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Read Time:51 Minute, 20 Second

Mark on the left cheek. How much gold do you have?
– Just a ring weighing about 10 gms. What are these?
– Picture postcards of Rangoon. We received information to keep
watch on a man with gold ring. And picture postcards of Rangoon.
– What? Where is he gone? Faster. These are my picture postcards.
Police wants to take them away. Hide them for a while.
I'll collect them later. Have you seen a man running away?
– No. Search these huts. Get up, mother.
Why do you insist on working? I got fed up of lying down
since morning. Doctor objected to your working.

They scare us unnecessarily.
Nothing is wrong with me. What about your work? No, mother. You are stubborn. This work
is not bad after all. We are surviving. We get 2 rupees for
a whole day's work. Why did you educate me if
I have to become a labourer. Why did you struggle
day and night? You won't be sick had
it not been for my education. Don't think so. Your father
would have done the same. . . had he been with us.

I gave you
nothing other than education. No good food or clothing. We wouldn't be in this condition
had your father been with us. Forgive me, my child.
– Don't say so mother. I'm indebted to you. I'm alive because of you. But I could do nothing for
you, mother. Nothing ! Don't worry about me.
I'm fine, dear. Go and have food. Geeta, there's a letter for you. Postman delivered it
to us by mistake. How is your health, mother?
– Fine. Interview call !
– May God grant you this job. If I get this job, I'll
buy medicines for you. I'll make you healthy. You
don't have to work any more. Never.
– My darling ! Your resume is beautiful.
I like beautiful things. Even the moon has a spot.
Your resume has no errors. Never mind even if it has. It is necessary to have
good personality and manners. Rest can be managed. I'll recommend
on these qualities.

Isn't the Prime Minister's
charity fund ball today? I'll give the cheque to
Chief minister personally. What is this cheque for?
– For education to illiterates. Only last year, I
gave them charity. Education to uneducated increases
number of strikes in the country. Send her in. Tonight at 9 pm
you have a meeting to address. Did you prepare the speech?
– Yes, I'll get it. Orphanage function, again?
I only gave charity few days ago. That was last year. You give
10,000 every year to them. Okay we must help the destitute. Bring me the speech. You have passed B.A.
– Yes. You will start with Rs.400 per month.
as an assistant to my secretary. Just remember one thing.
Honesty and loyalty. . . I expect from you.
– I won't give a chance to complain. You may go.

She couldn't sleep all night
due to the cough. Did you give her the syrup?
– There's some more left. Get another bottle.
I'll leave now. Please come. Take her to the hospital tomorrow.
– Why? What's the matter? Not to worry. Just to take an X-ray.
– X-Ray? It's a must. I'll write a note
to Dr. Mehta. Do I have to go to hospital? You will be lonely.
I cannot be alive there. Don't say so mother.
– It is only for a x-ray, mother. X-ray needs money. The poor thing just joined.

Don't be disheartened,
everything will be all right. If you could. . . I mean,
my mother is ill. . . So?
– If you can give me some advance. . . Ms. Rita, our rules and regulations
are very strict. Your salary will reach your
table on the 1st of each month. But, no advance. Sir, Rajpal's phone. Raj, where are you, son? I don't like your staying out.
I told you so. You haven't come home for 2 nights.
Where are you? From Carmichael Road.
Vishal Merchant's house. Luck is against me.
I'm losing constantly. How can I come home
without paying that money? Think of what would people say.
Businessman Sohanlal's son. . . You are bringing pride
to your father as it is.

Last week you lost
Rs. 25,000 in races. How can you continue this? How much do you want?
– Rs. 12,000. Dad, I cause you pain, isn't it? Come on, dear.
It isn't so. Encash this cheque and
send the money to Raj. But bank is closed by now. Never mind. I'll phone up the
manager. Raj must get the money. Else, he won't come
home today too. Take it. Whisky without soda is like. . . shoes without socks
and suit without a tie. Whisky with water makes you feel. . . that you are charged
with 60%%% sales tax on it. There is no money
in business these days. We make money by
juggling things. You are right.
That is the way of life. You know that my company
principle is quality. I may supply 4 lakhs worth of
goods against 20 lakhs order.

But quality material. I know, Seth. My business too
may be less but I do the same. I hate fraud in business,
coats in summer. . . and lips without lipstick. You know, my secretary
is not with me this time. At least send a stenographer
to me for a couple of hours. I got some urgent work to do.
– Seth, we worry more. . . about your personal work. I'll send
someone whose speed you can't match. No one can match ! No one can match the pace of Hover. You were supposed to come
to office in the morning. I totally forgot.
I'll come tomorrow. I'll. . .
– Wait. Meet them. They have
business links with us. He is Seth Murlidhar.
This is my son, Raj. I see.
I'll go up and study it.

Seth Murlidhar is our
old and rich client. He is staying in hotel Chirag. He did
not bring his secretary with him. You go to him at 7 pm today. 7 pm ?
– Yes. Your duty is with him from today But. . .
– No buts. This is a golden opportunity for you.
If you make him happy. . . I'll see to it that
you get promotion this month. What do I have to do? Do I have to tell you?
You are intelligent. I'm sure. . . that you won't give
him a chance to complain. Great choice, Sohanlal.
I've been waiting for long. Sit down. What will you take,
whisky, beer, gin. . . ? I came to take dictation.
– Whole night is there for that. What is the hurry? Take it.
– I don't drink. Don't drink?
Never mind. I'll drink it. Let's have a good time, darling.

