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heute journal vom 11.10.2022 OPEC, Ukraine, Flüchtlingsgipfel, Putin, NATO, Krieg (українською)

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[music] [music] and now today'' s journal with Hanna Zimmermann and Christian Sievers excellent evening to all of you we begin with an epochal shift in this world that is still hanging on the oil drip the rich oil states in the Gulf are faced with elections an indication for human legal rights as well as to oppose the battle or instead to end up being also richer oil states what do you think just how they determine that is an ornate inquiry since the decision is on the table and it is a slap in the face for the western globe the progressively desperate-looking journeys of western leaders, most recently the Federal Chancellor to the Gulf were not worth a lot in retrospection the US Head of state currently intends to reevaluate the entire decades-long participation with Saudi Arabia due to the fact that the OPEC growth cartel will in future work in the hands of a specific Vladimir Putin the Head Of State of the United Arab Emirates was simply reported in Russia today Sebastian how important the hay You can inform Vladimir Putin is a state guest by his car.Mohammed binzayed
is enabled to drive from the government garage to Putin in a deluxe limo and also that in his hometown of St Petersburg the state see is an unique honor for Putin the state browse through is ideal because he wants to show how close he is with the OPEC nations collaborate and exactly how much he has a say in oil production our decisions our actions are not guided against anybody we do not act to trigger problems for anybody it is a negative expression that Putin recognizes will enrage the West another strike to the Stomach pit in the center of the power dilemma because just a week ago the oil-producing nations had seen to it that OPEC, consisting of Saudi Arabia, Iran and also the United Arab Emirates, as well as their development, the supposed opec-plus, consisting of Russia, had determined to cut the joint oil production volume by around 320 milligrams a day liters the United States is actually a close ally of the OPEC leading power Saudi Arabia was horrified that is a disappointment we are considering alternatives as an outcome of the scarcity of oil prices are increasing as well as, as an example, makes gasoline extra pricey, specifically for the United States Untimely the midterm political elections are showing up as well as costly petrol suggests mad citizens Joe Biden was only in July in Saudi Arabia cozy fist bump with an outlaw the accusations against Crown Prince bin Salman after the murder of the reporter kaschlagi are still in the room however both simply need the oil three months later the pleasant fist greeting is followed by a slap in the face Saudi Arabia resorts to Russia also acquires oil there for its own power generation as well as hence reinforces the Kremlin Funds in Saint Petersburg today the Head of state of the United Arab Emirates likewise made it clear exactly how close the relationship is Russia are and have a million n Vacationers from Russia went to all this we only handled with the help of Russia for the cameras of the state television Vladimir Putin is pleasant at the farewell of the head of state the freezing guest is given a coat no one should doubt that the partnership between Russia as well as the op nations is cozy as well as honest he in fact gets a jacket as a present something is changing immensely and it'' s bad information for the West the power specialist Andreas goldhau is with us from the German Culture for Foreign Plan good evening Professor good night Mr Sievers let'' s put ourselves in an additional place briefly right into the scenario of the OPEC countries, they just wish to get back at richer now the OPEC energy is superficially concerning maintaining the prices since the prices have created downwards from 130 dollars in June to 90 now, that is a down trend which must be stopped and the ze ight simply the activity of the OPEC in the last week is certainly the political signal that a lot more vital as well as that was already stated in the short article here in the long run the desired western states were not granted it would certainly have been essential for both with a view to obtain a moderately moderate oil cost in the middle of the political elections Vladimir Putin'' s income should be driven down as well as at the very same time certainly the remainder of the nations should be tormented by the calmness as well as power- induced rising cost of living and also so that '' s the significance and which looks of course anal was certainly no we themselves do not put it on the side of Putin on your side and also why are they doing what is the factor behind what is the reason for this break as well as for the reality that the efforts to have the Russian President ostracized worldwide are therefore completely threatened I think there is likewise a certain difference exercise in energy location Worldwide behind it the center of the world