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Fox News Refused to Air Jan. 6 Committee Hearing

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-Excellent night, everyone. I'' m Seth Meyers. This is “” Late Evening.””.
We wish you'' re doing well. And also now we are mosting likely to.
reach the news. Your home committee.
examining the Capitol strike held its initial public hearing.
tonight, where they called.
their first witness– essentially all of us. [Laughter] That'' s right.
The January sixth. board broadcast a 90-minute hearing tonight,.
which was carried online by all the major news networks.
except Fox Information. Though Fox wound up with.
better ratings by just broadcasting the initial Capitol.
assault. [Laughter] Head of state Biden criticized.
the Republican Event in a brand-new interview and claimed.
it has gone through a “” extreme shift”” since former.
President Trump was chosen. I put on'' t know.
I assume they were. constantly this radical and after that they chose an individual.
who couldn'' t be subtle regarding it. It'' s like when you ' re at a. dinner celebration as well as you whisper to your spouse,.
“” Dinner parties suck.”” And after that she says,.
“” Supper events suck?!”” [Laughter] And then you need to state,.
“” Okay, yes, I think dinner events suck, everybody.”” [Laughter] Head of state Biden said the other day.
that he is usually asked why he does not play the political.
games that the Republicans play and also stated, “” If we do.
the exact same point they do, our freedom will actually.
be in risk.”” Okay, you know, there was a televised insurrection hearing.
this evening, right? It'' s currently in jeopardy.That ' s like the
captain. of the Titanic claiming, “I ' m worried everyone. running to one side isn ' t helpful for the'boat.”” [Laughter] Republican Legislator John Kennedy.
criticized the Biden administration.
the other day for refraining from doing more to bring down high gas prices.
and added that it would certainly be cot– excuse me– it would be quote.
“” more affordable to purchase drug and also just run.
almost everywhere.”” Which–.
[Laughter] That'' s a quite–. pretty charming joke. Yet mainly I want to know, where are you getting.
a gallon of drug for $6? [Giggling] Don'' t be stingy, Jack.

[Laughter] Arizona Republican Politician Senate.
candidate Blake Masters apparently met conservative.
activists earlier this year at a Phoenix metro IHOP and also recommended.
that the Capitol assault might have been a false-flag procedure.
established by the FBI, which is definitely.
the least insane suggestion ever before pitched at a Phoenix az IHOP. [Giggling] Today was National Sex Day. Eww. [Laughter] Throughout the day? [Giggling] A group of pro-choice, topless.
protesters with environment-friendly paint on their upper bodies stormed the court.
of a WNBA video game in Brooklyn today, yet the NYPD revealed that.
on the house were filed.Apparently, they couldn ' t make. an apprehension since no one saw their faces. [Giggling] “Oh, not I!” [Giggling] “There ' s no means I would certainly not look. at'a face.
” [. Laughter] The cosmetics business Nails Inc.
just recently launched a line of cheese-scented.
nail polishes. Or if that'' s too costly,.
simply consume one handful of Cheetos. [Giggling] And also ultimately, a man in Wales.
damaged a Guinness globe record after consuming at 56 bars.
in 24-hour. It was for Many Sober Man.
in Wales. [Laughter and also praise] Which was the monologue,.
everybody. Oh, guy, do we have a fantastic show.
for you this evening.

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