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EP05 – Outsourcing and Offshoring – Philippines Podcast

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Hi, today we have plenty of visitors in workshop. We have Victoria Gaudiel and also Marivic David
of MontPac Outsourcing, you can call them Vicky as well as Maui. Vicky is the Chief Financial Police Officer and SVP
for customer service. Maui is the VP in client services, they both
play an indispensable component in MontPac Outsourcing, Vicky see to it that MontPac clients are
happy as well as are met superb requirements. She’s been with the firm because 2008 and
has assistance lead them to better heights. On the other hand, Maui helps manage customer connections
and also bringing brand-new clients, she works hand in hand with their chief executive officer and SVP to see to it the
MontPac Outsourcing is acknowledged as the premiere company. Their CEO is Henry Montgomery and also they’re.
representing him today. Henry has actually come from simple starts as well as.
has actually because made incredible leads and bounded his occupation. He offered in the US military and right after he.
obtained an economics level from Miami College, quick forward to today, henry has actually gotten over.
50 years of experience in economic as well as company management.He’s been the chief executive officer or CFO of a whole lot of companies. from tiny start-ups to popular business. Today we’re right here to speak regarding outsourcing. below in the Philippines as well as just how the Philippines is a country packed with financial possibility and. development and for any person thinking about outsourcing below in the Philippines. Hello There Maui as well as Vicky, welcome to the show. Hi, we’re thankful to be below and also give some. background concerning our business.
Yes, absolutely, so we’re actually extremely. excited for this meeting.
That seems awesome. We’re thrilled to to talk with you guys also. So for our very first inquiry can you give us.
a fast intro concerning who you guys are and what do you guys do specifically for MontPac.
Contracting out? Okay, so basically what I in fact do for.
MontPac is I manage external customer service, so I supervise the entire operations which.
is primarily contains mainly accountants.So I ensure that the
job we provide for our. customers, which is primarily considerable section is based in the United States, are done to the greatest. level of requirements and also after that I additionally manage our individual funds. So right now we have numerous firms, we. have our integrating business in Hawaii, so I
manage the accountancy for that and also. after that I also manage our bookkeeping for the Philippine operations. Well as for me, Maui, I am the VP for client. service, so I function hand in hand with Vicky in addition to Henry in guaranteeing that customers. are satisfied. I’m also like dealing with the customer on-boarding. as well as getting new clients, developing cost
structures for clients, as well as making certain. that the group that are dealing with the accounts are in fact supplying their solutions at. the greatest top quality of standards which is where MontPac is recognized for.And she’s also our little marketing person. at MontPac.

So we use a great deal of hats within the firm.
since the idea is a lot more like a family although we’re now
nearly a hundred people. within the firm. So it’s a more collegial and also extremely friendly. environment. And what do you think made Henry or what influenced. Henry to developing an Outsourcing service specifically right here in the Philippines? So at MontPac was in fact conceived. while he has … his retirement in Hawaii, so he existed, he was talking to pair. of Filipinos and due to the fact that he had offered a great deal of big firms, his idea was to convert. the very best techniques that he utilized or have actually gone with over these large firms and also use. them to the tiny as well as moderate sized entities due to the fact that he thought that the little as well as tool. sized businesses were not effectively served in regards to their accountancy demands and he. also thought about that these services would not have as much funds to cover for paying. excellent accounting professionals. So that’s primarily the idea of business. itself, as for selecting the Philippines there’s a great deal of variables, what’s thought about and also.
Marivic will certainly be providing a few of those.So generally before he really developed MontPac,. Henry was serving as chairman of the board of a really large company which has a procedures. in China. From Hawaii going to China he has two connecting. flights right here in the Philippines and with that said he has stayed like a number of days, fulfilled buddies. and also from there he has actually had this concept, because he has primarily have known what is Philippines,. what are the high qualities of individuals, so he had this idea to in fact develop MontPac right here. Additionally, one more point is that he has next-door neighbors. in Hawaii that are Filipinos which he became good friends with and these people have also given. Henry the suggestion of developing MontPac as well as the services that Filipinos can offer to US. clients.As Vicky has stated he thinks that the.
tiny to medium sized entities are underserved when it pertains to economic as well as accountancy.
demands as well as

