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How to become from Zero to Hero in Stock Market by Vijay Kedia

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Friends, face2face is like a change for me, as well as I am actually pleased of it individuals are learning a lot and they are obtaining understanding, so I feel so excellent when I mane brand-new learning web content the benefit of face2face is that I am trying to make it multidimensional, we speak concerning trading, investing, and likewise monetary preparation overall as a supply market participant or somebody who desires to develop lengthy term wealth for himself or herself, face2face has ended up being a vital source of right knowing, expertise, and knowledge In today'' s face2face, the guest is exceptionally commendable, I feel so honored and also blessed that he accepted fire with me what we will certainly share today will just open your mind, it is not only concerning investing or operating in the share market. It has to do with living your life a specific means. It is a method to make you all set, and its name is Vijay Kedia.So our visitor for today is not a person, however an individuality Vijay sir will certainly share everything, so this video will be so good that it will make you stay till completion and also realize all the expertise so if you are brand-new to this network after that this face2face is in elearnmarkets, which is equipping you as well as my name is Vivek Bajaj cofounder of stockedge and elearnmarkets. And we are working a whole lot. so maintain sustaining us similar to this, as well as push the bell icon to join us. I am so fired up today that I can'' t also describe. Typically, I do unscripted, but I put on'' t know exactly how will I ask you anything due to the fact that my mind will certainly not function, so I have additionally called Karan that is spending for the past 12-13 years, he is young, however he is doing actually well so both people will ask some questions.I intend to translate your trip of investing and get in your mind so firstly, I need to know about your journey and also because you are from Kolkata, it is making me a lot more thrilled about exactly how were you able to do it so short us up about your journey, why did you leave Calcutta and also what was the very first point you did when you mosted likely to Mumbai so first of all, it is additionally happening for me that someone from Kolkata is taking my meeting because it is about the native land, India is our native land, but this is the genuine one I have actually started every little thing from Kolkata only, so it is in my soul.The structure, halls, and everything are the same. I likewise understand the people from right here. so
you would like to know from where I started? I have claimed a great deal of times in the past, I will certainly duplicate that once more right here It began from the Kolkata Supply Exchange, my grandfather was a supply broker. My father died when I was 14 as well as he was 40 my grandpa was a broker and also I recognized that life is going to alter, the battle is additionally mosting likely to be an enjoyable experience At that age, I was unable to recognize the severity of the circumstance, as well as I took it as an experience.However, some joint households are truly great but some are not. My surrounding was not that excellent, I was able to recognize that I require to gain cash currently or else my household won ' t have the ability to handle we were 4 bros as well as sisters, one sis was married. My mom used to be stressed, as we claim 12 days after a person ' s death.My grandfather made use of to deal with his journal as you recognize that time people used to function like that. I was attempting to comprehend exactly how it functions. You have actually seen that people do betting right here and also in Kolkata it is the society Satta is trading, nowadays individuals call it future and also choices I understood that I need to do this, so I used to sit with my grandfather to do mock trading That ' s when I obtained interested, we made use of to do big professions in simulated trading such as lacs and even more my grandpa was not happy he used to believe I seethe, but possibly he mored than happy this is just how it was started, after that when I turned 18 I gave the application of sub-broker/assistant manager in the Exchange, but they required individuals with 21 years of age Back then the president was Mr.Bardhan ji, so he enabled me due to sympathy it was a compulsion initially since I required to make money, after that I had the ability to gain according to my capabilities, that ' s just how the journey started that time I had no lacs of rupees, so it was only 100-150 yet my family members did not like that I do any type of type of trading, so we divided I started doing trading, at first, it was like an addiction. Then points obtained negative, which occurs with every person also now in the start, the marketplace invites everyone and afterwards later on it also throws out. As it is claimed, will welcome every person with swag. This takes place when we feel we are unyielding This is just how the marketplace works when we start thinking nobody can beat us, after that just the marketplace will certainly throw us off So it was the normal ups and downs that I experienced.People assume this is with satta, but it is likewise the very same in the future and options. if I intend to gain on a daily basis or I have to get some benefit from the very same after that future as well as options can work a person requires to concentrate on that just after that just they can be effective the success price is 1%, 99 %of individuals lose their cash
and also the 99%cash lost by them is earned by 1%of individuals from there I mosted likely to Bombay, so when you reached Bombay, was investing the first thing you did? at first, I did rule out it as a company. I finished with my grandfather and it remained in particular limitations I wished to do something big, something voluminous.I wasn ' t interested in doing anything with 100-200, it was about lacs if you have actually enhanced your stake by 99 %and after that it is 98-100% then you can do well after 10 years I realized that this is not my point, I intended to do investment. I needed to know how this will certainly work so whatever money I was entrusted to such as 35-40K, I started spending with

