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Laura Ingraham: As liberals whine, here’s my Thanksgiving gratitude list

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham shared what she was most thankful for this Thanksgiving and ripped those who vilify the national holiday in Tuesday’s opening monologue. 

LAURA INGRAHAM: Once again, the usual suspects on the left are seething, and they’re brooding about the inherent awfulness of another American tradition… The only thing that makes the left in America truly happy this time of year especially, is grousing about how we’re all living I don’t know, on stolen land… But on the bright side, most Americans see all this complaining – it’s just another exercise in self-loathing by spoiled, entitled ingrates. And most people will happily celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends and as 2022 draws to a close. The angle is grateful for so much. 

Number one, we defeated the man who was behind more COVID lies than Hunter Biden was behind prostitutes. Dr. Anthony Fauci, always wrong but never in doubt, had the nerve to show himself at the White House today. His lounge act is way past its expiration date… number two, we’re grateful for all those parents who worked tirelessly to fight exposing the school boards for being radical cesspools of sexual deviancy and racial hatred… Third, we’re grateful that the defeat of the woman who speaks like she’s kind of suffering from appendicitis… Good riddance to the Bush-Cheney years once and for all. Fourth, we’re thrilled this Thanksgiving that conservatives, led by Ron DeSantis, stood up to Disney and other woke corporations when those businesses turned on middle America… Fifth, despite ballot harvesting, early voting and everything else the Democrats tried to do to game the system, Republicans won the popular vote in House races for the first time since 2016… Sixth, for the second time in 12 years, liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to be forced to give the gavel to a new Republican speaker.


Seventh, we have huge gratitude for the fact that the court finally ended the scourge of Roe versus Wade… Eighth on the thankfulness list. We cannot forget the red state governors who continue to stand as a beacon of sanity and common sense to the rest of America… Ninth, Thank you to Lee Zeldin’s strong run for governor of New York. The GOP flipped four state seats in the Empire State with more to come in 2024… Number ten… more adults finally see the inherent evil in butchering children’s reproductive organs and messing with their hormonal makeup. We’re seeing hospitals like Vanderbilt’s transgender health clinic pressured into stopping these surgeries for children. And states are taking action to ban these surgeries for minors in their own areas altogether. Eleventh on the thankfulness list, we’re now seeing even some on the left waking up to the reality of and the danger of TikTok… And we’re even seeing cultural victories at the box office. We’re thankful for Top Gun, where Maverick was the highest grossing film of the year, the fifth highest grossing movie of all time… And finally, on a personal note, I have an enormous amount to be grateful for. First, my children to ten teenagers and one on the cusp while they make life worth living day in and day out. And of course, my real friends who love and support us, all of us as a family, unconditionally… Finally, I’m grateful for all of you, the viewers who’ve been with us from the very beginning and who stay with us night after night as we try to inform and entertain all at the same time. Thank you.


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