My mother is unwell,
I have to go home soon. You have just arrived,
Queen of Nights. You have misunderstood me.
I'm Sohanlal's secretary, Rita. I know.
You look beautiful tonight. Come closer. I cannot tolerate it.
You cannot guess how much loss. . . your mannerless
behaviour caused to us. We sent you to work
and you insult him! I have not insulted him.
I feel embarrassed even to explain. Weren't you ashamed to slap him?
You are not fit to work here. Go pack up.
– Don't do injustice to me, sir. I'm innocent. Seth Murlidhar is
at fault. He tried to molest me. I've done what a
respectable girl does. He is a goon who buys goods worth
400,000? You are respectable, eh? Please don't do that.
I just started working.

Not received my first salary. How
can my sick mother get treatment? This is a departmental store
not a municipal hospital. I won't leave like that.
Store workers have a union. I'll go to them. I was taking your test.
You have passed. Our company needs girls like you.
Go and do your job. Your job is permanent. The new girl threatened to
complain to the union against us. Be watchful.
– I'll handle it. These is an increase of robbery
in the store. She can be booked for 1 or 2 years
under such accusation. Okay, but be careful.
– It will be done without harm to us. Get up and take the tablet, mother. No more tablets!
I'll bring in the evening. No need of tablets.
I'm okay now. Lie down mother. The sickness is not leaving me. I'm a burden on you.
Why doesn't God take me away? Don't worry, mother.
You will be fine soon. I'll borrow money from Meera for
medicine. Pay back from my salary.

May I leave now mother? Go on, or you will be late. It's raining. Take the raincoat.
– Okay. Do it fast. Looks like
I'll be late today too. Take it.
Give me money for ration. There is no rice at all
in the house. Take Rs. 10.
Manage with it. Going to work? Don't worry,
I'll give medicine to mother. Medicines got over. . .
and. . . Take it. Bring medicine while
on the way in the evening. You are an angel, sister.
I'll repay when I get salary. Don't worry about it.
When I came to Bombay. . . my condition was like yours. I didn't have money
when I fell sick. I feel like helping myself
when I help you. May be your name is
written on that money today.

You are right.
Only our names change. Not our luck. What is this?
– For checking? What checking?
– Something is stolen. Imagine. Will someone keep
stolen goods with himself? Purse?
– I don't have. Whose raincoat is this?
– Mine. That's it. Are you not
ashamed to steal it? I didn't steal.
– So did it fly into your coat? Take her to police station.
– I didn't steal.

I don't know about this chain. What is the matter?
– She stole the chain and got caught. Very bad.
– No, sir. I know nothing. I never saw this necklace before.
– Take her away, officer. Please don't turn me in, sir.
If you want, I'll quit. I'm poor but I'm not a thief.
By God, I didn't steal. Please don't do this, sir.
My mother is sick and alone. If I'm imprisoned,
my mother will die. I did not steal, sir,
I'm innocent! Ms Rita, the court having
found you guilty of theft. . . sentences you to 6 months imprisonment
with a fine of Rs.

500. If you fail to pay the penalty,
the sentence will be one year. As for your request
to meet Seth Sohanlal. . . the court grants you permission
to meet him in police custody. The police inspector
wants to meet you, sir. Send him in. Put it up on the notice board,
it'll be a lesson for others. I will. Let the staff know that
she is convicted. You? I came to thank you
before going to jail.

Had I know the definitions of your
''honesty and loyalty''. . . I wouldn't be convicted today.
You guys must be happy. . . your plot succeeded. But you know
very well that I'm innocent. You have committed a sin.
Your conscience. . . What rot! Goodbye, Sohanlal.
I'm going to jail for a year. But 12 months does not make a life.
– Come on. You might forget me for a year,
but I'll remember every moment of it.

I swear, I'll avenge
every minute of it! I'll extract revenge
for every moment of it! Hot news! Girl caught stealing. You are released 15 days earlier
because of your good behaviour. Someone came from your house to
tell your mother is very sick. A girl named Rita is here.
– She is released today. Released today?
– Yes. She just left. Mother believed in You.
She had faith in You. Life never gave her any happiness,
yet she prayed. Today, I've burnt all
that belief and faith. The Rita who cried to prove
her innocence to the world. . . is no more
and Sunita has taken birth. . . who will fight with this world. From today, I don't need you.
I'll fight alone and take revenge. Avenging is not so easy. The world is big. People
like you can get lost in it. Who are you?
– You must've forgotten. A year ago. . . you saved me. The dark
night, deserted lane,. . . police was chasing me.
– And I diverted them away. I can never forget your favour.

searched a lot but couldn't find you. Then I learnt that you are jailed
for an year for stealing. I was innocent.
But I was proved guilty. Because,
I refused to sell myself. Sohanlal sent me to
jail for an year. He killed my mother.
I won't spare him! I don't mind being hanged. You cannot fight with the law. I want Sohanlal to get
caught in his own trap. I want him alive but without life. He must cry, wail, be miserable
but with no one to console him. But you. . . ? He cheated me like he did to you. I want to take revenge like you do. But. . .
– You are like a daughter to me. Believe me, we need
to help each other. How can I help you?
– You can, Rita.

I gave you something to keep safe
while running away from police. Picture postcards?
– Yes. Where are they? Where did I keep them?
Could be in this. These?
– Yes. I was worried about them. Elders say that friendship and
enmity must be with our equals. There was a solid wall
between us and Sohanlal. It was, the wealth. Now,
there won't be such a wall. Look. I smuggled these diamonds
risking my life. But Sohanlal informed the police.
Had I not met you. . . we both would have been left to
burn with only vengeance. Sohan would be unharmed. Now these diamonds will be
useful to reach our destination. This new casino of Bombay
is better than a night in Paris. Casino Egyptiana. It is Indralok.
So rates are double. Once caught in losing
you are finished. Look at the angels here!
Like in heaven ! So, they have come!
– What is it, Rita? Our casino is really
a beautiful trap.

