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CDC 報告:Omicron感染者33%,打了第3劑疫苗 !原因為何?| 健康1+1 · 直播

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Last week, I bear in mind that the US CDC released a report on the situations of Omicron infection in the USA. Actually, the record discovered that lots of infected individuals had in fact gotten 3 dosages of the vaccination, so first off, I would certainly such as to ask Dr. Dong. Some characteristics. This is the initial set of verified cases of Omicron alternative infection in the United States launched by the United States CDC. There are a total amount of 43 situations. What are its clinical functions? First of all, over half of them, 58%, are aged in between 18 and also Many of them are young individuals in between the ages of 39 and why exist so numerous young people? It may be that they all have an apparent contact background, that is, they have a history of international or residential travel or engagement in the previous 2 weeks before the beginning of the illness. Some seminars, massive public occasions, and some situations of family transmission, 33% of them have a background of worldwide travel, and also their usual signs are a non-specific signs and symptom of top respiratory system tract infection, such as coughing, stuffy nose and drippy nose.In addition to non-specific tiredness, most of them are mild. Amongst them, one of the 43 is a hospitalized client. In this hospitalized instance, he has actually been immunized. Since the coverage date, December 10th. The report was launched on December 10. Since that time, there was no death report. After that I also noticed that in the information segment at the start of the program, a dead Omicron infected individual has actually been located in the UK. So this is what we are doing. Dynamically and constantly observe this matter. Additionally, what is the inoculation history like? Many of the 43 situations, 79% of individuals, obtained two shots of the vaccine, and 33% of them got the injection right here. There are still 33% of the individuals who have actually received a booster shot. Simply put, if it is Pfizer, they will get the 3rd injection. This will provide individuals a huge warning.Why are so several people vaccinated? This component of the population is Omicron When it comes to infection, a lot of people received 2 dosages of injections, but in the whole United States, the rate of fully vaccinated individuals that obtained two doses of vaccinations was only 60%, and also only 15.6 %obtained three doses of injections. This indicates that the Omicron-infected If the population is compared to the entire populace of the United States that are vaccinated, it is discovered that this individual contaminated with Omicron is significantly more than the rate of inoculation in this background, whether it is two shots or 3 shots. An advising to people is whether this vaccination will make people extra susceptible to Omicron infection? We have an additional information, that is, 14% of people have had this previous infection with this brand-new crown infection. Mentioning this, obviously the price is not high, yet allow us think of it, that is, whether the immune barrier produced by natural infection may also be impacted Naturally, we require to pay special attention to this when taking a look at the information in the future, so normally speaking, the illness is relatively mild, and also it mostly exists in some young individuals who often go abroad.Of course,

these young individuals may be reasonably healthy and balanced, so they battle. After getting the vaccination, I feel that I need to take part in meetings, job, and work, so this group is very particular. It can not represent the general infected people with the new coronavirus that we introduced previously. So, if this Omicron virus infects a big location currently This area in each nation also entails some elderly people or individuals with persistent conditions, so there are likely to be much more major instances, so we state that because the data reported by research study generally lags behind the real spread of the epidemic.

