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CDC Works with Cambodia and Zimbabwe to Improve Laboratories

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The Cambodia Lab High Quality Administration System was adapted from the SLMTA program. CDC assisted the Cambodian Wellness Ministry
implement this program for 9 years, which caused the worldwide
accreditation of the National Public Wellness
Research laboratory in 2019. This lab is among 38 federal government medical laboratories participating in Cambodia’s.
top quality administration program, and is now playing a major duty.
in the nationwide COVID-19 reaction. It'' s being utilized for COVID-19.
screening as well as additionally to educate, coach, and analyze work done.
in other COVID-19 screening labs. Cambodia has 16 COVID-19.
testing labs across the country, most of which are under the Cambodia quality management program.For more than

2 decades, CDC has actually been.
supporting the Federal government of Zimbabwe, via partnership with the Ministry.
of Health and Day Care, to improve the high quality.
of laboratory systems. Implementing SLMTA.
was important in 7 labs attaining as well as maintaining.
global certification, with several more making enhancements.
in the direction of accreditation. When COVID-19 arised,.
we had a methodical method in developing high quality testing procedures. The society of mentoring.
as well as constant enhancement was already established.
throughout our laboratories. This enabled rapid adjustment.
to establish a national testing network for the pandemic response.We were better gotten ready for COVID-19. thanks to the support from SLMTA.

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