economy is migrating to the east that is where one of the most vibrant economic climates of the future are located that is where many of the energy need is and also OPEC is slowly relating itself to the east as well as of training course additionally recognizes that their markets lie there the west will become lesser Carbonization by the 30s at the most up to date, no more coal, no guest, no longer desire oil, and also for OPEC it is naturally crucial to see where are the ignition markets of tomorrow, so we are lesser China India extra as well as the orientation is happening currently, which naturally affects us for checking absolutely most undesirable moment that you can visualize what alternatives do we have because now we might stay with the US president who now we heard we quickly need low-cost gas rates for the americans prior to the midterm elections what choices does he have at the minute that'' s how it is that the oil p rice often tends to dodge, that indicates we have a steady, high oil rate if you want to bring it down you have 2 choices, one makes use of less, the various other throws more oil onto the market and also the Americans have done that in the previous reacted and used something from their strategic oil reserve, which can without a doubt be done again, however, is a relatively short-term impact and also will not have a lasting impact on the market.In the end,

there is only one method far from totally fossil-based into eco-friendly alternatives that is currently a historical wedge that is pushing itself right into the actually really close participation between the Gulf States, specifically between Saudi Arabia and also the U.S.A., what long lasting repercussions will that have? Final thought, in truth, since it was certainly a time long a really cooperative partnership the Americans develop for security bestow the five te fleet in the gulf ensure that exports of oil can take place as well as at the exact same time these audis likewise deliver during challenging times the gulf wars and also various other equivalent dilemmas this is something that is starting to slide today in truth and here something is changing this old cooperative partnership does appear to have gotten scripted guessing and also the saudi government evidently has it appears the trend here currently it is shifting a little bit and we went to least on the outdoors with it even if it will impact us really a lot thank you significantly for this experience tonight Professor goldhau College of Erfurt thanks extremely much for being with us of course that is the big picture that will really worry us in the cities of the Ukraine today shows what is rather an apparent method in the Kremlin to hit the energy framework in a targeted manner and in addition to power plants like the one that burst out the other day in Lemberg annte apartment structures are increasingly being bombed once again no location to stay and also no electricity that is the bitter fact in numerous locations the more destroyed the harder the winter months in the Ukraine will be that should be the negative computation behind how individuals prepare try to prepare that describes our Reporter Alisa young Kiev still has a sunny autumn however the cold will certainly come two years ago Sergi Kocak Salewski in fact built this terrace to rest outside with close friends and have a barbecue now he is walling it as much as have it warmer in winter months you have to tomorrow i will save regarding 15 to 20 percent on home heating costs quite low-cost remedy that several can manage despite the increased building and construction costs it is a great dilum to save in the future i will possibly be done with it in a week he lives in the north of kiev in Novi PI meets them the Russians were 10 kilometres from his front door at the beginning of the battle now wi ll he be prepared whatever might come by the 24th February we have actually discovered to constantly have a container of water or more right here and a lot more so he has actually gotten a generator it works he can run the fridge pot and also lights at the very same time laptops and also cost smart devices I also heat up your house with a gas boiler however it doesn'' t run without electrical power either on Monday after the Russian strike on Kiev the generator was used promptly power failure lasting several hours and also to bill laptop computers and also we cooked with each other on a gas range effectively scrumptious potatoes without any electric light we installed several candles this advised us of our conventional celebrations when it is dark as well as only candles on this could happen to you here more frequently after assaults on the critical facilities, the power grid driver in Kiev now desires to take safety nets around the grid steady to maintain us expecting the fall winter In order to get ready for the period, our business has actually established emergency timetables and also controlled power cuts over a number of hrs this might be a cool and also dark wintertime lots of can just intend to have a neighbor also prepared as Sergi that holds true