The victim gets caught on his own. Who has come? People get 50 to 1 here. There is no end to games.
Let's collect the chips. Bankelal, you haven't
called me for a long time. Men like you are
not for ordinary jobs. Ladies and gentlemen, you will
be shown something wonderful. . . which you must not
have seen or heard. On a sharp edged sword,
a beautiful girl. . . will be made to lie down by magic. Look into my eyes.
You are asleep. You are asleep.
Very good. Here I have lost thousands
to one, instead of 50 to 1. It seems to be in reverse.
Let's have drinks.

I hate dishonesty. ''Come to me, sweetheart. . . '' ''come to me, I'm young'' ''Desirously, I wait for you'' ''Come to me, O cruel one'' ''My eyes filled with intoxication. . . '' ''intoxication that you fail to see'' ''My heart brims with passion. . . '' ''passion you fail to read'' ''Oh ! Why do you torment me?'' ''Come to me, O cruel one'' ''Come to me, sweetheart. . . '' ''come to me, I'm young'' ''Desirously, I wait for you'' ''Come to me, O cruel one'' ''How far I've come from. . . '' ''you have no idea'' ''I bring you a gift of love. . . '' ''you won't believe'' ''My love, why do you spurn me?'' ''Come to me, O cruel one'' ''Come to me, sweetheart.

. . '' ''come to me, I'm young'' ''Desirously, I wait for you'' ''Come to me, O cruel one'' So, it is him! Yes. It will be fun
if you can fool him. Look at him, bewitched. How about a round?
– Carry on, I've found some work. Rummy, Seth?
– I play everything. But if my partner is as pretty
as you are, I play alone. Only you and me. Agree? Agreed. Part. I'll play but I cannot win.
– Why? Because I watch you
more than the cards. You have won everything of mine. Shall we play one more time?
– We cannot play now. Casino is closing down.
– So what? My heart is open.

Will you give me a chance to win?
– Let's go to some hotel. Hotel? Alone!
No. I'm afraid. Even my heart is pounding. We will be
playing ' Rummy' isn't it? Only rummy?
I'm a quick girl. I'm also quick. Not Sethji.
I'm only Murlidhar. What a sweet voice! Such a fragrance is
coming from you ! I came here only for rummy.
– Me too, my treasure.

We can play rummy forever. Forever? When you go back to Surat,
you'll forget me, let alone rummy. Damn ! No damsel like you in Surat. Bombay is paradise. I come to Bombay,
stay a while and then go back. Will you remember me next time?
– These is nothing without you here. How do I know of your coming? I'll write a letter.
– You mean, romantic letter? My dear Rebecca. I'm missing your beautiful face
here in Baroda. Can't you take few days
leave and come to me? Waiting for you, every minute,
Murlidhar Bansidhar.

I'm coming to Bombay on
7th August, to my Rebecca. Your dear Murli. Mr. Lawyer, your Murlidhar Bansidhar. As the love grows, lover's
name becomes shorter. The love is great!
– Listen to me. . . Your client's letters
are worth listening. Very romantic man, it seems.
Listen to one last letter. My dear Rebecca, you want to
leave Bombay and go to Dubai. . . because you get better salary. But what will happen to your Murli? No. I'll not let you
go away from me.

You will stay with me forever.
For our love's sake. Don't you agree now that Murlidhar
didn't promise to marry her? So, would you go to court
against my client? No. We will garland him. Are you threatening me?
– No. The case is going to court tomorrow.
– You don't know that it's blackmail. Then, you must go to police. You know well that Seth Murlidhar
is standing for elections. This sort of publicity
will damage him. Police can keep it secret.
The number is. . . 100. You know very well that Seth did not
promise to marry you, Ms. Rebecca. Promise? He was about to
fix the wedding date. Did he give it to you in writing? These love-letters are
from my fiance Seth Murlidhar.

Are you certain, he promised
to marry you? I swear. My Murli doesn't lie to me. See, she can swear in court.
– I'll accept him in the court. I came to settle the matter.
Want do you want? I want my Murli.
– If not him, as I told you earlier. . . the compensation for breaking
the marriage promise is Rs. 20,000. Okay. Take it. You win and
I lose. Now these letters. . . You have to meet our lawyer
for the letters. What's the need for lengthy process?
Take money and hand over the letters. And go to jail for 7 years
for blackmail? We better settle it ourselves. Legal matters must be
dealt legally. You meet our lawyer Dhirubhai Patel
tomorrow in his office.

Lawyer. . . you have forgotten
your marked notes. How did you know that those
rupee notes were marked? I've learnt a lot from
one year's imprisonment. I know what is blackmail
and the law. Why should we use blackmail when
things can be achieved through law? You have changed a lot. You are not the girl who
had been 3 years ago. A girl who is best in all
aspects only can win Rajpal. Your ticket is booked for Kashmir.
But one obstacle. That is Sohanlal's
manager's daughter. Are you listening? Are you not talking
about obstacle? With you on my side
no obstacle can come my way. Rajpal is young.
Youth is like flowing water. It's course can be
changed as you please.

Strike him like a lightening.
Don't give him change to react. We want him to marry you. And you become their daughter-in-law.
Our revenge begins from that day. I'm impatient for that day. But remember, Rajpal is handsome. Girls will be eager to meet him. The boy looks innocent, isn't it?
Yet, he is our enemy. Rebecca, if you want, see
what Rajpal's aide. . . wants to do. He can help us a lot
in our drama. There is one obstacle
in our path. That is Bankelal. Drunk, as usual. He wants Rajpal
to marry his daughter. She too thinks she is beautiful,
and dreams to be his wife. But poor girl's dreams
are not going to materialise. Our aim is revenge. Until you are successful
in marrying him. . . our dreams won't fulfill. ''I'm your words. . . '' ''I'm your music'' ''Be my companion.

