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CBC News: The National | Rising COVID-19 deaths, Out-of-control party, Labour solutions

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[Music] tonight as kovid's toll ticks up again the emerging trend of those most at risk population really sick has changed what hospital staff are most worried about right now control in a desperate search for workers some creative ways to fill jobs we were essentially going broke we were going out of business this is the national with Chief correspondent Adrian Arsenault thank you for joining us for many Canadians the immediacy of covid-19 has receded well tonight a reminder for an increasing number of families the pandemic is still very much here and bringing the ultimate pain the number of reported coveted 19 deaths is on the rise and so is the strain in already burdened and staff challenged hospitals it's there that the profile of the newest victims is emerging Lauren Pelley shows us what we're learning this was uh the last photo with my mom Josephine machito was a lifelong Blue Jays and Broadway fan and still healthy and mobile well into her 80s but after a brief bout of covid-19 she passed away in hospital on October 9th I don't think I ever thought I was going to lose her to covid in my mind she was going to die in a few more years data show weekly covet deaths in Canada haven't dipped below 137 throughout all of 2022 and in recent months they've climbed higher during the week of October 16th 305 Canadians lost their lives for those at risk the pandemic continues to be a real and legitimate threat during earlier waves younger healthier people were among those winding up in icus but multiple clinicians who spoke to CBC News say that's no longer the norm the Canadians getting sickest and dying from covid now are typically elderly or have compromised immune systems or other medical conditions I do think that the the population that is getting really sick has changed what hasn't changed is the pressure on hospitals we simply cannot expand any further and we don't have the resources to go into the season I want to ask you guys have you had your flu shot and your coveted shot yet this geriatrician says it's important for seniors and their loved ones to take basic precautions both to protect Canada's elderly and the country's fragile Health Care Systems I'm certainly not telling any of my old adults don't do anything this winter or fall I mean the loneliness will just kill you alone it's more the idea that try and live your life but try and do so safely by getting vaccinated follow it on the beach but it's not always enough Josephine had four vaccine Doses and covid still took its toll it's like people have forgotten that there's people out there that are you know it's hard for them to recover from this so when people are are this sick what does that do to that strain on hospitals well in the early days of the pandemic some of the sickest coveted patients were winding up in the ICU and now that strain is spread out over different hospital departments everything from regular Wards to the emergency rooms so we're seeing a kind of broadened all while hospitals are still catching up on backlogs surgeries and procedures they're dealing with staff shortages and the return of a regular respiratory virus season everything from RSV to influenza so what we keep hearing from doctors is anyone we can keep out of hospitals right now the better all right Lauren Pelley thank you of course the pandemic was at the heart of last Winter's Convoy protests it finally ended when the government invoked the emergencies act well today the inquiry into how necessary that was started hearing from some of those protesters Rafi bujakanian takes us through it I think we have you speedham Convoy 2022 organizer and self-professed internet troll Chris Barber was the first protester to testify at the emergencies act inquiry he says he was protesting vaccine mandates for truckers when the covert vaccine passport came in made things a little tricky Barber told the inquiry he wanted to work with law enforcement and was opposed to honking horns those words contradicted by this video they've already filed the 4 million dollar civil lawsuit against us for horns would that be an example of you being a troll no that's me being a funny guy barber is facing criminal charges of obstruction and Mischief but insisted he's hardly a lone Mastermind behind the protests it was a matter of of a whole bunch of different groups coming together he denied reading a memorandum of understanding promoted by another organizer calling for the federal government's resignation he also denied knowing about this brought up by a federal government lawyer were you aware sir that Deputy Prime Minister Freeland received a death threat I was not no it was sent by email two days after the emergencies Act was invoked its author declaring war on all the Canadian government for lying about covid-19 adding Freeland will get a bullet to the head I assume you would reject this statement and any such action unequivocally yes the inquiry got test here when a lawyer representing downtown businesses and residents confronted another Convoy organizer she she said protesters who fought to get fuel to their vehicles were in worse positions than residents who have since launched a class action lawsuit which is more inconvenient not having Fuel and watch your your child freeze to death or listening to a few horns I'm sorry that your clients feel that they are entitled to 460 million dollars for horn honking so Rafi presumably that's just a taste of what's to come tomorrow Adrian already today the commissioner was pointing out to supporters of Convoy organizers in the room that they need to be quiet as they were cheering now tomorrow we're expecting to hear from Pat King another key figure in the movements that