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Legend of Entrepreneurship 2 – 17|The sequel to “Legend of Entrepreneurship”, a cross-border romance

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Takama open up the door I know I was wrong today I shouldn'' t have left you there as well as left you alone'However Mother Liu doesn ' t speak French. no vehicle if'i wear ' t send her back She ' s at risk alone Xiaozhen, can you pay attention to my explanation? to kiss it all kabanaga when you'' re jack garner I should likewise plead hey goblin Hyojin, I think you can evaluate However he additionally has the right to beg can you unlock I plead you Xiaowei'' s other half is so unusual Is my money prepared to await 1,000 grams? i'' m gon na relocate twenty one 00:01:19,266–> > 00:01:22,299 No, the other day wasn'' t the soup from last night.
twenty 2 00:01:51,200–> > 00:01:52,000 sorry twenty three 00:01:52,800–> > 00:01:54,900 What do you need to be sorry for me twenty 4 00:01:56,366–> > 00:01:57,733 you are my partner I have a responsibility to care for you contrasted to other ladies you are one of the most important to me partner Xiaowei, come down I'' m taking a shower, your sis gets on TV rush hurry It'' s gone for a while, your sis gets on TV, below we come come come come You'' ve end up being a master in such a brief time.Great fantastic

great terrific miss leo konten contes mofro invite you to have some tea new bride a few even more presents who intend to meet you fulfill me silver play miss you you should be happy of yourself pleased with myself definitely have you considered remaining in france as well as open apostle and store concentrate on bring back collection products and also collection all of them have made use of worth there are real centuries real history they are just valuable they truly say that Um what do you think If you can open a store in France Certainly that'' s great Don ' t tell me what they pay? Simply seeing and touching numerous valuable porcelain For a word student, it'' s too worth it OK, then open Say it, let it go It'' s not as simple as you say Where does the shop rental fee originated from? Where does the tools in the shop originated from? That'' s right, I have a few orders now Yet after it'' s done If there is no long-lasting secure service It won'' t take wish for the store to open.Mother Liu, you are normally really daring. How come when it'' s time to do something As tiny as a computer mouse The oven is still on, I require to return and check initial Miss Liu When will you respond? weekend Xiaowei, are you certain you want to remove all the living expenses? take all To be sincere, I'' ve been in France for as long. All the cash my dad provided me is on yours I place'' t invested a cent, have I? What do you want so much money for? I can tell you concerning the execution however You need to promise not to expose it, I guarantee My sibling Liu Lingzi concerned France for me I'' m for him now Open him a china remediation store'That ' s not excessive things are excellent Yet I need to tell your dad concerning this. I have to allow him recognize OK, OK, after that tell him I can'' t quit you from snitching on him anyhow. and also If you tell him I give Liu Lingzi the cash He will not object Xiaowei ah I truly sympathize with your dad now Humph what'' s wrong my damn la gundez say Wei Allah Bahaya I won'' t shot again with warm water as well as tears.Well, fat is like the beach, I provided you a message Hope we can comply in the future The illumination ceremony starts currently preparation start up treasurer How'' s the scenario with diplomacy? Great, equally as you expected Existing Japanese and Oriental modern technology It'' s not about market share When is the inquiry of leaving the marketplace you look at southerly africa that we put on'' t even care concerning It ' s all laid out for us.Hahaha What regarding the residential scenario? There is some problem in the country The company'' s phone exploded Federal governments in any way degrees pick to celebrate the National Day New Year'' s Day and also Springtime Event Some effective makers 1 day a day overtime are active handling export items What about residential products? we can just locate some Incorrectly sized enterprises to generate However no other way such a business Restricted manufacturing capacity Can'' t fulfill our needs speak to them Let them include devices and pipelines talked about they want this go by contract Interest on breakthrough repayment They assume the hospital room is little still hum I offer them orders to make them money need to locate them land to fund them that'' s not right right, however Mr.Hou There is currently a far better solution than this no trouble That'' s it, the conference The moment for that advertising meeting is set, right? Booked following