. . '' ''I'm your confidant'' ''Come, let's share. . . '' ''sorrows and joys'' ''Alone. . . '' ''why must we drink. . . '' ''the poison of loneliness?'' ''You are the bird of life'' ''I'm your flight of fancy'' ''I'm your words. . . '' ''I'm your music'' ''Be my companion. . . '' ''I'm your confidant'' ''Not for a couple of days. . . '' ''ours should be an alliance
for ever'' ''We must never part. . . '' ''if we are united'' ''You are my master. . . '' ''I'm your slave'' ''I'm your words. . . '' ''I'm your music'' ''Be my companion. . . '' ''I'm your confidant'' I think he has seen you.
Yes, he's watching you. He's coming, Rita. Is this your jeep? You sing so sweet. I thought the voice
cannot be a human's. Then?
– An angel's. I thought a celestial beauty has come
down to watch these beautiful sights. To be honest,
you are not any less. You are very handsome too.
What do you think? Believe me, I've been very lucky
when it comes to girls.

Though I never came across
a fairy before. Good. It's tough to keep promises. Could you drop me on the plains? Sure You came all alone
so early in the morning? Aren't you with me? Won't you drive? Look ahead and drive, else. . . When you are around,
Death lags miles behind. One mustn't believe in strangers.
– My heart couldn't help it. I see. Stop the jeep.
– Why? Your heart is racing quite fast.

It's not wise to travel
with weakhearted people. Where do you live? In heartbeats. Where do we meet again?
– Wherever you wish. When? Whenever you miss me. C'mon ! C'mon, honey. My Juliet, my fairy. . . my celestial beauty! Even a mare
doesn't want to walk with me. It seems the female species
dislike me. Can I hire the mare?
– Absolutely. Please come. Where's the other mare?
– Other mare? Why do you need another mare? It's for my friend, idiot.

Hey! Stop! Stop. My mare! I lost both the females.
Stop! Hey brother! Raj ! I'm dead !
– I'm so happy! I've understood. A new bird is caught
in your cage. Who is she? Someone.
– Met her for the first time? Yes.
– Is she young? Youth will be ashamed of her.
– She must have slapped you. That is the difference.
I notice for the first time. . . that you are in love.
– Yes. She was sitting on my jeep. . . close to me like this. Only scenery here. There is no one.
You left her here? On this bridge.
– Did she have wings! Did she flew down?
Have you seen her walking? She was flying in the air
like clouds in the sky. Let me see. In the
air and clouds. Is she a girl?
– Yes.

I'll enquire about her.
She can't escape me. Rocks! Ghost! Help. She is not a girl. What is that! Why are you panting?
– I came running from far for you. For me?
– Yes. You were on that mountain
a while ago. On the mountain?
Are you in senses? Perhaps not.
You appear to me everywhere. Perhaps, your eyes
are deceiving you. Eyes can deceive me.
But not my heart. Your heart is pounding again? I didn't expect that we will be
so close in such short time. Lightning never gives time
to react when it strikes. If I don't let the lightning
to strike at all? What are you doing today evening?
– What is your order? Shall we walk on the river bank?
– I'll think. Baited, I guess. When it is on, we have to
give the rope. I feel that you let Raj
to wait for you today.

He should know that getting
you is not so easy. She will come.
Let the boat go. See daddy, he is deliberately
running away from me. There is something fishy. Don't cry. I'll tackle it. Let's go boating. Move.
This is better. You lovesick boy, she didn't
intend to come. She won't come. Take care of the one who came
from Bombay for you. Look. She and her father searching
for us perhaps. Where are you running away?
– Boatman, move the boat faster. You look after your daughter. Faster.
– Closer! We are trapped.
– Great! Here we are. Careful. Good you fell down, you are drenched.
You can have my underwear. I found the queen
of my heart. The queen of my heart! Madam where did you come from? How long will you stay?
In the house boat or motor boat? Have you come with governess or
alone? When are you going back? What is the hurry?
Take time to breathe. There is no guarantee of it.
It can stop anytime.

My name is Pandit Pyarelal.
– Pyare! Oh my good luck!
I got my queen of heart. I waited for long last evening. I too was waiting.
– For whom? For my heart to decide. What have you decided?
– Decision on lives take long time. Can't it be done early? Sweet is the fruit of patience. I know that my life
is going to be sweet. You are too much.
– Call me by name. ''You and I are made for each other'' ''Why must we care
if the world acts strange?'' ''If I have your love. . . '' ''I don't even need God'' ''You, only you are in my heart,
in my eyes'' ''There is no room for another'' ''I shall not seek heaven
after death. . . '' ''if I have your arms
to spend this lifetime'' ''Let's illuminate the night''
with the moon of love'' ''I wouldn't care
if there are stars in the sky then'' ''You and I are made
for each other'' ''As we meet gazes
and match steps.