the Filipinos have that top quality, we understand we have
great accounting professionals and. the cost of in fact doing the work below in the Philippines is certainly much, much lesser. as contrasted to doing it in the US. Yes, it averages like between 30- 75 of financial savings. simply on the employees price alone. What do you individuals believe is the greatest distinction.
in between the Philippines and also other nations that solution offshore contracting out as well as what.
are the advantages of doing it below? Victoria: Okay, for outsourcing what we have,.
they offer us responses from the possibility as well as a few of our clients are Filipinos are really. good in English. Several of them are in fact stunned when they. go below as well as in fact see us as well as speak with us as well as they realize that yeah we can really.
speak with them and also they can comprehend us as well as we can understand them.
To ensure that actually one big factor to consider as. opposed to some various other nations in terms of the different, plus as Maui mentioned the. quality of the accounting professionals below due to the fact that the accounting career
in the Philippines our. significant clients are in the United States although we have a few other clients in different countries.Because our audit in the Philippines. is basically patterned with how is it in
the US as well as even in our accountancy books are authored. by US writers, so on that particular alone it’s simpler to link the technical voids and essentially.
the accounting professionals right here are trained to basically just do how it is done in the United States. Another point is that basically the top quality. of the Filipinos. So the Filipinos are really oriented right into client. solution, so we are very
friendly in nature which is among the top qualities that our customers. actually appreciate functioning with us.Basically, yes the top quality of the Filipinos,. the perseverance, the willpower, the commitment that they place on their job as well as their integral. mindset of actually giving the best for their clients that’s I assume is the a lot of advantage,. benefit of having your services done right here in the Philippines as contrasted to having. it in other countries.
For any type of customers that want doing. job below, contracting out below- what are the social barriers
that they normally need to. face throughout their change period here in the Philippines? I think if
it’s just a newly developed. BPO firm since we had that battle when we were starting. Henry had that little an issue with the social. difference due to the fact that Filipinos at
the start are a little shy, like they don’t actually. respond to back however right currently that has been remedied due to the fact that if it’s just a matter of interaction,. example for our company alone there is no’ Sir’ there is no’ Ma’am ‘, everyone’s.
simply on initial name basis, it does not matter what your position is.So everybody who comes and if they’re a. new employee that’s something that, you have a little challenge in regards to telling.
me’ Oh no you don’t need to call me Sir or Ma’am’ due to the fact that they were educated to. be considerate like the Filipinos are educated like that, like they truly have difficulty. in just dropping that designation. In terms of, there are some words that are. viewed differently like exactly how you mention some sentences, there are a number of those in. terms of distinctions however as you undergo the process since they need to do some varied. training so that they reach obtain accustomed with the customers, like instance us we solution. Australia, Hong Kong, we have UK, so we have to find out how the client really functions, we have. to recognize them truly well so
that we attend to any type of social barrier differences.Another thing is Filipinos are not actually. confrontational in nature.
For instance they have some thoughts in mind,. they find it difficult in some cases to actually reveal it since they wouldn’t intend to. distressed the person that they’re directing it
to. So an additional thing that most likely we might consider. as obstacle however certainly they’re like a job around is that they are not confrontational. in nature, they would approve whatever task they are being designated to, occasionally they’ll. simply state’ Yes’ but on their mind the answer is’ No’ so it’s very difficult for us. Filipinos to state’ No’.
Yet most definitely with our firm what we have. that is especially for our chief executive officer is that
to really answer straight yes or no if you can. do it, so eventually when they obtain acquainted with the Filipinos as well as just how they work definitely. there resembles a way to in fact connect those distinctions. As well as can you tell us about the goal and. vision of your firm? So essentially for our objective and also vision, MontPac. would desire to be the top premiere company of high quality accountancy and financial administration. services to our customers not only in the United States however additionally throughout the globe.So essentially that’s our goal, we would certainly desire. to provide solutions at the highest possible quality of standard which is what we are presently. doing right currently and we would wish to tap various markets since the outsourcing possibilities. here in the Philippines specifically at MontPac are really extremely wide.
An additional thing gets on our vision also is. we would wish to establish, we

have great values such that, our worths is that we worth. our people, so we would certainly wish to be the business where individuals of option for our fellow Filipinos,. our firm below remains in Clark, we would certainly desire to be business of choice. We would want to develop the occupations of Filipino. accountants to make sure that they would certainly not have really to go outside of the country for
them to have. an excellent occupation, they can locate it here in the Philippines.Another is we would certainly want our customers to be. extremely, really completely satisfied due to the fact that we would certainly intend to develop long-term partnership with them. not just to our clients however too to our individuals. And what do you think makes MontPac Outsourcing.
various from various other contracting out companies? Okay, as for that details one our service. is really finish to
end. From the everyday bookkeeping as much as financial.