barber and others denounced early on and we're also watching the clock tick on the legal battle for Ontario's Premier and Deputy Premier to not testify they say they have parliamentary privilege the commission's pushing back against that and the judge is supposed to make their decision in the next nine days all right we'll be watching thanks Rafi condemnation is rolling in today for the Ontario government's plan to invoke the rarely used notwithstanding Clause necessary it says to prevent a strike by education workers we will never ever waver from our position that students remain in the class catching up with the learning MPP spent the day debating a bill brought in by Doug Ford's Progressive conservatives that would impose a contract on workers represented by QP they include custodians and early childhood Educators it hopes to pass the bill by the end of the week the province's opposition leader says the government is trampling over collective bargaining rights by imposing a contract denying them the right to strike and levying fines against those who dare defy the premier's orders this government's use of the notwithstanding Clause is massive overreach contract negotiations have been at an impasse with the province and Union far apart on the issue of wages but the union said it would be proposing a counteroffer and a government Source tells CBC News it is willing to return to the bargaining table if the mediator asks and so in the meantime parents are scrambling workers are expected to walk out and protest on Friday some schools have said they'll close and as Thomas dagler shows us it's all raising a question whether some rights are more protected than others with school boards planning closures and labor unions crying foul Ontario parents and their children are caught in a constitutional Showdown I think it's an unreasonable use of an extraordinary power Premier Doug Ford is reaching for the legal tool meant as a last resort invoking the notwithstanding claws to avoid a school worker's strike we're making sure that the students stay in class constitutional law experts don't see it that way frankly I would say it's like dropping a nuclear bomb on it when the queen signed Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms it included an override option shielding provinces from Court challenges in certain circumstances but Justin Trudeau says that wasn't meant for this using the notwithstanding Clause to suspend workers rights is wrong this is the third time since 2018 the Ford government has threatened to use the tool mirroring another conservative Premier Quebec's Franco who spurred protests by pushing through bills on religious symbols and the French language with help from that section of the charter we're moving from a charter which protects democracy to a charter which Ashley does not stand in the face of governmental autocracy consider some of the groups most affected in recent years religious minorities in Quebec's public service now lower wage earners in Ontario schools the dean of McGill's law faculty sees a worrying Trend vulnerable minorities who don't typically have a voice in the legislative process are going to be even more vulnerable to having their rights trampled on here in Ontario the protests are only beginning with the federal Justice Minister saying Ottawa will consider how to fight the province's latest move Thomas dagle at CBC News Toronto today the federal government revealed a plan to bolster immigration it wants to bring in 500 000 people by 2025 the target is necessary says Ottawa to address the country's labor shortages you know we need more workers in every sector and every region of the country regardless of whether it's Frontline healthcare workers truck drivers home builders or software engineers right now can job vacancies this is a huge problem later in the program you'll hear how some creative bosses are trying to solve it the death toll of the horrific weekend crowd surge in Seoul is now 156 with almost as many injured you'll hear in a moment from a Canadian who was nearby but today officials themselves were visibly shaken foreign broke down in front of reporters before apologizing the country is still in mourning most of the victims were young so it's unclear what triggered the tragedy when Halloween party goers got trapped in the narrow downhill alley earlier the crowd seemed thicker the situation more volatile than usual according to Canadian Matthew Clement a resident of the community for years the streets were like I'd never seen it so busy so early something fell off it just didn't feel right seoul's mayor and police chief promised a thorough investigation and new safety measures Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the scene of Sunday's bridge collapse as the death toll of that tragedy has gone up it's now at least 135 people Modi spoke with local officials as well as survivors recovering in a local hospital the bridge collapsed with at least 200 people on it many of them sightseers it was built 145 years ago had only been recently closed for repairs exit polls suggest Benjamin Netanyahu could return to power as Israel's prime minister votes in Israel's fifth election in four years are still being counted as Margaret Evans shows us if there's one thing that dominates Israeli politics more than Netanyahu its uncertainty [Music] Benjamin Netanyahu AKA BB trying for a comeback when you've been in politics as long as he has love him or hate him everybody knows him I want something else not only BBB Netanyahu only lost power last year after More Than A decade is Israel's prime minister I feel that he has done in his time in office more than any of the other previous prime ministers but familiarity can also breed contempt and there's plenty of that aimed at Netanyahu currently on trial for corruption critics fear his return would signal an even harder Lurch