that nowadays these millennials invest with 50,000-1 lac and after that they believe that the return will be less with that investment so you began with trading, however you were not able to make cash. Then you began spending to obtain even more money. So which one do you think is much better? to start with, you tell earning money takes time or not? there is no warranty that 1 lac will certainly turn right into 50 lacs in trading after that you will certainly involve 0 as well as you won ' t also have the ability to do trading, so this is done in the mind you can inspect the adversity now, however during my time there was no difficulty If Shahrukh ended up being the wealthiest guy in India then he likewise had a story behind it that no one understands you lost all your money in trading, however after that God respected you so your money was recuperated firstly, it is not necessary that what occurred with me will certainly additionally occur with you, I hope God makes it much better for you there are some criteria, dos, as well as put on ' t that you need to follow, however no person told me all this you ought to have the enthusiasm that it ' s a do or pass away if you are investing your time in trading as well as trying to recognize different points, and also you are attempting to understand about multi-bagger chains after that a concept can alter your life when I heard that you do permanent investing, then I believed that how do you do that.I can not perceive full-time investing. So what do you do the whole time? Do you consider the rates? I spend for an infinity period, I do not think when will I take it'back or in 2 years suppose if I am resting below or if I go anywhere for 5 days such as Rishikesh my work is to believe, it is my passion. No, it is not my interest, it is my occupation to believe so I constantly think that if this occurred then what influence it will make on my share I am not completely equipped in this, but I still keep assuming that what if this occurs so it will impact me however it is my goal to believe, and also today I am not believing anything you bought 2 supplies, it was ACC and also Punjab tractors.You provided the factor that the tractors have reversed for the Punjab tractors share I need to know the mind behind it, I will inform you what I was claiming before I began believing that I am not able to recognize these terms people who were linked per various other called each other babus, that; w just how it used to function that time it had to do with Punjab tractor, that time there were just 2-3 gamers already it is the very same I listened to that there

is some rebound in the tractor company, so I took that share just by checking out that article it must have taken place that time, there were numerous cases for decontrolled at that time however when I pertained to Bombay at that time the issues with ACC began it is a really easy formula, if some firm is making 50 lacs and 10 rupees cost has boosted after that it will enjoy 5 lacs much more you had your idea so you gave so much cash in the telephone call, it was due to your straightforward idea when you utilize Dettol, you feel the smell and tingling sensation.When you make use of Savlon you do not feel that so you assume it is not functioning when you assume all that after that you realize you are not able to understand that even if you try to comprehend if they need to say after that I can ' t do anything, but if they require to understand after that I can discuss in 2 lines this was 3 years back, but do you assume it is feasible to check out papers, the net, and also other points to understand trading in today ' s time? what I think is that we should link our data when I was young, because of my pompousness I

utilized to inform my buddies that even if Birla Ji informs me to purchase these shares I will not Birla ji was considered in Kolkata, so I utilized to claim that even if he tells me to I won ' t I informed a person that you do not recognize how large you can'come to be the sector will be 200-500 crore, even they do not understand the worth and also boundary three things are necessary in spending, knowledge, courage, and persistence at first, when the amount is less we do not feel it however when it increases we assume that are we doing the best thing? so just how are you able to scale up to 100-1000 and like that? creativity and hopes are unlimited! what do you call it in English? I will vary here, when the market is increasing after that the 10 crores will look like a bigger portfolio.For you my portfolio dimension allows what size I have possibly it is looking bigger for the observer so you are claiming that I am keeping my creativities wide? Yes, Delhi is much from right here individuals have created and discovered a lot of things, they have done so a lot from trading if you are saying you are still an operate in progress after 30 years, after that what 2-3 points you have discovered in the previous 4-5 years? one component I have recognized is that I can not generate income via trading in some cases it takes place that you were going to obtain 100 rupees, yet you obtained 70 as well as 30 was invested in trading that was the very first fifty percent, currently in this trip, I am trying to be disciplined, yet I am still not entirely disciplined somewhere you will certainly comprehend, however this is such a deep well that you won ' t have the ability to comprehend I maintain improving the very same formula such as my smile formula, which I had no concept concerning in the past if you have 1 rupee, then make use of 1 cent.That courage is actually important I am not stating you need to do that however nerve is really essential It was god’s present that he offered me the courage however guts is likewise a two-sided sword. Two kinds of swords. It can conserve you along with slit your throat for that good luck is additionally important. For that good luck is very important, luck is essential for it you get the chance from good luck utilizing your chance obtains from luck you get the chance but to use it appropriately you obtain it from luck It took probably 20-25 years in my life to adjust it, it’s an issue of luck. So sir besides guts you provided stress to one even more point in an interview that perseverance, this is the only thing in today’s day that will become your edge as a financier after your experience, it is understandable that perseverance might develop yet a brand-new financier who is entering in today’s day as well as within 1 year within 6 months he has actually seen money ended up being 3 times 4 times, so exactly how can he add patience to his ability. the story of perseverance, you believe so suppose you are going to Bombay by plane I am sitting in Kolkata as well as from here you are mosting likely to Bombay by flight so understand that it ' s a 2.5 hrs journey so after 1 hour, you begin really feeling that it has been way too much time, may I reach Bombay quickly you will overlook, you will do that, you will do this, you will get coffee, you will order that you obtain restless you believe if you have to go to London by a trip of 9 hrs 8 hours after that your rashness will start after 6 hours speaking right, it will not start as quickly as you rest on the flight 6 hours will pass then you will state hi it has been 6 hrs, 1 hour more and also we will reach.If you have to go to Canada for 14 hours as an example then your impatience will start after 12 hours remedy? Hmm. So what does this tell us? It informs us that your destination is what offers you a foothold on exactly how you are becoming. if you are getting happy in Rs 2000, I get goosebumps while talking hahahaha. So think you are getting happy in Rs 2 lakh or'you are getting happy in Rs 2 crore your enjoying is your restriction, it tells you for how long you need to go if you more than happy to score 20 runs, after that you can not rack up a century or if you more than happy to rack up a century after that you can not rack up a double century Enjoying is additionally a various point, it does not suggest that you do not cheer for yourself. Way contentment The response to your factor is to understand that brand-new financiers that are coming have to choose a location first. as well as what I am stating