statement prep work, dealing the clients ‘3rd party calls like their auditor, their. tax accounting professionals. A lot of the other BPO business in the Philippines. they do it by procedure, so like if their person is doing accounts payable, it’s simply the.
work that that individual will certainly be doing for the company.Some others is doing it an accounting professional only. takes care of one specific client, so all throughout his occupation in the PBO company that’s the. just point they do. If you take a look at it on a professional growth. level for the employees it’s really limited due to the fact that your focus is only on one element,.
as for the client as I pointed out because we do end to finish it’s really very easy for us to. provide recommendations to them in terms of their accountancy and also financials. In some circumstances we also assist them to ensure that. they can get their tax preparing finished as well since we’re offering them precisely.
and also since we see everything in their economic records it’s not limited to just one feature. We do all the accountancy features for them. except actually printing the check since we’re doing it essentially, that’s just how we. distinguish ourselves in terms of the solution offering that we do. One more distinction is that what we are in fact. selling is financial and audit services due to the fact that a number of BPO business here does. staff member leasing, on our business our employees are MontPac workers and we do economic. and accountancy service to our customers so generally the result of our workers are our obligation.
which makes it different from various other contracting out service providers that are giving in fact employee. leasing.Another point is that for the solutions that. we do it’s not like a person’s outcome is not being examined since in us we actually.
have layers of testimonial due to the fact that we would wish to guarantee you recognize the precision of the result.
that we’re giving to our clients, so the client is in fact is assured that whatever.
outcome is being given to them it has gone through layers of high quality assurance so integrity. in addition to the precision of the output that we supply is actually at a really extremely high. level. An additional is for every customer that we have we. layout, we have this group that will guarantee that all of the job is actually being done. It’s not one person that’s going to function. for a customer, that individual
that will be assigned will certainly have his manager as well. as a manager to make certain the solution is being offered at a finest quality basic possible. as well as we additionally have this back-up and also cross qualified person to make certain that if somebody leaves. there’s always a person skilled as well as really acquainted with exactly how the job is being done that. can conveniently as well as right away tackle the task, so the customer is not, there is no interruption.
when it involves the shipment of services to our clients.For any individual curious about doing job here in.
the Philippines or outsourcing with MontPac Outsourcing what would certainly be your recommendations for. them? Okay, for those ones that are preparing to. outsource right here in the Philippines certainly we would certainly want them to speak with us
so that we. can provide exactly how or what it is their mosting likely to save money on exactly how it would it really profit.
or enhance their needs in terms of their accountancy demands.
Another point is before contracting out obviously.
they would certainly need to discover the Filipinos initially, the country specially if they would certainly.
desire to, because several of the firms, for instance
they would desire to set up their very own. procedures probably below so they need to know the people,
what are the high qualities of the. Filipinos. Possibly they might simply do a fast study.
on that one, what are the regulative requirements as well as the compliance. If they’re going to outsource as well as they would certainly.
intend to partner with the company below they would certainly need to understand what is the society, the. values, the mission of that business and how that company can in fact match
with. the culture, the values as well as the objective of their company.So they have to understand that their outsourcing. service provider is, what are the solutions that they supply
, exactly how that certain business complements. their own to ensure that they can have a much better working relationship once they started outsourcing. already. Can you show to us any kind of distinct experiences.
of your clients or any testimonials from them concerning their job with MontPac? For one, given that you know our individuals are really. passionate when it concerns their job in addition to
for the company and their customer.
We have this customer in The golden state, so we’ve. been doing their bookkeeping since, it’s actually a technology start-up, from its creation. up to the factor that it too actually generating sales already, so we’re doing every one of the. representing that customer and this client is undertaking an audit, legal audit, it. is being audited by one of the 20 greatest public accounting business in the US.So the comments that we received from the. auditor is that considering that we’ve supplied every work documents essential to in fact finish. the audit, so the responses that we received that we are the very best customer they have actually performed. an audit for.
Primarily there are no searchings for in the financials. that we have actually offered them, every one of the job has been done appropriately and precisely, generally. for every one of the audit clients that they had we are the only company that they have really. offered such a recommendation where we are the best business that they have helped
. For our other clients in addition to the recommendations. that they have been providing to our employees like
we are the most effective accounting professionals that they. had helped, the devotion that our
group are actually placing on on their account as. well as the interest to
information that we are giving on their purchases, they’re really. really, very delighted with that.On a regular basis our people normally gets. all these brief messages from the customer just how we potentially reduce up the work, decrease. their anxiety level due to the fact that when they require something and also they simply email us or provide us. a telephone call and also it’s promptly addressed. Another customer in fact stated that we’re. an essential property
to their organization since we really complement how it’s being addressed. like their bookkeeping requires also though we’re not seeing them encounter to deal with doesn’t generally. occur unless we require to see the customer so they feel that we truly added to. their organization in such a means that they’re able to expand it from a little dimension entity because. we had some of those like actually begun with scratch like they’re just beginning and currently. their revenue is around 40 million dollars annually.And an additional thing is considering that we at MontPac we. are actually dedicated and also passionate to our clients so we care for them, we look after their. financials, we look after their audit therefore that is in fact being valued by the. clients. So a few of the customers in fact stated that. they can not really perform or they can not actually have their daily procedures without. the aid of MontPac since we service their requirements. And also as a result of the devotion several of them. are unable to get that type of quality of job from employing neighborhood people in the US or. some other components of the nation which
‘s something that they truly appreciate with.