to the right he's courted this man and his religious Zionism block as potential Coalition partners Peter Mar Ben gevir is an ultra nationalist who recently told Israeli police they should shoot Palestinian protesters throwing stones Through The Years itamar Bangor has been convicted in eight charges of inciting against Arabs and others you know being close to their organizations and so on this Israeli journalist believes a far-right coalition will try to dismantle Israel's Democratic institutions they want to have all Supreme Court judges being elected by the government this is unheard of in a democracy Palestinian citizens of Israel say they're also alarmed by the prospect of netanyahu's return his real face is embracing radical Jewish groups in Israeli society that see democracy as a burden and see racism as a the way to continue ruling Israel the Coalition that ousted Netanyahu with yair lapid's party at its Helm was made up of eight disparate parties united in opposition to Netanyahu but little else a reality that kept Israeli Politics on repeat Margaret Evans CBC News London following his election loss on Sunday Brazil's president jair bolsonaro has authorized the democratic transition to his rival Luis Ignacio Lula de Silva foreign notably did not concede encouraging rather his supporters to continue protesting peacefully truckers and other demonstrators have set up hundreds of roadblocks many of them still in place now back here in Canada Saskatchewan's overdose crisis is growing and it's nearing a particularly dire Point more people are expected to die of a drug overdose this year than in any year before yes mean Renea takes us into the desperate search for Solutions Megan Jasper hasn't used drugs in five years this is my auntie me and my sister you know my addiction was just starting here and my sister had never used at all now her younger sister overdoses multiple times a week it's scary not knowing if I'm gonna wake up to that phone call or to a rest in peace post about her the province's chief coroner expects a record number of Overdose deaths in Saskatchewan this year that number could hit the mid to high 400s driven in part by a more toxic drug Supply the criminal drug Market is robust and they they're using fentanyl like they've never used it before it's why organizations give people a space to use under medical supervision and test drugs we've had about 40 overdoses that have been reversed some groups are also getting drug checking spectrometers from The Province the machines detect the exact percentage of chemicals in a sample but they've been sitting in boxes since the summer waiting for staff to be trained training just seems to be getting pushed back month by month the government blames I.T issues for the delays organizations say it's a missed opportunity to save lives we don't have any more resources that we can offer more money is also needed the safe consumption site in Saskatoon has been denied provincial funding three years in a row and the Regina site can only open from 9 to 4.

Emil garopy says clients have died of overdoses when it was closed it happens far too often that you know and these are people that I have in every single day as for Megan Jasper she hopes more support becomes available before it's too late in a year from now I don't know if you know will I be saying that this was my sister she died last year yes CBC News Regina more details have emerged about a massive house party near Winnipeg that led to a destructive confrontation with police cam Macintosh has the scene of swarming smashed windows and according to the RCMP even worse video posted to social media shows people jumping on the roofs of RCMP cars smashing out a windshield and confronting police there were some racial slurs yelled towards the officers they had been spit out RCMP also say they had fireworks shot at them and broke up one attempted sexual assault we do believe there's a high potential for other you know violent offenses to have occurred it happened late Saturday at this house just outside of Winnipeg the owners were out of Province this neighbor says he drove by around 11.

We pulled into the neighborhood and we just saw 20 Sirens like police cars there must have been 400 500 people they were everywhere they were in the bushes they were our video cameras caught them running across our yard police actually chasing them through our yard in the end it took officers from four RCMP detachments and help from Winnipeg Police to break it all up there was definite public consumption of alcohol and some of the stuff our officers saw both outside and within the house included the illicit drug use several people were arrested charges are pending how it all started and got so big so out of control is still under investigation we have heard several different version of events CBC News has reached out to the home homeowners who haven't responded Cameron McIntosh CBC News Winnipeg there is growing criticism of a government program to Pardon those with past cannabis convictions I was 18 years old I was sitting on the the set smoking a joint with some friends and a police officer happened to ride by why Summit supposed to unfairly staring down a global labor shortage employers have been forced to get creative how bad did it get for you it was a matter of if we don't start to look at this in a different way our business was at stake coming up unique solutions for unprecedented times plus a little later [Applause] in One Polarized U.S state a fight for everyone I don't believe a thing a Democrat tells me on the campaign Trail in Georgia where control of the U.S Senate could be decided we're back in two over three years after it started the government system for pardoning old cannabis convictions is being called a failure now an Ottawa Man convicted of smoking a joint as a teenager says he just lost his job over it at age 51.

