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House Call for Irving Kidney Patient Was Good for the Heart

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James Gafford doesn’t need much to make him happy. Little acts of kindness bring tears of joy.

“They’re good people,” Gafford said of the staff at his primary care doctor, Shailendra Chavda, M.D., and his staff at USMD at Las Colinas.

Gafford had a fall that put him in the hospital. While there, he was diagnosed with kidney failure, put on dialysis, and spent nearly three months between the hospital and nursing care.

During a call to check in on Gafford after he got home, Dr. Chavda’s staff realized he’d been sent home without shoes, without enough food at home, and without the means to get some. That’s when medical assistant Azucena Jimenez made a house call.

“She said, ‘I got some food for you,’” Gafford said recalling her visit.

Jimenez bought about $80 of groceries with her own money.

“When I brought him that food, it was honestly the smile on his face and gratitude that he had,” Jimenez said. “This is what we were meant to do.”

“It made me feel like, ah, kinda special,” Gafford said wiping away tears. “Cause I know there’s people out there, they do care.”

“When you write a prescription, you’re saying do this and this pill will take care of everything for you,” Chavda said. “When you say that…my phone call and me as a person is there for you, then you know you will take care of that person.”

Chavda’s office says they also arranged for Gafford to get some shoes and three months of free lunches through the WellMed Charitable Foundation.

“This is what we as human beings are supposed to be doing, right,” Chavda said. “It shouldn’t be anything that we look upon and say, wow!”

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