month'' s Wenzhou Empire Resort range up The place is changed to Xichuan River xichang river set on the Xichuan River You, let the wind out Allow'' s just claim that we are Fengjun Innovation To be China'' s largest new power warship as well as after that after that Hahaha Then we waited on them to find to the door Please accept us We also learn the technique of mgs business Mergers as well as acquisitions of powerful firms we money brand name as well as technology Yet must have a 51% controlling stake led is mostly based upon virtual business However PV must go to the remains Ouch my mom, why is it solar again Isn'' t this a task for next year? you customize What do you perform with so much cash on your books without investing it? simply look Otherwise, it will certainly be a pile of waste paper.The EU Agreement Association has actually sent to the European Commission formally proposed Anti-Qinqiao examination into Chinese export companies I ' m guessing the case will be submitted quickly This will affect the occupancy of enterprises in the park The 2nd stage will absolutely not influence 46 business have joined Relocate in by the end of the year The trick is that 60 firms will be recruited in these three phases It seems difficult currently If there will certainly be an influence on the tenancy of the third-phase enterprises It will certainly impact our renting in the office complex. Acheng we are developing on the workplace building Does it need to be effectively regulated? or else Our earnings on business actual estate and also property will be pushed into the workplace Not worth the loss Which Likewise, will the third stage of the project begin? when to start You need to provide a certain response now hey, put on ' t worry we are going over call you back So let ' s change the plan It ' s currently working,'proceed We are still not working that tomorrow beijing Supervisor of National Union Organization The Sanqi Enrollment at the conference is still hiring That ' s ideal I need to go as planned.Book me a trip back to Wenzhou today I will certainly welcome you from Wenzhou to Beijing tomorrow. what you do is'it proper? why are you late Did you recognize that time is money? Half-year advantage bonus reduction Mr. Su, this I must find out a lesson But earning money is challenging The perk is merciful I have mercy on you Will time be merciful to me? Will the marketplace be merciful to me? Will my rivals have grace on me? okay, wear ' t say anything write a resignation letter don ' t go to function tomorrow don ' t claim you ' re gon na sit right here i can retire I ' m also lazy to remain on your feces I just went up for 5 minutes Neck pain shoulder blade soreness so uneasy Then find a comfortable place to sit I ' m mosting likely to make tea Bubble tea, are you incorrect? Fang Yucheng You make me an increasing number of useful currently Overhead, weave me here to see the door how are you Isn ' t this an emergency? diplomatic immunity Isn ' t it just an issue of the European Organization'' s anti-authorization? I presume the European Payment will submit a case quickly That ' s to be expected So what should we do? wait Aside from Along with waiting quietly, you need to do something to wait as well as see.I came right from Xichengen and back you give me this rule what do you desire to listen to The future is intense, the roadway is tortuous Your triumph originates from your last minute persistence Move forward with your head held high Bread and also milk beckon you from the front is that valuable grandchildren are worthless I can listen to these words on TV Well, I will popularize it for you Alright, allowed ' s discover with each other 2 months later on, the European Association will formally file a case After submitting They ' ll do a 15-month back-to-work sales study Until then They will certainly make a decision whether to export to China or otherwise Just how much go back to work sales tax obligation is imposed and also levied in %You'wear ' t have to do anything throughout this moment Due to the fact that they will certainly follow their own procedures made in all your organizations sample survey you are the celebration under investigation Only then can'state yes or no Claim absolutely nothing else So this is ah Then we wear ' t have to worry in the meantime. After that wear ' t be as well optimistic You can ' t concentrate on the European and American markets now The domestic market should additionally be opened up it does not matter Do we still have the Russian-Ukrainian market? Exactly how can'he be alright? That premium heel mid-low-end shoes can he be a market Utilize your minds, alright? So Mr.Tang Seize the time to develop the domestic high-end venture market Readjust the advertising and marketing in the 2nd half of the year Watch on those premium customers I comprehend Mr.