here's Evan Dyer on what went wrong and what's being done to fix it you know you Chris O'Neill just lost his job over an incident from 33 years ago I was 18 years old I was sitting on the the set smoking a joint with some friends and a police officer happened to ride by you know stupid mistake childish the teenage O'Neill was convicted of possession and got probation under the old narcotics Control Act which didn't specify the charge was for cannabis until last week I was an operations manager for a records management company a company that handles federal government records and requires a security clearance with no convictions so when I go to apply for a pardon they deny it because I can't prove the substance in which I was charged with the parole board told him to obtain original court documents to prove it was Cannabis but the records were all destroyed after 30 years I'm caught in a catch-22.

I'm 51 years old married father of three I just lost my job at 51. nobody should have to go to jail for smoking weed from the U.S the Biden Administration recently issued a blanket pot pardon that doesn't require people to apply the Trudeau government chose not to Grant a general pardon the parole board told CBC that approach is only appropriate for circumstances where the criminalization of an activity was historically unjust not for cannabis the government was expecting ten thousand applications but has received fewer than one thousand and of those one in three has been rejected including O'Neill's today governments make billions of dollars from the sale of cannabis but they still haven't fixed the problems that affect thousands of people like Chris O'Neill but that might be about to change thanks to a bill that's now working its way through the Senate to um sequester all records of personal possession for drugs of all kinds uh within two years the ndp's Randall Garrison has included an amendment to sequester basically to hide all drug conviction records two years after sentencing meaning that records for drug possession for all drugs will not show up in criminal record checks Garrison hopes the bill can pass by Christmas but it still comes too late to save Chris O'Neill's job Evan Dyer CBC News Stittsville Ontario tributes are pouring in for influential U.S rapper takeoff who was shot dead in Houston karibal takeoff was considered a leading Talent of his generation as a solo artist and as a member of the Innovative hip-hop Trio Migos Paul was shot and killed at a private party in the Houston bowling alley early Tuesday morning he was just 28.

we have talked a lot about the unprecedented labor shortage in this country and the serious strain it's putting on business you burning people out yes we were essentially going broke we were going out of business coming up next we're going to look at Solutions my conversation with some employers getting creative Plus the race to control a divided U.S Senate in one of the country's most polarized States it's no secret Canada is in the middle of a huge labor shortage today the federal government announced a plan to boost immigration but in the meantime employers need to figure out what to do offer more money more sick days more training what works and what doesn't we wanted to hear from people who were on the hiring end so we sat down with some Canadian bosses we've spent so much time talking about the problems of the labor shortage but we're here to talk about Solutions as well and it really matters to you Jeff this is your house this is your Trucking firm how bad did it get for you it was a matter of if we don't start to look at this in a different way our industry our business the sustainability of the whole supply chain for our country was at stake because it wasn't obviously it's not just your employees and and your company it's the waste you carry the medicine you medicines the food the waste the manufactured products it's it's everything we are you know if you got it a truck brought it is kind of one of our slogans but it's true you came up with an idea how did you turn it around we opened up our own training schools that would help people get into the industry that qualifies them to have a license and then they can move into our finishing program here within the company it's allowed us to to Really build our talent pool on the on the driving side if they've already got a a feel for our company and how we do things our training our equipment our facilities we have a better chance to retain them Armenian you know as an economist with a focus on the future of work we sat with you to talk about all the problems now we're sitting here to talk about the solutions what do you think of this one welcome to the future of workers yeah this is exactly what more and more businesses are going to have to do and what I love about this story is the idea of laddering skills that you can pick up different skills and move along to different levels of Competency we should be doing that for health care for all the Care economy we should be helping people pick up basic level skills and then ladder up their competencies because we can't wait five years for a registered nurse or 10 years for a doctor but we sure could use Physicians assistance and nurses aides out there right now what about you Jamie yeah so we we felt it you're recruiting so yeah we're a recruitment agency so we could feel it coming and we were positioned and poised to do very very well but that didn't change the fact that we were also challenged with you know retaining