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Fox News Refused to Air Jan. 6 Committee Hearing

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-Good evening, everybody.
I'm Seth Meyers. This is "Late Night."
We hope you're doing well. And now we are going to
get to the news. The House committee
investigating the Capitol attack held its first public hearing
tonight, where they called
their first witness — literally all of us. [ Laughter ] That's right. The January 6th
committee aired a 90-minute hearing tonight,
which was carried live by all the major news networks
except Fox News. Though Fox ended up with
better ratings by just airing the original Capitol
attack. [ Laughter ] President Biden criticized
the Republican Party in a new interview and said
it has undergone a "radical shift" since former
President Trump was elected. I don't know. I think they were
always this radical and then they elected a guy
who couldn't be subtle about it. It's like when you're at a
dinner party and you whisper to your wife,
"Dinner parties suck." And then she says,
"Dinner parties suck?!" [ Laughter ] And then you have to say,
"Okay, yes, I think dinner parties suck, everybody." [ Laughter ] President Biden said yesterday
that he is often asked why he does not play the political
games that the Republicans play and said, "If we do
the same thing they do, our democracy will literally
be in jeopardy." Okay, you know, there was a televised insurrection hearing
tonight, right? It's already in jeopardy.

That's like the captain
of the Titanic saying, "I'm worried everyone
running to one side isn't good for the boat." [ Laughter ] Republican Senator John Kennedy
criticized the Biden administration
yesterday for not doing more to bring down high gas prices
and added that it would be cot– excuse me — it would be quote
"cheaper to buy cocaine and just run
everywhere." Which —
[ Laughter ] That's a pretty —
pretty cute joke. But mostly I want to know, where are you getting
a gallon of cocaine for $6? [ Laughter ] Don't be stingy, Jack. [ Laughter ] Arizona Republican Senate
candidate Blake Masters reportedly met with conservative
activists earlier this year at a Phoenix IHOP and suggested
that the Capitol attack may have been a false-flag operation
set up by the FBI, which is absolutely
the least crazy idea ever pitched at a Phoenix IHOP.

[ Laughter ] Today was National Sex Day. Eww. [ Laughter ] During the day? [ Laughter ] A group of pro-choice, topless
protesters with green paint on their chests stormed the court
of a WNBA game in Brooklyn this week, but the NYPD announced that
no charges were filed. Apparently, they couldn't make
an arrest because nobody saw their faces. [ Laughter ] "Oh, not I!" [ Laughter ] "There's no way I would not look
at a face." [ Laughter ] The cosmetics company Nails Inc
recently launched a line of cheese-scented
nail polishes. Or if that's too expensive,
just eat one handful of Cheetos. [ Laughter ] And finally, a man in Wales
broke a Guinness world record after drinking at 56 pubs
in 24 hours. It was for Most Sober Man
in Wales. [ Laughter and applause ] And that was the monologue,
everybody. Oh, man, do we have a great show
for you tonight..

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