share and do 
all that stuff we out of here all right all right   yo before you go I just launched my sneaker head 
Academy where we got everything on the inside I   teach you all the stuff that I learned over the 
past 15 years when it comes to sneakers scaling   real estate you name it we talk about all of 
it in there and there's an eight week program   plus a bunch of months of giveaways I give 
away shoes literally way too much honestly   but either way I'll see you guys on the inside 
hit the link Down Below in my description or pin   in the comment section for DJ Sneakerhead 
Academy and I'll see you guys over there thank you.

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