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Georgia football player and staffer killed hours after UGA championship celebration

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and we begin this hour with celebration turning 
into tragedy at the University of Georgia just   hours after the football team was honored for 
winning a national championship one of their key   players 20 year old Devin Willock was killed in 
a car crash along with a member of the football   staff 24 year old Chandler Lacroix CNN's Isabel 
Rosales is live for us in Athens Georgia Isabelle   what do we know about what happened hey Fred we 
just got a statement from the athens-clark County   Police Department indicating that this happened 
at 2 45 early this morning that car was traveling   Southbound on this road right behind me just 
past this curve right here for and then Fred   for some reason that car left the roadway struck 
this power pole right here we saw utility Crews   and the last hour or so replacing and fixing 
this power pole and then that car continued   Fred you can see the debris the fallen tree 
limbs where it struck a tree and as we make   our way over here I'm going to show you the exact 
spot where this car came to rust continuing past   the slope right here and ending at this location 
right here in front of this apartment complex   Georgia Bulldogs football player Devin wolock 20 
years old a recruiting staff member and two other   staff members were all inside of that car at the 
time of the crash warlock died here at the scene   that recruiting staff member Chandler Lacroix 24 
years old she was taken to the hospital but Fred   later died now Willock according to the football 
roster he was an offensive lineman from New   Milford New Jersey a red shirt sophomore he played 
every single game this year we do have a statement   now from the head coach The head football coach 
Kevin smart he says quote we are all heartbroken   and devastated with the loss of Devin Willock and 
Chandler Lacroix Devin was an outstanding young   man in every way and was always smiling he was a 
great teammate and a joy to coach Chandler was a   valuable member to her football staff and brought 
an incredible attitude and energy every single day   we also have a piece of sound here we want to play 
for you from Senator Rafael Warnock addressing the   deaths during church service with President Biden 
marking Martin Luther King Jr Day take a listen   sad news the news warning after 
winning the national championship again   we're saddened to hear that death and grief has 
visited the University of Georgia football team   Georgia football player and a staff member 
were killed this morning in a car accident we lift these families in prayer and Fred as you mentioned just adding to the 
sadness of this tragic event is the fact that   just hours prior to the crash the team had 
just celebrated their National Championship   Victory doing a Victory Parade right here in 
Athens Georgia a celebration in fact we have   video from our CNN affiliate wxia showing the 
team just so happy on top of that fire truck   to cheering crowds I'm just so happy and now to 
have this devastating and tragic turn of events   here ending in the deaths of two members of this 
football program it's just it's it's horrible and   Fred as far as the two other members who were in 
that car part of the football program they were   hurt in the crash or in stable condition one had 
minor injuries and we're learning the other had   serious injuries as far as the university they are 
offering medical and mental health personnel to   just help the team in dealing and processing 
through the grief of what has happened Fred

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