and growing our talents were you burning people out yes we were we were essentially going broke we were going out of business and we didn't know how to make decisions anymore because we were so reactive and so we stopped we paused we created a four day work week we were the first company in Canada that I that I know of definitely the first in our industry to say we're going to do more in less time and our Revenue has doubled our productivity has increased by almost 200 percent and our if you're you're in Tech this is you know this is sort of the glamor business of these days how has the labor shortage affected you you know us as a business we're competing with the Facebooks of the world the Googles of the world we had to change a lot we started looking internationally we started offering crazy referral bonuses and we had to increase compensation but doing all those things actually helped us acquire the best people not just here but globally what is it that you've been able because they could also work for anybody from anywhere it's flexibility in the type of work they're doing where they work from as long as they have a Wi-Fi connection we have employees in Costa Rica Pakistan India Argentina Uruguay 70 of our hires came from referrals we offered referral bonuses to people that has been our secret sauce we find that the best people come from people that we work with and they love working with their friends and if they're working with their friends they don't want to leave the company we've had less than three percent turnover in the last four years interested our industry average is like 30 plus um and are you hearing from the people um who are being recruited that this is just this these are not nice to haves these are must-haves absolutely Jeff you know we're talking about new ways for employers but I'm I'm pretty sure you're seeing a brand new species of employee yeah I mean the what workers want has changed and you know not everybody's looking for full-time five days a week Monday to Friday anymore you take a look at our shop here for example there's people that work straight weekends there's people that work straight days there's people that work straight nights and that depends what works for each family I think total compensation is another thing that really comes down to it you need to really share with with today's worker I mean we probably should have been sharing this all along for years but all of the benefits of being employed and it's not just your wage it's your benefits it's your rrsp it's your training and development opportunities before it was all about the wage what what's it what's the wage going to be at the end of the week it's more than that now but you know if we had it we're two and a half years into a pandemic we still don't have 10 paid sick days in this uh Province or across the country if we had basic uh paid sick days leave for families uh for everybody every kind of worker if we had Mental Health Care Dental Care Vision Care and accessible Health Care you wouldn't have to worry about these things we've seen it it's become so real um the cost of not doing it right right like it takes time and it takes resources and it takes investment to do it right and it takes a certain type of leader to be able to reorganize um that traditional mindset of well this is the way it is this is what's offered to us by government as employers so that therefore that's what's going to get passed down to employees but that also takes money I mean a lot of these Solutions sound fantastic they're four Investments they're huge Investments and where's that coming from well I mean as a company you have to set that aside but to your question Adrian how can you do that when there's no money try not doing any of that you'll have even less money because you'll have less workers so we're really in a race against the clock uh to attract the people that uh from around the world to either come and work here or work for us from offshore and you need to be a people magnet I mean where what are the best ideas you've seen around the world well I would say all the Scandinavian countries Denmark and all the Scandinavian countries they're trying to keep people out everybody wants to come in because they've got great wages they've got great benefits that are for every job every job is a good job so this culture of waiting for people to come to you because it's an honor to work for your company those those days are done I think so I think what we are witnessing what we are in the middle of is the flip of the narrative from 40 Years of Labor surpluses to 20 years of Labor shortages which means workers will have more bargaining power what asks for more what happens though with that r word the recession word that that is creeping in it's being accepted as fact by a lot of people that it's coming if it's not already kind of here you know in our industry the transportation industry I don't think it's going to be a huge issue I mean there will be some softening in the market for sure however there's such a backlog of you know shipping and and lack of inventory for so many manufacturers that I think it'll be a very small blip on the radar for the transportation industry you're the soothsayer what's happening what's about to happen so whatever it is that happens we will have both labor shortages and labor surpluses at the same time wow because we will have more people we've already got a million people who are unemployed in this period of massive labor shortage which is and