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Dance Moms: Dance Digest – Suicide Hotline (Season 6) | Lifetime

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ABBY LEE: This is a.
extremely fully grown topic. I want to do a regular that.
is mosting likely to serve a function. It'' s about teaching a.
lesson and conserving a life. The name of the organization.
is called Teenager Line. As well as you'' re informing this story,.
as well as there'' s nobody to help you. You ' re not calling. And after that finally at the end.
when the red phone rings, you– you'' re like– you made the telephone call,.
and you'' re grabbing aid, as well as it'' s like– as well as they go– and also they shed you. And also you [clicks tongue] and also they failed. Women, where is JoJo? She hasn'' t told us anything. We place'' t seen her today. Shall we call Jess? 4046921071 RECORDING: You have.
reached the voicemail– No go.ABBY LEE

: I am personally injured.
and also annoyed that Jess and also JoJo did not reveal up for practice session. Not a telephone call, not an e-mail. Zip. And dammit, I should have extra. 5, 6, 7, 8. See– so stop. She needs to dance stronger. When JoJo was the various other little.
blonde on the other end, it was, like, stabilized.
on both sides. Now you 3 are,.
like, in excellent unison, and also she looks off.This is an essential,.
demanding, busy week, since we are placing a.
art piece on that particular stage. Regrettably, all of us have.
to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.
and also redesign, revamp, re-block what we did the first day,.
since JoJo with the BoBo was a no-no show-show. Arms up by your ears a.
little much more on the child’s play. Just a bit. When you'' re doing a crucial.
item like the team regimen, you require to focus. You need to bring your A game. FEMALE: Below'' s a lot more. Below', Hol. Here ' s some. It ' s for the Teen'Hotline. It ' s recognition that there ' s. always a person to listen. [interposing voices] This group dancing is a.
very sensitive, scary subject. I'' ve never seen a group.
dancing concerning Teenager Hotline, so I hope we can draw this off. It can'' t simply be one. of those group dancings. It needs to be among those.
outstanding team dances that you always remember.ANNOUNCER: Please assist me
. welcome entrance number 77, Self-destruction Hotline. [praise and cheers] [MUSIC- EXTREME MUSIC, “HOLD. ON”] WOMAN:( SINGING) You ' ve. been on this roadway as well long, hearing music however.
it ' s not your track. Wish to shout, but.
your voice is gone.
Days trapped inside your head. Can ' t seek out, since. your world is down.
Strolling miles staring. at the ground.
All alone inside the crowd. Letting pockets hold your hand. Yet the sunlight is constantly.
there to radiate. The clouds shut out the sky.Oh, hold on simply one more day. Hang on. I know you'' ll locate a way. Hang on. You ' ve got celebrities in your. eyes, so let ' s paint the skies. Oh, hold on just one more day. Hang on. I know you'' ll find a way. Hold on. You'' ve got celebrities in your.
eyes, so allow'' s paint the skies. So allow ' s repaint the skies. 4046921071 [dial tone] [songs having fun] [cheers and praise] FEMALE: Self-destruction. Hotline is most definitely one for the document publications. I believe the.
choreography is fresh. It'' s different. It presses the ladies. As well as this dancing is at a degree.
that'' s affordable for teenagers. As well as I enjoy it. All right, in.
our Teen Advanced Team, starting point goes to.
entry number 77, Hotline. [joys and applause] Congratulations, ladies. ABBY LEE: Those.
kids went out there, and also they did whatever.
they required to do. I thought the team.
performance was perfect.It was.

In general, I can not have.
asked for a far better day. It was remarkable.

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