us benefiting their company.Victoria: So when it comes to that a person, they are able. to scale. So they can really grow due to the fact that they make certain. that if they’re continuously growing we’re simply gon na continue expanding with them to provide. the requirements of their business.
Can you offer us a little bit of insight on.
your procedure for hiring clients? Okay, actually up to this factor or a couple.
of months back most of our customers come in as recommendation, we have not truly spent on.
a complete blast advertising, so we just have our site and then Henry’s track record had.
been extremely valuable due to the fact that a great deal of those are can be found in from just people recognizing him within. business neighborhood so they speak to a buddy of Henry or they talk to a customer of ours. and also then the customer referred us and after that we have a conversation with them.Most of our customers are beginning us by means of that. method, some are received from inquiry from our site but moving forward we’ll be increasing. our advertising initiatives so we’re currently concentrating on that simply so we can truly market possibility. customers.
Can you give us an understanding on the process. for you individuals for anybody curious about coming to be a worker for MontPac? What do you search for when you’re hiring. a worker as well as what do they have to go
through to become a staff member of MontPac Outsourcing? Of program when it pertains to the top quality of.
the workers, so we can probably claim that we are employing the very best skills that we could.
discover, so we have a variety of workers that are accounting professionals, accounting graduates,

some. with latin honors that originated from public audit.But generally what we are looking for are. committed individuals, they have high technological skills as a result of program we
strive to be the. best accounting service carrier, so we would truly intend to have top individuals. We additionally would certainly wish to employ individuals that will.
stick with the firm, the grit of truly staying with the business, liking the job as. well as being accustomed or are utilized to the
type of atmosphere that we have since we. are customer, we offer customer service so we would want our clients to be satisfied.
But in return for that is if the employee. is really looking for an occupation or expert
development we can actually consider that because for. one, we provide and to finish accounting service, primarily the staff member will understand every little thing. regarding bookkeeping from bills refining, pay-roll, accounts receivable, the prep work of monetary. statements.We give analytical commentaries, so essentially.
it resembles a holistic development for the worker. So what we’re doing is in fact training. when they hop on board, we’re training them to be the future CFOs of organizations due to the fact that. that’s the means they are being trained and also it’s additionally component of the specialist development. plan that we have for them. When it concerns settlement and also benefits. ours are really competitive, so also if you’re mosting likely to compare it with other BPO. firms or companies below particularly right here in Clark but the best point that we can use. as I previously mentioned in
the expert development that they can have. We have this career ladder that they can actually.
move up to the top which is a brief time period since the training that they’re. going to obtain along with the experience in accountancy as well as monetary management service. is actually, really extremely high as we’ve, aside for my, originated from audit as well as Vicky so. I believe that the experience is in fact at par with the experience that they’re. actually gon na receive from an audit.And simply an example for the workers that. are employed we additionally welcome fresh grads, so for those when some of them does have not. had their board exam so they come to us so they have actually invested a pair months doing the. accounting tasks that we have and also after that they do not, several of them doesn’t also take. like the essential 6 months, you understand testimonial courses? A pair of our employees only had 2 months. or simply a couple of days yet they really passed the board examination. When we ask them exactly how was the board test it. was simpler for them because there’s a sensible application of the concerns being asked in. the exam, so in a manner we’re also educating them to pass their certified public accountant test without actually.
entering into simply pure theory. One more point is the advantage of functioning. with MontPac, due to the fact that we’re functioning with different bookkeeping, software accountancy. systems, the technologies associated with accounting available in the market currently.So they reached experience that, they’re.
not simply be dealing with one accountancy system, we have QB, QBO NetSuite customers, to make sure that’s.
one of the advantages of benefiting MontPac actually.Can you say that the
companies of your clients. have expanded with you men,
with MontPac Outsourcing? Oh yes, certainly. With just the instance I have actually stated earlier.
the beginning up currently around 40 million earnings each year. One of our biggest customers it’s a property.
administration company, we started with managing them, their portfolios around 1,200 devices,.
today their portfolio is around 4,500 systems and we’re still their accounting professionals,.
so imagine the development over the last couple of years in terms of their company. One more method for expanding our organization as.
well as making associations with accountancy companies in the United States and in Australia and also some.
other components of the world. So we have this, when it involves growing.
their accounting method given that essentially it’s extremely costly to actually employ an accounting professional.
in the United States or in Australia, if they can contract out the work here in the philippines and pay significantly.
much less quantity as compared to hiring their staff members internal they have this possible truly to.