. . '' ''we tread forgetting
the pace of Time'' ''The Spring asks the blossoms. . . '' ''Who is here
that you bow your heads to?'' ''As the blossoms ponder an answer,
I leave'' ''I don't care if I'd ever see
the garden in bloom again'' ''You and I are made
for each other'' ''Why must we care
if the world acts strange?'' ''If I have. . . '' ''your love. . . '' ''I don't even need God'' ''You and I are made
for each other'' Uncle, this is Mr Rajpal. Do you stay here?
– No. I come here every year for vacation. So you love this place?
– Nothing special. I want to go abroad for
travelling. But. . . But. . . ? My father never lets me
go out of the country. He loves me so much that
I cannot displease him. According to him, Kashmir
is the best place in the world. Don't you think so? This year I liked Kashmir
all the more. Why this year?
Any special reason? I remembered some urgent work.
I'll leave. The boy is too young and honest.
But what to do? Even his father was like that.
He was my close friend.

For whom I agreed even to
go to jail. Jail?
– Yes. That is 20 years ago. We were business partners. One day, as our boat was
reaching Rangoon port. . . Police! They will catch us.
– We better dump the goods in water. It's our life's earnings. Think of
something to save both money and us. But. . .
– We will be in Rangoon's jail. . . with families in India.
– What is the way out? One of us has to reach India. You know that I'm the lone
heir to my uncle's wealth. If I could reach India
I'll look after both our children. But, the crime is mine.
How can I escape? You escape somehow. But
look after my wife and child. I promise.
– You go. I'll reach India and take care
of your wife and child. I know. You leave.
I'll take the blame. After my release when
I came back to India. . . You have always cheated me,
lied to me.

If ' Hundi' is not paid
by tomorrow, I'll. . . When did you come from Burma?
– I'm coming straight from the ship. How are you? You look prospered.
– I'm happy to see you. Right now I'm busy with
business matters. Please wait outside. I'll meet you again later.
Tell me how is my wife and daughter? May I finish with him?
– Of course. Send someone with me. I'll go home.
I'll meet you later. What is the matter?
– Look, Hiralal. . . I don't know where is your family.
– What do you mean? I was so busy with business
that I had no time.

. . No time?
Sohanlal. . . I spent so many years of my life
to save you and. . . in 18 years you had no time for. . .
– I tried a lot. But I had my problems,
business to look after. No Sohanlal, the greed made
you forget your promise. You are ungrateful.
– Stop it. Since you have arrived,
search for your family. If you need money,. . .
keep it. I'll do that. Do you think
these few bucks. . . will return my life that
I wasted on you? Okay, Sohanlal. I never expected Sohanlal
would treat me like that. I decided to take
revenge on Sohanlal. But I'm afraid
you might begin to stagger. Seth ! Kashmir has made
a pauper out of me. My games were played back to me.
Everything is ruined.

You are furnishing the house
but my house will be empty. A girl has to leave her
parents' home someday. Accept it.
– Sure, but what happens to my Indu? You are a strange father. Didn't
your daughter tell you anything? Raj informed me that
he liked the girl. It is not Indu.
But someone else. The boys nowadays! Never mind.
His choice is my choice.

I'm throwing a party tonight.
Lend me a helping hand. I wished to have a daughter-in-law
for a long time. But didn't know that
she will be so beautiful. You are lucky, my son.
Go introduce her. Oh my dream girl, how
long I stay mesmerised? How did you lose him?
He went to Kashmir with you. Cancellation of flights from
Kashmir. . . and it's unreliable climate
which can lead to relationships. My boss. The party is fantastic. I feel I have seen
this girl before. Looks familiar. She looks good.
– Very good. Beyond compare. Did you bring the necklace? Give this to your fiancee from me. For you, from daddy. I haven't stolen anything.
– Did it come flying to you? Take her to the police station.
– No. I've not stolen anything. I doubted even in Kashmir. This necklace confirmed it. She worked in our
store 3 years ago. You sent her to jail
for a year. She threatened to avenge.

It's her. This girl. . . I've. . . What happened Rita?
Why did you leave? Good that you have come.
Take it. Why? Every traveller doesn't
reach his destination. What happened to you?
Did someone say anything? Hasn't your dad said anything to you?
– No. If not, he will certainly. Why are you afraid of daddy?
– I'm afraid that. . . he won't let this
wedding take place. He won't do that. You remove this
fear from your heart. He won't refuse.
– If he does, will you still marry me? Don't you have faith
in my love? I was afraid my love will take
back seat before your relationship. Before you make excuses, I
better move from your path. You are putting me to test. It is
the weak who hide behind excuses. I'm not the one who will betray.
I want to marry you, now. Now?
– Yes, right now. To get rid of poverty,
people play their own games. Knowing that Raj
is your only son. . . and the lone heir to your property,
that girl played her game.

It has disgraced
my family name. You will be disgraced the day
she steps in as daughter-in-law. It won't happen.
– Anything can happen. Let's hope nothing
has happened yet. She can be removed
out of the way if you want. It is evident that she needs
money than your son. And you don't care for money
and only want your son. It can be done. Mother, I have vowed in front
of your pyre to. . . avenge your death. I've taken first step
towards it. I've married Sohanlal's son. He separated a daughter
from her mother. I'll separate him from his son. Mr Sohanlal wants to meet you. Welcome, Seth.
I was waiting for you. I knew that you
would come to bless me. Had I known that you were my servant,
I'd never have let this happen.

We are engaged anyway, and. . .
– The wedding will never happen. You will quit Bombay
and never see my son again. Perhaps you still think that
I'm your servant. What else are you?
Every person sells. I'm here to make a deal with you. I'm not in the mood for a deal. I'm a human being,
not a shop, Seth. It's not your fault though. You have seen only business,
not humans. Shall I write a cheque of 50,000? You can take that amount from me. 100,000? 200,000? 300,000? 400,000? Take it. Don't ever
look at my son again. How strange! When I was helpless
and my mother was sick,. . . you could not give
an advance of Rs.400. And now, when I'm
once gone to jail. . . you are giving me

Is it the price for my going to
jail or mother's death? You may leave. So you want me to
tell Raj everything? Don't bother. I'll myself tell him
that I've served a term for theft. You will do nothing of that sort.
Raj is my only son. I have never turned him down.
I know that he loves you. If he finds out the truth
he will be devastated. Daddy. . . here? I thought you are playing golf.
– Raj. . . haven't you given him
the good news? Last night I came home late
and left early morning. We married last night, daddy. What. . . ? I have married Seth Sohanlal's son
Rajpal. Married? Don't worry. I have good sense
of your dignity. All the evening newspapers
will carry our pictures.