we do not know what will certainly take place next yet if the supply of Electrical power as well as warm is becoming progressively difficult if it is becoming progressively uncertain where you can still be sensibly certain after that one point is clear: the number of people coming to us from the Ukraine is raising again and also the variety of refugees is also pressing some cities to their limitations nationwide there were already 35 percent extra applications for asylum this year than in the very same period in 2015, but dramatically less than in 2015/16, however, there are additionally the refugees from the Ukraine who do not require an asylum procedure to talk about a great deal and also preferably to select the refugee top today Klaus Brodbeck in scenes similar to this d Germany should have to obtain utilized to it once again refugees from the Ukraine when Putin'' s battle as well as the icy winter struck individuals there a lot more it'' s precisely what the vibrant states as well as communities are getting ready for in rush the figures for 2015 and 16 have already been surpassed the chaos from back after that however ought to not be duplicated despite the crisis situation, we have to state specifically from my city that 2 outdoor tents cities have been fixed in Dresden an exhibit hall is leased, which indicates that the overall scenario of individuals that have left has reached a size that is really much similar to the years 15 and also 16 if you generate people that have taken off Ukraine plus more asylum hunters then shows that the challenge we are already dealing with is equipping cities and also areas once more with gyms for emergency situation accommodation not just for people from the ukra however also from syria, afghanistan, iraq, turkey and africa, even more vacant facilities of the bu nds are intended to reduce the lack of space.We have actually likewise given places for more than 64,000 individuals in government property. We also have capability left there as well as today also have 56 various other realty uses for on-site accommodation platform disperse evacuees to lodgings more openness short-lived admission quits are equivalent to several government states had actually caused difficulty that mores than currently no government state in our country can accept that country bids farewell to the various other at the expense of this uniformity tightened border controls here Czech Republic to Slovakia but along Germany ' s borders with the Czech Republic and Austria need to'additionally wet the influx by means of the Balkan path, an increasing number of individuals are attempting to arrive via Serbia, the government in Belgrade does not call for visas and also is sending evacuees on Europe To be clear, Serbia ' s visa technique is undesirable, and also this likewise adds to activities on the Balkan route.A nation like Serbia, which significantly desires to come to be a participant of the

EU, one way or another can not act similarly in the direction of various other European countries at the European refugee top next Friday, Faeser intends to den Stress on the Serbian federal government will boost somehow, the pressure on Germany and Europe will continue to be Concerns on the based on Saxony ' s Inside Preacher Armin Schuster, my colleague Gundula Gause later on created in the heute-journal upgrade, but just currently you Hannah in St Petersburg have Russian Head Of State Putin and also the head of the global atomic power firm grossi fulfilled it had to do with the safety and security of the ukrainian nuclear reactor saporicia Putin stated he was open to dialogue grossy asked for a security zone around the nuclear reactor and defined the circumstance as significantly hazardous the nuclear reactor inhabited by russia time and again under fire Federal Chancellor Scholz has actually defined the other day ' s proposal by the expert payment on the gas price brake as a great basis. Union politicians, however also SPD as well as Environment-friendlies politicians see potential for improvement.CSU local group leader Dobrindt slammed the brake has to come earlier the one-off repayment in December might not be adequate tomorrow the Bundestag will certainly discuss the propositions in a present hour the web traffic light coalition is still saying concerning prolonging the life span of German nuclear reactor Federal Preacher of Economics Habeck charged the FDP of blocking a draft legislation which would endanger continued procedure this was declined by the FDP parliamentary team leader Dürr described that Haarback ' s timetable of passing the extension of the life time as early as next week in the Bundestag can be met, while the Greens only wished to maintain two nuclear power plants in reserve for a limited time n the FDP demands, among other things, that all three remaining nuclear power plants proceed to operate for a dramatically longer period of time. After decades of disagreement, Israel and Lebanon have currently settled on the training course of their sea border in the Mediterranean Sea. The main problem was accessibility to overseas