expand their company, they can commit their time to market their services, obtain brand-new customers,.
maintain customer relationships, so we have this affiliates in the US who only has 1 CPA.
at the beginning, they don’t have accountants or admin staffs to do the work, so essentially.
we began that, we started with 1 customer and also currently we expanded to almost 100 clients without.
adding an individual in the US.We are doing every one of the work back end. So the advantage of that is they can use.
great services and also he was able to offer as well extremely competitive prices in his area,.
to make sure that attracts even more customers to in fact obtain his solutions. The reason for that obviously is that given that.
our price for our services are dramatically lower and he can supply more affordable prices.
so he can, he was able to bring in more clients. For interested customers that will go.
here what are the common misunderstandings that they face when they’re beginning out with.
outsourcing right here in the Philippines? One experience I had when I was doing implementation.
was when I asked ‘Are you ready?’ so I was onboarding and also accounts like I’m.
so worried since they do not actually, like we’re off-site although I checked out, I.
in fact saw them in the United States to pitch exactly how we’re doing the work, so it resembles I really.
scared the engagement may stop working because one, there’s a time difference, so the preliminary.
misconception there is they require the support in their functioning hours which is not truly.
on many situations necessary.The method we’re doing it, we’re covering. essentially after their work hrs so when they come in the work is done, they do not.
actually require to do anything concerning it except most likely simply bounce around some of the emails.
due to the fact that it’s done for them, they just require to assess. So that’s one mistaken belief and after that when.
we were simply beginning I bore in mind on our second or 3rd year some of our United States visitors.
they were joking our chairman, ‘I think you simply have a factory there’, so because.
they don’t truly see it as well as they’re not aware of the center, so it was the.
typical joke amongst his pals that, ‘Oh no, you’re simply running a sweatshop’ because.
they’re not seeing the professionals within the country. An additional is considering that the Philippines is a third.
globe nation so some of the potential customers or those that are sort of reluctant to do an.
outsourcing here in the Philippines is that they thought that they could not find quality.
caliber people to really do the work since it’s really the misconception due to the fact that the.
high quality of individuals that we have here in the Philippines, the top quality of our graduates.
are truly excellent so that’s one of one of the most common misunderstandings since we are.
in a 3rd globe country.So generally that’s … That’s what we can recall on top of.
our head like the common false impressions that we have experienced. One more point that I could add is that they.
believed that the safety and security of their data. It can be endangered. It can be conveniently jeopardized yet generally.
the majority of the accounting firms or outsourcing business are extremely strict to the safety.
of information. As well as one more thing that possibly they do not.
easily understand is that since we are outside of their area, we don’t really understand them.
so the possibility of us really tampering their information or doing something on their information.
is not very high since we do not know them, so a lot of the moment we do not have actually.
the interest to in fact do something to their information or to their info. We simply intend to end up doing the job, although.
we would certainly intend to comprehend exactly how the cash circulation, essentially the monetary circulation because.
that’s where our interest is but their false impression is someone might try to steal their credit score.
card details, bank information since that’s a common issue in the United States, ‘Identity.
burglary.’ So it’s quite rampant because location so they’re.
really worried about that but once you had the conversation with them in terms of the IT.
framework and data safety and security then they get the even more confident in terms of how their.
information are handled.Since you men have actually been collaborating with MontPac. for a very long time, can you share any
memorable experience that you’ve had with the firm. thus far? A lot.( Laughs) A lot. So as for me due to the fact that I’ve been below since. the start, I’ve seen the struggle like when we were simply beginning out, just how to truly organize. whatever so that absolutely nothing drops
to the crap, had a great deal of experience speaking to our chairman,. because I assume in terms of the Filipino timidity and also their politeness I’m one of the exceptions.Because I have actually functioned overseas for a couple. of years as well so I’m a lot more vocal, so I truly like comeback and one advantage that I. can actually say regarding MontPac is when I speak with Henry, our president he treats me as an. equal, my viewpoint as well as my voice is listened to, I’m not just like’ Oh you’re simply under. me.’ No, you’re not gon na really feel that he’s really. up there and you can not really reach him so for me that’s one truly memorable experience.One advantage that I such as while functioning here,. you’re given equal possibility to speak, your growth hinges on how you
truly. intend to grow because he just provides you the basically the ocean to swim and discover what. you intend to discover due to the fact that we provide to all various upright markets. For me, basically comparable to Vicky additionally, I. began out as a senior associate as well as they get to, my level as VP in just 4 years, so. the trust fund that our CEO is actually providing to us Filipinos, it’s something that I actually,. truly value, the development that I had, I had the ability to manage customers, to deal with. the CEO.I was able to provide my suggestion, it.
was listened to, it was carried out, it’s something that I’m very, extremely happy regarding.