The scenario is that the information we have now might have happened 2 weeks back, which is fairly quick. I am worried when we understand that obviously most of us really hope that this Omicron is truly pathogenic to human beings all at once. Although it spreads promptly to individuals, we still wish that it will not be so extreme in regards to pathogenicity, however allow’s state it is a safety net, as a safety net for the entire public, we do not want it, that is to state, I believe we Take preventative measures, because in instance this Omicron does cause some even more serious scenarios, it might be too late to act when we understand the information, so we see that researchers are currently fretted that the vaccination is inefficient. They are establishing this new vaccination versus Omicron one after another, and researchers currently have many inquiries that they can’t respond to. So I really genuinely suggest that our people can make it through this new Omicron in order to far better shield ourselves. The wave of this shock is to absorb it asap and take effective security measures in various aspects.The defense method is much better and thorough to secure on your own from the infection of this virus as well as the intrusion of Omicron. In truth, recently, Dr. Dong, you have You stated that much of these people received the 3rd dose of the vaccine. In fact, it additionally happened in the UK. Last week, you discussed that amongst the very first four individuals infected in Israel, 2 physicians likewise obtained 3 dosages of the injection. So I would such as to ask Dr. Dong what is the reason for this? At that time in Israel, we said that they had just 4 situations, 2 of which were medical professionals, one case was contaminated abroad and after that passed on to his coworkers, as well as one instance was additionally from an international patient.Three of these four instances were vaccinated after returning from travel. Back then, we assumed it was a coincidence, yet after seeing the report from the CDC, 79%of individuals got two doses and 33 %obtained three doses. Directly I put on ' t believe it ' s like a coincidence it resembles a pattern or a minimum of an alternative to one that individuals take notice of Phenomena, why are there so many vaccinated individuals amongst a lot of Omicron-infected individuals that have been immunized? I am currently doing a harsh evaluation. The initial is the surface reason. The first set of individuals that are infected often go running People that walk have a history of travel. They might be younger and need to be vaccinated as a result of their work and also various other reasons. As an example, it holds true of this doctor in Israel. So this is the surface reason. A team of contaminated people have something to do with their tasks and also the nature of their job. They require to be vaccinated, yet what is the underlying reason? We utilized to state that vaccination does not produce all safety antibodies due to vaccination. The vaccination is targeted at a piece of the entire spike healthy protein of the virus. The antibodies it has are excellent antibodies that help our body clear the virus, yet there are likewise some antibodies that are poor antibodies.

These negative antibodies are it. It will certainly not always help the infection to clear it, yet it will certainly intensify the virus and make it much easier to contaminate our human cells. This is the information of this specific research study. I will introduce this element carefully later in the program. The 3rd reason is that we have actually presented in a previous episode of the program that researchers from Shanghai, China recently released in a collection of journals of this nature magazine and discovered that this Chinese 28 days after the suspended injection was inoculated, the body ' s cellular immune feature decreased all at once. Of the 5 major kinds of cell populations, four of them were abnormal, four went down as well as one climbed, so the total one is the whole. The antiviral resistance of the body immune system reduced overall, as well as the expression degree of interferon-related genes also reduced, while the inflammatory genetics feedback increased.This is not conducive to antiviral resistance as well as will result in the probability of viral infection. Included, naturally, although this is just the data of a Chinese vaccine, the opportunity of whether various other injections will trigger similar phenomena needs to be ruled out carefully, because we understand that the infection has not yet been completely recognized by scientists. The function of pieces, etc, as well as this, people started to create injections promptly before, so this procedure is a little bit too compressed, so it is necessary to do some standard study and answer some standard questions. It is extremely vital, so we see that a big range of people worldwide have actually been typically vaccinated.For example, we check out some data. In the UK, 1/3 of the people have gotten the third injection, while in Israel 44%in the USA 16% This is the third shot and afterwards the second shot, in addition to that it is primarily 60 %to close to 70%, so when individuals see the protective antibodies that this vaccination

brings to us, they may additionally be Increasingly more individuals have actually collected some unfavorable security hazards that might be produced by vaccination, consisting of the adverse influence on human resistance located in this research study in China, as well as the opportunity of promoting some negative results of this variant virus infection. The repercussion is that negative antibodies will make it simpler for this mutant infection to invade human cells. Consequently, the comprehensive inoculation of these wholes will certainly have an extensive adverse influence on the whole massive epidemic all over the world. It requires a calm and also detailed de-rational assessment. The component you pointed out recently, Dr. Dong, is the factor for the vaccination concerning the decrease in resistance. We discussed it in Dr. Dong Yuhong’s online program on November 16 and it was also reasonably detailed.So audiences, if you are interested, you can see the live program on November 16. If you assume our health 1 +1 epidemic avoidance, body as well as mind content in this episode is useful to you, please register for our network at the same time Leave a message, like and share our network with your household and close friends, allow us shield your health with each other.

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