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Hasratein | Crime Patrol 2.0 – Ep 162 | Full Episode | 18 Oct 2022

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Below. And likewise, I need some money
for family costs. Nakul, I need cash
for household expenditures and also except grocery stores. Neeta, you asked me for money however didn'' t reference the amount that you require. I wear'' t possess a financial institution. I am a cashier. Right here, take five thousand rupees. This is all I can pay for. Additionally, try not to talk arrogantly to your hubby all the time. Many thanks for advising me that you are my spouse. I nearly forgot. – What'' s with you morning … -What do you imply? Do I combat with you? Do I carry on? Yet you never appreciate what I tolerate for you. I bear with the put-downs of your mother as well as your auntie. They believe that it'' s my mistake that I can'' t offer your household a successor. I really feel aggravated to see my pals pregnant instead of enjoying. It really feels like someone that married months back is expecting currently. As well as here I am … – Attempt to understand, Neeta.
– I don'' t intend to pay attention to you. What do you want me to do? Should I eliminate myself for this? You can leave from right here if you desire to go.I am not going to hold you back. [stressful music playing] [door opens] 3x amounts to 6. For that reason, x is equal to 6 divide by three. 3 by one, three by 2. Consequently, x is equal to two. Obtain it? Yes, ma'' am.
Manali, you are an intelligent student however is he clear with this? I got it, ma'' am. Good. I ' m getting late, ma ' am. Shall I leave? Finish your research for tomorrow.Yes, ma '

am. Let'' s go, Manali. No, I have to talk with ma ' am. regarding something. What is it? Inform me if you have any kind of questions.
I can also remain. and get them gotten rid of.
I ' ll hand over the notes to you.
later. You can go. Fine after that.- Bye, ma ' am. -Bye, Rohan. What are your doubts, Manali? [extreme songs playing] Why are you right here, Varun? Where else would I go, Neeta? Who requires the pregnancy kit? [extreme songs playing] My senior sister needs it. [extreme songs playing] Pratik, is that your relative, Manali? Yes.She is weeping. Something is incorrect for sure. Why are you sobbing, Manali? Brother … Tell me, what'' s the matter? No! Manali … [extreme music playing] Where are you coming from? She had her private course, uncle. – Did I ask you?
– Sorry, uncle. Where were you? Don'' t you see the time? Your class ends at 5:30 PM and it is 7 PM now. What took you so long? Papa, I remained in my course. Do you believe I'' m a fool? Who were you with? Why do you tell that.
to our little girl? I am her papa. Don'' t interfere.I know her extremely well. Thanks for this shock, Nakul. I am sorry, Neeta. I know that you are experiencing. a great deal. Often, it harms to listen to people ' s insults. I assume'we need to have a brand-new start. Much like a newly wed pair. What are you claiming, Manali? Are you sure? Yes. Simply go residence as well as don'' t inform any person about it. I ' ll handle it. [remarkable songs playing] Is whatever alright, doctor? Neeta, you are pregnant. – Actually?
– You are 2 months expecting. Thank you a lot, physician. You are a carrier of God. Neeta, Neeta … [suspenseful songs playing] We stayed in Nashik and after that I got advertised and the financial institution authorities.
shifted me to Panvel. We are living right here.
given that the past two years. Nakul, you notified us.
that you saw Neeta'' s dead body when you got up in the morning. Why was Neeta sleeping.
in the hall? The important things is that we had a tiny argument last night.Neeta slept in the
hall. out of rage.
I rested in the room. How come you didn'' t know of such a case occurring at your residence in your existence? Actually, I was too drunk last evening, sir. He is existing. There are no traces.
of forced access into your house. Neeta secured the door.
before sleeping last night. Exactly how can anyone go into your house? Probably, Neeta knew the killer. As well as possibly she allowed him in. What concerning the CCTV? There are no CCTV electronic cameras.
in this society. The awesome needs to have found.
some way to leave the house.Check for any kind of