Additionally I can still, it’s extremely dazzling to me,.
I truly can remember what our CEO has told us that the group that he has right here, MontPac,. are the ideal accounting professionals that he really benefited throughout his occupation. He has actually dealt with huge business as well as. the top quality of the work, the quality of individuals, the dedication, the enthusiasm of the. Filipinos it’s something that he’s actually very delighted working, that’s the factor he’s. actually really delighted collaborating with MontPac.With those like the method he actually take a look at. us it makes us really feel that it’s actually enjoyable working below, it’s like an environment like. I have actually been right here for 8 years, have not updated my resume. Rejecting phone calls from headhunters due to the fact that. I really like what I’m doing right here and the growth is truly just, it’s simply really. up to me in that degree. An additional I assume remarkable, not really experience. yet like unforgettable in terms that everyone has the same comment, one month dealing with. MontPac is like one year equivalent if you’re
outdoors in regards to what you learn.You would certainly seem like if you’ve been right here for. 2 months the matching of what you find out right here, if you’ll obtain it outside it would certainly.

take you 2 years before you learn things that you learn inside MontPac. My pals who have actually been with us left and also. collaborated with other business, everytime I see them it’s like’ I miss out on dealing with you’. there’s something various in just how things are done within our entity, that’s one thing. The technique that has actually been inculcated in.
us, the worths, the society of dealing with MontPac is something that will really aid. one expert to really expand as a great professional. What we can most likely state is that if we have. a partner here with possibly 1 year of experience due to the fact that primarily has dealt with. from accounts payable to monetary declarations,
so they can in fact tackle or deal with. a tiny to medium sized entity and also handle the complete accounting of that one, so that’s. the growth that we’re actually providing to our people.And for anybody interested in contacting you. men or attempt to get in touch with you, just how can they
locate you as well as where’s your physical. location either for prospective clients or employees? So for customers they can in fact, they can. constantly see our web site, it’s as well as they can send out an email to or just offer us a call 808 469 4542 as well as 808 469 4524. Our workplace is located below in Clark, it’s. System 18A- C, PhilExcel Service Park, M. Roxas Freeway, Clark Freeport Area or for. instance for clients in the US we have also
our office although it’s extremely small, it’s. in 1357 Kapiolani Boulevard Collection 1115, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 is the zipcode.So for potential workers, again they can.
just go to the website or they can send their resume to
Well thank you for that, it was a satisfaction. having Mauee as well as Vicky on the program and

we appreciate you for speaking with us. You’re quite welcome. And also it was nice talking with you too just to. tell you regarding our business and all concerning MontPac. Yes, so it’s a wonderful possibility for us. Thank you for giving this to us and wish that. by any means we were able to influence your potential customers or any individual from outside the Philippines. to do contracting out below in the Philippines as well as had the ability to realize the advantages of.
truly outsourcing right here as well as the top quality of the individuals and also just how it looks working right here in. the Philippines.And that was Marivic David and Victoria Gaudiel. of MontPac Outsourcing, they’re in studio today representing their chief executive officer, Henry Montgomery. Marivic David or Mauee is the VP of MontPac. Outsourcing and Victoria Gaudiel is the SVP and also CFO. We just finished chatting regarding MontPac Outsourcing.
as well as how the Philippines is a wonderful area for any person thinking about outsourcing. If you’ve missed this interview or desire. to listen to it again you can go on and also you can likewise locate us on Soundcloud as well as. iTunes. You’re listening to
our routine podcast,. Offshoring and also Outsourcing and currently among our sponsors is joining us to have a chat. It’s Adam O’Connor, Adam’s the Sales. Supervisor with Cloudstaff, a business process outsourcer based mainly in Clark, in. the Philippines but also with offices in Manila. Adam welcome to Offshoring as well as Outsourcing.Thanks Wayne, excellent morning. Exactly how are you? I’m effectively as well as thanks for
signing up with. us as an enroller. Adam can you load us in on what it is that. Cloudstaff provides to the market? Cloudstaff provides a wide variety of various. skillsets to the marketplace.

We offer an inexpensive offshore remedy for. western businesses to be able to use the abilities that we have here and make sure that. they’re getting the best
people at the ideal cost for their businesses.Now Adam, where would you position Cloudstaff. in the range of service process contracts out, I suggest some have
a few as 10 or 20 team and. some have hundreds of team. Where do you match the range? Currently we’re just over a thousand team. In terms of the skillsets that we do, we concentrate. on a broad array of skills which permits the business to have a team of differentiated.
abilities as well as proficiencies within one location.We do not concentrate on just one area such as. accountancy or teleservices, we bring teams with each other that work for the same company.
Adam a few of the organizations that we speak with. make a large difference in between offshoring as well as outsourcing, where do you see Cloudstaff
. sitting? I think we are a offshoring business. I think you can contract out within the very same. nation as you’re in. A great deal of firms, if we use Australia as. an instance will certainly outsource their IT operates to a firm within Australia.The offshoring aspect means we do have an. Australian entity yet we mostly focus every one of our talent that we offer to business from.
the Philippines currently in time. And who’ your typical consumer or if that’s. not a reasonable question, can you provide us a picture of several of your clients? Our regular consumers are from the SMEs, small.
to medium business category. Anywhere from kind of five individuals in their. office all the way up to 2,000 -3,000 people within their western workplace with their groups.
over below. So Adam SMEs that are only searching for a couple of. team should not be postponed calling you then? No, not.
We’re delighted to assist everybody and we look. to assist everyone that we can.
As well as what regarding the larger gamers that are. seeking a particular service? If it be a person seeking to do balance dues. for them or a person seeking to map their outstanding financial obligations, do you do that type of. one service plan that several of the bigger BPOs do? Yes, we do.We do huge groups within one vertical for.
companies yet we find that when somebody’s got something working rather well that they.
will certainly look to broaden yet we absolutely concentrate on one upright if a client intends to.
Now Adam I discovered on your internet site that the. catch cry or the motto if you

will certainly as well as I’ll state the website,, the. catch cry is “Individuals as well as Technology at the Heart of Whatever we do.
” Can you unpick that for us and discuss how. people go to the heart as well as just how innovation’s at the heart of Cloudstaff? The individuals are at the heart of every little thing. that we do because we feel that we can provide the skill of a comparable standard to the west. in the duties that our consumers were searching for at a fraction of the cost.To make this simple for our consumers, we provide. a technology collection that we created ourselves which encounters both the workers within Cloudstaff. and also the employees within Australia as well as likewise the client ' s manager view to have a
appearance. throughout everything. We have web applications, we have mobile applications.