So it's reached this far, eh?
It's her plot, son. Tell me you haven't married her,
it's a lie. Daddy, it's the truth.
– No! My son cannot marry a thief. My daughter-in-law will wear a diamond
crown, not the stigma of a jail. Jail. . . ? Yes, son.
This is not her true self. She's a criminal,
she has served a year's term. It's a lie. Absurd. Rita, tell me that
it's all a lie. It's true.
– I say, it's not true! You are mistaken, daddy.
She is my Rita, not a criminal. My offence was proved. It is impossible! This cannot be. See, you hurt him badly.
You broke his heart. Don't worry. It is not
a poor man's heart. . . to keep on crying
when broken. Rich men don't have
a thing called heart. If you had heart, it would have
melted by my tears of innocence. Would have cried for
my helplessness. If you had a heart. . . my mother would
have been alive, perhaps. And you wouldn't have heard
your son's broken heart.

But the time was in your
favour then. And today, time is
in my favour. I've waited for 3 years
for this day. I've hidden the fire
of revenge in my heart. At last I've married
your son today. My revenge starts from today. You married me
because you love me. I was never in love with you.
– You are lying. Look at me and say
that you don't love me. I don't love you. Never mind. You are my wife.
You will begin to love me. I can never love you.
Because you are his son. You want to marry a girl
who doesn't love you? She doesn't deserve to be your wife!
– If that is so, who married me? You send a girl to jail and
expect her to become an angel? I don't want to know
what you have been.

I love you. . . as what you are today.
Forget what you have done. From today you are a
decent girl and a wife. And a daughter-in-law.
– That is not possible. She cannot be my daughter-in-law. I've married her.
– But she is a thief. A criminal as per the law.
– Good ! You make me a thief
and I get the bad reputation ! You do the looting
and I be called a dacoit! You make fun of my helplessness
and I be called a devil ! No, Sohanlal. I prayed to
prove my innocence. I cried and wailed. In place of my innocent face,
you have projected me as a thief and a criminal. Law and the jail have labelled me
as a thief. On that. . . I've written your names
also, in big letters. Your family name. Can you prove that she
is never jailed? Can you erase her name
from police records? Assume that your wife
is taken to police station.

And made to stand in
line for identification. Can you bear the insult? I cannot keep quiet
because you have fallen in love. You will never meet her.
And see her face again. I've already invited everyone
for the evening's party. . . including your friends.
– Cancel it. Apologise to everyone. But I have married her, daddy. What you do in secrecy is a crime,
not a marriage. If you bring home a whore,
will I accept her? She can't be my daughter-in-law. She is your daughter-in-law.
Your son married her before God. I'm not willing to accept her. As long as I'm alive,
she can't enter this house. That's final. All right. If that's what you have decided,
she won't come here.

Orphans are unfortunate. But those deprived of their parents'
love are rather more unfortunate. My son. . . Daddy, this is Rita's uncle. Glad to meet you, Mr Sohanlal.
– My girl wants to meet you, Raj. How come you are here?
– Rita is my niece. Actually, I should've met you before. But one hardly finds time when
he's trying to earn more and more. I hear, you were in Rangoon
and some friend duped you. Trust me, in your shoes,
I'd have taken revenge. Do you know this man whom
you brought along? I met him in Kashmir.
What is the matter? He is my old enemy.
– He is Rita's uncle. Wrong. It's Rita's plot.
– No, daddy. Rita is a good girl. How much is this necklace?
– Rs.40,000. Diamonds. Be careful. I was sent to jail for an year
for stealing a necklace. Really.
– What are you doing? Introducing myself.
Is it a lie? Ask your daddy.
– Keep quiet for God's sake. ''How do I shut up?
I'm not drunk yet'' ''I'm still sober'' ''Let me have few more drinks'' ''The thirst of ages
have led me to this chalice'' ''This celebration
has turned into a sorrowful event'' ''What was between you and me once
has become public now'' ''Let me have few more drinks'' ''How do I shut up?'' ''How do I shut up?
I'm not drunk yet'' ''I'm still sober'' ''Let me have few more drinks'' ''You know the reason behind
this drinking spree'' ''There is a touch of vanity
to it'' ''I'm drunk,
what makes you sober down?'' ''Let me have few more drinks'' ''How do I shut up?'' ''How do I shut up?
I'm not drunk yet'' ''I'm still sober'' ''Let me have few more drinks'' Uncle, take me home.

Get in the car. How was it, good?
– Nice. No one suspected that I gave you
diluted Coca Cola. You ! Why did you come here? Go away. Are you still intoxicated? It won't go away but
will last for life. Aren't you ashamed
of what you did? No daughter-in-law
disgraces family dignity. Dignity? Where did you learn
the poor man's word? No rich man's name or dignity
is disgraced. Only a clerk earning Rs. 200
per month will be disgraced. And a helpless, poor girl. How can Seth Sohanlal's
dignity be disgraced? All daddy's friends and big men
of the town were in the party. Daddy couldn't sleep the whole night. Really?
I am pleased. . . to hear that Sohanlal couldn't
sleep because of me. You don't know how many sleepless
nights I spent in jail.