CCTV cams.
on the main road. Question about Neeta and Nakul.
in culture. Nakul is hiding something without a doubt. I get on evening responsibility, sir. I was awake all night however no outsider went into the entrance. She was very struggling, sir. She has been trying to develop.
given that years. She was extremely irritable. They also had a great deal of battles. '' We can separate from each other.
if you have numerous concerns with me.' '' ' Why separate from each various other? You can eliminate me instead.' '' ' If you are fed up with my nagging.' '' ' Obtain married to somebody else after that '. ' ' Simply see to it that.'she isn ' t infertile like me. '- ' Isn ' t this what your mother. phone calls me'? '' – ' Stop it. ' I am not too sure but possibly Neeta discovered.
concerning Sonali. – Who is Sonali?
– She is a tuition educator. Neeta'' s hubby, Nakul checked out. her house regularly. She is a divorcee and also she discovered her support system.
in him. – “” Birds of a feather.
flock with each other.”” – What do you indicate? A man named Varun made use of to live right here.
however not anymore.Varun and also Neeta

were. in a connection. Varun'' s spouse saw him with Neeta. 'as well as they said.' '' Go out or I will certainly shriek. ' ' Simply leave.'' [' door opens]- ' Seema, listen to me. ' '. -' Come with me.
' '' Is your society packed with shameless.
and affordable individuals like her? ' ' I have absolutely nothing to do with Varun,.
Seema. ' ' He by force entered my residence. to talk with me. ' Sir, Nakul had an event with Sonali. who is a tuition teacher. Varun and also Neeta'likewise had an

before her marital relationship. This suggests that Nakul and also Sonali prepared Neeta ' s murder. to do away with her.Or Varun ' s partner, Seema got her. out of the way in her craze. Varun could additionally be a suspect since Neeta was not accepting.
Varun after her marriage. It ' s feasible. Shirke, I make sure that nobody had vigorously entered.
the home however was allowed to enter. The watchman has actually not seen. any kind of movement of an unfamiliar person. And if we think that the door was secured all evening then Nakul is our prime suspect. Why are you presuming me, sir? I liked my other half, Neeta.'You liked Sonali too,. didn ' t you? No
, sir. Every society has its very own. collection of chatter and also rumors. The neighbors are constantly interested.
in other individuals'' s lives. We just had a formal acknowledgment.
towards each various other. This documents has your conversation records with Sonali. Along with formal acknowledgment, there is a great deal much more. Shall I review it bent on you? No, sir. I am sorry for lying to you but I had no alternative, sir. Neeta would certainly never ever even thought about.
talking with me with love.She wanted a youngster.
which I couldn'' t offer her. Why? Due to the fact that I have a reduced sperm matter. Neeta was extremely determined.
for a kid as well as we had a whole lot of disagreements.
because of that. On the other hand, I ended up being good friends with Sonali. [music playing] Neeta began unfolding.
the reason for your happiness which is why.
both of you eliminated her. No, sir. None of this holds true. I have listened to sufficient.
of your tales. You remained in your house all night as well as the door was locked.
from the inside. As well as you wear'' t also
realise that. your better half is killed in your home. Take him away. Listen to me, sir. I place
' t done … Sir! Please pay attention to me. I place ' t killed her. Please believe me. Sir, I am not refuting the reality. that I like Nakul. I like to hang out with him. I also told Nakul to separation.
his better half and wed me. However he rejected. And that is why discovered your method.
to take retribution on Neeta by eliminating her. Why will certainly I ask Neeta somebody.
that is currently mine? I am an independent lady. I have home as well as cash.
as my parent'' s heritage and also I also function. I put on ' t need anyone '

s support. to remain happy.I wanted a life partner.
and not a credit score card. This suggests that Neeta.
was a coming in your means as well as you prepared Neeta'' s murder. along with Nakul. I place ' t eliminated any person, madam. Nakul is a saint.
He even executes recitals. at individuals ' s residences. He can never ever eliminate any person. [remarkable music playing] Nakul is a charlatan, sir. We will certainly need to subject him.
We might obtain some

info. from the bank.Varun and Seema are still missing out on. Varun ' s number is likewise turned off. They stay in Nashik, Shirke. – We could get some details.
about Varun from there. – Okay, sir. Sir, we have received.
Neeta'' s PM report. She passed away on first October in between.
12:30 AM to 2 AM. She was suffocated to fatality, sir. She has an interior injury.
at the rear of her head which could be a result of a fight.
between other half advertisement spouse. Neeta obtained unconscious after being.
appealed the head and was suffocated. One more essential.
piece of details, sir.Nakul didn