and also we have systems to aid make the transition truly simple as well. Practically everyone I spoke with says the. 2 things or three points that type of every person in the Philippines in the outsourcing industry. talk with me concerning is that they have exceptional facilities and also they have outstanding modern technology.
and they have superb tools of recruits.You established a great deal of your technology in-house,. is it one-of-a-kind? A great deal of it is unique, Wayne.
We combine systems that we have established. ourselves right into a suite which is easy, easily accessible and offers you a benefit I guess if I can. be bold to say that enables you to educate personnel, maintain interaction with personnel all from one. website. This allows us to keep up to day

with what. the customers are looking for, what their account supervisors on the ground in the Philippines. are considering as well as maintains
everybody informed on an actual time basis. I see. I comprehend that you’re an Australian firm,. is that the extent of your company framework? No, we have entities in the UK, Australia. and Hong Kong in addition to in the Philippines here.And is there
an advantage to the client. in you having that several entity setup? The clients have the ability to bill out of either. Hong Kong or Australia. Some of our clients, not every one of our customer.
bases based out of Australia depending on where consumers are based. They can choose which entity to expense out,. which entity to really hold a contract with. What concerning administration? Is your management Australian based? No, our monitoring is all on the ground in. the Philippines and we combined Filipino administration as well as
western management as well. Currently that’s another point that I hear a great deal. from BPOs is that they have a Filipino managers.Are there elderly supervisors within Cloudstaff? We do have some senior administration, the senior. monitoring managing with Cloudstaff is divided in between western and Filipino. I see. Adam we’re running out of time but if you. have a message for possible consumers about why Cloudstaff is an area they should be looking. for for their offshoring, what would certainly the message be? I presume Cloudstaff has four crucial differentiators.

from ourselves and also the competition. One of them is just how we recruit, everybody has. the exact same set
of skill that they hire from yet we have employment places located. in Makati, below in Clark as well as likewise down in Cebu
which gives us the breadth of the Philippines. and also we utilize the training simulated that places candidates the real
world situations so when. they come to our customers they’re fully prepared, we’re able to create those training.
systems with the aid of our customers especially for them.
As well as our systems that we’ve already covered. previously make the recurring partnership between the staff here in the Philippines as well as the. staff in the west wherever you may be appear this an easy.Our ecosystem outsource where mobile applications. for the staff right here allows them to be able to continue job in whatever’s going. on as well as our society we have a name to be the number 1 workplace in the Philippines. We put in a great deal of method around retention. and maintaining our staff happy we
have a number of various gathering beyond job. such as month-to-month barbeques however we likewise have
clubs that the staff join with outdoors rate of interest.

to make certain that we are one huge family members.
And also I would certainly motivate any person who’s interested. to actually come over below as well as have an appearance at the procedures themselves which I’ll. be delighted to show them as well as they can see it themselves. Adam, speaking of people coming to see.
you, how do people contact you? They can either locate us the internet site which.
is or additionally they can email me straight, that’s the Cloudstaff all one word.
Correct. Adam it’s been a satisfaction having you on. Offshoring and also Outsourcing and we do thank you for your sponsorship of the podcast. Many thanks Wayne, I value the time.
Hey there as well as welcome to Outsourcing as well as Offshoring. in the Philippines Podcast, I’m your host Patrick Reyes and on today’s program we have. Joselyn Capistrano or for brief Elyn. She’s from SQME Specialist Incorporated,. she’s a prominent consultant in task administration,