gas fields, which the arrangement has now clarified This is an essential action for both countries.Israel had promised to export more gas to Europe. The make money from gas manufacturing could assist Lebanon to handle its very own economic situation.Both sides still have to sign the arrangement if you ask Israelis regarding Iron Dome, the highly reliable missile protection guard for their nation then one listens to that each and every single shekel deserves it Ukraine requires a various system adapted to a much bigger location Millions of people would be happy if the G7 countries would certainly aid to develop such a system, the Ukrainian President appealed today to the most vital wes industrialized nations that have accepted the online top, at the same time, the mirror from Germany reports that at least among four promised modern protection systems has actually arrived in the Ukraine seek defense from ruthless meanwhile at NATO head office in Brussels an inquiry to the Assistant General whether he can still sleep comfortably despite a war in which each acceleration is adhered to by the next I'' ve always had the ability to rest well, even in times of situation or when confronted with challenging tasks, but I'' m fretted when I see the ongoing battle in Ukraine and the suffering and determination of Putin to make use of harsh force versus a sovereign independent democratic country like Ukraine the war is in its 8th month the Russian Head of state'' s nuclear hazards are obtaining tougher by the month and also the west is not so certain any longer that this is simply a bluff so we have any kind of modifications planned until now we place'' t discovered any type of modifications in Russia'' s nuclear lineup but we remain cautious as well as certainly we need to take it seriously when a nuclear power communicates the means Putin is doing today if it does it is the kind of hazard that might tear the west apart a buck to avoid nuclear battle or otherwise to be blackmailed if an explicit nuclear threat occurs after that i believe the unity of the west is breaking and also that governments below are at probabilities with such a risk of release of nuclear weapons should not result in the West mostly quiting its support for Ukraine, a minimum of for the time being the West will be able to avert this impression He made a deliberately vague news that any type of usage of chemical, organic or nuclear weapons by Russia would have significant repercussions, which some speculated would then be the U.S.A. and probably other states whether NATO or a coalition in Ukraine itself interfere to ensure that Russia'' s circumstance intensifies once again would certainly of program not offer you the details of these nato plans but rest guaranteed we are there to protect all allies one wishes that the extremely danger will be listened to in Moscow which the power will be on new arms distribution moist up tomorrow discussing it the NATO defense ministers in Brussels it continues tickets on with Johanna it'' s about the incomes of around 2.5 million employees in Germany the unions bear and also the German civil slaves federation want their incomes reinforced ig increase as well as now it is additionally clear precisely how highly Frank beetmann is being requested in Frankfurt 10.5% even more exactly how does the unions justify that who, on the one hand, certainly with rising cost of living, inflation in Germany was at 10 percent just recently and also one got on the worker side currently a little less than rising cost of living settlement ought to not be the workers are already 2 years behind the loss of actual earnings and also an anticipated rate boost is additionally considerable for the following year which is why our demand is absolutely practical the employer side sees it in a different way the energy circles and also prompts restraint inflation has likewise impacted the municipalities, the operation of numerous facilities has actually come to be significantly more expensive as well as, particularly during Corona, communities in several areas made dramatically less because companies paid less tax obligations, exactly how are the settlements taking place that will be the very first M al the celebrations rest down at the table in January after the first round of settlements, the first caution strikes could endanger and also given that one feels that the ideas are far apart, it is not unlikely that completion of January in the middle of wintertime as well as one likewise understands if childcare centers stay closed or the Rubbish collection is no more coming then that can have a real unfavorable effect on public life Thank you Frank for your analysis As anticipated, the International Monetary Fund has actually once again lowered its growth projection for the international economic situation to 2.7% for the coming year, or 0.2% Points fewer than assumed in the summertime The forecast for Germany is specifically negative According to the IMF, the Federal Republic’s economic situation is most likely to reduce by 0.3% in 2023 An economic downturn is additionally forecasted for Italy The NASA examination mission to alter the trajectory of an asteroid was effectively that offered the United States spacef understood to the authorities at night a great two weeks ago, an unmanned probe concerning the size of a fridge crashed right into an asteroid.Incidentally, this was never