Wang, allow me ask something weakly Are you ready for supper? prepared prepared prepared prepared Mr. Huang, what am I carrying out in my lack? prepare to eat Ma Yunchao, if you intend to do this again following time, I won ' t come no no no dear miss you thanks so extremely much these eleven pieces from various times in history where have been restored as if they never been damaged thank you miss you i can'honestly say that i had the solid feeling that you would have the ability to bring back all the parcel and also but it still astonished me that you did such a terrific task great i ' m delighted you ' re happy with it this is forty eight thousand euro twenty 8 thousand in your salary and also the various other 20 thousand is just our way the count and i are revealing our thankfulness we actually wish that you can stay in france and also remain to assist us bring back parcelin matter countess hmm i think today i am not capable of ronnie studio in france many thanks for your generosity yet i still take into consideration returning to china mister wongye informed us that you would certainly remain in france we have currently authorized a long-term contract with him we are supposed to be your representative and also we are expected to help you deal with your company below oh yes what yes Huang Xiaowei, hurry up and also come below tell me what ' s taking place currently surrendered come out I ' m at the entrance of the castle Senior Sister Oh Huang Xiaowei why do you appreciate me I am the one who fixings the china I ' m the one who takes the risk I have the last word on whether'to open up a shop or not.Why do you make a decision for me No, no, no, sibling, what are you doing so violently? Can you pay attention to me clarify to you initially? Ah, after that I ' ll take you to a place initially ah ah ah You ' ll know when you go Sibling, you initially symbolize oh why are you here Go up and also you ' ll know

na this is your china restoration store my store I asked Uncle Shi to locate it There are 3 floors in total, so there are stores and also studios.Why are you still standing? Come here welcome This is the initial half of'the initial flooring because it encounters the road So this location can be made use of as a store front in the future. Allow some consumers rest right here and rest here You can likewise place some china on these shelves in the future show those customers Make them think we ' re high-end what about the second fifty percent? Since it is bigger, just how about it can be used as a living-room as well as kitchen? come up There are two areas on this floor You can pick one to obey on your own There is also an area Like the master, if they come to see you in France just allow them live It ' s also practical There ' s an attic upstairs warehouse currently It should be a bedroom if you pack it up what is this Take it off as well as see your workshop what about this location The area is the ideal size just resting in your workshop sign it Sign it, I ' ve currently paid the rental fee right here half a year pre-paid Totally free water as well as power costs As for business, you put on ' t have to stress regarding'the Countess service.He has currently packed your 2nd fifty percent of the year Make sure you don ' t remainder Now all you have to do is authorize Authorized that you are the hostess below Mother Liu, where did you obtain a lot money? lease that big residence I broke my principle for you I'took all the living costs my father offered me plus previous job Generate income to prepare for early repayment of rental fee I truly have offered all my life in your little store So you need to strive Besides, I ' m still waiting to show you what to do what to do I place all my worth currently It ' s all in your shop isn ' t this your desire What else to ask OK, I ' ll indicator Hey, you ' re a shareholder you obtained ta started a business with me What if I can ' t be hectic You obtained ta help, wear ' t just see Hey, put on ' t rent a residence Didn ' t you state there are 2 bed rooms on the 2nd flooring? you relocate we live with each other not hooligan It ' s truly inappropriate to live together It ' s truly inappropriate.What ' s unsuitable? It'' s so inconvenient, isn ' t it that I'like you'? I wear ' t treatment anymore what do you care regarding rogue You wear ' t ended up being so unrestrained when you most likely to France', can ' t you? Release your head I tell you that Yang Hua is in place I ' m not the type of woman you believe you relocate in quickly I promise I won ' t bother you I won ' t'worry about you loving various other women real do you dislike me that a lot Dealing with me is so unbearable, rascal, rascal Or else, I will certainly review with Xiao Zhen. as long as he concurs what I disagree Mongolian client adoir this month to 2 child of mali aba avik