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Kim Scott – Care personally. Challenge directly. – Insights for Entrepreneurs – Amazon

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(upbeat music) – Radical Candor is what
happens when you show that you care personally and you challenge
directly at the same time. Obnoxious aggression is what I call it when you challenge directly, but you fail to show
that you care personally. This is when you behave like a jerk. Now, you're not a jerk.
Nobody's a jerk all the time, but we all are a jerk some of the time, so that's obnoxious aggression. By far, the most common
management mistake happens when somebody does show
they care personally, but they fail to challenge directly.

They're just trying to be nice, but then they don't help people improve. This, I call ruinous empathy. And generally – when you don't
wanna hurt somebody's feelings so you don't tell them something, and then they keep screwing
up and they don't fix it – you're trying to be nice, but
it's not so nice afterall. Especially if you wind up having to fire them for whatever that mistake is. Now, the worst quadrant of all is manipulative insincerity. This is what I call it when you neither show you care personally,
nor challenge directly. And manipulative insincerity
is when political behavior creeps in, passive aggressive
behavior creeps in, backstabbing behavior creeps
in, that sort of thing. The way that you should
use this framework is to move every conversation you
have towards radical candor. Radical candor is really
what you're shooting for. But please don't start
writing names in quadrants, or please don't start judging
yourself with these terms. We all make all of these
mistakes all the time.

The goal is just to move your conversations towards radical candor..

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