a genuine danger to the planet with the data objective, NASA is rehearsing the emergency must in fact steer an asteroid to planet some astronauts for some diving teachers in a tropical paradise for some it'' s right after the Pope to be head of the SPD our today'' s journal movie movie critic Sabine Schulz actually has a dream work she beings in the cinema throughout the day as well as that'' s the location where dreams in fact come true and she meets the stars that means she fulfilled since Sabine Schulz stops she retires and clears her workplace and also what prizes emerge we will now show you the large ones of the film from an unknown side and also with really own ideas regarding this globe they are Hollywood stars or cult supervisors revered deified pietistic but exactly how are they really this is a tale of experiences personal impressions shocks a look behind the scenes these two one of the most interesting statuo because Robert Redford and Paul Newman hello red truly Newmans we fortunate of him he is claimed to be as taciturn as well as taken out as in his early movie functions appears eastwo 2007 at the Berlinale no shut he isn'' t instead humorously unwinded it'' s concerning his directorial job letters from evochima about the pacific war from the viewpoint of the Japanese an anti-war film with a liberal message of peace routed by him to the conservative republican exactly how does that go together the messages of tranquility put on'' t have it rented for himself maybe that reveals my convenience Anthony Hopkins with an amazing thesis pertaining to his duty as Picasso in love events was Picasso a monster stated he was charitable just to strangers but that '' s such a paradox of the human n nature we are all much better to unfamiliar people than to our partners on the partnership in between males and female does she have a clear opinion the active Emma Thompson is constantly an experience we have to change our class structure we are far more complex than the stereotype of the macho guy and the doll woman allow'' s look in advance and also inform brand-new tales the search for new stories starts at the film events can be a phase of its own movie art commerce as well as spectacle a lively Bruce Willis is claimed to be the goon from the aggressive films I commonly wear females'' s garments the cinema as well as his heroes mood lifters motivation as well as in some cases they handle to produce a location to desire of a better globe [music] yes and also we all need these areas more than ever before give every little thing for an enthusiasm so we continue in the ZDF program in next year breakdancing is bit at olympics for the very first time The 37 degree record goes along with two young individuals who, for their part, are doing whatever they can to make my dance my fight right below on ZDF as well as we bid farewell for today as well as desire you a pleasurable night [songs] [songs] good night the temperatures get on the Mediterranean Despite having a summery 25 to 35 degrees here in Central Europe it is cooler as well as tonight it will be cold in the center right here due to the fact that the temperatures go down to plus 3 to minus one level there is a risk of widespread ground frost, so the night on the cozy water remains much milder at 10 or 8 levels or additionally in southerly Germany at 9 to 8 degrees that'' s because of denser clouds there that also bring some rainfall throughout the night in the center thick fog is creating again and also we'' ll have to handle that very first point tomorrow early morning, after that it will certainly liquify and here the sunlight commonly beams more than likely very gloomy it continues to be on the Baltic Sea coastline plus the wind in north Germany is mainly out southerly courts it is various beside the Alps where the wind originates from the northeast there are denser clouds there it can additionally drizzle a little bit comparable to today tomorrow the maximum temperatures in Germany will certainly be 14 degrees on Rügen and also 20 levels on the Neckar or likewise on the Upper Rhine as well as afterwards it will not alter a lot initially with the temperatures themselves taking control of the direction, so it will be extra adjustable yet in the coming week it will certainly be really warm again from the south-west so the temperature levels could obtain from the summer season values once again We can see that fairly well right here, for currently, with these temperature levels, Thursday, Friday, Saturday remains at 13 to 19 degrees, however you see the pattern for Freiburg im Breisgau at the beginning of the coming week, 25 degrees could be reached again and also the nights are also ending up being substantially milder at 10 approximately 15 levels

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