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hi everybody I'' m back and also today video is
bit odd right the wellness treatment system in the United States versus the healthcare system
here in Germany so why would certainly I, an Oriental and never ever been to the u.s. be
interested in their healthcare system well, the reasons are the mix of
a lot of points. first of all, as a came right here in Germany I started paying $90 monthly
for my healthcare insurance coverage I was like why do I have to pay that much of money
for just the insurance since I paid 20 euros less than 20 euros for my
insurance in Vietnam and also it was not only for a month that was for the entire year. so I was captivated by the health and wellness care solutions in Germany which is called
the nationwide healthcare system. secondly my teacher at the university to be
straightforward is not be fan Donald Trump yep he usually occasionally placed his
opinions on just how the American government is regulating their nation and also lately
it was concerning his trip to Chicago throughout the last Easter holiday as well as he said that
a great deal of homeless people remaining outdoors as well as icy to fatality due to the fact that
the American government let them be accountable for their very own health care
as well as I resembled what is taking place there? to be honest I'' m not a big follower of America, sorry'however yeah I ' m not truly into the American
desires and also all the kind of things so I have no concept about their health and wellness care system.And the last yet not the very least the health treatment system in the u.s. is currently a controversial topic in Reddit I saw a lot of blog posts about it lately there was a guy posting the bill of curing his eight inch cut on his wrist and it costed him like nearly 36 thousand United States dollars seriously is this ridiculous so I comprised my mind that I was familiar with regarding their health care system like what is taking place over there and if the high quality of services is worth what American residents pay for them and also as I'' m living in Germany I really hope that I. might have a chance to make an affordable contrast with the German medical care.
system which is a representative of the nationwide healthcare system.However.

prior to beginning I'' d like to say that I ' m no specialist in this area I'' m simply a small.
person who is curious regarding this subject and attempting to wrap my head around it.
so if you'' re likewise like me that let ' s go. so the first point I observed was that the.
healthcare in America is primarily given by the private industry, just some.
healthcare facilities are run by the federal government likewise mostly all the doctors benefit the.
economic sector – as well as other components like pharmaceutical companies or the.
medical tool suppliers also in the personal sector.Whereas in Germany the. government runs the wellness care system and also as German people and also individuals living. in Germany you need to pay a monthly statutory payments in order to. make certain the complimentary healthcare for every person well as a trainee under 30 I have to. pay 90 euros monthly for my payment at TK. secondly in Germany. around 87% of German populace get the statutory medical insurance and also it. offers you with the very same treatment whenever you get ill whereas
11% of those get the. exclusive insurance coverage those people are possibly really rich since it gives. them with special therapies so to state upon their requests like special.
therapy my senior medical professionals or personal health center spaces and other kind of point.
and yet you need to have the income which is above 59,400 euros each year or 4950
euros monthly. as in 2018 to get that kind of private insurance and in America around 10 %of the
under 65 populace are without insurance the information from 2016 and also why. they omitting the more than sixty-five due to the fact that they have actually something called. Medicare for those individuals which is thought about the closest thing to the. single-payer system that
American individuals are insistently asking for.Well and also the. 10% we are chatting
concerning equates to like 27 million people they. are uninsured what a big number! as an outcome of our private healthcare system. the healthcare in the united state is very pricey well allow ' s take a look at the.
Bill of the guy from reddit he declared that he had an eight-inch cut as well as it.
costed him like almost thirty 6 thousand dollars allowed ' s pay focus to the.
x-rays examinations they costed him 340 459, 590 dollars for'those I place ' t had
a possibility to take an x ray here in Germany yet I watched this video from this guy he claimed that it costed him just 20 bucks 20 euros sorry for the X ray in Germany. Möchengladbach particularly he didn ' t have any kind of insurance coverage in all and also he ' s an.
American as well as additionally he was really surprised due to the fact that his check out to the.
emergency clinic only costed him like 60 euros much more so 80 euros in.
total for the x-ray test the emergency clinic and he also mentioned.
that if he was in America without any kind of insurance it would have resembled 500. bucks for the very same procedure the very same points that he had in Germany and like.
the emergency room costed this dude over 5,000 dollars regrettably I didn ' t understand. like for how long he remained there or what made that price so much.So now I ' m. worried right here because with such high prices for the health care and also 27.

million people without any kind of insurance just how would they spend for the healthcare.
when they ' re in need? what in fact drove the United States health and wellness treatment
cost that'high? perhaps. since of the idea that if you want something done right you give it to the. economic sector. however in this case it doesn ' t job as efficiently I actually. like how VOX clarified it they essentially say that when it involves health and wellness treatment. we customers have the least negotiating
power like we come to the health centers when we ' re. ill and also we can ' t state no to that kind of
things.As in Germany the government claims no for. us like they bargain

the cost with the pharmaceutical companies and also stuff. as well as if those firms intend to supply solutions to German people they have to. approve that price. and also meanwhile in the u.s. that negotiating procedure belongs. to the personal insurance policy companies and yet they can ' t be as effective as the. federal government. as an outcome the medications and also health treatment solutions are much a lot more. pricy in America. some examples: some even more realities regarding the u.s.
health care. system as a percent of the economic climate American invests far more on wellness treatment. than Germans 17.7% versus 11.3 %. nevertheless they check out medical professionals less than in Germany yet they pay more for the. medications and also wellness care solutions as I said earlier. and one even more intriguing fact I. reviewed that they pay the physicians based upon the number of solutions that the doctor. supplies not the outcomes of the individuals like or according to VOX that. their income mainly relies on whether or not they execute the surgical treatment. no matter the person outcomes.and ultimately allow ' s check out how the health and wellness.

care system in the'United States and Germany perform.
as I know extra about it the. healthcare system in America as well as right here in Germany I feel even luckier to have a. possibility to live below in Germany. thank you guys for seeing my youtube video. if you liked it please provide me a large like as well as don ' t fail to remember to subscribe see. you following time:-RRB-.

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