Revenge is not good. It can burn the person himself
while burning the others. Remove it from your heart
and come home with me. You are forgetting that
you are my wife too. No. I'm only Sohanlal's
daughter-in-law, Rita. . . who spent an year in jail.
I want to tell it to the world. You want to show that you are a
heartless wife. . . mannerless daughter-in-law and
a disgrace to the society? When you walk on
the road, people say. . . that, she is Sohanlal's
daughter-in-law. It calms down the storm
of fire in my heart.

I feel that I gave
food to a hungry mother. I feel as if my sick mother
got brief relief. And her soul got
a moment of peace. I understand your pain.
But I love you. Is it my fault? Fault? I too was
not at fault. I've seen bad days
and spent days in jail. I cannot forget
who sent me there. I can forget my pain.
But not my mother's pain. Even your love cannot
heal the wounds. Nothing can be done now.
Go away from here. Don't come here again. Indu. . . you? No, Raj. I won't let
you drink any more. I'm obligated to your love
and friendship. You know that I don't love you. Why do you deceive yourself?
– It is better,. . . than getting deceived by others.
This may become reality someday. You're hoping for the impossible.
– Rita ditched you. It was an impossibility
for you.

But today. . . So be it, if this
is what she wants. Let's go. Reach him to the car.
– All right. ''May her dreams be shattered'' ''May her dreams be shattered'' ''O Heart, in the name of love. . . '' ''suffer, and kill yourself'' ''Even in death
you must stand apart'' ''May her dreams be shattered'' ''Her arms aren't meant
for you'' ''Neither are the shadow
of her tresses'' ''Why must you then
live in despair?'' ''Why must you then
live in despair?'' ''In your prime,
kill yourself'' ''May her dreams be shattered'' ''Mercy or apathy. . .
the beauties decide'' ''So please don't anyone complain'' ''O cruel one,
may your beauty reign forever'' ''O cruel one,
may your beauty reign forever'' ''That's what I pray for,
before I perish'' ''May her dreams be shattered'' ''O Heart, in the name of love. . . '' ''suffer, and kill yourself'' ''Even in death
you must stand apart'' ''May her dreams be shattered'' What are you thinking? Nothing.

Your sadness shows
that there is something. Are you feeling well?
– I'm fine. You are hiding something from me. From you? I know what's the matter. Raj follows you all day round,
and you've been avoiding him. Do you really hate him? Do you doubt? A woman has a tender heart. She'd rather ruin herself
than ruin others. So, I'm afraid. . .
– Afraid of what? I'm afraid that love
may overtake revenge. Your one affectionate look
can ruin our game. Don't be afraid.
Raj won't get it. I'm loyal to you.
I think of your benefit. You were ready to spend
400,000 to get rid of Rita. I'll made arrangements to
get Rita out of 100,000. Your words are useless like you.
You cannot do anything. I've to do something myself.
– Don't trouble yourself. It is only a beautiful face.
Today I'll play a trick,. . . so that face won't be there. Everything should be
done by 12 in the night. Here is the passport.

A draft
for 90,000 in a bank there. Rs. 10,000 cash in advance. Are they real notes?
– Yes. Everything should go well. Even I have to settle
some old accounts. Take it and use if necessary.
– All right. My bite renders
instant death. Bring your cake. This will be presented on my behalf
on the occasion of anniversary. Rita must have spoiled
the beauty of many cakes. Watch the revenge of cakes. When she cuts the cake,. . . the balloon will
blow up and her face. . . Wonderful ! You look great. the moon of the full moon day is
doing make up in make up room. It is time for show. Wait. Who are you? Lock him up! Your beautiful eyes have seen a lot. But don't dare. Your lips
are tempting. Shut lips look great. If they open,
this will fire. Go on stage. The audience
are missing you. ''The gathering is in slumber'' ''Could there be someone. . . ?'' ''The gathering is in slumber'' ''Could there be someone. . . ?'' ''who'd understand our gestures?'' ''The night will be spent.

. . '' ''singing, dancing and smiling'' ''The morning will look. . . '' ''for the guests
who were here last night'' ''The gathering is in slumber'' ''Could there be someone. . . ?'' ''who'd understand our gestures?'' ''Even the clock stops
to ponder. . . '' ''if there'd ever be
a morning again'' ''Who knows what life is all about?'' ''Finally the string of breath
breaks'' ''The gathering is in slumber'' ''Could there be someone. . . ?'' ''who'd understand our gestures?'' Seth Hiralal, don't keep them waiting.

Let Rita cut the cake
and offer them. Wait! Wait! Don't cut the cake. Ms Rita, cut the cake. Don't cut it!
– She has to cut it. Don't! She has to cut. We are exposed. I'll take care of Rita.
You handle Hira. You rogue, you spoiled
all my plans! What is happening? Move it! Stop. Don't come forward. Else, you will be shot. You cannot escape so easily.
– Let go of me. C'mon ! Are you guys all dead? Help! Help. You cannot escape my bite. Your face is your pride. Neither you nor your face
will remain anymore. Lights. Arrest him. I can understand that
Raj is not guilty. What can I do if
he doesn't talk? He has to cooperate. Why are you taking the
murder rap of others? If anything happens to you. . .
no. . . no. Why don't you tell the truth
that you haven't killed.

