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I keep listening to people and additionally colleagues say that the coronavirus is “” as harmful as a normal flu””. Yet this is not true. We are dealing with a virus that is much more contagious and additionally a lot more unsafe. An individual infected with the flu infects in between 1.4 and also 1.8 other individuals on average depending on which flu virus we utilize for contrast. A person infected with coronavirus infects 2 to 3.11 other individuals typically. We are dealing with a significantly expanding epidemic. Every 3-4 days the number of signed up situations doubles. Let’s check out the that figures, which are effectively provided below on the Worldometer page. We see the instances outside China here. On March 8th, we had 29,256 instances and also four days earlier – one, 2, 3, four – we had 14,905 instances, which is regarding an increasing period of 4 days. And also exactly how does this appearance in Austria? Below are the numbers for the last couple of days. On the 4th of March, we still had 29 situations and also on the 9th of March these had actually currently climbed to 157.

Let'' s compute the doubling period: the 4th of March to the 9th of March, that is 5 days. On the 9th of March we had 157 cases. On the fourth of March there were 29. Which suggests that 157 is equal to 29 times 2 to the power of x where x is the number of increasing intervals. If we currently solve the equation for x, we get 2.44. That is the number of doubling intervals that remain in these 5 days. So if we wish to know the length of time an increasing interval lasts, we have to separate 5 by 2.44 as well as we obtain a doubling period of 2.1 days.So it seems that the infection doubles much faster here than in the remainder of the non-Chinese globe. We certainly have a small number of cases in Austria and also the statistical variant is as a result greater. Nevertheless, these numbers are anything yet encouraging. If we assume an increasing interval of 3 days, as defined in other literary works, 4 million Austrians could currently be infected in 45 days. Below, herd resistance would possibly be achieved as well as the epidemic would after that decrease once again. This of training course, is just given that we proceed on as previously and also act as if this were a perfectly regular flu. So, if we do not help to extend the doubling period, after that in 18 days we will certainly have more instances than there are presently in Italy.Today is the 10th of March and there are 9,172 situations there.

In just 18 days! Currently how does the disease progress? We understand from literary works that 81 %of infections with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 are moderate. These people can be treated while staying at home. 14%are serious and need a medical facility bed and 5%are essential. These 5%demand extensive treatment, i.e. a bed in the critical care unit. Let us see the number of health center beds there remain in Austria. According to the Federal Ministry, there were 67,000 healthcare facility beds in Austria in 2018. And also the amount of beds are there in the extensive treatment devices? According to this publication we have 23.4 extensive treatment beds per 100,000 citizens in Austria.So 23.4 intensive treatment beds per 100k populace. Austria currently has 8.8 million citizens.

So 23.4 times 88 makes 2059 extensive care beds, which evidently exist in Austria. Yet these beds are presently not all uninhabited. A lot of them currently have clients in them. So if we assume that we can only cost-free 50% of these beds, i.e. about 1000, for COVID-19 people, when will we reach our restriction? In about 21 days, after that we will have 1000 critically ill COVID-19 individuals in Austria as long as absolutely nothing changes in the increasing period. After that there will be no a lot more beds for the critically sick people. These people will be contaminated within the next few days. The incubation period of COVID-19 is 5.2 days typically as much as around 2 week at many in the majority of patients.If we draw this right into our contour here, we see that the coming week will be incredibly crucial for the course of the epidemic in Austria.

The initial people who are no longer able to obtain an extensive care bed will become infected in the coming days if we do absolutely nothing to avoid it. Now I’ll discuss most likely the most vital image of the entire epidemic. The left contour reveals what happens if the epidemic continues unattended. There will certainly be an overload on the health and wellness system. The death rate would then go far past the explained 2.5 %at this phase since we merely can not operate and also provide sufficient health care. The best contour shows what occurs if the correct procedures are taken, if we practice hand health, avoid team events, job from home, and also do not take a trip needlessly. After that we can take care of to delay the epidemic to ensure that it does not bring about an overload of the healthcare system. Just if we do well in this can we keep the mortality price low.

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