unemployment rates that are at half century lows like we are in historic Waters right now but we still have a million people unemployed because the job vacancies the people who are unemployed don't have the all the attributes of the people that are posting jobs like you can't fit a square peg in a round so that's where we take the school to them well that's where we do all the things we can do to train up the people and make them ready or find recruit the people from around the world the solutions are to protect what we've got right now and to strengthen it and we have the capacity to do that right now I mean Jeff araf Jamie thank you very much really appreciate your time thanks for having me thank you thank you now today's immigration announcement may help with the labor shortage but experts agree that without continued and major interventions it could take at least 10 years for many of those job vacancies to be filled so we would like to hear your solutions to Canada's labor shortage send us a message on Instagram or email the national in next week's midterm elections Georgia is one of only a handful of states that could decide control of the U.S Senate I know he will go down also as one of the greatest senators in America coming up by the former U.S president looms large on the campaign trip [Music] there's just one week to go before the U.S midterm elections a make or break contest for the Biden agenda and a major test a former president Donald Trump's political influence all of that distilled into a Razor's Edge fight for control of the U.S Senate Paul Hunter went to Battleground Georgia which could decided in the minds of so many Georgians he is as big a deal as they come the Homegrown former football star these days running as a republican for the U.S Senate Marshall Herschel Walker has become the focal point in one of the most critical races of these midterm elections but he's a complicated candidate not least because of his highest profile supporter and I know he will go down also as one of the greatest senators in America so Herschel please say a few words when the former president endorsed him last year Walker said he wants to be a leader just like Trump Walker critics now underline he's already Trump's equal in controversy showing up at his ex-wife's house armed with a gun and refusing to leave Auntie Walker campaign ads now highlight his admitted History of Violence yeah they're gone to my temple said he was going to blow my brains out Herschel Walker has repeated he's called out for falsehoods and hypocrisy because while staunchly opposing abortions Herschel Walker paid for an abortion for his then girlfriend I stayed silent as the Walker's own son now publicly shames him okay I'm done done everything has been alive but because the grace of God and yet at this walker rally outside of Georgia gun shop where handguns sit alongside baby carriages Walker knows his audience you know right now we need Law and Order you've seen crime in the streets he slammed Joe Biden's record with talk of public schools that he says are too woke and warns of smuggled Chinese fentanyl in Halloween candy and he mocks transgender people in the U.S armed forces they want to bring pronouns into our military pronouns my pronouns are sick and tired of y'all talking about pronouns I hope your pronouns are sick and tired of it I don't even know what a pronoun is all of it to Applause and autographs at every stop so you don't believe it I don't believe a thing a Democrat tells me nothing so what makes you believe Herschel Walker because he is Herschel Walker but everybody lies in politics everybody does but he loves America at this rally the crowd is again mostly older white and with Walkers number 34 mixing with mega hats this is the greatest country in the world later Walker poses with fans and with fellow Trump endorsed Republican Marjorie Taylor green everyone here is firmly on side with Team Walker he's down to earth uh regular guy yeah you've heard what the critics say about him right I mean it's all it's everywhere that he lies that he's violent that he paid for the abortion what do you say to critics of Herschel Walker he's a good Christian person and anybody can be forgiven which he has been so don't go back and look for trash from long ago if Walker was just another candidate in just another contest his critics might not be so forceful but the winner of this race May well determine control of the U.S Senate the stakes could hardly be higher and so as conservative commentators have bluntly put it so I don't care if Herschel Walker paid to abort endangered baby eagles I want control of the Senate think that we are in a dangerous place political analyst Jason Nichols worries that those who now set aside character and facts all in the name of winning no matter what are a threat to American democracy because of our polarization because of the thirst for power instead of looking for independent uh smart leadership uh we could be an Empire on the decline I'm hoping we can dig our way out of this but you know if you if you're asking me for a game plan to do that I'm I'm not certain of how to do that [Applause] there is of course another candidate the incumbent Democrat Rafael Warner the first African-American ever elected to the U.S Senate from Georgia well hello Augusta Georgia sounds like you're ready to win an election he fought to expand Health Care in this state he supports access to abortions and same-sex marriage I do this work not because I'm in love with politics