I have killed.
– You are lying. You are purposely. . .
– I'm taking the blame deliberately. Because, a son must inherit
not only father's properly. . . but all the good and
bad deeds committed by him. We have to compensate
a lot to Rita. If my imprisonment can
correct our mistake,. . . and my hanging can
reduce our sin,. . . and if my death can
give new life to Rita. . . I better die. As per police reports
you have confessed. . . On 12th December at 12. 25am. . . you have fired at a man
called Snaky in Egyptiana. He died instantly. We would like to know if you
have confessed under pressure. No. I've done it with my
will and in full senses. I have shot at Snaky. It's a lie.

As per
ballistics report,. . . Raj's finger prints were
found on the revolver. And some of Rita too. . . which Raj tried to erase. It proves that the revolver
is snatched away after the shot. He has taken the blame on him. I've fired it, not Rita. Rita is my wife. It is my duty
to save her dignity and life. The law permits you to save
your life, Mr Raj. But it does not allow you to
own up the blame of others. That's wrong. I'm not owning up
anyone's blame.

I'm the killer. Not once. . . but I'll repeat it again and again,
I'm the killer! Not anyone else. I deserve punishment. It's a lie!
– What are you doing? I fired the gun ! I'm the killer.
– Shut up! You can say it
in the witness box. Sit down. . .
– Uncle, let me go. Sit down, dear. . . I'm Rajpal's wife. I've
married him not out of love. Because I wanted to
damage their reputation. . . who once disgraced me. I pretended to be in love with Raj
as I wanted to avenge his father. But, Raj truly loved me. He married me despite
his father's disapproval. He disregarded his name,
family and reputation for me.

Raj loves me today too. So, he
is taking the blame for my crime. The truth is, I fired the bullet.
I'm the culprit. Raj is innocent. It's a lie! Tell the court that
it is not true. He is innocent.
Please save him. Sohanlal is our enemy,
so is his son Raj. No. He is only Raj now.
My Raj. Raj and Rita are husband and wife.
They have emotional attachment. The court accepts the facts
and not emotional feelings. Rita's evidence may be
disregarded. The house is no more a home. Strange silence prevails
in the house.

As if the walls
are asking for Raj. Asking where have I left him. You have no idea,
Raj was very young. . . when his mother passed away. I've never let him feel
the absence of his mother. I gave him everything he wanted. I did everything. Had I known that he would insist. . . I would have asked for
your forgiveness for his sake. I had a wish. Raj's wedding. His wife would bring Spring
into our barren house. It happened, but
unfortunately,. . . I turned her away. You are an angel, dear.
You have forgiven me. But, God is punishing this sinner.

I snatched away mother from you. God is snatching away
my son from me today. I feel that I've lost
everything today. I don't know why
my heart says that,. . . Raj is gone away
forever from me. He will never come back to me. You are my daughter-in-law.
Come and take care of your house. Forgive this sinner. You bring light with your
entry into the house. God might listen
to our prayers. And Raj may come back. This is. . .
– My mother. Sit here,
I'll be back. Is Seth Hiralal in? Welcome Sohanlal.
You had to come to me at last. Good thing. Friends
are helpful in need. To save you I have spent
my youth in jail. How nicely you repaid my friendship
when I came back! Don't you remember? Not the right time to embarrass me.

. .
– Embarrassment? You have nothing to do with shame!
Even now, you got reasons to come here You know that your
son is not guilty. You must think I might
know the real culprit. You must know that if I
can maintain friendship. . . I can be your worst enemy too.
I was waiting for this day. I knew Time will
bring you to me. Until your lone son
is not hanged,. . . my revenge is not complete.
Get lost! I've not come here
for my benefit. Neither for begging
for my son's life. Fate has played a strange
game with us. I realised today that fate
and friendship are linked. It is necessary that we
forget our past. Take off your hand.
I can smell selfishness. Death looms large over your son, so
you'd even befriend an enemy today. How could you forget I had
a small child and you took. . . responsibility of
her bringing up. For our friendship sake you
could have taken care of her.

You could have saved my wife
and child from hardships. Where are they? I'm asking you,
do you have a reply? Yes. I have.
That's why I came to you. The fate has played with our lives. I always snatched things
away from you. I would have snatched away
your daughter too. . . if not for this photograph with her.
– Which photograph? I regret that your
wife is not alive today. My daughter?
– She is waiting for you upstairs. Have you seen any girl here?
– Which girl? Who bought this photograph. It was with me.
– What do you mean? Why was it with you?
– It was with me since childhood. It is me and my mother. You and your mother? Yes. What is the matter? It is you who I was
searching for so long.

You. . . are my daughter. My child ! I am. . . your daughter? Father! As per police report,. . . you have surrendered yourself
for diamonds smuggling. . . and Snaky's murder.
Is it right? Yes. If you look into
4 year old police records. . . On the night of 2 7th
September, 1 964. . . the smuggler who ran away
from police, was me. I confess to my crime and
also confess that I shot Snaky. Only my fingerprints
are on the gun used. I can only say in defense
that, I fired the gun. . . as Rita's life was in danger.
I fired to save an innocent life. If the court feels I must be punished,
I'm ready for it. In the light of the circumstances
leading to killing,. . . Hiralal is acquitted
of Snaky's murder. However, for smuggling. . . one year imprisonment
and Rs. 20,000 as fine. It will be 2 years
if the fine is not paid. Why are you crying? I took
the punishment willingly. You are lucky to
get a husband like Raj. After marriage, a girl needs
husband's love not parents. Whatever I have, I'm giving you. I'm responsible for whatever
she has done. Forgive me if you can.

Please don't embarrass me. Sohanlal. .
– Hiralal, I've troubled you a lot. Forgive me. I have given 20 years for my friend,
another year won't make a difference. Not just friends,
we are relatives now I don't believe it. Until a child
is born in your house. . and he calls us grandfathers,
we are not related..

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