unifigi to play see uncle wimp shuiji hijin agutamoa send it back from sucky for vacanti shores uncle is the desire for aba'and abu Who did alabas enter the opposite side? macam tousij when you ' re alone child pretending to be a Lingko According to the old claiming Female plus kill, who is she to whom the passions are not in line Xiaowei who can assist me invest cash do you like sister no day your papa ' s sankey is busy safahai goes truly play miss niba absolutely note his hippog she stated that the gas james kami zai gaila to peelondan ashanis kabado nya maxai No period Live Ballara West Northeast Elbian Du Yu ' s Dufuria Maca is still in the huge bear alabasu and the communique abigli clia on nasba alibaba m ona b equipment horn If a farmer z ' s orchid farm Nicodes without a series barabagli clian effect that i desire Well I concur come on Xiaowei Great I recognized you wouldn ' t leave me Come in as well as see how I establish it up alright it ' s all organized Aren ' t there 2 bedrooms upstairs? I stay in the one on the left As well as laugh Hello there Laugh is likewise coming Come Welcome to our tiny shop'I just cleaned up as well as I ' m still missing out on a great deal So it doesn ' t resemble it Senior Sister lol, he ' s not below to be a visitor He concerned live with us you go initially thanks, thanks New patchwork under the cupboard many thanks Um excellent to eat uh? do you have anesthesia Xiao Wei This is the beef you such as to'eat, eat more Um Uh beef and try other dishes first hahaha delicious Mashi ' s Mashi ' s hey mama liu I know you appreciate me due to the fact that of the studio Due to the fact that you ' re utilized to breasts I ' m not made use of to you being so mild all of an unexpected Even if you put on ' t appreciate it After that when I struck as well as reprimand you in the future Don ' t allow people is this state Feet are tough I can do anything, suppose you hit me You put on ' t require me, I can do it The home I mosted likely to acquire has not been offered to the Queen by that much.Are you going? Certainly going I place ' t asked forgiveness to them for the phony notice last time. And also'I ' m taking this chance to tell them all you are my sweetheart Hahaha ok ok ok ok ok ok rise initial Yanzi ' s store front is all set. Well done, hahaha Oh, so excellent, so excellent Our little girl has her very own store front Hahaha Hey how what ' s wrong No Not yet Moms and dads see it Are you asking concerning Xiao Wei once again? Lianzi ' s daddy told you Everything has'to tell a couple of fates like the china With destiny, you can see his elegance at a glance hey right right If there is
no destiny, despite how good it is, I wear ' t feel it This individual coincides as that individual You'can strive yet you can ' t pressure it Requiring not just harms others, yet additionally hurts yourself ah ah alright okay Allow ' s not speak about it, Reiko Mother and father know you ' re an excellent boy That little Wei is additionally a good young boy Mother and father just want you two to obtain along well Take excellent care of each other Okay I ' m a little exhausted,'I ' ll get off first, oh my god take care of yourself willow forest battle a little Is it because he doesn ' t like you? didn ' t you already know You didn ' t believe long back that you could'see him are you satisfied Liu Linzi continue you can do it for certain hello down I ' m on trip so boring OK You hurry to Shanghai to accompany me to go purchasing and conversation this is'what you said After that you have all the food, lodging as well as travel included.A breeze Big manager is various Chatting is rich make it impossible to go Let me know when you arrive, I ' ll choice you up hey Hey', Susu, what ' s your order? Oops, I ' m vacationing, so dull Ah, what are your plans? ask you I do not'know I wear ' t recognize what you wish to do I assume you are boring I just informed home I ' m going on vacation currently, they invite me to Shanghai instantly what concerning you Are you worried that I will spend your cash? no no no no not that you you you claim what do you need me to do I ' m worried I won ' t be able to press you, mainly due to the fact that I inform you From now on, even if you ask me, I won ' t go You are so dull I'will go to Shanghai to see your mother in'two days Would you such as to opt for me? Well I ' m not going I ' m rather comfy being alone don'' t disturb my life exactly how are you alone Most likely to Wutong to consume when you are starving drowsy in bed Well, browse the web when you are cost-free Pick it up and go out to play If you can ' t choose it right, repair it online.Learn from the scriptures haha Very comfy haha you can ' t do that Included me to Shanghai Oops I actually put on ' t desire to go Oops, I truly understand Huang Xiaoqi also much why is he leaving All he