' t inform us about it. I assume Nakul is concealing.
something big from us. This was nothing.
to be declared, sir. She was experiencing AIDS. The medical professional educated us around.
the pregnancy in addition to AIDS. I wear'' t also understand.
exactly how did she get AIDS. '' This is your kid. ' ' How is it possible, Neeta? I wear ' t endure from help.' '' ' My test reports are adverse '. ' ' Exactly how can I give you a youngster' '? I am sterile. ' ' 'It'could be a miracle. ' ' 'Wow! It ' s strange. just how miracles occur with you.' '' ' You cheated on me for a child.
Where did you rest with him? ' ' Was it his bedroom or mine? ' We said and considering that after that. she would sleep in the hall. Did you eliminate her. because she ripped off on you? I was additionally cheating on her,
sir. I might have separated Neeta as well as
wedded Sonali.
if I wished to, sir.I might also have a live-in. partnership. Why would certainly I eliminate her? [dramatic music playing] [extreme music playing] You? I have inspected Nakul'' s CDR. as well as financial institution statement, sir. I have discovered Dheeraj Sharma ' s. number from the CDR. Nakul had moved one and a fifty percent.
lakh rupees to Dheeraj. Is he a pal? No, sir. He is a gigolo. He functions at a call facility.
for records but this is what he does. What does Nakul concern him? Where is Dheeraj? He is in the healthcare facility, sir. He is struggling with.
the last stage of help.

[suspenseful music playing] I desired to gain fast cash. I began marketing my body. I never became aware when my body.
quit on me. Why did Nakul pay you? He paid me to sleep with his spouse. He had intended the trip.
to Dapoli for my sake. He obtained her intoxicated and she passed out. [sleeps] I couldn'' t get her expecting. Nakul obtained furious about it as well as began requiring. 'his money back.
' I am advising you to.' 'give me my cash back. ' ' I will not return. Do you wish to 'go to the police? ' ' 'Or do you desire to inform. Neeta about it? ' ' Inform her. I am simply a pawn but you are the mastermind.
' Do you believe you can play a video game.

with us?- Sir …- Tell me everything.Speak up.
Every woman wants to become. a mommy. But how might you intoxicate your better half. as well as make her sleep with a complete stranger unconsciously? I had no option. She intended to have a baby. Medical science has actually come up.
with so several options. There are lots of therapies.
that can be done. You must have talked with her.
and determined to select it. However you didn'' t. As well as the choice that you chose,.
to go to Dheeraj, did that give her a kid? Did it? It didn'' t! So after that how did she obtain pregnant? ' I made Dheeraj copulate Neeta.
for 2 months but she didn'' 't obtain expectant.
' ' But she got expectant after quiting. all that. I don ' t recognize
how. ' I asked her the same thing.
She kept telling me that.

it was my child. However I make certain that her ex-boyfriend, Varun, is. the dad of the child, sir.Bring Varun below. Jadhav has actually gone to obtain him, sir.
[intense songs playing] since I wish to damage connections. with my past life, sir. However didn ' t you love Neeta? She also loved me. However our love was overpowered. by our caste distinctions. We offered up on our families. She got wed as well as so'did I. I had assumed that I ' ll relocation on. But I couldn ' t neglect her.

I have actually changed her a month
back and I am in no call with her.Everyone is having. their collection of stories. Only time will certainly tell what is the truth and also what not. Shirke, I desire the CDR of Seema and also.
Varun'' s new get in touch with numbers.
I also want their. financial institution account details. They could have employed a killer. There is a cadaver of a woman.
in a jungle two kilometres far from Panvel. Neeta was my good friend, sir. Yet she has no connection.
with my child. Durga ma'' am, what was your daughter ' s perform like? My daughter was a scholar. She can determine and resolve.
issues in secs. Where was she today? I went to the marketplace morning yet she was at residence. She was going to most likely to course.
after that.Did she have a partner or a.
prejudiced enthusiast, you know of? No, madam. My child was an introvert. She would barely speak to anyone. She would never ever keep.
this a trick from me. Who is he? He is my nephew, Pratik. He deals with me. Manali has to have shared.
something with you. She never ever shared anything.
with me, sir. Which courses did she most likely to? Sonali Vyas, sir. [suspenseful music playing] Both the victims.
are from the very same society. Isn'' t it odd? Sonali is usual.
in both cases, sir.It resembles Pratik is.
concealing something, sir. I seem like the entire family.
is concealing something. All of them look terrified. Find out concerning the household. Question the nieghbours. Manali was my student, sir. However she didn'' t concerned course today. Look at it. This is the presence sheet. We need to preserve it.
for the moms and dad'' s documents. Often it can fill in.
for evidence. Well intended! It is not what you think it is, sir. Manali suched as Rohan. They were caught by her moms and dads. Her papa is eccentric. Rohan! I had an event with Manali. I told my mommy concerning it. She was a wonderful woman. But her daddy was a beast. He had intimidated us. '' I will certainly eliminate both of you. if I see her with you ever before again.' ' Did you meet Manali after that day,.
Rohan? Didn'' t Manali come
to satisfy you. after you fell sick? Manali came to meet Rohan. She awaited 15 mins.
since Rohan was resting and afterwards she left.I talked with Rohan as well as his mom. I assume they are.
hiding something, sir. We have to find out if.
Rohan is genuinely sick or dropped unwell as a result of his concern. I desire the CDR of Rohan'' s. mommy, Shalini and Suresh. Okay, sir. We have received Manali'' s. PM report, sir. Manali was eliminated between.
5 PM as well as 6 PM. Sir, she was strangled to death and likewise has a deep head injury. Simply like Neeta'' s body. Another common aspect, sir. Manali was also.
3 months expectant, sir. What? Pregnant? What are you saying? We have no idea regarding this. This must be a misconception. We have a report. [surprising songs playing] Exactly how is this feasible, sir? Is this why you killed her? What are you saying, sir? She was my child, sir.I made use of to reprimand her to make certain.
that she gets on the best course. But I can not kill my daughter, sir. Where were you the night.
Manali went missing? I went to my gelato manufacturing facility, sir. I am the supervisor there. Where were you, Pratik? I was in my coaching course.
from 1 PM to 6 PM. Didn'' t you understand that. Manali was expectant? Manali will not obtain justice. if'you wear ' t talk up. Sir, she told me about it. She was expecting with Rohan ' s kid.
Yet there is something else. to it, sir. What ' s the matter? [intense songs playing] ' I am mosting likely to the market. I want the service to these problems by the time. I return, alright?' '' ' Okay, ma ' am. ' [extreme songs playing] I had actually promised Manali.