but because I'm in love with change now in an Ever uglier battle with Walker a walker campaign ad shows warnick's ex-wife telling police he ran over her foot during an argument police found no injuries and laid no charges this is a mess have y'all heard them lying on me [Applause] trying to scandalize my name warnick's backers make their view clear with the U.S Senate in the balance this is about more than just Georgia here to support someone who I believe will work for me and my household and not just want to seek to control it to be able to control a nation of people and so it is that not far from the Giant football stadium in Athens where Walker made his name indeed where his name still sits early voting is underway Georgians line up to make a choice as the country holds its breath Paul Hunter CBC news Athens Georgia and Tuesday's midterm vote in Georgia is expected to be so close but Georgia requires 50 percent plus one to win and If no candidate gets it the top two will compete in a December runoff depending on how things play out in other states control of the Senate could hang in the balance that night coming up next on the national some Canadian hit makers you haven't heard from in a while [Music] what's behind their career comebacks and one man's mission to bring a taste of the tropics to Yukon well look at that if anyone wins this Wednesday's massive Powerball lottery in the U.S they will join in a very exclusive Club after passing the billion dollar Mark Halloween night the jackpot for the popular American Lottery is now over 1.2 billion if no one wins up it goes again the record prize is 1.58 billion set back in 2060.

now two decades after they burst onto the music scene some Canadian r b stars have come roaring back Sean Desmond and Julie black were big names back in the 2000s Eli Glassner shows us how Tick-Tock has reignited their careers for a whole new generation [Music] if you're a certain age you might remember this or maybe you were more of a shook fan after his label dropped him in 2015 Sean Desmond went from being a radio staple to focusing on his family for this summer Drake invited him to perform I kept telling everybody I'm going to blow the roof off of history and he did after Drake pulled him aside and asked what are you doing why are you not making music and Desmond said life happens you know I'm busy being a dad and I kind of lost the love of music for a little bit and he's like no no scratch all that Sean Desmond needs to make music again and I'm I can honestly say Drake changed my life that night now he's back but Desmond's not the only Canadian reconnecting with fans r b Queen Julie black has returned but don't call it a comeback I often say you have to live a life to tell a story and so as a true songwriter I needed to live a little with her first album in a decade she says the industry has changed it is quite challenging for black artists in Canada and it's a different Road it's a different mountain to climb hey what's up everybody for r b artists record sales and radio play isn't what it used to be but one place you can find a lot of Canadians connecting is you guessed it tick tock although at first they both resisted and I was like no not doing it and I was ant time like I signed up for all the accounts I wasn't doing anything with them now they're all in the longer that they scroll on Tick Tock they see it happening for everyone else and they think all right I gotta get on board with this if I want to reconnect with the audience that I once had in an audience looking for familiar sounds during difficult times so I think a lot of people are deciding to kind of revisit that and stay with things that they know so when we see these new artists come back they have music that sounds like their old stuff a little bit so you get the Nostalgia in that welcoming homegrown favorites back into the spotlight Eli Glassner CBC News Toronto well that beaming man between the pineapples there is from Dawson City Yukon a place known for its cold climate of Rocky landscape not top tropical fruit but that did not stop Andrew Tim some determination a few months of waiting and finally his very own homegrown pineapple tonight that's our moment just wanted to see if it was possible the idea of its impossibility didn't really enter into my head I just wanted to try Dawson City has a fairly short growing season I grew these pineapples in a greenhouse I bought some random pineapple from the grocery store and I took the tops off of those before I ate them and from those tops I removed the bottom few leaves just to expose the little Roots there I was pretty excited when I saw the first flower little red spiky ball and the ball came out and got bigger and bigger they ended up sprawling to about five feet wide I didn't expect that at all when the pineapples were ripe and picked I took them into town we had a little pineapple party the anticipation was it did make it a lot better it was very sweet I was super surprised for my first try I was pretty happy and we were so excited to eat them that we didn't even bother cooking them on anything we just sliced them up and ate them that way it was pretty fun okay this is fantastic he's already growing now passion fruit and some citrus trees he has sold some of the plants it's a problem not a lot of light not a lot of topsoil but he is making do and making it work that is a national for November the 1st thanks for being with us have a good night [Music]

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