truly wants is my life life like a pig high quality of life Mr. Su can do whatever he desires just how comfy life is Hahaha I really put on ' t go Hey Hey come down hahaha Oh, wonderful Are you a plaything factory? It resembles an arsenal.But your welcome is really innovative. really valuable thank you You ' re welcome Large amusement toys have reduced technical material quickly mimicked Specifically the expert can comprehend it by checking out the entrance. I made this account according to the 3 sales Factory closed Distinction in between within and also outside Freeze throughout the board to ensure manufacturing innovation Administration is strictly confidential It ' s all 3 offered suggestions From the manufacturing facility site to the factory building, he developed it, thank you thank you It appears that you are separated. organization and cash Can you promote yourself If you have a great day Who wants a divorce please can be found in Mr. Lin This is the performance test passed at the executive office conference nuclear laws you authorize ah okay thanks wear ' t trouble stop hello what ' s your name Uh, my name is Yuan Fangqing what are you doing below what I came right here for job as well as then Then After that I still work do you recognize that i am I ' ve seen you prior to Oh Ruo Bing Shuangqing is the deputy basic manager of our company Don ' t make things hard for individuals he is covert What a covert, Yuan Shangqin you ' re gon na do it alright i say Actually, Mr.Lin, we have actually met before. possibly you neglected You turned me down for a drink at the songs club Singles club you invite me to drink Yeah, that woman claimed you were his mama I ' m puzzled After that I left Oh Oh it ' s me it ' s me oh oh bear in mind yeah yeah Mr. Lin, wear'' t obtain me wrong I ' m not actually an undercover You have additionally review my resume I previously Without a doubt, he is the division supervisor of a state-owned enterprise'in Shanghai.After the state-owned enterprise transformed my work, I was given up and went to Wenzhou My private venture in Wenzhou The market has also striven for several years Then my mother came to be seriously ill'I ' ll return to Shanghai to look after him in fact I recognized you on employment day just shamed to state Hey, Shuangqing, put on ' t fidget he ' s joking you what about you?let me introduce Yuan Shuangqing Su Ruobin is my excellent buddy in Wenzhou Teacher at Wenzhou University hello there hey there professor su Ah you are good friends I was still questioning Exactly how can you have such a big little girl at such a young age? Ha ha ha ha thanks come again Lin Shuangqing likes you quite don'' t talk rubbish You put on'' t think the eyes of my arranged date professional You are so experienced Why haven'' t I seen one yet? Not short of every person I am currently Jiang Taigong fishing Volunteers take the lure Inform me concerning your fish Which fish is Huang Ruicheng? Oops, wear'' t mention him, I almost didn'' t piss him off for what? Please inspect the airplane ticket from Ah Cheng let me turn over to you put on'' t go back actually put on'' t Well wear ' t I can see it what to do I have completed it Whether you go or not is up to you Oh that'' s it inform me to go I do not go Touching the scene that remains in love It was my very first time in Shanghai The 3 beasts directly drew me to this setting many individuals no record no Or else, they will be separated So you obtained married right away when you went back to Wenzhou.Huh, he was embraced
Can you still marry him? Jiangnan You and your third uncle are separated do you be sorry for currently If it is currently Are you still going to get separated? man at the happiest and also most mad times truly shouldn ' t decide Then remarry Lest the little woman take him away It ' s you that should be cautious I obviously like Ah Cheng, however I still wear ' t admit it Which eye do you see that I like him Lei believes about the world Is the water dropping stone line worth watching? Others didn ' t take the campaign to invite you to Xichuan River do you get so mad If you like somebody, you will have needs on him I don'' t recognize such a straightforward fact University professor hey he didn'' t tell me he likes me Exactly how do I recognize if he likes it or not? You speak about this hypocritical as well as that hypocritical constantly As a matter of fact, you are the most hypocritical person If Ah Cheng was somebody that would be well-mannered to women Is it your turn? Yeah, that'' s appropriate Hey What sort of person is Qin Yuyue Qin Yue Xiuwaihuizhong Experienced Can do excellent dishes A common good spouse as well as mother Hey, why do I assume you'' re chatting regarding me? I can not just prepare I will also make soup Your face is so thick

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