about maintaining this a secret.I also talked to Rohan concerning
it. He informed me that. he was going to marry Manali. Which ' s why I kept closed. [automobiles relocating] Neeta experienced'AIDS. due to Dheeraj. But Neeta wasn ' t expectant due to the fact that of Dheeraj or Nakul. That got Neeta expectant? Could it be Varun'? No, sir. The fetus’s DNA. doesn ' t suit Varun ' s. Could it be someone else? Possibly a prejudiced enthusiast? Or it is also feasible that somebody raped Neeta and.
she obtained pregnant.And if that holds true then that guy will certainly likewise. get identified with AIDS.
Shrike, obtain details from the. centres where HIV tests are done
. Also, attempt to match Rohan ' s DNA. with Manali ' s unborn child. We have stunning news, sir. I had been to females ' s care clinic. I have learnt'that. Sonali Vyas is two months expecting. This can not be Nakul ' s youngster due to the fact that he has a reduced sperm matter. Whose youngster maybe.
otherwise Nakul? Does the health center have.
the dad'' s name signed up? No, sir. Sonali will certainly not inform us anything. Sir, we have found a video from the mobile recovered.
from 2 burglars. [dramatic songs playing] Bring them below. – [beats]- Sir! Please! – Sir, please!
– No, sir! I'' ll speak up, sir. We have raped.
Pratik is our. mentoring course friend.He informed us that Manali was raped by Rohan. She wanted to terminate the youngster. We considered accompanying and also nobody could find out about it. And I recommended that we will go to Karjat. for the abortion to make sure that nobody finds out.
' What ' s the issue? Why did we quit '? ' ' I need to take a leakage. Are you joining me?' '' ' I ' ll sign up with. ' [extreme music playing] [door opens] they trusted you'. As well as what did you ' ll do regarding it? You ' ll tape-recorded a video. of your scary plan to blackmail them to stay closed. And that you can take.
benefit of it later. Why did you kill Manali? We sanctuary'' t killed Manali, sir. Prepare a cost sheet. That murdered Manali if not Deenu and also Vaibhav? We have no lead.
with the exception of both of them. Most likely, you'' re right. Both these murders.
could not be connected. Yet it'' s also possible that both individuals hired the very same person to kill because the murder pattern.
is no various. Are we losing out on something? Let'' s begin once again. You'' re right, sir. Both of them.
are killed by the exact same person.We need to decipher the message indicated. through this mark.
[dramatic songs playing] There is a homeopathy clinic near.
Memorise Site society that is possessed by Dr. Yatin Jingiani. He has clients from.
the close-by area. He declares that homeopathy can treat.
cancer as well as help. How is that feasible? Also I was not sure however I discovered out that Rohan is being dealt with for AIDS.
on checking the documents. I utilized to cheat individuals by providing sweet harmless.
medicines as well as likewise prescribe anti-biotics to follow.Was Rohan your patient? Yes, sir. He was experiencing AIDS, sir. He was obtaining treated by. another medical professional and afterwards came to me.
when he found out about my therapy. I gave him medications and to the lady with him. I forgot her name … Manali? Yes, sir. Manali. He had signs similar to Rohan. However she was not experiencing.
from AIDS. We existed to her that.
she is experiencing AIDS. I billed her and also started with her therapy. Arrest him. – Come on.
– What'' s the matter? – What have I done, sir?
– Feature us. What have I done, sir? What brings you'' ll right here? We require to have a word.
with Rohan. [suspenseful songs playing] We understand that you.
have raped Manali, Rohan. You promised to wed her.
and after that you killed her. We likewise know that.
you are detected with AIDS. Tell us why did you kill her? What are you stating? My son is not identified.
with AIDS. Don'' t talk a word, Rohan. Sufficient, mommy. I can not lie any longer. I have actually killed Manali, sir.I had no choice, sir. I am experiencing because.
of her. And that is why.
I strangled her to death. Lying is a skill, Rohan. And you are not talented. Manali had a head injury. I am confessing.
that I have actually eliminated Manali. I am informing the reality. Please apprehend me. Shrike, please offer it to me. Look at this. Exactly how did Manali get these.
marks on her hands? Just how? I have no suggestion, sir. I will tell you. Look there. These marks got imprinted.
on Manali'' s hands when your mommy pressed.
her leg on her give out of rage. That is not true, sir. I am confessing that.
I have actually eliminated her. – I have …
– Stop it, Rohan. Enough. They are here with evidence. [suspenseful music playing] Sir, Rohan'' s father works. in a gulf country. Rohan is the factor I live. – He was emphasized.
– Why? Sir, I loved Manali.But she never loved me back. Someday, I lost control when Sonali ma ' am went. to the market. ' I wear ' t know what to do.'' ' 'Rohan raped me when you left us alone, ma'' 'am. ' ' Have you told this to anyone? ' ' No, ma' '' am. ' ' 'Don ' t inform this to anybody. ' ' Your daddy will certainly both of you if he' figures out. ' [intense songs playing] ' Rohan raped me when you left us alone, ma'' 'am. ' ' Whatever has a price, Rohan.' '' ' And you have to spend for it.' '' ' Do it with me what you did to Manali.' '' ' Or I will send this recording.
to Suresh and also you are mindful of what he can do to you.' '' '' 'So, begun. ' ' 'Be a good kid. ' ' I had nowhere to go, sir.
' ' 'Is Sonali pregnant – with your kid? '. – ' Yes, sir.' '' ' Yet Sonali ma ' am. didn ' t inform me regarding it.