is to be happy methods to be calm, for me that is being happy.There must be happiness in life Also if you need to invest money to be happy you ought to be. If not today then it will come tomorrow That happiness is a various thing, when I mention spiritual happiness is a different point I indicate to be calm be terrified, if you will be terrified then exactly how will you score 500 runs if you will be scared how will you strike 6 runs in 6 spheres? Sir, in your preliminary financial investments you saw. In our idea we call it drawdown methods great deal of loss still you held it due to the fact that you had sentence because organization in that business this clearly currently I understand much more concerning you because I am talking with you, it appears to you have a various state of mind given that childhood, very early childhood you have nerve which is why you might be able to hold it a commoner does not have that much courage, if his stock falls by 20 %he panics and hurries to sell the supply, market, sell.Let me tell you something, intend you earn lakhs of rupees a month and I call you to my area for the interview you will enjoy? No. Right? You will be if I give you 10 lacs the extra you go inside, you will get more danger to award proportion if you wish to do big with the share market money then you have to alter the style of your life if there is an estimation in your mind, then you can make 6s in 6 spheres you obtain various ideas while you are learning. You can discover more in difficulty it is the market ' s money and in the initial cycle if it is not coming after that you require to do again nowadays millennials desire everything in rent, residence, cars and truck, and also every little thing if I comply with all this and also when I use then I get some 5-6 stocks there are some specifications that are considered, in some criteria 2-3 firms are taken, as well as in other criteria various other firms are maybe this is exactly how it is and afterwards I utilize my old solutions for everything I had really much less amount for that initially, then it began dropping so you comprehend that I am offering an example, so it obtains famous in which body movement it is going if you take shares you are coming to be the partner of ending up being, you are becoming a copartner currently they are coming to be a business owner and offering their shares to others if they wear ' t have the qualities of a management person then they won ' t have the ability to succeed if you will certainly review much less news then you will certainly concentrate more on what you know Take the experience from your very own win and also lose or from various other’s win as well as lose.If you take it from other’s win as well as loss after that you will discover quick and also if you draw from your very own win and also loss then it will take life long. So it is better to gain from various other’s blunders When you stay 24-hour with this after that you will find out. So there is no exceptional stock or industry detailed. In any sector, you will certainly notice chance as well as management starving as well as you begin evaluating.No, none sector. I have a quote that claims’Keep in the daybreak industry regardless as well as stay out of the sundown market regardless’. This defines every little thing. Correct. I always try to remain in a new sector. I will not go back to old industries. For instance, Textile was succeeding in the 1980s, there was fabric darlington, bombay dyeing. Today for 20-30 years it is dropping So sectors keep on transforming. I put on ' t see the changes annual yet fad smart. I see the architectural changes. If this will certainly grow for the following twenty years, there is no number for two decades however 10 years.But if there is no quality, after that i will avoid it

. Due to the fact that my cash is limited. Everybody has actually restricted money. Also if you have 50,000 crores, it is limited. It is not endless, since you have actually allotted that money. Afterwards, you have zero money. You will look for new concepts. You will not go to financial institution. If you go to bank then you are not a financier. The possibility is high however cash is limited. So I attempt for investments that are going to be thriving and have terrific future. I expand and also expand in those financial investments. Sir, I have one last concern, which I assume to be essential, Leave strategy. It appears like you do not exit from any type of supply, yet you might have exited from any type of stock.So inform me concerning that situation research, that you have left this stock for this factor. Because you do not exit by checking out the supply rate. Yes However I left Atul Car by considering its stock rate. The PE proportion was 45 and the PE proportion of Bajaj Automobile was 22-25. So, it is not also 10%of Bajaj Automobile. till the time it has actually grown it can stay for long the raw product is exported for the asbestos, and also as

much as I recognize just 2 countries make them, is Ukraine and Russia.

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