software design and also software application development. and also so far the only Filipino with a Capacity Maturation Model Combination license to be a. lead evaluator in the Philippines. Welcome to the show Joselyn. Hi, good afternoon. Good mid-day to you.
Now for our very first inquiry can you give us. a fast introduction, though I gave you a little brief one, regarding who you are as well as what. you provide for SQME Professionals? Yeah, I
‘m Joselyn Capistrano, creator as well as. CEO of SQME. SQME represents Service as well as Software Program Top Quality. Management Engineers. So we provide a complete process improvement. as well as outsourcing firm in the Philippines.I’m likewise a CMMI Institute Partner or I am. the only CMMI Institute Companion in the Philippines as well. We supply a broad area of services from organization.
consulting, assessment, software testing as well as training to co-manage procedure and … services. to companies that intend to handle their service procedures below in the Philippines. So we are essentially now a one stop store.
for companies that went right into the company performance and at the same time outsource their … tasks. And what motivated you to having the concept of. developing an outsourcing business especially right here in the Philippines? The idea of developing an outsourcing firm. in the Philippines sprung right from my
experience after recognizing the needs of our customers. SQME began simply a consulting appraisal company,.
generally an SCI Institute Partner and also due to our clients’ requirements, I have actually been traveling. a whole lot and satisfying a great deal of people in
the sector as well as among our customers in fact requested. us to establish an outsourcing service to make sure that’s the reason that we needed to evolve the firm. from just a consulting company to an outsourcing business because they needed somebody they can. trust fund as well as a person who understand their organization, to make sure that’s
how we transpired and the rest. is history.I see. And also what makes the Philippines different contrasted. to various other nations that service offshore outsourcing and also what are the benefits of contracting out here? I believe there are 3 essential factors, initially.
Filipinos are customer-centric and also our culture is very comparable to the countries we offer.
particularly the US. This has helped us end up being a top overseas website. for voice-related and supply office procedures. Second we have a solid assistance from the federal government. which invests millions on modernization as well as modern technology, we have a full-scale federal government. support for BPO market with PEZA and BOI benefits and incentives. Naturally the Philippines is additionally much more adaptable.
in terms of expense financial savings, that’s the most significant factor business contract out part of their procedures. in the Philippines. Technically they save up
to 60% cost savings from. other nations. And were there any kind of social obstacles that. you deal with throughout your shift duration right here in the Philippines? Surprisingly none, since SQME has been working. with multicultural and also varied business also as a consultant, we had visibility in the whole.
of Asia. So we have experienced working with varied. culture currently before we established up … diversity and we are extremely culturally delicate, it’s. a value our business has actually gathered for many years having actually
collaborated with a plethora of customers. from various regions.And can you show to us what your business’s.
mission and also vision is?Our vision is to come to be a globally identified
business solutions partner to enhance capacity and capability. Our mission is to support companies when building
solid, scalable and also responsive business capabilities while offering inclusive growth
and also individuals advancement in the international community. So there are several contracting out companies or
agencies below in the Philippines, what makes SQME specialists different from those various other
outsourcing firms? The initial one is we have to go back to the
products SQME is the only CMMI Partner, Institute Companion in the Philippines or used to be a.
software design companion licensed … to do trainings as well as consulting and assessments.
right here in the Philippines as well as I are among the initial in Asia as well as since of that we are a.
really procedure oriented company and also this has actually been instilled right into our culture ever before considering that.
we started.And as a CMMI Companion we usually have created. or we have the knowledge and also abilities to bring transformational change as well as lasting growth. in the firms that we offer.
So we have very strong foundations on project. monitoring, solution management, software application
screening, top quality assurance, since we enjoy high quality. so generally our customers trust us as well as as a matter of fact we’ve been serving the Lot of money 500 in the. past 15 years. Now what will certainly be your suggestions for any individual who’s. intending to outsource here in the Philippines? I believe we all know that of the reasons. firms contract out to the Philippines is due to the
expense, right? Or decrease of the expense, I believe they should not. just think about the expense, they should likewise think about the values and also they need to think about the shipment. design as well as the high quality orientation of a company also since outsourcing is extremely complex. We require to be straightened in terms of culture,. we require to be straightened in regards to procedures as well as we need to be able to work between the.
outsourcing company and the client perfectly as well as cost is just one component of the overall photo. of successful outsourcing engagement.And just how has actually been the experience of your customers.
and also can you offer us any reviews from them? Yeah, we generally develop really strong connections.
with our customers. Actually the company has endured for 15 years. based upon the … business and simply based upon recommendations from previous customers. So the important things that we have actually changed a great deal
. of business in their journey from a chaotic company to an extremely fully grown organization. as well as that has actually assisted them to
range as well as expand extremely rapidly without fretting excessive so. we’ve been their companion in growth as well as knowing. Alright. Currently for a better concern, how can anybody. that has an interest in SQME Professionals contact you as well as likewise where they can. discover your physical place? We have that would generally. define in information concerning our product and services as well as also we have the if you desire to figure out much more.
And also we are situated in the 22nd Flooring Robinsons. Cyberscape Beta, Topaz and Ruby Road, Ortigas Facility,
Pasig City. You can also look it up in the CMMI Institute. Partner site, as I said we are
the only Filipino CMMI Institute Partner in the Philippines.Alright, well it’s been a satisfaction talking. to you today Joselyn.
Yeah, thanks so a lot as well for providing. the call and also doing the meeting for

us. You are really welcome and also to all the listeners.
now, this has been Patrick Reyes for the Outsourcing and also Offshoring
in the Philippines. Podcast. If you missed our conversation or if you would certainly
. like to pay attention to it again you can see and also you can additionally find us on iTunes and Soundcloud.

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