' ' And also after that? '
I went there simply when as well as I got diagnosed with AIDS.How did you recognize. that you are enduring from AIDS? My mother experiences PCOD. She chooses normal check-ups. I accompanied my mommy.
to the gynecologist as well as I saw Nakul there. '' What occurred to him?' '' ' He was terrified.
as his partner is diagnosed with help as well as he assumed that he would.
likewise test positive for it.' '' ' But his records are adverse.He just obtained saved.' ' Sir, I was horrified since I was physical
with Neeta aunty. I was additionally coughing a whole lot which wasn'' t obtaining cured. Just browsing on the internet I located out that these are
the signs and symptoms of AIDS.I went to Dr. Jangiani as well as he likewise confirmed
that I have AIDS. My kid admitted whatever
to me out of worry. My kid obtained identified with AIDS
due to that rascal. I was really furious. Nakul had actually given the duplicate
secrets of his house to Rohan. I took those keys Why did you eliminate Manali? She was blackmailing and also endangering me. '' My life is destroyed
due to you.' '' ' You ruined everything, Rohan' '. ' ' You will have to marry me. I put on'' t'treatment.'' – ' 'That ' s not possible. '.' '- ' Penalty. ' ' I will certainly inform my dad whatever.
' ' Manali, wait! ' I informed Rohan to concur. for the marital relationship and to call her in the jungle. Exactly how could I be easy on them? We constantly take a 2nd viewpoint even for a small disease.What do you suggest? I suggest Rohan is not enduring. from AIDS. It ' s a viral high temperature. [cries] [sobs] Females exploitation is increasing instead of fading away. Society is not a 3rd party. Collectively, we are a society. Considering this instance, if Suresh would not have actually been.
so stringent with Manali, instead attempted being a close friend, after that she would certainly have collected.
the nerve to share the event with Suresh. Considering Neeta, the insults that people.
loaded her with, even if of not having a child, wrecked the happiness in her life. Adjustment needs to start.
with our self if we intend to improvisate the culture as well as lower the criminal offense rate.

[songs playing] RRR.

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